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pda || b.b

Relationship: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: a view of Bucky and his struggle with PDA.

Warnings: fluffy fluff !!

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: thank you to whoever requested this and y’all i uploaded this in front of people yikes yikes

Bucky had never been big on public display’s of affection, preferring to keep himself to himself. Not only that, but he never got a chance to see why people around him seemed to constantly rub their PDA in his face as he jogged in central park or grabbed a coffee from his coffee shop down the street. 

That was, until he met you. 

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Wow… I just checked my requests and I got SO MANY over the weekend. I’ll try to get to everyone. Please note that I have my own organizational system that’s not necessarily based on how long ago you requested, but I won’t make you wait too long.

This is one of the common ones. I actually made these on Friday and never got a chance to upload them.

I have some Les Mis ones halfway done. I’ll upload In the Heights in a minute (ha, wasn’t even requested, just love it), and I’ll work on Great Comet, more Hamilton, and another Spring Awakening tomorrow.

People have also asked what I use to make these. I use Canva, which is incredibly easy and free. I also get all images that I don’t credit from there, too, which is a nice library.

I never got the chance to upload my full piece for the miracuclasszine, but hey! Better late than never I guess?? It was my first Zine and it was a lot of fun. c:

Go check it out if you haven’t and Donate if you can! <3

2017 Autumn Classic Day 1 - Yuzu Notes

I guess Thursday was officially day 1? Well it was day 1 for me as I arrived in the morning.

It was definitely more crowded this year at Autumn Classic, and it was literally hot outside. There were so many people that the event I think pretty much sold out and banner space became sparse. Most banners were for Yuzuru Hanyu and I got a chance to hang the one I had brought to Helsinki but they never put up.

I have fancam videos from first practice, but they’ll take a while to upload. A couple of random thoughts from today:

- I panicked a bit when Yuzuru’s right knee pain was revealed in the media while I was traveling to Montreal.

- I was pretty tired by men’s practice, but I don’t remember Yuzu doing quad loop although my friends told me he did, and media recently mentions why he isn’t doing the loop here.

- When I saw him practice the 4S-eagle- sandwich I figured he’d do it in the SP.

- The opening 3lz and 3loop in that free skate probably confirms suspicions I’ve had for a while regarding program layout.

- During pairs practice before men, a large group of fans waited by the entrance and stairwell for Yuzu to arrive. I probably waited a good 45 min as I was taking a break before men’s practice, but there were a lot of people who had been standing longer. In the end Yuzu never came in through that front door, but must’ve entered elsewhere as he was then spotted doing image training rinkside. I can understand why, that crowd of people would be overwhelming (during the wait I counted at least 80 people, and my view was obstructed so I didn’t count everyone).

- Yuzu popped a couple of jump attempts, overall his practice seemed okay, not his best but not horrible.

- At one point he surt of did a besti-squat in a large circle around the rink.

- I hope the pain Yuzu is feeling heels quickly and fully, he doesn’t need to exert himself at this competition but I trust that he’s in good enough condition that he chose to participate and simplify his program.

The SP is tomorrow, can’t wait for costume reveals!

Videos to come slowly.


Kind of been working on these for the past week or so, never really got the chance to upload these sketches >w<; 

Eve and Raph doodles y’all! Don’t mess with Eve, she’s a fiesty one. hehe! (OvO)/ 

Aaaaand Mikey giving Raph a hard time because he got his butt kicked by Leo, haha! xD


Just realized I never uploaded these here aaaa, they’re some finals stuff for our first uni semester 

Flakes was beginning to sTART to take shape so I just took the chance to do some out of context… concept… things.

It’s G and Dana. They met, they friended, they dangered! I’m still not too sure about how much of this will be kept but I really liked the “scenes” at the time, they seem like they got somethin cool goin’ onnn and the vagueness adds ~mystery~ when the truth is that making decisions is just hARD

ANYWAYS I don’t think I mention G at all ever. She likes radios and makes weird noises unlike Ivy’s ominous shape there who doesn’t like radios and makes angry noises. They ain’t friends

Age is just a number - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Age is just a number

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3,510

Warnings: Age gap (nothing happening underage)

Prompt: can you do a Dean x reader. she’s 17 and she saves the Winchesters asses on case and Dean thinks she’s beautiful & way older than her age and flirts big time with her, than later when the boys bring her to a bar and she tells them her age and dean kind of sad. Then she goes and lives with them. Then when it’s her 18th birthday Dean brings her out to a field and they sit on the impala and he finally gets the chance to kiss her because he fell in love with her. And smut in the back of the impala.

A/n: Super sorry it took so so long to have this up! It was written but I never had time to actually upload it!

“Seems like we finally got the Winchesters. Well isn’t that a great turn of events huh?” the demon chuckled, sharing a look with his partner.

“Lucifer will be very happy to find out” the other chuckled and Dean merely glared at him, fighting against the roped that held him.

“That is if you ever get to make it out alive outta this place” Dean gave them a tight smile and they laughed.

“Oh really? And what do you think will stop us huh? You don’t seem all that-” he was cu off before he could complete his sentence a knife – looking like an angel blade – was plunged inside his chest and in and instant killed him.

“Oh sorry. Were you saying something?” you tilted your head to the side, looking at the dead body on the ground.

“What the…” the other demon looked down at the body then back up at you narrowing his eyes “You little-”

“A-huh-huh did mommy tell you not to curse? Does a bad thing for the soul” you smirked as he growled at you. He lunged himself at you but you managed to dodge him, taking hold of his one hand and bringing it behind his back andstabbing him the chest.

“Too bad, who knows where you might end up now” you pouted fakely down at him.

“Oh but I know were you will end up” another one growled as more demons started to circle you.

“Really? Cause I don’t think I told anybody how I planned on going to see Civil War hm” you shrugged and the just glared at you, although Dean snickered a little.

“Come on now fellas. Why hurt each other when I can take the boys and we’ll be on our merry way?”

“How about no? And how about you leave before you break a nail sweetheart, this ain’t a job for little girls” one snickered and your face got completely serious.

“Oh now you’re asking for it. I tried to play nice but you- just won’t let me rest. As you wish now” with a snarl they al lunged at you, one after the other. Just when you had managed to kill three more and before you could take he anger blade out you were grabbed by two other and held by your hand you were pinned to the wall. You growled at the third that came in front of you with a cocky smirk.

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snake-chan  asked:

Hoo boy, here it comes, dat ask. Nasty crimeboy, ramen boyfriend, soft art boy and pancake boy headcanons with an S/O who is shy af about their voice but loves singing and secretly having channels/account for their covers? So one day S/O was singing alone then they caught them on act or something, that'd be rad.


He’s heard them mumble sing, but he’s never really gotten the chance to really listen to them sing. However, when he goes to their house, holding onto their phone, he looked down to their phone after they got a multitude of notification and it was from a singing website app. Why were they getting notifications from this? He unlocked their phone, and was shocked to see that they had an account, with uploads too. They had videos and everything, he could listen since they were in the bathroom for a while so he did. When he was in the middle of a third video, a Kanamin kitchen, they rushed out, not really noticing that he was listening to their singing. They’re blushing and so frazzled over him listening to them sing! He tells them that they sound amazing but S/O is still flustered as hell.


Ryuji knows that they can sing, and loves it when they sing him to sleep. He’s so relaxed with them when they’re singing but they only do it on a rare occasion, so he treasures it when he does get to hear it. He actually likes going onto websites that just feature people singing because he enjoys listening to it when he works out. He comes across a profile that he really thinks is amazing. The voice is weirdly familiar but he can’t quite place it. The next time he’s with S/O, they sing to him while he’s laying on their chest, and it suddenly clicks. He tells them that he found someone who sounded just like them on a singing website, and S/O is a blushing mess. “Wait.. So that’s seriously you? Oh man I needa hear more of that”


He’s always one for good music to play while he’s working, with or without lyrics. So S/O often gets stuck with the tunes that he listens to while he works, stuck in their head. S/O often uploads covers of the songs with lyrics and wants to show Yusuke, but they’re too shy to do so. Yusuke actually finds out about the account and their singing, when he’s on their computer, looking at art things and seeing what’s being appreciated and praised in the art world. When he hears them singing the songs he loves, he’s hooked and he’s really enamored with the way they sound.  S/O comes back into their room to see Yusuke on their account page and stats freaking out. He smiles at them and tells them that he’s going to download all the music they‘ve done and listen to it when he works. “You have a better voice than those who made the song originally, I’d like to hear yours instead.”


He usually doesn’t go on the internet that much, but he goes onto a website for music artists for research purposes (it’s his guilty pleasure). He goes around and listens to different artists, but he finds one person he becomes specifically interested in. He’s really blown away by their talent, the artist doesn’t show their face completely but the facial features that are seen, he’s able to recognize. It looks oddly familiar to S/O, but he’s not sure if it’s entirely them. He’s determined to find out who it really is so he starts his investigation. The next time he’s with S/O, he starts talking about how he’s found an artist that sounds so amazing when they’re singing and S/O is blushing and Akechi just smirks, “S/O, that’s you isn’t it? You can try to deny it, but I’ll get my way~”

But Just Imagine...

Imagine when Dan dies, Phil never got the to tell him about a secret engagement he had planned.

Imagine Dan’s last video being about an announcement next week on his channel but it won’t be uploaded due to his passing.

Imagine Phil crying his eyes out when he found out his best friend is dead and has to make that video telling everyone what the announcement was.

Imagine it being their coming out video but they never got to admit it, so Phil just used it as a chance to tell everyone what happened to Dan while trying to keep his desperate pleas for his friend to come back.

Imagine him calling Dan’s phone late at night whenever he can’t sleep and just wants to hear his voice again. How he sobs himself to sleep knowing that he never got to admit how he really felt.

Imagine Phil watching all of their videos that they made together and trying to not wallow in his own ocean of salty tears.

Imagine Phil sitting in his bed late at night, wondering what could have happened if he told Dan he loved him sooner. If things would have been different.

Imagine Phil having to go to Dan’s funeral and saying a few words but all that come out are choked sobs, begging to be set free as his hand is clamped over his mouth trying to stop him from yelling for him to just come back already. The tears streaming down his pale complexion only add to the tear stains, his black hair a mess with dark circles under his eyes from countless sleepless weeks wanting his best friend back Having to say goodbye for the last time.

Imagine Phil uploading a video to their channel. It was supposed to be their engagement video, but here his eyes are bloodshot, dry snot caked on his shirt. The circles have only gotten worse and he’s even paler now, his bones poking out from his already slim figure.

Imagine Phil spilling their deepest and darkest secrets, not bothering to hold back anymore. Not bothering to edit the video because then that would take away the point. They both wanted it to be as real as possible.

Imagine Phil uploading all of their videos together, in one long video, titled “Goodbye Internet.” At the end of it is Phil, sitting on Dan’s bed smiling sadly into the camera. “It’s been a wonderful time you guys. We love each and everyone of you, but…” He lets out a shaky breath. “Without Dan I can’t do this. I’m so sorry. I love each and every one you guys. All of the Phandom. Every single Phan shipper, and everyone who didn’t. Even if you were a fan, or are just now seeing this…We…no, I..I love you. I can’t let go of Dan. I miss him so much. I love him so, so very much. I just wished I could have told him sooner. Goodbye Internet. danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, signing off.” And with that the video went black.

Imagine even years after his passing, Phil still goes to his grave every week with his favorite flowers, promising himself its the last time he’s going to visit only to find himself there the next week.

Imagine him screaming at the sky, not bothering to hide his tears anymore. “I love you! I love you Daniel James Howell! I fucking love you! I’m sorry I couldn’t have said it sooner…I’m sorry. I love you. I miss you so much…Please come back.”

Imagine Derek and Stiles family basically an American reality show, Derek once participate in the antm, he didn’t win, but at least went to the top 3. (imagine when doing his antm show, all he keep talking about is how much he miss stiles, he is the quiet one but when he speaks, he only talking about stiles and his baked goods and beacon hills, and the pack, the other girls finally get it and stop hitting on him. sometimes stiles send him a baked goods that he enjoy constantly and made Tyra all fussy because no matter how many stiles’s baked good he ate, he will never gain weight, it was proven)

Now he work as an architect but also co-owner a model agency with Laura where sometimes he still go outside and looking for a potential regular people to be supermodel, no matter what size they are, more unique, more chance Derek will choose that person.

Stiles got his own baking tv shows on Food Channel, it was all started with Derek recorded Stiles cooked for fun during college and Derek uploaded to youtube for fun, then more viewer, from thousands to millions and bam! food channel contract. The food channel crew shoot it at Stiles’s owned kitchen in Derek and Stiles home, Stiles work area, which is a kitchen that was made by Derek for him to do his show, was separated from the main house.

Their 1st daughter once won genius child show when she was 8 but 10 years later she’s way more interested with music and singing, so she participate on the voice show. Where she now facing the final live performance and imagine the way she told the tv, ‘I am so proud of what I am today. I am so proud of my parents. I used to be bullied for having a gay parents, but that made me move more forward. I won Child Genius show when I was 8 years old, when I already smart enough to know why I got bullied, and it feels soooo good to be there, won and held both of my parents hands. Since then, I no longer care about other people said, and damn, I’m so talented in so many things, but now I want more. I want to spread the love that i received from my parents and I believe, I could show that through my voice and song.’

Their middle son, a 12 years old, the quiet one, and so so in school, but had Stiles’s skill of cooking, join masterchef junior and now making his way to top 10. He applied masterchef junior because of jealousy at first, but he really not know his ability in cooking and he just wanted to be like his sister. Being the genius child, being on tv, so he applied masterchef junior and cooked a food that his dad usually made during the show. The masterchef team agreed and when he got into the top 10, he’s already Gordon’s fave and he said to Derek and Stiles, ‘You guys are amazing parents, I’m so proud of your son.“

When their youngest daughter told Steve Harvey on Little Big Shots show about her family, and told Harvey, 'My parents are amazing, when children live in a very loving and supportive environment no matter what their gender are, they will definitely excel, and it was proven with both of my sister and brother.’ Steve Harvey and the audience clapped and he said, 'Well, it was also proven with you too right missy?’, she answered, 'Yes, I got into the show with you though!!’ She’s only 6 years old but the video of her speaking about human rights became viral (with stiles questioning her and derek’s and john’s laughter in the background). camera shot to stiles and derek sat next to each others smiling proudly to their daughter and teary. and Steve and the audience gave them and their daughter a standing ovation.

(Submitted by @sannidhyeah)

That’s great!! I love it!

long time ago… i animated this in Flash but the reasons why i never uploaded it still a mystery… nah… just cuz ima dummy and i actually forgot that i have after effects and never got the chance to render til now.

so the cape… is a long story actually. i DO have the cape animated and everything, the problemo here is that Flash crashed every time i tried to import a cape (the cape consist of 12 individual drawings… if im not mistaken) and those are already colored…. but i need to somehow venture more in AE to see if i can actually add the cape there, w/o Flash….

oh yeah, almost forgot. IT HAS TRANSPARENT BG!

TRUE ROMANCE VI + Book 2 of Soul Mate

Summary: “What if second chances did exist…except in another lifetime?

A/N: Sorry this took a while to post, I just got home from being out of town for the weekend and had to proof read this (probably still has some errors) before uploading. Little FYI, something majorly cute/great happens towards the end! Enjoy!

Warning: None!

Word Count: 3K+


It was safe to say that you felt like a kid walking through the art museum–you had never seen anything quite like it. After living in New York your whole life, you questioned as to why you had never been to one of the most well known art museums in the country more than once. Most of the time, you were jumping from artwork to artwork, asking Ben to take photos with you as you posed with them, only to ask him to pose in front of a few as people walking by couldn’t help but laugh at how not into it Ben was.

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