never heard of a school shooting here

Black on Black Crime is not a Valid Arguement

Hoe don’t do it. Stop. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and do not use that argument cause just don’t. I’m actually tired of people always saying that. The reason marches, our outrage, etc isn’t seen as much here is because “justice”(U.S doesn’t quite understand this concept so I’ll be using this term loosely from now on) is served more times than it is in events like when Eric Garner, Trayvon, and honestly this list could go on soooo much longer and include cases many of use probably have never even heard of (like the Valdosta incident). So summing it up, “Ray Ray shoots/assults/etc Pookie,” Ray Ray goin to jail. But ol’ lil Billy Bob comes to school and shoots Ray Ray & Pookie ol’ lil Billy is gonna be arrested not shot, given a quickly made psych eval for the News Channels explaining how his mental disorders are to blame therefore he can’t be guilty. Thats why we march, thats why we get upset, thats why we protest, thats why we protest thru blog, thats why we (insert verb here on how we attempt to fight injustice). Because when its black on black they get what they want and one of us is dead the other locked up. But one of them pull a trigger and they get one of is dead and then they get donations. So yeah we have a reason to be upset over a hate crime that will go unpunished. We have reason to be louder, we have reason to be more angry, we have a reason. And i feel black on black crime is a phrase to make us look bad. Like ya’ll never call it white on white crime then scold whites when they speak out on what happened with the Batman Theater Shooting or recent school shootings. They don’t get, “yeah well white on white crime is a huge issue why don’t you march on that Cindy!” with things liand not (my goal is not to compare tragedies just giving examples) I don’t know how long this is, but i’m keep ranting a lil. But yeah a big thing happens to us and we go and with good reason cause ya’ll shooting kids & choking people, and killing just cause they’re transgender, and ya’ll say we don’t care we just racebait and black on black crime is more of something we should be concerned about rather than noticing you lowkey racist getting away and letting them get away with murder. Again, hoe don’t do it, don’t pass go, don’t sneak $2hunnit from the bank, don’t use black on black crime as an argument when we are talking about hate crimes and sorts.

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