never had so many ever!

how many years have I lost to naruto- watching, reading, fanarts, fanfictions, headcanons, creating self-insert ocs- how many?

The finished version/screen record ~

I’m so in love with Mal’s new look, (and with Dove in general) eventho I noticed a lot of people dislike the new hair.

And I’m slightly bothered that the art contest is only for people in the US and between the age of 11-16 :( I really wanted to participate.
But that doesnt stop me from making fan-art

why does the quality look so bad :/ click on it for HD version

Update : oh god this fanbase is like the sweetest ever, I never had so many lovely comments before <3


    i don’t have the time at the moment to make anything big or fancy, but  just had to say thank you because i was squealing mess when i saw this. honestly, thank you to EVERYONE who welcomed me into their cross-overs, people from the final fantasy fandom who opened their arms out for my AU lacus which is essentially an OC to you guys. that means a ton. everyone who joined me in the gundam community after they found my blog, all of the friendships i’ve made here i cherish so much. there’s even been times in need, that i’ve had a safe place here in this community with you guys. people have jumped in to help any time i needed it. i’ve never felt alone since i made lacus. thank you for giving me such an amazing place to write and just be myself. i really hope the lot of you enjoy following me, regardless if we’re mutuals. and in my more active or less active times, i hope you stick by me! as i will, you. ❤ xo.

Tfw u try to convince urself ur feeling nostalgic instead of just sad because you miss the past but not in a bittersweet way, just in an angry, betrayed way because it will never go back and you have no control and it only gets worse from here

anonymous asked:

Sorry for my ignorance, but I seem to be out of every random war there is Who are yh bois and why are armhs hating them?

Ok so this is what was going on to the best of my knowledge. 

  • Billboard tweeted yesterday that the YH Boys are attending the BBMas
  • Scroll down this tweet and I see lots of people shaming armys for being rude to these boys and for leaving death threats
  • Scroll down and I see armys (some) leaving replies like 
  • “Why are they coming?” “We wanted bts to perform!” “I vote bts for bbmas blah blah blah” “Who are they and what have they accomplished?”
  • Scroll down and I see armys defending themselves and saying “But it was nct stans who started it first” “They were the one accusing the boys of plagiarism” 
  • Scroll down and I see both fandoms blaming the other fandom for starting it first
  • I saw screenshots of comments under one of their music videos where nct stans (some) were bringing up the whole copying nct dream issue
  • The death threats I did not see so I dont know how much truth is behind that

I would like to say that I did see more comments where people were calling out other fandoms for leaving rude comments and less of those actual rude comments. I dont know if that means that people realized their mistakes and deleted their comments or, people saw a few comments and blew everything out of proportion. BUT.

What I did see with my own eyes, were armys leaving irrelevant ass comments and complaining under a post that had NOTHING to do w/ BTS and, nct stans leaving plagiarism claims under one of the YH Boys’ music videos. The latter issue is a little old news which I was not aware of. Nonetheless, as someone who stans both BTS and NCT, I would like to apologize for any of the hurtful things either of the fandoms said to the YH Boys. 

Side note: No one is (atleast I’m not) blaming the entire fandom for acting this way. I am aware it was only a few people from both fandoms. 

there is so much eurovision on my dash it makes me as a european feel bad for not caring AT ALL. everyone seems to be so into it and they support their country and i’m just over here reblogging memes not knowing what the fuck is going on


Now that I’ve actually finished Fable I have a better grasp on my Hero of Oakvale. I was going to stress about his face but then I remembered he keeps his head covered constantly in true Hood fashion so fuck it

Never had a character with so many tattoos b4. pray for me if I ever draw him without a shirt

Let Me Go

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angsty af

Description: You’d always known Jungkook was bad for you, but you can’t bring yourself to let him go.

A/N- This contains unhealthy relationship type stuff so if you don’t like that don’t read x

“Let me in y/n!” Jungkook yelled as his hands continued to bang on the door loudly, the door shook under the sheer power of his fists.

“No” you screamed as you held back your sobs, desperate not to let him hear you cry. While he never seemed to care about anything, Jungkook had always been able to hurt you so easily, he was in complete control of your heart and he was always so careless with it. He treated you like trash then insisted he would change. It was always like this.

So of course, walking in to find Jungkook with another woman was not a scene unfamiliar to your eyes. But this time it was different, because just the night before he’d promised he’d become a  better person, he’d promised he’d stay faithful to you because he loved you so much. You should have known every word of it was a lie.

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i’ve been happiest when i’m purple and i never want to go back to any other color

No offense but I just had a Steven Universe x Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney crossover dream and it was the best thing ever

UUUUPS it happened, my inner shipping fangirl came out. I’m team Megumi all the way in Shokugeki no Souma and really really hope they will end up together in the end. I have been wanting to change my theme since forever so now it happened! Soumegu Theme ♥ 

Megumi is the cutest angel who has ever been born on this planet and I wish more people would realize too. I do like the other females too like Alice is hella cool ok? but for me Megumi’s kindness just touch me so much. 

Also I decided to try colourcode blogging, which means I only post in a specific colour for some time before changing it to another colour. So in advance sorry for the post which is really popular now might first get on my blog way later when I get the opportunity to blog those colours. I hope you guys still want to stay during this experiment of mine and ofc my blog content won’t change~

I put it in a queue so it will start officially on Tuesday or around then! I hope u will enjoy it cause it took a while to find all the colours and get them to match~

It’s all about class…looking after yourself, loving yourself, not only for your Master, but for you…to become the best version of yourself and being able to let all those guards and walls down and expose your true self to another human-being…..My Master has empowered and unlocked the inner-depths of my soul and passions… completely let go of all inhibitions and allow my body to react and respond in the most amazing ways possible…..I’ve never had so many amazing orgasims ever until this man stepped into my world…….