never have i loved a canon couple so much

Please stop the hate for Touka

The amount of hate for Touka in the ship tag is ridiculous, like people straight up wish her to die because her relationship with Kaneki is “unhealthy” and “abusive” or just so that their ships won’t go down. Meanwhile Touka was the one who trained Kaneki when he first became a ghoul, who risked her life to save him from Aogiri, and also the one who decided to wait for him if Kaneki ever returned and built :re as a place he could call home.

She even went so far as saying she would have sex with him if it meant he could have a reason to stay and know that people truly cared about him. Touka is neither insane nor obsessed, she had grown out of her bitter phase towards CCG in TG and become a calm and more understanding person in TG: re who knows what she wants, who wishes for Kaneki to live and is willing to stay by his side no matter what.

And all of that was unhealthy just because she hit Kaneki a few times or kept him waiting for a couple hours while she literally waited for him for 3 years without knowing whether or not he would come back, and even accepted to stay away if Kaneki could live peacefully as Haise? No, it is not.

 I get that you have your freedom of choosing whom to ship, and I don’t hate any of the ships within the fandom, but was it necessary to wish Touka dead while she has repeatedly been shown to be the only possible person Kaneki might have romantic feelings for throughout the series by Ishida himself since day one? Ship all you want, I don’t care, I know how it feels to ship non-canon couples or crack ships, but it does not mean insulting the female character is okay under any circumstances. That just makes shippers become ugly to the fandom. And even if she dies in the future, your ships have almost zero chance of becoming canon because this is not BL nor would it be the right direction of the manga. Ishida never states that Kaneki has romantic feelings for any male characters throughout the series, and suddenly having him fall in love with other female characters is just plain weird. Kaneki is someone who had been through so much that he hardly found romance in anyone anymore, Rize is basically a plot device and the cause for his tragic life, Akira and Amon are canon, Eto is presumably dead and had fucked Kaneki up badly before, Hinami is his little sister, Miza is a Aogiri member that barely interacted with him before Goat, Mutsuki is a bit fucked up in the head and someone he considers a student just as Saiko. Looking at the full picture of TG, Touka is the only woman who was fully established and developed alongside Kaneki as a possible love interest for him and explicitly told Kaneki she liked him that way. I mean, even his Haise personality had a crush on her. I perceive Haise as someone Kaneki would have become had he not been involved in the past tragedies, who actually had time to think about a love life and be happy as a normal person, and that side of him also chose Touka to be a love interest.

Canon evidence and yet people still think Kaneki won’t be happy with Touka by his side. This is the most healthy relationship Kaneki/Haise can possibly have within the messed up world of his already, and there is nothing more I love for Kaneki than to find someone who truly loves him and stays by his side so that he can develop into a more positive and cheerful person. So please, do not spread hate to the ship tag or Ishida just because your ships did not come true.

On Kairi’s Characterization and “The Fairy Gay Mother”

You know, I get a lot of comments on how my Kairi is so different from a lot of other kingdom hearts, (especially soriku and other m/m ships) fics. I haven’t seen a whole lot of Kairi portrayal outside being at her worst, a ms. mary-sue gets-in-the-way-a-lot, and at her best, a sweetie mom friend who is “highly perceptive,” knew Sora and Riku were in love long before they knew it, and is usually a confidant to one of the boys and gives excellent advice. With nothing at all going on in her life outside of that.

I want to explain why I write Kairi so differently, and why others should too. The majority of her characterization is built off fannon characterizations from a fandom that’s been around a long ass time, starting in the dark age of the internet back when the majority of m/m shipping was bad yaoi tropes and full of only annoying idiot or perfect nice princess females. She’s like a game of telephone, being based off someone’s interpretation of the source material, then someone’s interpretation of that interpretation, and so on and so forth until we forgot what the source material even is.

And as a note, this can be applied to MANY fandoms and their ladies and different third wheels to m/m ships, but I’m mostly focusing on Kairi and her role in Soriku fanfiction, because I’ve been reading soriku fanfiction since I was about 10 and cringing at her portrayal for 8 years now. But, my end game in here can be used for all fandoms, and I encourage people to think about this in terms of that. 

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I love your art!especially your fanart of the foxhole court!and all the aftg series!i have a question which are your fav couples or OTPs from the aftg series?andreil?(because i love your drawings of andrew with the 100% and neil with the "yes")

Hi anon!thank you so much for your message i love to do fanart of tfc!and yeah i have some otps and couples that are a canon (andreil/matt x dan) and some fav otps that just exists in the fandom but they’ve never been confirmed by the books or the author…

jerejean (jeremy x jean) and renison(allison x renee)

i was tagged by @awintersrose and @suna-yodo thanks loves! 

Rule: List your top 10 Naruto ships in order and then tag 10 people you’re curious about.

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1) KakaYama. The otp of all otps. I will go down with this ship.

2) MinaKushi. My fave canon power couple.

3) InoSai. So precious. So pretty. Their kid is my fave.

4) NejiTen. What should have fucking been.

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5) NaruSasu. These idiots are so in love.

6) JiraTsuna. The power couple that should have been.

7) ShikaTema. The first canon ship I shipped.

8) HashiMada. NEVER have I ever seen two people more in love with each other.

9) MadaKaka. BRUHH I am a new and reluctant passenger on this ship thank you @purple-possibilities you have ruined me

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10) ObiRin. My sweet babies you deserved so much better.

I tagggg, @ayyyez, @relationshipyard, @akatsukietc, @pyroinquisitor, @yakashi-lover, pretty much anyone that wants to do it lol

  • Isayama: I created a healthy non-sexualized lesbian relationship and I'm going to put so many implications that these two are gay for each other that people can't POSSIBLY deny it!
  • Fandom: *denies it*
  • Isayama: It is so canon. Okay, you stupid assholes? These two are a couple open your fucking eyes I can't believe I have to say this shit out loud.
  • Fandom: lol Histoia never loved Ymir anyway can't you see hOW MUCH SUBSTANCE EREN AND HISTORIA HAVE
  • Isayama: Yumikuri literally had an entire arc dedicated to developing their relationship, complete with a chapter that did NOTHING BUT ESTABLISH BACKSTORY.

seriously though, I don’t understand this fandom’s obsession with typical-Night-Vale-weirdness-Cecil and straight-laced-boring-Carlos

Like, not when the canon is so much BETTER

Cecil, radio professional, goes to his job every day. Comes early, stays late. Is dedicated to the town as much as anyone can be. Then a new scientist comes to town and he FALLS IN LOVE INSTANTLY and things start to change

Because that scientist?? He’s dorky and brave and wants to know EVERYTHING and loves SCIENCE and EXISTENCE and has AMAZING HAIR. And he’s awkward and doesn’t always get social cues and they stumble through a year of crushing? Not crushing? And Cecil’s professionalism chips away and his life becomes less and less about his work and more about himself too.

And then Carlos does something dorky and brave and not at all sensible (standing in the middle of a city, albeit tiny, full of people who are declaring war on you? really??). And he gets hurt, and Cecil is sad, Cecil is CRUSHED, but they finally, finally get together. Carlos finally calls “for personal reasons.”

And you cannot tell me that Carlos is the serious and suave one, not when on their first date he wears a weekend lab coat and suggests they experiment on trees, not when he kisses Cecil and is probably wooed and flustered by his tunic and furry pants even as he’s wildly scientifically interested in the weird blob people.

So then it’s Carlos and Cecil together, teaching EACH OTHER. Cecil learns not to idealize Carlos, and Carlos learns to prioritize people over science sometimes, because they’re both two dweebs in love trying to figure it out and they both make mistakes and fumble through things. And it’s good! It’s beneficial! It’s a relationship — not one person always shooting the other down, but two people, growing together, reblogging each other’s wood carvings of cats and probably cuddling on the couch after long days.

It’s good for Cecil, for Carlos, for both of them, together and apart. As Steve Carlsberg said, Carlos softens Cecil, in all the right places. He doesn’t harden him, doesn’t make him less weird and wonderful. He softens him. Makes him more open.

And I know this separation arc is hard, and so many people are ready to turn against Carlos for not being physically there with Cecil. But this is a part of their relationship too. They have to learn to be independent so they can really be happy together. Cecil has to respect Carlos’ individual career aims, and Carlos has to continue his lessons on when and where science belongs vs. his personal life. And in all honesty, a conflict like this was inevitable. Cecil follows the Night Vale code of secrecy and silence, and Carlos’ whole life is dedicated to knowing things. If they never addressed that, it’d be a serious weak spot in their relationship.

I have so much love and optimism for this couple — for their canon characterization and interactions. I just wish the fandom would too.

1. How did you get into Naruto?

Well It was actually 3 or 4 years ago… I was 18 and I couldn’t get into the university. I was actually remembering some series I saw when I was young… I was watching Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin and even Dragon ball and then I read this comment that says “Naruto is so like Dragon Ball” and I say “Ok, lets watch it”. How I started to read mangas in that moment I decided to read the mangas and the fights in the anime. LOVE THE SERIE AND KAKASHI SINCE THE BEGINNING haha
2. What was your first reaction of the series?

“Wow this is actually really good. And it’s not like Dragon Ball” “That Kakashi sensei is so fucking hot”
3. How long have you been a following the series?

3 years
4. Manga or anime?

Manga of course!
5. Favorite male character?


6. Favourite female character?

It is hard for me to say that because… Naruto is not THAT great with female characters… I mean they are awesome but I have to say that they have so much potential and Kishimoto didn’t took all of that out… I’ll say that my favorite for now is ChouChou

At least she is funny haha 

7. Favourite villain?

The one and only

8. Least favorite character?

I don’t hate him but… I didn’t like him at all…

9. Favourite arc?

Chunnin exam arc!

10. Favorite movie?

It was so perfect! I loved to see them all together fighting and supporting each others! And I was so worried for my beloved Kakashi! I have to say that it is (for me) the most complete movie I have seen in Naruto :)

Even tho I loved THE LAST too <3

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11. Pro- or anti-ending?

Naruto is happy, with a family and Hokage… TOTALLY A PRO ENDING :)

12. How you felt about the ending?

At first I thought It was kinda open, but then with the movies and extras we could see how Kishimoto made it out to get that beautiful ending. I felt sad that it was over, but happy because Naruto has the happy ending he deserved since the beginning :)

13. How is it like that it has been a year since the manga have ended?

Oh wow! Is it a year already?! haha I felt nostalgic but I love to see that everything ended up how I think it is the best way :)

14. Your opinion on new generation?

Boruto is so fucking OP I love him so fucking much.

Himawari is the love of my life! I love that little girl since the moment I saw her so pretty face! I hope she appears more if there is (I hope so) a “New generation arc”

Sarada bae is just awesome! Just like how I expected for a SasuSaku child!

Chouchou fucking rules, for now she is my favourite.

Shikadai looks so badass like her mother and cool as his father!

Inojin looks so troll as his dad LOLs

And Metal Lee… well if he is a “Lee” he is just adorable!

15. Did you expect such an ending?

I never saw the kids coming! hahaha But it was how I expected, yeah :D

16. Your favorite thing about the ending?

Even tho that the part I was screaming and covered in tears with happiness was when I saw Naruto as a Hokage

It was this part the one that made me cry

After a year this pannel still give me mini-heart attacks, I love it so much

17. Your least favorite thing about the ending?

At first it was this…

when I saw that Sasuke wasn’t living with Sasuke and Sarada… But then I understood why and the ending was perfect again.

18. Where were you when the last chapter came out online?

In my house… waiting to read it haha

19. Do you have volume 72?

No, I don’t :( I just have the 10 and 64

20. If you could decide, would you like Naruto to continue? and is so, how?

I would love that Naruto continues with the next generation and new villains and stuffs! I also wanna see Naruto and Sasuke affronting the parenthood and things of an affective family

21. Favourite canon pairing?

I love so much SasuSaku and NaruHina, so fucking much!

But I have to say NaruHina 

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22. Favourite non canon pairing? 

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23. Did the ending make you change your opinion on any of the pairings?

Well… I never saw the ChouKarui coming hahaha But I totally loved them!

24. Your opinion on the new generation pairings?

I don’t have one yet :O

I don’t like BoruSara THAT MUCH as a lot of people I know :( Idk I don’t want her to hit and yell at my precious Boruto!! Maybe when I see Boruto the movie I can stand her with him better.

Don’t take me wrong I love Sarada but… I’m neutral about this pairing yet.

25. Ship that you shipped before but not anymore?

Ummm I never stop shipping any of the canon couples so… idk haha

26. Most precious OTP moment?

27. Ultimate OTP headcanon?

Ultimate? mmmm Hinata always waits awake for Naruto to come home even tho it is very late in the night. 

28. Reason you ship your OTP?

Oh fuck… This is gonna be long haha … I mean WHY WOULDN’T I?! They are just so perfect for each other. They complete themselves. To make it short: Naruto is what Hinata’s always wanted and needed since the beginning and she always knew that. And Hinata is what Naruto always wanted and needed just that he knew that when he became a man hahaha

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29. General opinion on the canon ships?

All my ships are cannon and I love them so much! 

NaruHina is perfect

SasuSaku is perfect

ShikaTema is perfect

SaiIno is perfect

ChouKarui is…. unexpected but is also perfect!


30. Character that you would date?

Kakashi of course! What a man! I totally love him since the moment Naruto made a joke to him. That’s why he stayed single… his real love is here! hahaha

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31. Thing that you would change about the series?

I would had totally loved that in the war arc we could see more about the edo tensei’s guys.. their past, their opinion about how the things are going… I think it would be an emotional and beautiful arc for that… I would had totally made Jiraiya and Kushina edo tensei too haha for Naruto to see them one last time.

32. Question you want to ask from Kishimoto?

Why you hate your female characters that much? Ok no haha idk probably I’ll ask him something about Naruto’s family.

33. Things you would say to Kishimoto if you met him?


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Hmn, hmmn~ It's getting chilly, so how about a winter themed request? RFA (and, if you're interesting in writing them, Vanderwood) experiencing Christmas together! ~Anyway-I-Love-Vanderwood.

Yay my first request~!

I will never experience a white Christmas until I move out :( (also my hcs are going to be canon to what happens in Korea)

So in Korea, Christmas is usually a couples holiday. Pretty much only Christian families celebrate it the traditional way


  • probably takes you to lotte world or everland
  • all the fried foods that ever existed!!!
  • if you guys stay home,
  • it’s a fried chicken party w/ so much coke and soju! (he can’t handle straight shots)
  • you guys have a cute little Christmas tree decorated with lolol characters


  • ah yes. the star who loves to gaze at stars
  • does the cliché Namsan tower date
  • your hands are freezing as you put love locks on the fence
  • you guys go to han river park and get fried chicken (with beer. chimaek* party)
  • you’re both absolutely freezing. it’s starting to snow. the first snowfall of the year


  • as a devout Catholic, she will go to Mass
  • but she won’t force you go
  • however if you do decide to accompany her
  • hot damn
  • she looks good in her church clothes
  • you can’t take it anymore
  • Merry Christmas Baehee. my present to you is sin


  • To my knowledge, he would probably want to make Christmas a real family affair
  • All of RFA
  • His family
  • Elizabeth is wearing a festive collar
  • Zen is dying from all the fur
  • But then out comes a giant ass turkey
  • and everyone sits in silence as Jumin volunteers to cut the turkey
  • he fails miserably
  • the turkey is a mess
  • it’s still delicious

(Gonna combine Seven and Saeran #twinning)

  • Their first Christmas…
  • Saeran doesn’t see the point
  • Seven does
  • they decorate the house (but Seven gets distracted by the lights and Saeran yells at him because they were MEANT TO BE UP 3 HOURS AGO)
  • you bake cookies for RFA
  • but when you’re ready to put icing on them
  • they’re missing
  • and the main culprits are the two boys lying on the kitchen floor, a baking tray between them, crumbs on their faces (vomit on their sweaters. sorry)


  • Not really one for Christmas
  • Might take you out for dinner at a fancy restaurant in Garosu-Gil
  • He’s more of a New Year’s person


  • “there is no point in going outside”
  • they make bomb ass hot chocolate
  • if you really beg, they’ll take you outside and you walk hand-in-hand in the snow
  • the moment is actually pretty hecking romantic as they gaze at your face
  • until you get reamed with snow (get rekt)

*chimaek is a combination word of chicken and maekju (Korean word for beer)

I just realised

If Neji was still alive, he would totally be the one saving Hinata in The Last.

No one cares as much for Hinata as Neji did. 

Naruto would obviously help, but Naruto cares about everyone. 

Neji would be freaking out if Hinata and Hanabi was captured like that.

If that was how things would have went down Naruto would probably never have gotten that talk with Sakura and somehow never really realised how much Hinata cares for him.

My god, the story in The Last is so bad, it hurts me badly.

//No hate against canon couples intended, just the story in The Last is so rushed, and so bad, even I can see that (and trust me, im super easily amused and I can’t write stories for shit) 

Though, Id love for some Hyuga family action OOO:

Clara was always his Clara

So I have this head canon, something that has been on my mind for a long time and that can be written as a fan fiction. 

We never hear much about the Doctor’s first wife, so this is my explanation for a couple of things related to Clara Oswald.

Imagine that the Doctor’s first wife was human curiously also named Clara. He never knew exactly how she ended up in Gallifrey and he meets her when he is still a young man, in the first years of his first incarnation. Falling in love with her, the Doctor finds a way to extend her human life span (through some kind of Time Lord knowledge or technology only available at his planet or maybe she drinks some kind of potion from the Sisterhood of Karn). Even if she can live longer she will never live as long as a Gallifreyan.

They fall in love, marry, have their children and eventually, after a happy life together, she dies (probably saving him). 

Hundreds of years later, when he is about to steal a TARDIS, he sees someone that is just like his Clara, and it is like he is looking at her ghost in a form of a young technician who shows him the right ship to steal and he does what she tells him, awestruck by the resemblance with his so long deceased wife.

Then, he meets her again, in his Eleventh form, another one of Clara’s echoes and again he is amazed by the resemblance. When he meets the same girl another time, he becomes obsessed with her, not only because he had already met her before, but of course, because she is just like Clara, his Clara.

The mystery of Clara is finally revealed to him when she jumps at his time stream, spreading echoes of herself all through time and space just to save him. And then, he starts to believe that his Clara, his first wife, was one of Clara’s echoes.

Until, something happens, something that sends Clara Oswald to Gallifrey, thousands of years on his past, trapping her there forever. He can’t save her because it is a fixed point in time and if he tries to change it will rip the Universe apart. So he is devastated, convinced that he had lost her forever, until he finally realizes the truth: Clara Oswald had always been his Clara, his first love, his first wife. And she might be lost for him, this him, but somewhere in his past, she is now meeting him, still a young and foolish man, that has still so much to learn, but that will keep her safe and will love her as much as he has always have.

Update: a few days after I posted it, I decided to write a story about it. So here are the links.

I was made for loving you:       AO3

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I wanna talk about this for a second (might make a new post later) because although it’s tangential to the overall discussion, it’s something I want to see talked about in more depth:

“And, you know, it’s interesting that fandom’s use of the term “cope shipping” is virtually always used when a subject of said shipping is a violent white man, or when white mlm fetishization is extreme and violent.”

because, lemme be real, I ship plain Jane Black women in healthy relationshps with beautiful, powerful people to escape feeling unlovable and undesirable every second of my life. I’ve rarely seen anybody, ever, in fandom in general give anything but passing lip service to what Black women want and need in shipping and fandom. The bulk of that discussion centers on white women.

This post is never gonna get anywhere near the attention and analysis as white women in fandom going out of their way to defend their right to fawn over homicidal white men*. The only people who respond to things like that are other Black women.

*You can be damn sure that Amanda Walker, Maria Dillard, Annalise Keating, and Regina Mills don’t get this overwhelmingly unambiguous love and support. Well, maybe Regina, but that’s only after the end of Season 2 of OUAT.

Definitely. I wanted to get into Black women shipping Black women as a form of coping with racism and not fitting with European beauty standards. And how much Black women with canon love stories mean for women who grew up being told by media that they could never be the precious one deserving of love. But… well, the topic was Star Wars, and I’d already veered off a couple of times.

But yeah. I think a big part of the problem is that most white fans have been taught that all things are equal when it comes to race. So they often don’t get that minimizing, say, Iris West, is a bigger deal than not supporting Snowbarry. That there is so much more at stake for Black fans.

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Heyyy soo this is random but I'm writing an essay that discusses queer Harry Potter fan fiction and how audiences interact with it and was kinda wondering if you would be willing to tell me a little bit about why you enjoy writing/reading queer fan fiction as opposed to non-queer fan fiction, so that I can get a better understanding of it for my paper????? it'd be super helpful... ??? thankk

I think it’s probably different for everyone, but for me, most couples I ship or like reading/writing/watching together are gay. don’t get me wrong, there are a whole lot of straight couples I love together as well, I just think I like my gay babes more. also, I think it’s more of a canon/noncanon thing. usually, the gay ships I love are ones that aren’t 100% canon-together. Drarry, for instance, show a shittttt tonnnnnn of evidence of flirting or little bits of interest in each other or moments where you can cut the tension with a knife, but JKR, the actual writer, didn’t put them together. and it’s not that I don’t love Ginny, I just don’t agree with/enjoy Harry and Ginny as a couple. Also, throwing Draco with Astoria Greengrass, the younger sibling of some random girl they went to school with seems so lame and cheap. I get that nowadays is a way more open and accepting time for gay couples and it wasn’t the same when the books were being written and printed, but we all found out the news about Dumbledore being gay years later, along with many hints of Seamus and Dean as a couple. Hell, we even got hints of marauder stuff. But it wasn’t in JKR’s plan to make Harry and Draco canon. Even though she blatantly put a lot of Drarry moments in the books, she has always said Harry is her favorite and she has never really ever talked highly about Draco. I think it might just be a matter of wanton what we can’t have. Plus, I think it’s great how most of us are accepting enough and love the characters so much to the point of wanting redemption for Draco and other frowned upon characters. (Draco is my favorite so I’m very passionate towards my lil babe)

PS!: I either read or watched and interview of JKR once admitting that she had plans for Harry to actually lose his virginity during Goblet of Fire, not just to anyone like Cho or Ginny, but to Cedric. SOOOOO LIIIIIIKE I’m just saying that not only is that hints towards Harry being gay, bi, or at least experimental, but it’s also infuriating that we don’t get any of those juicy details.

PSS!: Astoria?? Really?? Like I know it’s because she’s a pureblood and whatever, but she couldn’t have at least paired Draco with someone like a cute pureblood boy? Unless it’s the baby making that’s the issue, in which case, what about Pansy? like wtf hello. I’m just mad ok it’s not fair.

ahhhh I don’t even know if any of this answers your question lmfaoooo idk

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Korrasami may connects to you, but korra and asami don't connect to each other. Just saying.

Hey, okay, you picked the wrong night to get on my case.

Korra and Asami are attracted to each other. Sorry, not sorry. But take it from the gay girl who thought she was straight. I was the girl that was so in love with a cool guy because he was suave and played the guitar and treated me like a fucking human. I was infatuated and I would have said that I liked him with all my heart at the time.

But we didn’t work. We wouldn’t have worked.

Fast-forward three years later. I know I’m gay, I know I’ve always been gay, but society convinced so thoroughly that I should like guys that I couldn’t even imagine like I would do anything but marry a man. Even though I never wanted to kiss a guy. Even though I was fantasizing about women. There was no way I could be gay. That was not me.

And Korra acts with Mako how I acted with that guy. I was so convinced that I was in love with him, but the idea of being intimate with him freaked me out. I was trying to fulfill a role that I did not fit into.

I think Korra was the same way. She was trying to be what everyone expected of her. But Mako and Korra tried, and they couldn’t make it work. They were at each others’ throats. (That is not even to mention how Mako was a lying, cheating asshole that deserved everything he got.)

But, with Asami…look at the way she smiles with she takes Korra on that car ride in the first season. Look at how Korra appreciates that Asami is there to talk. Look at how Asami wants to be by her side, how she wants to protect her, how she wants to talk to her as a human being. Look at how Asami was the only one Korra felt close enough to send a letter to. Romantic or not, Korra and Asami have a connection that Mako and Korra never had.

They truly care about each other. They love each other. Sorry you chose to ignore the canon events, but Korra and Asami care about each other so much more than a dumb ship. They really care for each other.

You can’t take this away from me. Even if Makorra is endgame, you will never convince me that they were not connected on a level higher than any other couple in lok.

Korrasami gives me hope. I need korrasami. Korrasami is my representation.

Sorry, not sorry. I need this.

haha, I did it! based on this meme.

Thank you for everyone’s comments, I had so much fun reading and integrating them into this picture!! I had to go with blushing Akira, because there was a big majority voting for that :D

We should do more interactive fanworks in the Hikago tag! //sends out love to everyone in the fandom/

How to make SQ canon (or: How to convince my mother)

Okay this will probably get long, but whatever…

I know that we all know why we love SQ. We all see the chemistry, we all see their big and meaningful love gestures… but we have to keep in mind that, obviously, a lot of people don’t. I know that many many hetero people ship SQ (because they’re smart!) but I think a lot of hetero people dont see the gay unless its thrown right into their faces (and even then some of them don’t).

Let’s take my mom for example. She’s a passionate OUAT fan and she has a gay daughter (right, thats me) who she really loves and fully accepts. She supports me and my gf and shes all for gay rights and what not… My mom, however, did not even *get* the Mulan scene. She thought the person Mulan was talking about was Phillip… because to her, even though she is confronted with lesbians every day, just doesnt have it in her system, you know? 

My mom doesnt even like Hook or Robin. She constantly says stuff like “Hook is such an idiot, he’s not good enough for Emma. Look at that, Regina has to do all the work again. Leave it to her to save Emma and the rest of the town” aso aso… Would my mother EVER get the idea that Emma and Regina could make a perfect couple? NOPE. Never. Maybe if they suddenly made out in front of her screen, but even then shed be like “OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?”… so yes, in order to make SQ canon, they will have to adress the “general audience” (i.e. my mom) and make it absolutely clear that they are falling in love with each other. So unless they do that (which I hope they will), I dont have much hope that it actually happens.

I was thinking about what would have to happen in order for me to flip out and realize that it IS going to happen. Like, you know, when you come up with scenarios in your head and imagine they are actually happening on your screen… I am of course thankful for any SQ moment, and any SQ moment gives me SOME hope, but in order to make the majority “buy” this ship, they have to make it more clear…

Imagine them spending lots of lots of time together on screen… Like, Emma is sitting outside of Camelot, sad, lost in thought, the Dark One whispering things to her that are so hard to ignore.. she’s had an argument with Hook because he was too pushy again or whatever and she just needs some quiet… and then Regina comes by and they talk and Emma is like “I think youre the only one who understands me… thank you… for being here… for everything… please promise me youll always take good care of Henry, no matter what happens”… and Regina will be like “Of course I will… but I will also make sure that he has his two mothers by his side forever”… and then Emma, like, leans on Reginas shoulder and shes kissing her hair…. and sure, 20% of the audience (including my mom) might still be like “aww look at them, they are such cute besties”, but the other 80% will be like “holy shit are they really going there? fuck yes they are” (which can obvsly be said in a very happy or very desperate way, depending on what you ship ;)).

They will keep having meaningful moments and then, at some point, there will be a moment in which we all KNOW thats its going to happen… sth like Emma talking about her sexuality… because as we already established, some people need this shit to be rubbed into their faces u know? Because many people (like, again, my mom) think theres straight and theres gay and nothing in between. My mom, for instance, would never even consider that a character (or real person for that matter) could be bisexual. She probably knows it exists, but its nothing shes ever been in touch with, so yes, this would need some explanation, if you know what im saying. A moment, for example, in which Emma is, for instance, interacting with another LGBT character that they have introduced and tells him or her that she is bi herself… or a moment in which she talks about a former gf… and seriously, folks. Just imagine it. Imagine youre sitting in front of your tv or laptop or wherever the fuck you watch this goddamn show, IMAGINE that there will be actual PROOF that Emma was bi. (it could also be Regina of course, but Im kinda seeing it with Emma)… if that moment was EVER about to happen, we all would know exactly that it would mean that Swan Queen was on its way. Seriously, if I think of this moment I almost have a heart attack. Because obvsly there would be no other reason to include such an info if not to mentally prepare the audience for whats about to come. Seriously I need a cig just thinking about it.

After that, we could all together focus on Emmas feelings for Regina. Obvious lingering looks and what not. They could just keep doing what theyve been doing since season 1, the only difference would be that the entire audience (and not only Swen) would finally be able to see what it means…

Then, in some heartbreaking moment, Regina will push Emma away because shes scared of true love or whatever, and Emma will go completely dark. And we’ll all be like “OMG THE NEXT HALF OF THE SEASON WILL BE ABOUT THEM GETTING TOGETHER AND REGINA SAVING HER WITH TRUE LOVES KISS” and the entire fucking media will be FULL of it and this show will be the main focus of attention and Lana and Jen will be EVERYWHERE and interviewers will be like “omg we finally get a modern family - will Regina go after Emma in the second part of the season and admit her feelings while freeing her from the dark one’s curse?” and Lana and Jen will be like “hahaha well you will have to find out for yourself, we know nothing yet” but in fact they WILL know, and they will promote the shit out of SQ because they finally can. there will be selfies on twitter and god knows what else and we’ll all be in fucking SQ heaven.

All they have to do is convince my mom. 

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CS: The moment I started shipping them vs. When they became my official OTP.

I never understood why straight girls like slash so much but then I started reading Wolfstar and now I’m watching Destiel moments on YouTube and I suddenly understand.

Straight canon couples are so boring and simple and dull. They don’t make me excited and giddy and squeal where I have to put down my phone for a moment. I guess what fascinates me about slash is the forbidden aspect about it. Vanilla love stories- For example, Bella and Edward- are so plain. But slash…. Slash is exciting. The uncertainty between the two characters, the sexual tension, the close calls.

Now I’m going to go check out some Destiel fanfiction.