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Sissy Training - First Things First

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Good girl, you’ve taken your first step on the path to true sissification.

Now to start your training you will need to get naked. Now look down. The first thing you need to do is to realise that it’s not a penis, its your clitty. Isn’t it cute?

Take your worthless soft little pinkie in one hand and start stroking it for me. Keep stroking throughout this tease, but don’t cum until I tell you to!

As a sissy you need to realise that penis’s are big, luscious objects that women crave to have throbbing inside them. What you have could never pleasure a woman. What you have is just a little clitty, look at the picture below and realise your place!

Real men fill the bio pussies of sissies like you, while little clitties like yours are hardly worth noticing. From now on this is how you must think of yourself, a little sissy with a worthless clitty between your legs.

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“Sometimes it’s really early in the morning and I don’t want anyone to talk to me. [laughs] But Jake, because I work with Jake so much… he always makes me laugh. This morning, he- I showed up at 4 in the morning and um, he really broke through. [laughs]”

AQUARIUS: we made out in an empty parking lot and when i laughed, you pulled me closer. you smelled like cigarettes and left me with the taste of death in my mouth. we could have gone everywhere but you would have rather gone nowhere. you tried for me but you didn’t try for yourself.

PISCES: you lied to keep someone you didn’t even want. you wanted me first. you wanted me first, but you settled because you were afraid of my iron fists. because i was too strong for you. because you were all anxiety and pursed lips and i think we only fell in love because we felt bad for each other.

ARIES: your love was so quiet, i could hardly see the fire in your eyes. you never texted me first and i pretended not to care. i was afraid to hold your hand, but you never pulled away when i hugged you. you were gentle. you were patient. your kindness scared me. i ran and you didn’t chase after me.

TAURUS: you invited me over and we smoked weed under the stars and watched tv in the middle of your floor. my legs brushed against yours as you told me about music and galaxies and my worth. i asked you to drive me to my ex’s house drunk once and we haven’t spoken since. i was always too crazy for you.

GEMINI: you smiled every time you kissed me. we made love next to bibles and every time i saw the tattoo of a greek god on your bicep, it felt like healing. you told me i was cuter than the girl we had a threesome with and thought that counted as love. you just wanted me to love you more than you loved me.

CANCER: when i was six, i tripped over a jump rope during recess and kissed you square in the face after you walked me to the nurse. we were those best friends that everyone wanted to see date each other but no one wanted to see fall apart. we were so afraid of losing each other that we lost each other before we even started.

LEO: we smoked cigarettes in your car until all of the windows were fogged and i told my boyfriend it was a coincidence that i didn’t want to be with him anymore. one time when we were drinking whiskey with our feet up on your coffee table, you tried to set me up with all of your friends, and i felt so stupid that i let you.

VIRGO: you took me to the movie theater where your ex works and it made me want to throw up until we had sex on the floor in the middle of the movie. i drove you crazy. you were different with me. but as it turned out, i was just a prize and you wanted to win. as it turned out, you only liked me when i made you feel wanted.

LIBRA: you had the strongest emotions i have ever seen and i only acted like i wanted to hook up with you when i couldn’t think of anything else to do. when you loved me, god, you loved me, but when you didn’t, there was nothing i could do to make you stay. you wanted me to be perfect. you couldn’t settle for beautiful pain.

SCORPIO: the first time you kissed me, you were drunk and you didn’t remember it the next day. the last time you kissed me, i woke up with the taste of your mouth on my lips. even after all we went through, i still remember everything about your skin. i hear you’re happy now that you can forget.

SAGITTARIUS: we went to the park behind your house and when we climbed up on the slides, i thought you were going to kiss me, but we raced down them instead. you loved to travel, loved to experience new things. you were all about the big picture and i guess i was nothing but a small detail in the grand scheme of things.

CAPRICORN: i don’t think you ever wanted me but i was okay with that because i don’t think you ever wanted anyone, really. when i was with you, i learned how to be independent. i learned how to love you with my eyes closed because you were always so far away, and when i woke up, you were gone.

—  the signs as people i have loved / @scarredconversations
Important Things I Learned in College
  • Your dorm is supposed to be a safe place. If someone is bothering you, even if they live there too, you have every right to report them.
  • Eating with friends is fun, but it’s okay to eat alone if you feel like it.
  • Always show up early to class if you can help it.
  • Always check your email before leaving for class. You never know when your professor might cancel.
  • Always check what room your class is being held in during the first week. Sometimes it gets changed last minute.
  • Take notes by hand. You memorize things better when you write them down, and it’ll keep you from distracting yourself with the internet.
  • Make friends in every class, even if it’s not in your major. You never know when they might come in handy.
  • Study in the library. Trust me.
  • Form a study group. Studying weeks or months worth of material is much easier with 3-5 people than just one. Google documents are your friend. Divide and conquer.
  • Save your notes from classes when you’re done. Especially for your major. They’ll likely come in handy later.
  • It’s okay to miss your friends and family back home, but remember that college is an opportunity to explore new parts of yourself.
  • Join a club or two. Don’t overwhelm yourself, but it’s a good way to make friends with similar interests.
  • Use the resources your college has available for your mental health. Usually the actual health services are below par, but the mental health facilities are there to help. And free.
  • Go to sporting events. Students having fun being students and loving the same college? Nothing to not love about that.
  • Talk to your advisor. They know what requirements you need to graduate better than you do. Trust me.
  • Remember why you’re there. Parties are fun, but if that’s why you’re going to college you’re wasting a lot of money and time. One every once in a while isn’t going to hurt, but if you find yourself drinking and partying more than studying, your grades will probably notice.
Magical Paradoxes

So I’ve collected a bunch of Harry Potter brainteasers/paradoxes, in case the Ravenclaw eagle knocker doesn’t mess with your mind enough.

Sirius says the right thing to do would have been to die to keep Lily and James’ secret. So it follows that when the only Secret Keeper of a Fidelius Charm dies, without telling the seret to anyone else, the secret must die with them, literally taking the secret with them to the grave. How many locations or secrets must there be out there, forever hidden from all of us because of this? And what if you put a Fidelius Charm on your soul’s location in yourself, would that ensure a Dementor never finds it?

Why didn’t Fawkes cry on Dumbledore’s hand to cure the curse? Does the phoenix’s tear only work on poisons but not curses? (Fawkes did swallow a Killing Curse once, though.) What if a phoenix cried on George’s ear? Would it simply heal the wound or grow the ear back?

I assume if phoenix tears heal a basilisk wound, sucking out the poison that’s been spreading in the body, they can also heal manual, i.e. non-curse, wounds. So if Fawkes cried into the Basilisk’s eyes that he’d gouged out, would they heal?

Could a Phoenix prevent a bitten person from becoming a werewolf by quickly crying on the wounds or is it too late anyway and it’s only the skin that would heal? (I personally think Phoenix tears could indeed prevent infection while the wounds are open and not a long time has passed.) 

Could tears similarly prevent vampire infection? What if a vampire bites a phoenix?

What if a vampire bites a unicorn? Unicorn blood gives strength to the ones an inch from death but the price is a cursed life. Would this not matter because the vampire is already basically dead or would this result in some odd half-brought-back-to-life state? What if a unicorn bites a unicorn, then? They don’t seem like the fighting type but what if, for some reason, a unicorn tastes unicorn blood? If a werewolf bites a unicorn while out of control, would the lycanthropic person live a cursed life?

We brainstormed what if you throw a Horcrux through the veil. But what if a phoenix flies through the veil? What if a Dementor goes through it? What if a ghost does?

What happens to Moody if he closes his natural eye but looks into the basilisk’s eye with his own magical eye? Does he see through Darkness Powder? Did he see that boggart in its natural form in the Grimmauld Place cupboard or did he see his own fears? (Same thing, he probably fears nothing.) What if we put a boggart in a fully enclosed space and took a photograph of it?

What if you look a basilisk in the eye through Sirius’s mirror?

What if a dragon’s fire roasts a phoenix? Does it survive it? Does it die and get reborn?

What if, when a phoenix dies, we separate the ashes into two piles?

If a basilisk looks at a unicorn, does that kill the unicorn, even though unicorns don’t die? Does the unicorn then end up in a weird undead state of sorts? And if that’s the case, can a phoenix save the day by crying into the unicorn’s eyes?

What if a basilisk looks at a Dementor? Yeah, it’s blind, but the Basilisk’s still looking at its eyes. Like, from two inches. What then? What if the basilisk bites a Dementor? Dementors can’t see but can they hear and if yes what would happen if they heard a Mandrake’s deadly scream?

Can Fiendfyre kill a Dementor? Can it kill a phoenix for real or just like regularly, in a way it’s still reborn?

A werewolf only listens to its own kind. But would it be lead astray by the song of a siren? Would a Dementor listen to a siren? If you were exactly midway between a group of sirens and a group of Veelas, which way would you be lured? 

If a Veela turns on the charm and a Siren starts singing, what’s going to happen?

What if a Dementor eats a Horcrux?

If a werewolf in wolf form or an animagus or any kind of transformed person saw a basilisk’s eyes through a filter or as a reflection, would they be petrified as their animal self?

If you stepped on Scabbers fatally, would it die as a rat or would he transform back into his human form, as if stepped on by a giant?

Would the Deluminator collect the light of the Hand of Glory? What if there was a Deluminator for sounds? A Deaudificator? You could get a Secret Keeper to say the secret and take it to someone to be initiated into the Fidelius Charm, much like how Moody gave Harry the note with Dumbledore’s handwriting. Or you could get someone to say something, use it as a password somewhere.

What if a ghost was locked into a Vanishing Cabinet? Floo? If you touched it while Apparating? What if a ghost heard a Mandrake?

Could you  make a Horcrux out of Gryffindor’s sword after it had taken in basilisk venom? (See last week’s Alohomora discussions about this one here.) Out of a phoenix? Out of a Dementor? A basilisk?

What if you threw Floo Powder into a Gubraithian Fire? And Fiendfyre?

If Dumbledore could kill the ring Horcrux in a way that the Resurrection Stone did not get damaged beyond use, was there a way to kill the Horcrux out of the diadem without destroying its magical properties?

That’s all for now and it’s only today’s collection, add yours if you have any, I know I might!


Pairings: SamWinchesterXReader
Warnings: None! I’m keeping it light and slightly fluffy for now… But the dark stuff is waiting to get out ;)

“SAM!” You yelled at the top of your lungs. Scrambling up from your spot on the floor next to the bed you both shared, you never took your eyes off the small black demon. Okay, it was a demon demon. It’s a spider, but those two are pretty much the same thing. Your eyes were wide as it stayed still on the floor. Your feet dipped into the matrass and your hands steadied yourself against the wall. 

“Deep breaths, Y/n, deep breaths. SAAAAAM!” You screamed again. Why wasn’t his ass here yet?

Then, it moved. You screamed so loud and high-pitched it even hurt your own ears. But at least you were sure the whole bunker had heard it. You psuhed yourself off the wall and ran over the bed, jumped down and rushed for the door. You rounded the corner, sliding over the floor in your fluffy socks. And you face planted right into Sam.

A pair of arms held you close, muffling the groan that left your throat. Your arms were squished together as you looked up at Sam. His lips were tightly pressed together, trying to hold back his laughter. Your y/e/c eyes narrowed, silently daring him to laugh. He averted his eyes down, but avoided you and ran his teeth over his lips. Sam sucked his lips in and looked back up at you like the most innocent little moose ever. 

“What’s wrong, Y/n?” Your arms sneaked around his waist and you buried your face back into his chest. You spoke, but Sam didn’t hear anything of it. He looked down and brough one hand from around you to your chin. Tilting it up, he made you look at him. You sighed, 

“There’s a spider in our room and it kept looking at me.”

“So your saying a big bad hunter like you is scared of a spider?” You glared at him and pouted,

“It’s a really big spider. Don’t mock me Sam, just get rid of it. Please?” 

#140: Lonely Like A Castaway


The benefit of being an old scout never occurred to you how important it was. It was something your mom had forced you to do as a child and you never realized how many benefits it greeted until this day today. Your hands reached forward to collect warmth from the bonfire in front of you and you fought the chance to keep your otherwise tired eyes open. The smoke was still clear from the airplane wreckage behind you, some still catching up fire while the rest of it was just pure black. Whether people had been alive or not, they definitely weren’t any longer. You had wanted to save people, get them out in time before the fire became worse and spread around the rest of the wreckage but in order to save yourself you had to leave immediately. Though, the guiltiness was at the point of killing you alive. You knew some people had survived as well because of the voices that had appeared while you came back to yourself after the crash. But because of the fire getting worse, you couldn’t see whether or not the voices were a part of your imagination or persons who were suffering more than you. To your luck, you were seated in the back part of the plane which meant that you got the chance to get out of the plane before something worse would happen to you. You barely remembered what had happened before the plane started to decent while the smoke spread down the cabin. It had appeared from the front part of the plane and you were grateful of that. It was only a few scratches on your knees, arms and in your face you had gotten from the crash, along with your lunges having breathing problems from the smoke and burned marks in your face. If you had a mirror you would have most probably screamed aloud as you knew some of your skin would be pure black from the smoke. You didn’t want to sleep but you knew you had to, to gain some power in your body. You had taken the night plane home so everything was dark around you and it was probably around 2am at this point. But the weird sounds coming from the jungle in front of you along with the waves crashing and fire igniting from the plane, you couldn’t get yourself to rest. You would constantly be on watch, staring at the fire in front of you without any thoughts in your mind. It was like everything was numb. “Hey!?” A voice yelled from your behind and your head shut up instantly by the sound of another human voice, and you squeezed your eyes when you looked over your shoulder to see who it was. “Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re the only survivors!” Another person yelled from behind the boy who was now less than meters away from you and you watched as two others appeared from behind as well, the boy to the left holding onto the boy to the right in a tight grip. “Is he alright?” You asked with wide eyes and stood up from your bonfire, watching as they all approached you, them all having the same scratches of burning marks around their skin like yourself. “He was burned harshly in the plane. We’ve been trying to find some source of water or anything to make the blood stop floating but it won’t and it’s starting to get swollen.” The boy with curly locks said and he took a seat down by the bonfire and helped the blond haired boy who was burned harshly to sit down. “I’ve got something in my purse, it survived the fire.” You admitted and zipped up your purse, and took up your water bottle along with some tissues. “This might hurt a bit.” You said apologizing and he nodded his head and grimaced when you dapped the now wet tissue against his burned cheek, his eyes squeezing in pain. “It doesn’t look as bad as it is. We just need to remove some of the blood.” You explained while taking another tissue and they took a seat around you as they watched you clean the boy. “Thank you.” The blond haired boy said with a raspy voice and you smiled softly and nodded your head as a ‘you’re welcome’. “See, now it doesn’t look that bad. We just need to make sure we keep his chin cold.” You grabbed his hand and placed it on top of the tissue by his chin and he nodded his head understanding. “What’s your name?” Another boy asked, “Y/N.” You responded and looked at them with expectation. “Well I’m Michael, and this is Calum, Ashton and Luke. We were heading home when this happened. I actually saw you in the plane earlier. You just have been seated in the back too.” Michael said and you nodded your head agreeing. “It’s the only reason we’re all alive.” You commented and they all nodded their head and looked out at the ocean. “Were you seated in the front, Luke?” You asked after some silence but he shook his head no. “I was seated with the other boys but when the fire started to get worse, something seemed to explode inside the plane and a flame hit me in the face. I could’ve avoided that if I had just looked where I was going.” “No one could have avoided this. You were just the unlucky one who was walking behind the rest of us. It could easily have been me if I wasn’t in lead.” Ashton argued and looked at Luke with a sympathetic look. “We just need to make the best out of it now. People will find out that the plane has crashed and help will be sent in no time.” You looked over at Luke with a soft smile before your eyes adverted to the ocean, where not a single island was in sight. “If they’ll ever find out we’ve crashed.”


“Feel his pulse.” Luke, Michael and Ashton looked up at you with their stained red eyes and tears down their chins. “What?” Luke asked dumb folded by words which made you march towards them and sat down on the seat where Ashton had been sitting on earlier. “We thought you were dead Luke, Calum might just be unconscious.” You explained as you grabbed Calum’s wrist, placing two of your fingers on it. A cold and spooky silence felt over the deadly airplane again as the boys looked between you and Calum with wide eyes and in expectation, the feeling of their hearts going up to rest in their throats. Your eyebrows furrowed as you were concentrated on feeling anything and when the small bump came from Calum’s wrist a small gasp of shock came from your lips. “He still has a pulse.” You announced wide eyed as you looked up at the boys in shock and they all seemed to lose their shit as Luke instantly moved his head to rest against Calum’s chest to make sure that the sound of his heartbeat was still there while Ashton was trying his best to stop making Michael cry. “We need to get him out of here to perform first aid, and there is still a terrible smell of fuel in here, it’s the matter of seconds before we explode! Y/N if you support Luke, I’ll help Michael to carry Cal out!” The sun hit bright in yours and Luke’s face as you guys walked out of the wreck, and you took a deep breath by the fresh and clean smell of air, stopping so you guys could wait for Ashton and Michael. “Hurry up boys.” You shouted while helping them getting Calum out of the wreck. “We have to get over to the shadow over there.” You pointed and directed as you guided Luke towards where palms were around to create shadows in the hot sand, the 4 of you guys hurrying towards it before Luke took off his flannel to place it in the sand so Ash and Michael could place Calum on it. “Wait, we’ve never learned first aid?” Ashton said in panic when you sat down and all eyes widened. “No worries.” You mumbled as you started to unbutton the flannel Calum was wearing so his chest was in sight, your eyes glancing down at the tattoos inked into his skin. “I used to work at the beach in my spare time as a lifeguard when I was 16.” “Thank fucking god.” Ashton said in relief. You placed your chin on Calum’s chin to move his face so his trachea would be free and leaned your head down so your ear was close to his nostrils, your eyebrows furrowing and your hair flying everywhere as the weather had started to get a bit windy, the waves outside at the ocean becoming bigger and more loudly. Michael looked between Ashton, Luke and you in a fear, his hand coming up to bite his finger in nervousness, and when you moved back, you seemed blank. “He is breathing.” You stated, and it seemed to relief the boys yet you weren’t. “But I’m not really sure to how we wake him up.” It was like three pairs of hearts sunk inside the boys as they were now looking just as lost as you, “I’ve learned how to deal with heart attacks but since Calum is still breathing normally, there’s no need for heart massage.” “What do we do then?” Luke asked which made you look back at the wreckage of the plane with a vulnerable expression. “There might be a few first aid kits around the plane. But I have no idea if they’re broken by the crash or what and I’m not sure if I’m ready to risk my life to go into that thing again.” Michael chewed on his bottom lip in thought as he looked back at the wreckage considering, before looking back at you. “What do you need?” “It’s a thing called smelling salts. They’re used for people who has fainted or just unconscious in general. There are some stinky chemicals in it which makes the nose react and the rest of the body will have to wake up in term to get away from the smell.” You explained, which made Ashton’s eyes lit up. “So what you’re saying is you just need some kind of smelly thing to wake him up?” He asked and you nodded your head confused as he started to take of his shoe and sock, Michael and Luke started to smile. “What are you doing?” “The boys always say I have smelly feet so there must be some kind of chemical stink in my socks.” “I doubt that it’s enough for him to wake up..” You stated hesitating, but watched as Ashton placed the sock in front of Calum’s nose. “If it doesn’t work then I’m willing to go back inside that piece of wreckage again to find what we’ll need to wake him up.” Ashton stated and afterwards silence fell upon you as you all stared down at Cal. Luke and Michael looked at each other in patient before looking over at Ashton who seemed to be more concentrated than ever, staring down at Calum in hope, patient and maybe a slight bit of panic. He stayed in position for around 2 minutes and it was almost at the point of the hope dying, but all of the sudden a gasp came from Calum which made him rose up from lying down to get the sock away from his nose, coughs and gagging sounds coming from his as he now sat up trying to catch his breath. “Oh my god Calum.” Michael said in a cheer as he, Luke and Ashton wrapped the coughing boy into their arms, Calum trying to calm down and breathing normally again as they pulled back. “Wait.. Where are we?” He suddenly asked which made the five of you look around in confusion; everything had been so dramatic and fast that you guys hadn’t even noticed the surroundings. “I have no fucking clue.” Michael said as you guys took a look around. “We’re stranded.” Ashton stated in realization, his eyes wide as he looked out at the horizon, ocean being the only thing in sight. “On an island.” Luke added, dusting off some of the sand on his shirt. “Alone.” You finished, biting your lip as you took a heavy breathing and your eyes flicked over to Calum’s who seemed to look just as scared as yourself.  


If heaven was imagined to feel like some kind of peaceful and joy in someone’s life, you had probably taken the wrong turn down the road because if this reminded you of something, it reminded you of hell. Noises were surrounding you and odd smells went past by your nose like thick clouds, it was so terrible that it wasn’t possible to live in this. And that was when shock hit you with white shining lights. Your head shut down by the sudden shock and away from resting against the seat of yours, your face hitting an oxygen mask that was hanging from above the ceiling of the airplane wreckage. Your mouth was open still trying to recover from the shock before, and the pace of your heart increased by the realization that hit you. Your hands went down to immediately remove the seatbelt from yourself but as you did, a small cough came from beside you, which made you gasp out loud, and watched as Michael moved his hand up to his mouth to let out a few more coughs. He stopped in track when he felt movement next to him, and he moved his head up to see your big eyes staring over at him. “Are we dead?” He asked in a weak voice, coughing again and squeezed his eyes by the light that was burning down on him from the wreck that was torn apart from what was before a full ceiling of the airplane. Your mouth opened yet no words came out. It was so surrealistic to think about that you didn’t even know how to express it in your head. Shaking your head in an answer of no, you took a deep breath before sitting up straighter in the chair, taking a look around at the wreckage around surrounding and almost trapping you guys. Wires were everywhere, things were either burned or to the point of being exploded into smaller pieces, some of the chairs in front of you guys were half broken but that wasn’t the worst part of all of this. Lifeless bodies slumped in their chairs with their seatbelt still secured around their waists in the chair. It was a sight you wished nobody would get to experience in life. Some of them were even children that were clutched against the arms of their mother or father, the fearless face they had been wearing when the plane had descending, had been changed into peaceful ones. They were another place now, but you guys were still in the reality of hell that was called real life. Yet reality hadn’t hit you.  You were still clutching to your chair and breathing heavily, while Michael had sat up straighter now and clutched his hand to his forehead where a small cut with blood passing out had appeared after the plane had hit the ground. “Do you remember anything?” He asked all of the sudden and you shook your head and your mouth turned straight. You had no idea, what so ever had happened after the pilots announced there was an engine problem. “We need to get out of here.” You mumbled stood up from your seat, trying to look down at the ground as much as possible to avoid looking at the lifeless persons resting in their broken chairs. Michael’s eyes widened to after he had taken off his seatbelt and he noticed the deadly atmosphere and a small exhale came from him shortly before he moved out from the seats. “There must be a way out.” He looked between his left and his right before he hurried towards the big EXIT sign hanging in the air still with a bright neon color and you ran right behind him until you came to one of the doors. Michael didn’t hesitate to grab the handle that was used for emergency exits like this and with all the force he had, threw the poor open, the sun streaming right into you guys. Holy shit.” Was the first words that left both your lips as you walked out of the wreckage, the sand warm and heavy below your feet and your jaws almost touching your toes. “Where are we?” His questions were rather great but finding an answer to it was difficult. If this reminded you of something it would be the scene from Catching Fire, the beach, the water, the palms and the rainforest right in front of you. “I have no idea. This must be one of the undiscovered islands by Tasmania.” You responded as you walked further away from the wreckage. “There isn’t any signal either.” Michael said while he pointed his phone to the air and he furrowed his eyebrows, pretty amazed by the fact that his phone was still working after the crash. “How are you feeling?” You asked and took a seat down on one of the rocks and crossed your arms. “I’ve got a slight headache but it can’t compare to anything like the persons back at the wreckage.” His eyes filled by the lack of funniness in his joke and you looked up at him with wide eyes. “Sorry.” He admitted instantly with regret and took a seat on the rock next to you, silence clouding over you while the only thing aloud was the waves splashing against the sand. You guys had no idea what to say or what to do in this situation. You guys barely knew each other, you guys barely spoke on the plane besides when you got lunch served and you allowed Michael to eat your lunch box too. And know you guys were stuck at a random island without any kind of help or supplement to survive. “I guess we can say we’re lonely like a castaway.” He tried once again with one of his many jokes and you rolled your eyes and looked over at him again, and a sigh escaped your lips. Of course he was the person you had ended up getting stuck with on a desert island.


“Ash, catch.” You instructed, throwing a blanket out from the plane wreck, Ashton catching it with his hands and waiting for you to find some more. “How can you even be in there once again?” Michael asked in disbelief, goosebumps forming on his arms by just the thought of what was inside. “We gotta survive on something right?” You yelled from being pretty far away from them inside the wreck, your eyes adverting around to find any useful stuff in the back area of the plane. If you guys had to survive even on the first day, you guys needed something to sleep with on the cold wet sand. Of course some of it was not that wet from the waves but with the sun streaming down in the horizon of the ocean, the sand was getting colder and colder which would make it difficult to even sleep on. Calum and Luke weren’t able physically to walk around with you guys so you had left them to go hunt for stuff. “There’s nothing in this shit.” You yelled before walking down the broken corridor of the plane, your eyes only focusing on the sight in front of you where the cockpit was. You may have been brave enough to walk inside the wreck of the plane once again but there was no doubt that you would not look at the dead bodies resting around. “That’s all we’ve got.” You said as you came out from the wreck, Ashton nodding his head as he looked at your resources. “4 blankets are enough. “We’ll use two to rest on the sand with and two to sleep with. 2 on one and three on the other.” You shrugged as you grabbed one from the sand, the three of you walking back towards Luke and Calum. Ashton threw the blanket from resting in his hands to onto the sand while you and Michael teamed so you could place it straight on the sand while Ash helped Calum up from the sand. “Can’t believe that that dead machine might be one of our biggest recourses in this jungle.” Cal said as he looked down at the blankets, him and Ash teaming together afterwards to get Luke up from the sand before placing him on the blanket. “Does it still hurt?” You asked, cocking your head and Luke shook his head. “You don’t have to act brave, it’s okay to admit that you’re in pain.” You smiled but Luke just shook his head and smiled. “It’s just numb. No worries.” Michael and Ashton helped each other to get the other blanket placed and you sat down on the one in front of Luke while Cal sat next to him. “We’ve been talking about a bonfire. And since you guys are injured and Y/N is after her opinion weak as spaghetti, Michael and I will go out on a hunt and see if we can find some burning material.” Ash said and received nods from Calum and Luke. “Let’s get ready to rumble.” Michael exclaimed before the three of you turned around and started to walk down the beach, Luke and Calum becoming smaller and smaller dark figures. “What’s best material to create the fire?” Michael asked optimistic and it made you and Ashton take a deeper look around at your surroundings. It wasn’t like the jungle served shops with wooden materials and matchsticks in boxes for you to purchase but the chances of finding something useful were big. “We’ll if there’s one thing that burns, it’s palm leaves.” Ashton said and pointed towards the palms surrounding the whole beach, and to your luck some of them had already fallen down from the palms and saving you some time instead of crawling up to get some. “Calum must have a lighter on him too. We just need something that can born for a longer time. This will be gone within minutes.” He added and you nodded your head agreeing, a small smile creeping on your lips. Ashton’s enthusiasm and ongoing positivity in this affected you too and made the situation a whole lot better. Everything had been so devastating but with Ashton, the lights by the end of the tunnel were clearer than ever even though getting help from outside was totally invalid. “If we go grab some rocks, we can use them to cloud the oxygen and make sure that the bonfire stays for longer. And if we use some of the wood from the tree that has fallen down over there it can probably work out!” You said while hurrying towards the tree and started to rip off some of the logs that rested around the fallen tree. “That’s a great idea!” Ashton exclaimed while he collected some of the rocks that appeared around on the beach in an endless number, while Michael grabbed some of the palm trees. “I swear you two just met and you already sound like you’re gonna get married here in the jungle.” You rolled your eyes by Michael’s statement and smiled up at Ashton. “We’re just saving your ass, Clifford.” Ashton responded cockily and he winked down at you and glanced over at Michael with the same smirk you wore on your lips. Michael looked between you and rolled his eyes by your behavior before he started to turn around to head back to Calum and Luke. “Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?” Ash asked after some seconds when you started to walk again and you looked up at him confused. “You know, getting married in the jungle.” “I’m not sure I know where you’re hinting me at.” You mumbled and he laughed, “Well I’m just saying if we never get the chance to get saved from here it would be nice with a backup. Let’s say if we don’t get rescued within 30 days, we’ll get married?” “You’re crazy Ashton, and I’ve only known you for a couple of hours.” You responded and rolled your eyes by him, yet you couldn’t hide the smirk that plastered on your cheeks and the butterflies erupting in your stomach by his flattering words.

Oh No- Jacob Frye one shot (I think that's what they're called XD)

You opened the door to Jacob’s room, seeing him daydreaming in the dark in just his pants. A smirk wiped your face and you closed the door, crawling onto the bed and moving yourself over Jacob. Jacob gazed over to you, a smirk now wiping his face.

“Why hello there.” He says, you now sitting on him. Behind you, you keep a little something for Jacob, a surprise. Something he would have never guessed.

“Hello.” You continued to smirk.

“And what may you be doing?” He asked, looking at your arms behind you.

“Something.” You teased. You then leaned over to Jacob’s face, kissing his nose softly. Jacob moved his lips to your neck, placing his hands on your hips and forgetting about the mysterious object you were holding. Jacob thought what you were holding a condom, ready for some fun but boy was he wrong.

You jerked yourself back and suddenly placed a white strip on his chest. He raised his brow and placed his hand on it.

“It’ll be over in a minute Jacob.” You laughed as you leant over to his ear.

“What is this?” He tried to take it off of him until he had realised what it was. “No. No no no no no no…no!”

“Yes Jacob. Hold tight.” You giggled.

“Please no! Stop!”

Suddenly across the house Jacob’s scream echoed through the house, Evie’s ears alerted like a dog’s. She rushed over to where you and Jacob where and she busted the door wide open.

“What happened?!” She yelled.

You laughed, holding up the white strip stuck with Jacob’s chest hair.

“He needed it.” You laughed, Evie shaking her head before bursting into laughter, Jacob sitting up with a sweaty forehead and a red patch on his chest.

“You’re a monster.” He puffed.

“Yes but a less hairy monster.” Soon Jacob laughed, all three of you laughing before Jacob yelled at both of you for laughing and he kicked you out of his room, feeling a horrendous sting from his little wax session with you.

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Can you do Boba Fett's sleeping styles? I know he's not a well-developed character, but I trust anything you'd do. Thank you! I love your blog!

Omgosh, thank you! I <3 you! And I hope these are okay!

  • Boba Fett is definitely a quiet sleeper. Snores or any other noise comes from him while he’s sleeping.  Sometimes you’re certain he’s dead until he shifts slightly.
  • He sleeps on his sides, opting to always keep at least one hand under his pillow where he keeps a knife, you never know when someone might try to one up a bounty hunter.
  • His other hand is always wrapped around you though.  He likes to make sure you’re close enough to him that if something were to happen, he’d be able to protect you.
  • He’s not a big cuddler, but he’d be a liar if he said he didn’t like when you wrap your arms and legs around him and keep yourself close to him while sleeping.
  • He’s an early riser, but is always careful not to wake you up. The only exception is when he is leaving on a hunt.  Then he gently shakes you awake to tell you goodbye and press a sleepy kiss against your lips.
Late night dinner - Namjoon Smut

Namjoon x Reader

Smut, Fluffy

I thought I could never write a thing like this, sorry again for my typos or anything english is not my first language

That day you left dinner ready for you and your boyfriend but started eating without him because you already knew he was at dance practice til late.
While you were trying to keep awake with TV you came across a smut channel and with wide eyes you started watching, later you already felt the wetness between your
thighs and started rubbing with your hand you wet slit.

Suddenly the sound of shaking keys in the door made you jump and cover yourself up with a blanket.

“_____?” You heard Namjoon saying.

“H-Hi honey” your face was flushed red and you didn’t move a bit.

“Hey what’re you doing?” He asked getting next to you in the couch, in that moment you realized that you just muted the channel but the TV was still on.
Your boyfriend looked at you with a smirk when he saw you were watching porn.

“____~ You were having fun without me?” He said while touching your hair to distract you and threw away the blanket, that was covering all your wet lower part. Without waiting for a response he started kissing you passionately and touching your clit, earning a moan from you.
He had all the control in your mouth, you we ok with that, the way his tongue moves drives you always crazy.

Already a moaning mess you could feel his buldge getting bigger, and you wanted to return the favor but at the moment you were going to touch him he grabbed your other hand, still soaked in your juices, and started tasting you, giving you the sexiest view you ever saw making your whole body squirm.

“You’re already so wet for me _____” He said while trailing kisses between your tights, he was kissing everywhere
but where you really wanted to be kissed.

“Namjoon, please don’t tease” you said between you teeth while grabbing you boyfriend head and thrusting your hips to his mouth.

Very obediently he started licking your womanhood earning a growl from you. Already on your climax you whimpered and tried to say what you really wanted, he understood every whimper that came out of your mouth and stood up as you catch your breath and unzipped his pants.

Your eyes went darker when you saw your boyfriend erection, and started teasing his sensitive spots,then you flattened your tongue around his cock earning a moan from him, you bobbed your head up and down.

“Fuck _____ you’re so good at this” He said between moans and he placed a hand behind your head and went a little faster just to get to his

Own climax. You both were moaning messes and reached your own climax at the same time.

“Your dinner is on the fridge honey~” You said trying to catch your breath.

“I already had dinner _____” He said while bringing you into his arms and started kissing your forehead, you guys stayed like that until you both fell asleep into the embrace.


No matter how bad it hurts or how bad you feel, it’s time to stop thinking about that person who played with your feelings, who took your love for granted, who never appreciated your care, who wasn’t contented with what you could give him or her. You can’t stay at that hurtful place anymore. You can’t keep shedding tears over someone who doesn’t deserve the love you gave. You can’t keep feeling sorry for yourself and thinking if only you did more. You can’t make them want the relationship because if they wanted they wouldn’t have let go of you. You deserve better now. You deserve someone who appreciates you and who won’t play with your delicate heart.. Just like a cut on your hand will take time to heal, your broken heart needs time to heal as well. That’s not the end of your life. You will get over that pain you’re having right now and one day you’ll be happy again.
- Orebela Gbenga


      Initially shocked, Shadow reasoned that a genius like Robotnik must have made several robots of himself long before the black hedgehog ever got his hands on him. There was no question that he slaughtered the original – he saw the blood for himself – but Eggman was a scientist. He had ways of keeping himself relevant, even if he was not truly alive. Temporarily pacified (if not a little miffed), Shadow relaxed out of his fighting stance and opted to cross his arms instead. Short though he was, he never cowered before the hefty Robotnik.

      "You have a knack for keeping yourself in this world one way or another, doctor." One brow arched high while Shadow took in the sight of Eggman, curious, but overall unimpressed. "What are you hoping for, after your attempt to control your own android failed?" With the word android, Shadow motioned briefly to himself with a wave of his hand. "Rest assured, I've worked hard in destroying what this world might have left for you."

Give in, but not up, not yet

I wanna talk about the people we lose
before they’re gone

Not to say don’t know the odds, you need them
need them to stay grounded when the sky falls but darling
don’t stop hoping, have faith

“The substance of things hoped for;
evidence of realities yet unseen”

Keep loving
“love bears all things, hopes all things
endures all things, love
never fails”

I know you lack that faith right now
I know you don’t feel safe to hope
but I will share my faith, I will hope
enough for both of us

My faith is in survival, in the strength
that comes from darkness, baby
give me your hand, keep your head up
it’s not over yet
you cannot drown before it’s through

Do not let yourself lose moments before they arrive
hope for forever but if forever doesn’t come
you still have this, you still have now
the present is a gift and it’s not a memory yet don’t
sweetheart don’t make it one

You deserve to feel tomorrow,
not just see it as someone else’s artwork
it’s your life, your day still, don’t just hang it on a wall
breathe it in, breathe love in and remember

Energy doesn’t doesn’t end, just changes form
(you think the sparks that fly when love holds you tight
could simply die? No.)
We keep moving, keep flowing
from heartbeats into riptides into wind-gusts
we do not die
we are still here, and we will always be here

Let me hold you

I’m Writing This Because I’m Mad at You Right Now, Though I’m Sure I’ll Regret it Later

I find it irritating that you spend so much time
making music you choose not to let anyone else hear,
instead of actually living your life
and doing real, actual things
with real, actual people.
It seems obvious to everyone but you
that you make all your choices based on some sort of
inane cowardice.
You don’t really want to move,
and you don’t really want to stay.
You never truly are doing anything with your life,
just shoving and plowing it
as deeply into the unworkable soil
as you could possibly ever manage to get it.
Does this not depress you?
Do you not want to kill yourself?
When the end of your age comes before you,
what will you have to say for the work of your hands?
That you went out of your way to keep for yourself
all the immense talents you’ve ever had?
That you’ve almost systematically made your wife
completely fucking miserable
by dangling all of her dreams just far enough out of her reach
to make her believe that you would ever commit
to doing anything with yourself,
your family,
your art,
or your marriage?
But you don’t, do you?
You don’t want to do anything but exactly what you feel like doing
at any particular time.
You just want to crawl like a six year-old
under your bed,
whining that you’ll never get what you want,
and never do anything about it.
Well, I’ve got news for you, kiddo–
the only monster in the closet is you;
and the only one who can open up the door?
that’s you too.

Thank you for fighting for me

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as understanding and passionate as you. It’s so refreshing to be able to tell someone my deepest passions for myself and my life without having to fear you won’t like what I’m saying. I love it when instinctually I’ll start to change the subject when I’m talking about the things I want in life and you say “Emily, no keep talking about your passions, I live for people getting excited and sharing their dreams and real thoughts and passions. Never down play yourself, you are absolutely incredible.” And I love how honest you are with me, I love how good our communication is, I love how you make me feel on top of the world, I love how you hold my hand tightly, and when you kiss me. You’re the first guy I’ve ever met that I’m not scared of. I’m not scared of the future, or about getting too close, I’m not scared. You make me feel so incredibly secure and safe. And sometimes when I’m looking at you I don’t understand how someone as good and drop dead gorgeous in every physical and mental aspect could possibly want me. But you’re helping me learn I am not my past or my mistakes. You’re helping me become a better version of myself. And most importantly, you’re helping me relearn what it feels like to be with someone so good and healthy for me. You’re helping me learn that good guys exist and no matter what I say, you aren’t walking away. You’re helping me realize that I’m not damaged goods, that I am worth a hell of a lot more than that. So thank you. Thank you for fighting for me. Thank you for all you do for me. I am so thankful to be a part of your life and overly thankful to be part of your life in friendship and romance.


Sometimes someone comes into your life and accepts and loves you for who you are. They can never stay mad at you for long no matter how badly you screw up. They constantly nag at you, can’t keep their hands off of you. But you know that this person only wants the best for you. You can be yourself around them. Their presence calms you down no matter how angry you are. Being around them cheers you up on the shittiest days. Hearing their voice in the morning perks you up. It’s the first thing you want to hear in the morning and the last thing before you fall asleep. Someone just came into my life and I’d really for you to stay @tigerreyes

Few things I learnt from past few days - A statement never seeks for a reply.
- Some fall backs are intentional & are good investments.
- Don’t exaggerate things. If you already know the outcome. - Keep your self miles away from disputes & play clean - Be humble & do lots of charity. - Don’t invest yourself just anywhere. Give some importance to yourself. - You can’t expect an attraction empty handed either you need to be highly degraded or you need to be at very high stairs.
- Guilty pleasures are important part of life.
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Kudos to you for tackling your issues and acknowledging your feelings. I really admire you because you voice your opinions (I love hearing about your headcanons!), and because you have the courage to put yourself out there. I see more and more posts about writers feeling insecure, and it's an understandable, human reaction. I wish I had the courage to share too. Please take care of yourself and your mental well-being, but please keep sharing because you are an inspiration.

Wow. Thank you, lovely anon! I would never consider myself an inspiration, but it makes me ridiculously happy to hear this! It’s so oddly satisfying to read that other people want to hear about my headcanons - maybe I should try to share even more.

As for putting myself out there - it’s a strange thing. One on hand I feel the need to vent and share my feelings, and on the other hand I’m convinced that I’m getting on people’s nerves with it. But then I get messages such as this one and think maybe I unknowingly help someone tackle their own issues and feelings. 

I certainly hope so, anyway.

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Why The Fuck Did I Write This?

(I was listening to ‘Never Be Alone’ by Shawn Mendes and for some reason it made me think to write this hot mess…I made myself cry…but I’m a weenie so everything makes me cry)

Castiel stood outside of the building. He could still hear Sam lightly talking to Dean on the 9th floor. He didn’t want to intrude on what little time they had left with one another.
“I don’t…know…what I’m going to do without your old cranky ass.” Sam tried to laugh even though tears priked at his eyes. Face tired from all the years of hunting. He and Dean hand technically retired 20 years ago but being Winchesters they could never keep themselves out of trouble. Even after they both pasted the age of 70.
“You’ll be fine Sam. You got yourself a family, they’ll be there with you.” Dean mustered up a smile. Dean had been sick for a few years now but last month it had gotten so bad he’d been in the hospital since.
“I know…I know. I just…”
“Sammy.” He cut him off. “We’ve fucked up a lot over the years. I just want you to know… matter how bad we fucked up you’re still my brother. And I…I love you.” Dean reached his shakey arm up and grabbed Sam’s shoulder. They both smiled at each other.
“I love you too….Jerk.” One tear escaped Sam’s eye.

Castiel waited till Sam left the room for a moment to appear upstairs.
“Hey Cas.” All the years of him randomly teleporting into the room had desensitized Dean.
“Hello.” he walked over to the side of the bed and ran his fingers through Dean’s hair that now had numerous streeks of gray. “How are you?” he already knew how poor Dean’s condition was and that it was still declining.
“I could be better.” he laughed causing himself to go into a coughing fit. Cas looked at him sadly.
“Don’t look at me like at.” he said sternly.
“Sorry.” Cas fixed his face continuing his stokes through Dean’s hair. They stared at each other for a long moment. It was a habit of theirs still to this day.
“You know its not fair you get to look so sexy while I’m like this.” Cas truely hadn’t aged a day since they met.
“You’re still very appealing to me.” Cas said kissing his forehead.
“I’m so tired.” Dean let out a shakey breath, worrying Cas.
“I know.” Cas grabbed his hand touching their matching rings together.
“Cas?” he asked quietly gripping his hand.
“What’s heaven like?”
He pondered the question for a second. “Well its different for everyone. Everyone has a different version of paradise. But its just like living in bliss for eternity. No monsters.”
Dean nodded lightly, content with that answer. His olive eyes slowly being blocked by his heavly lids.
“I’m going to miss you.” his voice was barely auditable.
“Don’t….Don’t worry Dean.”
Dean’s eyes began to slowly shut as his breathing slowed.
“I’ll see you again.” Cas’ voice faded as the monitor began to flatline.

What do you do when you fall down to rock bottom? You fight. You run. You run until you can no longer run, and you walk, and you limp, until you can no longer stand on your feet, and when you fall to your knees, you crawl, you dig your fingers into the ground, and you keep going until you can no longer use your hands, and when you look around and see no one to carry you, you dig your elbows into the earth, and work with your shoulders, and your hips, and your knees, and you squirm on your belly like a worm digging itself up from the dirt, and you pull yourself forward to where you need to be. You never stop going. You never stop fighting.