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Say You Love Me

Spock x Reader

Word Count: 1900

Prompt: “I miss you.” “Love me.”

Summary: You feel neglected by Spock and just want him to tell you he cares about you. 

You expected him to say it at the wedding. He did not and it hurt you more than you expected. Why couldn’t he just say it? You already had so many times. You told him again in your vows at the wedding, that’s where you assumed he’d say it. But those three words were never uttered from your husbands lips. Which annoyed you, but you understood what the half of him that was Vulcan did to his character. Jim could see you were upset at the after party, which was more for you than Spock. Jim told you that Spock had told you about the different ways he loved you, just not with those words. You admitted it hurt you and you did feel like maybe he didn’t love you as much as you loved him. But that begged the question of why would he marry you if he didn’t love you? Jim had just tried to tell you how you were wrong and Spock did love you. But it was hard to believe him when he hadn’t actually said it yet. 

Your comm rang and seeing it was Spock you ignored it. It went to the message. 

“Y/n. You don’t seem to be answering my comm calls. So I am assuming you are ignoring me or have lost your comm. I wasn’t aware you had any activities occurring today that meant you were exiting the house. If you could please call me back I would be much obliged and less worried by the lack of communication, I will see you when I return home.” He hung up and you sat back on the bed. You felt bad but you also wanted him to be worried in a way because, it showed that he cares. Maybe that was manipulative but you needed the affirmation that he didn’t stay with you and marry you for some other reason.

Later that day, the doorbell rang, so you knew it wasn’t Spock. Going to the door you opened it. It was Jim. 

“So. You’re not dead!” He exclaimed. “I’m Spock’s eyes and ears because apparently you haven’t been returning any of the poor Vulcans’ calls and he’s getting worried.” Jim walked in and got a beer from the kitchen. 

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AHS Imagine - Meeting Kit.


“We don’t allow visitations” 

the firm yet blunt response alluded that there was no way to get yourself out of this situation. For weeks you had been trying to get into the facility to visit your mother, but every time you tried, the answer was predictable.

“Y/N, I admire your determination, but no one is allowed to enter…especially little girls” Sister Jude was always known to be abrupt and egocentric which made you believe that the devil himself was standing in front of you.

You sighed; your mother shouldn’t even be in the facility, which frustrated you more as to why you couldn’t see her

“Can you at least give her this?” You motioned to the small blue box you held in your hand,

“May I ask what it is?” Sister Jude flashed a repulsive grin at you; you’ve bumped heads far too much with her to know her grins were perverse.

That box meant far too much to you to hand it to someone like her; she would crawl from hell to high waters just to keep her “hospital” out of suspect. From the second you turned 18; you went to the asylum every so often in hopes of getting in…but with Sister Jude, the chances of that were near to impossible.

“It’s a letter, and her favorite bracelet” you replied, hesitantly handing it to her,


Sister Jude took a deep sigh,

“It’s against the rules… I don’t know why I’m even considering it”

For the first time in years a real smile showed on your face,

“You don’t know how much this means to me Sister, thank you” You whispered, wiping the tears that unnoticeably left your eyes and shook her hand.

“Not a problem, now off you go!”  Sister Jude shooed you off,

“Wait, one more thing!”

“What now child?” Sister Jude eyed you,

“Tell her I love her” another smile curved on your lips, thinking about your mother’s reaction when she hears that. Frankly you’ve forgotten what she looks like, it’s been years since she first got admitted, but her smile is the one thing you would never forget.

“Very well” Sister Jude sighed again and turned away.

“Off you go” She repeated,

You turned on your heel letting out of your relief all in one sigh. As you turned the corner the exit was only meters away. The only thing you wanted to do more than leave was to go back and ask if your mother received your gift.

“Come here!” You heard Sister Jude say; a part of you thought it was meant for you, ever since your attempts to get in Sister Jude was always keeping an eye out for you.

“Yes sister Jude?” an quiet, frail voice of a women replied, it would have been helpful to recognize the workers but the only things you knew for damn sure was Sister Jude, and her irritating long finger that would always point you to the exit.

“Take this box and dispose of it immediately!” Embarrassment tainted your cheeks with pink and anguish filled your eyes with tears, never had you ever been so ashamed to make a deal with the devil. You stayed, listening to the conversation, to know where she would dispose of your precious gift.

“I don’t mean to disrespect Sister but…isn’t this meant for someone?”

“Sister Mary Eunice, I will not be questioned…. dispose of it” impatience was evident in sister Jude’s voice…assuming no one has spoken back to her before.

“I’m-I’m sorry…right away”

“I’ll do it” a male voice added itself into the conversation.

“I don’t care who does it, just get ride of that box!” Sister Jude’s heels clicked on the tiled floor, indicating her exit. Another pair of heels clicked away leaving you waiting to hear the man’s departure.

“I know you’re there” He said, you inched further away from the corner.

“I got your box,” He continued, making sure to shake it slightly.

You peeled yourself from the wall and made your way to where he stood,

“Give it” You said, reaching for the box. He pulled away slightly,

“Don’t you want to give this to your mom?” he questioned.

“I’ve learned the hard way to not trust anyone in here, so I’d rather wait and give it to her myself” With another huff you reached for the box again, but irritably enough he pulled away even further.

“I’ll give this to your momma, I know her…nice gal…doesn’t deserve to be here tho” he said with a shrug. You wanted to agree with him, your mom didn’t deserve to be in there… and from the looks of it he didn’t either. But with the stubbornness you got from your mother, your face stayed unpleased

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“I got your box from being thrown out…doesn’t that say enough?”

You stayed silent.

“Listen, I know this box means loads to you, I’ll give it to your momma because I know she’d love to know it came from you”

“Thanks” You gave him a weak smile,

“And plus, why would I wanna hurt a pretty girl like you?” You felt your cheeks flush pink from his remark; he walked closer to the bard door, linking his arms around the bars.

“What’s your name?…For business purposes”  he smiled, waiting for your response.

“Y/N” you replied, caving into the large smile that hid between your firm lips.

“Well,” He whistled,

“Name well suited for a beauty like yourself” a giggle left your lips as you looked down to hide you flushed cheeks…something you also got from your mother…from what your father has said.

“And what’s your name?… for business purposes” you mocked with a smile, finally looking up. With his eyes on you and his bottom lip between his teeth, he gave you a contagious smirk that showed his right dimple,


And with that, he unlinked his arms from the bars and gave you a wink, before walking back into the place you’ve now realized; no one should be apart of.


First imagine! Any requests? :) will write about any character of any season of AHS!

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word count : 1,158

AU: You suck at math and you’re assigned to a tutor

Luke AU- Math class


I sat impatiently, glancing at the clock wavering over my teachers head. Only 4 more minutes until I’m out of here and on my way to pizza and a Teen Wolf marathon. I tap my fingers rather impatiently as my teacher recites our homework and a review on what we learned the lesson. Boring.

The bell finally rang and I hopped out my seat as fast as I could. Just as I approach the door I hear my teacher say,

“Y/N, may I please have a word with you?” So close.

“Yes Mr. Collins?” I replied with as little annoyance as possible. To be frank, he creeps me out and happens to teach the worst subject on earth, math.

I hear a sigh emitted from him before he started the speech I knew was bound to be told sometime soon.

“Y/N I’m not going to sugar coat this for you. You’re obviously intelligent and have a very high IQ. I’ve seen your grades in your other classes and you’re extraordinary. How come you’re struggling so much in math?”

I looked down ashamed. I knew I wasn’t doing well and that this speech was coming up sooner or later. I was just hoping for the later.

“I apologize for my lack of effort Mr. Collins. Math has never really been my strong point, but I promise I’ll study harder and get my grades up.”

“There’s a small problem in your plan Y/N and that small problem happens to be the fact that you’re behind on work and failing. I have already contacted the office and they’ve assigned you a tutor from the grade above-”

I cut him off as soon as I heard the word tutor. Extra homework I could deal with but never in my life have I been told that I need a tutor nor do I need one.

“Whoa, whoa. Listen Mr. Collins, I appreciate that you’re helping me in this and I am grateful. I truly am. But a tutor will not be necessary.” I argue calmly.

“It’s for the best Y/N. His name is Luke and he happens to be waiting in the office right now. I hope you don’t mind staying another hour in the library. Finals are coming up and you’ll need to get back on track as soon as possible if you don’t want to fail. Good day and I will see you on Monday.” Mr. Collins says as he packs up his briefcase and I storm out.

Who does he think he is telling me I must stay another hour with some senior who’s probably either laugh at how horrible I am at Math or not even bother helping me.

I quickly make my way to the office and look around for my supposed tutor. Though the only other person in sight is this guy who is a bit shorter than me and looks like he’s aging 10 years with the amount of anxiety reeking off of him. Though the whole situation pissed me off to a whole new level, he seemed quite nice and I didn’t want to put him off with my grumpy mood so I smiled slightly and approached him.

“Hi! I’m (Y/N). I’m guessing you’re Luke? My math tutor?”

“No actually that would be me.” I turn my head towards sound of the deep voice and came face to chest with an extremely attractive blue eyed male.

“O-oh hi, I’m Y/N and you’re tutoring me in math but I’m guessing you knew that and yeah.” I rambled as I feel my cheeks burn a cursed red. Luke chuckled silently and held out his hand.

“Hi Y/N, I’m Luke but I’m guessing you knew that.” He shot a wink at me which didn’t help my burning cheeks. “Okay, so come on. Let’s go get started.”

We made our way towards the school library in silence and found a quiet table in the far corner of the building. I sat down next to Luke and took out my book, calculator, and pencil. I opened up the book to correct page and we started working.

I must admit, it’s pretty damn hard to think when you’re sitting next to Luke. He has these beautiful blue eyes that I tend to stare into for a bit longer than normal. If I get something correct, he’d always grin showing his prominent dimples. And his lip ring. His lip ring makes me contemplate stabbing myself with a pencil and then run into a concrete wall. When he takes it between his teeth it makes him look so kissable I can’t help glace at his lips.

“Hello? Y/N?” Luke waved a pencil in front of face and I jumped in surprise, not even realizing that I was zoning out.

“S-sorry, what were you saying?” I licked my chapped lips as he chuckled at my distant behavior.

“I was saying maybe we should  get to know one another a bit more. I’d like to know who I’m tutoring… Also because I don’t think you’re really paying attention to my tutoring anymore. We could just finish up these papers tomorrow if you have time.”

My heart started picking up its pace slightly at the mention of us hanging out tomorrow. I know it’s only tutoring but hey, let a girl dream would you?

“Umm sure, I don’t mind being interrogated.” I told him with sarcasm which caused him to chuckle. And in that moment, I swear, the world simultaneously died. I cleared my throat and adjusted my seat so I’d face him. He brought his chair closer to mine and began to question me.

“What’s your favorite song?”

“I don’t have one. It depends on my mood.”

“Good answer. Okay, when’s your birthday?”


“Hey! I’m older than you!!”



"You do realize that you’re a senior and I’m a junior right? You’re a year older than me.”

“Well, yeah. But- I don’t know. Maybe you got held back?”

I laughed at his awkwardness and scooted closer to him. I think he noticed because his eyes darted down to the small space parting our chairs.

“Okay, what’s your biggest fetish?” I arched my eyebrows and looked at him.

“Definitely blue eyes.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah… I find them gorgeous.” I said not even ashamed that I was staring straight into the never ending depths of his clear blue eyes.

“I quite like Y/E/C”

“Do you now?”

“Yeah… I find them gorgeous.” He said staring into my own eyes. His trailed down ever so slightly to my lips before looking up again and swiftly closing the gap between us.

The kiss was gentle and sweet. His lip ring poking slightly at my lips as we kissed. It soon turned into something a bit more yet he still managed to keep it soft. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his pull me closer to him. A small thump made us jerk apart and we both look up to see a bashful looking librarian.

“Oh don’t mind me. I’m just putting away these history books.” The lady said as she turned around the corner but not before winking at us and saying “Just make sure y'all act smart alright? Remember; you can’t go wrong if you shield your dong.”

I coughed and stood up awkwardly, grabbing my stuff in a messy haste. Luke’s laughter got me to look up him smiling like the goofball he is.

“So, you still up for tomorrow?”


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