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New Man

Anonymous asked: you still do song requests right?? can you do one on New Man by Ed Sheeran?

A/N: I love that song tbh one of my faves from divide. Coming right up babe!

Warnings: a bit of angst and a bit of fluff and cuss words 

“I don’t want to know about your new man…” 

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Bucky lips wrapped around a cigarette, sucking in the smoke as he watched you and your new man from across the party. His jaw clenched as he saw you take the champagne that he held out to you. Bucky didn’t like him. 

The two of you never dated. After you joined the Avengers, you and Bucky casually hooked up one night after a lot of drinking and it carried on for a while before you started seeing the new guy.

We can’t keep doing this,” you said to him, “I’m seeing someone.” 

God, the thought of you touching another guy made Bucky almost spit with anger. 

He threw the cigarette over the balcony and chugged half of the glass of wine he had gotten from Tony not to long before. 

“Jesus, Buck. You need another glass?” Steve teased, causing Bucky to glare at him. 

His attention turned back to you, whom started talking to Natasha and Wanda while the new guy’s fingertips softly grazed your lower back. 

Bucky liked you a lot. He tried so hard to make it more than what it was but he could tell you were resistant, that you thought of him as just a friend with benefits and that feelings weren’t a thing you thought about. 

After a couple weeks of hooking up, he noticed that you would stay in his room with him, rather than sneak back to yours. He noticed that you’d allow him to cuddle you, snuggling back into his chest. 

This was what started that small glimmer of hope that maybe you had fallen for him too. Unfortunately, he didn’t think that was the case. 

Bucky’s hand gripped the glass so hard that it shattered in his hands, causing you to look over at the noise. “Fuck!” Bucky said, shaking the liquid off of his hands and locking eyes with you momentarily. 

His legs carried him out of the room and the party goers went back to their conversations. You looked up to your date, giving him a soft smile, “I’m going off to the girls room. I’ll be back in a bit.” 

“Okay,” he seemed distracted, talking to the other woman beside him, “have fun.” 

You walked away, giving a last glance to your date and rolling your eyes as you saw him shamelessly flirting with yet another woman.

You hadn’t been seeing him long. You really only started seeing him because you were terrified of falling for Bucky. You couldn’t believe how close the two of you had gotten and you knew that you had to move on. You didn’t really like your date all that much, though. 

It seems as though the feelings are mutual. 

Something was wrong with Bucky. You held your dress and rushed up the stairs and towards Bucky’s room. The music downstairs faded the further away you got, turning the corner and knocking on Bucky’s door. 

“Fuck off, Steve.” Bucky groaned from the other side, picking glass out of his flesh and growing more and more irritated as time passed. 

“Uhm,” you cleared your throat, “it’s (Y/N).” 

Bucky’s eyes went wide as he rushed and opened the door, “Yes?” 

Your eyes were immediately drawn to his bloodied hand that dripped down his forearm and onto the wooden floors. “Jesus Christ, Bucky!” 

You pushed him aside and pulled an old T-shirt from his drawer, wrapping it around his hand as he stared down at you. “I’m fine, darlin’. It’s no big deal.” 

“Why’d you break the glass?” You asked him, applying pressure to his hand to stop the bleeding. 

“I just… grabbed it too hard.” 

You rolled your eyes at him, hearing him suck air through his teeth while you tied the shirt tightly around him. 

“What’s been up with you? You’ve been acting weird.” You muttered, crossing your arm across your chest while Bucky sat down on his bed. 

“Weird? How so?” 

“You don’t talk to me, it seems like you hate me. I mean, I thought we were friends,” you grew frustrated, “you know that you can talk to me.” 

“You’ve got someone else now. You don’t need to talk to me and vice versa.” Bucky said simply clenching his fist and feeling a small sting in his palm. 

You threw your hands in the air, “I’m seeing someone, therefore I can’t be friends with you?!” 

“You fucked me and left me!” Bucky gave in, screaming at the top of his lungs and towering over you. 

Immediately your face grew red as you tried to piece together everything. “It was casual.” 

“It wasn’t casual when you were in my room at three in the morning with a bottle of wine, snuggled against my chest while we watched movies! It wasn’t casual when I braided your hair after we showered together! It wasn’t casual when you made me breakfast every morning and greeted me with a kiss! People who only fuck don’t do shit like that!” Bucky defended, his throat cracking at the end of his rant. 

Your eyebrows furrowed. You wanted to be angry but you couldn’t find yourself to yell. Bucky’s veins popped in his forehead, his eyes watering slightly. So slightly that you didn’t think you saw it right. 

“You can’t get pissed off that I fell in love with you when you did everything right.” Bucky said quietly, a small tear slipping over his reddened face. 

Before you could think about what you were doing, you grabbed his neck and pulled him down to your level and smashed your lips against his. 

In no time, Bucky responded to your kiss by wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you backward onto the bed. 

All thoughts of the man you entered the party with left, and your body was consumed by Bucky. 

Your lips tingled against his, his finger tips toying with the hem of your dress with you straddled his thick thighs. 

“Fucking hell, doll.” He muttered when you started to grind your hips against yours. 

You grinned into the kiss and ran your thumb over his jawline, feeling him take your bottom lip in between his teeth. 

Your lips pressed kisses across his jaw, down his neck and onto his chest, feeling him pull you back up to his level and making eye contact with you. “I just have to know- do you love me too?” 

Bucky’s sentence was quiet, almost as if he didn’t want to say those words yet. He looked expectantly into your eyes, almost making you melt. You had never seen such a vulnerable side to Bucky and it almost broke your heart. 

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” 

The sentence was simple and short, but it made Bucky the happiest man alive as he kissed you hard once again. He held you close to him as you cuddled on his bed, not really making any moves and just enjoying each other’s company. 

“What’re you gonna tell your date downstairs?” Bucky asked, humor lacing his voice. 

You thought back to the brunette he was speaking to when you left, “Something tells me he’ll be fine.” 

You rolled over and kissed him again, feeling his lips turn up into a smile. 

Our last night || soulmate!AU Pt.1

“What’s the difference between the love of your life and a soulmate?” I asked.

“One is a choice, and one is not”

Word Count: 7.5k
Genre: Angst | Fluff | Romance | Smut
Pairing: Reader(She) x Jungkook 
Triggers: Depression, Mention of suicide, lots of angst tbh, Mature content, Cussing.
Gif: AngustD©GIFs

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A/N: Much cry while making this…
Hope you guys like it! thanks for reading! and thanks for 400 followers!! <3
constructive feedback is always appreciated :)



—first 24 hours—

“This love was so pure it would smolder within their hearts for all eternity”

That one, single line from the book made your heart hurt. Is that the word? hurt? or…Is it something else entirely.
It pained.
That, you are sure about.
There is just something about it, that that made you go over it once again…not analyzing, just letting it sink in, let your mind absorb it, let your body absorb it, let your soul absorb it.
The book remains open on that one page; your eyes hovering above each letter and word for a long time.
What did it mean? How can a love smolder you? is that even possible? How can it be eternal?.
The more these silent questions spread through your thoughts, the more you feel confused, the more you feel empty; but at the same time, you somehow understand exactly what they mean.
You need someone to talk about this.
You read over the phrase once more:

 “This love was so pure it would smolder within their hearts for all eternity”

Without realizing, pools of tears flood your eyesight, trying to blink them away the big drops drip down your cheeks. A face on the back of your mind appears.
His dark and messy hair.
His big gentle eyes.
His goofy smile.

“Jungkook” a giggle joins the streams of water rolling down your eyes, while saying his name out-loud, making you realize you aren’t sad; In fact, you are desperate to see him again, to hug him and kiss him -just like you did every time you are together.
Putting the book down, you grab the cell phone on the nightstand, ignoring the piece of white paper, standing out because of the sapphire blue seal on the front, and tap over his name on the contact list.
-the dial tone causing you anxiety and a pang on your chest.
It is the first time you felt like this, so frantic and in a haste about phoning him.

Unwillingly, your eyes travel to the night stand once again, landing over the closed envelope with the blue sigil.
You knew this day might arrive.
Since the very beginning.

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elithequeenbee  asked:

Hey ^^ I love your blog and all your headcanons. They give me life. 😍 What do you think how the RFA guys + Saeran + V would react to going to a sauna with MC, with or without towels. Would they be flustered about all the naked skin?

(Hey there! Sorry for the late reply =…= this was a lovely question! Thanks for asking it!)


- oh my. This boy…. he’d go totally ballistic. With him, you either need to be wearing all your clothes all the time or nothing at all… Towels?? Who needs them, right???

- but he’d be such a mess

- you can see him physically struggle to keep his eyes looking at your face

-his eyes keep snapping down… tbh he’s p much rubbernecking it lolol

- “all men are beasts”

-you’ve never seen him move to get away from you so fast

-also, you’ve never seen him move to get close to you so fast

-poor boy can’t decide what he wants


-this boy is  s w e a t i n g

-like… yeah, it’s a sauna but… you’ve never seen someone sweat so much in your life

- very awkward conversations

- he insists on towels. He brings like 4 extra just in case you need more

-he likes to stay close to you but he can’t make eye contact

-if you hold his hand while you’re both in the sauna he might actually die

-brings you both water when you’re done with the sauna

Jaehee (cause im gay)

-she’s a little uncomfy at first but she was the one that took you to the sauna in the first place (you had to bribe her to go to the spa because she needed it, but a couple’s sauna session was all her)

-after her muscles relax from the steam she starts to enjoy it and holds your hand

-she likes to play with your fingers

-she’ll tell you how much she’s enjoying spending time with you! She talks about work, even on her vacation, so every time you remind her to relax she does this cute little sound then melts back into the seat to enter Relaxation Mode™

-she gave in and sat really close to you to give you shoulder kisses

-after a while you gave in too and massaged her shoulders because she is tense as heck and because you totally aren’t trying to cop a feel of her very strong and toned arms nope not at all

-after she wants to get smoothies so you both get something very refreshing like an orange smoothie

-she sleeps like a rock that night




-holds you close to him even though it is so freaking hot

-lots of kisses!! it is too hot for this!!! what is wrong with this cat man!!

-forget about a towel, he brought a robe

-he spoiled you and bought you a pretty robe too

-this man is in his element. He is loving it. Totally checking you out


-you know he owns the sauna

-he keeps touching your legs excuse me mr. Han now is not the time

-after he pampers you. Of course. Makes sure you drink lots of water. Like, a crazy amount of water. Each time you glance at your cup BAM it’s full, no matter how much you drank from it

-he really liked spending time with you p much nude and with no sexual stuff so he plans to do it more often. It feels like a bonding activity to him (it is)



-brought snacks in the sauna and immediately regretted it

- all the chocolate melted

-chips got soggy

-he sulked for a while but snapped out of it when you poured water over the hot rocks and steam came out

-he did that for like a whole 15 mins

-likes tickling you…pls… you’re supposed to be relaxing…..707 for once pls chill

-but you get him back by towel whipping him

-to turns into one big play fight and if you hadn’t arranged to get the sauna furthest away from the spa you’d probably be kicked out by now

-you both end up slightly dehydrated bc of all the roughhousing in the sauna…

-he likes leaning on you and acting like ‘gravity machine broke’ while you suffer from his weight and his sweat


-honestly???? One of the most therapeutic things you’ve ever done

-he has you sit next to him and he traces patterns on your legs and arms and wherever he can reach

-talks very softly and tells you how much you mean to him

-there’s no music playing or anything. You hear water dripping and steam hissing and his gentle voice whispering sweet nothings into your ear

-likes resting his head on your shoulder 

-but his hair got all wet so he stopped after a while because your neck got sweaty

-he doesn’t care whether or not you have a towel. He’s gonna touch your skin anyway tbh and it’s not like he can really see you anyway

-lots of sighs and cuddling


- you are both  W E A K L I N G S

-every 10 mins you have to go out of the steam to cool off a little bc it is just too dang hot in there

-towels are a burden and it doesn’t even matter that you’re both naked because it’s way too hot to even think about getting hot and heavy

-at the end of the session at least one of you will be overheated 

-stays very far away from each other…… too much body heat……wtf why would you stay close together???

-if you thought this would be romantic you’re wrong

-worst date idea ever

-you have to bail and you both do a couple’s massage instead. That’s more your speed

-couple’s massage goes so well you both fall asleep on the table and the staff want to wake you up but they’re kind of afraid of Saeran…….

-he refuses to admit he couldn’t handle the sauna and when you tell him to get back in the sauna if he’s so tough he just pinches your cheeks and refuses to answer you

-hours pass by and it’s still too hot to touch each other because why would you do that your internal temp is still similar to lava wtf

College!AU Jun
  • [double] major: italian / french 
  • minor: translation studies 
  • sports: track & field 
  • clubs: italian opera enthusiasts, french film club, part-time model when the fashion majors need him
  • someone call a doctor because jun is out here on campus breaking HEARTS 
  • as in he’s the most flirty, handsome, witty, “campus casanova” eVER
  • from the fact that he’s studying italian and french because quote on quote; “i wanna to speak the language or romance” to the fact that he refers to anyone he’s speaking to as his ”tesoro” *darling 
  • also like have you seen him?? double language major jun walking around in expensive foreign brands……..aesthetic to the MAX…..jawline for days……one time during a track meet he took his shirt off because it was too hot and everyone discovered that he has a tattoo in italian on his ribs and when asked what it said he just smirked and said “Ho saziato la mia sete alla fontana dei tuoi baci…….” some one translated it and it meant “I quenched my thirst at your fountain of kisses.” and literALLY JUN WOULD 
  • wants to translate operas and plays and things like that when he’s older so that’s why he has the translation minor. he tutors in italian and people who don’t even take italian as their language will BEG him to teach them and when he’s in the library his table is literally just surrounded by students asking question
  • freshmen love coming up to him and asking him to speak to them in french or italian and like they’ll giggle and videotape it and long story short jun has a campus blog dedicated to him probably
  • studied abroad in france and bought a neck scarf that he loves dearly and wears whenever he’s going out and roommate minghao is like “what. is that.” and jun is like “FASHION.”
  • so here you are in this. intermediate italian class because your schedule got messed up because university sucks and you already told admissions but they were like we need a week to fix it so you’re stuck taking ITALIAN for the time being 
  • and like you come in and some overly excited student tries to greet you and you’re just like “buddy. the language i signed up for was beginner chinese. not this.” and the kid gives you a sad look and you’re like yEAH i KNOW 
  • and just as you’re about to take a seat someone taps your shoulder and you turn around and you’re not sure but you think you’ve just come face to face with a real life Angel (it’s jun)
  • the boy smiles and he’s like “are you new to the italian major?” and you’re like “i………….i……………………i…………….um……………….si?”
  • the kid you just told you were in the wrong classroom: ???????
  • but like you sit down and he’s like….right there in the next seat and he like flips through his notebook and god his fingers are long and he’s so lithe??? and gorgeous, his side profile is like an actors or models
  • and ok you’re totally drooling but so is everyone else. like half the class is shooting darts at you w/their eyes because you GOT A SEAT BESIDE A GOD
  • finally the teacher comes in and thank god she’s like “we’ll just do introduction today in english!!” and she’s like “say your name. major. and the best italian food in your opinion!” and so like it goes around and it gets to the boy beside you and he’s like 
  • “im junhui!! jun for short please. my double majors italian and french. best italian food? pizza.”
  • and in your head you’re like: HOLD UP
  • and the teacher turns to you and you say your name and major but you’re like “the best italian food is pasta. everyone knows that.”
  • jun like looks at you and scrunches up his face and is like “it’s pizza.” and you’re like “UM CAN YOU TWIRL PIZZA AROUND ON A FORK??? NO” and jun’s like “CAN YOU EAT PASTA WITH YOUR HANDs???” and you’re like bOY I WOULD IF IT WAS SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE and Jun’s like WELL WITH PIZZA YOU CAN 
  • and honestly you two get up out of your seats to argue about this and the teacher is just like um
  • but now your onto what kind of toppings and sauces are better on pasta or pizza and you’re like first of all. pizza isn’t even historically italian you can trace it back to the middle east??? and jun is like you can trace flatbread. real pizza comes from naples- 
  • and you two just stand there going @ it about the history of pizza for like twenty minutes before the teacher is like SIT DOWN
  • and you’re like “you may look good but you don’t know what you’re talking about.” and jun snorts like “i do look good and i do know what im talking about.” and you’re like “WELL Obviously you’ve never had REAL GOOD pasta in your life if you say pizza is better.” and jun’s like “what constitutes ‘real good pasta’ for you??” and you’re like this place downtown is owned by an italian family and it’s the best ill give you the address so you can go and SEE THE LIGHT
  • and jun’s like FINE then ill make you see the light with my favorite pizza place
  • you two are still bickering and the teacher is like “YOU TWO CAN TALK ABOUT PLACES TO EAT FOR YOUR DATE LATER!!!! SILENZO”
  • you and jun slip into your seats grumbling but you’re also like ,,,,did the teacher say date,,,,,,,,,,i wouldnt,,,,,,i mean he’s hot but,,,,,,,,pizza > pasta,,,,,,no
  • and jun, you don’t notice, but he likes peeks over at you and grins because like usually he’ll say something and everyone will flock to him and be like yes!!! you’re right!!! even when he knows they’re differing in opinion but you just seriously argued with him over food and like ….
  • he thought you were cute doing it hehe
  • anyway class ends and you’re getting your things and jun clears his throat and you’re like ??? and he’s like “so the pizza place is pretty close by here. do you want to come with me?” and you’re like
  • “now??” and he’s like “yeah??” and you’re like “um id love to go and disprove you but i have another class so……” and you wave and throw your bag over your shoulder and leave
  • and jun’s like stunned because you legit just shot him down (for good reason but…….) and he grins and he’s like “there’s something about that one. they’re fun.”
  • and the next time you have to come in for italian because admissions is taking 29048 years to switch your schedule jun waves and like points to the seat beside him
  • you like awkwardly go over and he’s like “so, you free after class?” and you’re like ?? and he’s like “i still gotta take you out for pizza.” and you’re like oH right and jun’s like wigging his eyebrows and you shrug because you’re like “maybe. i kinda wanted to get some study time in. ive got this presentation in a week so i cant slack.”
  • and like at the end when it’s over juns like “so lets go!!” and you’re like “sorry i really do need to study, my group chat is like telling me i have to go!! sorry!!!”
  • and jun once again watches you leave but he’s not mad tbh he’s grinning even more because he was right, this is going to be fun
  • and like when you don’t show up to italian the next week because your schedule got fixed jun ends up asking around the whole campus to find out where you might be
  • and like he finds you outside the study hall one day and he’s like “hey!” and you’re like “jun????” and he’s like “you’re hard to find, had me running around the whole campus.” and you’re like “why are you looking for me??” and he’s like “pizza, remember?”
  • and you’re looking at him like seriously, you’re not over that?? and jun’s smiling at you and you’re like “i dont have time now-” and jun’s like “give me your phone. im going to give you my number and just text me when you do  - ok?”
  • and you hesitate but you pass your phone over and he puts his contact in and gives it back and you almost throw it at him because hE SERIOUSLY NAMED HIMSELF “Pizza King *crown emoji* *pizza emoji*” and he winks at you and is like “addio~~”
  • truthfully like you get to wrapped up in your own work that like a month passes and you don’t text jun until one day you like look at your contacts and see the dumb pizza king one and you’re like ………….i have this weekend off so…………..and so you nervously text him like “hey, im free tomorrow at 1?”
  • like ten seconds later: “really? can you meet me outside of the theater on campus?”
  • and you’re like oh my god but you’re like sure!! and that’s how you set up your first date (of many coughs) with wen junhui
  • but it’s hilarious you get to the theater at like 12:50 the next day and you can hear music inside and one of the students tells you that the fashion majors are doing like a practice show
  • and you’re like huh and then at 1 you see someone running toward you and it’s jun and he’s wearing ?? like ??? a full tux ??? and like has makeup on ?? and you’re like UM and he’s like
  • “sorry i was just helping the fashion kids out. sorry i look like this-” but then he stops because he sees how you keep looking down because like the buttoned up part of his tux and tie are undone and you’re kinda red in the face and jun bites his lip and he’s like “you know. ill borrow this clothes for our date.” and you’re like AHGIKFS NO PLEASE CHANGE
  • and you like push him back toward the theater like !! go put on some normal clothes !!!! and he’s laughing because aww you’re cute when you’re embarrassed 
  • he finally agrees to change and comes out looking AMAZING anyway and he’s like “the place is close to campus, don’t worry.” and you two walk there and jun orders you guys his favorite kind of pizza
  • and like you’re waiting and you’re like “why are you studying languages?” and jun like drinks some water and is like “because im not good at anything else.” and you’re like ??? what do you mean and he lets out kind of a bitter laugh and he’s like “people always tell me there’s not much beyond my looks and they’re right. language is all memorization, you don’t need skill.”
  • and you can feel his voice is dripping with like sarcasm and you kind of cringe because as confident as he comes off, is this really what he thinks of himself????
  • and you’re like “you must be crazy, language is the hardest major. you’re learning something you don’t even have basic knowledge of.” and jun’s like what do you mean and you’re like “bio majors know the difference between something alive and dead. it’s common sense. literature majors know whats a real word and whats not, what sentence sounds right and what doesn’t. every major has a platform to start on except foreign languages. double majoring in two is something only a real genius could pull off.”
  • and like you shrug because you feel like you’ve said to much and like you try to distract yourself when the pizza comes but jun watches you and he’s just like “i knew it. i knew it was you.” and you’re like ??? and he just shakes his head and eats his slice
  • the rest of your conversation is like cute and small jun flirts in between asking you questions and you mock him in between answering them but somehow you two like fit together the conversation never dies
  • and by the end you’re like “i have to admit, this is good pizza - but…………pasta owns my heart.”
  • and jun sighs and he’s like “fine, ill give up on pizza owning your heart but how about this’; me or pasta?”
  • and he like leans over to look you in the eyes and you’re like …………..”pasta duh” and he’s like DAMMIT 
  • but you both laugh and he walks you back to your dorm and he’s like “since i took you for some life changing pizza, you owe me life changing pasta.” and you’re like “of course, how about next week?”
  • and jun jumps at the offer like yes. anytime for you. anytime anyplace and you roll your eyes because like as much as you don’t want to admit you like jun. but you cant risk letting him now that because something itches at your mind that he’s probably not the committed type
  • and so you and jun say goodbye and he pulls you back to him when you turn to leave and he’s like “we have to say bye like the italians do.” and he kisses your cheek and grins softly before waving and walking off
  • and you’re like I hate his corny butt BUT DO YOU DO YOU…….
  • the next week you and jun meet up to go to the pasta place you wanted to show him and like on your way there you’re waiting for the train and you hear like a group of boys go bye snickering and pointing at jun and you hear one of them basically call jun a slur and another one says he’s good for nothing but how he looks and like it’s within earshot so it means jun can hear too and so you like
  • immediately take his hand and move him further away down the platform and he’s like “dont worry about me.” but you’re like “jun, is that why you were telling me you’re not good at anything? is it because of what people say?”
  • and he just looks down and tries to smile but you can see it’s hard for him and you’re like “jun, you know theyre just jealous right. that they cant shine confidence like you and that they will never be as smart and capable and kind like you. you know that right?”
  • and you like lift his face so he looks directly at you and he’s like “no one… one ever tells me that im doing the right thing. that im doing well-” and you’re like “jun, listen to me, you’re doing amazing. you’re handsome, yeah but you’re a sweet person and you’re incredibly intelligent. don’t take a word they say into consideration ok?”
  • and he chuckles but he nods and you let him go but he pulls you into a tight hug and you’re like jun!!! people can see!!! and he’s like with his head in your neck like let them see i dont care,,,,,
  • once you get to the pasta place you order your favorite dish and like you guys are eating and jun’s like “let’s do the pasta kiss.” and you’re like “jun. no.” and he’s like “………c’mon…….” and you’re like jUN NO and he’s already twirling one end of the pasta on his fork and you’re like aklhfw OK 
  • and it’s cute it’s like the scene from lady and the tramp except you bite off the noodle before jun can and he’s like hey!! and you’re laughing but the second you’re distracted he leans in and steals a kiss and you’re like j U N and he’s like “you wouldn’t do the pasta kiss with me SOOOO”
  • and jun admits at the end that the pasta might be slightly better than the pizza but only because there was a kiss involved and you’re like god you’re so greasy and he’s like “just like pizza (;”
  • everyone knows you and jun started dating because the night of the pasta date he made you two take a selfie outside the resturant and when you woke up it was all over SNS and your roommate was practically yelling in your ear like YOURE DATING WEN JUNHUI PRINCE OF TRACK TEAM ITALIAN SPEAKING HEARTTHROB
  • and you roll over like let Me sLEEp but yes im dating him 
  • you dont have many classes with him but you meet up inbetween and his friends minghao and hoshi are like “break up with jun. you think he’s a flirt before you dated him, now it’s just gonna be worse.” and you’re like looking at jun whose got his arm around you and keeps making hearts with his fingers and you’re like “yeah……..i know what i signed up for.”
  • you complimented hoshi’s shirt once and jun was like “should i buy one just like it?” and you’re like oh my god chill
  • jun likes it when he’s kissing you and complimenting you in italian and you’re like giggling but you’re like !! what are you saying what does it mean!!! and he’s just kissing your neck calling you cute things and saying sweet nothings and he just likes seeing you get all red
  • took you to french film club with him and you were like “jun, this movie doesn’t have subtitles?” and he’s like ‘don’t worry ill live translate” but all he kept saying was how cute you looked and how much he loved you against your ear the entire movie (the head of the club kicked you guys out 15 min in)
  • he likes having you sit like between his legs with your back to his chest especially if you guys are like chilling somewhere with friends or like at your dorm like you’ll be typing on your laptop and he’ll be like sitting against the wall on your bed and he’s like “sit in my lap” and you’re like “jun” and he’s like “please, it’s sad if we’re in the same room and im not like holding you.”
  • jun the type to triple text you good mornings + send a selfie of himself like “look at me. your beautiful boyfriend. you’re so lucky!” LOL
  • jun talks about you so much and like even fore a class he was supposed to recite something in italian only and he recited all the reason he liked you and the teacher was like jesus christ
  • you spend a week trying to learn a phrase in italian for jun and it’s something like “you’re very special to me.” and when you tell it to him he throws his arms around you and is just like im so in love goD
  • you guys still argue over ordering pizza or pasta when you stay in and minghao, jun’s roommate always has to be the icebreaker or he’s like “you two are so loud just get BOTH”
  • jun kisses you in the middle of your sentences and it gets so bad you have to like cover his mouth while you’re saying something because it’s cute i love you jun but GIVE ME ONE SECOND TO BREATH
  • makes out with you against walls and you get shy because like he leaves you breathless and it’ll be like against the wall of the library and freshman walk by and giggle and you’re like ahsdgikw with your face in his chest and he just laughs and fixes your hair 
  • you go to his track meets and jun wears like a headband in his hair and he looks sooooo good in the uniform and like he always teases you by sending kisses to you from the field and you’re like sTOP but he wont 
  • you like pass him water from the bleachers and kiss his forehead and jun is like “if i win- we’re getting pizza the next time you come over.” and you like push him away playfully and he grabs your hand and kisses the top of it and idk it’s cute yall are cute
  • jun in italian: you look good 
  • you: i cant understand you
  • jun: love is a universal language
  • you: im gonna smack you with this book

find college!vixx (here) & college!bts (here)
find college!woozi (here),  college!wonwoo (here) college!seunghceol (here) & college!seokmin (here) 
find special college!jb (here)
and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

That Went Well

Originally posted by thedarkeststarrms

Request:  Hi! Could you do Ethan x FemReader where the reader is Tyler’s sister and her and Ethan end up getting pregnant and when they tell Tyler he gets super mad to the point where him and Ethan start fighting? Sorry this is really strange Cx Thanks!

Summary: Fem!Reader and Ethan tell the gang they’re expecting and Tyler doesn’t take it so well. Rip in peace.

A/N: This took me forever to write mostly because I couldn’t imagine Ethan and Tyler fighting lmao hope you guys enjoy and sorry for going 5 years between posting but at this point I’ve given you guys all my excuses oh well

Wordcount: 1293

Warnings: mention of blood, fighting

Request are closed for now, sorry!

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  • ❤️
  • see ya tomorrow, boss.
    • kara danvers uses “ya” and correct punctuation all at the same time. be still my heart
  • okay, that aside. here we go.
  • lena luthor: the thirstiest girl in national city
    • everyone at that conference table: neat little folio in front of them. lena luthor: paper everywhere. what a delightful little mess.
      • (a delightful little mess in her eternity collar.)
    • (she’s probably going to date james. i’m excited.)
    • also this happened:
      • edge: ‘i’m buying catco’
      • me: LENA’S BUYING CATCO, PAL. 
      • tHiRtY mINuTeS lAtEr
      • lena: ‘i bought catco’
      • me: NO SHIT.
    • ‘that sentient bottle of cheap cologne.’ lena really does fit right in.
      • as per always, lena’s work computer arrangement pisses me the fuck off. you cannot actually do any work on a tablet, having it sitting on your desk like that with a keyboard is going to fuck up your back, and at a bare minimum YOU NEED TWO MONITORS TO DO SQUAT. sincerely, a person who regularly wishes for a third monitor at work.
    • ‘oh hey, i mean, i miss you.’
      • i cannot believe that it has been literal months and lena hasn’t like, scaled the side of kara’s apartment building and climbed in through the window to apologise.
      • ‘i’m here for you if you still want that.’ THE PHRASING OF THIS HURT ME.
    • paper the inside of my grave with lena stepping on a golf ball.
    • ‘people are gonna start talking.’ about lena lesbian luthor and you? dude, no they are not.
    • ‘you have all the charisma of a michael douglas movie from the 90s,’ says the girl who was born in 1993.
    • and look, you can write it as lena caring about independent and unbiased press all you want, show, but i remember:
    • lena bought catco for kara. the end.
    • and she built her a statue, just in case we weren’t super clear about how much lena loves both kara and supergirl.
      • which is actually an interesting counterpoint to everyone else being all ‘who cares about supergirl, i love kara danvers’
      • especially when like: ‘most importantly, she’s been a friend.’
    • at what point will lena just stop having public events in open and accessible spaces?
    • maybe at the point where SHE BOUGHT HER FRIEND AN ENTIRE MEDIA EMPIRE.
    • ‘supergirl got her man, and now we have to discuss ours.’ UM.
    • ‘so catco’s gone?’ ‘nooooooooo,’ nervous sweat breaks out across lena’s brow. this is it she thinks. my grand gesture. ‘i bought it.’ whew. nailed it.
    • ‘are you kidding?’ ‘pretty badass, right?’
      • (that belt she’s wearing is also um. um.)
    • ‘i’m just trying in my own small way to be more like supergirl.’ seriously. lena luthor: counter argument to the KARA DANVERS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT club. thank you for existing.
    • ‘i actually quit.’ oh my god i bought a media empire for you?!? ‘well unquit!’ oh my god????????? okay be calm be calm. ‘i can’t do this without you, i know nothing about running a media empire.’ whew. nailed it again, luthor. ‘you know more than i do, you studied under cat… i mean, i trust you’ yes, good solid reasons. ‘and how often do you get to work with your best friend?’ …fuck.
    • let me tell you, lena was glad edge showed up.
    • *cough*
    • (the line between ‘you’re a creep and i don’t like you hitting on me’ and ‘you’re a creep and i don’t like you hitting on me because i’m a lesbian’ is probably going to get really blurry this season.)
    • see ya tomorrow, boss.
    • ❤️
  • kara danvers can’t come to the phone right now
    • reader: i cried.
    • ‘supergirl, you’re the best.’
      • honestly, i’m just so… impressed? by how well they layered everything going on with kara. ‘supergirl’s been too busy to have a one on one conversation about the invasion.’ ya don’t fucking say?! kara clinging to the idea that supergirl is the best person she can be because supergirl is the one who made the decision to send mon-el away because detonating that iron diffuser was the right thing to do because because because because. it’s easier to be the person who did the right thing than it is to be the person who suffers the consequences, and sucks to be both, so why not just not be. 
      • ‘i’ll do my best.’ both times kara’s face was basically screaming I’M ALREADY DOING MY BEST AND MY BEST AIN’T SO GREAT.
        • sidebar: instead of inviting kara out to eat food, friends-of-kara, why don’t you see about getting the poor alien some therapy.
          • why is everyone except j’onn such dicks about this? sorry someone’s sadness is harshing your horderves search alex jfc?!?
            • i’m gonna bury this up here: i hate chyler’s haircut.
      • ‘you want me to write the article or grab a drink.’
        • funnily enough, this is the kara i know and love best. this isn’t new, this is kara, she’s just usually better at hiding it most of the time. given what the writers have had to say in interviews about what the theme of the season is, i am really interested to see where they go with this after supposedly wrapping things up cleanly at the end of this.
          • (i mean, last season i thought they were working at some kind of theme of isolation and we all know how that turned out, so what the fuck do i know.)
      • ‘you did what you had to do, and that was supergirl’s call, anyway, not yours, so.’
        • how often does kara tell herself that in the mirror each day?
        • (how often does lena???) 
      • ‘you have no internal injuries, you’re going to be okay.’ kara, honey.
      • ‘what makes me me, is supergirl. that’s who i am at my core.’ kara, honey.
      • ‘if i’m expected to put supergirl on hold, just to write this article for you, then maybe being a reporter isn’t a good idea […] i’m saying i have important things to do. not as a reporter, not as kara danvers.’ kara, honey.
      • ‘kara danvers sucks right now.’ kara, honey.
      • double barrel:
        • ‘supergirl is great. supergirl saved the world. so, if i could choose to be her, why would i ever choose to be the sad girl whose boyfriend is gone. i don’t like that girl alex.’ 
        • ‘but me, i couldn’t have lived with myself if i hadn’t. i will always make the decision i made. i am not a human.’
        • if i could choose. i will always.
          • these two statements back to back are a beautifully executed shift in internal paradigm. 👏
      • ‘i can’t help people if i’m broken.’ kara. honey.
      • ‘most importantly, she’s been a friend.’ lena being the reminder that supergirl’s goodness is her connection to people, be still my heart.
        • i’m gonna say it again: I WILL NEVER BE OVER KARA’S FACE IN THAT MOMENT.
      • ‘wake up.’ kara, honey.
        • (the one to herself, not the…
        • i’m just. this is what i wanted from last season: kara knowing what being supergirl will cost her, and choosing it anyway. not because it’s the easy thing, because it’s blanket absolution for hard choices, but because it is the hard choices, even when it is the right one, the good one.
      • i love kara danvers. she’s my favourite person, and i wish her well with finding healthy coping mechanisms.
  • alura two: electric boogaloo
    • for a recast, erica durance really was a genuinely good choice and not just an excuse to bring back another legacy actor. if we can’t have benanti, i’d rather this than just never seeing alura again, that’s for sure. i’m pumped to see more of her.
    • also that intro hurt me in the good place. kara isn’t just dreaming about her mom and her dead boyfriend, she’s dreaming of being on kryton. she’s dreaming of everyone who died, and mon-el is one of them. the subtlety of where she’s at with this is actually a lot more than i’d have expected from this show after last season.
    • (there was also a moment where it looked like kara was going to kiss her mom, which was somewhat unexpected.)
    • since i’m already all over the place, i’m just gonna talk about demon alura here too, especially in the context of it being kara’s dream that merges into sam’s nightmare. WHAT DOES DEMON ALURA MEAN? IS SAM GOING TO RUIN THE PAST? IS THE PAST SECRETLY ALREADY A NIGHTMARE? PLEASE STOP RUINING KARA’S NICE MEMORIES OF HER FAMILY JFC THE GIRL HAS SUFFERED ENOUGH.
  • alex danvers: ‘your unrelenting seriousness is one of your best qualities’
      • i can’t believe this plot thread has made me defend kara’s feelings for mon-el!?!?! hdu, show.
    • but then. ‘kara danvers is my favourite person. she’s saved me more times than supergirl ever could so just, think about that while you’re trying to get rid of her.’
      • AND THEN I CRIED. (i am so excited for this midvale episode, you can’t even imagine.)
    • meanwhile, maggie sawyer: NEITHER THE TIME NOT THE PLACE.
      • nope, this is actually about dean cain: ALEX, HONEY.
      • space dad: BEST DAD.
        • ‘don’t cry. if you cry, i’m gonna cry. and then everybody here’s gonna know we actually can cry. so.’ aksjdhasda.
        • alex is wearing kevlar and boots. so gay.
      • ‘you two are my favourite couple.’ WINN SHIPS IT.
      • ‘the biggest, gayest wedding that national city has ever seen.’
        • sure ya are.
  • press secretary cat grant
    • i read this fic a year and a half ago.
    • ‘the best press secretary since robert gibbs.’ an arbitrary benchmark, and poor jay carney.
    • kara misses cat :(
  • sam [whatever her last name is]
    • that was not a subtle introduction. and i see this is going to press all my mom feels, not just my ‘secret hidden powers’ feels, so you know. COOL.
  • random other stuffs:
    • kara stealing the keyboard was the most adorable.
    • general lane mention!
    • everyone’s makeup was so light in this ep there was freckles everywhere, what a gift.
    • kara’s ability to listen for individual heartbeats: OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED FINALLY.
    • kara’s ability to swim is actually just her flying through the water: MY HEADCANON OFFICIALLY VINDICATED.
    • kara leaving edge on a freighter was delightful.
    • was that ship in the water reign’s or mon-el’s? asking like i’m a person who actually cares about the plot.
    • i have no idea what the actual plot was this week, but there was a submarine! i love submarines!

anonymous asked:

Could you do how Seven would react if, during his route when he's at the apartment and keeps yelling at MC and pushing them away, if the MC wasn't able to take it so well and had a panic attack and cut themselves.

me tbh. But I added a little twist in the end. Btw it is an ambigous ending so you guys choose! also sorry if I made Saeyoung a little OOC
[ Admin IU ] [ TRIGGER WARNING!: Cutting! ] 

Saeyoung pushes MC too far. 

Saeyoung x MC - Abyssopelagic 

(adj.) like or pertaining to the depths of the sea. 

It was another day in Saeyoung’s house and well, he was still pushing MC away saying cruel harsh things. It always felt like a stab in the back for MC as she liked him, found him adorable and she absolutely admires everything about him. But it doesn’t feel right when he actually pushes her away. ‘I thought he cared for me.’  won’t cross her mind.

Saeyoung was on his computer at exactly 12:00 pm and it’s lunch time yet he hadn’t even eaten breakfast, he was so focused on the keyboard and MC was silent and all she could hear was the annoying taps of the keyboard as he fiddled with codes and whatever he was doing. His eyes glued to the keyboard and MC was feeling lonely; watching him type away. She was holding a tray that contained a plate full of food and a glass full of water. She stood there, breathing deeply. Anxious as she was, she gained courage and called out for him. 

“Saeyoung, it’s time to eat.”

No response. Once more, she called out to him, taking steps and going closer to him. “It’s time for you to eat-” 
And he snapped, standing up and the chair legs screeched against the floor and he was facing her with a glare and an annoyed expression plastered on his face. “Oh my god!” He started, slumping his shoulders and rolling his eyes. “Why can’t you understand?! I’m busy!” He yelled out. “Just leave me alone, let me do my job so this can be over with! You are so annoying oh my god! You’re like ‘Saeyoung this! saeyoung that!’ can’t you see?! I’m saving your life from this bomb! I don’t need to eat!” Saeyoung did something MC could never forget. He raised his hand and hit the tray, knocking it over. The glasses fell and it shattered on the floor, his yells were blurred out  Her eyes were fixated on the ground. She was standing in the middle of glass shards. The glass shards represented her heart being shattered into millions of pieces on the floor and his yells turned into small voices that echoed. 

So her feet moved on it’s own, until she was running away from his bunker. It was a hellish hour to finally find a cab to get her back to the apartment and once she was there, she broke down, crying hysterically. She was in the bathtub, her tears also filling the bath tub little by little. Her tears wouldn’t stop running and she can hear her phone ring a lot of times. She would have a lot of missed calls and people messaging her but she couldn’t care less. The water in the bathtub reminded her of how dangerous the ocean can be and her heart was the ocean. Beautiful and dangerous. It both has an abyss, something that can no longer be filled by anyone or anything. In her hands, a blade. She was gripping the blade so badly that it cut her palms. Moving it to her wrists, she was slashing it, cutting the skin of her own. Blood dripped down to the water and it was staining the beautiful blue to a terrifying red. MC felt numb and she felt dizzy, no longer functioning that much and she dropped the blade on the floor. It was cold and blurry and the last thing she heard was the front door opening and two voices scream her name before she blacked out.

MC woke up in a hospital, and the anxious feeling came back and waved over her body. “Miss? You’re awake!” The nurse was cheery and she called the doctors while she sat up in confusion, looking around the hospital room. “Hello, Miss MC, how are you feeling?” The doctor asked, entering the room. 

“I think I’m fine. What happened?” MC asked, clearly in the middle of confusion and panic. “Oh, don’t worry too much. You just slept for two days. Your wrists are fine and we did everything in our willpower to check your health, mentally, physically, emotionally. It seems that your panic attack had you passed out and it’s serious that emotionally, you can’t handle things. Is it because of a trauma?”


“Family problems or school problems?”

“Both, and words were always thrown at me.” As the doctor was about to ask another question, another nurse came in, carrying flowers, chocolates and a letter. “Mr. Han sent you this.” She handed her the letter and MC took it, seeing the stamp of the C&R. Slowly opening it, her mouth suddenly went dry reading this.

[ Letter ] 
Dear MC, 
          By the time that you are reading this, Saeyoung has deleted the app on your phone. We’re sorry that this happened to you and I’m sure Saeyoung is too. We hope you’re doing well as the whole RFA is worried about your condition. Here are some things that Zen suggested I’d buy you and I didn’t go there, sadly as I think you wouldn’t want to face any of us. I paid for the hospital charges and there is a cab waiting for you if ever you discharge and it will take you home. We’re sorry and as an apology, I’m handing out money. There will be cash, yes but it’s all for you. Please, accept my sincere apology. 

                                                                                      Yours Truly, 
                                                                                       Jumin Han.

I’ll post the alternate endings soon lmao. 
Check out our masterlist! 

Alternate ending 1  Alternate ending 2 

I Missed This

Warnings: Tad bit of Fluff.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister! Reader.

Summary/Request: Can I have a request where the reader is the boys little sister (like 16years old) and she has a bond with Sam and Dean gets jealous but later tells Dean that she sees him as a father? I love father figure Dean tbh lol I love your writings! 

Readers Age: it says 16 in the request but it can be any really.

Word Count: 1,023

Y/N: Your name

Y/N/N: Your nickname

You and Sam had just returned from the local library and were sat in the bunkers kitchen drinking tea and talking about a few books you saw. Sam always understood your geekiness and helped you embrace it. You were quite alike actually, in the sense of being nerdy and always trying to keep a healthy body.

Suddenly mid-conversation Dean popped up in the kitchen doorway. Both you and Sam looked at him, he looked tired and you noticed a hint of sadness. He had been acting strange lately, moving away every time he saw you and Sam talking or doing something together. You didn’t really pay any attention to it considering the fact that you and him didn’t have the same bond as you did with Sam.

Lately it’s been starting to affect you though, you feel as though your brother hates you and because of that you talk less when he’s around. You used to be stuck by the hip, but now, it feels like you’re strangers living in the same home. You talked to Sam about it a few times but he just said it was probably just him being tired or the hunting and will stop soon. But it hasn’t

“Where were you guys?” He asked arching his eyebrow, you noticed his eyes were slightly red on the edges and the veins seemed to pop up more.

“Oh, we were just at the library. Y/N wanted to check out some new books that came recently.” Sam said gesturing to you, Dean sighed heavily sounded almost angry, but you didn’t know at what.

“Oh, so you guys were nerding out together?” He tried joking but came out rather rude, giving a dry laugh he turned around to probably go back to his room. You and Sam looked at each other questioningly, not knowing what was going on to your eldest brother.

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Summary: These pranks are getting pretty out of hand… Enough said.

Pairing: Warren x Reader

Warnings: It might be intense fluff, it might be light smut… Who knows? Swearing, as always.

A/N: Currently super pissed off at tumblr right now. I had like 3 stories I was going to publish today and they all got deleted, so that was fun. If you guys have any alternatives to tumblr drafts could you message me bc I’m legit so lost… 😱 Sorry that this is super late. You guys should request for sure because this writer’s block is killing me. 😭 😭 

Originally posted by snarling-through-our-smiles

“Shit!” You gasped as you felt the icy water soak through your clothes. In an instant, you felt another balloon explode against you, drenching you once more. “What the fuck?”

You wiped the water from your eyes, shivering against the wind. You had just come out of the mansion with Jubilee, heading to the pond for a nice, relaxing lunch with Jean, Scott, and Kurt. Instead, the moment you stepped outside, you were attacked. 


You looked up to find Warren and Peter, perched in a tree with a bucket of water balloons. They hi-fived before Warren swooped down and Peter skidded to a stop at your left side with a cool gust of wind. 

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I Know You, Eurus Holmes

Sherlock One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Eurus Holmes

Warnings: ehh some mentions of violence/injury

Request: “Can you write something based on “Imagine Recognising Eurus, who used to be your classmate in primary school ” with angst please?” - anonymous

Word Count: 2,084

A/N: related gif imagine is here [x] ! tbh i can never tell what is angsty when i’m writing, and i feel like i’ve been including a lot of flashbacks in my writing recently. anyway i kinda liked writing this, hope this was alright !!

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buildarocketboys  asked:

245. “Please don’t cry.” for Flint and Abigail? (I just really need more Abigail fic tbh)

                                                          *  *  *

Flint splashes water over his face and let it seep down the weary creases of his face. His body slumps with exhaustion. If he just could sleep, but he can’t sleep. There is no time. The words he will say tonight to Peter will have to be the most persuasive, earnest words he has ever spoken. Their importance will echo for years to come.

He closes his eyes, resting his hands on the table. He lets his head hang between his shoulders, just for a moment. The last few drops of water drip down his jaw and Flint lets them, too tired to even wipe them away. He lets himself stay there until he can hear his own breath in the stillness of the room.

There’s a quick knock at the door and Flint tenses. Miranda’s in the other room; it has to be someone else.

He wipes his face hurriedly on his sleeve and goes to the door, pulling it open. “Yes?”

Abigail stands there her shoulder shaking faintly.

“Abigail?” Flint looks at her with concern. “What’s wrong?”

“They beat you!” There’s a growing note of hysteria in her voice and Flint draws her into his room quickly before the sound can draw anyone’s attention.

Abigail’s still standing there shaking, so he tentatively opens his arms and she presses against him immediately, resting against his chest with a sob.

“Shhh, shh…there…there.” Flint makes soft noises he only half remembers how to murmur to someone who needs to hear them. “Please don’t cry.”

“I don’t understand how he could treat anyone like that.” Abigail sobs. “He’s always been…He’s always said…I thought he was a good man.”


Flint tries to pat her back reassuringly, but she’s so small, it doesn’t quite work. He gives up on that and just holds her. He strokes her hair and continues to make the calming noises while he tries to think of what to say.

“It’s more complicated than that, Abigail. You may not understand why your father has done the deeds he has done.” (He doesn’t understand Peter’s actions himself for that matter, but then he suspects Peter wouldn’t understand his either) “But you are judging him without speaking to him about it.  What your father knows of me, what he knows of Charles Vane, are dark deeds, multitudes of them. He was only trying to protect you and keep you safe.”

She sniffles, her breath ragged against his chest, trying to contain her sobs.

“But he could have waited! He did it without provocation. You hadn’t even done anything yet. You didn’t hurt me.” The indignation rises in her voice at the pure injustice of it. Flint’s grateful she can’t see him right then for he can’t help the faint amusement in his eyes.

“Please, don’t cry Abigail. Please. It’s all right.”

“How?” She demands, drawing back to stare up at him with red eyes and pale cheeks. “How is it all right?”

“I don’t know.” Flint confesses. He can’t lie to her and he doesn’t know what he would say even if he wanted to lie to her for her own good. “But you have to trust that it will be all right.” He pauses, and then because she’s still looking at him, waiting for something more, he goes on.

“If you don’t like the way your father handles matters, if you don’t agree with him, then remember it. You can hold your own opinions and keep them in your heart. Keep your own council. Right now you may be subject to your father’s will, but that will not always be the case.” He rests his hands on her shoulders gently, gazing into her eyes. “People will tell you that you have to do as they say, and for a time that is true. But you are the only one who holds dominion over your own thoughts. If you see something that you believe is wrong, take note of it. Think on how you would do it differently and remember it for the future.”

“I will.” Abigail promises readily and Flint heart trembles slightly at her certainty, her youthful spirit, the very preciousness of her young life. She deserves more from the world than to have her ideals dashed against the jagged rocks like this, and he cannot offer her more than what he has. He isn’t her father after all. Hopefully Peter will understand the responsibility he has here and make amends for any damage he may have done.

That’s the past. That’s McGraw’s way of thinking, and he knows it. The Flint in him knows the damage has been done and cannot be repaired. Abigail will always remember what her father did upon this day and Peter has no one to blame for that but himself.

“But for now, you should go.” Flint squeezes her shoulders gently. “I have to ready myself to speak with your father.”

“I pray he will listen.” Abigail murmurs.

Flint manages a smile and then he presses his lips to her worried forehead. “Take care, Abigail.”

“I will see you at dinner though!” She says, catching at his hand and squeezing it, and Flint nods.

Abigail goes to the door and pauses. “I will take care, Mr. McGraw, and please, promise that you will do the same, you and Lady Hamilton.”

“We will.” Flint promises, and in the end, that is the promise he ends up breaking, though he never intended to.

black hair, blue eyes

It’s a coincidence, with Dick, and Bruce thinks little of it. They share so much beyond dark hair and blue eyes, beyond trivial appearances. Besides, Dick enjoys putting on a show when Bruce’s colleagues gape at him, when they swear the boy looks exactly like his father and question where Bruce has been hiding him all this time. “Sent me off to a circus for eight years. Can you believe it? Dad,” he’ll say, solemn, hand over his heart as he clutches Bruce’s tailored sleeve. “I bunked with an elephant. How am I supposed to function in high society now?”

Bruce ignores him, ignores the polite, bemused laughter that accompanies his charade. It hasn’t yet been a full year, but the boy is laughing, the boy is calling him “Dad” with no hint of sorrow, and Bruce realizes they don’t share as much as he once thought.

Dick refuses to remain a boy forever, and Bruce isn’t as careful with Jason. His eyes glint blue like the gunmetal of the hubcap he’s trying to steal, and Bruce steals him instead. Drags him screaming from the streets, binds him in a cave and lays down the rules for belonging to him. Bruce takes him from the night, returns him to the night, and Jason’s eyes burn with a fire Bruce has long since extinguished in his own. 

It remains only a matter of chance. Alfred comments on the parade of dark-haired boys that have passed through the halls of Wayne Manor, and Bruce ignores it still. He ignores it until the day that blue fire goes cold in Jason’s eyes, until he cradles the lifeless form in his arms and wonders what might have happened if the mugger had shot him, Bruce, that night long ago instead of killing his parents. 

No more, he tells himself. The end. Dick joins him at the graveside, and Bruce can’t bear to look at him, or his own reflection in the lake that borders the grounds. He focuses on the wispy gray of Alfred’s hair instead, tries to forget that it was black and full when he was a younger man. 

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Dorms || B.I, Donghyuk


Summary:  You don’t know why your best friend let you stay over at his dorm, but you never knew it would’ve led to something like this.


Warnings: Smut what I imagine would be a great threeway tbh  Will be under the cut. 

A/N: Thanks once again for the request Anon and for clarifying the request a few days ago! <3 Also, this is written with the apparent new roommates the boys said on Melon Star Radio a few days ago.

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anonymous asked:

OKAY BUT what if saeyoung and saeran go to the beach, for the first time? I don't think these two would ever have been to the beach tbh?? Maybe after saeyoungs route MC takes them to the beach for the first time and they all have a great family trip


  • MC kind of has to force these two shut-ins out of the house
  • Saeran has never been to the beach but he just knows its going to suck
  • sand is gross and the ocean is gross and sunlight is gross
  • Saeyoung is really just excited to spend time with MC and Saeran
  • also he’s excited to drive for the two hour trip in his car
  • he goes out the day before and gets squirt guns and a new swimsuit and goggles and beach toys and beach towels and sunscreen and a sun hat and a glasses strap for his sunglasses
  • Saeyoung actually spends like $300 on this beach day once he gets into it
  • he cant help but overdo things, he’s just so happy to have his family back~
  • even though it was MC’s idea Saeyoung pretty much spear heads this beach day
  • “wake up!! its time to load the car up!”
  • Saeran was really not having it
  • “what the hell, Saeyoung?…it’s 7 AM? what are we even ‘loading’ into your car?”
  • Saeyoung was already dressed in sunglasses (prescription, of course), a big sun hat, a black tank top, water shoes, swim trunks, and he had a few sunscreen streaks on his face
  • MC appeared from behind him, sporting a matching sunhat 
  • “well theres the towels, the beach toys, the picnic basket, the cooler-”
  • “alright, alright. i’m up”
  • geez, those two…
  • Saeran helps Saeyoung and MC get a ridiculous about of beach shit into the car, and it’s finally time to get going
  • “shot gun!”
  • Saeran hops into the front sea, sticking his tongue out at MC
  • his first win of the day
  • “awww how cute! my favorite twin brother wants to sit next to me, i’m touched!”
  • Saeran regrets everything
  • on the way there Saeyoung and MC blast all their favorite songs, and since MC has to lean forward to sing with Saeyoung they’re like even more disruptive to Saerans space
  • tbh the music is catchy but he needs to retain his “i hate this” facade
  • when they get to the beach, the three of them start to unload the car while Saeyoung breaks down the schedule for the day
  • “alright, so we’ll set up camp on the beach, play in the waves a little bit, then me and MC will come back here and get out lunch, wait half an hour, play in the waves a little more, then maybe go down to the pier to finish the day off?”
  • MC agrees to the plan excitedly
  • Saeran refuses to carry anything out there, so Saeyoung just has to grab extra stuff
  • when all their beach towels are set out, Saeyoung and MC strip down to their swimsuits and grab each others hands, deciding to just run into the water
  • “Saeran, grab my hand! it’s more fun it you go in all at once”
  • Saeran refuses and proceeds to call them crazy
  • he stays on the beach under the shade of an umbrella they brought
  • “Saeran, why dont you come in! the waters fine”
  • Saeyoung was screaming at him from the water
  • a few minutes later MC and Saeyoung come back to their place on the beach, dripping wet
  • MC starts to rummage around in their beach bag
  • “so, Saeran, since you dont want to get in the water…”
  • they continued to look through the bag
  • “me and Saeyoung thought we could bring the water to you!”
  • MC tosses a water gun to Saeyoung and pulls one for themselves out of the bag 
  • before Saeran even knows whats going on, he’s being soaked
  • Saeran, as fast as he can while still being drenched, runs to the bag and pulls out the third water gun
  • “you assholes!”
  • he shouts, and sprays MC and Saeyoung in return
  • they run up and down the beach, squirting water at each other and filling their guns in the ocean when necessary
  • at one point Saeran even convinces MC to team up with him against Saeyoung
  • “betrayed by my own MC! my love, how could you do this to me?!”
  • later on its time for MC and Saeyoung to retrieve their picnic lunch from the car
  • “we’ll be back shortly with lunch, Saeran!”
  • but when they came back he was nowhere to be found???
  • Saeyoung actually panics and is like whERE DID MY BROTHER GO??
  • he looks in all directions frantically before seeing his brother several yards down the beach
  • he runs toward toward
  • “dude, why are you running?”
  • “i thought i lost you, S-”
  • “oh, sorry. that ice cream truck over there was calling my name…”
  • Saeran was holding one cup of ice cream in his hand and two in the other
  • “and um, it might ruin our appetite for lunch but i got you guys some, too…”
  • Saeyoung is like wow my brother really does love me :)
  • at the end of the day when they all go to their pier, they get even more ice cream
  • alright, a place with this much ice cream cant suck that bad…
  • and Saeran will never admit it but he had a really fun day~
  • next time though, he was going to be the one to ambush them with squirt guns


A Little Too Much Pleasure. (Michael Clifford)

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Rating: R

Request: Nope!

Contains: Over stimulation, Daddy kink, Pet names, Dominance

Word Count: 3,583

A/N: Oh. My. Lord. I just, I apologize in advance for this one. Tbh after writing this I legit needed to take a bath in some holy water?¿? So, erm, hehe, good luck. (I fucking hate long titles like this, but it ties along with the story? Oops) -Emma

I sigh and flick my eyes up at the top of my screen, the small bolded numbers reading 3:37 PM. I frown and realize that I had pretty much 4 more hours until my boyfriend, Michael, came home from work.

It was pretty hard having a celebrity as a lover, just because he was either away in another continent, or never home. Right now he was at the studio with his band, and I missed him like crazy.

I cuddle up to my knees, the hem of his my tshirt pooling at my thighs. I exit out of Twitter and open my Tumblr app, smiling softly as I see a picture of Mikey on my dash.

I begin to scroll, and I couldn’t help but stop as I catch a porn gif on my feed. I shift uncomfortably as I watch it loop, letting out a soft sigh. Why not?

Soon enough I find myself endlessly going through gif by gif, a wetness begging to pool between my thighs. I finally stop after a while, clicking the button on my iPhone to lock it and softly resting my head back on the headboard. Fuck, I really needed Michael right about now.

I sit up and unlock my phone, opening our messages.

≫ Sent: mikkeeeyyyyy :(

Michael 🎸🎶: Yes, my love? What’s wrong, baby?

≫ Sent: you’re gonna kill me, but.. i know you have your rules about not touching myself while you’re not here but i was watching some porn and now i’m really fucking horny & i need you so bad right now

Michael 🎸🎶: (Y/N)..

≫ Sent: mikey please, i’m so wet for you.. i can’t even think straight

Michael 🎸🎶: I’ll be home in a couple hours. Be patient, baby girl. I’ll give you all the pleasure you want when I get there.

≫ Sent: but i can’t wait that long..

I bite down on my bottom lip as I finally have enough, now growing desperate for some relief. Throwing my legs over the edge of our shared bed, I walk over to our bedside drawer. I shiver as my body screamed in excitement, grabbing my vibrator. I’ve never used it, but now would be a really great time.

I anxiously plug it into the outlet by our bed, chewing on the inside of my cheek as I grabbed my phone. I pull off my panties and climb back into bed, unlocking my phone and opening Michael’s messages.

I smile somewhat deviously as I hold down the microphone, now recording an audio message. I use my free hand to switch on the toy, a rush of excitement traveling through my blood as I heard the satisfying buzz.

I squeak as I press the wand on my clit, letting out a long moan as I finally feel the relief I was craving for. I moan out Mikey’s name into the phone as I begin to rub the vibrator in circles, tilting my head back.

Michael 🎸🎶: (Y/N), you better not be touching yourself.

I smile and moan again, slowly silencing it with a bite at my bottom lip. I release my thumb from the record button and press the arrow, sending the audio. I place my phone down and put all of my focus on the pleasure that this toy was giving me, letting out another loud moan.

I grip my breast through my shirt and switch the vibrator to a higher setting, immediately letting out a loud squeal. I shut my eyes tight and moan with every breath I take, involuntarily bucking up my hips.

“Oh my god, fuck Michael.” I moan out, not really caring that I said his name. It was pretty much a habit when I was in this much pleasure. I felt my legs begin to tremble, my stomach begging to tighten.

I moan out strings of profanities as I grow closer and closer to my peak, my back arching off of the mattress.

My toes begin to curl and I feel my orgasm approaching, trying to hold it back so the pleasure would last. My moans are now extremely loud at this point, my hand holding a death grip on the sheet.

Suddenly I felt the toy getting ripped away from my dripping core, my orgasm flushing away completely. My eyes shoot open, nervousness chilling my spine as my angry boyfriend now stands with the buzzing vibrator in his hand.

I squeeze my thighs together and push myself up to the headboard, chewing on my bottom lip as I could clearly read the emotions on his face. He quickly flicked the toy off and threw it across the room, my body flinching as it harshly collided with the wall.

“How dare you disobey my rules.” His Australian accent was deep and husky as he spoke, his eyes now dark with lust and anger. “And your little audio? I almost crashed the car speeding home.” He growled, swallowing the nervous lump in my throat.

“I-I’m sorry,” I partially lie, my palms sweaty at his sudden roughness.

“Oh, you’ll be sorry after I’m done with you, baby girl.” His words rolled off of his tongue with ease, rasp tangled in his throat as he spoke. He quickly threw off his shirt, his fingers ruffling up his dark blue hair once more before he threw himself onto me.

“Okay, so first you break my rules, but you break them while in my shirt? Oh baby, you really like to test me, don’t you?” His hot breath traveled up to my ear and I shivered, gnawing on my bottom lip.

I was about to respond but I was quickly cut off by an involuntary gasp, his thumb pressing down hard on my throbbing clit.

“You think a stupid little toy can give you more pleasure than I can, baby?” He spoke lowly, his eyes dark. His thumb stayed in place over my bundle of nerves and my chest rapidly rose and fell, considering how incredibly close I was to my last orgasm.

“N-No, never.” I admit breathlessly, swallowing the nervous lump that somehow managed to build back up in my throat.

“Mm, I think you’re lying to Daddy. Maybe I should show you just how good I can make you feel, yeah?” His words were slick, like he knew exactly what he was doing. I suddenly suck in a sharp breath as I felt his fingers move lower, keeping eye contact as he spread my wetness around.

“It looked like you were pretty close to releasing before I walked in on you, hmm?” He hummed as he ever so slowly started to rub circles over my clit, “Do you want to cum, princess? Do you want to come all over Daddy’s fingers?”

“Oh my god, yes- fuck, please.” I whimper breathlessly, the desperation clearly heard in my voice. He smirked and began to move his fingers faster, my breath getting caught in my throat.

“Oh my, fuck, M-Mikey don’t stop.” I moan loudly, the tightness in my stomach coming back almost immediately.

“Oh I won’t be stopping for a while, baby.” He whispered to himself, a devious smirk plastered across his lips. My hands gripped the sheets as I was growing closer and closer to my release.

“Do you like it when I rub your clit, kitten? Feels a lot better when I do it rather than you, hmm?” He smirked as he nipped my inner thigh, my hips uninvitingly bucking up.

“D-Daddy, I’m g-gonna cum.” I warn, my moans growing shorter as the pleasure built up. As if my words set off a lightbulb, Mikey quickly dipped his head and replaced his fingers with his mouth, lapping his tongue fast at my clit.

“Jesus.” I cry out loudly, my back arching. The pit in my stomach begins to burn, my hand desperately gripping onto Michael’s hair. I push my head back into the mattress, a string of profanities leaving me as I finally let go.

I saw him smile as he collected my juices onto his tongue, my heart beating faster. “You taste so amazing, baby girl.” He moaned, keeping his head buried in my core as his tongue didn’t stop its movements.

“Oh no, Mikey, please stop, I-I’m too sensitive.” I cry out pleadingly, my legs trying to pry him away. He simply shook his head and he took my clit in his mouth, sucking at it. A scream tore through my throat, my hands uninvitingly pushing him away. It was no use, though, he was way too strong.

“Stop moving.” He instructed lowly, making me shiver at his tone. My teeth latched onto my bottom lip roughly as I tried not to focus on the intense pleasure I was given, but it was really, really difficult.

“Fucking hell, Michael.” I whimper finally, my moans transferring to somewhat whines of pleasure. He giggled cheekily, knowing exactly what he was doing to me. I let out another scream at the vibrations and my chest was now moving rapidly at this point.

“I-I’m gonna cum again.” I manage to choke out, feeling his tongue move faster- if that was even humanly possible.

“Let go, baby.” He encouraged, shutting my eyes tight as I began to see stars. I pulled the sheets up with me as I arched my back, letting out a long and loud moan as I felt my juices spill onto his tongue once more. He moaned and cleaned me up to the best of his abilities, my bare back falling onto the mattress as he finally pulled away.

“I just can’t seem to get enough of your taste, baby girl.” He moaned as his lips collided with mine, automatically able to taste myself on his tongue. I wrapped my hand around his neck and pulled him in closer, tugging at the nape of his neck.

He pulled away after a while and I rested back on the pillow, catching my breath as he stripped off his black skinny jeans, gulping as I saw a very evident boner in his boxers.

“Are you gonna be a good girl for Daddy and sit on my face?” He purred as he picked me up, now swapping places with me.

“W-What?” I whimpered, watching him prop himself up on his elbows. If I wasn’t sensitive enough then, I was really fucking sensitive now. I don’t know if I could handle another orgasm so suddenly.

“Come. Sit. Now. Or I will boost your orgasms up to ten.” His words scared me, and they sent an ache to my core. I hesitated but eventually nodded, crawling over to him and lowering my heat onto his lips.

I gripped onto the headboard and squealed as I felt his tongue run over my slit, bucking my hips up away from his face. There was no way I could do this. He used one of his arms to wrap around my thigh, his free hand ever so slowly moving to my middle and curling his middle finger inside of me.

“Now (Y/N).” He said slowly with a bit of rasp, “I’m going to need you to stay still, alright? Hold onto the headboard and just relax, princess..” He placed a soft kiss on my swollen clit after he spoke, my hands immediately gripping the top of the headboard as I let out a shaky breath.

His dark green eyes gazed up into mine and I slightly nodded, a smile curling onto his lips as he replaced his finger with his tongue, both of my thighs now being held down to his face.

“Fuck.” I managed to sigh out, my knuckles slowly turning white as I kept a deadly grip on the wood. My head was thrown back as I felt his tongue do its magic, moans quickly erupting from my throat.

I tried to rock my hips but I was stopped by his large arms, a faint whimper leaving my lips. I felt my stomach clench as I was already close to my third orgasm of the night, a loud groan bouncing off the walls.

“Mikey, oh my god.” I almost screamed, one of my hands flying down to grip at his blueberry hair. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” I felt myself begging, now desperate to release onto his tongue.

“Mmm,” He smirked, the vibrations sending me over the edge. I threw my head forwards and leaned onto the headboard, my hips rising as I let go. I tried to calm my breathing as I blinked my eyes open, still seeing colors.

“You’re so fucking hot.” He moaned as he picked me up again, tossing me onto the springy mattress as I came down from another high. I bit my lip and smiled, shutting my eyes as I calmed down a bit.

“Okay, darling. Go grab your vibrator.” He sighed as he stood up, my eyebrows furring together. Not again. “Just do it.” He whispered as he kissed under my ear, dropping his boxers down to the floor.

I bit my lip and stood up, my legs feeling like jello. Once I got some feeling back into them, I cautiously walked over to where he threw the toy earlier, hearing footsteps behind me.

“Okay, baby girl. I want you to blow Daddy, okay? Keep the vibrator on your clit while you do so. Can you do that for me?” He ran his thumb over my bottom lip, looking down into my eyes.

I was going to argue but there was no use, so I might as well just obey his commands. “Y-Yes, Daddy.” I said innocently, dropping down to my knees.

I smirked softly at his state, his tip now red and dripping with precum from being hard for so long. I reach one of my hands up and take him into my palm, ever so slowly begging to stroke him as I cleaned up his tip.

“Mm, fuck.” He sighed quietly as he gently tossed his head back, his fingers ghosting over my hair. I wrapped my lips around his member and slowly began to bob my head, spreading my legs a bit as I placed the vibrator onto my sensitive bud. I flicked the toy on and immediately moaned into his member, hearing him suck in a sharp breath.

I swirled my tongue around his tip and sunk my head further down his length, my hand still pumping what I haven’t reached. I shut my eyes tight at the vibrations from the toy, involuntarily moaning again.

I began to speed up my actions, his hand guiding me down his length. “Shh, baby.” He soothed as he fought back a groan, my moans now escaping my throat with ease.

I felt myself growing closer to my peak so I backed away, flicking my wrist fast as I let out short but loud moans.

“Shh.. It’s okay, baby girl. Calm down.” His voice was somewhat calm, my legs beginning to shake as I sucked one of his balls into my mouth.

“Fuck, princess.” He moaned, his grip on my hair tightening as I placed my lips back onto him. I hollowed out my cheeks and I began to buck my hips, my fourth orgasm of the night about to hit.

I squealed as I felt myself releasing, my toes curling. “Keep it there, baby. Keep it there. Fuck.” He groaned, moaning out a profanity. I groan as I felt my legs begin to shake again, obeying his command and not moving the toy from my heat.

“That’s my good girl..” He purred as he ran his fingers through my hair, gulping. “I’m almost there, kitten. Keep going.” He moaned softly. I picked up my speed, letting him slide down my throat.

My thighs tighten around the vibrator and I arch my back, flicking my tongue around his base as I sucked harder. “Fuck, oh my god.” I heard him loudly cry, his head falling back in pure bliss.

He let out a final moan, his warm and salty load getting spilled out over my tongue. I moaned and managed to swallow it all, letting him fall from my mouth with a ‘pop.’ I looked up at him through my lashes, running my tongue over my lips.

“God, c’mere, baby girl.” He groaned, trying to calm his breaths. I turn off the toy and toss it behind me, him quickly pulling me up. I instantly fell into his arms, melting onto his chest as he kissed me again. Our tongues fought roughly and I moaned, deepening the kiss.

“Go onto the bed and get on all fours.” He mumbled against my lips, reaching behind me and grasping my ass. I whimpered and nodded, pulling away slowly and catching my breath.

I turned towards the direction of the bed, making my way over to it. I climbed onto it and flicked my eyes over to his figure, his teeth gnawing on his bottom lip. He eventually made his way over to me, standing at the end of the bed. I felt him pull me up, wrapping his hand around my neck.

“You think you can handle two more, baby?” He smirked as he kissed the shell of my ear, my head falling back onto his shoulder. I opened my mouth to say something but it was replaced with a moan, his lips attacking my neck.

I gasped loudly as I felt him slide into me, waiting no time to start thrusting. “Oh my god.” I moaned, my eyes shutting as I reached behind him, gripping onto his sides.

“You’re being such a good girl for Daddy tonight, I’m so proud of you.” He moaned into my ear, his grip on my neck tightening as he kissed me. I mumbled out a moan and rolled my hips in a circle, pulling back so I could breathe.

I jerked a bit as I felt his free hand come down and rub my clit, squealing.

“Fuck, Michael!” I scream, my back arching. He moved his fingers faster, his thrusts still at a steady pace.

“Cum for me. I know you can do it.” He grunted, nipping under my ear. My moans grew shorter and breathier, feeling myself let go for the fifth time.

I felt my legs grow weak as I came, Mikey’s name loudly falling from my throat. I went back on all fours as I caught my breath, my mind practically spinning.

“I didn’t come yet, princess. You’ve still got one more.” He growled, pulling out and hauling me to my feet. “I want you to ride me.” He whispered lowly, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

I whine at his words, watching him sprawl himself out on the mattress. “Daddy doesn’t like to wait, sweetheart. Come ride me.” He commanded darkly, making me gulp. I bite my lip and walk over to him, swinging one of my legs over his torso so I was straddling him.

I take his member in my hand and line it up with my entrance, both of us letting out a sigh as I sunk down onto him. He immediately dug his nails into my hips, rolling my hips into figure 8’s.

“Fucking shit.” He moaned, throwing his head back as I began to bounce on his member. I held onto his shoulders as I grind on his stomach, moaning a bit loudly.

“You’re tight little pussy feels so good around my cock, holy hell.” He whimpered, his words encouraging me to go faster.

“Daddy.” I moan, arching my back as I dug my fingernails into his shoulders. “I, I’m gonna cum.”

“Hold it.” He growled, gripping onto my hips as he helped me bounce on his length. “No, please, I can’t.” I cry, my walls tightly clenching around him.

“You can, and you will. Be a good girl for me, princess.” He tilted his head back and moaned, bucking his hips up as he started to reluctantly pound into me.

“M-M-Mikey.” My whole body began to tremble, my nails leaving small crescent marks on his sides. I began to see stars as I tried my best to hold back my release, my body growing weak.

“Okay, sweetheart. Cum with me.” He grunted, his thrusts sloppy. His words were music to my ears, my hips hauling it’s movements and I shut my eyes tight.

Our moans mixed together in harmony as we came, my sweaty body collapsing onto his chest. My breath was heavy as I felt my heart beat out of my chest, gasping softly as he pulled out.

He wrapped his arms around me and lay me on my side, his chest rising and falling as he tried to calm himself down as well. He pulled me into his chest, my eyes automatically flicking up to his.

“You okay?” He whispered breathlessly, raking his fingers through my probably sweaty hair. I smiled softly and nodded, forcing my eyes to stay open.

“More than okay.” I faintly giggle, snuggling up to his chest. “A bit tired, but I feel amazing.” I admit, tilting my head back so I could lazily smile up at him.

“Good.” He smiled, kissing my forehead. “Now get some rest, baby girl.” He cooed, his muscular arms pulling me back into his chest.

“Yes, Daddy.” I tease, letting out a giggle as he tapped my ass.

“I love you, (Y/N).” He whispered, his palm running up and down my back.

“I love you too.” My voice was soft, and my eyes fluttered closed as I drifted off into a well-needed sleep.

A Banshee’s Scream (Lydia Martin x Reader)

Prompt: I just sorta came up with this idea and went with it tbh. Also this is girl x girl fic if enough of you want me to rewrite it with a male or gender neutral reader insert I might do it. 

Warning: Death, this is more on the angst side of fics. 

Originally posted by itsbecauseteenwolf

~3 days before the thing~

You knocked on Lydia’s window to get her attention, she snapped her gaze from the assignment to you, a small smile appearing on her face as she recognized you. She opened the window slightly but now enough to let you in and you rolled your eyes as you realized she was going to tease you. 

“What are you dong here?” Lydia asked with a smirk. 

You rolled your eyes, “Is it illegal to want to hang out with my amazing girlfriend?” 

She licked her lips and looked down,”Well what would I get out of letting you in?” 

“Well I could pay you in kisses?” you suggested with a smirk. 

“I guess that could work,” Lydia pretended to sigh before she opened the window enough for you to get in. 

You smiled at her and pressed a kiss on her lips,”Why thank you my queen,”

Lydia giggled before she grabbed your hand and you both started cuddling on her bed as she turned on a movie on her laptop. It wasn’t long after the movie started that you both completely forgot about the movie, in favor for kissing each other. Soon she was laying down, with you holding yourself over her, your lips connected. Lydia’s hands were wrapped around your neck, tangling themselves in your hair. She found herself completely lost in the kiss before she started hearing the sound of a water dropping as if there was a leak in her room. 

Lydia pulled away from you with a confused look on her face. “Is everything alright Lyd?” you asked, worried you had done something wrong. 

“No you didn’t do anything wrong… But did you not hear that?” Lydia asked. 

You shook your head before listening closely, not hearing anything except for the cars outside your window. “Is there something I’m supposed to hear?” 

Lydia sat up,”The water dripping… Do you really not hear it?” 

After you shook your head again Lydia shrugged,”I must have imagined it I guess,” Before you could say anything else Lydia pressed her lips with yours again. You kissed her back immediately from reaction. 

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Anon Requested:  Can I ask for a V drabble - 90 91 96? Thank you :)

Kinda sad tbh but here you go ♥ 

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1331

Warnings: Drunk Taehyung, Loud & Angry, Nothing too bad

“Are you drunk?”

“It’s okay to cry.”

“What happened to us?”

The banging came in the middle of the night, the pounding instantly making you jolt up and get out of bed, you’d hear the groan of Yoongi who was sleeping beside you but you’d just ignore it as you knew he wasn’t going to get up. You trudge down the hallway and looked up at the clock above the television. 3:15, who would be up banging on the door at this hour? You unlock the door and swing it open without looking beforehand. A wave of alcohol hit you almost instantly once you opened the door, the lighting above the door gave you a faint glow of who was in front of you, and you scrunched your eyebrows together along with your nose from the stench of alcohol hitting you. “Are you drunk?” Before you could say anything else Taehyung pushed past you and started walking towards your living room. He begins to pace back and forth and you couldn’t be more confused. You closed the door and turned back to go to Taehyung but found him sliding down the wall, hands raking through his hair.

Being drunk was Taehyung’s coping mechanism. A bad day at the studio or an argument with you, drinking beer, whiskey, vodka, tequila, anything that would numb the problem he had faced momentarily. He’d stagger through the apartment and run into multiple walls, one hand on the nearest wall momentarily grabbing onto whatever he could. If he was singing he’d fall asleep harmlessly on the couch, if not it wasn’t a good idea to get in his way, he was never violent but his emotions take over. Perhaps that’s what happened to him tonight, someone got in his way, something made him upset or he had just been thinking, he often got upset when thinking back on memories that weren’t so good. No-one knows.

You look down at the boy who was grumbling to himself, knees pulled up to his chest while his head hung low, hands still in his hair. The tears flowed unchecked down his cheeks and dripped from his chin. He was too sad to cry out or wail, he just sat there as still as a statue while the magnitude of his sadness swept over him. “Sad” sounds so childish, like something flimsy, something one should be able to cast off with a happy reflection or the smile of a friend. But “sad” is nothing of the sort. It sits inside like the germ seed of depression, just waiting for the right conditions to grow, to send out roots to choke the hope out of your heart. It is the trough in which we struggle to return to the peak, always afraid that this time the rungs will be too slippery, too far apart or simply not there at all.

You didn’t know what to do, should you console the obviously drunk ex - boyfriend of yours while your boyfriend was sleeping in bed or forget all about the intricate little details and care for Taehyung in his obvious gloomy and alcohol ridden state like you used to before you two dated. It didn’t take long before you sat down beside Taehyung, hand placing itself on his back and slowly rubbing in circles trying to calm him down in anyway. His body was shaking from the silent cries that escaped his body and you just sighed, he must’ve been drinking a lot to be crying, Taehyung never cried unless he was overly intoxicated and had been thinking about something that obviously upset him to the point of drinking. “You know, it’s okay to cry if you need to.” Taehyung only cries more now making audible sobs. You begin to shush him continuing to rub his back.

The noisy sobs echoed through the very quiet house, when he cries it’s never a trickle and it never starts at his eyes. It begins as a feeling in his chest and a sadness in his brain. The leaking water is only a blessed release, it’s one way his body chooses to cope along with his choice in alcohol he drowns himself in and in a way it’s a way to communicate too, whether he wants to or not. He begins to cry harder and louder, his hand fisting his hair hard and you knew it was another way to cope, to actually feel the pain the alcohol has numbed. You moved your hand from his back and grabbed his hand from his hair, he didn’t put much of a fight up as he only used one shaky hand and you used your two very sober hands to pull his hand away from his hair. He began mumbling inaudible words, mumbling each one and you could barely understand any of them. His hand immediately latched onto yours when you were letting go, his grip was hard and tight and desperate. “Tae-”

“What happened to us?” Taehyung instantly cried harder, his hand pulling yours closer to him and you had to put a hand on his chest to stop any further movements.


“Just tell me, we were so good (Y/N), we really were. So what happened to us? Was it something I did, was it my drinking? Because I’ve been working on it, I really have-”

“You’re drunk right now Taehyung.” You immediately interrupt him causing his head to look up at you, his eyes were hazy and you were pretty sure that he didn’t even know what he was doing come tomorrow. “You don’t know what you’re saying.” He instantly shakes his head.

“That’s not true, I know exactly what I’m saying. I know that it’s January twenty first, I know where I am, I know what I’m doing and saying. I know what’s going on so I need you just to listen.”


“Listen!” He instantly yells, tears falling from his eyes and you quiet yourself and nod. You knew this was going to wake Yoongi up and that he’d instantly be skeptical when it came to see you and Taehyung together but you just had to listen to him before he started to scream again. “I still love you (Y/N), I don’t know what happened to us but all I know is you got over me a lot quicker than I thought you would,” A pang of guilt instantly hit you in the chest as you looked at the broken and drunk boy in front of you. You opened your mouth to speak but he just rose his hand to silence you. “And you went to Yoongi hyung, out of all the people you went to him. Why? Why would you do that to me?”

“Tae…We broke up a while ago.”

“Eight months and twenty four days ago.”

You sighed again, there was no winning with him at this point. You couldn’t help but feel guilty, you know you being in a relationship with Yoongi isn’t wrong, you two getting in a relationship only three months ago and only recently moved in together. You didn’t automatically get in a relationship with Yoongi after Taehyung, you waited, you were heartbroken for those five months but Yoongi was your safe haven, he helped you get over Taehyung and you so happened to fall for him. “I’m sor-”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Your head snapped at the hallway and saw your boyfriend leaning against the wall, his eyes were darting daggers at Taehyung and you already knew by the look he was giving that you should already be by his side and not Taehyung’s. You pulled your hand away from his grip struggling for a second but ultimately got your hand free. You stood up and made your way to Yoongi, his arm wrapping around your shoulder pulling you close to him. You couldn’t help but look at Taehyung in pity, his heartbroken and drunken self on the floor staring at you and the boy who he believes stole you away from him.

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WIP || Complete
(chapters | word count | rating)

anyway, here’s 31 fics in no particular order

i live in a hologram with you (3/3 | 33,097 | explicit)

“Yuu-chan, please be my fake boyfriend.”

alternatively titled: in which everyone is some shade of queer and yuu spends half the fic doing nothing but pining

From here, I can only see you. (1/1 | 5,264 | teen & up audiences)

Yuuichirou is abnormally tired, but he won’t admit that it has anything to do with Mikaela, whom he has been letting feed off of him.

Of Sudden Heats and Swimming Pools (5/5 | 10,860 | explicit)

Yuu is Guren’s adopted kid who likes to fuck up his helpers’ lives until this one person comes in. 

Be Mine and I’ll Be Yours (½ | 11,630 | explicit)

“Happy Valentine’s day, Mika-”

Mika was more than happy to see his lover- his beloved, his dearest- so the mere sight of yuu made Mika’s heart soar. He grinned instantly when Yuu approached him, standing from his chair to meet Yuu and go to grab his Valentine’s presents. “Happy Valentine’s day, Yuu-chan,” he greeted.

“Here, have some, uh,” Yuuichirou scrunched up his brow upon realizing that giving chocolate to his vampiric boyfriend probably wasn’t the best idea.

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Hannibal Re-Catch: Buffet Froid

Whoa, is this a rare middle of the week posting? Why, yes it is. Join me as I revisit Episode 1.10 of Hannibal and view it through the lens of the entire show thus far. It’s part recap, part crack, and part meta (the littlest part tbh).

And I may have been too lazy to write an intro summary this week, so let’s just get into it, shall we?

Disclaimer: Don’t read this if you haven’t seen both seasons of NBC Hannibal because this recap is spoilery as fuck.

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Toothless: Return to the Black Pony of Second Chances

The title is like 7 90′s horse movie titles all mashed together and you can thank me in advance.  Because that’s what this is.  Except Hiccup is the rebellious teenage girl sent back to the farm to learn her lesson.  

“You’re familiar with the Sanctuary School’s expulsion policy, aren’t you Mr. Haddock?” Principal Hobblegrunt manages to look halfway austere despite his entirely ridiculous name and I restrain the urge to roll my eyes.  They’re pissed this time, they called my mom, and I don’t want her to walk in while the principal is making it rain detention slips.  

For all of its new age-y front of ‘encouraging young minds’, the Sanctuary School is still all about old school punishment when a teacher’s car ends up straddling the benches in the chem lab.  

“I thought you never turned away an open young mind.”  

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