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my friend lowkey asked me to draw yurio in cat panties for Cat Day. actually it’s kinda embarrassing because I never draw something like this and upload it worldwide. but yeah it’s pretty fun and I got my chance to make Yurio wears the cat stocking

Im sorry for the sh*tty proportion lmao


Wow… I just checked my requests and I got SO MANY over the weekend. I’ll try to get to everyone. Please note that I have my own organizational system that’s not necessarily based on how long ago you requested, but I won’t make you wait too long.

This is one of the common ones. I actually made these on Friday and never got a chance to upload them.

I have some Les Mis ones halfway done. I’ll upload In the Heights in a minute (ha, wasn’t even requested, just love it), and I’ll work on Great Comet, more Hamilton, and another Spring Awakening tomorrow.

People have also asked what I use to make these. I use Canva, which is incredibly easy and free. I also get all images that I don’t credit from there, too, which is a nice library.

Age is just a number - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Age is just a number

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3,510

Warnings: Age gap (nothing happening underage)

Prompt: can you do a Dean x reader. she’s 17 and she saves the Winchesters asses on case and Dean thinks she’s beautiful & way older than her age and flirts big time with her, than later when the boys bring her to a bar and she tells them her age and dean kind of sad. Then she goes and lives with them. Then when it’s her 18th birthday Dean brings her out to a field and they sit on the impala and he finally gets the chance to kiss her because he fell in love with her. And smut in the back of the impala.

A/n: Super sorry it took so so long to have this up! It was written but I never had time to actually upload it!

“Seems like we finally got the Winchesters. Well isn’t that a great turn of events huh?” the demon chuckled, sharing a look with his partner.

“Lucifer will be very happy to find out” the other chuckled and Dean merely glared at him, fighting against the roped that held him.

“That is if you ever get to make it out alive outta this place” Dean gave them a tight smile and they laughed.

“Oh really? And what do you think will stop us huh? You don’t seem all that-” he was cu off before he could complete his sentence a knife – looking like an angel blade – was plunged inside his chest and in and instant killed him.

“Oh sorry. Were you saying something?” you tilted your head to the side, looking at the dead body on the ground.

“What the…” the other demon looked down at the body then back up at you narrowing his eyes “You little-”

“A-huh-huh did mommy tell you not to curse? Does a bad thing for the soul” you smirked as he growled at you. He lunged himself at you but you managed to dodge him, taking hold of his one hand and bringing it behind his back andstabbing him the chest.

“Too bad, who knows where you might end up now” you pouted fakely down at him.

“Oh but I know were you will end up” another one growled as more demons started to circle you.

“Really? Cause I don’t think I told anybody how I planned on going to see Civil War hm” you shrugged and the just glared at you, although Dean snickered a little.

“Come on now fellas. Why hurt each other when I can take the boys and we’ll be on our merry way?”

“How about no? And how about you leave before you break a nail sweetheart, this ain’t a job for little girls” one snickered and your face got completely serious.

“Oh now you’re asking for it. I tried to play nice but you- just won’t let me rest. As you wish now” with a snarl they al lunged at you, one after the other. Just when you had managed to kill three more and before you could take he anger blade out you were grabbed by two other and held by your hand you were pinned to the wall. You growled at the third that came in front of you with a cocky smirk.

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long time ago… i animated this in Flash but the reasons why i never uploaded it still a mystery… nah… just cuz ima dummy and i actually forgot that i have after effects and never got the chance to render til now.

so the cape… is a long story actually. i DO have the cape animated and everything, the problemo here is that Flash crashed every time i tried to import a cape (the cape consist of 12 individual drawings… if im not mistaken) and those are already colored…. but i need to somehow venture more in AE to see if i can actually add the cape there, w/o Flash….

oh yeah, almost forgot. IT HAS TRANSPARENT BG!

But Just Imagine...

Imagine when Dan dies, Phil never got the to tell him about a secret engagement he had planned.

Imagine Dan’s last video being about an announcement next week on his channel but it won’t be uploaded due to his passing.

Imagine Phil crying his eyes out when he found out his best friend is dead and has to make that video telling everyone what the announcement was.

Imagine it being their coming out video but they never got to admit it, so Phil just used it as a chance to tell everyone what happened to Dan while trying to keep his desperate pleas for his friend to come back.

Imagine him calling Dan’s phone late at night whenever he can’t sleep and just wants to hear his voice again. How he sobs himself to sleep knowing that he never got to admit how he really felt.

Imagine Phil watching all of their videos that they made together and trying to not wallow in his own ocean of salty tears.

Imagine Phil sitting in his bed late at night, wondering what could have happened if he told Dan he loved him sooner. If things would have been different.

Imagine Phil having to go to Dan’s funeral and saying a few words but all that come out are choked sobs, begging to be set free as his hand is clamped over his mouth trying to stop him from yelling for him to just come back already. The tears streaming down his pale complexion only add to the tear stains, his black hair a mess with dark circles under his eyes from countless sleepless weeks wanting his best friend back Having to say goodbye for the last time.

Imagine Phil uploading a video to their channel. It was supposed to be their engagement video, but here his eyes are bloodshot, dry snot caked on his shirt. The circles have only gotten worse and he’s even paler now, his bones poking out from his already slim figure.

Imagine Phil spilling their deepest and darkest secrets, not bothering to hold back anymore. Not bothering to edit the video because then that would take away the point. They both wanted it to be as real as possible.

Imagine Phil uploading all of their videos together, in one long video, titled “Goodbye Internet.” At the end of it is Phil, sitting on Dan’s bed smiling sadly into the camera. “It’s been a wonderful time you guys. We love each and everyone of you, but…” He lets out a shaky breath. “Without Dan I can’t do this. I’m so sorry. I love each and every one you guys. All of the Phandom. Every single Phan shipper, and everyone who didn’t. Even if you were a fan, or are just now seeing this…We…no, I..I love you. I can’t let go of Dan. I miss him so much. I love him so, so very much. I just wished I could have told him sooner. Goodbye Internet. danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, signing off.” And with that the video went black.

Imagine even years after his passing, Phil still goes to his grave every week with his favorite flowers, promising himself its the last time he’s going to visit only to find himself there the next week.

Imagine him screaming at the sky, not bothering to hide his tears anymore. “I love you! I love you Daniel James Howell! I fucking love you! I’m sorry I couldn’t have said it sooner…I’m sorry. I love you. I miss you so much…Please come back.”

A VERY poorly watercolored pic I drew of my lady, Ianite in her realm.
I actually finished this the day she passed but never got to uploading it.

Okay so Imma take this chance to give ya a headcanon I’ve had for her for a long time,

I have this idea that lady Ianite can shift her appearance to look like whatever the people she is around are most comfortable with, now take into account this is only with the Ianite in Mot, Jeriah, CountryBat, and Spark’s universe, not Tom, Jericho, Firefox, or Jordan’s Ianite. So She is now around this new group of people, her old group from her universe gone and stuff, so she shifts her appearance ((probably subconsciously this happens)) to fit that of ‘our’ groups Ianite. But her “true” form is the one we say before she became ashes, the large obsidian one with horns and stuff ((maybe??))

Maybe all gods can do this too, which is why Mianite looks similar, except for the robot parts… cause he wanna be mecha Mianite, and possibly they all have these horned forms as their true forms, which is why DIanite looks the way he does, cause he stays in his true form cause he dun giv a fudge cake.



handwriting challenge | via @somestudy

i tag @tbhstudying @katsdesk @getstudyblr @gracelearns AND WHOEVER HASN’T DONE THIS YET!! also, i’m truly sorry i haven’t been super active recently on tumblr a;dlskfjw;oiefj life has been a bit difficult to manage, and the idea of choosing a college is really stressing me out too haha………..i actually did this handwriting challenge almost a month ago when ella first tagged me, but just never got the chance to upload! really really big apologies to everyone who’s sent me messages — i just  haven’t really had the mental capability to be active on social media recently ;u;


Prompt: (im v sorry if u didn’t get what u want i tried)

Summary: Dan knew since from the start, he never had a chance with Phil.

Genre: a lilbit of angst but mostly fluff

Warning: swearing

Words: 638 words

A/N: yoyoyo guess who’s updating consecutively???? I just got 400+ followers and I still can’t believe it. Like yoooo why u like my fic it’s trash. Although, thank. Here u go, another trashy fic, make sure to digest it well. 

Oh my god.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

Oh my fucking god.

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I uploaded a WIP of the I Know It’s Today animatic.

I had to leave and never got a chance to fill in some parts, not to mention this is only part of the song that’s covered, so I used the original thumbnails in place of any sort of revised staging/artwork. I apologize if it seems thrown together, but that’s because it kind of is.


This is how he asked me to prom LOL. (’: