never heard their music but that one is my favorite

Crap vid, sorry, literally straight from my snapchat (aduje96 btw) but I went to the Music of Nerdfighteria show at Vidcon and The Gregory Brothers played a medley of their Songify YouTube songs. The two girls standing next to me went crazy as soon as they heard the first notes to All The Way. It was adorable! They were so excited and I just loved seeing them enjoying the song.
It was a weird moment to like have a bunch of people singing along to some YouTube videos. I’m never getting used to it, but it’s one of my favorite things.


Producer Jeff Bhasker faced a daunting task several months ago. After having worked with Kanye West and winning Grammy Awards for producing Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” and Fun.’s 2012 album “Some Nights,” he had to decide whether to take on a new project: the debut solo album of One Direction member Harry Styles.

“I’d just had a baby, and I was kind of like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if I’ll jump into this,‘” Bhasker tells Variety. He agreed to have Styles come over to “just talk,” and proceeded to put him through the Bhasker home sniff test. “My dog tends to bite people, and he was kind of scoping Harry out,” Bhasker explains. Styles “did this move — like a little shoot the gun with his finger, and my dog walked over and started licking his finger. That’s when I was, like, ‘This guy has something special.'”

Once music came into the mix, Bhasker was sold. “He started playing references of what he wanted to do, which sounded like a cool rock band. I got it, and could see where if we pulled this off, it would be one of the coolest things ever. But he needed a buddy who plays guitar like he’s Keith Richards.” The insinuation being: Styles is the Mick Jagger in this scenario.

Adds Bhasker: “I’m so proud of the album itself, and also of Harry for being so brave, and committing 100%, and writing the kind of vulnerable lyrics that he wrote, and not pandering to what people thought he would do. People have no idea that this is what Harry Styles is like. Just like I didn’t know. He’s obviously very famous and beloved, but people don’t know the depths of what an amazing personality and artist he is.”

Variety spoke with Bhasker about the recording of “Harry Styles” ahead of the album’s May 12 release: 

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You Are The Music In Me (Star-Lord x Reader)

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WARNING: Some mention of sibling death. 

SPOILER ALERT: It’s fluffy af and literally Peter is a huge fucking nerd.

You looked up from your book as the soft sound of music filled your ears. It was upbeat and cheery, the type of thing that felt somewhat inappropriate for the current setting, yet, a relief to hear. Beside you was a man you’d never seen before in a red leather jacket, sitting on the grass. In front of him was a pair of worn down looking headphones that he was using as a makeshift speaker to pump out music from the Walkman he held. It was a peculiar sight. You’d certainly heard people play music here before, whether it be from an instrument, or a phone, or gentle singing. But the songs had always been very mellow. And now here was this man, playing music from a device you didn’t even know they still made, in front of a plot that you’d never once seen anyone pay attention to.

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pls enjoy :)


She always had her journal and a pen latched in her hand as she walked in. My eyes always amazed on how someone is always at her beck and call, I mean look at her. The way her hair curls down her back, her hips sway as she avoids bumping into people in the hall, everything about her was so pure. The mix of innocence and sweetness excited me, like she has never heard of a bad word or even said one. She walked to her normal spot in Pius, seat just right to get the amount of sun and warmth, and shadow needed. I liked her from the moment I laid eyes on her. Her skirt rose more just because the way her hips were, and I am not complaining. 

The pen tapped her glossed lips as she thought on her new entry. I could smell her sweet Daisy perfume from across the room. She smiled at me when she saw me, like she knows exactly at this time I’m here, waiting for her. “Hi Calum.” She greeted in her soft voice setting the pen in-between the pages of her journal. “Hey, Violet.” I smiled back. “Out of all people, I never would’ve expected you to be this, fascinated in someone.” She giggled as if it were the funniest thing in the world. “I just like that you have such a desire to write, it is quite fascinating,” I winked causing a deep red to spread across her cheeks. She waved for me to come sit by her, and so I did.

“Since you’re so fascinated that I write, take a look.” She turned a few pages back, letting me read on whatever her mind pondered on.

February 23

I notice all your features. I notice how blue your eyes are, and when they become darker as you become frustrated. how your smile is bright and teeth are white. i notice the way your hands grab the pen you hold when you write and how concentrated you look when doing it. i notice everything it;s scary, and i hope you notice me

your mind is a storm. sometimes it’s dark and scary, the other times its light and beautiful. i wanna know what goes on inside there, what’s its like to think. you have never imagined how one word can mess me up. no matter if it’s an “insult,” or compliment. everything you say comes and stays in my mind and i can’t get rid of it. it burns in my brain and makes my head hurt. i never understand what you say if it’s true or just a joke. i just hope it’s out of care.

i cried over you again today. i cried over how much you hurt me. i cried over how much i wanna yell and scream at you. i cried over how much i want you to love me. i cried how i want you to give me answers on us. and it sucks because you talk to all these other girls yet I’m the one who you hurt the most because whatever you say I’m processing in so many ways and then you say I’m joking, i wanna yell because thats not what you made me feel 2 minutes ago…

She must of noticed on how I got caught up in this because she covered the rest of it with her hands. “That’s enough for today.” She said, her voice was full of sadness. “Violet, I never knew how deep you were.” I exhaled. She half smiled, “It’s a blessing and a curse.” I stood up, grabbing her hand. “C’mon I wanna take you some where I think you’ll like.” I laced my hand with hers, surprised she didn’t let go, but rather caress her fingers in mine. I led her to a spot behind the park that had a bench looking onto a lake. “I come here when I feel sad.” I let go of her hand, going to sit on the bench. She quickly followed me, sitting down clutching her journal with her. “It’s beautiful Calum,” She smiled up at me. 

I wrapped my arm around her as she nuzzled into my chest. “You always seem to fascinate me Violet, rather it be writing or sitting in Pius working on homework.” I spoke her. “I don’t understand why Calum, I’m just an ordinary girl.” She giggled. “You don’t seem normal to me Violet,” I took her chin in-between my fingers. Her eyes glazed over mine, flickering to my lips back to my eyes, mine did the same. I found myself leaning in to kiss her plump lips, and she did the same. Our lips intertwined with each others, and I could taste the peach gloss she always sported. We pulled back after a moment, “Who hurt you?” I asked. She sighed, “It’s a long story, I’m not sure you’d want to hear it.”

I tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, “I have all the time.” She perked up a bit, “Well, my dad abandoned me when I was maybe 10. He left me for weeks with barely anything to eat or drink, so I mostly wandered the streets. I never met my mother, my dad told me she wanted nothing to do with me since I was born, and then my dad and I never grew found of each other. So, I live with my Aunt. She took me in after she saw what my father has been doing to me. I’ve always been scared to be loved or love anyone. Once I got to high school, I met this guy, Josh. I thought he was the one, and I liked him for so long that he eventually gave in and we dated. Once we got to graduation of Senior year, he told me the whole thing was a dare and that he would never love someone like me because we were too “different” and that really broke me. And those writings you read, were about him. It still hurts Calum.” Tears filled up her vision, and she looked down too scared to face me.

I wiped away the tears on her cheek, tilting her head up a bit, “No one should ever feel hurt like that, do you hear me? Violet, I’m so sorry.” She smiled. “It’s ok Calum, I’ve heard the pity and I don’t need anymore of it. Thank you for bringing me here, I needed someone like you.” She looked up at me. “This is why you fascinate me, I never knew.” I kissed her forehead. “It’s really fine. If you really want, we can go back to my place.” She offered. “You think I’m gonna let some pretty girl like you walk alone, you’re not getting rid of me.” I told her letting her stand. “You’re such a dork,” She smiled.


After watching four movies with Violet, I’ve learned a lot about her. Her music ranges from Blackbear to One Direction, her favorite color is white, her favorite book is Milk and Honey, and countless details that I’ve come to love. “I can’t thank you enough for actually spending time with me Calum, it means a lot.” She looked up at me. “You know I would love to do anything that involves you.” I smiled. Her room was more girly than I expected it to be. The walls were white, decorated with pictures of her and her friends. Her bed was white, and the duvet was grey with blue pillow accents. She had a full length mirror that had motivational quotes along the edges, along with her makeup vanity that held everything a girl could ever want. There was a white fuzzy rug that coated the wood floors. “Again, you fascinate me.” I said, pulling her into me. “Again, I don’t see why.” She giggled.

“Violet! Ven por favor!” Someone called from downstairs. “Oh, that’s my Tia. I’ll be right back.” She broke herself from my embrace. “Hola, Tia. Que tal tu día?” I heard her ask. “Ay, good. Quien esta arriba?” “Calum,” She replied. “Quien?” “Un momento.” I heard Violet walk up the stairs. “My Tia wants to see you.” She smiled. “I never knew you were Spanish.” I said, following her down the stairs. “There’s still a lot you have to learn about me Calum.” She winked. “Tia, esta es Calum.” Violet introduced me. “Hola, Calum!” Her Aunt greeted. “You can call me, Sarah.” I casually waved. “Preguntarle si quiere quedarse para la cena.” I find this fascinating. “Do you wanna stay for dinner?” Violet asked. “Sí gracias.” I said. Violet laughed at my basic Spanish skills.

We headed back up to her room. Violet sat on her clear chair with a white pillow that was set at her vanity as I sat across from her. “I never knew you were Spanish.” I said, again. “Yeah, my mom is from Spain, and my dad is from Chile, so I have some Spanish decent in me. I grew up speaking it, and my Tia goes back and forth speaking it, you’ll notice it.” She said. “So is Violet your real name?” I asked. She shook her head no, “It’s Francesca, but I didn’t like the idea of being called Fran, and Violet is what my Tia called me from when I was little because she didn’t think I looked like a Francesca.” She said. “Fascinating, again.” I said. She threw a pillow at me, “get a new word!” “Violeta, Calum cena está lista!” Sarah called. “Let’s go eat!” Violet got up and headed to the kitchen.


“Thanks for everything today Calum, I had a good time.” Violet broke the silence. “I’m never leaving you, I hope you know that.” I told her. I could feel her heart race when I said those words. “Is everything going to go back to normal tomorrow? Me sitting in Pius for hours and you being adored by everyone?” She asked. I sat up pulling her in between my legs, “Are you kidding me? Violet, the moment I saw you, I liked you. And why you fascinate me is because you’re so strong, you know what shit to get done, you’re everything a girl wants, and so much more to me.” I said. She smiled with small tears falling onto her cheeks, “I’ve never been told anything like that before.” I kissed her, making her feel wanted. Her dainty hands wrapped around my neck as I pulled her into my lap. My hands rested on the skin under her sweater. I felt Violets hands grip the fabric of my tee-shirt, my arms reach over to pull her hands away. I shake my head before speaking up, “No, don’t. Tonight is all about you.”

“Just tell me to stop if you want,” I assure her. She smiled, taking her sweater and pulling it over her head. Her breasts spilled out in her white lace bra. “God you’re beautiful.” I told her. “Have you ever been touched here?” I asked her sliding my hand between her legs running my fingers over her cotton panties. The touch was bold but I could tell she liked it by the way her eyes glazed over. She shook her head no. “I never knew how to ask.” My eyes feel to her bare neck that I could easily cover in purple marks. “Well that’s a shame.” I moved my hand back feeling the heat and the little wet spot forming. “I bet you’re sweet.” I whispered looking back up at her. “I guess you’ll have to find out.” She winked. Fucking hell this girl.

I began rubbing circles on her clit, “God I can feel your pussy getting wet.” “Oh my God Calum don’t say that.” She gasped covering my mouth. “That word is degrading.” She whispered. “Well from what I feel down here, it seems as though you like when I say pussy.” I added pressure to my fingers. She moaned at the contact. “What are you doing to me?” She moaned. “I’m gonna make you feel so good.” I whispered. To me her body was like a goddess, her hips nice and curvy, her breasts perky and big, and her ass god I can’t get enough of her. I tapped my fingers on her juicy bottom lip, “Suck.” I ordered. Violet gladly took my fingers in her mouth, coating them. She slid her panties down her legs, her wetness glistened. My finger curled inside her. “Do you think I can add another finger?” I cooed taking her bottom lip between my teeth. “Please.” She whispered before pressing her mouth to mine almost immediately running her tongue along my bottom lips to ask for entrance. She moaned hotly in my mouth when I pushed a second finger inside her. It was a tight fit, but I made it work. “That feels so good.” She moaned with a shaky breath before I sucked on her bottom lip. I quickly discovered my obsession with her mouth. It was just so tasty and pretty to look at.

“Calum, what are you doing to me?” She moaned. “You’re just about to orgasm babe.” I told her, sucking purple and black marks on her neck. “Oh my god, it feels so good.” Her sweet moans filled my ears. “C’mon girl, you can do it. Cum all over my fingers.” I said. Her body shook as her orgasm took over her beautiful body. Violet’s breath was heavy as she pulled up my shirt. “I’ve always found your tattoos attractive.” She said, tracing the inked skin. Her nails raked down my arms making me groan. She began undoing my belt buckle and unzipping my pants. “You’re gonna have to help me because I’ve never had a cock in my mouth before.” I moaned at the way the words came out of her mouth. She dropped to her knees, “It’s so hard.” She whispered struggling to get the zipper down. After she finally got it down, her warm hand dipped into my boxers firmly gripping my cock. Pre-cum was smeared all over the head. Without me saying a single word she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock licking it off.

“Fuck.” I swore throwing my head back. Her tongue ran down my length taking as much of it as she could. “Teach me.” She said, running her lips to the head of my cock. “You’re doing pretty good without me.” I said. She smirked a little to herself, taking my cock in her mouth again. Her hand came up and began stroking immediately. “Look at me.” I instructed. Her eyes looked up at me. She sucked hard starting to bob her head up and down starting to get the gist of giving head. She hummed around me keeping her tongue on the under side. She continued to suck on the tip and stroke the rest. “Shit Violet.” My hands ran through her hair, guiding her up and down my cock. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum Violet.” I moaned. Her actions sped up, her hands working with what she couldn’t fit in her mouth. “Such a good girl.” I said. I grab her chin, making her face my eyes.

Her eyes were locked on mine and I pulled her on the bed. “Now what can I do?” She asked, almost oblivious to what just happened. “You know what else you can do? You can come up here and let me feel that beautiful pussy around my cock.” I said, my voice filled with lust. “Good, ‘cause I want you like crazy.” She smiled before kissing me. Violet laid back on her bed, ready. I towered over her, drinking in her body. “You ready baby?” I said, positioning myself in front of her entrance. “Always.” She said. Her hips grinded with mine. “God, Calum.” She moaned. One of her hands held onto the head board as the other held onto my bicep. “Fuck Violet, you feel amazing.” I said picking up my speed. “Shit, whatever you keep hitting, feels really good.” Her mind was going into a frenzy. Her moans sounded like music to my ears. None of her quiet self, it was much more vocal. “Calum, I’m gonna cum.” She moaned, her back arching slightly as I continued to hit her g-spot. Her nails raked down my back, filling up with euphoria.

“Come on pretty girl, cum for me again. Cum all around my cock,” My words edged her on. “Oh my god, oh my god!” She yelped. “Atta girl.” I moaned, feeling her walls clench around me. The pleasure was too raw. “Fuck,” I moaned pulling out of her. “I didn’t expect that.” She giggled. My hands massaged her breasts, her humming. 

“You’re gonna be my favorite prized possession.”

You’re From America and They Find Out You’re a Fan of Their Music // Got7 Reaction

Requested: Yes

Can you possible do a Got7 reaction to you being from the US or something and they find out you’re a fan of them?

Author’s Note: I can’t believe I have over 100 followers! Thank you for all your support. Also, thank you for sending in requests. I started school again so I’ve been quite busy, but now it’s the weekend so now I have time to work on some of the requests you guys have sent it. Also, none of these gifs belong to me and please keep in mind that this is my first reaction post I’ve ever made so I hope you like it!


While you were doing some chores around the dorm, Mark was using your phone to listen to music. While going through the most recently played songs, he would discover that you’ve been listening to Got7’s latest album, Turbulence. He would be happy, but caught off guard because he’s never heard you listening to Got7 before.  


Jaebum would become cocky when he found out you were a fan of his music. He knew you were from America, but you’ve never showed an interest in his band’s music before. Coming home from practice one day, he walking in on you dancing and singing along to ‘Mayday’. Spinning around, you quickly stopped when you saw him leaning against the door smirking at you, “Keep going, this is my favorite part.”


After a long night out, you and Jackson were heading back to the dorm when one of Got7’s songs came on. Reaching over, he turned up the volume and began to rap his part in the beginning of ‘Hard Carry’. Immediately, he stopped after he heard your voice rapping with him. While giving you a surprised look, he asked, “Babe, since when did you listen to Got7?”


While you were in the bathroom showering, your phone started ringing. He was shocked when he heard one of his songs playing as your ringtone. Being from America, you’ve claimed multiple times that you’ve never really been a fan of Got7 or any other kpop artist before. He would keep quiet about it until the next time you try to tell him that you’re not a fan of his music, then he would smirk and question why one of his songs was your ringtone. 


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You told Youngjae that you would bring him and the rest of the boys some lunch around noon. After eating, they wanted to resume practice right away and Youngjae told you to stay and watch for a little bit. After practicing for a while, he looked over at the couch that you were currently seated on and automatically began smiling to himself. He became giddy when he noticed you were nodding you head along to the beat of the song and mouthing the lyrics. Youngjae was overjoyed at the fact that you liked their music.


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Waking up after a long night of practice, BamBam would head to the bathroom only to be greeted by you putting your makeup on and singing along to ‘Skyway’, which was playing quietly from your phone. He entered the bathroom smile on his face and began singing along with you while he began getting ready for the day. He would be elated to find out that when you first met you weren’t a fan of Got7, but now you are.


After a long day of practice, he entered the dorm to find you in the kitchen fixing dinner for him and the boys. He noticed that you had one of their songs playing quietly in the background. He silently laughed to himself and proceeded to head to your shared bedroom. He wouldn’t really say anything, he would just be happy that you supported him and the boys.

In Harry Styles’ World, Led Zeppelin Is Weird, Bukowski Is Cool: Inside the Album With Producer Jeff Bhasker (EXCLUSIVE)
“Maybe we’ll bring fathers and daughters together.”
By Shirley Halperin

Producer Jeff Bhasker faced a daunting task several months ago. After having worked with Kanye West and winning Grammy Awards for producing Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” and Fun.’s 2012 album “Some Nights,” he had to decide whether to take on a new project: the debut solo album of One Direction member Harry Styles.

“I’d just had a baby, and I was kind of like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if I’ll jump into this,‘” Bhasker tells Variety. He agreed to have Styles come over to “just talk,” and proceeded to put him through the Bhasker home sniff test. “My dog tends to bite people, and he was kind of scoping Harry out,” Bhasker explains. Styles “did this move — like a little shoot the gun with his finger, and my dog walked over and started licking his finger. That’s when I was, like, ‘This guy has something special.'”

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The conversation ranged from the people they knew, matches and teams for sports I’d never heard of (apparently, Amren was a vicious, obsessive supporter of one), new shops, music they’d heard, clubs they favored…

-ACOMAF Page 281

I don’t talk much about my love of sports on this site. But I love sports. A lot. For personal reasons and just because it’s fun. I’ve often wondered about what it would be like to find myself in Velaris as me and not as Feyre or one of the other characters, and wondered how I would fit in there. It’s a gorgeous city with so many elements weaved in that remind me of some of my favorite places in the world. But I always felt like sport was missing and it made me feel like maybe this most magical fantasy world I live in daily wouldn’t be a complete home for me if I ever - you know - *magically* wound up there.

Then I read this the other night while studying up for Rhys. I forgot all about this line! (Remember those many times I said I’m not a detail oriented reader?) And I think the smile on my face could have killed a small army.

THEY HAVE SPORTS IN PRYTHIAN AND I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. Badly enough that I’d probably waste my 30-60 seconds with SJM at a con to ask her. What do they play? Are they team sports? Do the Illyrians play too? Do they fly in the sky like Quidditch? Do they resemble mortal games or are they 100% unique to fae?


And how do they watch? There’s no TV or radio, so do you have to go to a game live to know what the final scores were? Or is there a bulletin that circulates through Prythian with updates? What do you get for winning? Do athletes have the same celebrity status there as they do in our world? Who are the most famous players? Is there an ESPNFae I can watch?

And what is sports culture like in society? Do High Fae turn their noses up at it as being lesser? Is it something only the lesser fae indulge in? Or is it a rich man’s business, with only the wealthy, High Fae affording the good seats like Jack at a Lakers game? Can you play recreationally for fun, or do you have be upper crust to do it because playing “professionally” is the only way in?

WAIT HOW DOES ONE GET IN? College is the key to pro sports in the US, but in the fae world that probably doesn’t exist? So how do they find you? Do you just try out? Do kids go into leagues and get drafted as they mature? Do you have play for a team within your court or can you get ‘traded’ to other teams from other courts? Do the courts play each other? Do the courts even have the same sports??


Basically the point I’m trying to make is - fae have sports and it makes me happy.

7/30 Designer Skyline 

I love all of Owl City’s songs, but there were some songs I never thought I’d hear in his concerts. Two years ago, I went to my second Owl City concert, and he sang a mix of both his old and new songs. All of a sudden, he started singing Designer Skyline, and it surprised me because it was one of the songs I never thought he’d sing at any of his concerts. If you were to ask me what was my favorite part of the concert, it would have been when he sang Designer Skyline. It’s one of my favorite Owl City songs, and I was very excited when I heard him sing it.



  • First of all, it’s starring Stephanie Styles. L-I-T-E-R-A-L GOALS.
  • Second of all, it’s starring Andrew FREAKING Kober in the ensemble. LITERAL GOALS.
  • Third of all, They’re including Cole Porter songs to it. As if the original movie isn’t already perfect, they’re adding music to it.
  • Fourth of all: BROADWAY. I. NEED. TO. SEE. THIS. I’d sell all earthly possessions to see this.
  • Lastly, if you’ve never seen the original movie with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, stop whatever you’re doing and make plans to watch it. It is definitely one of my ALL TIME favorite movies. Like, literally. I’m not one to “choose a favorite” when it comes to movies, but this is totally a top 5-er for me.


succubuscheerleader  asked:

What are some of your favorite films set in the Midwest? What about the Pacific North West?

Hi I’m so sorry this is late!

Have you watched anything by Kelly Reichardt? I think all of her films (except River of Grass) are set in the midwest. I’ve actually only seen Certain Women but it was one of my favorite films last year. 

Twin Peaks, of course! (technically not a movie but 100% worth watching) 

Some other films I looove: Election, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Fargo, The Music Man, Wild, The Wizard of Oz, Brokeback Mountain, The Goonies (!!!), Stand By Me, Captain Fantastic, Say Anything, 10 Things I Hate About You

(SEMI) related but I also found this article that’s a list of 50 great American films (1 for each state). It’s a cool lil overview of ~American Cinema~ and had quite a few films that I’ve never heard of

that night i crashed the car i imagined i was writing a poem in the sky with shooting stars

we were going to go to that italian place you like so much, but i botched everything with a fight – of course it was about something stupid

that night i drove away alone, left the dog in your custody, put in one of my favorite cd’s, turned up the volume – all the way

but i still heard everything you said, miles away and music in my bleeding ears i still heard every single word

a raccoon or something like that was idling in the middle of the wet road and i barely missed the ****er and the front bumper left a hickie on a nearby oak

the sky was puking stars and i thought i was some wise astral poet writing apologies to you but of course you never got to read any of those lines


phantom of the opera au - reylo

But his voice filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound. In that night there was music in my mind. And through music my soul began to soar! And I heard as I’d never heard before. 

Weep You No More

Author’s Note: So this is the scene that inspired me to write the Sense and Sensibility AU in the first place, and I’m so glad I finally wrote it down!  As for what Lance is singing, the link is right here!  Granted, Lance isn’t singing the song in this particular key, but the idea is there!  Oh, by the way, I own neither Voltron nor Sense and Sensibility.  LOL.

Also, if you want to hear any more about this AU, my inbox is open and I’d love to answer any questions you might have with either headcanons or fics like this!  Without further adieu, let us begin!

Settling into Leonidus had proven far easier than anticipated for Allura and Lance Alforchild, not the least because of the delightful company they had found in Coran Kaltenecker, their father’s closest friend and the keeper of the house, and Husani “Hunk” Garrett, the jovial chef and servant who lived with them.  Lance in particular had found Hunk’s company quite the comfort in his time of grief, and had created in the span of a single week a close enough friendship to be allowed to tease the chef with regards to letters Hunk had been writing to a certain “Pidge”.

“How’s your lovely pigeon doing today?” Lance said, sitting next to Hunk at the luncheon table (Coran, Lance and Allura had insisted that Hunk sit down to eat with them).

Hunk raised an eyebrow, his face betraying the slightest blush, and said, “She’s doing well, Lance, though I think she’d rather be out of her cage, which seems to be getting smaller for her by the day–”

Slav Gunderson, a very close, very eccentric friend of Coran’s that he simply had to introduce to his honorary niece and nephew, chimed in with a “Oh, you simply must tell me about your bird, though I do hope you’re taking full responsibility for her as well as pleasure with her!”

With that, Hunk’s face turned redder than the pomegranates Slav had managed to find and bring to Leonidus’s dining room table, and Lance simply stared at this strange man, shocked and perhaps slightly jealous that there existed a man more effortlessly opposed to propriety than himself.

“Oh, from what I hear, our chef’s not the only one with a secret paramour!” Coran said, prompting both Lance and Hunk to groan, and then continued, having not seen the sheer look of panic in Allura’s eyes, “Allura here has had quite the list of suitors trying to get her attention already, and she’s ignored all of them!  She must have left her heart in Altea Park, perhaps we can get an initial for the lucky suitor?”

Allura glared at Lance to keep him quiet, but when Coran and Slav persisted, she conceded, “I shall allow you each a guess as to the surname’s first initial.  Lance is not allowed to help any of you, as he already knows the name of my alleged paramour.”

Alleged my a–” Lance said before having his mouth promptly covered by a now-flustered Allura.

“Who would like to make the first guess?” Allura asked, a fake smile plastered on her face.

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Home Again | 1

We are thinking of making this a series. Please tell us if this is good or not. 

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“GET YOUR ASS UP!” Stephanie shouted. “Steph! Give me another hour!” I shouted back. She ripped the blanket off of me. “Get up Y/N!” “Fine! Just get out!” She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. To better learn the way of the Korean culture my parents sent me to Korea to live with my sister Stephanie. Mom said I need to get in touch with the culture. To get a better understanding she sent me to live with Steph. Okay, first off that was a terrible choice. I just got here and she’s already nagging me.Well I got here last week. I was born here but I wasn’t raised here. My parents had this thing going on. They loved to travel. All of my older siblings were born in Korea but raised in the foreign country. My older brother, Junki, raised in Japan, therefore we know the Japanese language and the culture. My other brother, Byungho, raised in China, therefore we know the Chinese language and the culture. And Steph, raised in France. Then there’s me. I was raised in the states. I feel left out compared to my other siblings. Korean was my second language while it was my siblings’ first language. And because of that growing up was harder for me when my family from Korea would come and visit. They would insult how I spoke it and my pronunciation. They would also insult my Hangul writing because at the time it was bad but they always said I was a disappointment to the family. 

I didn’t understand the whole deal with learning Korean and the culture. I’m not even fully Korean. My family isn’t either so I don’t see why Korean had to be superior to our other culture. When I would ask my mom would just sweep it under the rug and just hit me with the “Because we love you.” And I would just take it. When Steph moved back she got a job as an intern at this entertainment company. I believe it’s called JYP Entertainment. She’s an intern there and she’s giving me a tour of the building. She even asked her boss if she could and somehow he said yes. And that day was today, I didn’t want to go but she’s forcing me to. She even got mom on her side. I just don’t want people looking at me weird for being mixed. I heard that attracts a lot of attention here in Korea. In the states you could walk around being mixed and no one would even care. But here, you’re judged and that’s one reason I didn’t want to come back but I was forced to. 

I got up and walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and just put on some clothes without really thinking about it. I gathered my hair into a ponytail and brushed my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom in some jeans and just a sweater. Steph walked in and her eyes widened. “You’re not going to JYP like that! Fix yourself!” “Fix your attitude.” I shot back. She has changed a lot since moving back. I don’t like it. She was my favorite sibling because we are the only girls out of 4 children, but I’m kinda rethinking my choice of having her in that position. Byungho isn’t too bad. “I don’t have time for your smart mouth! Let’s go.” She grabbed my wrist and pulled me. We walked out of her apartment and began to walk to where I believe the JYP building is. “So you walk to work everyday? Why don’t you have a car?” I asked probably annoying the hell out of her. “I don’t need a car to drive to work. JYP is just a few blocks away. And I need to exercise.” She answered letting go of my wrist. “Do you have a boyfriend you’re not telling mom and dad about?” “You sure do ask a lot of questions for a 14 year old.” “You sure do hide a lot of things for 20 year old.” She only rolled her eyes and continued to walk. 

When we got there I was amazed at all the people here. I hid behind Steph, I was too scared to speak. My pronunciation was still not the same. A man in a suit walked up to her. He bowed as did she. I just quietly stood behind her. The man looked at me with a smile. “This must be your little sister Y/N, right?” “Of course. She’s really shy when it comes to new people. Say hi.” It took a little bit because they were speaking Korean. “Hello. I’m Y/N. I’m sorry for my pronunciation if it’s bad.” “It’s fine. Your pronunciation is very good.” He said. I gave a shy smile. “You can give your sister that tour now. If you need anything, I’m in my office.” The man said before bowing and walking away. He must be her boss? Mr.Park I believe. “Come on. I’ll show you every spot I can go. But there are so rules. Well one. Don’t touch anything. Okay?” I only nodded. (A/N: Korean is in bold. English is not bold.) She took me on a long tour of the building. Though it was long there was a lot of places I couldn’t go. Or she couldn’t go. But one interested me the most. And that was the trainee rooms. There was a section dedicated to trainees and only trainees. It was weird that Steph couldn’t even take a step in there. Me? I don’t listen, well I do, but I don’t like to. Steph received a business call and she left me with a staff member who didn’t even care about me. I slowly walked to the trainee section of the building without attracting attention. I heard blaring music coming from one room. I looked through the window and saw a room full of people but there was one kid in the middle. Well I can’t call him a kid. I don’t know how old he is. 

He was dancing! Like really good. I honestly can’t dance. I’ve just never tried to. I never saw the point of me trying to dance but I did enjoy watching other dance and perform. I used to love when mom would take me to local recitals. My favorites were ballet and hip hop. I know they are two different ones but I loved those the most. There was the one female dancer I loved more than anything. Her name was Gigi Madrid (A/N: Made up. This is not a real person.) She did both ballet and hip hop. She could make anyone want to learn how to dance. I was one of those people, but I just didn’t follow through. But this guy, he was really really good. I smiled without realizing it. When the music stopped he looked over the window and winked at me. My eyes widened and my cheeks got hot. He was really cute. I pointed to myself and he nodded without anyone noticing. Am I blushing? “Y/N!” I turned around and saw Steph rushing toward me. I just looked down. “What the hell is wrong with you?! You can’t be here! You’ll get in trouble!” “I asked her to watch me.” I heard an unfamiliar voice. An unfamiliar guy’s voice. I looked behind her and saw the guy who winked at me. I felt my cheeks heat up once again. 

Steph turned around. “Kid, get back in there. You’re a trainee. Don’t worry about my sister.” “Ms. L/N, do you know I could tell management of your behavior and get your internship cancelled. Let her stay with me or else.” He threatened. I don’t like when people threaten someone close to me but for some reason when he did it I didn’t say anything. It was kinda hot that he wanted to spend time with and would do anything to do just that. He was good looking after all. She scoffed and walked off. “Thanks for that.” “No problem. I didn’t like that she was yelling at you. Have you eaten?” He asked. I just shook my head no. “I’m free right now. Let’s get you something to eat.” “You don’t have to. I could eat later.” I said. “You need to eat. Trust me. Think of it as a gift. I’m Park Jaebeom by the way. You can call me Jay.” “Y/N.” I said before smiling. 

This is the first chapter of a series we are thinking of making. Please let us know if we should continue this. Sorry for any mistakes. 

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A non-shipper's view of the mixed tape

I’d like to begin by stating that you should feel free to ship - or NOT ship - whoever you please. This is simply the way I see things, and I’m not saying you have to see it the way I do.

Cas is Dean’s best friend, his family. An angelic best friend. Now, angels, ESPECIALLY Cas, are notoriously ignorant when it comes to pop culture - music, movies, books, etc.

Dean Winchester is a lover of rock music down to the deepest depths of his soul. It’s an important part of who he is. Cas, his best friend, is unaware of who these bands are and what the genera even is. Imagine when Dean finds out that Castiel doesn’t know who Led Zeppelin is.

Dean: *ranting about how great Led Zeppelin is*

Cas: An airship made of lead seems extremely misguided.

Dean: *thinking* He doesn’t know who they are?! Oh HELL NO. I’m fixing this now.

Dean would be horrified if his best friend found music on his own and started listening to the likes of Taylor Swift or One Direction. I don’t see it as romantic, I see Dean giving Cas a mixed tape as an effort to develop Cas’s astoundingly non-existent music tastes in the likeness of his own.

I mean, hell, if my best friend was an angel that had never heard of or listened to my favorite band, you can BET I’d make them a playlist and shove it into their hands.


Hi How Are You Daniel Johnston?

              On November 11, at the MAMA Gallery, I had the immense pleasure of being able to experience the work of indie artist and cult hero, Daniel Johnston in person. I first heard of Daniel Johnston when one of my favorite musicians mentioned him in an interview, so I decided to look Johnston up. I’ll have to admit, his music was unexpected, and to be honest, it sounded like he recorded his songs in a cupboard, but it was that same low quality rawness that instantly piqued my interest. The first song I heard from Johnston was called “The Story of an Artist.” And from there my fascination grew. Johnston’s lyrics were uncensored. He sang of love and life and artistry. Although his music was uncomplicated and quite simple, I had never heard anything like it.  He didn’t seem to care about money or mainstream success, he cared about the lyrics and the music. The young and troubled Daniel Johnston moved to Austin, Texas and began to pass out his cassette tapes– that he recorded in his mother’s basement– to anyone that was willing to listen. I found this ambition and the style in which he worked inspiring; he just wanted to create art, whether that be through his drawings, his video recordings, or through his music. Johnston suffers from mental illness, but I tend not to focus on that aspect of his life too much because, not to belittle his illness, he is much more than his diagnosis. Daniel Johnston was one of the first totally DIY artists that I became interested in and I am sure many have a similar experience. I love that his work will live forever and it will continue to encourage people of all generations to create, even if they feel like they do not have the “proper” tools to do so (i.e: in Johnston’s case, proper recording tools). 

             The MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles showcased a Daniel Johnston exhibit featuring his art and a short film called “Hi How’re You Daniel Johnston?” The film was directed by Gabriel Sunday, and featured artists Lana Del Rey and Soko. Del Rey covered one of Johnston’s many beautiful songs called “Some Things Last a Long Time,” while indie French artist, Soko played the character of Daniel’s love interest, and the topic of many songs, Laurie. The film took the viewers into Johnston’s mind and we had the pleasure of meeting Johnston’s iconic cartoon frog, Jeremiah. The film took us back to the past to Johnston’s basement where the Daniel Johnston of 2015 met the Daniel Johnston of 1983 while he was recording one of his most famous tapes, “Hi How Are You?” The exhibit was a great representation of the living cult hero, and I am so lucky to have had a chance to experience his art and music in real person. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Daniel Johnston yet, I highly suggest you do because he might just impact your life, or your creative mind, like he’s impacted mine. �1(�S]y�� *Photos taken by Silver Destouet @shotbysilver*

Some Things Last a Long Time:

The Story of an Artist

Meeting Harry (One Direction Harry Visual Imagine)

You had just finished taking a shower, now beginning to throw on your very thought-out, planned apparel for the night. Your phone makes an annoying buzzing noise on your dresser. You go to your dresserr and grab it to then see your bestfriend calling. You answer the phone with a sigh by putting it on speaker so you can finish putting the rest of your clothing on.

“Hey, are you ready?” she asks in an overly-excited voice.

“No, um, I actually just got out of the shower. I need to apply makeup and I then I will be finally ready. So we can go get some coffee or something before the concert.” You say while struggling to put your boots on.

“Um, yea, about that..”

“Y/BFF/N What’s wrong? Please don’t tell me that you can’t pick me up! You know I can’t drive!” You say while going to your bathroom to apply your makeup and brush your hair. You bring your phone to the bathroom.

“Something came up!” She replies.

“What  am I supposed to do Y/BFF/N? My parents can’t drive me, and neither can anyone I know now.” You finish your mascara and you move on to brushing your hair.

“You’ll come up with something! You always do!” She says in a reasurring, calmful voice. Your nerves then lower to happier state. You finish your hair and makeup and look in the mirror. Sort of loving what you see.

“Fine. But your so going to pay me back for this." 

"I will, I will.” She calmly laughs. 

“Bye.” You sigh.

“Bye.” She hangs up and you continue to look in the mirror. Your eyebrows furrowing as you try to think of what your going to do in order to get there. You grab your backpack and walk outside. You walk over to your garage and see your bike. You roll your eyes and jump on, putting your phone in your jacket’s pocket so you can listen to music. You begin to drive knowing exactly where your going because you’ve been to the stadium many times. 


You stop by a coffee shop to get something to drink and also somewhere to hangout before the concert. The concert starts in a good 3 more hours so you don’t want to arrive just yet. You walk into the coffee shop and go into the nonexisting line. You give the cashier your order but he furrows his eyebrows at you.

“No ordering and no entering, did you not see the sign outside? I thought I told you girls to leave the shop or I would call the police.” The cashier rudefully comments. A voice coming from the back of the shop then startles you.

“Hey, that’s no way to treat a lady. She can stay. She didn’t know.” The voice was familiar. You turn around and see a curly-haired man sitting down smiling at you.

You did wonder why the coffee shop looked so empty considering the town you lived in. Harry Styles was here. You can’t help but smile back. You then look at the cashier and smirk.

“Yea, that is no way to treat a lady.” You hear a muffled chuckle coming from the back of the shop. “May I please get a capuccino to go?” He nods and apologizes to you. You nod back at him.

You walk to a table not that far away from Harry to wait. You hold your backpack tight not knowing what to do. Your awkwardness trait pushing through you.

“So, where are you on your way to?” You hear a deep voice say at the back of you. He holds the chair next to you and says, “May I sit here?” You nod happily.

“I was actually on the way to the Stray Stadium. Where your band is performing.” You smile looking down at the table. 

He smirks. “Is that so?” He then licks his lips, then slouching into his chair.

He rubs his thumb against his bottom lip as you notice he ever-so-quickly checks you out.

“Yea, I actu-”

“Your order is ready mam.” You gesture a ‘hold on one second’ sign to him as you walk to claim your order. 

“That will be 3.63” He says while you go into your backpack muffling for your wallet. You feel a warm hand on your shoulder startle you. 

“I got it love.” He hands the cashier his card. He smiles at you and you put your things back in your purse. 

“Thank you. You didn’t have to do that." 

"It was my honest pleasure.” He licked his lips once again. You noticed that he licks his lips alot but only when he was looking at you up and down. You found yourself looking at his lips instead picking up your drink. He’s also looking at yours as you notice. You sigh out of your daydream and grab your drink, thanking him once again while beginning to walk out of the coffee shop. You walk into the door and laugh at yourself. He softly chuckles and you exit the coffee shop to then see an empty space that shouldn’t be. Your bike was gone. You roll your eyes and sigh, putting your hand to your forehead. Harry then ever-so-coincedentally walks out of the shop with his sunglasses and coat on. "Are you waiting for a cab love?“ 

You laugh nervously, "Nope, my bike got stolen so actually wait I guess I am waiting for a cab.” You sigh and rub your forehead.

“I can always take you. I mean, were headed to the same place anyway.” You furrow your eyebrows and look up at him. His comforting smile bringing slight warmth to you.


“Really. I’d actually take much joy in getting to know you a bit.” He takes off his sunglasses looking into your eyes licking his lips once again. “Yea?”

You sigh and look away, knowing what your about to get yourself into. You shrug off the worried side of you and decide to go along with him. You look to him and give him a reasurring smile and nod and you then are greeted by happy smile that warms your heart instantly.

He takes your hand and guides you to his car. He opens the door for you and you step in placing your backpack on the car floor. He goes around and gets in his place then smiling at you.

“Wow, for it being August it sure is cold here.” He laughs while rubbing his palms together. You laugh along feeling slightly carefree and happy. 

“You have a wonderful smile.” He looks at you and your smile grows bigger. You laugh and he then starts the engine. 

“So, you want to tell me your name love?” You jokingly make a thinking face to annoy him. He shakes his head smiling.

“I’m just kidding, my name is Y/N." 

"That’s a pretty name. I’m Harry.” He smiles at you laughing slightly.

“What kind of music do you like?” He asks, slowly turning up the heater in his car. He then grabs your cold hand and his eyebrows furrow. “Your freezing Y/N, are you cold I’ll turn up the heater a bit more." 

"I’m fine, honestly.” You smile. You notice he leaves his hand on yours while driving and you can’t help but smile to yourself. You then remember his question earlier and reply. “I’m one to like all types of music actually. I’m more drawn to music’s lyrics then its instrumental. So if a song has great lyrics its a song that I can bear listening to. My favorite genre at the moment I guess would have to be pop/alternative music." 

"Wow, your actually a girl of many mysteries Y/N.” He replies to you. “Do you like any The 1975?”

“Love them, their music has meaning and their well-written and played." 

"Their actually one of my favorite bands to be honest. All their songs to me are great and well-thought.” He excitedly says looking at you on and off while driving.

“They do have great music.” You smile and look down at both of your hands still touching. You feel his thumb grazing over your hand, you do the same to his.


The drive was full of conversation, alot of singing, and a whole lot of smirking, laughing, and flirting. You both arrived at the stadium and he parked in an spot you never heard of or seen. Even after all your years of coming here you still had never heard of the spot but you just went along with it. He stopped the car and opened the door for you to then walk into the what seemed like an abandoned door into the stadium. He held your hand while walking in and led you up the stairs into what seemed like the backstage of the concert stadium.

“So, Y/N, I actually have got about an hour and a half before I have to go, mind keeping me company while I your here?” He said smiling widely.

“No, not at all.” You laughed. He laughed along.


When he was finding his apparel for the night, you two played dressup with his clothes laughing like there was no tomorrow. The clothes in the dressing room for him looked so uneeded so you guys decided to have fun with the clothing. You also spent half an hour playing with his hair acting like you were a french hairdresser making him laugh histerically.

“I must zmake youz look magnefique! Well, what you have here is completely disastrous!” You said trying to pull off your best french accent. You both laughed so hard. Before you both knew it, it was a couple of minutes until his performance. 

“Oh, um, come with me quick!” He quickly grabbed your hand and rushed you to a seat where you could you see the stage almost too clearly. Also, the whole area where you were was empty. It must’ve been for staff members or something only. “You can see us perfectly from here.” he sighed sitting next to you. “I’ll be right back I promise. When the concert break comes I’m heading straight here.” You laughed and nodded, and he headed off to stage and began to entertain the fans. 


The concert was perfect and you sang along to the words as the crowd did. Harry did fulfill his promise and came back to you during his short break time. You two talked about how great the concert was going so far. He held your hands while talking to you trying to warm you up since the stadium was bit cold. His eyes looked into yours and he sighed.

You did the same. It seemed almost as if he were about to lean in to you before you both heard a buzzing in his pocket signifying he had to be downstairs immediately. He kissed your hand and promised to be back again. He quickly waved and smiled and you did same.


Soon, the concer was over and you couldn’t have had not loved every moment of it. You jumped up and down and sang along to the upbeat ones, while sitting down and and singing along the slow ones. He came up to you once again and this time he was a bit sweaty. You laughed.

“Sorry I’m all sweaty and stinky.” He looked down and licked his lips.

“No, it’s fine. If it makes you feel any better I think sweat makes a man more manly.” You laughed and he chuckled.

“Your something else.” He bit his lip and looked into your eyes, you smirked and stared into his.

He grabbed your cheek and leaned into you, pausing and taking a brief moment to acknowledge you before kissing you.

The anticipation killed you so you rested your hands on his cheeks, pursing your lips. He hungrily sighed and kissed you. His teeth tugging at your bottom lip for entrance and you opening happily. Your tongues explored eachother and his hands then traveled down to your hips.

Your hands stills on his cheeks as you both kissed. You both gently pulled back before giving small kiss once more.

“I have been waiting to do that all night.” He exhaled. You both laughed.

“Me too.” You chuckled. 

“Y/N, I really like you. Your,” he sighed and looked down at the ground before continuing, his hands muffling through his hair as he spoke, “your, amazing Y/N.” You smiled and you bit your bottom lip softly. “Would you possibly like to get some dinner sometime or lunch?” He sort of nervously said. You smiled noticing that he now being the nervous one and you the confident one, completely opposite from the afternoon in the coffee shop.

“I would love to.” You smiled. He chuckled and kissed you once again.

“Now, what do you say we get out of here and go to that coffee shop? I’m cold and I need some warming up.” He convincably asked.

“Me too, let’s go.” He smiled and took your hand in his, walking you to his car, and leading you into to a very fun, histerical night.

(: Hi, this is my first imagine on my new account! Please follow or message me if you would possibly like a part 2 of this imagine? I had fun writing it and I hope you had fun reading it! Lots of love! (:


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“Lemonade Mouth is my favorite Disney Channel movie and one of my favorite movies in general. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since it came out in 2011. I just wish I became just as popular as High School Musical because whenever I tell someone about my love for this movie they either have never heard of it or vaguely remember it. I just want to know someone who loves that movie just as much as I do.”

Honestly…. I love Complicated by Avril Lavigne so much… Avril Lavigne is my favorite artist probably. She’s cute, emo, edgy, everything I’ve always wanted to be. She is my FFS goals I wanna be like her one day. I’ve never heard any better music, no one can top what Avril has done. For me personally, her music reminds me of when I was an innocent emo gay high schooler… I was so tender and mild