never in disguise

Just think about it for a second..

Scarlet Witch is probably one of the few people that Loki can never pull tricks and disguises on.. she can actually look into Loki’s mind and get what he’s going through.. see the full truth… she him for who he is the good and the bad…his pain, his fear… 

Which pretty much makes her the perfect match for Loki..
she can understand him..

Can I ship them?
I want to ship those two together…

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STAHP i cannot even right now

Cheesy grins. Candy is way too sweet. Churches and mother nature. Creature of habit. Cat scratches. Covered by doodles. Can fix anything but himself. Colors blindly. Caring. Can’t Cheat death. Consumer. Coke by the liter. Running. Random anxiety. Rain forest. Rare gem stones. Rainbows painted nostalgic. Ringing phones. Rushing home. Roads less traveled by but worth wandering. Ant hills and bare feet. Ambush. Always a friendly. A game and A grades. Abyss. Abilities are endless. Air bender. All the Answers. Arriving. Accident forgiveness. Acoustic Instruments. Independent. Inside relaxing when given the chance. Illusion of humanity. Imperfectly flawless. Ink from sharpies. Impeccable timing. Inspector Gadget. GDP. Gory horror movies. Graves and praying. Growing. Green carpeting and staring at ceilings. Glow-in-the-dark. Gregarious. Gold never stays. Guy disguised as an angel. Gates of heaven. Fan spinning. Fly away hair strays. Fossil Fuel. Flashbulb memories. Fists clenching. Forget-me-nots. Foggy. Freshly cut grass. Fantasy. Fields for miles with colorful skies and smiles to be seen.
—  Craig F. Name Series XVII // t.p.g

Anberlin, “The Unwinding Cable Car”

Backing away from the problem of pain.
You never had a home.
You’ve been misguided. You’re hiding in shadows. For so very long.
Don’t you believe that you’ve been deceived?
That you’re no better than…
The hair in your eyes, it never disguised what you’re really thinking of.

This personal song is about those people who do not see how truly amazing they really are, they seem to give up before they see what life is about to show them. (Exodus 17).
I can remember running down the street lamp lit hill on Pine street in Seattle after I wrote the song, exhilarated with how it turned out.

This album is love. Stephen’s lyric explanations are amazing, even if they aren’t wordy or anything–like this one. It’s simple, yet still has a certain charm when read. I can’t help but love everything he writes. From the blog stuff, to the lyrics, to the explanations. He has also written a book, apparently. Gonna have to find a copy of that. I like this explanation in particular because it shows how proud of this track / lyrics he is. While in some of the others he doesn’t really talk about that, and in some he even questions certain lyrical choices, but this one, I like that last little bit. exhilarated with how it turned out. I feel like you don’t hear musicians or even writers say that often enough. I think it would be a lovely feeling to be proud of your own work. I can’t do it–everything I write is rubbish–but I admire people that do like their own work. Within reason, of course, there’s a line between arrogance and confidence and all that.


One of my favorite works by the Shaheed Ustad. 

Sahabiyat ki niqab chehre pe daal rakhi thi ahl-e-shar ne

Agar na hoteen Janab-e-Zainab dikhayi deta na asl chehra

The people of evil hid underneath veils of companionship

If Sayyeda Zainab never was, their reality would be unknown

Ali ki beti ne har qadam par bayan kiya maqsad-e-shahadat

Agar na hoteen Janab-e-Zainab taaruf-e-Karbala na hota

The daughter of Ali narrated the goal of martyrdom at every step

If Sayyeda Zainab never was, Karbala would never be introduced

Banu Umayya mita rahe thay tamam asaar-e-deen yaksar

Agar na hoteen Janab-e-Zainab Muawiyat par niqab rehta

The Umayyads were wiping away Islam altogether

If Sayyeda Zainab never was, Muawiyaism would remain disguised

The Battlefield of The Mind ( She is The Light )

By: Austin Weeks

Broken smiles
And empty eyes
Shattered hearts
And hollow lives

You find yourself
In the dark

Put on your mask
Prepare your lies
They’ll never see
Through your disguise

You fall down hard
So damn hard

So pull out your guns
Fire away
Take back the light
from yesterday

You will survive
And It begins tonight

So pull out your guns
Blow them away
It’s time to shine
like yesterday

Your will survive
And It begins tonight

Empty thoughts
Fallen dreams
Your start to tear
Right from the seams

So fight back now
And don’t bow down

So put on your mask
Prepare the knifes
Rip apart their
Their shallow hide

And fight back now
And show them how
You’ll survive

So pull out your guns
Fire away
Take back the light from yesterday

You will survive
And It begins tonight

So pull out your guns
Blow them away
It’s your time to shine
like yesterday

Your will survive
And It begins tonight

It begins tonight

(Instrument solo)

So give her your love
She is the way
She is the light
From yesterday
She love you so

So pull out your guns
Fire away
take back the light
From yesterday

You will survive
And It begins tonight

Pull out your guns
Fire away
Take back the light
From yesterday

She is your light
She is your light