never know how to caption them

ive been thinking abt things so heres a list of 100% Canon Bart Allen things that are Relatable and also we should talk abt more bc listen. Bart Allen is Autistic (and has adhd !! thats practically canon at this point i mean his name is impulse for fucks sake)

Low Empathy:

(Impulse, issue #7)

[caption: text bubble that says “And Inspiration to the empathically-challenged everywhere”]

this may not seem like the hugest deal but i think its super cool that one of the most fun and Cheerful and friendly characters in the DC universe who like, everyone calls super sweet all the time is “empathically challenged” (kind of crude wording imo but the point is !! bart allen has low empathy !!)

Difficulty Understanding Social Cues:

(also from Impulse #7)

[caption: a comic panel of a very pissed off carol bucken saying “don’t tell me, let me guess– you’re late because of something max forced you to do and he won’t let you tell me what it is or why.” to which bart responds with “you really do get it. cool”]

carol is pretty obviously pissed here, and bart takes it super literally and assumes she’s cool and understanding, it doesn’t seem like he can read her tone all that well !!!

Sensory Related Meltdown:

(Young Justice, issue #12)

[caption: comic panel of bart allen vibrating uncontrollably and looking very stressed out. he’s saying in an extremely panicked voice “cant.. had to go.. so fast.. having trouble… cant focus… cant… need max… wally… somebody.. help me bring it down… cant…”]

(context: Bart thought he could vibrate fast enough to get the whole team through a wall. and while he succeeded, it was super overwhelming and This Happened)

this ones not as blatant but honestly from my own experiences with sensory meltdowns/shutdowns this seems like a good representation of one ? (plus with added superspeed …)

stimming !!!!!!

(Young Justice, Season 2 Episode 12)

[caption: two gifs of bart allen tapping his hands and bouncing his leg]

i dont think this needs much of an explanation but just look at him go !!!

this got long bc of captions ! so TL:DR Bart Allen is autistic and has adhd and is fantastic

so i’ve seen a few posts about the foxes getting a team snapchat and i just. adore the idea so i came up with this (with the help of @minyarrd03) bear with me.

  • so one day kevin sets up this snapchat account for the foxes and it’s supposed to be professional and clips from interviews and behind the scenes and all
  • but then my boy nicky finds out the password
  • (it may or may not be jeremy’s birthday)
  • and kevin’s rant about how the foxes ‘better not ruin everything he’s been working his whole life for’? out the window. you better believe my son nicky is gonna shitpost this account into hell
  • so like the first thing he posts is a black screen with as the caption ‘does anyone want a dick pic?’
  • the next picture is kevin
  • kevin is never the same again
  • but that’s not the point. eventually all the foxes know what the password is and they all use it (except renee bless her soul) to spite kevin even more until kevin just gives up on the idea and lets them do whatever they want like usual
  • and so since the fun in spiting kevin is gone, only allison and nicky regularly use it. sometimes dan to post Real Important Stuff but that’s pretty much it
  • but anyways one day they have this really important game against this really important team and neil gets injured. and it’s not pretty.
  • and neil, because he’s neil, pretends it’s nothing and goes to get up but? his ankle obviously didn’t get the memo bc it won’t stand straight
  • so when neil is called off andrew Does Not Care about the game (more than usual anyway) and jogs up to him to help him up, an arm around his shoulders and the other out to ward off anyone who tries to get close
  • and they go to the boy’s changing room where abby’s already waiting and andrew helps neil sit down on the bench
  • and since neil does his best to hide it but is still in Very Obvious Pain, andrew lets him lay his head on his shoulder and takes his hand, noting the furrow of his brow and the way he digs his nails into andrew’s hand when abby gets his shoe off to take a look at his ankle
  • and sadly he’s too busy warning abby not to hurt neil to notice that nicky just rounded the corner and is filming the w h o l e scene
  • he posts it the same night on the team’s snapchat
  • nicky knows the exact moment andrew’s seen it, because neil sends him a short text with just ‘he’s after you’ as a warning
  • the next post on the team’s snapchat is a blurry pic with ‘IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE’ as the caption
  • the next one is a video of nicky just shrieking while running away
  • the last one is another video, but this time it’s all black. all you hear is laboured breathing and then nicky stage-whispering ‘im hiding in the closet… never thought i’d come back in here… if i die please-’ and the video ends on a scream as the closet door jerks open

This is the current collection of useful posts that I have reblogged on crystals, all in one place. If any post is from another tumblr blogger, all of their sources will be below each post, so you can look through and follow the amazing people who posted them. (If you are going to reblog something, please, never remove the original caption, or sources). 

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This list will probably continuously grow and I continue to find amazing posts and don’t forget to check out the blogs of these amazing people, they deserve it :)

I’m happy.

I get paid to travel the world. My job is perfect. I meet people from all walks of life and every day is a new learning perspective.

I’m happy.

I can buy the things that I want. I shop without looking at the tagged price.

I’m happy.

I have the sweetest dog. He has just learned a lot of new tricks. He gets excited whenever I come home and gets sad when I leave.

I’m happy.

I have great friends. They’re always there for me. We go out all the time. We love each other genuinely.

I’m happy.

I have a loving and supportive family. We sometimes fight, but at the end of the day I know they have my back and I got theirs.

I’m happy.

I watch movies alone. I don’t have someone to explain how the movies go. I don’t have someone to share popcorn with. I don’t have someone to argue with when choosing the movies.

I’m happy.

I eat at restaurants alone. I see the stolen glances as I tell the waiter I’ll be only needing a table for one. I shrug it off.

I’m happy.

I walk alone and see a crowd of mediocre people as I would like to condescendingly call them- the couples wearing couple shirts, the families who are just window shopping, teenagers still wearing their school uniform. They seem to enjoy themselves but I know they are not happy. They don’t have what I have.

I’m happy.

I see photos of families eating at a local fast food store and I wonder why do they even post it on social media. There’s nothing special in that place. They smile at each other and put a caption about how much they love each other. I don’t hit the like button.

I’m happy.

I paint. I read. I write. I try to cook. I have lots of hobbies to keep me busy. People tell me that I must be so happy doing these things. I never tell them I could only paint when I’m sad.

I’m happy.

I know that the girlfriend of the first boy I loved controls what he posts on social media. My bestfriend tells me she’s controlling and crazy. I tell her maybe he’s not really happy. Maybe, he’s just settling.

I’m happy.

I stalk the girlfriend of the guy I had an affair with and tell myself that I am way better than her- that he should have chosen me. My bestfriend and I look at her photos and insult her. We laugh our asses off. I smile.

I’m happy.

I remove all my make up. I lay down in my bed. I stare at the ceiling for a few minutes before I pray. I thank God for all my blessings and still ask Him for more.

I’m happy.

But why do every night before I finally go to sleep, this statement turns into a question? Am I happy? I tell myself that I have all the reasons to be. But it doesn’t answer my question.

I wonder who I am convincing, the world or myself.

I’m happy.

It’s not that he doesn’t love Lydia. Of course he loves Lydia. He’s always loved her; been infatuated with her; fascinated with the idea of her. That never really went away. It just changed; grew deeper and more complex with everything that they had experienced.

It’s just that after she drives him to college and leaves him with a lingering kiss and a promise that she’d see him soon, things feel different.

So much has happened since that night he dragged Scott into the woods to look for the body of Laura Hale. So much has happened that he doesn’t really feel like he fits into his own life. He tries to ignore it; to pretend that everything is okay; but after the Ghost Riders, he realises he can’t pretend anymore.

It might be the fact that he was stuck waiting in the train station with Peter Hale but he’s been thinking about Derek. He’s been thinking about Derek a lot, thinking that if anyone understands what it’s like to feel like you don’t fit into your own life, it would be Derek.

One night, after a few too many beers, he texts Derek. He doesn’t expect a response, sure that Derek has changed his number many, many times since he left Beacon Hills without so much as a goodbye. Hell, who knows if Derek even has a phone anymore? It’s not like he was good at texting even when he had some semblance of a pack, of people that maybe, sort of cared about him.

I don’t feel like I’m me anymore. Feels like I’m trying really hard to be the same but it just seems hollow.

He doesn’t get a response but it doesn’t really bother him. He wasn’t expecting one anyway. He’s stopped expecting things from people. He’s stopped expecting a lot of things. That voice in the back of his head tells him that he stopped expecting things from Derek when he left without saying goodbye, like hours in a pool meant absolutely nothing, like Stiles meant absolutely nothing.

So yeah, he wasn’t expecting a reply. He just wanted to say the words.

After that, it kind of becomes a thing.

It doesn’t happen all the time. During the day, Stiles manages just fine. He has classes and assignments and even a couple of tentative friends who he’ll grab a coffee with every now and then.

It’s a different story at night though. He tosses and turns for hours, terrified that if he falls asleep, he’ll disappear again and that no one will bring him back. Those endless days in the train station plague his thoughts and he just can’t seem to escape them. It feels like he’s running through those tunnels again, only to end up exactly where he started.

So he tells Derek everything. He pours out the whole story, explains the terror he felt when he knew that he would be taken; when people looked him dead in the eye and had no idea who he was. He explains the frustration he felt when Peter was the only one he could rely on; the bitter disappointment when Peter left and he was all alone. He tells Derek everything and it feels like he’s standing on the edge of a cliff, just screaming into the empty nothingness. The words are out there and even if Derek never replies, it’s better to have written them than to have done nothing. It’s ever so slightly relieved the feeling of slowly choking on the terror.

He ends his text message like this: sometimes I think I’ll disappear again and no one will come looking.

And then his phone beeps.

I would.

That’s it. Two words and Stiles feels like he can breathe again. Someone would come looking for him.

It’s not like those two words opened a floodgate of communication but Derek does occasionally reply.

When I do sleep, I see Allison dying. I wonder if Scott blames me. I blame me.

If I had been a better Alpha, Erica and Boyd would have stayed. No one blamed me for that, just like no one blames you for Allison.

Do you think I’ll ever stop blaming myself?

I’m not the right person to ask about blame.


Found handcuffs in my roommate’s closet. Think he uses them for community safety on full moons or he’s just really into 50 Shades of Grey?

Stiles, it’s far more likely that your roommate is an aspiring Mr. Grey than a werewolf. Put them back where you found them. It’s rude to snoop.

Omfg I can’t believe you know what 50 Shades of Grey is!

Everyone knows what 50 Shades of Grey is.

You aren’t everyone though! I didn’t know that you read books. Or watched movies. Or had any knowledge of pop culture.

Derek doesn’t text back. Instead, he gets sent a photo of a bookshelf. It’s so full that Stiles is genuinely impressed; it doesn’t look like even one more title could be added to that collection. He doesn’t know why but he finds himself feeling kind of sad that he didn’t know this about Derek whilst he was living in Beacon Hills. Stiles tries not to dwell on the feeling but he knows himself well enough to know that he’s feeling guilty.

He knows what it’s like to wonder if anyone would care enough to come looking if he disappeared. He imagines that’s how Derek felt after his family died and Stiles didn’t do anything to make him think otherwise.  

He doesn’t text back.

It’s the night of the full moon and Stiles feels strange, like something is missing. He was invited to a party or two but declined, pretending that he had an assignment he really needed to finish. He’s weeks ahead of his course work but he doesn’t want to go out tonight. He knows his friends back in Beacon Hills are going to be okay without him; knows that it’s a good thing that he hasn’t heard from them; but it stings a little.

He doesn’t like feeling so replaceable.

He sends Lydia a text message, asking how everything is going. He doesn’t want them to be in danger; doesn’t want them to struggle without him; but it would be nice if they noticed his absence. He’s hoping that Lydia will tell him that they’re okay but that they miss him.

She doesn’t reply straight away and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

He can see the moon out of his dorm room window. He snaps a picture and sends it to Derek without thinking. Never thought I’d miss chaining Scott to a radiator, he captions the photo. He thinks he means for it to be a joke but even to his own eyes, the words seem flat on his screen. He sends them anyway. It’s not like he’s been censoring himself recently, not around Derek anyway.

On my first full moon alone, I howled at the moon, hoping that someone would answer. It’s lonely without pack.

I’m not really pack though, he responds. It’s easier than acknowledging the fact that Derek’s family burned to death in their family home; that crazy Uncle Peter tore his sister into pieces; that his only remaining family are either certifiably insane or residing with a pack in South America.

It’s okay to miss being needed.

I don’t know if they ever really needed me.

Derek texts back a photo of a pool.

A quick internet search confirms that it’s just a stock photo from Google but his heart races anyway. He remembers diving into the pool and holding Derek afloat; how terrified he had been that they would both drown; that his dad would find his body and drink himself into an early grave.

He hadn’t cared about Derek then, not really, not the way he cared about him now. He had held Derek afloat because it was the right thing to do and because he was selfish. He knew that if he and his friends had any chance of surviving this, they would need Derek.

Near death experiences don’t count as being needed.

This time Derek is the one who doesn’t reply. It’s fair enough, really. Stiles wouldn’t really know what to say to that either.

When he wakes up in the morning, he has three unread messages.

Lydia tells him that all is well in Beacon Hills and tells him to check his email because she’s edited his latest essay. He tells Lydia thanks and tries to ignore the flicker of disappointment in his chest.

It counts as being needed. You weren’t just kept around because you were better than nothing. You’re an asset, Stiles. You’re smart, yet somehow stupid enough to throw yourself into danger without thinking twice. Underneath that unrelenting sarcasm and attitude, you care a hell of a lot. If it wasn’t for Scott, his attitude towards me and some of his questionable decisions, I’d have asked you to join my pack.

A second message, sent about an hour later, reads tell anyone and I’ll rip your throat out with my teeth.

He can’t help but laugh.

Lydia asks Stiles if he’s coming back to Beacon Hills for break. It had always been his plan to spend break at home, to fall back into things like he had never really left. He goes to reply, to tell Lydia that he’ll leave after his last classon Thursday, but he finds himself lying.

Sorry Lydia, totally broke. Can’t afford flights and I don’t think the Jeep would survive the drive. Maybe you could come here instead?

I can’t. It’s all hands on deck here.

She doesn’t elaborate. More noticeably, she doesn’t offer any financial assistance. Whilst he would turn it down, the Martins are one of the richest families in Beacon Hills and Lydia is generous with her money. If she cares about someone, she shows it with material gestures. He hasn’t seen Lydia in months; since she drove up to college with him. Shouldn’t she want to see him? Shouldn’t he be moving mountains to see her? This is Lydia, after all. He’s been in love with her for as long as he can remember.

All he knows is that something doesn’t feel right here. There’s a gentle hum of disappointment under his skin but when he examines it, he finds that it seems to be related to the fact that he didn’t know Beacon Hills was facing another threat. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the fact that he’s not going to be seeing Lydia this break. He doesn’t know much about relationships but he knows that she’s supposed to offer and he’s supposed to care.

His fingers hover uncertainly over his phone, not quite sure what to say. He can’t actually remember the last time he properly spoke to Lydia. They text a few times a week, when he has time between class and she’s not busy with pack business. He scrolls back through the conversation and he’s struck by how superficial it seems. He can’t even remember the last time that they spoke on the phone. They agreed to have weekly Face Time calls but after their plans fell through three times in a row, they stopped making arrangements.

In the end, he sends back a simple good luck. He needs more time to analyse before he says anything more.

He manages to fall asleep before 3am, which is no small feat these days. He dreams of his mum, of her body on the kitchen floor and his tears marking her face as he cries down the phone, begging for an ambulance. He dreams of her body on a cool metal table in the morgue, of his father having to identify the body because his mum was sick and Stiles couldn’t get the ambulance quick enough to save her.

He dreams of Peter offering him the bite but this time he accepts it, sick and tired of being the weak, defenseless human. He can feel the pain, can feel fire coursing through his veins, and he knows that the bite isn’t taking. He isn’t strong enough to survive the bite so he’s going to die, all alone on the cold, hard concrete.

He dreams of the pool, of Derek growing heavier and heavier. “It’s okay”, Derek whispers, as Stiles has no choice but to let go. He watches Derek’s paralysed body sinking to the bottom of the pool, his lungs burning as they fill with water, and he cannot do anything.

He sees Erica standing on his front porch, smiling at him. He relaxes. Maybe this is a nice dream. Erica is alive and happy, which is how things should be. He tentatively smiles back, lifts a hand in greeting. Her smile grows wider, showing bloody teeth, and he reels back. Blood keeps dripping, gushing out of her mouth, until she keels over on his welcome mat. He doubles over and vomits on his front lawn.

He dreams of Gerard. He manages to get free, trips as he tries to run up the stairs and escape the basement. Gerald just laughs as he slowly walks up the stairs and takes hold of his leg. He screams as Gerard drags him back down the stairs, knowing exactly what fate awaits him there.

He dreams of motel car parks and road flares, of Scott going up in flames because Stiles isn’t enough to save him; because Stiles has never been enough. He says all the right words but Scott just scoffs and tells him that he wishes he had never met him, that his life would have been so much better without Stiles, that it was Stiles’ fault they were in the woods that night. Scott tells him that everything has always been his fault, then drops the road flare and the whole car park burns a fierce red.

He dreams of the Nogitsune, of the darkness. He pushes the blade into Allison’s stomach, hears Lydia’s screams reverberating off the tunnel walls. He wants to take it back, to do something, to save the girl his best friend loved; to save the girl he once considered a friend. He can’t do anything though; he’s not strong enough to fight the darkness.

He dreams of the Ghost Riders, of endless days and nights waiting for someone to remember him, of thinking that maybe it would be better for everyone if he didn’t come back. Easier, maybe. He dreams that he comes back and his dad’s face contorts into something unrecognisable, twisted by anger and grief; the regret of choosing to remember his son at the cost of losing his wife all over again.

He awakes suddenly, covered in sweat and gasping for air. He doesn’t think, just grabs his phone and dials the only person he thinks will understand.

It doesn’t matter that it’s nearly 4am. Derek answers the phone after the second ring and god, Stiles has missed his voice. He didn’t realise just how much until he hears it again.


Months ago, Derek texted I would and Stiles felt like he could breathe again. Now, Derek has said his name and he feels grounded again, like his feet are back on the ground.

“Bad dream”, he answers. “Sorry for waking you”. He knows Derek wasn’t asleep but it’s the polite thing to say.

Derek doesn’t say anything. Years ago, back when they first met, Stiles interpreted the silence as frustration, like Derek was purposely not fulfilling his role in the conversation so that Stiles would get the hint and shut up. After a while, Stiles started to think that Derek was silent because he was socially awkward and just didn’t really know how to participate in a conversation. After all, he had been alone for a long time.

Derek’s silence seems different now, though, like he’s giving Stiles a chance to process his thoughts and decide where he needs to begin.

“Why did you leave without saying goodbye?” he asks, acknowledging for the first time that he was bothered by it.

“I didn’t think anyone would really care”, Derek says, like it’s that simple. In Derek’s eyes, it probably was that simple.

“I did”. He pauses and the silence stretches between them for a few more seconds as Derek allows Stiles to collect his thoughts. “I was the one who realised you were gone. I went to the loft after school and the place was empty. I don’t have werewolf senses so I couldn’t just track you down… I drove around for hours looking for you. I was fucking terrified that you had been taken by someone or something but then I found Peter at that stupid abandoned train cart you used to live in. He told me that you had gone and that you didn’t want to be found. That fucking stung, by the way. You said goodbye to Peter but not to me”.

“He’s family”. Again, his words are spoken like it’s just that simple.

“Blood isn’t always thicker than water, Derek! Peter is a fucking lunatic, alright? He killed Laura! That’s unforgivable! I know I’m just some stupid, spastic teenager and that you’d happily rip my throat out with your teeth if it wouldn’t stain your upholstery but I deserved a fucking goodbye”.

It’s not until he says the words aloud that he realises how angry he is. He cares about Derek. He has done for a long time now. He trusts Derek in a way that he doesn’t trust anyone else and that’s not a recent thing. The reason he feels comfortable enough texting Derek all his deepest, darkest thoughts isn’t just because he thinks Derek will understand. It’s because he trusts Derek. Quiet, angry, hurting Derek who proved himself time and time again; who proved that despite all his faults, he would show up when it counted; would save and protect Stiles no matter what. He thought that maybe, just maybe, Derek trusted him too; that maybe Derek cared just a little bit; but then he left without so much as a goodbye or a forwarding address.

Stiles doesn’t know what else to say so he hangs up.

I should have said goodbye.

I wanted to but I wasn’t sure you would care.

Actually, that’s a lie. I think I knew that you, out of all people, would understand why I was leaving. I think I was just trying to avoid an honest conversation that I wasn’t ready for.

I’m sorry.

Thank you.

He doesn’t text Derek for about a week. He tells himself that it’s because he needs to invest more time into his studies and into his relationship with Lydia but he knows that’s a lie borne out of self-preservation.

In all honesty, he’s scared.

He hasn’t been scared of Derek for a long time. He’s been scared for Derek and whilst around Derek, both of which are common feelings considering Derek seems to have an annoyingly persistent habit of getting into life threatening danger.

He’s scared now though because Derek can be awfully perceptive when he wants to be. Derek also happens to understand him more than most other people these days, which is why Stiles has been messaging him in the first place. If Derek was really listening – and Stiles thinks that he was – then he’s revealed just a little bit too much about his feelings.

Stiles has always found Derek attractive. Even when Derek was threatening to rip his throat out or pushing his head into a steering wheel, he’s been very aware that Derek is more attractive than most people in Beacon Hills combined. Stiles has eyes after all. He’s sure that Derek is aware of it; that he’s smelt the arousal that seems to follow Stiles everywhere he goes, particularly where Derek is involved. Derek, to his credit, has politely ignored the attraction rather than acknowledging it and causing never ending humiliation.

Somewhere along the way, things shifted. The more time Stiles spent around Derek, the more he realised that Derek wasn’t just a pretty face. He had been through hell and somehow still survived but it was more than that. Weaker men would have crumbled if they had gone through half as much pain as Derek but he came through it all and somehow, he still cared about people. He turned Isaac, Erica and Boyd because he was lonely but also because he thought he was giving them a better life. He showed up, time and time again, even when he didn’t have to. Even though he said that he didn’t, he knew that Derek trusted him. Derek’s actions spoke far louder than his words and somewhere along the way, Stiles had proven himself to Derek. The threats and the violence had been replaced with an understanding that they had each other’s backs.

When he went to Derek’s apartment and found it empty, he had realised. Things had just clicked into place and he knew that his physical attraction to Derek had grown into something deeper and stronger. It was a secret that Stiles had intended to take to his grave. He had shoved it into the far corners of his mind and pretended that he wasn’t bothered by Derek’s absence; he had dated Malia and then Lydia and acted like everything was fine.

He had never talked about it so when those words tumbled out of his mouth, the anger and the frustration and the hurt feelings were still so fresh. Derek is smart enough to put the pieces together and realise that there’s something more there, at least on Stiles’ end.

So yeah, he’s scared. He’s not scared that Derek won’t reciprocate his feelings because he already knows that Derek doesn’t feel the same. He’s terrified that he’ll lose Derek completely and he doesn’t know how he’ll be able to handle it.

It’s pathetic but he’s felt more human over the last few months than he has since Derek left. He isn’t ready to lose that.

He and Lydia break up during the week that he’s ignoring Derek.

They manage to have a Face Time conversation and about three minutes in, she tells him he looks like complete crap. He tells her that he’s struggling with the distance, that after everything, he just isn’t ready to come back to Beacon Hills and she’s far too valuable to travel to him and leave the town unprotected.

Lydia doesn’t even look surprised and she’s polite enough not to call him on his bullshit.

“It’s better that we end it now. I’ve received an early acceptance to the University of Cambridge so in the near future, we’ll be on different continents”, she says in agreement.

There’s a lot left unsaid. They’re both aware that Stiles is no longer the same person he was in third grade, when he decided that he was going to be in love with Lydia Martin forever. They’ve both lost people and gone through more trauma than most people see in a lifetime. Rather than growing together, they grew apart. Stiles knows that a lot of the responsibility for that rests on his shoulders; that he should have worked through his issues with Lydia, that he should have trusted her with the burden he was carrying.

He was just so in love with the idea of Lydia; so desperate to have the perfect relationship that he had been dreaming of for years that he refused to share his darkness out of fear that it would taint everything.

He ignores the voice telling him that Derek Hale has already seen him at his worst and seems to tolerate him regardless.

For someone who once thought that Lydia Martin shined brighter than the sun, he’s remarkably okay with their breakup.

Scott texts him for the first time in weeks, a simple

heard the news. Hope you’re okay.

He replies with a smiley face. He doesn’t think there’s much else to say. He and Scott will always be brothers but they’re living different lives now.

After a particularly sleepless night, he texts Derek. He figures that if Derek was going to make a scene over Stiles’ little crush, he would have done it already.

Would your arm have grown back?

Do you think about that a lot?

I’ve done a lot of research and can’t seem to find the answer.                       

We aren’t related to starfish. I’m 99% sure I’d have ended up with a stump.

He gets to know Derek a lot better over text.

Breaking Bad or Walking Dead?

Is that even a question, bitch?

Summer or winter?

Winter. I remember learning how to snowboard when I was younger. My family had a lodge.

Favourite Harry Potter character?

George Weasley or Sirius Black. Ten minutes later, his iPhone indicates that Derek is still typing a message. It’s worth the wait when Derek practically sends an essay about why he likes each character. That leads to a three hour phone call about why Severus Snape is a bad person. Stiles falls asleep while Derek is ranting about the scene in the movie where Severus steps over James Potter’s dead body to see Lily.

The fact that Derek’s a secret Harry Potter fanatic makes him way happier than he should be.

Late at night, their text messages grow more serious.

Worst relationship?

I don’t think I’ve had any truly terrible relationships. I haven’t really been heartbroken or betrayed. I think I’ve been a bad boyfriend though. Both Lydia and Malia deserve better.

You weren’t heartbroken over Lydia?

Not really. I was more in love with the idea of her.

That’s how I feel about Kate.

He doesn’t reply; chooses to call Derek instead. It’s 2am and for the first time ever, Derek tells another person what happened with Kate Argent. Stiles had put most of the pieces together a long time ago but hearing Derek tell the story is the most horrific thing Stiles has ever heard. The police reports had noted that Derek, Laura and Peter were the only survivors; that Derek’s mother and father, his grandmother, three younger siblings, and four cousins of various ages had all perished in the fire.

Derek’s voice doesn’t waver as he tells Stiles that Kate had seduced him; that he had told Kate all about his family; that he had mentioned a family gathering that he wanted her to attend. He tells Stiles that he came home from lacrosse practice to see his family home burning to the ground.

Stiles only utters four words that night but repeats them like a mantra until Derek’s breathing evens out and he drifts off to sleep.

It wasn’t your fault.

Did you love Jennifer?

No. I think I could have in time but we both know how that ended.

Why did you believe me when I told you she was evil?

Because it’s you. You’re one of the only people that hasn’t lied to me. That earned you a little bit of faith.

Did you love Brayden?

No. I think I wanted to show the world that I had survived Kate and Jennifer and didn’t have any emotional wounds. I think most people would call that a rebound relationship.

Do you think you could fall in love again?

Stiles waits for an excruciating seven minutes before Derek replies.



I tried to tell my dad that I was bisexual once. I think he thought I was joking.

I never got to tell any of my family that I’m bisexual. After the fire, Laura and I moved to New York. I wanted to tell her but I couldn’t find the words. I couldn’t find the words about Kate either. I like to think that she knew anyway and loved me regardless.

I’m sorry I accused you of her murder. That was really fucked up.

I was never really going to rip out your throat with my teeth.

I know.

It was easier to just be angrier all the time. Anger is easier to manage than grief.

Was easier? Are you not angry anymore?

I’m still angry but it’s not the only thing I feel anymore. These messages help. So does therapy.

Derek Hale in therapy? I never thought I’d see the day! In all seriousness, I’ve thought about therapy a lot. I went after my mum died and it helped a little bit. I just don’t know where I’d find a therapist who knows about the supernatural.

Derek texts him a phone number for a counsellor about fifteen minutes off campus. He doesn’t ask Derek how he knew what college he was at.

Peter offered me the bite once.

I didn’t know. I’m glad you didn’t take it?

Because I’d be a terrible werewolf?

Because no one should be connected to Peter in that way. I think you’d make an excellent werewolf. Far better than Scott.


Have you seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones?

He calls Derek and they talk for hours. He almost hangs up the phone when Derek tells him that he doesn’t understand the appeal of Jon Snow but he likes the sound of Derek’s voice far too much.

On April 8th, he gets sent a photo of a cheesy card wishing him many happy returns.

Happy 18th birthday, Stiles.

He sends Derek a photo of his face with his widest grin. He didn’t even know that Derek knew his birthday.

When’s your birthday?

11th July.

And how old are you going to be? I vaguely remember starting at Beacon Hills high as you were getting to graduate but then when we saw you in the woods, you looked like you were 80.

I’m only four years older than you, Stiles. I’ll be turning 22 but I haven’t celebrated in years.

But if someone wanted to hypothetically post you a card and a present, where would they send it?

Derek sends him an address in New York City. Stiles doesn’t need to ask; he instinctively knows that this is the apartment that Derek and Laura lived in before her death.

Do you think you’ll ever go back to Beacon Hills?

Not unless it’s an emergency. I was supposed to go back with Laura when we heard about the killings in our territory but I told her that I wasn’t ready. I made her go alone.

It wasn’t your fault.

Stiles can’t sleep. He Face Times Derek and pesters him until he finally agrees to start watching Parks and Recreation.

Stiles has the same episode playing on his laptop but he finds himself paying more attention to Derek’s face than the episode. He’s never seen Derek laugh before and the sight of him chuckling is mesmerizing.

It becomes a regular thing. Derek watches something on Netflix; Stiles watches Derek.

I hope you fall in love with someone who loves you as much as I do.

Stiles should not be allowed access to his phone while under the influence of alcohol. He texts Derek that exact sentiment the next morning but Derek doesn’t respond.

He doesn’t hear from Derek again.

I’m really sorry, Derek.

I shouldn’t have made things awkward between us.

Your friendship is more than enough, I swear. I’m not going to push for something that you don’t want.


None of his messages elicit a reply and god, it hurts like a fucking bitch. He thinks he finally knows what it’s like to have a broken heart.

He receives a text from Lydia.

A little bird told me that Derek Hale is currently moping in New York City.



I didn’t realise you were in contact with Cora. Hell, I didn’t realise that Cora was in contact with Derek.

Of course I’m in contact with Cora. She’s a useful contact. As for her contact with Derek, that’s only a recent development. Their pack bond still exists in some form; she reached out when she realised that something didn’t feel right.

What am I supposed to do about Derek moping? It’s kind of his thing.

Check your email.

There’s an email from Lydia. It’s a forward from a travel agent, confirming that a flight for a Mr. M. Stilinski has been booked for this Saturday.

He doesn’t know what to say. It turns out he was right about Lydia Martin – when she cares about someone, she shows it in materialistic gestures. This might be the greatest gesture that she’s ever done.

Stiles can barely sit still during the flight to New York City. He’s terrified that Derek will slam the door in his face but he knows that if he doesn’t try, he’ll regret it.

The cab ride to Derek’s apartment takes an eternity. He almost forgets to grab his bag in his rush to get out of the cab and forces himself to take a deep breath; to slow down just a little.

He mentions to get into the building without buzzing, darting through an open door as one of the tenants leave the building. Before he got on the flight, Lydia had texted him the apartment number, and his hands shake as he knocks on the door.

“Stiles?” Derek’s voice sounds even better in person. “What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t reply to my texts”, he says like it’s just that simple. In his eyes, it is.

It seems like it might be just that simple to Derek too because he grabs him and pulls him close. Before Stiles can protest about being manhandled, Derek’s lips are against his and the words die on his tongue.

“Why didn’t you reply?” he asks a few hours later. He and Derek had eventually made it to the bedroom and it was everything Stiles had imagined and more. It was worth forgoing the conversation but Stiles couldn’t ignore the obvious for much longer.

“I panicked. Over text, it was easy. I could say whatever I wanted and not worry about the repercussions. The thought of it becoming something more was terrifying, Stiles. You know my relationship history”.

“And you know that I’m not like any of them”.

Derek nods in agreement. “You’re not like them. You’re more than them. You already mean more. I wanted to be in a better place before giving this a chance”.

“That’s why you’re in therapy?”

“Yeah. I’ve been considering it for a long time but that night when you yelled at me for leaving without goodbye was the final push I needed”, Derek explains. “I’m still not completely there. There are still things we need to talk about and things that will require a lot more therapy but I’m in a place to give this a chance, if you still want to”.

“If I hadn’t have shown up on your doorstep, what would have happened?”

Wordlessly, Derek passed Stiles his phone. The draft messages are illuminated on the screen and Stiles scrolls through them. There’s countless messages, dating back at least two weeks, and they’re all different versions of an apology; of an explanation. Even if Stiles hadn’t shown up on his doorstep; Derek was trying. Derek has proven himself time and time again; Stiles knows that he would eventually have sent a message explaining everything.

“I still love you and I’m all in”.

Stiles calls the university the next morning and defers his enrolment.

University can wait. Right now, he and Derek have a lot to work through, both individually and together. Stiles hopes that if things go well, he can transfer his studies to a university in the city. Based on the course catalogues he finds in Derek’s study, he thinks that they’re on the same page.

He has seven missed calls from Scott and twelve text messages, all urging him to come back to Beacon Hills.

There are three messages from Malia, stating that he needs to get his ass into gear and help them out.

There’s even a text from Lydia, saying that she wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t serious.

He looks over at Derek, who looks more relaxed and happy than he has in a long time. “Shit’s going down in Beacon Hills. They need me to save their asses”. He wants Derek to come with him but doesn’t want to ask; doesn’t want to be responsible for Derek’s shoulders growing tense as he heads back to the town that took everything from him. “I shouldn’t be gone for more than a week”, he says as he’s packing a duffel bag and throwing it into the back of Derek’s Camaro.  

“That’s what Laura said”.

There is no other explanation; nothing else that needs to be said. A second duffel bag is tossed into the back of the Camaro and Derek gets into the passenger seat like he belongs there.

Turns out he didn’t need to ask. Maybe Derek needs him just as much as he needs Derek. After all this time, it’s a nice thought. It helps keep the darkness at bay; helps Stiles feel just a little more grounded than he has done in a long time.

“You didn’t think you were doing this without me?”

“Without us?”

Yeah, it feels pretty damn good that they’re an ‘us’ now.

The community

I have been thinking about writing this post recently and there was always that social anxiety/fear that people and JAck might hate me for saying the stuff that I’m about to talk about. But I’ve been in this community for a long ass time now and I know when something is wrong. So I decided to just address it and hope that Jack will read through this post and help us out.

As you’ve probably already heard, there have been many art/gifs/edit thefts recently, way more than it’s ever happened. People are straight up stealing stuff and reposting it non-stop, forcing creators to report them (which doesn’t usually work, mind you), often to no avail since these people do not know (or don’t care about) the simple rules of content copyright, which yes, also apply to websites like Tumblr, Instagram and DeviantArt. 
We have tried numerous times to put a stop to this situation but it’s progressively getting worse and worse. I have a feeling that Jack can help us sort this out with us by openly saying that art theft is not okay, ever. Maybe hearing this from Jack (and other content creators) will help these people change their minds and actually stop being so damn irreponsible and disrespectful.

Another issue that is slowly making the community’s positivity fade away is the fact that some people are being incredibly rude to one another and starting to tear each other down instead building each other up. I’ve noticed that this happens when it comes to theorising about Anti or about Jack’s personal life. Some people feel so entitled and often don’t realise that this is supposed to be a safe place where people can come to share thoughts, ideas, content and a good laugh and not a place to start drama in or to affirm oneself as the bigger and more important blog around. We are all the same here. Someone who gets reblogged (or “noticed”) a lot is not more important than you and someone who never gets noticed is not less important than you. I think we need to remind ourselves of this more often and I feel like Jack himself should state once again that anon hate, rudeness and arrogance are not welcome in the jse community.

Last but not least, the infamous closed captions. I personally have never dabbled in captioning a video but I know people who have and I also know how much time, effort and passion it takes. Good captioners work their asses off to help people with hearing issues to enjoy the video just as much as we all can enjoy it. So, surely you can understand how frustrating it is for them (and it should be for us as well as a community) to see captions being altered and used as means of self-promotion, witty remarks and unrelated Anti hints (don’t even get me started on people who straight up put Zalgo text in the caption. I mean, seriously?).
Fortunately for all of us, there has been found a potential solution to this: a captioning system that will allow people to actually create a caption file and upload it to Youtube without it being filtered or altered in any way. This means: clean captions and potential good captioners who can focus on making subtitles for everyone who needs them. No more public caption system but a more solid, legit and valid one we can all rely on. (tagging @chaenir-sam because she worked her ass off to find this solution).

Now, I don’t know if Jack ever heard of any of these issues that are threatening the community but in the fortunate event that he has or that he reads this, I really hope we can count on him to help fix the situation, which is currently getting out of control. We, as a community, can only do so much.

Jack has been really spotty lately (probably because of PAX prep and getting back into drumming?) so I honestly don’t blame him for any of this and I don’t want to put pressure on him. I just think that we, now more than ever, have to acknowledge that it’s not all starshine and rainbows in the community and I feel like our green bean can help us in this  endeavour.

Thank you all for the patience and the attention!

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The Saks picture is my fist. How many other pictures are we not seeing? How long was the lap part of the shoot? Why did that whole shoot look like a dream honeymoon of two marrieds in a castle? Why doesn’t Sam hire the person who tamed his locks that day? Why does every single thing they share only make me asks more questions? Why do I care so much? I can’t answer the last one.

This intrigues me because the fist is my smoking gun along with the selfies Sam took at Cait’s in the dead of night. As to the Saks photos, how many more are there? We will never know. But my guess is a lot. There is no way they didn’t do multiple set ups with them together. Why those photos were never released, I don’t know but it’s a damn shame because they look gorgeous and they don’t do enough non-Outlander shoots together.

The Departures one also intrigues me mainly because Sam posted one of them with no caption, no one tagged, just them. And we all know why he did it. I wish he would do that more often.

As to why you can’t stop caring, it’s because the official lines they’re selling don’t make sense and you know it. It’s also because these two are absolute magic together, they light up like fireworks around each other, and the love between them is super special and rare and goals and they are the better half of one whole together. And you stick around because you want to see what we all see - the public fairy tale where they hold hands strolling around together or on a red carpet where they embrace the fact that they could be a power couple who are talented, smart, charitable, and too gorgeous for words together. Basically they are everything TOGETHER. Everything clicks and makes sense when they’re with each other.

And we have a mountain of receipts. So that, too.


First batch of pictures from this weekend!!! @tokenqueerkid and I did a little mini-shoot of Dirk and Jake from @callmearcturus‘s awesome fic twycc! The lake was very photogenic for us and I am eternally thankful that the weather held up. Shoutout to @nootnootcosplay for taking the pictures, and also to felicia for drawing the awesome tattoos.

Please on click these to see them in HIGH-QUALITY and to see my witty captions.

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can you give me some shyan friends to lovers headcanons i love ur writing and i’m starving

(formatting kinda made it long so im putting it under the cut)

  • ok so like:
  • it starts with casual touching. hands that linger at elbows, arms pressed together when sitting down. thighs against each other when eating. fingers brushing past each other when handing each other things.
  • PILLOW TALK on nights both of them can’t sleep. when ryan is too scared and shane can’t stand watching him panic. they kinda find out everything about each other here. impromptu heart-to-hearts seem to be their thing. just laying side by side, heads bowed together, talking in little whispers, laughter a small puff of breath.
  • this is probably where shane finds out that he really, really likes making ryan laugh.
  • they just kinda… fall into each other, you know? they have the show, they have their work. they show up for other videos, they write scripts for some. sometimes, they go eat lunch together. they just… click.

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I appreciate how talented Jared Padalecki is, he added amazing depths to Sam Winchester and he never fails to make me feel every single thing Sam feels. And every new character he plays makes them so convincingly different and unique from eachother that you can just look at a picture without captions and know what character he’s playing.  A theater actor friend explains to me why Jared is a good actor, it goes beyon talent, he also he works hard and takes risks, he puts passion into every risks and it always pay off ofr him.  Jared is always listening, changing, and adapting and hence why he continues to improve every season on Supernatural and why he is tasksed with playing so many different characters on the same show. 

random Class B headcanons

  • Kinoko is Sen’s precious mushroom friend and he loves poking her cheeks because they are soft and squishy and he just loves his cute mushroom friend so much
  • Kendou has three older sisters; they are a doctor, a tattoo artist and a mechanic
  • Awase and Tetsutetsu play videogames together and somehow they always end up crying and hugging each other. they are playing Mario Party.
  • also if he plays against Pony he always lets her win
  • there are two rules at lunchtime: 1) if you got bread you give it to Ibara 2) if you got apples you give them to Pony
  • everybody knows Tokage and Kamakiri are dating but they pretend they don’t because Kamakiri is shy mantis boy
  • one time in class Bondo got hit with a paper ball that had written “I think you are pretty cool” on it. when he turned around Manga gave him a thumbs up. they never talked about it.
  • everybody is fascinated with how pretty Monoma’s hands are so now he does the nails of all the class even Tsuburaba’s.
  • Sen takes pictures of them then sends them to Tsuburaba with the caption “perfect couples don’t exi-”
  • we haven’t seen Sen ever since.
  • Yanagi and Tokoyami met shopping at Hot Topic once and now they are friends
  • Tsuburaba has Nice Arms™ and they are all thankful
  • they had to make a “get to know each other” question game once. Pony asked Kuroiro what was his favorite flower. He said daisies.
  • Awase carries a lot of headbands with him in case that someone needs one
  • Rin has the cutest laugh everytime he laughs the whole class shuts up to listen to him
  • they planed this prank once that consisted in that they all would hug Monoma at some point during the day with no explanation. Monoma was confused but at the end of the day he seemed happier.
  • except when it was Tsuburaba’s turn, that was chaotic.


More to the Story (Pt.2) J.A

It wasn’t meant to be a part 2 but so many of you requested it. I really appreciate that guys! <3

Warnings: Bullying, violence, swearing. Let me know if you notice anything else

I recommend reading Pt.1 first.

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Jack had began spending a lot of time with you and Leo. He was such a help. He made things so much easier and Leo had began taking a liking to him. Leo would spend hours babbling to him about anything and everything. Fascinated by his nose ring.

“Leo” I called softly, noticing that he was once again fiddling with nose ring.

“He’s fine” Jack laughed scrunching his nose. This caused Leo to laugh making both you and Jack smile.

“What’s that?” Leo asked sitting on Jack’s lap. His green eyes fixated on the sliver piece. His finger gently poking it.

“A nose ring” Jack laughed, Leo was still however fixated on the ring.

“Come on mister” You smiled tapping little Leo to catch his attention. “We got day care to get you to. Mummy got school” Leo reluctantly got off Jack and headed to you, stumbling slightly as he climbed off the settee.

“He’s so adorable” Jack smiled sitting up as you began getting Leo shoes on.

“He really likes you, you know” You glanced at Jack who was watching you with Leo. You couldn’t deny that he looked adorable with his glasses on. “He talks about you all the time and get really excited when you arrive” You added captivated by him.

“I love visiting to see him… and you” He smiled. You got up heading to the passage to prepare Leo’s pram. That’s when Leo came running out clutching the teddy Jack had bought him close to his chest. It warmed you heart.

“We love having you” You smiled picking up the little boy you cherished most. Leo leaned forward reaching his arms out for Jack as he leaned against the door frame. “Leo come on we have to go” You told him turning to place him in his pram.

“Jack” He called out

“Leo” You warned

“NO!” He cried, wriggling in his pram “I don’t wanna” He whined.

“Leo come on we have to go” You argued but it was no use.

“Hey! Hey buddy” Jack intervened kneeling down to meet Leo’s green eyes. “Come on, mummy and I need to go school” He smiled calming Leo.

“I don’t wanna” Leo whined “I walk!” Jack looked at you, at the same time Leo did. Both with puppy eyes. You rolled your eyes, smiling.

“Fine” They both cheered, Leo jumping into Jack’s arms. “But only cause we have to go” You added opening the door. Leo run out, Jack following him closely. Jack had grown extremely close to Leo and yourself. It warmed your heart to see him play with Leo. You were in your own little world, admiring the scene in front of you, you hadn’t noticed it. You wish you had. You should have seen it coming.

You finally arrived at school, everything the same. The same prying eyes burning holes into the back of your head as you walked the halls, the same hurtful words carrying along the waves to you. But one caught your attention the most.

“Did you hear Jack Avery is the father of the skanks child?” Your breath instantly shortened and eyes widened. Your chest physically hurt as your mind raced. Why did I let him get close? What I have I done? he’s going to leave Leo! What about Leo? How am I going to explain this to Leo? I cant break his poor little heart. The bell rang, signalling lessons where about to start. The only problem was, you had a free. You rushed to your locker, you pulled out your phone and that’s when you saw it. A picture. A picture that was about to ruin Jack’s life. A picture of him laughing and holding Leo. You read the caption. ‘The father of the skank’s baby finally revealed? @/JackAvery has been spending a lot of time with them’ You heard the shattering of your heart. Jack would never speak to you know. It hurt more when you share how many people had shared it.

“Why?” You whispered.

“Oi Skank” An all to familiar voice called. “Finally found ya baby daddy” They laughed. Normally you wouldn’t run. But you had to, you had to get away. You slammed your locker shut, and sped off down the corridor. You heard every word everyone said as you passed.

“I never thought Jack would sink that low!”

“He was 15 when he got her pregnant! That’s disgusting”

“I heard he abandoned her and the baby and is only just getting back involved because of some science project they had to do together”

“Really? I heard she never told him”

The words hurt you more knowing that it was about Jack. The only person who was actually nice you, there for you. There for Leo. And you repaid him by having rumors spread about him. You whipped the tears from your blurred vision, colliding with someone. You didn’t stop until you heard his voice.

“Y/n” He called, freezing you in your tracks. Don’t turn around, spare yourself the pain. Run y/n! He’s only going to hurt you! Run!

And that’s exactly what you did. You avoided him all day, hoping the rumors would vanish… but they got worse. They always got worse.

“Y/n” He called, again freezing you on the spot. You wanted to run again. You tried to run again.

“I have to go and get Leo” You whispered weakly not even turning to face him. You didn’t even give him chance to speak.

“Mummy” Leo looked at you confused when he noticed someone was missing. “Where’s daddy?” He asked. There it was. The final crack that caused the shatter.

“Leo” You whispered trying to fight back tears that threatened to fall. “Come on sweetie we have to go” you took his soft little hand in yours as you lead him home. It killed you seeing how hurt he was.

“I want to see daddy” He whined. You sighed heavily. You didn’t know what to do.

“Come on Leo, why don’t we go and make cookies” You suggested in an attempt to distract him. It was successful until.

“She’s such as skank, a whore even” One girl bitched.

“I wouldn’t go near her with a ten foot pole” Another laughed.

“And Jack. I did not see that coming” The first added.

“See what coming?” He interrupted irritably.

“Oh, Jack” The first girl stuttered seeing the furry in the curled haired boys brown eyes.

“You know exactly what I’m on about!” The second girl snarled. That was enough to push him over the edge.

“So what!” He yelled. “So what if I’m the father? What’s it to do with you? What’s her life, Her baby, My life got to do with you and your fake fucking ass that can do nothing but bitch about someone! I’m fucking sick of it” He yelled storming off.

“Leo, we have to make sure we have enough to cook” You laughed as Leo scooped up more dough. You were just about to put the tray into the oven when you heard the door. “Nanny’s early” You hummed placing the tray aside. Leo run messily down the hall as you opened the door. You heart sank.

“Jack” You muttered in shock. He smiled at you weakly.

“Daddy!” Leo exclaimed excitably as he run, embracing Jack in his little arms. Jack’s heart raced at his words. He'd never felt so happy in his life. 

“Leo!” Jack’s face instantly lit up as he hugged him back, crouching to Leo’s level allowing him to wrap his little arms around his neck. Jack held him closely.

“Mummy, look Daddy!” The love visible in his little voice.

“Why are you here?” You asked, “What about the rumors? Your reputation?” You questioned. Your voice weak.

“Y/n fuck the rumors, my reputation!” He replied standing up to meet your y/e/c eyes. “I want you, I want Leo” He smiled at you. “That’s if you’ll take me” He added nervously. You couldn’t help it. You took him off guard as you connected your lips with his. He instantly kissed back the moment he realised, wrapping his arms around your waist as you wrapped yours around his neck.

“Of course we want you” You smiled as he leaned his head against yours.

“I’m glad”

“Daddy help make cookies” Leo asked innocently.

“Yes” You beamed. Leo had a father. Jack. Jack stepped in, Jack became his father. He didn’t care for the rumors. He cared for you. He cared for Leo. He loved you both. That’s all you ever wanted.

Monsta X Reaction: Surprise dinner with your family

@shelteredego asked:  Helo. Luv your writting. Can you do Monsta X when you prepared them a surpriese dinner with your parents to introduce him to them…? Please? Xo, luv.

I hope you like this! 

admin lil

Shownu: would be super confused when he walked in the house, but would go along with the flow until they left. he would then question you and ask why they came without him knowing.

“Jagi… why wasn’t I informed about your parents coming beforehand?”

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Wonho: would just play it off like he knew along and would go change into better clothes before back hugging you, whispering how frustrated he was with this surprise. you were in for a long night

“Just wait until your parents leave, baby girl. You aren’t getting away with this.”

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Minhyuk: would be shocked but would quickly get over it and be the best guy he could be to convince your parents he was good for you. when they left though, he would sigh dramatically. 

“You could have at least told me so I didn’t look like trash, baby.”

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ignore the caption please!

Kihyun: would be the most obviously prepared for this situation because he suspected something with how suspicious you were acting. when he noticed your parents, he smiled and let them know you weren’t as good as acting as you though

“I knew all along. She tried to surprise me, but this dork never does half the things she did to prepare for you.”

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Hyungwon: would be the complete opposite of Kihyun and would be the most confused, and would ask you why your parents where in your house without him knowing. he would also complain the entire time after they left

“I figured you would have at least warned me, I smell disgusting Y/N.”

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Jooheon: would be THE CUTEST human to your parents immediately, but would glare at you from time to time for not warning him ahead of time, yet after they left he gushed about how much he loved your mom. (your dad scared him)

“Hi! Welcome to our humble home! Can I offer you anything to drink?”

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I.M: would walk in and walk back out to collect himself from the frustration he felt. when he came back in and saw your hopeful face, he forced himself to be happy and pleasant, but when they left he turned to you and was a different person.

“You didn’t tell me I was meeting your parents tonight. I looked like a fucking idiot Y/N.”

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Happier (Calum Hood)

A/N: My first imagine for a long long time. I hope you guys like it! Love you all <3


Imagine based on Happier by Ed Sheeran

One month ago Calum lost his best friend, his soulmate. He lost you. At first, it was sort of a mutual decision, but as soon as Calum agreed, he wished he hadn’t. He remembers every word you said to him that night as if it was his favourite song, but he dreads it repeating in his head.


Today had been a long day, the boys had interview after interview and Y/N followed them. “That was hard work,” Luke grunted as he sat in the van that took them back to the tour bus. “Now we have to get ready for tonight.” It was one of the boy’s Chicago shows. Calum instantly wrapped his arm around his girlfriend’s waist. Calum had never been so cuddly with someone before, he couldn’t keep his hands away from her. “You okay?” “I’m okay, thanks.” Y/N smiled weakly. She was tired. They were all tired, touring took a lot out of them. She had seemed quite distant from Calum today, which made him start second guessing if he’d done something to offend her. He was worried, he never wanted to hurt her. Calum’s pink lips planted a kiss on Y/N’s cheek, which helped her bare a small smile. The drive home was quiet, which was unusual. “Hey Y/N, you okay?” Michael asked, leaning over and touching her shoulder, but all she gave him was a nod. Over her head, the boy’s and Calum exchanged mimed words, “What’s wrong?” “I don’t know.”.

As they arrived Y/N went straight to the bathroom, only to overthink things further. Meanwhile, Calum was sitting on the couch, his heart beating as he began to fear you weren’t happy and it might have been his fault. “She’s been really quiet today,” Ashton whispered, making sure that Y/N couldn’t hear them from the next room. “Her and I haven’t spent alone time lately, I’m not sure if that’s why. We’ve just been super busy and I feel horrible about it.” Calum trailed off, his words coming to a halt as you walked out the bathroom.

“Calum, can I speak to you for a moment?” This was one of the only things she managed to say all day. Calum weakly pushed himself off the couch, hating those words. ‘Can I speak to you?’ made Calum run millions of reason through his head, all of them ending in the worst possibilities.

Calum followed you closely outside the tour bus, he could sense Y/N was stressed over something, but he was shut down whenever he asked. “Y/N what’s going on? You haven’t been yourself.” In this moment she took a deep breath, unable to speak what she needed to say. “Calum, this isn’t working. This. Us. Everything.” she whispered, pointing to the tour bus just metres away from them both. Calum stood still, his heart throbbing in pain. “You’re always busy, whether it’s interviews or concerts. I’m not saying it’s not hard for you, but I rarely see you anymore..” His words came out in stutters, but he managed. “This can work Y/N… I’ll make it work! You wait until we get home to Sydney, it’s going to be me and you. I swear, please.” “It can’t Calum and you know it. I love you but this is difficult.”

“I guess this over then?” “I’m sorry Calum..” she leaned on her toes, her lips touching Calum’s for one last time before she left Calum standing there. Calum closed his eyes, only to open them and a tear roll down his cheek. “Mate?” Michael poked his head. Calum said nothing, he just stood in silence. Calum felt as if he was stabbed in the heart. “Come on buddy, don’t want anyone seeing you like this.” Michael smiled, hauling Calum back into the tour bus.


Calum had gotten frequent tweets containing photos of Y/N the day she left. It was of her walking, her handbag in hand, while her makeup was running down her face. And it wasn’t long after that, that news reports surfaced with the same photos, but with the caption ‘Calum Hood and Y/N over?’ 'Just a PR stunt?’.

This lead into the next interview the boys had one week later. Calum was trying so hard to cope, but he felt it was almost impossible. It didn’t help that the man interviewing them had no dignity to leave out questions about Calum and Y/N.

“Now Calum. These photos were posted a few days ago. How you feeling?” Calum wanted to scream, he never understood why people would ask this question just days after the break-up. “I’m not okay. I know it’s not easy living in this situation. I wouldn’t force Y/N to do this forever, I want her to be happy.” “Fans are questioning whether this relationship was a PR stunt?” Calum had enough, he never cried in public, especially during an interview. He lifted his hands to hide his face. “Excuse me.” Calum spat, the sound of his whimpering getting louder.


“Hi, guys! I thought I would post a cover of a new song. Lately, I’ve been relating strongly to this song, so I hope you guys enjoy it.” Calum wasn’t his cheerful, smiley self. He was depressed. “This is Happier by Ed Sheeran.” He whispered, before strumming away at his guitar.

I saw you in another’s arm
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier

A few weeks later Calum had finished the tour, he was hoping to come home to Y/N, but he knew she was long gone.He’d been walking a lot, letting the fresh air clear his mind, regardless he still found himself thinking of her. He walked past a park and saw a face he’d been imagining every day, but this time she wasn’t with him. There she stood at the same park her and Calum went on their first date, with another man. Calum was mad, but then remembered the day she left and all he could bare to think was; she looked happier.

Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself
You’re happier, aren’t you? 

As the weeks rolled by, Calum hadn’t gotten better. The boys were worried about him as whenever they’d see him he was holding a bottle, let alone his apartment was trashed with empty ones. “She’s happier Michael.” Calum sniffed, his beer bottle swirling in his hand. “Calum, I’m sure she thinks about you.” “No she doesn’t, I know that already. I screwed up.” he slurred, his words becoming inaudible. After a minute of thinking, Calum’s mind came to the conclusion… Maybe she was still thinking of Calum.

After filming the cover, Calum debated whether he wanted to post it to Youtube and then mention it on Twitter. It was easy to pick that Calum wasn’t in the best state of mind, but it was the only way he could deal with his situation. 

That night Calum finally got what he was waiting for;


Okay so I was having a conversation with a friend, and we were talking about how we’d want to be friends with 5SOS. No romantic feelings, just friends and there will never be any feelings between you. You know everything about them, and he knows everything about you, he could name a very specific thing about you after months of not seeing each other. You’re not the type of friends that need to see each other everyday, you can go months without seeing each other and nothing has changed. Rarely you miss each other, but sometimes he’ll post a picture of you, and it’ll be one of you mid laugh or eating cereal or something, and the caption will be: missing this dork. You’d respond with: lol, can’t relate.  That’s what your friendship consists of, insults and just being annoying. If he wants your attention, he’ll continuously unfollow you then follow you back, because he knows you’ll get the notification. Although it’s not always fun and games, they’ll go to you for advice and visa versa, if one of you were upset, you’d go to the other one and talk it out until it was alright again. You’ve got each other’s backs, and you’ll always be there, through it all, through the highs and lows. Idk, I just wanna be friends with them, could you imagine not seeing them after a long time, and using your key he gave you and entering his house, he knows exactly who it is, and you just sit on the opposite side of the couch and just go on your phone or watch whatever tv show he was watching, then after 10 or 15 minutes he goes: hey. I just really love this concept

The La La Land “Pilgrimage” (Part 1 of A Week in LA)

Pairing: Sam Holland x Reader

Warnings: None! It’s just fluff and Sam being the most adorable human ever. (I don’t write anything that’s not PG)

Summary: You kick off your long awaited LA trip with the one thing you two have been most excited for: your so-called La La Land “pilgrimage”

A/N: This is my first non-requested writing so it’s kinda meh but I really liked how it turned out! Tbh Sam just made me really love love love La La Land 10x more it’s all I listen to now… It’s also kinda long sorry!! There will be more parts to this so if you wanna be tagged in it, just tell me!

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* it’s summer break so you and sam decide to go to la for a week
* you two have planned the trip for so long it’s kinda scary
* on the plane you two get so excited you watch la la land, both of you trying your best to not burst out into song
* you then watch some disney films and you lean your head on his shoulder while you two watch on his phone, sharing a pair of earphones
* he leans his head on your head AND WOW Y'ALL ARE CUTE
* you also had to fight to get the window seat btw
* you take bomb ass photos and videos of the sky
* you land in lax and you two have never been so excited before woAH
* you look so happy (even if you’ve already gone to america) so he’s just taking little videos and photos of you
* he posts on his ig story saying ‘la la land w the la la love of my life’ because he’s that type of person
* you see it and tell him he’s a dork
* he laughs and hugs you from behind and you start laughing too
* you get your luggage and make your way out and take a cab to your hotel
* on your way, you purposely have your driver drive you through the judge harry pregerson interchange and blast another day of sun as you two sing while you smile from ear to ear and you two lowkey wanna get out and do the choreo
* after checking in and arranging your room, you look for an in-n-out
* you guys are so hungry so fries and burgers and share all the milkshake flavours (complete with 2 straws per cup)
* he keeps taking pics of you but he ends up posting one of you in his hoodie drinking a milkshake on his story
* today was the day of your la la land “pilgrimage” as you two dorks called it
* you guys woke up really early to hike to the hollywood sign (even if you don’t normally hike)
* you post a picture with sam at the top next to the sign with the caption ‘la la land’ because it was the most appropriate time to use it
* you go back to your hotel to shower and stuff then head to hollywood
* first gotta visit the ever-so-iconic walk of fame before anything else because it’s on the way to tcl anyway
* you and sam then immediately hit up tcl and look for their handprints of course
* you two dork out so bad
* you both post a photo of you with your shoes over emma’s and sam’s over ryan’s yours captioned 'the sebastian to my mia’ and his captioned 'the mia to my sebastian’
* well we all know you actually mean the seb and mia who were together dw
* some people recognise sam so they take photos with him but you don’t mind because you’re so over the moon (or stars rather lol)
* you guys walk around the general hollywood area and take pretty photos
* you ask someone to take a photo of you and sam while you walked because you could
* wow you two looked so in love

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* griffith !!!
* you asked someone to take photos of you and sam in cute poses and stuff (poster pose, dancing, etc)
* when you go out, you recreate the ever-so-iconic 'a lovely night’ poses and you two are dying and so are all your followers
* they are not used to sam posting so mUCH
* pretty sure this happy bean has posted at least thrice today alone
* you guys explored a bit more

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* you guys visited lacma for the lights and took cute photos
* he took really really good photos of you
* you also took really good artsy shots of him
* cute couple-y photos like him holding you while he bends forward and you lean back (the thing you do in waltzes and dances THAT)
* you post a couple with the caption 'city of… lamps?’
* you jokingly tell him that you two should find ryan and emma but you two would probably get restraining orders
* he takes you for dinner and all of a sudden paps everywhere?!?!
* then emma and ryan walk in the restaurant and your face is priceless
* sam smiles because he knows he made you so happy and you hug him so tight
* you all chat and have a really great time
* sam holds your hand basically the entire time because he knows you’re so flustered
* they leave and you thank them
* you’ve never been happier oh my
* you give him the biggest hug and a peck
* sam couldn’t help his dorky self so he posted a photo of you two plus emma and ryan captioned 'definitely not a waste of lovely night❤️ thanks bro @tomholland2013’
* you were both so happy and he kept taking videos of you singing and being what he said was cute on his stories
* “you know I love you a lot right? even if we didn’t have dinner with them I still would love you more than ever right?” “of course i know! love you tooooooo! more than you know”
* you were so grateful for him and thought how could you possibly deserve him

Part 2:

Caption-a-thon week! (A community event idea)

Hi everyone!

So I made a post yesterday expressing an idea I had where we spend a week or so going through Mark and Jack’s videos and putting proper captions on them! Since there seems to be a lot of problems regarding people in the community abusing the YouTube captioning feature, I thought we could do this community thing where we properly caption as many videos as we can, so that we can promote the how to use the captioning feature right and fans who are hard of hearing can be able to enjoy the videos as much as we do!

I don’t know how to properly go at this idea since I never really prepared something like this before, so if any of you are interested in this event, have plenty of experience captioning videos or have any other expertise regarding captions and would love to help, I’d greatly appreciate it! Here are some things I thought of so far:

  • I thought about starting this event on April 1st. Since it’s April Fool’s Day, it might be a possibility that people might take that as an opportunity to abuse the captioning system even more. I thought we could make April Fool’s Day a more positive thing for the community by doing this event!
  • We will be captioning new videos as they upload, as well as checking on older videos and remove any improper captions such as jokes, unnecessary commentary, etc.
  • I thought about doing other little things that are a part of this event as well. Maybe something art related things, where artists or other creative can participate and create PSAs, or maybe some interview things with hoh fans and other people who need captions that can offer a perspective and show just how important captions really are. I would like for this event to be a big thing where everybody can participate

So these are what I’ve thought of so far! I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys if you are all interested in the event! If any of you happen to have some experience doing big community things like these or have any knowledge and expertise regarding captions and would love to help me with this project, feel free to message me in any way!

Thank you guys so much! I’m really looking forward to try and make this a thing :D <3