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The Breaking Wheel (J_Baillier) - The instant classic. Prolonged, nuanced medical angst. The best. (and the 7PercentSolution & J_Baillier sequel On the Rack  )

Lunar Landscapes (J_Baillier) - This author is a genius. And this work has practically every colour of Sherlock angst/whump that exists.

Fratros, Eros and Agape (emma221b) - John finds Sherlock bleeding in Magnusson’s office. What happens next (is glorious)

Harmless Things (J_Baillier) Scorpions do horrid things to Sherlock

All the Best and Brightest Creatures (wordstrings) - This is epic; and heartbreaking and beautiful. So beautiful….

My Will’s Not My Own (SailorChibi) - Read the warnings. This one broke my heart; oh Sherlock. It’s never his fault… 

The Dying Detective Remix (SailorChibi) - When will Sherlock EVER ask for help.

Whenever it’s right (Aliea) - John sees a beautiful man with green eyes on the train. And then the train explodes…

Electric Pink Hand Grenade (BeautifulFiction) - Everyone knows this one. The greatest brain in the world gets the world’s worst migraine…

Dangerous Mould (Benfan) - (Near) death via a petri dish

Raison d’etre (AmphigoricSymphony) - This is like the War and Peace of Sherlock whump. Bloody Mary…

Lopov (AmphigoricSymphony) - Mycroft saves a brutalised Sherlock in Serbia

Addicted to a Certain Lifestyle (sfmpco) - Another fill-in-the-gaps after Sherlock’s collapse at Baker Street during HLV.

Your Visible Ghost (anactoria) - Read the warnings. Sherlock goes missing and John receives a video message…

Staircase Wit (splix) - Sherlock just keeps getting beaten (up). And asphyxiated. Quite beautifully.

The way it was meant to be (whitchry9) - John leaves Sherlock for just four days. And of course; pneumonia.

Fever (thecommonplaceofexistence) - John leaves Sherlock again. Sherlock gets pneumonia. Again.

How to torture John (Dlvvanzor) - Read the warnings. Seriously. Read them. This is Sherlock whump but almost equally John.

The Yellow Poppies (SilentAuror) - Mary is a bad person. Sherlock suffers.

Rush (Valxyri) - Sherlock gets drugged with a massive overdose

In The Silence (ScopesMonkey) - A longer saga (Sugerverse) is worth the read but this section is quite angsty and Sherlock gets concussion. Chapters 3 – 5 esp.

A More Vicious Motivator (ShezzasCompanion) - Read the warnings. Sherlock returns from Serbia and well, things just go from bad to worse…

Perfectly Fine (cabintardlock) - Sherlock gets ill and like an idiot hides it from his doctor…

Pain Management (TheGracefulBlueCat**) - Missing scenes from HLV most about pain and angst and trauma. **So many of this author’s works are wonderful Sherlock / John whump which I am not going to list here but recommend…

The Game has Changed (youtextd) - Mycroft arrives in Serbia too late to save Sherlock from terrible, long-lasting trauma. This is the story of how John and Mycroft help Sherlock back.

Not the King’s Men (StoneWingedAngel) - Oh god. Sherlock :-( this is as far as you can go before Sherlock is too traumatised to recover…

Getting Over It (The_Cool_Aunt) - Something’s not quite right with Sherlock. John starts to notice…

Finger Painting in the Dark (whitchry9) - Read the warnings. Moriarty gets his hands on Sherlock and well… it doesn’t go well. At all.

Tears of the Violinist (SUPRNTRAL LVR) - Moriarty steals Sherlock again. It’s brutal.

Cleansing (CumberbatchCritter) - John stumbles across Sherlock detoxing after being in hospital for so long. It’s a painful process.

Confessions (hockeylass) - John and Sherlock hit the road on a case; and then everything goes to hell.

Not Quite in his Right Mind (BakerTumblings) - Sherlock gets a head injury and it’s a shock for John…

No Incentive So Great (thisprettywren) - Sherlock argues with John. And then gets kidnapped. John is awesome.

The Fix (peg22) - Sherlock goes out for milk. And is injected with heroin.

Blind-Spot in Your Intellect (Only_1_Truth) - Sherlock tests a drug on a military-trained flatmate with PTSD…

The Emergency Contact series (blueink3) - Who Sherlock has as his Emergency Contact when he gets hurt, changes over time…



And a Doctor (StillWaters1) - One of my absolute favourites. Sherlock whump too.  Doctor John everybody; stand clear.

De Ses Cendres (Amphigoric Symphony) - Tortured epic saga where Magnusson goes after Sherlock and well, everybody suffers. Endlessly

The Third Brother (uglycrow) - Another favourite. John gets wounded during a visit to the Three Garridebs.

The River Variations (withoutawish) - John gets hurt during a Three Garridebs encounter and Sherlock fractures

Into Dark Waters (Breath4Soul) - (TFP) John waits for Sherlock in the Holmes mansion’s well. He runs out of time.

We go anywhere but to the ground (geordielover) - Read the warnings. Sherlock is gone and John…. breaks.

There but for the Grace of John Watson / The Boys of Baker Street (skyefullofstars) - Parts one and two of a trilogy where John is kidnapped, drugged and becomes addicted and Sherlock is tested to the extreme. Bonus Sherlock whump amongst this sweeping narrative.

Reaction (Blind_Author) - Read the warnings. What happens to John before the semtex and vest incident at the pool.

Triage (scullyseviltwin) - John gets shot. Sherlock falls apart. The aftermath of that…

Handle With Care (TheGracefulBlueCat) - John gets attacked with a scorpion. What is it with these men and scorpions??

Very Good Indeed (stillwaters01) - John diagnoses what toxin he’s been drugged with and has seconds to guide Sherlock to saving him.

Deal (Basser**) - John underestimates his injury and scares Sherlock (**this author does lovely whumplets)

Vital Organs (firstdrafted) - How can John whump be so goddamned sweet. This is lovely

Characteristics of the Narcissist.

These characteristics apply to males and females

1. Self-centered. His/Her needs are paramount.

2. No remorse for mistakes or misdeeds.

3. Unreliable, undependable.

4. Does not care about the consequences of their actions.

5. Projects faults on to others. High blaming behavior; never their fault.

6. Little if any conscience.

7. Insensitive to needs and feelings of others.

8. Has a good front (persona) to impress and exploit others.

9. Low stress tolerance. Easy to anger and rage.

10. People are to be manipulated for their needs.

11. Rationalizes easily. Twists conversation to their gain at other’s expense.  If trapped, keeps talking, changes the subject or gets angry.

12. Pathological lying.

13. Tremendous need to control situations, conversations, others.

14. No real values. Mostly situational.

15. Often perceived as caring and understanding and uses this to manipulate.

16. Angry, mercurial, moods.

17. Uses sex to control

18. Does not share ideas, feelings, emotions.

19. Conversation controller. Must have the first and last word.

20. Is very slow to forgive others. Hangs onto resentment.

21. Secret life. Hides money, friends, activities.

22. Likes annoying others. Likes to create chaos and disrupt for no reason.

23. Moody – switches from nice guy to anger without much provocation.

24. Repeatedly fails to honor financial obligations.

25. Seldom expresses appreciation.

26. Grandiose. Convinced he/she knows more than others and is correct in all he/she does.

27. Lacks ability to see how he/she comes across to others.  Defensive when confronted with his behavior.  Never his/her fault.

28. Can get emotional, tearful. This is about show or frustration rather than sorrow.

29. He/She breaks woman’s or men’s spirits to keep them dependent.

30. Needs threats, intimidations to keep others close to him.

31. Sabotages partner. Wants him/her to be happy only through him/her and to have few or no outside interests and acquaintances.

32. Highly contradictory.

33. Convincing.  Must convince people to side with him/her.

34. Hides his/her real self.  Always “on”

35. Kind only if he/she gets from you what they want.

36. He/She has to be right. He/She has to win. He/She has to look good.

37. He/She announces, not discusses. He/She tells, not asks.

38. Does not discuss openly, has a hidden agenda.

39. Controls money of others but spends freely on himself.

40. Unilateral condition of, “I’m OK and justified so I don’t need to hear your position or ideas”

41. Always feels misunderstood.

42. You feel miserable with this person. This person drains you.

43. Does not listen because they do not care.

44. Their feelings are discussed, not the partners.

45. Is not interested in problem-solving.

46. Very good at reading people, so they can manipulate them.  Sometimes called gaslighting.


I think I broke Deacon. Uh. Bye…? (Tbh this is exactly how I feel about University Point as well.)


Deacon PLEASE. xD (He went on like this after the restart for a while but THANKFULLY has stopped now. xD )

Lost Track of Time pt. 2

|| Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff (just a pinch of fluff)

Summary: You were angry, he had no more patience and when you left, he was broken. He wanted nothing more than to mend the cracks that had split his heart in two.

Word Count: 1680

Warning: curse words…that’s it

Originally posted by kookiesforjimin

Jungkook sat on the floor clutching onto the platinum watch for what seemed like eons. He sat there on the cold, hard floorboards throughout the entire night going through the argument you two had in his head. He mentally beat himself up every single time the image of your tear stained face popped into his mind. 

Night turned into day, and Jungkook still sat there on the ground. He felt like he just lost his entire world. You, his everything, left and it was all his fault. Never in the span of your two-year relationship, did an argument ever escalate to the point of you leaving. You disappearing and the absence of your belongings gave Jungkook a giant wake up call. He never realized just how easily you could fall from his grasp until you had slipped away.

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bc we‘re doing this lately - chaol

I just wanna share my feelings (SHOCKER). They are not pro-Chaol. They are not anti-Chaol. I liked him in ToG and CoM. His chapters bored me in HoF. In QoS he pissed me off. But I never thought it was his fault Nehemia died and I never thought he was abusive (which some people do apparently???)

When he and Celeana had been doing it for like a week and he was thinking marriage, I was kinda…

Originally posted by oprahgifs

But… I love that he’s loyal af to Dorian. Because I heart Dorian. And he’s an incredibly conflicted character whose notions of right and wrong are constantly being challenged. Which is just part of growing up? And I can Relate.

And the thing is, whatever I feel about him now, I’m sure that after his novel I’ll like him more. I think it will just naturally happen when we learn even more about him (I was thinking, maybe we’ll get flashbacks or history? that’d be cool), so… my feeling about Chaol and his novel are like a… 6/10 right now. Favorable, but nearly neutral.

Tbh I just fell out of Hamilton a bit bc the characterization the fandom just has for all these characters is.. idk man.

Dangerous Woman-Part 8

A/N: Buckle up fam! I normally do a lot of research for my stories but this was ridiculous!

Warnings: Fluff/Badass/Swearing/Blood/Wound

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down. 

Bucky x Reader 

Part 7 / Masterlist

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

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So, this fricking thoughtform my friend made, seems to be born of damn negativity this guy was feeling for me at the time. And the thing knows me by name. 

“He knows your name and what you look like and he draws in energy [from me] when he knows you are there…”

Like. Fuck. xD

A Love Unrequited (Part 2)


A/N: This time it’s from Jacob’s POV and the reader is not in love with him…or at least tries to pretend she’s not. It is very angsty and it leads right up to the Jack the Ripper DLC. I may do a part three depending on how well this part does. Thanks for reading.

It switches POV towards the end and it’s marked so you’ll know where.

Words: 4,611
Warnings: Angst, mentions of violence, mentions of blood

Jacob woke with a start and a pounding headache. He groaned as he rolled over only to find the other side of the bed empty again.

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Unfaithful : Part Nine

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife








Please let me know if you wether want to be tagged or untagged.

Warnings : language - mention of abuse and rape- angst.


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

. Ps (made Arat at the same age of Negan’s)

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Your image popped into Negan’s head over and over again, you simply haunted his mind while he was on top of his wife.
Lucille was riding the ecstasy of being fucked by her dear husband on her couch, but what she ignored was that his mind was with her niece, and that he was fantasizing about you as he pumped his length in and out of her.
Negan bit his tongue when he realized he just whispered your name, but fortunately for him , Lucille reached her amazing long awaited climax and loudly moaned when he said your name. His eyes widened and he stared at Lucille, expecting her to slap him or ask him how dare he say a name other than hers, not to mention that it was her niece’s! !!! But she didn’t, she instead shivered under him , coating his dick with her juices.
Negan stopped thrusting and slid himself out of her, then sat on the couch.
Lucille opened her eyes and lifted her head up, supporting her body with her arms.

“What’s wrong honey?” She frowned looking at him in confusion.

Negan pulled his boxers and pants up, then zipped them .

“Nothing! ”

“Nothing? ?? You just stopped and you’re telling me nothing? ” She exclaimed.

“Well what are you bitching about? I fucking gave it to you, didn’t I ? You cum!!“ Negan yelled.

“Fucking true, but you didn’t! And in whole ten damn years , you never stopped fucking till you cum, even in your worse conditions! That’s why I demand to know what the hell is wrong with you? ” Lucille shouted as she quickly got dressed.

Negan could feel a tear escaping his eye, he wiped it and looked at his hand not believing that he just dropped a tear, and that didn’t go unnoticed by Lucille, she stared at him in shock, not one day all these years she saw him dropping a tear, no way in hell did he ever do that, at least not in her presence.

“Did I do or said something to upset you Negan! ??” Her voice and eyes softened.

Negan tried to compose himself but being a little drunk and the uncapability of getting you out of his head, made him burst in tears. His body trembled from head to toe ,and he placed a hand on his mouth to keep himself from actually sobbing. Lucille stood there taken aback, she didn’t know what to do, it was first time she was facing such situation. Usually, she was the one who cries and he was the one who makes it up to her, plus she ignored the reason why her husband was upset and crying.

Lucille sat next to him, she hesitated at first. She sighed as she cupped his cheek then she pulled him to her chest, he cried and his tears were wetting her dress. Lucille slowly rocked him, holding his head between her arms.

“Please stop Negan! Talk to me!!” She muttered.

Negan pulled away from her and wiped his tears.

“I don’t fucking deserve you Lucille! I don’t deserve your love or respect! ! I’m a cheating asshole!!! You deserve someone better than me!!” He sniffled .

“I put the past behind me, I don’t think of that anymore!” She cleared her throat and added “ besides, I know that you ended it! A long time ago! ”

Negan looked at her bewildering .
“That’s because I fucking told you I ended it! My affair with Tabitha was merely about sex!” He stood up .

“Don’t you dare say that bitch ’ s name in this house!!! I didn’t believe you ended it , till I asked Lisa! She told me that you two don’t talk anymore ” Lucille shouted.

“You fucking made Lisa spy on me??? Well you didn’t fucking have to!!!! I was honest with you! I told you that I cheated on you , I willingly confessed it, and I also was fucking honest as shit when I said I fucking ended it! ” Negan growled as he yanked Lucille up , glaring down at her in irritation. Their noses almost touched.

Then he let go of her, and headed to the door, Lucille went after him, yelling.

“What did you expect Negan! I couldn’t believe you, so I made Lisa spy on you, and since she’s close to your whore, I made sure you were telling the truth!!”

Negan turned around and snapped at her.

“Well, maybe Lisa ’ s intel are wrong! I didn’t fuck Tabitha at school you know, maybe I’m stills fucking her!!!”

“Aha!!! So you’re admitting you’re a lying son of a bitch! ”

“That’s not what I fucking meant! You know what Lucille, I think this is fucking enough!!! I can’t do this anymore, we gotta fucking end this joke!!! ”

Lucille blinked in confusion and took few steps back, her lips were twitching.
“What do you mean we gotta end this?? Are you breaking up with me?”

“No, break ups are for fucking kids, I’m asking for a divorce! I’ve been living the biggest lie my whole goddamn life ! Our marriage ended even before Tabitha!! We love each other but we’re not IN love!!!! You don’t make my heart clench, you don’t make think of you the whole time, you don’t make me jealous! You don’t even upset me or tease me!!! you’re so fucking perfect , Lucille, you always look down at it me!!! Talking about how rich and wealthy your daddy is, you ear fucked me with that shit of how lucky I am marrying you, and how you turned down many rich fucking guys just to be with me, you’re always been superior to me!” Negan’s face reddened and his chest roughly heaved as he tried to take a breath, that’s when Lucille snapped back.

“That’s because it’s true! I am perfect! I am much much better than you!!! Why doesn’t this surprise me?? What did I expect from a swamp boy like you, growing up in a trailer, getting beaten up by his filthy drunk father and seeing his mom fucked by junkies!!!”

Negan’s blood ran cold in his veins, he couldn’t believe that Lucille used his tough childhood memories against him, she used something he always wanted to forget. As a kid, his dad used to drink the whole time, then he beats him up, leaving his little weak body covered in bruises, he also saw his mom getting raped by some junkie that his dad used to bring her for money. Negan told his sad story to Lucille, he trusted her with his sad memories and he couldn’t believe she mortified him for something that was never his fault.

Lucille’s cruel words hit him like a ton of bricks, and he blankly stared at her, shocked. She realized the severity of the damage she caused for him, she extended her hands for him, her eyes welled up in tears as she pleaded for his forgiveness.

“Please , please Negan, I’m sorry, I … I ..didn’t mean to bring up your childho…!”

Negan stormed towards the door, but she grabbed his arm, crying and relentlessly begging.

“Please no, I’m so sorry, listen , forgive me Negan, please!!”

She cried like hell, but neither her tears nor her words stopped Negan from leaving the house, he just got rid of her tight grasp , making her fall to her knees, then he headed to his car and locked himself in.
He furiously looked at her , his jaws clenched.

“We’re fucking over, Lucille! ” He gritted his teeth.

Lucille shook her head in disapproval and hit the glass with her palms telling him not to leave, and to give her another chance, but Negan stepped on the gas and drove out of there fast.

He slammed his fists into the steering wheel while driving. Then he yelled at the top of his lungs. The car drifted a little ,it almost crashed into another one, but he controlled it at the right time.

Negan pulled to his usual favorite place, Jane’s bar. Bartender Arat, was his childhood buddy, she knew him since they were kids, when his mom doesn’t serve him food, Arat gives him her snack, if it wasn’t for her he’d starve to death.
Arat ’ s real name was Tara, but since she was a tomboy and was always being picked on at, some kids used the nickname Arat, just to make her life harder. But Negan always beaten up those who harassed her to pay her back all the favors she did for him. Since then, everyone called her Arat and she got used to it and she actually liked it.
Once he set a foot inside, she clapped her hands.
“Oh, here’s the champ of all Virginia in flesh, man the kids enjoyed watching us playing that ping pong match the other day! And Where’s that fucker Jack? I missed him!”

Negan didn’t reply , he just pulled a chair and sit. His face was gloomy and sad, and his eyes were puffed . Arat knew there was something wrong with him, so she grabbed the Scotch bottle along with two glasses and sat to his table then filled a glass for him.

“You wanna talk about it buddy?”

Negan didn’t say a word, he just tossed the scotch down his throat and sighed.

“Hey Arat, a beer here please! ” a guy yelled from distance.

“Not fucking now, Peter! Serve your lazy ass!! ” she shouted, then she gently pulled Negan’s chin up to make him look at her.

“Come on buddy, talk to me! Is it Lucille again? Is she making your life hard again ? ”

“I fell in love with the wrong person, Arat!” He said in a sad tone.

Negan’s hazel eyes watered , and his lips trembled. Arat gave him a sympathetic look.

“Lucille is…!”

“I’m not fucking talking about Lucille! ”

Arat ’ s eyes widened in confusion.

“Negan…uh.. what happened, how…!” She stuttered then she filled another glass for Negan.

“I… I’m not supposed to love her, but I did!!! I can’t get her out of my fucking mind Arat!!!! She’s destroying me, at first I thought it’s just about sex but I was fucking wrong! ”

“Please don’t tell me we’re talking about that bitch Tabithat!”

“No!!! Not fucking her!!! She’s. …it’s. … Lucille ’s…. ugh..Lucille ’s niece y/n!?”

Arat swallowed hard and mumbled a “shit!” Then she filled a glass for herself and gulped it.

“What the fuck Negan! ”

“I fucking know Arat, I fucking Know! !! I fucking love the girl!!! And she’s probably fucking my cousin as we speak!!! And I also said her name while fucking Lucille! !! How fucked up is that!!!!???”

“Oh my God, she’s with Jack??? Hey did Lucille hear you say her name? ? Tell me everything! ”

“Lucille didn’t fucking hear me, but we had one hell of a fight, and I’m ending our marriage! ”

“You probably should! I knew your marriage was a joke even before you slept around with your colleague! ”

“That’s what I fucking said!!”

“What are you gonna do?? Tell me how everything started , man!! ”

“I’m gonna tell her the truth, I’m gonna face everyone, Lucille, y/n and Jack , I’m gonna fucking shout it from the top of the mountains, I’m gonna be honest and tell them that I wanna spend the rest of my life with y/n, I’m gonna tell you everything Arat, but first , let’s get fucking hammered! ”.

rubyphilomela  asked:

Ok here's my best shot lol, I need a truly fluffy fic please. As you know my emotions have been on the non fun kind of roller coaster this week and reallly need a Prompto day of cuddles. Please include him addressing the depression and emotional roller coaster because it really helps.. hope this request makes some sort of sense..

I hope this is alright for you! Although it may be less fluffy than intended, but I hope you still like it! 

Prompto x Reader
My Everything ~
WC: 1234

It hit you again, completely out of nowhere. One minute you felt fine, and the next… it was like a crippling weight had taken hold of you, your throat felt choked up and you were so despondent. What made it worse was that you were currently sat with Prompto, your ever happy seeming boyfriend. It made you feel bad becoming despondent like this, especially as it was never his fault. How could it be? With his lovely warm laugh, his adorable antics and sweet nature, Prompto had been nothing but wonderful to you.

So why in the hell did you feel so shitty?

It wasn’t fair. You were supposed to be enjoying spending time together, sitting in his room doing whatever you liked for the day. It sounded like bliss. It should have been bliss. But no, this awful feeling had to rear its ugly head now.

Prompto’s voice trailed off from what he was saying, seeing you sat on the edge of the bed with your knees tucked into your chest, your arms hugging them close. It wasn’t how you usually were around him, and he had noted how you had stopped responding as much to the conversation. Watching your huddled form, he couldn’t help it – his heart sunk. Doubt began to creep into his mind.

Are… are they getting tired of me? His mind supplied the question before he could stop himself. Perhaps his lover was losing interest… perhaps they didn’t want to spend time together anymore…?

No, I need to ask first. Taking a shaky breath, Prompto pushed all those thoughts out of his head and shuffled up to sit with you on the edge of his bed.

“Hey… what’s up?” Came his gentle voice, his shoulder bumping against yours so briefly.

“I… I don’t know.” You answered, which was kind of true.

“Oh, what do you mean?” Prompto’s voice was laced with concern, his previous fears at once forgotten and instead replaced with worry for you. There was just something in your tone that resonated with him, and he knew at once it was nothing to do with what he had first thought.

“It’s hard to explain…” Your voice was flat, dull. How could you explain it to him, when you barely understood it yourself?

“Oh, okay… Do you want to talk about it?” Prompto leaned forward to look at your face, his blonde hair falling into his piercing blue eyes filled with concern. He was so lovely. Hesitantly, a hand came to rest on your shoulder. The single contact was enough to just tip you over the edge and you fell into him, willing yourself not to let the tears fall.

He was surprised by your movement at first, but wasted no time pulling you close against his chest, his arms looping around you tightly holding you close. His fingers moved to your hair, slowly running through it soothingly as you cradled into his chest. He smelled so good, so familiar and comforting. He didn’t understand how you were feeling and what brought it on, but he sure as hell knew that he would do anything, anything, to help you. The sight of his lover so upset was not something he wished to prolong, his heart aching to make things better for them again. And so he held you like that for a while, not speaking, just cuddling you close. He hoped that the action would convey what his words couldn’t – that he loved you unconditionally, and that he was there for you as long as you needed. Minutes that felt like hours passed, until you felt comfortable enough to speak once more.

“Sometimes I just… just get this awful feeling. And there isn’t anything I can do to stop it.” You started, face still pressed against his chest. Although your voice is quiet, he understood what you were saying. He gently brushed your hair behind your ears, signalling for you to continue.

“I just feel… worthless. Not good enough. It makes me… hollow.” You finished your sentence, voice breaking on the last word. It was like knives to Prompto’s heart.

It was a feeling that he himself knew well, felt for years and still struggled with… until he met you. That wasn’t to say that he never felt it again, but with you… you made him feel like he was unique, loved, important. You needed him just like he needed you, and that thought alone was enough to lessen that empty feeling. But now you were saying you felt that way?

I should’ve showed them more often, just how much they mean to me.

“Do you know what I mean?” You whispered, after Prompto hadn’t said anything for a while. His fingers had tightened their grip on you unknowingly, and you could feel the tautness in his jaw.

More than you could ever imagine. He thought. But he never wanted you to have to feel that way, not you.

“[Name], you are not worthless.” His voice was deeper than usual, harder. It had suddenly lost all the playful edge to it. You couldn’t see his face, still cuddled into his chest and embrace, but he preferred it this way for now. He didn’t want you to see his painful expression, lest he made you feel any worse.

“That’s what people say.”

“I say it because I mean it.” He answered instantly, and you blinked in surprise. You’d not seen this side to Prompto before.

“Maybe I haven’t done a good enough job of showing it, but gods above do you mean so much to me. You are the reason that I get up in a morning, you are my reason for fighting so hard, why I aim to get stronger, you are the reason…”

The reason that I feel worth something myself.

He took a shaky breath and continued.

“You, are worth everything to me. I couldn’t… couldn’t see myself without you anymore. And you deserve to feel loved.” He whispered the last few words, glad that you couldn’t see the tears pooling in his eyes.

He felt like such a fuck up. How had he let this happen? Why had he not addressed this before, so he could do his god damn hardest to make you feel the way you made him feel?

Your heart was beating fast at his words, this was unlike Prompto. You could barely believe what you were hearing, but the passion and sincerity in his voice made it hard to be disputable. He really did see you as his everything. Just as you saw him.

Your arms looped around his waist and you finally cuddled him back, shuffling onto his lap with your face still cuddled to his chest. At that moment, you just wanted nothing more than just to be as close to him as you possibly could get. Your sunshine boy. The one who would see you through anything, and still love you on the other side. Your Prompto.

“I do feel loved.” You whispered to him. “By you.”

A warm sigh left Prompto’s lips, happy to hear those words from you. It’s all he wanted you to know.

“You are loved. And I’m gonna do my best to prove it to you everyday.”

“I look forward to it.” You answered truthfully, the empty feeling seeming a lot less cavernous now with him by your side.

I love you [Name].”

NewtXReader - your a father...act like one

Request: hiya! I have this idea where Newt has to choose between his case and his family, but doesn’t want to give up on either? Don’t worry if you can’t write it ❤️

*I made Newt a father, hope you don’t mind!*

Word count: 1395


It had almost been 3 months since you had last seen your Newt. As much as you longed to support your husband’s career choice, you couldn’t deny that the physical distance between you had been tearing your relationship apart.

Writing ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ wasn’t enough for Newt. His curiosity and general need for adventure, had led him on a whole other trip in Asia, leaving you and your son Tommy helplessly behind. It always left you thinking….

Would he ever be satisfied?

Maybe you would’ve felt better if things hadn’t ended up on a sour note before Newt left. His sudden announcement of his departure had left you enraged, both of you spinning out words you didn’t mean. The argument left you wondering if he was ever going to come back at all and as much as he got under your nerves you missed the freckled man however his absence was felt no more harshly than by Tommy.

He always had a special connection to newt, something that no one could quite understand. In your sons eyes you saw the same curiosity that Newt had and from birth the two just clicked. He was a mini version of his father after all. Newt even went to the extent of buying his son a little bow tie to match his.

Although it was at night when the absence of Newt was felt the most. You missed his arms around you and your son craved his fathers goodnight kiss. Some nights where easier than others but unfortunately tonight wasn’t one of those nights.


As the light faded you figured it was time to put Tommy to sleep. Your own tired physique reflected in his little eyes. Letting out a big yawn, he tugged at you again,

“Daddy?” he asked. His eyes wide but fearless of bad news. What could you say?

“He’s sleeping.” You inwardly whined at your shitty excuse. His face dropped, disappointed, but quick as lightening perked up once more.

“Wake, daddy!” He flashed a smile. Willing yourself to remain strong you returned a weak smile at him. When you found your voice it came out quite alien, choked.

“Daddy is tired. I bet you are too.”

Leading him to his bed your pulled the covers over his small body, tugging him tightly in. Biting your own tears back you dragged your feet to your and Newt’s bedroom. Minutes after the hurried patter of little feet echoed down the hall and he dove into your bed next to you.

“It’s ok mummy” he whispered “I know he’s not sleeping but that’s ok. I have you”

It this moment you resisted the urge to burst into tears. Only at the age of 5 he had figured out where his father really yet was here comforting you. You felt a failure of a mother.

Unfortunately Tommy could only pretend to be strong for so long, as written over all of his face was pain and loneliness. As much as he acted being a big strong boy, he was still a child.

A child who missed his father.

Curling into your side he nuzzled his face into your side, both of you finding comfort in each others company. His soft auburn curls tickled your neck, as he lay on Newt’s cinnamon scented satin pillow. At least you would always have Tommy….


The smell of cooking, woke you gently from your sleep. Stretching your muscles, you sunk deeper into the fluffy pillow. Turning softly on your side, you noticed Newt’s side of the bed was empty. Where was Tommy?!? Throwing on your silk dressing gown you searched each of the rooms. “Tommy!?” Your panicked voice echoed off the walls.

Rushing to the living room, relief flooded your features as you saw little Tommy at the kitchen table, happily swinging his legs back and forward. Still in his pyjamas with a bib tied around his neck, a big plate scrambled eggs, syrup and waffles sat I front of him.

You softly smiled to yourself. Unfortunately he had Newt’s eating habits and had sweet sticky syrup smeared on his face and scrambled eggs littered the kitchen floor. Did he even know what his plastic knife and fork was for? You quietly giggled at his adorable messy state, he - …..wait….

Tommy’s 5 years old?

5 year olds can’t cook?

Looking to the right of his you so that a place at the table had been set for you too. Confusion flooded your features as you nervously tilted your head towards the door frame.

More freckles than ever, there he stood. His hair messily styled, looking uncut for the past few weeks. His physical exploring left him a little more toned than the last time you has seen him and the sun had graced him with a little tan and slightly burnt cheeks. Dark circles hung under his eyes, his slightly scrawny appearance obviously due lack of sleep.


You didn’t fail to notice the sheepish in his eyes, his entire face guilt ridden. As he finally went to speak, he found himself completely lost for words. Newt remained silent, staring at you, his wide eyes becoming glossy. What was he meant to say?

“Hello….” Newt shyly mumbled, his gaze not completely meeting yours. Was that it? 3 months and 'hello’? You stood shocked in a moment of silence, a whirlwind of emotions consuming you. Unsure whether to kiss him or cry.

“Is that it?”, You managed to whisper, hurt clearly evident in your voice.

Newt stood dumbfounded, “I don’t know what to say…” He timidly stuttered out, scratching the back of his head. Oh how he longed to apologize but was there any words which could excuse the unforgivable?

“How about sorry-”

“-I am” Newt cut in, suddenly finding his voice, “I- I didn’t mean for me to leave the way I did. You know I don’t like fighting…” He trailed off.

“If you cared you wouldn’t have left us”, looking towards Tommy you saw his head lifted towards the two of you, taking in the conversation before him. Although he said nothing he observed nervously, the confrontation seeming frightening to him.

“You know the ministry force me to, they don’t give me a choice. I would never want to leave Tommy…or you” he pleaded.

You however were fed up with his excuses. It was always the ministry’s fault never his. Desperation dripped from your voice, “You always have a choice Newt, so why do you keep choosing work over family? Tommy cried for 2 days straight after you left. Do you know how that felt to watch him break down like that? Your a father now Newt, act like one”

“I’m a good parent” newt tried to defend, a lonesome tear trailing down his cheek.

“No a good parent puts their child before their own selfish wants” your voice broke slightly.

“So am I meant to sacrifice everything I love now because I have a son?” His voice raised, undertones of anger seeping through.

“Newt I’m not asking you to give up what you love…I’m just asking you to be there for us” you softly croaked, “you just need to balance your time between work and family-”

“How!” You were taken a back by his outburst.

“ I never have enough time….” He sadly mumbled to himself. Feeling the weight of the world collapse in on your lungs, you grabbed Tommy by the hand leading him towards the door. Grabbing your keys to the apartment you gave one last look at the man you loved. “Y/N…what are you doing?” Newt panicked.

“One day you’ll regret not being there Newt. You’ll regret the birthdays and the holidays you missed. You’ll regret not watching Tommy grow up and being part of his life. You’ll regret losing us, but by then it’ll be too late”.

Unable to move, to speak, to breathe, Newt watched you walk out of the building. As the door slammed shut Newt crumbled to his knees, his hand aggressively running through his hair. The only indication of your presence being the half eaten, cold breakfast that sat in front of Tommy’s vacant chair.

He truly had lost everything.


If this receives a good response I might do a Part 2. I’ve 43 requests which I will get writing after my GCSE’s are over! Sat my first one today 😪 Thank you for over 1.5k followers and once again feel free to like, comment or send in any requests.

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[Femslash February]: Theme Park

this got a touch angsty and im sorry. it ends on a good note tho, i promise

also: the cauldron ride i mention is like the American-version of the teacup rides. y’all know the one. 

Day 13: Theme Park (Alyanette + post-reveal)

Words: 2106

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Previous: Aquarium]

Marinette pressed her car keys and two tickets to Parc Asterix in Alya’s hands one morning. “Let’s go on a day trip.”

She’d interrupted Alya while she was in the middle of typing an article she had due in a few days. But Alya grabbed the tickets and flipped them over in her hands to make sure they were real. “You blasted money on these? We haven’t gone to that place in years – ”

“I know!” Marinette shouted. She closed her eyes and breathed through her nose, trying to control her tone. “I-I know I just….I wanna go now, okay? I just. I need to go, and I need you to come with me.”

Alya frowned and pushed Marinette’s hair behind her ears, fingers getting caught in the tangles that Marinette hadn’t combed out in three days. “Okay, um. Let me just save this and get my coat. Then we’ll go, okay?”

Marinette waited in the living room – sans makeup, in old clothes she never liked wearing out the house, hair uncombed and thrown into a bun – while Alya packed them cold lunches and collected her money and credit cards. 

The akuma attack ten days ago was one of the scary ones that only ever cropped up a handful of times. The last one was over a year ago, far enough back to lull the city and Ladybug into a false sense of security and make this new one particularly horrifying. Alya wasn’t able to catch all the footage, but the rest of the Internet had filled in the gaps. See, when your wife was flying across the city and battling an akuma that could make objects and people disintegrate with a single touch, you couldn’t help but be filled with excitement and pride, and you feel privileged to even know someone as strong and selfless as that, let alone be married to them. 

But when you see her pinned down by that akuma, his hand hovering just above her face, poised to kill and not harm, you get snapped back to a sobering sort of reality that reminds you how much danger she puts herself in everyday. 

Apparently, she got away with only a singed cheek since Chat Noir had finally recovered from his injuries in time to save her. All was well in the end, and Alya had sobbed into Adrien’s shoulder that day, thanking him with a level of sincerity she hadn’t thought herself capable of. But Marinette had come home that day, called out of work for a week, left her discarded clothes on the floor of their bedroom, and crawled into bed. It was five days since then, and she hadn’t done much else but stay there. 

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Okay, listen. Just listen. 

Damian and Tim have a complicated relationship, that’s for sure, but they’re brothers. It’s messy and tangled and not clear cut… but you have to admit, like Tim does not do right by Damian at the beginning of their relationship. This is complicated further by the fact that Damian did try to kill Tim when they first met. Yes, that is definitely Bad. But like… Damian was 10. Not only that but he was abused his whole life. That doesn’t make what he did excusable but it makes it understandable when he begins to change. Like Tim is almost and adult and he hurts a 10 year old out of spite even when it’s clear that the kid is changing.

It’s a complicated situation, but you have to stop pretending that Tim is your perfect little Angel Child and infantilzing him. There’s no Right or Wrong in this scenario, life doesn’t work like that. But Tim is capable of being cruel and he is cruel to Damian during their first years together.

I’m getting really tired of this Damian is A Monster Torturing My Perfect Angel Tim Drake rhetoric. Like Damian is a child and was abused and you need to start factoring that into the equation.