never had cake so good lol

I’m going to make it my mission to write the single worst novella in history:

“she giggled a giggle that is the kind of giggle you giggle when you are wondering why your father never loved you.”

“he tickled her delicate axe wound with his prehensile finger forks and he stuck his prehensile wet facefinger so far up her indescribable mash-hole he could almost taste her brain stem”

“He was bleeding profusely out of his spleen, but not in a good way”

“He had a personality like a mash up between the shamwow guy and an anal hemorrhage”

Lifes just got so crazy lately I’ve been way to busy to even get on here.. Even debating on deleting since I can’t keep up.

Coraline just had her 1 year check up and got 5 shots 😣
They were nice enough to wait for the hubs before they gave her the shots because she does waaaay better with them with him. She’s good, just the one that’s the HIB vax is the only one thats a red knot. Keeping up on her pain meds and watching her temp and shes good 👍

Her birthday was amazing, she was so happy and ate her whole smash cake and got a tummy ache for 2 whole days! Never going to do that again lol

Shes walking, clapping, pointing, carrying things when walking, figuring things out crazy excited little girl 😍
She’s growing so fast its ridiculous..

I’ll try to update more.. But like I said
Crazy family things and just life in general is happening making it hard to update, but I still love you guys ❤

Thursdays are for Minty Cake

Part 1


Thursday! Never had such a green day held such significance, such excitement from the moment the sun had risen! Green was so normal. The forest was green. The grass was green. It was not a good day for a tea party. Not with any of her usual drinks, at least. But today she would have cake. Real cake. From Bandle City. With her almost-sorta-kinda-friend.

“EEEE!” Lulu cheered as she made her wade to the clearing, practically bouncing along the way. “I’m so excited, Pix! Maybe he’ll want to be my friend for real! Do you think he’ll bring the right kind of cake? Oh! Or maybe those seeds I asked for?”

Pix replied, his quiet bell-like voice filling the area.

“There so was enough time. He had an entire nighttime. You’ve seen how much I can do in one evening if I really try.”

To this the fairy only sighed.

Arriving at the clearing, Lulu began to set things up. Banquet table. Teapot. Teacups. Desert plates. Silverware. A large charger sat in the middle, ready for whatever cake Teemo would be able to bring to their little party. After one final touch, her tea party outfit, complete with hat and, today, a green card tucked behind her ear, she was finished.

And then, Lulu sat. Waiting.

Blueberries. Strawberries. Cream Cheese. This was getting boring. The little fairy reminded her that it was only eight in the morning.

Crackers. Cheddar Cheese. Carrots. “It’s almost lunch time, do you think he’ll be here soon?”

Ranch Dressing. Celery. Peanut Butter.

He wasn’t coming, was he?

But how could he forget? It had only been a day and they had explicitly decided on next Thursday. Today was Thursday so how come…?

“… Pix.”

Sighing from the other end of the table where he had been sleeping, the fairy looked up to meet Lulu’s determined expression.

“We’re going into Bandle.”