never have i loved a canon couple so much


The Raphril community needs a little pick-me up after the latest episode - even if it did have a super cute Raphril moment in it.

Y’all have probably figured it out by now, but as much as I love Raphril, I never seriously even remotely thought they’d ever be canon. But as anyone who knows the work I’ve done for the past eight years, I tend to choose non-canon couples. But the thing that makes me happy is knowing during the concept of this show, they were considering it. Raphael was the one going to originally have a crush on April until they changed it to Donnie.

So, for a little pick-me-up for all of you Raphril fans is a picture to go with the song I’ve been looping a lot lately. Tori Kelly’s, “Shoulda Been Us”

“It should’ve been us
Shoulda been a fire, shoulda been the perfect storm
It should’ve been us
Coulda been the real thing, now we’ll never know for sure
We were crazy, but amazing, baby we both know
It should’ve been us.”

*Spoiler Side Note*

As much as I love Raphril, Mona Lisa doesn’t bother me as much as I thought she would. While I HATE her design, I kinda am digging her character and just how easily she kicked ass. (Rant - I just wish they made her a human who mutated like the original Mona Lisa - that’d be better.) Also, Raph being all cheesy and mentioning the most ‘beautiful woman in painting’. I just fell in love with that little goober all over again! <3 <3 <3 He’s so cheesy and adorable and how can you not love those cute faces he makes while being all flirty!? GUH! I’m so conflicted………..

Clara was always his Clara

So I have this head canon, something that has been on my mind for a long time and that can be written as a fan fiction. 

We never hear much about the Doctor’s first wife, so this is my explanation for a couple of things related to Clara Oswald.

Imagine that the Doctor’s first wife was human curiously also named Clara. He never knew exactly how she ended up in Gallifrey and he meets her when he is still a young man, in the first years of his first incarnation. Falling in love with her, the Doctor finds a way to extend her human life span (through some kind of Time Lord knowledge or technology only available at his planet or maybe she drinks some kind of potion from the Sisterhood of Karn). Even if she can live longer she will never live as long as a Gallifreyan.

They fall in love, marry, have their children and eventually, after a happy life together, she dies (probably saving him). 

Hundreds of years later, when he is about to steal a TARDIS, he sees someone that is just like his Clara, and it is like he is looking at her ghost in a form of a young technician who shows him the right ship to steal and he does what she tells him, awestruck by the resemblance with his so long deceased wife.

Then, he meets her again, in his Eleventh form, another one of Clara’s echoes and again he is amazed by the resemblance. When he meets the same girl another time, he becomes obsessed with her, not only because he had already met her before, but of course, because she is just like Clara, his Clara.

The mystery of Clara is finally revealed to him when she jumps at his time stream, spreading echoes of herself all through time and space just to save him. And then, he starts to believe that his Clara, his first wife, was one of Clara’s echoes.

Until, something happens, something that sends Clara Oswald to Gallifrey, thousands of years on his past, trapping her there forever. He can’t save her because it is a fixed point in time and if he tries to change it will rip the Universe apart. So he is devastated, convinced that he had lost her forever, until he finally realizes the truth: Clara Oswald had always been his Clara, his first love, his first wife. And she might be lost for him, this him, but somewhere in his past, she is now meeting him, still a young and foolish man, that has still so much to learn, but that will keep her safe and will love her as much as he has always have.

Update: a few days after I posted it, I decided to write a story about it. So here are the links.

I was made for loving you:       AO3

  • Isayama: I created a healthy non-sexualized lesbian relationship and I'm going to put so many implications that these two are gay for each other that people can't POSSIBLY deny it!
  • Fandom: *denies it*
  • Isayama: It is so canon. Okay, you stupid assholes? These two are a couple open your fucking eyes I can't believe I have to say this shit out loud.
  • Fandom: lol Histoia never loved Ymir anyway can't you see hOW MUCH SUBSTANCE EREN AND HISTORIA HAVE
  • Isayama: Yumikuri literally had an entire arc dedicated to developing their relationship, complete with a chapter that did NOTHING BUT ESTABLISH BACKSTORY.

I believe that one of my favorite things about shipping SuperCat is that we have so many things to write about them.

Just by think of the possibilities and difficulties that Kara and Cat would face as a actual couple, I get so consumed and addicted. I love their dynamic and I’m completely satisfied with them never becoming canon because I simply have so many things to imagine around them. 

And they are simply the best non-canon femslash ship I’ve ever had because of it. Because they are interesting characters individually and together. Because I care so much about Kara and her story, just as much as I care about Cat and her past.

Because every aspect of their complex relationship leaves me aching for more and more, so then I ended up really inspired.

It fascinates me how they had changed each other, how they challenge each other. How Cat sighs sadly when Kara is not around, how Cat protect Kara and how Kara really need Cat as her safe place, how Kara seemed affected when she said in episode 1x09 (Blood Bonds) that she couldn’t salvage what she had with Cat. How after everything, they only grow closer and closer to one another in their own way.

I know a lot of people only ship SuperCat casually and that’s totally okay. But oh God, I feel really connected with them in a much more emotional and personal level. I guess I just needed to get it out of my chest. ❤