never heard their music but that one is my favorite

Honestly…. I love Complicated by Avril Lavigne so much… Avril Lavigne is my favorite artist probably. She’s cute, emo, edgy, everything I’ve always wanted to be. She is my FFS goals I wanna be like her one day. I’ve never heard any better music, no one can top what Avril has done. For me personally, her music reminds me of when I was an innocent emo gay high schooler… I was so tender and mild

The conversation ranged from the people they knew, matches and teams for sports I’d never heard of (apparently, Amren was a vicious, obsessive supporter of one), new shops, music they’d heard, clubs they favored…

-ACOMAF Page 281

I don’t talk much about my love of sports on this site. But I love sports. A lot. For personal reasons and just because it’s fun. I’ve often wondered about what it would be like to find myself in Velaris as me and not as Feyre or one of the other characters, and wondered how I would fit in there. It’s a gorgeous city with so many elements weaved in that remind me of some of my favorite places in the world. But I always felt like sport was missing and it made me feel like maybe this most magical fantasy world I live in daily wouldn’t be a complete home for me if I ever - you know - *magically* wound up there.

Then I read this the other night while studying up for Rhys. I forgot all about this line! (Remember those many times I said I’m not a detail oriented reader?) And I think the smile on my face could have killed a small army.

THEY HAVE SPORTS IN PRYTHIAN AND I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. Badly enough that I’d probably waste my 30-60 seconds with SJM at a con to ask her. What do they play? Are they team sports? Do the Illyrians play too? Do they fly in the sky like Quidditch? Do they resemble mortal games or are they 100% unique to fae?


And how do they watch? There’s no TV or radio, so do you have to go to a game live to know what the final scores were? Or is there a bulletin that circulates through Prythian with updates? What do you get for winning? Do athletes have the same celebrity status there as they do in our world? Who are the most famous players? Is there an ESPNFae I can watch?

And what is sports culture like in society? Do High Fae turn their noses up at it as being lesser? Is it something only the lesser fae indulge in? Or is it a rich man’s business, with only the wealthy, High Fae affording the good seats like Jack at a Lakers game? Can you play recreationally for fun, or do you have be upper crust to do it because playing “professionally” is the only way in?

WAIT HOW DOES ONE GET IN? College is the key to pro sports in the US, but in the fae world that probably doesn’t exist? So how do they find you? Do you just try out? Do kids go into leagues and get drafted as they mature? Do you have play for a team within your court or can you get ‘traded’ to other teams from other courts? Do the courts play each other? Do the courts even have the same sports??


Basically the point I’m trying to make is - fae have sports and it makes me happy.


phantom of the opera au - reylo

But his voice filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound. In that night there was music in my mind. And through music my soul began to soar! And I heard as I’d never heard before. 

A mash up of writings on my Ghost/Genesis Love

(This was a question I posted to metal hammer)

Genesis is one of my all time favorite songs. It invokes deep rooted feelings in me. A musical play of passion, love, lust, loss and pain. A agile dance of fire between arduous sin and dark divinity incarnate. This song begs to be felt as well as heard. To me this song is an epoch of the first album and stays with me throughout all the eras. How does one go about the creative process of creating such a vision? Wether it be this song or the next?

-And this I posted to the papa iii rp page-

Papa…your siren song has reached inside of the broken desolation inside of me. Into the deep recesses of my soul where your melody soothed the shattered remains of the Devastation life’s cruel jest left to me. I lay my soul before you, this flickering tenacious flame, to the giver of the breath of beauty you whispered to my tarnished soul. In this, I remain a child of yours deus in absentia, infinitum.

-Lastly, this I put with my genesis Spotify post-

I feel like Ghost and their music is some sort of dirge or sirens song that pulls to the lost, the lonely discarded. Those of us that have Darkened pasts that find solace in the cold embrace
Like a frequency that only chosen few are attuned to

My Favorite Band

I’ve been listening to Hollywood Undead since 3rd grade and I’ve never regretted this decision. They were the first band that I ever got emotionally attached to and their music has helped me through some of the roughest periods of my life. In total, I’ve been listening to them for about 11 years. The first song I ever heard was Circles and naturally it’s still one of my favorites. I’ll support them through anything.

Charli XCX’s Need Ur Love has never been more sparkling beautiful, thanks to a rework done by Australian producer Japanese Wallpaper. This is a Charli XCX we haven’t heard in awhile, one more tender, toned down, and delicate. The pop star’s recent music has been pompous and bold, but some of my favorite music by the British artist is still her earlier offerings. This ambient, twinkling official remix reminds me of that era. Japanese Wallpaper takes her into a world of heart rending enchantment. 

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#1 of the art giveaway for @loverickandmorty!! The theme was: Inter dimensional trio happy!

This one came from a dream I had ages ago…Jerry and Beth are fighting seriously and threatening divorce. Summer was trying to drown them out with music when she heard a knock on her door. Rick and Morty were outside signaling her to come with them. They left and picked up ice cream from Rick’s favorite store and stopped at some exoplanet to watch the suns set over the beach. It was quiet and warm and nothing but the sound of the wind on the cliffs and the water lapping up on the rocks below. 

anonymous asked:

Send me a Musical: Hamilton


the first song from this show I heard: Satisfied (frickin Iconic)
do I own the cast album?: Obviously
favorite song: all of them Non-Stop never fails to get me pumped
least favorite song: I DON’T HAVE ONE
favorite character: Eliza Hamilton
least favorite character: John Adams
OTP: Aaron Burr and Theodosia Sr.
BROTP: Hamilton and Lafayette
NOTP: Hamilton and Mariah Reynolds
song I didn’t like at first but now do: Right Hand Man (but then I saw the error of my ways)
song I used to like but now don’t: N/A
is the fandom annoying?: No, they’re AMAZING 
do I read/write fanfic for this show?: Haven’t seen any tbh
favorite non-sung line: *bum bum bum* “Alexander.” “I have to leave…” *ALexANDER!” 
runner-up: “Where are you taking me?” “I’m about to change your life.”
favorite lyric: “How do you write like you’re running out of time / write day and night like you’re running out of time" because it’s autobiographical
overall rating out of 10: 100 (I’m sorry I’m Hamiltrash)

Thanks so much for the ask!!!!!!!

Just Be Friends
Hiroshi Kamiya
Just Be Friends

I always knew HiroC was a great seiyuu. Don’t get me wrong…He is PHENOMENAL! But, I never really thought of him as one of my favorite SINGING seiyuu…

But, then I heard this—

Boy, was I wrong…

My sister insists Ono Daisuke is singing along with him, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to hear his voice. *sigh*

The sad truth is there is no complete romaji version available of this beautiful song. So, if anyone’s willing to help me out, I’d appreciate it LOADS!!

And, whenever I picture Izaya or Levi singing this, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

harlequinharley  asked:

13-17 for the jewish ask meme

13. Raisin, Chocolate, or Regular Challah
regular challah - I’ve actually never tried baking raisins into my challah, which I make without gluten or eggs. Maybe I should try that next Autumn.

14. Hamsa, Chai, or Magen David
Chai. I like how perpetual it is. The “despite everything, it’s still you” thing from Undertale reminds me of the chai symbol.

15. Esther or Miriam

16. Moses or King David
Moshe, definitely. He was cool as heck, dude. 

17. Fiddler on the Roof or Prince of Egypt
I’ve actually never seen Prince of Egypt but from what I’ve heard it’s got a lot of, um… non-traditionally-Jewish interpretations?? Not sure, but I’d have to go with Fiddler on the Roof, given that it is one of my favorite musicals and it’s about Russian Jews, aka my (closer) ancestors.

please imagine:

jack retaliating against bitty’s attempted musical education by playing him all his own music

except he doesn’t realize literally everyone knows jack’s music.

“bittle, listen to this song. i think you’ll like it,” jack tells him on a roadie. eric coughs to disguise a laugh when I’m a Believer starts.

“my dad used to play this for my mom,” and bitty is so charmed he doesn’t even point out that everyone knows American Girl because Tom Petty.

“you’ve probably never heard this because it’s not taylor swift, but it’s one of my favorites,” jack says and it’s literally fucking Freebird.

it goes on until jack tries to play Like a Rolling Stone and bitty just goes “he does know i have existed for twenty years, right?” to shitty because he’s not even sure if he’s being chirped or not at this point, and shitty just laughs at their super protracted mating ritual.

Gregzilla’s Thoughts On: Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Heaven was my personal favorite game on the Nintendo DS.  It oozed the surreal charm and goofiness of the Wario Ware games with a wonderfully energetic musical twist.  I never played the Wii iteration or the Japan-only GBA original, so when I heard the 3DS was going to get a new Rhythm Heaven that served as both a sequel AND a collection of tons of previous minigames, I was in.  So how did it fare?  …This’ll be a quick one.







Legitimate conversation I had today
  • Girl: I love your shirt *points at my TØP shirt*
  • Me: thanks!
  • Girl: I'm apart of the Skeleton Clique too!
  • Me: oh um it's not like that, believe me I love twenty one pilots but-
  • Girl: oh! you probably just heard Stressed Out on the radio and thought it was okay to buy a shirt
  • Me: no that's not the case even if it was that wouldn't be a problem
  • Girl: I'm just so annoyed. All the alternative kids should be in our own corner those preps shouldn't like our music
  • Me: oh wow I didn't know this was 'My Immortal'
  • Girl: what?! Never mind. What's your favorite song if your not apart of the clique, I bet you don't know one other than "Stressed Out"
  • Me: Anathema. It's just got a lot of meaning to me.
  • Girl: that song isn't even BY TWENTY ONE PILOTS
  • Me: oh good lord...
  • Girl: whatever. *storms off*

Amy Lee: Recover Vol.1

Wasn’t exactly a fan of the cover for the EP (not exactly a fan of the font and the size :P) so I made a different one. The covers themselves are wonderfully done, I think my favorite is “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” never thought it would be my top favorite when I first heard it though  haha :p.

If you haven’t heard them yet, check out Amy’s covers on Youtube or buy them on iTunes/Amazon

When I was thinking of a tattoo to get to immortalize my mom I did a lot of thinking. About what elements to incorporate and some of her favorite things and colors. - And after taking all of this into consideration I came back to multiple memories I had from when I first put on the song Degausser by Brand New for my mom. - She would get like me when she heard something new she really liked and would get hooked on new music for awhile even to the point where she asked me why I hadn’t put the song on before and I just said it had never came up on my shuffle when we were driving. - Well I remember one night in particular driving home in the rain and she asked me to put the song on and we just sang it loudly and badly together and whenever it would end she would always ask me to play it again. - And when I have things on shuffle sometimes I just wanna get to the next song so depending on my mood I would restart it for her or tell her no. - I’d give anything, even the arm that this tattoo is on to play it again for her right now. - I’ll never forget my mom’s birthday or birth year or the day she died or death year. Those things are forever etched into me. But I might not always remember with the same clarity driving down darkened country roads during rainstorms and singing with my mother. - But I wont forget it now. - I didn’t want a conventional memorial tattoo and for this special tattoo I didn’t have a conventional artist. - Chad Webb at Southern Steel in Pikeville, KY gave me his time and passion with this piece and he had known my mom and knew her to be a cool lady like everyone who met her always said. I can’t thank him enough for bringing my vision for it to life. - The roses in the umbrella are purple for her favorite color and the line I chose from Degausser kind of represents in my mind how I feel my life is without her in it now. - “The storm is coming, the storm is coming in.” - I’ll play it again, ma.

Keep this in mind:

Songs can literally be about anything. 

I have a friend of mine who was one of the main writers in his band while they were together. They were fairly big in the U.S and they toured around the world. If you’ve never heard of Anberlin, give them a listen.

Anyway, I would talk to him about his lyrics all the time because they were so damn good, and one of my favorite songs was Inevitable. I asked him once what was the story behind it. 

When you look at Inevitable, it’s a song about turning back time to a place where things were simpler, when you hadn’t had a chance to ruin anything. One of the lines that’s repeated a lot is “I want to be your last first kiss”. 

Christian shares that the song is actually about his brother. Of course, I was a but taken aback because the line I mentioned above is repeated a good bit. But he said, that if you just remove that line, it’s about his struggle with rebuilding his relationship with his sibling after fucking it up. 

He says, that songs can be about more than one thing. That sometimes half of what he writes is from stories people have told him. Not everything is autobiographical.
How Is Adele's Killer 'All I Ask' Performance Even Real
Sobbing as usual.

Y’all.  I’m so damn tired of all this Adele hype.  Adele is a lovely woman with a fantastic voice and one of my favorite personalities in music.  But she ain’t earth-shattering, she ain’t never gave me not one goosebump in my life, her songs are boring, and if she is really the best singer y’all have ever heard, you have clearly never listened to R&B, Gospel, Jazz, or anything Black folks have been singing for the past 60 years.  Look at this mess:

(.__. )


I actually really like this performance of “All I Ask” (even though I still think the song is boring) and I would probably love it a lot more if I didn’t go into it expecting my life to change from all the hyperbolic praise around everything she does.  I just wish folks had a broader range of musical references before they come hot out the gate with OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVARRR.  Just because it’s your favorite doesn’t mean it’s the best.  If a good burger is your favorite food but all you know is chicken fingers, pizza, and hot dogs, then I’m not really putting a whole lot of stock into your opinion when you say burgers are the best food that ever happened.

“How is Adele’s killer performance even real.”

Girl, bye.  How is Jazmine Sullivan’s acoustic version of “I Have Nothing” even real.  How is Whitney’s 11 minute set at the American Music Awards from ‘94 or her 6 minute version of “All The Man That I Need” even real.  How Is Patti Labelle’s “Oh Holy Night” with her crazygood backup singers even real. Hell, how were Amber Riley’s glass-shattering ad libs in The Wiz even real.  Those amazed me.  I appreciate Adele and her talent, but I’ve never been in awe.

“Non-Stop” is one of my favorite songs from Hamilton (if not my favorite overall) but I honestly never fully appreciated it until I heard it on the soundtrack and I’m pretty sure that’s because whenever I saw the show I was too emotionally compromised from Laurens’s death to appreciate the remainder of act one

Naofumi Hataya, Junko Shiratsu, Yoshiaki Kashima

The Hybrid Front (Mega Drive), 1994
Naofumi Hataya, Junko Shiratsu, Yoshiaki Kashima

Easily one of the best soundtracks on the console, and my favorite thing Naofumi Hataya ever did. It’s really sad this game never left Japan.

There’s so much great music in this game that spreading it out over my regular posting schedule would take far too long. I’m just gonna do one a week in addition to my usual Tuesday + Friday (+ Sunday) deal. This soundtrack must be heard.

It’s crazy..i received tons of support on imvu for my products..i heard “ill support you for whatever you do” once i started doing my music and stopped creating..i’ve seen less and less of that support (But thank you to the ones who are still showing me love..ill never forget that and im forever grateful..hope you guys get the EP when its for my favorite bloggers =)

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And many more trust me..i would be here all day tagging people lmao but much love to allll of you guys..keep doing whatchu doing..when this music pops off..ill still be on imvu taking pics..never changing..have a good week.

Much love IAusarI