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A redraw of my Animal Crossing OC Amana!!

I saw a very kind persons comment on the old pic recently on DA and it resparked me to wanna draw her again! That and I found a brand new copy of ACNL hidden in my storage while I was moving and damn wasn’t that a cool find!

I GOT DRAGO! Best start village ever.

Amanas a police officer with a crush on Copper.

so many posts sayin ppl hate monhell cause k*ramel or cause we ship supercorp

Buddy. Buddy. Buddy.

Lemme tell you this.

I hate monhell. Cause he’s a piece of fucking garbage.

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When this blog goes ThiccTrap, we will have truly realised what we have done. In other words, ,sdrow rehto nI. -D

There Is A Lot Of Art You Have Not Seen

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I see you love Thace. I love him too and your art is amazing))) But what about bby Ulaz? Do you like him?)))))

watches Shiro’s Escape episode

//start of ep sees Ulaz// oh who’s this dude he seems neat

//end of ep dies// ok then

Never Sleeping Again, Part 18


Skyline Drive ended up being every bit as busy and congested as Adam had predicted it would be. Ronan pulled the BMW into the line of cars waiting to enter the park. At the booth he gave the attendant the customary $25 entrance fee and received a pass for his car and a map. As they proceeded forward Ronan had to wonder how Adam had managed to come up here before. Had he hitchhiked? Asked for rides? Ronan could imagine Adam bartering transit in exchange for tea.

“Take a right up here,” Adam instructed, not even glancing at the map that he held in his hands. “We’ll be camping about fifty miles away, but before we get there we’ll be making some stops.”

Ronan nodded. He was already chafing, especially since the white minivan in front of him was going ten miles below the posted speed limit of 35 mph. He craned his head out the window and saw a line of cars trapped behind an enormous tour bus. Yes, the forest was pretty and the views were spectacular but Jesus God could they just go faster?

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Little Red Wagon

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,116

Warnings: ANGST OUT THE ASS, mentions of a child dying, mentions of wanting to die, lying, heartache….yeah….

Requested by @haniiix33: So..the reader once lost her little son because of some accident but she kept it as a secret bc she was scared that Dean wouldn’t love (or accept) her. Someday she gets confronted with the situation or something that reminds her of her son. She opens up to Dean and shows him the place where she buried her son…something like that?

A/N: So I literally cried my eyes out while writing this which is something that never happens to me….you guys have fun with this one….(unbeta’d any and all mistakes are my own)

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I can promise you...

If I ever go trick-or-treating ever again, whenever I get to a house with a doorbell, I’m gonna say, “LLOUhdest dOrbel Oi’ve eveAh hUUUHD…” after ringing it, even if it’s not loud at all, or broken.

Bonus points if I dress up as Murdoc in t h e b a t h.

And then the person I’m with would be like, “Can we just get on with trick-or-treating already-” “GRAHT OIDEAH ROSS OAWAYS WEURKS SOUHT THAH’ WHAY IN ‘OHRROR MEUVIES GRRNUHAHAAG-Hh-h”

ohhhhh~ dear (=     w  =);; sometimes i’ll see something on my dash that is fundamentally innocuous, but which falls just far enough into the weird™ category of “i hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me”, and i just sigh SO HARD and think (in a tiny, desperate, whisper of a voice) “nooooo…” and then curse the day i ever joined Tumblr… lol lol lol XD