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for a sadness that comes a long way, his smile was inevitable.

For a long while ago we all sensed something’s odd with him, he barely smiled back then and had this faint happiness on his face all a long, yet today our precious sunshine took the courage to open up and remove that huge burden off his chest, telling us how he suffered silently after his grandma passed away on the 4th of September, crying brokenly for the sadness inside him. KIM TAEHYUNG, i’m so proud of you sweetheart for going through those hard times and managing to put a smile on our faces when you, yourself needed comfort and happiness more than anyone else. My heart aches so much to know about the hardships you went through, the pain you felt and never let out, i hope you never experience hard times again /knowing this is hard to have in life/ i hope nobody ever takes your happiness from you, i hope for more happy days to make there way through your life.

Thank you for being strong through your hard times, thank you for having the courage to let out all that burdens you, thank you for trusting us to reveal your weakness and vulnerabilities, thank you for asking us to keep your grandma in our memories cause you never ask that from anyone, lastly~~ thank you for being the one who you are, a true sunshine brightening up and spreading happiness and warmth. I love you, Kim taehyung, i really do. ❤️

“with you” - 5SOS visual smut+imagine

just a lil thing because i’m too lazy to write anything and you guys deserve a little something extra :) thanks for all of you who have stuck around with this blog aha so keep reading and enjoy!!

its not the best work/writing i’ve done but the gifs are hella cute


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If you had a quarter for every time you fell in love, you’d have enough put aside to take that permanent vacation to Europe you’ve always wanted.

You try to convince yourself that you’re just a romantic - someone who sees love in almost everyone and everything. But you also know, deep down, that it will never be something you’re good at. In the end, you settle for calling yourself a hopeless romantic, since it’s the easiest.

It seems as though any and every girl who’s ever given you attention is a potential soulmate. You try so hard to be yourself AND what she wants at the same time, it’s no wonder they all ended up leaving you behind for better people. Better things.
You’re stuck in this emotional hole that you just can’t seem to escape, no matter how much you beg and plead for them to stay.

Unfortunately, as time passes, you become colder. Disinterested. They don’t see it - no one ever would - but you only find pleasure in leading these girls on until you grow tired of them. “They’ve fulfilled their use,” you tell yourself in the dark recesses of your mind. “They no longer need me, and I no longer need them.”
Even worse, however, is that you do not realize that She is still out there. And so you continue to play this pointless, hollow little game of yours.

And when you find Her - and She finds you - you will break down into bitter tears and self-inflicted curses in the end.
You let her get away, the one person who could save you. So now you are irredeemable, with nothing left but your sullen solitude and wretched remorse.

You can take all those quarters you saved up and go wherever you’d like.
But there is nowhere you want to stay anymore.
Nowhere but her arms.

—  M.o.A.
Words I Should Have Said /01/

Genre: Angst

Part 02

You were best friends with Seungcheol and he was the sweetest thing ever. You were always hanging out with him, whether it was to watch a movie or just eat food at his place. And that’s how it had always been. You were extremely close and it seemed as if nothing could break what you had. 

 Until his old friend moved to your neighbourhood.

You understood that he wanted to catch up with his old friend, but you didn’t think that that meant leaving you behind in the process. 

At first he tried his best to include you in the things with his friend, but it would never work. Whenever you’d make a joke with Seungcheol his friend wouldn’t understand, or his friend would bring up something from the past that you didn’t know about. It just became too awkward and it caused Seungcheol to have to hang out with you both separately. 

It seemed easy at first, for him to devote his time to the both of you, but it shortly became a hard task. 

Every time that you wanted to hangout with Seungcheol, it seemed as if his friend had already made plans with him. No matter how hard you tried to spend time with him, he was always busy.

The worst part, was that it seemed as though his friend deliberately tried to avoid having Seungcheol spend time with you. When you called, Seungcheol was magically busy and had to go. Or when he wasn’t busy, something had happened to come up last minute. 

Maybe he didn’t notice it, but you surely did, and you were planning to tell him on the only night in while that you had to spend together.

You were sitting on the couch with Seungcheol resting your head on his shoulder and watching a movie while sharing a bowl of popcorn. It almost felt like the old times that you used to have.

“Seungcheol?” you tilted your head slightly in his direction to switch your gaze from from the movie to him instead.

“Yeah?” He turned his head to look at you as well. 

You felt your heart skip a beat slightly. It’s not that you weren’t used to being this close to him, because you were. It’s just that what seemed like a life long crush on Seungcheol seemed to be brought back after not seeing him for so long. 

But you told yourself that you needed to tell him this and you’re not going to let your feelings get in the way of it.

“Whatever happened to us?” You asked while looking down at your hands and fiddling with your fingers. You suddenly became nervous from the attention that he was giving you. 

He gave you a baffled look and picked up the remote to turn down the volume on the TV. “Nothing happened to us. We’re still good. Aren’t we?” He asked chucking to himself a little bit and putting his arms around you in a suffocating bear hug.

You frowned escaping from his hug. “I just never get to spend tine with you anymore. And whenever I try to make time, you’re always so busy with your new best friend.”

“No, I’m not. We still spend plenty of time together. Don’t we?” He said smiling at you with that dimpled smile he always gave you. He doesn't even notice, does he.

“No actually, we don’t.” You slowly stood up from the couch, crossing your arms as you began pacing back and forth. “And I always have the be the one to make plans too. Only for you to tell me that your busy. Even when I call you to talk, somehow you immediately have to go.”

“(Y\N), what are you trying to say?” Seungcheol asked standing up as well with confused eyes.

“Obviously your friend is trying to take you away from me Seungcheol.” You exclaimed. Pausing to stand in one place.

“That’s ridiculous (Y/N)!” 

“Is it? Is it really? Just think about,” you asked as you walked up to him and shortening the distance in between the two of you to a small radius.

He opened up his mouth to speak but before he could reply, you continued.

“And you know what? I’m tired of trying so hard to spend time with you. Only to get nothing back. Why don’t you try to spend time with me for once. But don’t worry. I’m done. I’m done trying to push to keep this friendship going.” Your voice slowly began to rise.

He looked at you with sad eyes. He went to reach for your arm but,  you shrugged out of him reach.

“(Y/N), please stop being so selfis-”

“Oh so I’m selfish now too. After trying so hard to keep my bestfriend.” You began walking towards the door, tired of trying to explain yourself. 

“(Y/N), please don’t do this to me. This doesn’t make any sense. Don’t walk away from me. Please,” he pleaded, desperately trying to reason with you.

But he was too late. You were already at the door and sliding your shoes on. He flew towards the door trying to block you from exiting.

“Why,huh? It’s okay, have fun watching the rest of the movie on your own.” You said pushing him to the side so that you could exit. It seemed as if he almost let you pass or he just didn’t have the strength to make you stay.

You opened the door to leave, but before you left you turned back. He looked at you with hopeful eyes but there were tears in yours. 

“Or you know what?” you choked out, trying to hold back tears. “Maybe, you should invite your new best friend over to watch it with you instead.” And with that you slammed the door leaving his house with angry tears streaming down your cheeks. 

He was left in shock. Feeling as if he lost one of the most important things in his life right before his eyes. He slid down the door sitting on the ground and resting his head against the door. 

“Why,” he repeated to himself. Why, didn’t he try hard to make you stay. Why, didn’t he notice that his friend was trying to pull you both apart. Why, didn’t he say what he’s wanted to tell you for so long. And why couldn’t he get the words to come out when he needed to say them the most. 

“Why?” He asked himself for the last time, before saying the words that seemed so hard for him to speak, but came out of his mouth with such ease when you weren’t around. “Because I love you…”    

Things that everyone should understand about chronic illness

-Not everyone who is sick looks/seems sick all the time, never assume something about someones health

-People of any age can have chronic illness, its not just an ‘old person thing’ theres no such thing as being 'too young for that’

-Diabetes and cancer aren’t the only chronic illnesses out there

-Never ask or assume that someone with chronic illness automatically has cancer. It is extremely impolite and insensitive

-We don’t want to hear about a 'really bad cold you had once’

-It is very hard for us to hear people using terms like 'im dying’, 'i think im having a heart attack’ and stuff like that. It is very offensive and essentially is making fun of the serious illnesses we have to deal with for our entire life

-dont ever use the word cripple. Ever.

-if someone is in a wheelchair, treat them with respect and please dont ask them rude questions

-If you see somebody using a handicap spot or bathroom, trust that they know what they are doing. You can’t always tell someone health conditions just by looking at them.

-We don’t need to be babied. We know what our bodies limits are and work with our bodies daily, we know whats best for us.

-If someone can’t partake in something due to their illness, please just respect that.

-alternative medicine doesnt necessarily work for everyone. Chances are we have heard about it before, theres no need to bring it up.

- Just because we have illnesses does not mean we are up for talking about it all the time.

- Hearing constant complaining about having a cold makes us feel incredibly uncomfortable. We feel sick, we get it.

- If someone with chronic illness makes a joke about their illness please dont reblog that or join in if you dont understand the illness and dont have it

- Just treat us with respect as you would for any human

The Reason Why I Smile - Fred Weasley Imagine


Can I request something with Fred where the reader self harmed in the past (but stopped) and still has some really bad scars but she never told Fred about it and he finds out some way (like maybe surprising her with a trip to the lake?) And she catches him staring at them and tries to get away from him before he says anything because its hard for her to talk about and just fluff and comfort after that?I love this blog, I’ve been following with post notifications on for months so I could request

-Warning: Mentions of Self Harm!-

A/n: I made reader Gryffindor!

~(Y/n)’s POV~

Having something on my body that reminds me of the past makes me feel the progress that I have done ever since the last time I grabbed a blade and cut my wrist. It reminds me of all the pain I felt, all the crazy thoughts I had within my mind. It reminds me of how scared I was. The feeling of being trapped inside of a dark room, the feeling of having everyone look at you different just because you thought differently. Everyone might have had this moment, everyone says it’s normal to feel this and that its just a phase but is it really?

I used to have this somewhat “Phase” but it soon passed as I met a certain person who changed my life. As I began my journey to become a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I met a particularly attractive red head who before I knew it became my everything. I met him on the Hogwarts Express, he sat in my compartment and he… He made me laugh. Something that hasn’t happened to me in quite a while. He brought me happiness, he’s my happiness. He’s the reason why I don’t cut myself anymore, he’s the reason why I don’t feel like I’m stuck in a dark room, he’s the reason why I smile. He doesn’t know anything about my past and I plan to keep it that way.

“Are we there yet?” I ask Fred, he’s behind me. Both hands on my waist leading me as I blindly walk forward due to the blindfold blocking my sight. He’s always up to something. “Almost there” he whispered as he kissed my temple. I smile as I put my hands on top of his. I hear water swishing, a light breeze blowing on my face. This day just like the others, Fred loves to surprise me by taking me to places he’s just discovered or just anywhere in general as long as he gets to spend time with me. He takes the blind fold off of me and I gulp at the sight in front of me.

It’s the lake. My heart rate starts to speed up. I’ve never been swimming with Fred before and I’m pretty sure he would be suspicious if I went swimming with my robe on. All I have underneath my robes are a t-shirt and a pair of shorts due to the extreme heat of the summer. I always wore long sleeves around him and he didn’t seem to care about it. I don’t think Fred would notice the little scars on my forearms. I slip off my shoes and take off my robe and jump into the water, I reach the surface to see him smiling goofily at me.

“Are you coming in or not?” I tease he takes his robe off to show that he was wearing beige shorts and a red t-shirt. He jumps in making me squeal as the water splashes onto my face. I laugh as he holds me in his arms and spins making the sound of water swishing even louder. Fred leans in to kiss me but I splash water in his face making him growl playfully. I crawl out of the water but Fred grabs my ankle making me stop in my tracks, he turns me over and hovers over me. He has his hands on my wrists, I giggle but soon stop as I see that a frown has formed on his lips. I don’t need to look where he’s looking, I already know what he’s seen.

“Get off of me” I slip my wrists out of his grip and push his chest making him fall to the side of me. I stay silent for a moment, looking at the ground as my eyes begin to water. I blink my tears away before grabbing my robe and slipping on my shoes. I ran as fast as I could away from Fred. I can’t talk about it with Fred, I’ll probably breakdown completely and become what I was once before. My heart is beating rapidly against my chest, my breathing becomes heavy. I sit on the ground and lean back against a giant oak tree, I put my robe over myself.

I bury my head in my hands, my wet and cold hair touching my face making me shiver at the freezing touch. I can’t believe I was that stupid to think that he wouldn’t notice, how could I? I feel hands grab my hands with a firm grip not tight but just in a comforting way. “(Y/n) please” Fred’s voice cracked, I look up to see tears trailing down his cheeks. I can see the pain and sadness in his eyes, I’ve never seen him like this before.

“Fred” I beg not wanting to talk about what’s been going on.

“No, (Y/n) please. Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispers. I shake my head and bury my face in my arm that was still extended out due to Fred still holding my hands in his. I start to weep softly but my body shook as I was hit with a pang of sadness and pain. He lets go of my hands and engulfs me in a tight hug, I cry into his neck as my hands hug his neck. He picks me up and carries me all the way into the castle. He brings me into the Gryffindor common room and wraps a blanket around me before pulling me down onto him as he sat in the couch. The common room is empty the only sounds coming from the blazing fire and from my stuffy nose.

“It was a long time ago.” I whisper breaking the almost eerie silence. “I didn’t know what was happening to me but… It all stopped one day. When I met you.” I sit up and look Fred in the eyes. “You became my world, Fred Weasley. I had all these problems but they went away when I met you. The one person who made me feel loved and important. The reason why I don’t cut myself, the reason why I smile.” I whisper, Fred quickly leans in and kisses me passionately.

“I love you and I always will but why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Because when I met you, you were the most happiest boy I have ever met. You always wore a smirk or a smile, I didn’t want to take that privilege away from you.” I kissed him briefly before pulling back again “And because I love you too” I smile. He holds me tightly in his arm as I indulge in his soft touch. Slowly, I fall asleep within his arms for I only feel safe with the one I love.


No matter what it is, we all have something we love doing when we have spare time. For example I have dance classes 2 times a week + rehearsals + zumba/yoga. Dancing is a big part of my life but it also takes away a lot of time so it’s often hard to keep up with both school and practise. Here’s a few advices on how to organise your time:

1. Mornings and weekends are your friend.

I was never an early bird but I had to become one bc obv. high school. When you get up at least an hour earlier than usual you will make a great change. I get up at 6:30, do my morning routine and then start studying around 8. 

Weekends are a gift from heaven, bc you get two days you can organise and spend how ever you want to. Use them wisely! 

2. Calculate. 

Normally I don’t count and organise every minute of my life, but from time to time I need to do it just so I stay on track. For example, I spend around 8 hours a week practising, 33 hours in school, 56 hours sleeping etc. Sometimes when I calculate I find that I should cut down on some things and spend those hours in a better way. 

3. Work smarter not harder.

Yes we all love bullet journals and planners, and aesthetic photos but sometimes it takes away too much time. 

I often catch myself doing something I don’t need to, just bc it seems right. Like writing notes on the same subject over and over again, and revising stuff I don’t need. 

And if you don’t have a hobby, here’s a few ideas:

- any kind of physical activity, dance, sport, going to the gym, running

Why? Because by working on yourself you are basically telling the world “I ROCK”  

-any kind of mental activity, reading, writing, learning something new, drawing

Why? Even if you suck at it, there’s no way you won’t get better at it.

-anything you love doing

Why? Because being happy is the most important thing in the world.

anonymous asked:

i have this odd perception that like.. i can't dissapoint people or piss them off without being automatically irredeemably terrible and disgusting??? and i don't know how to fix it. i know it's irrational but the bad feelings always come anyway. it makes it hard to take criticism

have you ever heard of shame-based personalities?

it took me a long time to realize i had a shame-based personality, that is to say, when i did something wrong, i went beyond blaming myself for it and attributed the mistake to my entire self. for example, if i spill a glass of water, it’s never just, whoops, didn’t mean to do that, but, you’re so fucking clumsy get your shit together. 

shame-based thinking can have a lot of widespread negative effects on a person’s life, so the sooner we learn to train ourselves out of these thought processes, the better lives we can lead. i recommend you start with a simple google search of shame-based thinking and see what you find and what resonates with you. sometimes what it takes to begin recovery is simply being able to name our demons. 

here’s an article on overcoming shame-based thinking. it might take a lot of practice and research, and maybe therapy or counseling, but i think you can defeat it. 

i hope this helps. <3

starter for nadeshixo

From the moment he woke up this morning (and even the night before, to be honest), Josuke’s felt on edge. The feeling is akin to the moments before a big test. He’s insanely nervous. The pressure is seriously on and weighing down on him no matter how hard he tries to calm himself. The whole train ride there (he woke up early to be able to spend as much time as possible) he was plagued with thoughts of everything he could do wrong to make him look like an absolute fool and totally lose his chance (not like he ever had one, really, he thinks) to impress and hopefully woo Noriko. 

He’s known for a while now that it’s a longshot what with him being 12 years her junior (that, and his sneaking suspicion that she might already have her eyes on someone–his nephew, who Josuke has never felt more jealous of in his life), but Josuke can’t help it. From the moment they met he knew there was something about her, and with every chance meeting he learned more and more until he grew absolutely smitten. Her beauty was ethereal and her politeness unmatched. She was intelligent and sweet, too, and whenever Josuke thought about her his cheeks grew warm and his heart beat a little faster. 

Somehow, though, he managed to work past his fumbling for words to ask her if she could help him with his studies. It wasn’t a lie, either, as he did need some help in a few of his classes since he’d been slacking off (daydreaming of the object of his affections, but he wasn’t going to admit that to her when he’d called for help). He knows he could’ve asked Jotaro or maybe even Yukako, but both of them intimidated him… Not that being around Noriko didn’t, but there was something to be gained from this–more time with her, even if he’s just going to spend the whole time listening to her teach him things he should already know. 

This all is how he finds himself on her doorstep, wearing some of his warmer casual clothes as the days only grow colder in winter. He doesn’t have much with him aside from his bookbag in one hand and Noriko’s address scrawled onto a piece of paper in the other. He stands there for a few minutes just trying to psyche himself up to knock and hope he doesn’t look or sound like a complete fool when it’s time for her to usher him inside. 

Taking a deep breath, Josuke balls the hand holding the scrap of paper into a fist save for his index finger, ringing the doorbell. After the chime finishes he pipes up (loud enough but not obnoxiously so), “Noriko! It’s me, Josuke! You ah.. Said to be here at 10 AM so here I am!”

Fun fact by WhatIsCompassion

I’m in constant, unbearable pain all the time. I want to just die. I’m writing this about why so hopefully you don’t make the same mistake I did.

I made a deal with the devil. I was dying of cancer, and I wanted my family to be financially comfortable after my death. So, after summoning him (I will not include how I did this, becuase it’s something you should never, ever do, which I learned the hard way) I asked him to make sure my family had enough money to live comfortably after my demise.

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You get used to being alone. You stop even realizing it after a while. All the things you do to fill the silence work and you forget the reality that you have no one. Until someone comes along and makes you question how you were ever surviving before. It’s funny how something, someone, you never even knew you needed, becomes everything.
And then it’s gone. They’re gone.
And time passes. And you adjust. And you go back to how you always were. But there isn’t comfort in the loneliness anymore. You can’t unlearn warmth, you can’t stop craving it once you’ve had it. It’s so hard to be alone.

okay let me just say something. don’t think you’re worthless if you’re an artist and you don’t draw every day just cause big time artists say that you absolutely must or you’re gonna crash and burn and never make it in the industry or something. art is hard and you don’t have to draw every day. you don’t have to draw every week. it helps if you do, sometimes, but some of the best improvement for me has been while i wasn’t drawing for long periods of time… i’d come back after not finishing a picture for months and over that time i had absorbed so much artwork and information that i came back more efficient and with a better style than ever. working is good but rest is important too. it won’t make you a worse artist and you’re not worthless for it. be honest with yourself when you need a break. making art a chore or forcing it is gonna do so much more harm than letting yourself take a break


Joseph Flinders, the big brother pictured above, had to say something when his little sister Lola was bullied for having a gay brother. So he posted this on Facebook. It reads:

An open letter to the odious little toad who gave my baby sister a hard time for having a gay big brother. I just wanted to give an example of what a decent upbringing looks like. This is a photo I took of us at the gay pride parade, which she asked to attend with me. I think that’s pretty cool of an eleven year old, don’t you?

I’ve never known such an accepting, compassionate, loving child and I don’t want your hate-filled existence making her any less than she is.

I’m not confrontational but this is a nerve I wouldn’t touch if I were you. Thankfully, you’re a dying breed and I imagine this is the last generation that’ll have to endure narrow-minded tools.

I think she’s pretty great and she’s prouder than ever to tell people her brother is gay. So enjoy spreading hate to nobody that gives a toss.

Sibling goals. (via BuzzFeed)

i announced today on twitter that i’ll be releasing a new ep soon, you can check out the album cover right here. i was pretty excited about the whole thing. that is, until my girlfriend told me that she’s already getting anonymous messages on tumblr because of it. like, mean ones! hurtful ones!! SO, because the world is full of awful shitty little babies, i guess i have to talk about the release in detail

i have an album coming out soon called four songs for losing you. the songs were written in the summer and fall of 2014 but i waited an entire year to finish and release them out of respect for the person that it’s about. i wanted to give it time, and to make sure that we had both moved on and were in stable relationships before i made the songs public. i wanted to make sure that we were both in a happier place before i even considered benefiting off of something so personal.

why is that such a difficult thing to understand? not to mention the fact that songwriting doesn’t always work like it does in movies and on tv. it isn’t so relevant and in the moment. from writing, to rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering, then finally releasing. by the time you hear a song for the first time, it’s already so old and played out to the artist. plus, i can write a song about something that happened ten years ago and it would still make sense and be personal. emotions can be valid without being topical. the entirety of i clung to you and sleep were recorded while i was in a four year relationship. please understand that. 

above anything else, if you have any complaints or criticism about my career please take them up with me and leave my girlfriend out of it.

I’m so tired of people insulting Roman. Like seriously? My friend made a postive post about Roman, and guess what happens? Someone just had to come along and say something negative. Like damn. Y'all say he can’t wrestle, and the people that say that have never been in a ring. Like how mad are y'all? Its so sad. Y'all take time out to hate him when y'all could have been doing something productive and positive. But y'all have to hate on a man that does his best and does all he can. If I ever make a post praising him please don’t ever say anything negative because I’m not going to hold my tongue anymore. If you don’t like Roman just leave the guy alone. Its not hard. You’re just spewing hate for no reason. Its not needed.

Ahh! Thank you all so much for helping me reach my goal. As a thank you, I wanted to do something for you guys, but I didn’t want to do something that i had already done before (blogrates/follow forever/ along those lines) so I figured I’d do my own little tumblr awards thing. (Keep in mind I have never ever done something like this before and I’ve only seen a few people do it so I don’t really know what I’m doing — Bear with me.)

  • must be following me
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  • this post must reach at least 25 notes!
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what to win?

Winners will receive a follow from me and a promo, plus a link to your blog through mine (i will make an awesome people page on my blog, and you will be featured there). Also you can ask me for something idk i’ve been really into watercolors lately so maybe I’ll do something cool with your url or your name or whatever (i’m not an artist but i will make it awesome)

                      HELLO IT’S ME !!! HOBBIT HERE !!! 

TIME FOR SOME GROSS THANK YOU again I see. I will try my best to keep it short tbh, I don’t wanna write an essay even though y’all truly deserve one. I mean, wow guys really!! Thank you for everything until now, for all the good times, the bad times we’ve gone through together and the laughter's and tears. I am incredible happy where I am today, even though we had lots of drama rising up in the last few days in the fandom. 

LET ME TELL YOU how amazing y’all are and that you should never ever let this negativeness disturb your awesomeness in any way. I know it was hard to keep up a smile, or even the motivation to be here, but you’re not alone. I am here for my pals & my Sweethearts and it makes me happy when I can bring back some positiveness and make you laugh or smile or simply think about something else.

                                  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. 

                                ( ART BY DROAN - ART CREDIT BELONGS TO DROAN )

                                                                     MENTIONS UNDER CUT.

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So 2015 was definitely a defining year for me. It started out with nowhere near the recall at worlds and I was devastated. I had worked so hard for this and I felt I got nothing in return. 2014 was such a rough year for me and I wanted to make 2015 so much better but at that point nothing had changed. To say I was frustrated was an understatement. After a nice week off and some time to reflect, I decided that I wasn’t giving up and I was going to work harder than ever for nationals. I went in with a great mindset and I danced three great rounds and ended up 14th and qualifying for worlds, something I had never done at nationals! I was thrilled but I wanted to make oireachtas even better. I wanted to make sure I put in even more work than I did for nationals. I have never worked harder for something in my life, and it truly paid off. I finished 4th, finally getting to stand on that podium. It was definitely the highlight of my year. 2015 had its ups and downs but I learned a lot about hard work and that it eventually pays off if you keep trying. Here’s to 2016.