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Opinion on cheaters?

there is literally no excuse for cheating, at all. If you’re not happy in a relationship, end it rather than giving someone trust issues for probably their whole lives as well as making them feel like they’ll never be good enough for anybody. There is no situation where you can’t end a relationship before getting involved with someone else, and no alcohol is not an excuse because if you truly loved and cared about someone being under the influence of alcohol would not make you want to fuck somebody else.

I hate that you are able to make me feel so pathetic and so alone because I love you so much that I actually asked you to stay and I never thought I would ask anybody that, yet it still wasn’t good enough. And I gave you everything and put my love before my dignity and you couldn’t even fight for me. I feel vulnerable and used. I trusted you with these things that are so fragile and you mistreated them.
—  I spoke too soon

justinbaldoni: Truth. A few years ago I would’ve never worn a suit this color that had the possibility of making me “stand out”. Growing up in middle school and high school, I was picked on a lot, and bullied. Other kids would talk tons of shit about me behind my back and others would then go out of their way to make sure I heard it. It was awful. I think I naturally stood out but it was never on purpose. After a while I began to act overconfident because I felt so insecure and wanted to be liked so bad…and that only made things worse for me. Overtime, I started to hide my light, and dull myself down in new situations so that I would never make anyone else feel “less than” and so that I could blend in more. It was honestly easier to feel invisible then to be seen. What resulted was a lot of sadness, depression and a ton of loneliness which is hard to understand and process when you’re a teenager. I never felt good enough or that anybody really liked me. And a lot of people didn't… But that’s because everybody else is trying to figure themselves out and deal with their own stuff. What I can tell you now, standing on the other side is that all of that changes as you get older, but that feeling of insecurity never really goes away because truthfully…we are all insecure. We are all just trying to fit in. So if you are someone out there who is afraid of standing out, or giving your light to the world… please, take a small step today to get out of your comfort zone and be who you were truly meant to. My entire life changed when I stopped worrying what every person I met thought of me, and stopped judging myself and every situation that I was in.
Don’t be afraid to stand out, in fact stand out… Because THATS what makes you attractive. God created you brilliant and unique and you are the only person in the world exactly like you. How selfish would it be to deprive us all of your brilliance and the gift that only YOU were meant to share. BE YOU. Not the you that you think the world wants you to be. ❤️

Where Were You?

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Pairing: Oliver Queen x Reader

Request: “Hey! Would you mind doing an Oliver Queen x soulmate reader? One where the reader is feeling really down in her life and you meet your soulmate when you are at the lowest point. Thank you!!”

Word count: 1.000

A/N: Hey there! Sorry if I took so long to post your request, I didn’t know how to write it and I am afraid that you may not like it. Please let me know if I disappointed your expectations, because I would write you another one if ever. Please send me some feedbacks. Sorry once again and thank you for requesting.

- G. x

Soulmates are here with us to challenge and awaken us so our souls can evolve into a higher state of consciousness. You once thought that soulmates are the epitome of love and partnership.

Since you were a little kid, your mother has always told you that every person in this world has a soulmate. She used to tell you stories about people finding their soulmates and, now that you are a grown-up woman, you still had this idea of having a soulmate out there.

You were sometimes confused though, you once thought that your soulmate is the one you were attracted to, but you were wrong. In fact, you once read that soulmate relationships don’t last forever.

You became sad because of it and you stressed yourself about when you’re going to meet your soulmate and how. You would do some serious researches about them, but you gave up when you just couldn’t seem to find the right answer.

You were disappointed because you thought that it was easy to find your soulmate, just like in your mother’s stories when you were a kid, but it wasn’t, so you stopped on searching for him and you let the idea of soulmates go.

You were discouraged, because you just wanted to have someone with you and it seemed like you were asking for too much. You wanted a person with whom you have a connection, mostly in times of need, just like in this exact moment.
You didn’t know what has happened to you, but you just suddenly felt down. You were sure that it was not a mood swing caused by your Premenstrual Syndrome, you had your period just a week ago.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Your thoughts vanished when your best friend Felicity called you. “What’s up with that sad face? Are you falling into depression?” She handed you a plate full of finger food to eat and you just rolled your eyes.

“It’s just the film, Felicity.” You lied through your teeth and you started on eating the exquisite and tasty food that Felicity has prepared. She invited you over her house, because she wanted you to meet her co-workers.

“Whatever,” She laughed. “if White Chicks makes you sad.” You looked at the television in front of you. You rolled your eyes when you realized that you just did a bad figure, but who cares? She’s your best friend.

“Shut up, Smoak!” She laughed a little bit louder and you started stuffing food in your mouth because of embarrassment.

“Stop pouting over the same old thing.” She put on a serious face and stopped laughing.

“Over the same old thing?” You raised your left eyebrow as you tried to chew your food slowly.

“C’mon, you know what it is about.” She put a frown on her face. “You’re stressing yourself over your douche boss and then let’s add this soulmate thing.”


“Stop pretending that you don’t care about your soulmate anymore. Who knows? He will arrive in the right time, you have to wait. Maybe he was stranded on an island for a short period of time, we couldn’t tell.” She answered, giving you some hope.

“Just cut it off.” You slightly giggled. She was using her fantasies once again.

“I will, but please stop stressing yourself. Now that you haven’t met your soulmate yet, you think that you’re never good enough for anybody in this place. Your soulmate is there, asking the same thing for sure, but you don’t have to stress yourself.” She tried to cheer you up. “You have your permanent mark there on your forearm, I am sure that you’re not the only one to have that.” She nodded and smiled.

“Whatever you say, Felicity.” You let her words slip through and you didn’t even listen to every word she has said. As she was about to speak, someone rang her doorbell and she quickly ran to the door to open it. While she was away, you secretly rolled up your right sleeves and looked at your still black mark, meaning that you haven’t even seen him yet.

“(Y/N)!” Felicity called you with an excessive happiness in her voice. You jumped on the couch as she has surprised you and you quickly stood up from where you were sitting. “Meet my friends or co-workers, John Diggle and Oliver Queen.”

As Felicity pronounced the name Oliver, your heart pumped blood quicker than the normal and you suddenly felt relieved somehow. You didn’t know what has just happened, but you felt that someone has tickled your soul.

“Alright, John and Ollie,” Felicity started as she noticed that you were out of yourself. “She’s my friend, (Y/N). Please forgive her, she’s not feeling that well.”

“It’s okay.” John said and he walked near you. “Nice to meet you, beautiful.”

“Nice to meet you too, John.” You both shook your hands and smiled gently. You somehow felt better now.

“Hey,” Oliver has started as he followed John. “nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Oliver.” You both united your hands and shook them. You were about to break the handshake when you noticed that your mark has turned red.

“Oh!” Oliver exclaimed and you looked at him as he was admiring his red mark on his forearm. You were shocked and you felt excited at the same time.

Finally, your soulmate has arrived and you had the chance to meet him. He smiled at you and quickly pulled you in his arms and hugged you.

“Where have you been all my life?” You asked him without showing shyness as you wrapped your arms around him too.

“Sorry, I was stranded on an island, no lies.” He answered honestly. You looked at Felicity, who was smirking at that moment, and you both guffawed at what he has just said.

“Told you.” Felicity mouthed and winked at you. You shook your head and mouthed a thank you, before closing your eyes and letting yourself in Oliver’s hug with relish.

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Are you going to sleep with this guy too and cry days later he used you for sex

Firstly, uglie, when i have have sex with someone it cause I want to and it my decision nobody forced me to do shit I know wtf im doin and I never cried bout “feeling used” I cry bout not feelin good enough for anybody u demon second I didn’t do anything with him we jus went and got dinner and talked I been seeing him for a month and 3rd ur ugly as hell u demon coward

Tenerife Sea

This is a Spencer x Reader songfic requested by anon set to Ed Sheeran’s song “Tenerife Sea” where Spencer confesses his love to you during an FBI gala. I hope everybody likes it! :)

You look so wonderful in your dress
I love your hair like that
The way it falls on the side of your neck
Down your shoulders and back

Spencer’s eyes followed your beautifully dancing figure as you gracefully moved about the ballroom. He couldn’t help but take a moment to admire the way you looked. His very first thought was of wonderment, how could you look so breathtakingly gorgeous?

His eyes watched the way your seamless red dress complimented your voluptuous curves, and the way your golden hair flowed easily down your back. His eyes froze on your beautiful face when you laughed, your face glowing and your cheeks flushing with content warmth.

You swiveled your head, just a little bit, and your eyes met his, making your smile grow even wider when you noticed his staring. Spencer’s face reddened with an embarrassed blush as he looked down at his feet. You politely excused yourself from those around you and sauntered over to him.

We are surrounded by all of these lies
And people who talk too much
You got the kind of look in your eyes
As if no one knows anything but us

“Hey, Spence.” You smiled, he looked up and smiled shyly back, a blush filling his cheeks. The two of you had been on the same FBI team for nearly six months now, and you still could not figure out why he was always so shy around you. You honestly hated it, why did he do it? Did he secretly hate you? What did you do to make him so shy around you all the time? You always tried your best to be as warm, welcoming, and friendly around him as possible, so that maybe one day he would be willing to open up to you and prove to you himself just how brilliant and bright you knew he truly was.

When he smiled back at you, you felt a pleasant heat rise through you. His smile was like sunshine, the rays it shone flashing warm against your skin, and you loved it. It was the best smile you had ever seen, complimented perfectly by his curly locks of hair cascading across his glowing face.

Should this be the last thing I see
I want you to know it’s enough for me
‘Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need

“Hey, Spence,” You said softly, “Would you like to dance?”

His face lit up in equally both surprise and delight, “I would love to y/n.”

You reached a delicate hand out to him and folded his hand into yours, smiling, then leading him over to the dance floor.

I’m so in love, so in love
So in love, so in love

The two of you glided effortlessly across the dance floor. Your head hovered just above his shoulder as his warm hand looped around, cupping your waist with his long fingers, his light fingertips delicately playing along the sides of your dress, pulling you close. You took in a whiff of his smell, musty and manly yet in his own special way, making your head spin. Neither of you dared to say anything, simply allowing the silence to take over, letting it control the wanting words tempting to bubble off your lips.

The song ended, transitioning into something with a slightly cheerier, faster beat. You pulled your head back, and you realized how close to him you really were. You could see the depths of his eyes from your closeness, more brown and vast than you ever imagined. He had never been this close to you before, never daring to let you too close into his vicinity. It was like breathing for the first time, finally accepting the air that you had been gasping and choking for your entire life into your desperate lungs.

You look so beautiful in this light
Your silhouette over me
The way it brings out the blue in your eyes
Is the Tenerife Sea

He stared back at you. He never believed that you would allow him to get this close to him. But, here he was, pulling you close to him as you danced. He could physically feel your heat radiating off of your body as you twirled across the dance floor. It was a natural thing, dancing together, being together, and for a moment, Spencer wondered why he had not done this earlier. But then, he remembered. You were amazing, you were perfect, and he was just him. He never felt good enough for anybody, let alone good enough to you. All he could do was marvel at you and the beauty that beheld before him.

And all of the voices surrounding us here
They just fade out when you take a breath
Just say the word and I will disappear
Into the wilderness

Dancing with Spencer was more natural, more real, than you expected. It was freeing, and you loved it. Song after song, you and Spencer swayed together across the dance floor. Neither of you dared to move away in fear of breaking the magic spell that seemed to form around you, creating a protective bubble, keeping both of you safe from harm. Being in Spencer’s arms, all other voices faded into an unfamiliar void. You didn’t think, you didn’t care, you just danced. For just a little while, nothing existed except you and Spencer

Should this be the last thing I see
I want you to know it’s enough for me
‘Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need

Eventually, you knew that your serene time with Spencer was coming to an end soon. The people around you were packing up, preparing to leave. You took notice in this, but you did not dare to do the same. You wanted to say, feel safe in Spencer’s arms, for just a little while longer while you still could. But you were well aware that your time would be coming to an end any second.

I’m so in love, so in love
So in love, so in love

Lumière, darling
Lumière over me

After what must have been hours of dancing but only felt like mere minutes, Spencer regretfully pulled away from you, his hands still clutching onto your sides. The two of you had always been fairly shy around each other, both crushing too hard to take the next step, and then this happened. It would change everything, and you both knew it, though you were not completely sure exactly how it would change. You hoped that everything changed for the better, that this offered you that extra push you needed to finally ask him out, or at least offered it to him.

When Spencer looked at you, at first he did nothing but stare at you, studying the valleys of your cheeks and the soft, arching ridges of your brows emphasizing the sharp coloring in your eyes. It was all the more breathtaking to him, seeing you close. Each and every time that he looked at you, it was like getting slapped in the face, the realization of your beauty growing exponentially each and every time. He was still in shock that such a beautiful woman such as yourself had allowed him to dance with you for those short hours. He felt so special, as if the Gods above had bestowed him with a legendary gift. He felt unstoppable, being in your presence always gave him such a powerful surge of emotions. He couldn’t help it.

Should this be the last thing I see
I want you to know it’s enough for me
'Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need

Spencer gulped, still refusing to release you from his grasp. He reminded himself to breathe, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

“Listen, Y/n,” He finally said, filling the silence once and for all, “I have to tell you something,” He took another deep breath, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, looking you dead straight in the eyes, emotion pouring out from every pore like a broken dam.

I’m so in love, so in love
So in love, love, love, love,
So in love

“I need to tell you something,” You nodded, curiously waiting, before he bravely continued, “I’m in love with you.”

At first, you didn’t say anything. You were in completely shock, (which was definitely within reason, the man had just told you that he loved you), but then you found yourself breathing in relief before the thoughts thrashing wildly through your mind could completely register. Before you knew it, your lips were crashing onto his, your hands migrated up his chest and his hands pulled you tighter by the waist, pulling you just as close as you he had held you for the past hours.

When you pulled away, a whisp of a shining smile dazzled across your lips, “I love you, too, Spence,” You whispered gently to him.

You look so wonderful in your dress
I love your hair like that
And in a moment I knew you, Beth

Do you remember me sitting in my window at three in the morning with my purple Christmas lights on, crying because I knew this would happen? I didn’t want it to. I never wanted to hurt you. But I’m selfish and I don’t always consider other peoples feelings. I never meant for things to turn out like this. I should have done things differently. But this is what I do. Every time. You knew that. You knew what you were walking into. I tried. I tried for 8 months. But this still happened. It’s not your fault, I want you to know that. It’s mine. I don’t know how to deal with my emotions and I run from my problems. But I care. I’ll always care. I’m sorry. I was never good enough for you. I’m not good enough for anybody. Everyone hates me now and I deserve that. Just please make sure your sister knows I love her.


with #blackout i want to share a story. i was never racially aware where i stand in america to some people. i was never aware that being in the foster care system, in and out up until i was sixteen, having a black single hardworking mother (RIP) and no father (RIP) and being a black female and being on welfare would put me in a demographic. i never thought that that i would be bullied at school because my physical cultural differences and actual background. i always thought we were the same, we just look different. i never thought that i would look in the mirror at 10 years old and wish to not be who i am, wish to not be my skin color because of how dirty the boys at school would make feel wearing my brown skin, or i’d wish to be lighter, wish to be like what im surrounded by, wish to have european features. being told that im a “reverse oreo” being told that im “not black enough” or “blackie!” or “brownie!” being told that i ”dont even act black” or my white friends saying “i act blacker than you!”. going to homecoming with someone who wasn’t black, and for them to tell me “my mom said that you better not be like the rest of them, cause you know, how black girls she was kinda iffy about me taking you” i was expected to meet his mother and not act “black” or “too black” or be too “loud” to constantly monitor my own behavior to defeat her own racial stereotyping to see if im good enough for her son. i never saw anybody like me but my mom. not in my favorite cartoons, not in my favorite movies or tv shows. i never thought that in grade school and middle school kids would stick pencils in my kinky afro hair while the music teacher wasn’t looking and would laugh and go “woah! do you guys see that??! put more in there lets see how many we can fit in there” and continue to do so and then get everyone’s attention while doing it. day after day after day. and what came after their laughs? mine. without me being aware, i deemed it off as comical even though i knew that it really hurt my feelings. i was the only girl in my grade that had hair like mine. which lead to me straightening it until i had to cut all of it off 3 years later because of the ridiculous heat damage, so i could assimilate to be like everyone else. it was either assimilate to be like my peers  or continue to feel asinine by my peers. i was so uncomfortable, and had no voice. i had 100 kids in my class at best, and  from 2nd grade up until 10th grade i was the black kid. the only color in my class was a hispanic boy mixed with black, a light skinned black girl, and then there was me. I’ve been the only dark skin brown girl in my grade and i always have been up until i moved in 10th grade. I was always treated different, subtly, but it was different. i never noticed it until i got older. the world will never cater to you or always treat you equal because everybody has different mindsets and i think blackout is so nice because all the kids who were treated like me, get to have a voice all the times they silently stood by so they could continue to live in this make believe world where they felt as though they were the same.. and knowing that we get to have our own day is simply amazing and im not sure where im going wit this but if you’ve read this far

enjoy my sickass selfies fam

IM5 Preference : Broken Relationship - Song Based

Cole - What If by Jason Derulo

Don’t know what tomorrow brings,

But I’m still hoping,

That you are the one for me.

I smiled brightly, as Cole went on about how the boys teased him about forgetting the dance. “They said I was daydreaming about you.” Cole added. A smile crept on my face as I continued to eat dinner. “Were you?” I questioned. “Maybe,” He mumbled shyly.

I giggled slightly, “Focus on work, not me.” Cole just smiled. “But you’re my world,” He smirked. I shook my head, smiling. We ate comfortably, but Cole’s smile slowly turned into a frown.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” I asked curiously. “Nothing, I was just thinking.” He responded, but I could tell it was a lie. “About?” You nudged him in the shoulder. “Just that, we only have two choices.” He said blandly.

“What are you talking about?” You smiled, he was acting very serious. “With us. We’re either going to get married or breakup.” He stated. My smile fell. “That’s true.” I answered hesitantly. 

The rest of dinner was silent. I didn’t know what to say, and I could tell neither did he. I made my way to bed, getting under the covers, pondering what Cole had said.

“Would you want too?” Cole asked from the hall. “Want to what?” I muttered. “Get married.” Cole said bluntly, as if it were nothing. “Marriage is a big deal Cole.” I replied. “Not really, it’s just a piece of paper.” He shrugged.I was shocked. Cole was usually a hopeless romantic,but now he was being inconsiderate.

“A piece of paper that vows you together with someone for life? A piece of paper that tells the world that you’ve met the person that you want to live with until the day you die. A piece of paper that promises the two to care for each other, love each other, protect each other, no matter what argument, what circumstance, what problem comes in their way. Cole it is not just a piece of paper.” You argued.

His face turned pale white. “I never thought of it that way.” He hung his head down. ‘Do you want to get married, Cole?“ I asked, anticipating his answer. "I don’t know.” He paused. My eyes looked down at the floor, holding back tears. “But, I do know who I want to spend the rest of my life with.” He added, climbing into the bed next to me.

“We only have two choices,” I whispered, laying my head against his chest. “I know we’ll make the right one.” Cole responds, kissing me softly on the forehead, drifting off to sleep.

Dana - Deuces by Chris Brown ft Tyga

I know you mad but so what,

I wish you best of luck.

Now I’m gonna throw them deuces up.

“I can’t believe you.” I screamed, pushing Dana away from me. “I was drunk, it didn’t mean anything.” Dana argued, but I didn’t believe. For the past couple months, our relationship had been breaking, and their was no fixing it.

Fame had gone to Dana’s head, and he had turned into some cocky monster I didn’t even recognize. He was always hungover, and if he wasn’t, he was about to be.

“You kissed her, and they have it on video! You were shoving your tongue down her throat, and it didn’t mean anything?” I was holding in sobs. He didn’t reply, scoffing as he rolled his eyes.

“I’m not dealing with this anymore.” I pushed him aside, sprinting into your bedroom, packing your suitcase. “What do you think you’re doing now?” Dana growled, standing in the doorway. “Leaving.” I mumbled, quickly grabbing everything of mine.“You threaten that every week, you’re not going anywhere.” He chuckled to himself.

“No Dana, I’m leaving for real this time. You just don’t understand. I cant sit here, defending you, saying your some wonderful person, when your not! Your a monster, and I’m not letting you leech of me anymore. I need to leave before you hurt me more, or worse yourself.” I screamed, tears streaming down my face.

Silence. I continued throwing things violently into my bag. “Please, please don’t leave.” He begged softly.“I-I can’t function without you.” He whimpered, choking up as if he were to cry.

“You never needed me, Dana. You used me.” I replied coldly, placing your final clothes in my bag. He grabbed my arm roughly, “I always have. I just always knew I was going to lose you, but now. I can’t lose you now.” Fear was in eyes, he was scared.

“Dana, let me go.” I ordered, trying not to look at him. “Please, I’ll change. I’ll do anything.” He begged, down on his knees. I pulled my arm away quickly, zipping up my bag, and rushing to the door.

“What about the ring?” He asked as I placed my hand on the doorknob. I looked down at the engagement ring on my finger. “Please, don’t go.” He whispered one last time. I slowly pulled it of my finger, placing it down on the  table next to me. 

“Goodbye, Dana.” You said firmly, closing the door behind as one last tear fell.

Will - She Looks So Perfect - 5SOS

If I showed up with a plane ticket,

And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it

Would you wanna run away too?

Will and I were cuddled up on the couch, watching his favorite cartoon, Spongebob. I wasn’t very into it, but Will seemed to be enjoying it. “Spongebob can travel anywhere in the world, and always be happy. Isn’t that amazing?” Will asked. I just nodded, smiling at his interest.

“He had such an optimistic look on the world, it’s as if nothing can hurt him.” Will added. “Will, I think you’re taking this a bit too far.” I joked. “It’s true though.” He grunted. I could tell he was being serious.

“I wish life were like that. If you showed people your positivity, you could conquer anything,” He acknowledged. I sat up, looking down at him. “Will, is something wrong?” I asked, concerned.

“Why does he hate me?” He asked. “Will, what are you talking about?” I asked, completely confused now. “Your dad, he hates me. With a passion.” Will grumbled. I looked down with a sigh.

“He’s just protective.” I replied, shrugging my shoulders. “He thinks I’m unreliable. That the music business is terrible. He even told me that you deserved better than me.” Will added, looking hurt. 

“Will, I don’t want better than you. There is no better than you.” I explained, trying to calm him down. I could see a mixture of anger and sadness in his eyes. “No matter what I do, I’ll never be good enough, for you, for him, for anybody." 

"Will, that’s a lie. Do you know why I love you? Because you’re you. You never let anything get you down, because of your optimism.” I smiled, hugging him tightly.

“All I want to do is travel the world and make you happy. I would fly you anywhere you wanted to, just to see you smile.” Will added, making my cheeks blush.

“Why don’t you then?” I asked. He smiled brightly, “Wouldn’t your parents wonder where you’ve gone?” He asked. "As long as I’m with you, I don’t care.“ I smiled, kissing his lips softly as we both fell back onto the couch.

David - She Ain’t You by Chris Brown

I think I better let her go

Can’t leave you alone,

Every day that I’m with her, all I want is you

I walked into the restaurant, looking around for David. "Over here!” I heard his voice yell, standing up from his booth, waving his arms in the air. “Hey,” I smiled, heading toward him. “Haven’t seen you in a while.” He smiled, pulling me into a hug.

The hug was long, longer than it should have been, but I didn’t mind. I missed the smell of his cologne, and the touch of his skin. “It has,” I smiled, pulling away and sitting down. “How have you been?’ He asked. 

"I’ve been alright, I finally got settled down in a small apartment near here. I got a new job too. How about you?” He smiled, shrugging his shoulders. “I’ve been okay. The bands going strong, we’re going on tour again.” He mentioned. I wanted to roll my eyes, but just nodded.

David and I were complicated. We never officially dated, we just had flings., but they were prolonged flings. It was more romantic than friends with benefits, but less complicated than an actual exclusive relationship. Although we cared deeply about each other, our long distance relationship ruined everything. Mistrust, lies, secrets, everything. We just decided to go our separate ways.

“Sounds fun.” I smiled falsely, trying to be happy for him. “So, hows Becca?” I asked shyly. Becca was his girlfriend, and he wasn’t very shy about her. Every magazine had at least one picture of the two, but he never looked happy. 

“She’s fine. She’s really happy.” He nodded, not making eye contact with me. “David, why did you call me here?” I asked forcefully. He stayed quiet, staring at his menu. “ I think I’ll have steak.” He mumbled to himself. “David, answer me.” I ordered, but once again, he ignored me completely. “David, just tell me why.” I begged, but he wouldn’t even look at me.

Frustrated, I grabbed my bag, and stood up to leave. “Wait,” he shouted, grabbing my wrist tightly, pulling me back to him. “I just wanted, no needed, to talk to you.” He replied, motioning for me to sit back down.

“Becca, she’s a great girl,” He started, I scoffed to myself, but continued to listen. “But she’s not you.” He stared at me deeply. “David, I can’t. We can’t.” I sighed, looking away from him.

“I’m not asking for you to walk with me down the aisle, but I just needed for you to know. Becca, she just want’s fame. She and I will never have anything like we did. I know, we both wanted our space, but I had to tell you that, I love you, and I am still in love with you.” He blurted out. I choked, as if there was a rock in my throat.

“I need time.” I breathed out. He looked up at me for a while, but just nodded. “I should be going, I have work tomorrow.” I lied, needing an excuse to leave. “I’ll see you soon then?” David asked.

“Hopefully.” I smiled softly, he let out a little smirk but quickly composed himself. “And David, I missed you too.” I added, quickly turning on my heel, leaving David to sit alone in his own shock.

Gabe - Shot For Me by Drake

The way you walk, thats me.

The way you talk, thats me.

The way you got your hair up did you forget that’s me?

“It’s been a while.” Gabe mumbled, sitting down at the bar next to me. I didn’t even want to answer him, all it brought up was bad memories.

Gabe and I, we were inseparable at first. I gave him 3 good years of my life, but after a while, we turned into trouble. He stayed out late, not coming home until the next morning. I always accused him of cheating, even when I had no evidence. We argued 24/7, and he scared me. He turned into a different person when he was angry.

After a while, we just broke it off. We moved away from each other, starting over. We lost contact with each other, but never completely. I still his number on my phone, I still had pictures of him on there, I just couldn’t bring myself to delete them.

“It has.” I stuttered, my eyes burning from holding back tears. “I see your with someone.” He noted. I looked over at my current boyfriend, Jack. He was on the other side of the bar, some woman draped around his shoulder, but I really didn’t care. I never really cared what he did.

“Yeah, he’s nice.” I shrugged. I didn’t want to lie to Gabe, but I didn’t want to tell the truth either. Ever since we split, everything had been hard for me. I was dating a complete asshole, I started drinking heavily, and I was just lonely all the time.

When I was bored, I would think about how Gabe and I would run around the house, calling each other Catwoman and Batwoman. Sometimes, it would bring tears to my eyes, the memories.

“I see you still like that drink.” He added, pointing to my drink. “Oh yeah, you always had good taste.” I complimented. He was always showing me different things, and I always fell in love wit them. “I guess it just stuck.”

He nodded. “I miss you.” He sighed. A part of me just wanted to hug him, screaming I miss you too, but I couldn’t do it. I just stayed silent, stirring my drink. I could feel him just waiting, but gave up, storming off. “I miss you too.” I whispered to myself, a tear falling down my cheek and into my drink.


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Compliments Mean More Than You Think

The first time Beca complimented her she tossed it aside, she barely caught it to be honest but she didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. The second time she played it off like it was nothing but it meant more to her than she cared to admit.

“What is wrong, Moose?” Luisa glared at Pieter, he laughed and held up his hands in surrender. Luisa huffed out something akin to a laugh and increased her strides. The treadmill beneath her feet felt too rough, she wanted earth to run on but it was raining and they weren’t in a familiar place.

“Nothing.” Luisa breathed, beside her Pieter rolled his eyes and started running. The two were in silence for ten minutes before Luisa huffed and ran harder. “It’s the Bella leader.” She increased the speed on her machine, her arms pumping at her sides.

“What about her? Getting under your skin?” Pieter teased, Luisa growled to herself and increased the speed again. “Really?” Luisa nodded, her jaw clenching. “How so?” Luisa felt her legs burn and increased the length of her strides so she was sprinting on the machine.

“She compliments me.” Luisa huffed out as she began taking in bigger and slower breaths.

“And that bothers you?” Luisa nodded, Pieter looked over at her curiously before shrugging and facing forward again as he continued at his light sprinting.

“Yes.” Luisa spit out between her teeth. Pieter knew if she could she would be running harder.

“Why? I thought you loved it when people boost your ego.” Luisa’s jaw flexed and her hands turned into fists as they pumped.

“This conversation is over.” Luisa declared, she jumped up to put her feet on the sides of the treadmill and canceled the speed eight to bring the machine to a stop.

Pieter followed suit and looked over at her as she got off the machine and began stretching. Sure she wanted to get away from Pieters inquisitive gaze but she wasn’t going to be a dummkopf about it.

“No it’s not,” Pieter pushed as Luisa glared up at him while stretching her hamstrings.

“Yes it is.” They both knew they were bantering like children now but they didn’t care, both were too stubborn.

“No it is not, why does it bother you?” Luisa clenched her jaw and began stretching her arms. She stayed silent as Pieter continued to glare at her, watching her movements while hawk-like eyes.

“Luisa why does it bother you?” He continued to push, he knew if he continued to push the blonde would get so annoyed she would tell him. Until then he would keep asking the question.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, Pieter just drop it.” Luisa finished stretching and began walking from the gym, Pieter was closely behind as she led the way out into the hallway.

“Just tell me so we can stop this bickering.” He said as the door shut behind him. Luisa wheeled around to step right up in front of him, her face red with rage.

“Fine, you want to know so badly? It gets under my skin because never before had anybody acknowledged I was good enough! I was always told to do better and nobody stopped to think to tell me I was doing good. So yes it gets under my skin when she compliments me because I keep thinking it is a hoax! I am not good enough, I never was and I never will be!” Luisa finishes, guests around them are looking at her with pity on their gazes but Luisa ignores them as tears gather in her eyes.

“Luisa why didn’t you tell me?” He asked softly. Luisa stepped back and swallowed, angrily rubbing at her eyes that kept leaking tears. Her shoulders threatened to shake with sobs but she clenched her fist and dug her short fingernails into her skin.

“You know why.” Luisa said quietly. Pieter nodded as the blonde sniffed.

“Ja,” he confirmed. Luisa rolled her eyes and looked up to try and stop the tears from coming.

“Let’s get back upstairs.” Pieter simply nodded as Luisa took a step back to the elevator and hit the button with the side of her fist.

Luisa felt eyes on her and felt her skin crawl with the feeling. Turning around she scanned the hallway behind her to see someone disappear into a room down the hall. Ignoring it Luisa turned back around and waited for the elevator to come back down, her breath coming out shaky.

Beca stood just inside Chloe’s room, her thoughts flying a million miles an hour. Who could never tell the blonde goddess that she was good enough? How was Beca the first?

With a determined nod Beca checked her phone and saw they still had an hour before they had to be at Worlds. She was going to talk to the blonde.

Beca determinedly marched towards the blonde dressing room later at Worlds. It was before DSM was set to go on and though she felt nervous she knocked on the door before opening it. Luisa turned around to look at Beca confused, without giving an explanation Beca stride forward-with as big of a stride someone could take with her height-and grabbed the material of the blondes shirt.

Beca pulled the blonde down and kissed her passionately, at first Luisa didn’t respond, stiff as a board above Beca and for a moment the brunette thought she made a bad choice and began to pull away when Luisa’s hand went to the small of her back and pulled Beca to flush against her.

Luisa after that was quickly immersed into the kiss and the two began biting and nipping, tongues exploring. Beca’s hands moved to the back of Luisa’s neck and rested on the nape of her neck when she remembered the bun the blonde had in. When Becas lungs could no longer take it she pulled back and leaned her forehead against Luisa’s, her chest heaving.

“Maus what-” Beca tilted her head up to press her lips against Luisa to silence her.

“No hang on ice got something to say.” Luisa looked at Beca under her lashes and nodded for her to continue. “You are good enough, do you hear me? You’re good enough and even more. And you’re beautiful and talented and I’ve only had two conversations with you but even I can see that. Never forget that, okay?” Luisa pulled back to look into Beca’s nervous eyes. A knock sounded at the door and a man in black with a headset peaked his head in.

“Kommissar your on in fifteen.” Luisa nodded at the man and looked down at Beca who took a step back.

“Go, we can talk later.” Luisa nodded and strode from the room. Beca watched her retreating back before she no longer could, satisfied she told the blonde.

It was later, and they hadn’t talked. Luisa felt disappointed that she let herself believe someone had actually beloved she was good enough. That she was worth something.

She should have known, she should have expected it. After all her entire life she’s gone through it, why should this time have been any different?

Because Beca was the first to kiss her and tell her, and the first one in general. It was hard, but Luisa pushed the feelings aside and did her best to stay clear of any alcohol. She was their leader, so she had to keep an eye on DSM. It preoccupied her so she didn’t mind.

“Hey, I’ve been looking for you all night!” Luisa turned around to face the brunette who was shouting up at her. “Let’s go somewhere quiet!” Beca shouted, Luisa’s eyes ghosted over the faces of DSM and she nodded before leading Beca into a hallway off to the side.

Once they were in the quiet and dim hallway Luisa crossed her arms and looked down at Beca as she leaned against the wall. Beca looked up at the blonde curiously.

“So I heard you earlier today,” Beca started. “And I hope you know it’s not some trick. It’s really not, and I truly do think you are gorgeous.” Luisa frowned down at the brunette. Beca noticed and sighed. “What can I do to prove to you that it’s true?” Luisa searched Beca’s eyes, looking for any lie or deception.

“Stay.” It was on word, but Beca knew it was the blonde revealing herself. Opening herself up.

“I will.”

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I am not that strong to forget you completely or just think that you never existed. But I swear, I’m going to do everything in my power to forget the pain, to let go, to move on. I know that some things aren’t just meant to be and we are one of them. I will accept the fact that you came into my life not because you want to achieve forever with me; that you are a very painful lesson instead. I will live my life the way I have always wanted before I met you. I will smile, laugh, and be happy. I will push myself to believe that you leaving me is not a valid reason to be bitter all my life, or to think that I will never be good enough for anybody, or to ruin myself. Instead, I will strive to be more beautiful, smarter, and nicer. I will leave behind that part of me who became empty when you walked away. I will make this pain as an inspiration to become better. I won’t waste the rest of my life wondering about our what ifs and what-could-have-been’s. Nor shall I waste it hoping that you will come back to me. I promise, I will be strong even without you.
—  Even if you mean the whole damn world to me (m.b)