never know how to caption them

ive been thinking abt things so heres a list of 100% Canon Bart Allen things that are Relatable and also we should talk abt more bc listen. Bart Allen is Autistic (and has adhd !! thats practically canon at this point i mean his name is impulse for fucks sake)

Low Empathy:

(Impulse, issue #7)

[caption: text bubble that says “And Inspiration to the empathically-challenged everywhere”]

this may not seem like the hugest deal but i think its super cool that one of the most fun and Cheerful and friendly characters in the DC universe who like, everyone calls super sweet all the time is “empathically challenged” (kind of crude wording imo but the point is !! bart allen has low empathy !!)

Difficulty Understanding Social Cues:

(also from Impulse #7)

[caption: a comic panel of a very pissed off carol bucken saying “don’t tell me, let me guess– you’re late because of something max forced you to do and he won’t let you tell me what it is or why.” to which bart responds with “you really do get it. cool”]

carol is pretty obviously pissed here, and bart takes it super literally and assumes she’s cool and understanding, it doesn’t seem like he can read her tone all that well !!!

Sensory Related Meltdown:

(Young Justice, issue #12)

[caption: comic panel of bart allen vibrating uncontrollably and looking very stressed out. he’s saying in an extremely panicked voice “cant.. had to go.. so fast.. having trouble… cant focus… cant… need max… wally… somebody.. help me bring it down… cant…”]

(context: Bart thought he could vibrate fast enough to get the whole team through a wall. and while he succeeded, it was super overwhelming and This Happened)

this ones not as blatant but honestly from my own experiences with sensory meltdowns/shutdowns this seems like a good representation of one ? (plus with added superspeed …)

stimming !!!!!!

(Young Justice, Season 2 Episode 12)

[caption: two gifs of bart allen tapping his hands and bouncing his leg]

i dont think this needs much of an explanation but just look at him go !!!

this got long bc of captions ! so TL:DR Bart Allen is autistic and has adhd and is fantastic

so i’ve seen a few posts about the foxes getting a team snapchat and i just. adore the idea so i came up with this (with the help of @minyarrd03) bear with me.

  • so one day kevin sets up this snapchat account for the foxes and it’s supposed to be professional and clips from interviews and behind the scenes and all
  • but then my boy nicky finds out the password
  • (it may or may not be jeremy’s birthday)
  • and kevin’s rant about how the foxes ‘better not ruin everything he’s been working his whole life for’? out the window. you better believe my son nicky is gonna shitpost this account into hell
  • so like the first thing he posts is a black screen with as the caption ‘does anyone want a dick pic?’
  • the next picture is kevin
  • kevin is never the same again
  • but that’s not the point. eventually all the foxes know what the password is and they all use it (except renee bless her soul) to spite kevin even more until kevin just gives up on the idea and lets them do whatever they want like usual
  • and so since the fun in spiting kevin is gone, only allison and nicky regularly use it. sometimes dan to post Real Important Stuff but that’s pretty much it
  • but anyways one day they have this really important game against this really important team and neil gets injured. and it’s not pretty.
  • and neil, because he’s neil, pretends it’s nothing and goes to get up but? his ankle obviously didn’t get the memo bc it won’t stand straight
  • so when neil is called off andrew Does Not Care about the game (more than usual anyway) and jogs up to him to help him up, an arm around his shoulders and the other out to ward off anyone who tries to get close
  • and they go to the boy’s changing room where abby’s already waiting and andrew helps neil sit down on the bench
  • and since neil does his best to hide it but is still in Very Obvious Pain, andrew lets him lay his head on his shoulder and takes his hand, noting the furrow of his brow and the way he digs his nails into andrew’s hand when abby gets his shoe off to take a look at his ankle
  • and sadly he’s too busy warning abby not to hurt neil to notice that nicky just rounded the corner and is filming the w h o l e scene
  • he posts it the same night on the team’s snapchat
  • nicky knows the exact moment andrew’s seen it, because neil sends him a short text with just ‘he’s after you’ as a warning
  • the next post on the team’s snapchat is a blurry pic with ‘IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE’ as the caption
  • the next one is a video of nicky just shrieking while running away
  • the last one is another video, but this time it’s all black. all you hear is laboured breathing and then nicky stage-whispering ‘im hiding in the closet… never thought i’d come back in here… if i die please-’ and the video ends on a scream as the closet door jerks open

This is the current collection of useful posts that I have reblogged on crystals, all in one place. If any post is from another tumblr blogger, all of their sources will be below each post, so you can look through and follow the amazing people who posted them. (If you are going to reblog something, please, never remove the original caption, or sources). 

🌙   How Crystals Actually Work
🌙   What to Know before you Start
🌙   Methods of Use
🌙   Properties of 14 Common Crystals
🌙   Beginner Crystals

Identifying Crystals:

🌙   Crystals ID
🌙   Identifying Crystals by Colour

Crystal Associations:
🌙   Major Achana
🌙   Zodiac
🌙   Anxiety and Stress
🌙   Elements
🌙   Stress Relief

Cleansing and Charging:
🌙   Cleansing and Charging Items
🌙   Cleansing Crystals
🌙   Charging Boards
🌙   Crystal Care - Cleansing
🌙   Common Cleansing Methods
🌙   Methods of Cleansing
🌙   Crystals NOT to Cleanse in Water

Crystal Grids:
🌙   Connecting to Mermaids, Fae and Angels

 Animal Totems:

Crystal Asks:
🌙   How to Identify Crystals
🌙   Cleansing

🌙  Crystals For Money Drawing

This list will probably continuously grow and I continue to find amazing posts and don’t forget to check out the blogs of these amazing people, they deserve it :)

I’m happy.

I get paid to travel the world. My job is perfect. I meet people from all walks of life and every day is a new learning perspective.

I’m happy.

I can buy the things that I want. I shop without looking at the tagged price.

I’m happy.

I have the sweetest dog. He has just learned a lot of new tricks. He gets excited whenever I come home and gets sad when I leave.

I’m happy.

I have great friends. They’re always there for me. We go out all the time. We love each other genuinely.

I’m happy.

I have a loving and supportive family. We sometimes fight, but at the end of the day I know they have my back and I got theirs.

I’m happy.

I watch movies alone. I don’t have someone to explain how the movies go. I don’t have someone to share popcorn with. I don’t have someone to argue with when choosing the movies.

I’m happy.

I eat at restaurants alone. I see the stolen glances as I tell the waiter I’ll be only needing a table for one. I shrug it off.

I’m happy.

I walk alone and see a crowd of mediocre people as I would like to condescendingly call them- the couples wearing couple shirts, the families who are just window shopping, teenagers still wearing their school uniform. They seem to enjoy themselves but I know they are not happy. They don’t have what I have.

I’m happy.

I see photos of families eating at a local fast food store and I wonder why do they even post it on social media. There’s nothing special in that place. They smile at each other and put a caption about how much they love each other. I don’t hit the like button.

I’m happy.

I paint. I read. I write. I try to cook. I have lots of hobbies to keep me busy. People tell me that I must be so happy doing these things. I never tell them I could only paint when I’m sad.

I’m happy.

I know that the girlfriend of the first boy I loved controls what he posts on social media. My bestfriend tells me she’s controlling and crazy. I tell her maybe he’s not really happy. Maybe, he’s just settling.

I’m happy.

I stalk the girlfriend of the guy I had an affair with and tell myself that I am way better than her- that he should have chosen me. My bestfriend and I look at her photos and insult her. We laugh our asses off. I smile.

I’m happy.

I remove all my make up. I lay down in my bed. I stare at the ceiling for a few minutes before I pray. I thank God for all my blessings and still ask Him for more.

I’m happy.

But why do every night before I finally go to sleep, this statement turns into a question? Am I happy? I tell myself that I have all the reasons to be. But it doesn’t answer my question.

I wonder who I am convincing, the world or myself.

I’m happy.


First batch of pictures from this weekend!!! @tokenqueerkid and I did a little mini-shoot of Dirk and Jake from @callmearcturus‘s awesome fic twycc! The lake was very photogenic for us and I am eternally thankful that the weather held up. Shoutout to @nootnootcosplay for taking the pictures, and also to felicia for drawing the awesome tattoos.

Please on click these to see them in HIGH-QUALITY and to see my witty captions.

I appreciate how talented Jared Padalecki is, he added amazing depths to Sam Winchester and he never fails to make me feel every single thing Sam feels. And every new character he plays makes them so convincingly different and unique from eachother that you can just look at a picture without captions and know what character he’s playing.  A theater actor friend explains to me why Jared is a good actor, it goes beyon talent, he also he works hard and takes risks, he puts passion into every risks and it always pay off ofr him.  Jared is always listening, changing, and adapting and hence why he continues to improve every season on Supernatural and why he is tasksed with playing so many different characters on the same show. 

Monsta X Reaction: Surprise dinner with your family

@shelteredego asked:  Helo. Luv your writting. Can you do Monsta X when you prepared them a surpriese dinner with your parents to introduce him to them…? Please? Xo, luv.

I hope you like this! 

admin lil

Shownu: would be super confused when he walked in the house, but would go along with the flow until they left. he would then question you and ask why they came without him knowing.

“Jagi… why wasn’t I informed about your parents coming beforehand?”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Wonho: would just play it off like he knew along and would go change into better clothes before back hugging you, whispering how frustrated he was with this surprise. you were in for a long night

“Just wait until your parents leave, baby girl. You aren’t getting away with this.”

Originally posted by kimshintaewon

Minhyuk: would be shocked but would quickly get over it and be the best guy he could be to convince your parents he was good for you. when they left though, he would sigh dramatically. 

“You could have at least told me so I didn’t look like trash, baby.”

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

ignore the caption please!

Kihyun: would be the most obviously prepared for this situation because he suspected something with how suspicious you were acting. when he noticed your parents, he smiled and let them know you weren’t as good as acting as you though

“I knew all along. She tried to surprise me, but this dork never does half the things she did to prepare for you.”

Originally posted by changkyunho

Hyungwon: would be the complete opposite of Kihyun and would be the most confused, and would ask you why your parents where in your house without him knowing. he would also complain the entire time after they left

“I figured you would have at least warned me, I smell disgusting Y/N.”

Originally posted by 7thvelvet

Jooheon: would be THE CUTEST human to your parents immediately, but would glare at you from time to time for not warning him ahead of time, yet after they left he gushed about how much he loved your mom. (your dad scared him)

“Hi! Welcome to our humble home! Can I offer you anything to drink?”

Originally posted by xwonho

I.M: would walk in and walk back out to collect himself from the frustration he felt. when he came back in and saw your hopeful face, he forced himself to be happy and pleasant, but when they left he turned to you and was a different person.

“You didn’t tell me I was meeting your parents tonight. I looked like a fucking idiot Y/N.”

Originally posted by garisanee

Okay so I was having a conversation with a friend, and we were talking about how we’d want to be friends with 5SOS. No romantic feelings, just friends and there will never be any feelings between you. You know everything about them, and he knows everything about you, he could name a very specific thing about you after months of not seeing each other. You’re not the type of friends that need to see each other everyday, you can go months without seeing each other and nothing has changed. Rarely you miss each other, but sometimes he’ll post a picture of you, and it’ll be one of you mid laugh or eating cereal or something, and the caption will be: missing this dork. You’d respond with: lol, can’t relate.  That’s what your friendship consists of, insults and just being annoying. If he wants your attention, he’ll continuously unfollow you then follow you back, because he knows you’ll get the notification. Although it’s not always fun and games, they’ll go to you for advice and visa versa, if one of you were upset, you’d go to the other one and talk it out until it was alright again. You’ve got each other’s backs, and you’ll always be there, through it all, through the highs and lows. Idk, I just wanna be friends with them, could you imagine not seeing them after a long time, and using your key he gave you and entering his house, he knows exactly who it is, and you just sit on the opposite side of the couch and just go on your phone or watch whatever tv show he was watching, then after 10 or 15 minutes he goes: hey. I just really love this concept

random Class B headcanons

  • Kinoko is Sen’s precious mushroom friend and he loves poking her cheeks because they are soft and squishy and he just loves his cute mushroom friend so much
  • Kendou has three older sisters; they are a doctor, a tattoo artist and a mechanic
  • Awase and Tetsutetsu play videogames together and somehow they always end up crying and hugging each other. they are playing Mario Party.
  • also if he plays against Pony he always lets her win
  • there are two rules at lunchtime: 1) if you got bread you give it to Ibara 2) if you got apples you give them to Pony
  • everybody knows Tokage and Kamakiri are dating but they pretend they don’t because Kamakiri is shy mantis boy
  • one time in class Bondo got hit with a paper ball that had written “I think you are pretty cool” on it. when he turned around Manga gave him a thumbs up. they never talked about it.
  • everybody is fascinated with how pretty Monoma’s hands are so now he does the nails of all the class even Tsuburaba’s.
  • Sen takes pictures of them then sends them to Tsuburaba with the caption “perfect couples don’t exi-”
  • we haven’t seen Sen ever since.
  • Yanagi and Tokoyami met shopping at Hot Topic once and now they are friends
  • Tsuburaba has Nice Arms™ and they are all thankful
  • they had to make a “get to know each other” question game once. Pony asked Kuroiro what was his favorite flower. He said daisies.
  • Awase carries a lot of headbands with him in case that someone needs one
  • Rin has the cutest laugh everytime he laughs the whole class shuts up to listen to him
  • they planed this prank once that consisted in that they all would hug Monoma at some point during the day with no explanation. Monoma was confused but at the end of the day he seemed happier.
  • except when it was Tsuburaba’s turn, that was chaotic.
Caption-a-thon week! (A community event idea)

Hi everyone!

So I made a post yesterday expressing an idea I had where we spend a week or so going through Mark and Jack’s videos and putting proper captions on them! Since there seems to be a lot of problems regarding people in the community abusing the YouTube captioning feature, I thought we could do this community thing where we properly caption as many videos as we can, so that we can promote the how to use the captioning feature right and fans who are hard of hearing can be able to enjoy the videos as much as we do!

I don’t know how to properly go at this idea since I never really prepared something like this before, so if any of you are interested in this event, have plenty of experience captioning videos or have any other expertise regarding captions and would love to help, I’d greatly appreciate it! Here are some things I thought of so far:

  • I thought about starting this event on April 1st. Since it’s April Fool’s Day, it might be a possibility that people might take that as an opportunity to abuse the captioning system even more. I thought we could make April Fool’s Day a more positive thing for the community by doing this event!
  • We will be captioning new videos as they upload, as well as checking on older videos and remove any improper captions such as jokes, unnecessary commentary, etc.
  • I thought about doing other little things that are a part of this event as well. Maybe something art related things, where artists or other creative can participate and create PSAs, or maybe some interview things with hoh fans and other people who need captions that can offer a perspective and show just how important captions really are. I would like for this event to be a big thing where everybody can participate

So these are what I’ve thought of so far! I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys if you are all interested in the event! If any of you happen to have some experience doing big community things like these or have any knowledge and expertise regarding captions and would love to help me with this project, feel free to message me in any way!

Thank you guys so much! I’m really looking forward to try and make this a thing :D <3


You were my last young renegade heartache
It only took one night
Caught in the eye of a hurricane, darling
We had to say goodbye
I wanna know that you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere down this road
You were my last young renegade heartache
How could I let you
How could I let you
Don’t wanna let you
I’ll never let you go

- All Time Low, Last Young Renegade.

© Gifs belong to @gamora (No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6) and @rainybucky (No. 7). Thank you for letting me borrow them, you’re both so lovely <3 

Collages were made with Pic Collage, where I added the captions (no other edits!!!). I hope that’s okay, if not, I’ll remove it right away!

I feel so lazy, I really should start learning how to make my own! D: 

it’s bring your child to work day. the Aces practice if full of young children learning to skate. Kent Parson arrives, with a stroller and Kit Purrson on a onesie. The PR team shakes their head, but go get the cat sized Purrson jersey they had for the occasion, knowing that it would happen. when they are taking pictures with the children, Kent’s is captioned as “Kent Parson, single mother of one”

“Healing is what is required of you. Not solving. Not fixing. Not figuring it out. Not trying to make it anything other than what it is. Just healing. Just learning how to be in that healing. Just holding yourself through whatever healing is happening for you now. Knowing that you do so in honor of those in your lineage that couldn’t, wouldn’t or never got the chance to. Knowing that you do so while surviving your past. Knowing that you do so while working through the guilt of surviving. Knowing that you do so while others you wish would, don’t. Knowing that your true calling is to heal all that you can. Nothing has greater importance or impact on the world than this." 

— Chani Nicholas 

[they/them pronouns] 

*do not delete the caption

This capture is after Kanan says “I never knew my parents”, this honestly makes me feel heart-broken, some part of him may wanted to know how were they, or at least his mother (On the book “A new dawn” he says he was pretty sure there was only a Ms. Dume) he has too many things in his mind, he´s occupied with the Rebellion, but he´s still a human being, he has feelings, he worries, he still has questions, maybe not like when he was a younger, but he still has them, this caption, this face, the thought that the jedi never had the chance to meet their family, It´s heart-breaking. As Dooku said “Every jedi is a child whose parents decided they could live without”.

voltron social media au

im too lazy to draw these/make photoedits….so have some headcanons instead

  • allura’s @ howallurrring
    • has no less than 200k followers on any platform, but she mainly uses instagram and has like 300k there
    • pretty snarky overall, routinely shuts down men trying to argue against feminism 
    • has a running joke where instead of posting a picture of lance’s face she just shows his ear or his leg or something and tags him as ‘”leg”
    • she travels a lot and posts pics of places shes been/her home of altea/royalty shit/galas/the mysterious man she refuses to call her bf
  • shiro’s @ t-shirogane
    • rarely posts pics of his face, but when he does it gets over 1000 likes and a slew of comments
    • has yet to figure out snapchat, so all his sc story’s are him doing mundane things ie feeding his dog, reading a book
    • allura gets 99% of his photo creds…..its like theyre together a lot….alone…hmmm interesting….
    • his favorite thing to do is take weirdly zoomed in pics of keith/tweet quotes from keith without any context
      • k: “imagine knives….
        shiro: ”…ok and???”
        k: “no thats it. just imagine knives.”
  • keith’s @ keithkogane
    • what the hell is an instagram
    • mostly on twitter, he just figured out how to retweet things and we’re all very proud of him
    • basically Jaden Smith 
    • “Can You Believe There Are So Many Stars But I Am Not Dating Any Of Them” —@keithkogane
    • now he posts a lot of pictures of lance with captions about whatever weird shit was going down at said time
    • his bio is always, without fail, a quote from hunk that’s usually something like “hugs not drugs –the greatest man of our generation @ hunkules” and hunks always his header
    • sometimes he just quotes picture of aliens/monsters at pidge with no context 
  • lance’s @ itslancetime
    • he insists that his username is a pun but literally no one gets it
    • half his pictures are of him doing something stupid with the caption “PARKOUR”
    • his avi is always either him and hunk or literally just hunk
      • also uses hunk quotes in his bio
    • will randomly make posts like “hunk garret is better than all of us” and keith favs, retweets, quotes, screenshots it
    • one time pidge called him Leg McClain instead of lance and no one has called him lance since
    • posts lots of pics with his family/likes to randomly make shoutouts to them
    • gave up on explaining himself and now just tweets the shrug emoticon whenever someone @s him
  • hunk’s @ hunkules
    • likes to post pics on beach
    • likes to post pics of animals
    • likes to post pics of his friends
    • everyone has at least one instagram pic of hunk hugging them really tight and spinning them around 
    • basically….Thomas Sanders
    • he’s also really big on vine and half his jokes are just telling people he thinks theyre pretty (and said person swooning in response)
    • his most liked pic to date is the one of keith, lance, pidge, shiro, and allura in matching “in hunk garret we trust” shirts
    • he’s a soft bro 
  • pidge’s @ pidgey
    • her snapchat is literally just hours of matt doing/saying really weird shit with shiro just shaking his head in the background
      • alternatively, shiro responding in kind with equally weird shit and pidge, off camera, “i need a fucking vacation”
    • likes to take pictures with robots (and also of robots)
    • cut her hair really short and then responded to every “you look like a boy” comment with “wow thanks my brothers a boy this really reminded me of him”
    • responds to every picture from keith with “ALIENS ARE REAL!!!!!”
    • refers to matt as “matt” and shiro as “taller matt”
    • no one can tell if her conspiracy theories are genuine or not
      • pidge: “throwback thursday is just the governments way of cataloging on the pictures you never posted on the internet before”
        shiro: “pidge…………why……….”


  • matt’s @ mattpew-holt
    • meme queen
    • seriously, please stop him
    • if Neil DeGrasse Tyson and birdsrightsactivist had a baby, that baby would be matt
    • literally goes from posting an in depth discussion on dark matter or blackholes or space travel to posting a pic of shiro falling with the caption ‘DAT BOI COMES…….AND THERE HE GOES”
    • his snaps are 50% shiro 50% pidge
      • matt: hey shiro what time is it
        shiro: uh like noon–
        matt: time for death to free us all from the chains of existence
        shiro:……..ok but same
      • matt: you ever wonder why we’re here
        pidge: you ever wonder how i havent actually murdered you yet
    • he’s never met hunk. he has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt.
      • sam holt also has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt. matt posted a pic of them wearing the shirts and @ed hunk and said “i dont know you. but i trust you” 

okay hear me out. so the mets have an instagram account wefollowlucasduda. and the mets just take turns posting pictures of duda doing various baseball related activities with captions like ‘Duda! We love him look at him’ so I raise you
-so matt started the account because he wants the world to see how talented neil is at everything.
-and of course nicky joins in because he will never miss an opportunity to take random pictures of neil
-allison has the best captions. you know she does.
- u know those twitter captions like 'no one sneezed but i still blessed you’
- no one sneezed but neil (who is pictured examining the net on his racquet, somehow looking ethereal while doing so) still blessed you
-kevin is just. he’s not mad. He’s just disappointed
-dan and renee contribute when they can. they take some photos and send them to allison for her Captions
even andrew gets in on it but it’s like pictures of -neil at super unflattering angles (he still looks good?? how) with captions like 'i cant believe i have to deal with this every day of life’
the account has more followers than the foxes’ official account
-wymack cries
-aaron ignores it but katelyn is so excited about it the foxes even give her the password


Get To Know Me meme // [1/5] Male Characters
Haikyuu!! » Kuroo Tetsurou : “I don’t know, I just kept talking and confused myself.”

concept: steve has an instagram account and it’s nothing but candid photo’s of bucky and photo’s of himself/bucky with other people: bucky at the animal shelter with a cat licking his metal fingers, bucky putting on socks, bucky drooling on steve’s pillow as he sleeps, bucky with bedhead and the caption ‘someone is grumpy in the mornings’, bucky flipping off the camera, bucky wearing steve’s shirt (you know, the ones that are really tight), bucky passed out in front of the tv, the two of them in random selfies with strangers, bucky with his hair in piggytails because nat, steve and bucky having coffee with tony and bucky pulling a face at it w/the caption ‘he says it tastes like dirt, tony says it cost $40. we think he should’ve saved his money’, bucky petting a cat and giving it heart eyes. caption: ‘guess we’ve got another stray cat, we’re up to 3 now’, bucky scowling at price tags ‘it’s a shirt steve. it feels like it’s made of paper, why is it $30? I’d rather wear a sheet’, bucky in a sheet, bucky’s hand holding onto steve’s shirt in his sleep w/the caption ‘sometimes he wakes up when I’m not there and it never ends well’, bucky burning breakfast ‘just scrape the black stuff off, steve. it’s french toast, it’ll still taste the same’, bucky breaking a punching bag at the gym w/the caption ‘he’s not doing so well lately’.

this surprises everyone who knows them because up until bucky came back steve kept to himself but now he’s an open book because “the world needs to see bucky as a human being, they need to know that he’s real and how important he is to me. the past is behind us, it’s time to remind them of that.”