never knew you were so much fun


Never again!
No matter what your friend would tell you about how hot and awesome a guy would be, you would never again go on a date that she had organized for you.

Yes, this guy was hot but he was so much in love with himself that you weren’t sure if he even knew that you were there too. He even flirted with other girls, while you were standing right next to him.

You only wanted to leave but he grope your arm, stopping you.
“Where are you going?”
“Home. I’m not feeling so well”, you lied but he didn’t let go.
“But we have so much fun!” You rolled your eyes. Was he really that self-absorbed?
“I still want to go!”
“You should be lucky I’m spending my time with you!”

You weren’t sure if you should punch or kick him, so instead you just looked angrily at him. Thinking about your next move, you didn’t see the other guy coming closer until he took a hold of the guy’s wrist.
“I think she made it clear that she wants to leave. Now.” he explained in a dark and calm voice that made you shiver.

The guy you were with made a whining noise and his grip around your own wrist stopped. Instinctively you started rubbing your skin, ignoring the asshole and looking at the new guy. He was pale but had something fascinating on him, almost unhuman.

“Thank you”, you said honest. As much as you wanted to know more about your savior, you really wanted to get away from the creep, so your turned to the exit, leaving the smoky club.

Out in the open you breathed in the cold air, trying to calm yourself down, when you heard the deep voice again behind you.
“Are you okay?”
You turned around, looking in the dark eyes of the mysterious guy.
“Yes”, you nodded and smiled. “Thanks to you.”

“I’m glad you’re okay. I’m Raphael.” He gave you a small but very cute smile, that made him look younger. But his eyes were still these dark oceans, that seemed to fit to an older person, who had seen too much.
You definitely wanted to see this smirk again.

“I’m (y/n)”

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Disney Movie’s Can Be Fun (M)

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Warnings:dirty talk, squirting, just plain smut honestly.

Word Count: 1,062

Seok Jin had to be the most attractive person in the world I’ve ever seen. He was loved by everyone he met or knew, so sweet and caring never got too angry with people but when he did it was because they did something to really make him mad. You only knew the real Jin because you hung around him so much. All you knew is that your feelings for him were growing stronger each day you were around him.

“Y/N hello? You there?” Jin was waving his hand in my face.

“Oh, yeah sorry I was just thinking.” I lied.

“What were you thinking about Y/N?” He asked looking over at me from where he was sitting at on the couch.

“You know just school and stuff how its stressing.” I lied once again.

“Yeah I know how you feel.” Jin said with a light chuckle considering he did just graduate from UNI not too long ago.

As the night dragged on movie after movie I finally felt myself getting tired as I let out a big yawn from my side of the couch.

“You tired?” Jin asked looking over at me.

“Yeah your movie choices make me tired because they’re so boring.” I said laughing while getting up to stretch.

“Hey! Disney movies are not boring just so you know I happen to enjoy my movie picks.” Jin said getting up and throwing me over his shoulder carrying me up to his room. Usually when I sleep over at Jin’s place he makes a little bed on the floor while I get his bed.

“I’m going to go take a quick shower so you can go ahead and make yourself comfy.” Jin said taking off his shirt while walking to the bathroom. You felt your core dampen a little just by seeing him take off his shirt. You settled yourself under the covers and ran a hand down your stomach and into your panties. You imagined that your fingers were Jin’s as you touched your bundle of nerves you felt a wave of pleasure hit you making you let out a low moan so Jin wouldn’t hear. You got lost in your own imagination to realize that Jin had ended his shower and was walking out into his room.

“Yes, Jin please I need you please Jin.” You moaned out lowly but somehow Jin still heard your plea for him.

“Need some help there?” Jin asked with a smirk on his face as he stood at the door way watching you pleasure yourself. You opened your eyes in shock to see him just standing there with that smirk that made you want him even more.
Jin slowly walked over to where you were laying and threw off the covers to revel your hand between your legs.

“Gosh Y/N I knew you were a dirty girl but I didn’t think you were this dirty, touching yourself at the thought of me fingering you. Would you like that huh? To have my fingers pound into you making you cum all over my fingers?” Jin said as he pulled your hand away from your legs and held the hand above your head and began to rub your clit in slow circles.

“Jin please I need more please.” I pleaded out and began to grind my core onto his fingers for more friction.

“Calm down baby girl you’ll get what you want soon enough but first let me have my fun.” He said as he got in between my thighs and began to nip at the flesh. The pain was mixing with pleasure causing a new feeling to wash over me. I felt his tongue began to kitten lick at my clit and instantly felt a jolt of pleasure go through my body. He kept doing this over and over and I knew what he was doing, teasing me till I couldn’t handle it.

“Jin I swear if you don’t fuck me right now I’m going to hit you.” I said while looking down at him.

“Okay just calm down.” He said getting up and grabbing a condom from the bed side drawer then ripping it open with teeth to roll it onto his length. I took off my shirt and began to kiss him hungrily just like I’ve always wanted to for the longest time.

“Please Jin, I need you inside me now please.” I begged out while kissing him in between words. I felt his tip at my entrance and then out of nowhere he plunged into me going at a fast pace while gripping my hips so hard that I knew bruises would take place there in the morning.

“Holy shit you’re so tight for me. God, you feel amazing.” Jin grunted out as he kept up his fast pace as he leaned down to plant a hard kiss to my mouth. I could feel myself getting close to climax as Jin pounded into me at a speed that I didn’t even know was possible.

“Jin I’m close.” “I know me too baby girl me too just wait for me okay.”
I could feel the coil starting to tighten in my stomach which indicated that I was very close to climaxing. I also knew he was close to because I could see his stomach starting to flex and felt his length twitch inside me.

“Cum with me baby girl cum around my cock like a good girl.” Jin moaned out as he looked into my eyes with lust while still getting me closer to my orgasm. White washed over my vision as I felt my body violently shake after that I felt Jin resale as well and heard his moans of relief as he pulled out and discarded the condom in the trash.

“Wow baby I didn’t know you could squirt.” Jin said laughing while laying down next to me. I cuddled up beside him and felt a blush creep up onto my face.
“Neither did I.” I said and felt sleep over come me.

Wow okay that was something but anyway I hope this was good because it’s my first ever smut and I think I did a horrible job but tell me what you guys think because I like feedback and yeah requests are open so feel free to request anything.


Prompt by the lovely and beautiful mimigemrose.

There she was helping Abnegation feed the factionless as if she was not factionless herself. Eric shook his head in disbelief as he looked over at you. He could not believe how happy you looked.

You looked across the street to find Eric staring at you. You smiled to him and waved but he did not smile or wave back. You didn’t expect him too. The Eric you knew would never smile or greet someone with kindness. You found that out last year when you were a Dauntless initiate. You would have made an excellent Dauntless member but one day you woke up in the bunks and you just could not imagine taking orders for the rest of your life however long that would be as a Dauntless member. You didn’t know much about the Dauntless faction but you were always in awe whenever you saw them so on choosing day you chose Dauntless. You were having fun during training, learning a lot and was at the top of your class but that fateful day you woke up and chose to be factionless. You just wanted to be free and you could not be any happier. As a factionless member you were at peace and content. Your former leader Eric on the other hand did not seem happy. Though he rarely showed emotions when you spent your time at Dauntless as an initiate he was visibly upset when you told the leaders you were leaving the faction. They could not wrap their heads around as to why you would chose such a life for yourself but Max and Four gave their blessing as Eric stormed off shaking his head.

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Did you ever love someone, but knew they didn’t care?
Did you ever feel like crying, but knew you’d get nowhere?
Did you ever close your eyes and say a little prayer?
Did you ever look into their heart and wish that you were there?
Did you ever watch them walk away, not wanting them to go?
And whispered ‘God, I love you’, but never let them know?
So you cry all night in misery and almost go insane,
There’s nothing else in this world that causes so much pain.
If I could choose between love and death, I think I’d rather die.
Love is fun but it hurts too much, the price you pay is high.
So don’t fall in love, you’ll get hurt before it’s through,
You see my friend I ought to know cuz I fell in love with you
—  Eric Harris
Silence Your Phone

Request: Its ok and thanks for accepting :p Just one cute romantic fluff with little bit angst of yoongi who is jealous mad over me being too close with 17 woozi :p Thanks~

This was fun to write so thank you for the request! I hope this is what you wanted!

Originally posted by monchims

Your boyfriend Yoongi was home for a few days so that meant spending as much time together as possible. To your surprise, he had planned a date night at a nice restaurant which you guys never did but doing something new was always fun. You liked dressing up from time to time and you knew you two would do something more casual later on in the night.

You were looking through your dresses and couldn’t choose between two when your phone dinged from the bathroom counter. You had been texting your new friend Woozi. You had met him at an award show you were lucky to attend and while Yoongi had been busy with other things, Woozi kept you company. Now you two were nonstop talking and you hadn’t told Yoongi but you had never seen it as a problem.

You quickly checked the message and when you saw Woozi’s name you swiped to answer.

~We need to hang out sometime. Maybe your jokes will be funnier!~
Woozi had texted you

~Are you admitting that they are already good?~
You typed back, a big smile on your face.

~Uh… no…~
He replied simply but simple enough for you to roll your eyes.

“(Y/N)! Hurry! I’ve been waiting!” Yoongi hollered from the bedroom. You quickly responded to Woozi and looked back at the two dresses. You decided to go with the blue one and picked up a pair of your good earrings. You slipped on your heels that would surely hurt in thirty minutes and finally grabbed your purse along with your phone. You had already done your makeup and hair so you were ready to go. You stepped out of the bathroom to meet a dapper looking Yoongi.

“Very handsome,” you nodded in approval.

“Thanks,” he shrugged as if he put no effort into looking like that. You rolled your eyes at him and reached for your jacket. “And I have a beautiful lady to take to dinner.”

“Me? Beautiful?” you gasped, acting as if he never complimented you.

“Of course,” he chuckled before kissing you sweetly. After a moment you pulled away and showed him the time.

“We’ll be late. No time for this love stuff!” You exclaimed and pushed him out the door. He groaned and turned his head to you.

“Maybe I’ll just cancel then,” he whined.

“No! I’m excited to go do this with you,” you smiled. You grabbed his hand and the two of you walked outside of your apartment. “I’m driving,” you declared. He gave you his signature disgusted Yoongi look and shook his head.

“You suck at driving. I want to get to the place without dying,” he joked. You snatched the keys out of his hand and got into the driver’s seat. He slumped in the passenger seat and played with the radio stations as you adjusted the seat. “It’s freezing in here,” he complained before blasting the heat into the car. He always put the heat way too high but you were used to it by now.

“Buckle up,” you told him. He looked at you and frowned before reaching for the seat belt and pulled it over him and buckled it. “Let’s go!”

You drove towards the restaurant and could hear your phone ringing. You knew Woozi was continuously texting you but you chose to ignore it until you were in a better position to text.

“Who’s texting you so much?” Yoongi asked with one eyebrow raised.

“I don’t know. I’ll silence my phone when we get there,” you answered him. Now, Woozi knew about your relationship with Yoongi and you had clearly set the line at just friends so even if Yoongi did find out it wouldn’t be much of a deal.

Your phone kept ringing and you could tell Yoongi was becoming a bit annoyed with it. “Can I silence it now?” Yoongi asked, impatiently.

“No, it’s fine. You’ll live,” you sighed as you turned into a parking spot. It was a bit tight but any other spot would be too far for you and your heels to walk.

You got out of the car and met Yoongi on the side walk. You walked hand in hand to the door and got seated at your reservation. The restaurant was as nice as you anticipated it to be and the menu was full of fancy food.

“I want to try everything,” you gushed as you looked over all the food. You already knew you’d have a hard time choosing what you wanted and by the looks of it Yoongi would have to help you.

The waiter was already assisting you with your drinks and you still hadn’t picked something. Finally, Yoongi ended up ordering for you but it was ok because he chose something good.

“So, how’s the music coming along?” you asked him, starting a conversation.

“Uh… It’s going pretty good actually. The songs are sounding awesome. I can’t wait for you to hear it,” he said happily. You smiled at him, loving when he talked about his music like that and couldn’t wait to hear it for yourself.

“I’ll be back. I need to use the restroom,” you excused yourself and hurried yourself so you could get back to your date. You felt closer than ever to Yoongi lately and so far the date was making it even better. You washed your hands and checked your hair in the mirror. Once you made sure it was ok looking you went back out and towards your table.

You slowed your pace when you saw Yoongi scrolling through your phone. He had a troubled expression and part of you wanted to go back into the bathroom but instead you walked up to snatch your phone away. “What were you looking for huh?” you asked him. It’s not like he’d never used your phone before but this felt uncomfortable.

“Well, what you were hiding? How long have you been talking to… Woozi?” Yoongi asked, his tone calm but his expression enraged.

“Since that award show. We’re just friends,” you protested.

“It looked kind of flirty to me,” Yoongi scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Trust me Yoongi. I wasn’t,” you shook your head. Now that Yoongi knew about this you knew why you kept it from him. No matter when you told him you knew he would react like this.

“Well, even if you’re not consciously doing it I still don’t like it. Stop talking to him,” Yoongi demanded. You looked at him in disbelief and shook your head again.

“I can talk to whoever I want! Plus, I get lonely when you’re gone so having another friend is good for me,” you argued.

“Yeah it is and I want you to have friends! But not him!” Yoongi argued back.

“Why not? Is this seriously making you this jealous?” you asked him.

“Maybe it is! Is it so bad that I don’t want my girlfriend talking to some guy that flirts with her?” he said, suddenly raising his tone. You could tell this would make a scene soon so you grabbed your coat and your bag and walked out. You had no intention of leaving Yoongi here but you couldn’t stand in there any longer.

You stood outside of the door and tried to collect your thoughts. You started to think that Yoongi was right. You wouldn’t have liked it if he was texting some girl. Your feet ached on your shoes but it was too cold to talk them off.

You heard the restaurant door open behind you and a familiar set of footsteps approach you. You felt him pull you in from behind and nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed. You could already see the pout on his face. “I just don’t like it when you talk to boys especially the ones that find you pretty. Which is all of them. So yeah.”

“Your point?”

“Just… I’m sorry for snooping,” he finally came to.

You turned around to face him and put his face in your hands. “I’m sorry for not considering how you feel,” you answered him. He smiled and gave you a quick kiss.

“You will stop talking to him though, right?” he asked.

“I don’t know. He kind of looks like you so maybe it’ll help when you’re gone on tour and promotions,” you teased him.

“Well then I’ll just have to scare him off. I know for a fact I’m taller,” Yoongi said proudly, making you laugh.

“I only love you ok? Don’t forget that,” you reassured him. He gave you soft smile.

“I love you too. Now… cuddles and a movie?”

“I’m getting my food to go at least,” you laughed. “I didn’t put these bad boys on for nothing,” you pointed to your high heels.

“So, cuddles and a movie after?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “And I’ll even turn off my phone.”

Sad Sentences Meme

50 sentences for your entertainment. Have fun.

  • “Some days are just bad days.”
  • “You have to experience sadness to know happiness.”
  • “You’ve changed so much, I don’t recognize you anymore.”
  • “I will forgive you, but I can’t forget what you did.”
  • “I lost something precious, the day we parted.”
  • “It’s fine, I already knew you never loved me.”
  • “You were right, I will never amount to anything.”
  • “I thought I couldn’t hurt more. I was wrong.”
  • “I’ve built a wall and no one will get past it.”
  • “I don’t know what I am doing, anymore.”
  • “I’ve given up on that thing called love.”
  • “Every man has his secret sorrows.”
  • “You forgot about me, didn’t you?”
  • “When were you going to tell me?”
  • “I can’t believe you, anymore.”
  • “We could have been great, together.”
  • “I never want to see you again.”
  • “I am tired of fighting you.”
  • “What is life without you?”
  • “After you left, I was all alone.”
  • “I thought I could trust you.”
  • “I will never forgive you.”
  • “I loved you, once.”
  • “I have no future.”
  • “You don’t belong here.”
  • “I have given up on crying.”
  • “You have never mattered.”
  • “I wish you would have stayed.”
  • “I was never enough, was I?”
  • “Don’t bother lying.”
  • “You let it come between us." 
  • "Did I ever mean anything to you?" 
  • "Please don’t give up on me." 
  • "I look into a mirror and I see nothing." 
  • "I swear I tried.”
  • “I said no.”
  • “You broke me.”
  • “I hate you.”
  • “Go away.”
  • “Please forgive me.”
  • “You should go.”
  • “I don’t want to recover.”
  • “Leave me alone.”
  • “Don’t touch me.”
  • “You lied to me.”
  • “I can’t forget the past.”
  • “Don’t you love me?”
  • “Why won’t you stay?”
  • “I am just so empty.”
  • “You said you’d changed." 
Works Like A Charm (Simon D x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. I picked Simon D cause I may or may not be completely biased and wanted to write about him so bad. Enjoy!


You always loved to joke around, it’s what Kiseok loved about you since he met you, that you weren’t taking things serious and you made jokes out of pretty much everything. Not only you were a strong, loving, beautiful woman, you were funny and knew how to have fun.

But that wasn’t always good. Kiseok didn’t like to joke about one particular thing, his left eye. You never really went there, but when you were play fighting, he called you ‘ugly’ so you laughed and said

“You say that because you can’t see, how about now?”

moving to his right side. After that only your giggles were heard in the house, when you looked at him he looked dead serious. Which caused you to stop laughing.

“Baby I was just-”

“Forget it”

He said and got up, walking to the office he had in the house. You walked behind him, you wanted to apologize.

“Come on baby, I am sorry”

He didn’t say anything. He just kept walking to the office, he sat in his chair and went to his laptop. You sat to his office desk, trying to get his attention.

“You know I didn’t mean anything bad”

Silence. He just kept doing something on the computer, only the sound of the keyboard was heard.


You said and grunted. You hoped off the desk and walked out, giving him some space, he may cool off by himself and you could talk it out. You were his fiance, he can’t get away from you even if he wanted


It was hours after. Now instead of locking himself in his office, he had moved with you in the living room, still silent and just watching TV like total strangers. That was when your phone rang


“Hey girl. Are you down for dinner and drinks?”

Your girlfriend asked you, excited. You looked at Kiseok who just ignored you and then you took your decision

“Sure, I ain’t got nothing else to do”

“Good. I’ll text you the restaurant”

“See ya”

You hanged up and then hoped off the couch. This was perfect for one last try to get him to talk, the one card that was left on your sleeve. You got your phone and connected it with your speaker, putting on blast one of your favourite songs, the Quiett ‘Body 2 Body’. As the provocative lyrics started, you undressed yourself and hoped in the shower to wash your body slowly. When you got out and wrapped your naked body with a towel, you got out and saw that Kiseok was now in the room, so that song got his attention. You started to slowly put on his favourite pair of underwear and whispering the lyrics. Kiseok was looking at you like a hawk, as he tried to not give in to your games, but how could you hold back when you have a beautiful woman giving you such a show? You decided it would be best if you did your make-up with just underwear on, and as the seductive beat went on, you started to slowly and seductively move your hips as you started brushing your hair. Kiseok always loved your hair, he loved running his hand through them, playing them, pulling you by them in more intimate scenes. You went on to doing your make up like you were along, pushing your butt out and leaning to the mirror to make your body look good.

Kiseok could not hold himself back when he saw you put that red lipstick on. Slowly moving it over your lips, those lips that made him go wild, he got up and wrapped his arms from behind, kissing your shoulder and your neck. Feeling his plump, soft, warm lips on your cold skin made shivers run down your spine. You slowly put the lipstick down and leaned to him, enjoying the moment

“Do you have to leave?”

“So he speaks”

You teased, mission accomplished! you smiled in triump when you heard him whine, you thought you would have to leave before he gave up. But all you need is red lipstick and ta-da! You turned around and wrapped you arms around his neck

“Oppa you’re still mad?”

You could see how riled up he was getting, you didn’t call him oppa as much as you should, but when you did you sure got a reaction. It was like his weak spot, that nickname with your low seuctive but also a hint of innocence in your tone, those beautiful eyes looking straight into his soul, you knew how to play the game. He touched your cheek and his hand traveled down to the back of your neck and hair, his thumb carerssing your jawline and stopping to your earlobe.

“I don’t think I can be mad at those eyes”

He said to you. All you could hear was your heavy breaths and the quiett’s smooth voice. His other hand traveled to your waist and brought you closer to his body, your chest touching his

“I’m not going anywhere am I?”

“No you’re not”

He said and lifted you up, wapping your legs on his waist, your lips touching his while he brought you to your bed, you felt his hands travel down your butt, while yours went to his hair, keeping a tight grip to it, he layed you down and looked at your body and then your face, biting his lip

“I think I should call my friend”

You said, remembering that you promised to her to go out for dinner

“After the first round”

He said and attacked your lips one more time. Red lips and body 2 body, works like a charm.

Originally posted by koreanxrap

Request: Juice and the vibrator

Request: Your old man Juice bought a vibrator controlled by a remote and you go out, you are wearing the vibrator while he has the remote and has too much fun with that.

[Hi everyone, how are you today?

Sorry for the title, you already know I’m terrible with titles LOL. I had so much fun writing this…I hope you like it

Enjoy! Love you all, thank you so much for the support, you are amazing!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: Smut

Originally posted by julceortiz

Never, in your life, you had imagine to have a better old man than Juice. He was sweet, respectful, worship you every moment and was a great lover too. His image of the sweetest Son or the computer geek was accurate, but only you knew how he could be when you were alone.

You had done a few games during you time dating and you had added a new variety of sex toys to your knowledge. Now it was Valentine’s Day and you were anxious for what he had planned for you.


You were at home, getting ready for the party at the clubhouse and Juice was coming to pick you up. You chose a red dress and high heels, not the best outfit to ride in his bike, but you wanted to be sexy for him.

You had just finished your makeup when you heard him opening the door. His keys hit the table and Juice called out.

“Baby?”, his voice was getting closer, he was walking to meet you.

“In the bedroom!”, you said.

Soon Juice was at the door, handsome as ever with his bright smile and a bag in his hands. You turned around for him to see your outfit. He walked towards you, putting his hands on your hips.

“You look amazing!”, he said, kissing you. “Just one thing is missing”

“What?”, you looked at him, suspicious.

“This”, he raised the bag. You picked it up and opened. Inside there was some kind of lingerie and what looked like to be a remote control. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“What is this Juice?”, you asked, looking at the black lace thong.

“A remote controlled vibrator”, he grinned. “I want you to wear it tonight”

“No way!”, you laughed. “This is great Juice, but I’m not wear…”

“Yes you are”, he pulled you closer, his lips inches for yours. “I’m having the remote and you will be with the thong”

“Juice…”, you swallowed. Why he had to be that hot when he was up to a game? It was irresistible.

“Come on darling”, he said. “Put it on”

Juice stepped back to watch you. Without a choice, you took off your panties and put on the thong. It didn’t change nothing, it was imperceptible.

“Gorgeous”, he smiled. “Let’s go”

Praying to stay alive until the end of the night, you grabbed your purse and followed Juice outside.


The clubhouse was looking amazing; Gemma got the crow eaters crazy about the decoration. Everybody was there and as soon as you walked in Lyla pulled you to a corner to talk. You looked over your shoulder to Juice and he grinned, walking slowly to the bar to meet his brothers.

It took a while for Juice started the torture, but you missed what Lyla was talking as soon as you felt a little vibration on your core. It was subtle; you took a deep breath and kept talking.

Minutes later you got involved into a pool game with Tig and Chibs, you were doing your best, but was surprise by the vibration increasing. You put your hand on the table and took a deep breath.

“Are you okay lass?”, Chibs tried to reach your arm to steady you, but you recovered pretty quickly.

“Yes!”, you said. “Just a little dizzy, I don’t know”

“Dizzy?”, Tig laughed. “Uh oh, Juicy boy knocked you up?”

“No!”, you said and they laughed. “For Christ’s sake! You are evil!”

You gave up the game, ignoring their protests and walked towards the bar where Juice was talking with Bobby and Jax.

“Hi darling”, Jax said kissing your cheek.

“Hi Jax”, you said. You smiled to Juice and he put his arm around your waist. You were trying to see the remote control, but you couldn’t find it.

“Don’t even think about it”, Juice whispered in your ear. You rolled your eyes to him and asked for a beer.

After some time talking, you got used to the little vibration, you were getting wet, but not as close to cum as you though you would. Gemma dragged you to help her with something and for a moment, the vibration was gone. Soon it returned, stronger than before, you had to hold on to the sink not to fall.

“Are you okay honey?”, Gemma asked.

“Yes”, you said. “I didn’t eat anything”

“Oh I had some snacks prepared”, she said. “Help me put some of these on the bar and you can sit and eat”

“Thank you”, you held the plate, carefully walking to the bar. Juice was still drinking and talking to Jax, but his eyes followed your moves. You sat by the bar again, this time away from him. Juice got up and walked towards you.

“Feeling good?”, he asked, leaning to kiss your neck. A shiver ran down your spine, by his kiss and the vibrator between your legs.

“Having fun?”, you asked.

“Yes”, he laughed. “I bet you are wet. Have you cum yet?”

“No”, you hissed.

“I want you to go back to the kitchen”, he said. “Stay in there until the vibration stops”

“Juice…”, you started.

“Go”, he said serious.

You did what he told. Nobody was in the kitchen and you pretended to be doing the dishes. Soon you felt the vibration increase. You held on the sink and gave careful steps until the wall, out from anyone sight. You tried to stay up, but your legs were trembling, bringing your body to the floor. You closed your eyes, feeling the vibration ran through your entire body. Pressing your tights together, you resist through the sweet torture, until your orgasm was gone. The vibration stopped after a while and you stayed there catching your breath. Steps were coming to the kitchen and you was only able to kneel before Gemma walks in again.

“Y/n?”, she said. “Are you sick?”

“No”, you laughed and showed her your phone. “I let this fall while I was helping you”

“Those phones”, she said. “Can you help me a little more?”

“Sure”, you said.


Juice was giving you a break and you were able to enjoy the party a little, dancing with the girls and playing pool, after the vibration returned. This time he put it in a strong intensity since the beginning and you made it outside the club just in time for the start of another orgasm.

Trying to look fine, you walked towards the office, hoping to hide there for a few minutes. You felt on the couch as the vibration was gone, maybe you were too far for Juice to keep playing.

“Baby?”, you heard his voice at the door, not so long after.

“Oh Jesus!”, you cursed as he opened the door and entered the room. “Give me a break!”

“I thought you were liking it”, he smiled.

“I was”, you said sarcastically.

“Oh no”, he grinned. “Don’t be a smart ass”

You looked at him taking the remote control from his pocket and turned it in maximum. You back arched on the couch and you pressed your thighs together, trying not to fall on the floor.

“Juice”, you moaned. He sat next to you and kissed your neck while a powerful orgasm ran down your spine.

“How many times did you come this night?”, he asked.

“This…is…the…third”, you said breathless.

“Yes”, he mumbled. You saw him looking at your cleavage and lick his lips. “Take off the thong”

You did what he told, pushing your dress up your body as Juice knelt in front of you. He took the thong from your hands and sniffed on them, making your jaw hang open. He put it aside and spread your legs.

“You are so wet baby”, he said, leaning forward and licking your core. You were sensitive and his touch turned you on immediately. Juice got up and unbuckled his belt. You sat on the couch and dragged his pants down his legs. He was hard, proudly erect in front of you. “I loved this night. We should this more often.”

You looked up to him and took his member in your mouth. Juice moaned and his fingers tangled on your hair. You licked and sucked until he was groaning, then you got up. Putting aside the things on the office’s desk, you got up on it, opening your legs as an invitation for him.

Juice smiled devilishly and wrapped your legs around his waist. He pushed inside you slowly; he set this pace, slowly making love to you. You were sit on the table, your arms around his neck and your mouth biting his shoulder, closer to another orgasm.

“Please Juice”, you begged. “More”

He held you firmly, his strong grip on your hips and thrusted harder. You let out a loud moan, tightening around him. Juice mumbled against your neck, calming down after found his release inside you.

“Should we come back to the party?”, he said kissing you gently.

“I’m tired”, you said, almost closing your eyes.

“Okay”, he smiled and started to help you to get dressed again. “Let’s go my baby girl, let’s go home play with your other sex toys”

You held strongly in his arms walking outside the office, not knowing if you should curse or thank for your wonderful and teaser old man. 

Request: Could you do a one shot please where you’re best friends with Hermione and she lets you stay at hers over the summer because she knows you have nowhere to go, and then she tells you she loves you and you do cute stuff together and it’s really sweet :) thank you! Love your blog


You walked through the door and into Hermione’s bedroom. You were smiling like an idiot and you knew it. Hermione had made up the sofa bed so much that it actually looked really comfy, even compared next to her double bed. You took in all the bright colours of her room, making you feel right at home, even though you had never been there before.

“This is amazing. Thanks again for letting me stay with you” you exclaimed, buzzing with excitement.

“I know you didn’t have anywhere else to go, besides, it will be fun” she replied cheerily. Your parents were on a vacation and weren’t going to be back until school started again, so Hermione offered to let you stay with her, which you instantly took her up on. You were excited to stay with Hermione, as silly as it sounds since you literally live with each other during the rest of the year.

Hermione’s parents would be back in the morning but said they trusted you both not to completely burn down the house. You put your trunk on the floor next to Hermione’s and sat down on her bed. She sat beside you, unusually close compared to how she would usually at Hogwarts.

“What do you want for dinner?” She asked innocently. You were a half blood but had spent your whole life in the Wizarding world and had no idea what type of food muggles ate.

“Whatever you’re having” you said, trying not to sound clueless. Hermione laughed at you slightly, clearly you weren’t as convincing as you thought, and you giggled in return. You and Hermione started staring at one another, just smirking while gazing into each others eyes. Until, Hermione quickly darted her eyes away from yours.

“Listen (y/n)…..” She trailed off and looked back at you.

“Yeah” you answered softly. She didn’t say anything, simply grabbed you by your neck and pulled your lips towards hers. You were shocked but quickly started kissing her back. It was total bliss. Your fist kiss and you were glad you could share it with Hermione. Her lips were softer than silk and felt amazing against yours. All too soon though, she pulled away.

“Im sorry, i shouldn’t have done that” she stated sadly. She opened her mouth to speak again but you pressed your mouth to hers. You never wanted that moment to end, neither did Hermione. After around 5 minutes of complete heaven , you both pulled away, smiling into each others gaze.

“I really like you (y/n), like…. really, really like you. I just never knew how to tell you since Ron and Harry are always around and I’m pretty sure Harry has a crush on you and i didn’t know if you would ever like me back”. She said in one breath

“Hey, listen, take a breath and calm down okay.” You said, concern evident in your voice, “i like you too, really like you too”

She smiled widely and pulled you in for a huge hug. You didn’t hesitate to hug her back just as, if not more, tightly. You both just sat there for a few moments, comfortable in each others arms.

“Come on!” She excitedly grabbed your hand and pulled you down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” You laughed at her eagerness and how adorable it seemed to you.

“We’re going to cook” she smiled at you. You were worried sure, the house elves usually cooked everything for you and you had no idea what to do, but since Hermione was so happy to try it with you, you complied.

Two hours, a huge mess, and three burnt attempts later, you were finally able to make a decently cooked omelette for each of you. You were quite proud of your work until you sat down to eat it. The food had barely touched your tongue but you already wanted to hurl. It was horrible, the definition of the word vile. How could three eggs and a few vegetables taste so awful. Your face was contouring in all different manors at the food while Hermione nearly fell from her chair from laughing so much.

“You try making it then, if your so clever” you said with mock sarcasm.

Less than ten minutes later, on her first attempt, she had two perfectly formed omelettes sitting on the two plates. You pretended to glare at her as she sat down. You took one bite and the flavours overwhelmed your mouth. You looked at Hermione, now able to add cooking to the list of things she was a master at.

You soon finished your meal and both went to sit on the couch in the living room. You wrapped your arms around each other and she turned on the television. You weren’t paying attention though, you were gazing up at your Hermione, your eyes full of admiration. She noticed quickly and leaned down slightly to kiss you one more time that night. You quickly fell asleep in each others arms, perfectly content with your lives, and never wanting that moment to end.

Drinking and Flirting

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The two were giggling idiots. They wandered around Cameron’s apartment, playing hide-and-seek. “Hey, Ace! You might be a twig, but there’s only so many small places in my apartment,” called Cameron, smiling wide and going in his room.

Kirsten giggled softly, hiding under his bed. She knew he would never fit while she had plenty of room.

“I hear you!” he said loudly, opening up his closet. “Boo!” He scratched his head when she wasn’t there, but then heard more giggles. “Stretch, are you flexible?” He walked over to the TV stand that had a compartment beneath it with only a few DVDs and old VHS tapes. There would be plenty of room for her in there. He swung the doors open, giving Kirsten a lovely view of his butt from under the bed.

She crumpled up an old piece of paper that was next to her and threw it at Cameron’s butt.

“Hey!” he yelled, turning around then falling, causing a loud laughing fit to come from Kirsten. He looked to where the voice was coming from and saw her bright grin. “I found you!” He rolled onto his stomach and crawled over using primarily his elbows.

Kirsten pushed herself back. “No! No!” she squealed.

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so none of your friends were exactly thrilled when you told them that Michael Clifford from that frat house had asked you out on a date, they all warned you as well as Michael’s friends snorted at the thought of you with Michael. but that didn’t stop Michael from picking you up in his car, and that didn’t stop you from allowing him to buy you that pizza. and even though all your friends said that he was only using you for the sex you didn’t care, because when he softly cupped your face and sweetly kissed you that same night, you knew they were wrong. and even though Michael’s buddies told him that you were the most boring girl on campus he didn’t care, because he have never had so much fun as when you took him to the animal shelter you volunteer at to play with the puppies. and even though Michael would get too drunk for his own good every other weekend, he still made sure to always order a coke whenever he took you out just because he knew you didn’t like to see him drink. and even though his friend swore you hated every tattoo of his, he still found himself explaining why he got them as you laid on his chest, tracing the lines of the memories that were permanently stuck to his skin. and even though Michael would end up in a fist fight every now and then, he still agreed to watching the notebook with you just because he knows how much you love it. and even though his friends teased him for not getting laid he still enjoyed lying in bed with you and just sharing soft kisses while talking about whatever came to your minds.
and even though people swore from day one that a couple like you two wouldn’t be able to survive, you did. and at the same time you were able to prove to everyone that even if you’re completely different from each other, you can still make it work, as long as you love each other.

It was one of the nights, though as of recently, these nights have been happening a lot more than normal. 

 Ashton was in her room, door locked, half of her clothes scattered around the floor, and the girl that was currently on top of her kissing her neck? In all honesty, her name slipped from her mind. 

 She had been in countless of dates the past few days. It was fun for her. It was something that distracted her away from the amount of essays that were piled her way. 

 It was quiet in the apartment, so much so that you could here Elliot typing away on her computer. It was Saturday, yet her roommate never peeled her eyes away from her assignments.

Although, as much as she hated to do so, Ashton occasionally tried to hook Elliot up with the few guys she knew would be interested.

Oddly though, her brunette friend wasn’t ever in the mood. It always excuses after excuses of her being busy, working, doing this or that. Ashton still tried though, but hardly succeeded.

It was about half an hour later and Ashton left her room with just only one of her oversized t-shirt’s on. “Yeah, I’ll call you soon,” she said, obviously lying, before kissing the other’s cheek and closing the door. 

“You’re still working?” laughing softly, she walked over towards her roommate. “What do I have to do to peel you away from this computer,” she told her as she slowly began closing Elliot’s laptop and pushing it to the side.
The Big Three Alliance
By Organization for Transformative Works

The Big Three Kids in a groupchat. College AU.

TheAmazingGrace: Bro, I’m gay.
SwimmingGod: It’s me isn’t it I am the reason for your awakening
TheAmazingGrace: WHAAAAAAAAT???? !!! ????
SwimmingGod: You just couldn’t resist this body I’m so friggin… SHREDDED!! You love it
TheAmazingGrace: Never said I didn’t.
SwimmingGod: I KNEW IT! You were just after my body! I feel so used!
TheAmazingGrace: Lol But seriously, Perce. It’s not you. Sorry.
TheAmazingGrace: This Italian dude in my Art Class. Nico I think is his name.

I wrote a Jaciso fic + super Jercy Brotp College AU. IT HAD TO BE DONE.

Talking About Children

Harry x Reader

Point of View: Your POV

Word Count: 734

Written By: harry-stiles-boyss

Rated: PG


It was the night of the last of Harry’s shows at the O2 Arena. It was two hours before the concert. You loved going to his concerts when you could. It was so much fun to see him in his element. How he interacted with the people around him. The people he knew so well. It was like one big family there and you absolutely loved it. 

You and Harry had been dating for two years. You lived in London. You were so in love, but you never saw Harry anymore. You used to be able to go on tour with him for the summer. You had the best time, traveling the world, seeing all of his shows. Now you had a job and you couldn’t spend the time you had hoped to. 

Currently you were sitting with Lou in one of her styling chairs. She was cutting your hair. You wanted something different from your usual long hair so you decided to cut it shoulder length. You were usually Lou’s test dummy. She loved trying new braids or hair styles on you. You would let her try anything except for color. Of course you trusted Lou, but you wanted to keep your hair its natural color. Harry loved your hair. He loved to run his fingers through your hair. 

Harry was currently sitting across the room. He was sitting with his back up against the wall. His legs were open with Lux sitting in-between them. He had the biggest smile on his face. He loved spending time with Lux and you enjoyed watching him. The amount of happiness that radiated from him was immeasurable. He was playing with her hands as she told him about her day. His dimples were prominent as he laughed at the story Lux was telling him. 

“Earth to (Y/N)?” Lou said, turning your chair so you were facing her. 

“Hmm?” You said.

“You were staring and I’m pretty sure you weren’t staring at my daughter.” Lou said laughing. 

“I can’t help it.” You said honestly with a smile on your face. 

“He is so good with children, I love to see him playing with Lux. She loves him so much.” Lou says. 

“Mhmm” You say, not being able to take your eyes off of Harry.

“He will be an amazing father one day.” Lou says. 

“I can’t wait.” You say, then realizing what you said. A blush rose to your cheeks. 

“Me either.” Lou says. 

“You aren’t even- wait you can’t wait?”

“Of course, none of us can. We can’t wait for you and Harry’s future.”


“Yes really. You two are perfect together. We all have been saying fro months now how we can’t wait for you to have kids.”

“We aren’t even engaged yet!”

“Still, we can’t wait.”

You didn’t reply, you just stared at Harry and smiled. He was completely oblivious to the conversation  you and Lou were having. 

A while later Lou was styling Harry’s hair as you were coloring with Lux. Lix was sitting on your lap while the two of you colored in her coloring book together. She was telling you which color to use in every spot. 

“You know, I had an interesting conversation with (Y/N) today.” Lou said to Harry.

“Oh ya! What was that about?”

“Eh, I shouldn’t tell you.”

“Come on Lou, you have to tell me now.” Harry pleads.

“Eh I guess so, but you can’t tell (Y/N)!”

“I won’t, I won’t- now tell me!”

“She was telling me how she can’t wait to have kids with you.”

“She really said that?” Harry said blushing. 

“Yea, she did.” Lou said laughing. 

“It will be amazing, she is amazing.” Harry says looking at you, then back to Lou. “She will be the perfect mother.”

“So, take the next step.”

“What do you mean?”

“You love her don’t you?”

“Of course I do, more than anything.”

“Why wait, why waste time?”

“You’re right. Why would I slow things down? I am just pushing away the inevitable.” Harry says, staring fondly at you. “I’m gonna ask her to marry me.”

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The Best Worst Songs of the 1980′s - Wild Boys - Duran Duran

Stranger Things was a real nice TV show. At times it was almost perfect.

But it’s kinda like if you ever went to camp or to some awful vacation where you didn’t know anyone there and it was horrible and not fun, but suddenly you ran into some kid you knew only in passing from your school and you were both so excited and relieved to see each other you clung together like soul mates. After the ordeal was over you never talked to each other again.

Or when you went through all the phases of punk, metal, grunge as a teen and then really got into Spiritualized and then Gamelan chant music and electronic noise bands and then one day you heard a Duran Duran song you hadn’t heard in ages and it was sooo much fucking perfect pop innocence it almost made you weep?

Stranger Things is like that. You can’t really put your finger on why it’s great, the story is kinda paint by numbers. The cast is pretty good. It just feels like a well orchestrated nostalgic youtube bender. It makes you grin, and you want more, but that’s about it. Its kinda  like how George Lucas could just play the Star Wars opening theme every 10 minutes and no one would notice he’d sold us all to Taco Bell. He’d hardwired a nostalgic button into our dumb monkey brains and now he was gonna mash it until we were too embarrassed to admit we’d been swindled.

Stranger Things was great TV. Duran Duran was great pop. But maybe think twice about doing your dissertation on or getting a tattoo of either.

The Nightclub Business


His eyes took note of every odd scene or ridiculous conversation as they passed. It was amazing how different people can get when drunk, high, or just stop thinking because they’re having so much fun. A grin came across his face hearing all these different things in the club among the loud murmur of the crowd.

Sitting down, he was chuckling to himself while shaking his head at the various conversations happening around him. Overhearing these things was always a joy because it’s kinda like a grab bag, you never knew quite what you were going to get. Laughing along with the guys who were laughing at the other man for mentioning headlight fluid, he pulled out his ID and shown it to the bartender as the two faunus sat down next to him.

Immediately his guard went up because in these types of places, when two people sit down next to you it’s usually a sign of something bad about to happen. So instead of addressing them, he simply waited for his drink of tea and rum.

Ok I might as well write some more about the weekend now that I’m not dying anymore….

Again, thank you all for a wonderful first experience at the artist alley! I met a lot of old friends and talked to new fantastic people and it was a very different, watching the convention go by from behind the table. I barely found time to go have a look around the rest of the convention but I didn’t mind tbh, I never knew sitting still for 6 hours straight would be so much fun. Almost all of my prints sold out which kinda surprised me tbh, but in a good way! I’ll most definately try this again in the future.

Also!! Check out what Haikalikka brought me on Sunday!! ;;___;;;

I might have squeaked a bit. just slightly. (So cute though aaaagghhhhdjaskdhgjf thank you so much!!??!)

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it made me happy to get into the comics and find out stevetony was a thing outside of their begrudging relationship in mcu and i think a lot of stevetony shippers should really look into the comics because HONESTLY

i know right??? let me reiterate once more that it is totally okay for you to ship them only in the mcu and have no interest in comics. before i found out about comics i shipped them purely from what i knew of the mcu. but it honestly elevates your shipping experience 1000 x more when you know about their comics background because there’s just sO MUCH rich history. almost 70 years of it. and they’ve been through ups and downs that the movies could never bEGIN to do justice to. and really, the movies just don’t show EVEN A LITTLE BIT of how great they are in the comics. 

besides, comics are fun!! and exciting!! (at least they were before the incursions…. but that’s another story.) seriously, comics are gorgeous and so awesome to read, especially if you’re already a very visual person. and they’re relatively easy to gain access to if you just google the right keywords or look around in the comic rec tags of people who read comics. there’s lots of download links floating around and people are always happy to help point you the right way.

it’s the jump you make from ‘these two characters would be hot and cute together’ to ‘sHIT EVERYTHING I COULD HOPE TO BE CANON IN AN OTP IS CANON’. 

i told my friend and fellow shipper the other night that steve and tony have never explicitly said the words i love you to each other but they both KNOW and understand it. because they’ve said it before a thousand different ways. “be safe steve. win.” “i’m not half as good at anything as i am when i’m doing it by your side.” “hey, shellhead.” “yours, steve.” “it wasn’t worth it.” 

srsly if you’re on the fence abt comics cOME TO US. JOIN US. THERE IS SO MUCH PAIN AND LAUGHTER AND JOY TO BE FOUND HERE.