never gonna turn around and desert you!

Never gonna give Yu up, never gonna let Yu down, never gonna run around and desert Yu
Never gonna tell a lie, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna turn around and hurt Yu
—  Yosuke Hanamura, at some point 
Never Gonna Give You Up

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Request-Jerome and the reader are having sex when he starts singing ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and the reader is laughing so hard that they have to stop and while their recovering Jerome pulls out a engagement ring from the bedside drawer

Word Count-542

Warnings-Smut, Cursing

Note- Hey! I’m not dead. I finally posted, sorry for having to make you wait so long, and for such a short fic. But I hope you enjoy :D


   Jerome kissed Y/N’s lips, then her jaw, and down her chest. Y/N ran her fingers through his hair, tugging on it every once in awhile. Jerome reached under her and unclasped her bra. He pulled it off of her and smiled.

“God you’re gorgeous Doll.” He complimented before moving down to unbutton her pants but Y/N stopped him.

“Ah ah ah, shirt for a shirt. Strip ginger.” Y/N smiled. Jerome slid his shirt over his head before moving back down to her pants. He slowly unbuttoned them and slid them down her legs revealing black lace underwear.

“Aw you got dressed up for me how kind.” Jerome said looking into her eyes.

“Come here.” Y/N said, Jerome complied and crawled up to her. Y/N quickly flipped them over so she was straddling his lap.

“My turn.” She said before unbuckling his belt. She unbuttoned his pants and for off of him so he could slide them off. Once he was done Y/N pushed back onto the bed. She ground down on his lap causing him to groan in pleasure. She did it a few more times until Jerome grabbed her hips.

“I don’t have time for games.” He said in a low voice before flipping them over so the he was on top once again. He pretty much ripped her underwear off along with his own. He climbed on top of her before lining himself up.

“Ready Dollface?” Y/N nodded before he entered her, he stilled to let her adjust.

“Go on.” She says, with that Jerome slowly starts to quicken his pace making them both moan out.

“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.” Jerome starts to sing.

“What the fuck?” Y/N laughs.

“Never gonna run around and desert you.” Jerome continues, Y/N starts laughing so much she can’t breathe.

“Stop stop stop, I need a minute.” Y/N laughs. Jerome pulls out of her and she sits up. As Y/N is trying to catch her breath and wipe off her tears from laughing Jerome opens the nightstand drawer. He pulls out a a small black velvet box, he turns to Y/N.

“What are you doing? What’s that?” Y/N asks finally calm.

“I know we’re both very young but I know that I love you. I know this is also a weird time to ask but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Y/N will you marry me?” Jerome asks opening up the box to reveal a diamond ring. Y/N looks down at the ring and up at Jerome. The tears returning back to her eyes but these tears weren’t from laughing, the were from happiness, she couldn’t believe Jerome actually wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

“Whad'ya say Doll?” Jerome asks nervously.

“Of course Jerome!” Y/N says holding her hand out, Jerome takes her hand and slides the ring on.

“I thought you were gonna say no for a minute there.” Jerome smiles.

“Never, I love you Jerome Valeska.” Y/N leans towards him.

“I love you too soon to be Mrs. Valeska.” Jerome closes the gap kissing her passionately returning to what they were doing previously.

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I'm humming Never Gonna Give You Up help me its both satisfying and upsetting


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~We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do IA full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just want to tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you~ *sniffs* so moving, dontcha think Prince? ~Musical Anon

*he turns his back to Musical Anon and lays down again, just hoping they’re stop.*

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rating : pg - 13

word count : 1655

characters : you x youngjae

genre : angst (? ) fluff

Youngjae was a great boyfriend but you had to admit this over the past months you’ve been dating that he was a bit forgetful. The first time he took you out, he forgot the location of an ‘extremely fancy’ French restaurant that you couldn’t confirm for yourself and had to resort to a 90’s bowling alley nearby for pizza and pop. And on your one month anniversary, he had forgot your favourite colour so he had spent $50 more than he intended to for roses of every colour in the rainbow. Every time he would forget something - you found it oddly cute. But not this time.

He had finally had time in his schedule to arrange a date with you at the cinema. Youngjae had picked out a horror movie when he knew that you couldn’t handle them but he had promised that he’d keep you safe. But his promise fell short when he hadn’t arrived, leaving you there to scare yourself shitless.

If you weren’t in the movie theatre, you would have been checking your phone’s clock every second to count for how long Youngjae had been standing you up. You had already been glared at for illuminating the darkly lit room, so you didn’t want people to be telling you off the next time you did it.

Trying to be frugal and not just waste your money because your date didn’t show up, you tried to stay and finish the movie but you were too steamed to focus. You sat up from your seat quietly and tip toed down the stairs with your back hunched over so you wouldn’t block anyone’s view too much.

Once you got out of the theatre, you went outside to get fresh air and to call Youngjae. He picked up after 4 rings and talked to you happily in a sing-song voice, “hey! What’s up?”

“Youngjae, what are you doing right now?” You asked through your teeth while tapping your foot in anticipation of his answer. Your voice was probably still coming out as extremely annoyed but his joyous state thought nothing of it.

“Oh I’m just hanging out with the guys right now,” he said with the sounds of his members talking in the background. You cringe and reframed from grinding your teeth into smithereens when the guys yelling came out of the receiver as a loud screech. “Why do you ask?”

You fumed as he was completely oblivious to everything, including your emotion which were showing obviously in your voice. “I was just out on a date, so I just wanted you to know.”

There was a silence on his side, probably too confused or betrayed with the thought of you cheating in his mind. “Are you two timing me?” The other side of the phone hushed as the GOT7 members probably heard his question.

You chuckled at the fact that he used such an outdated term, “no.”

“Then how are you on a date?” He said, with the sound of curious and concerned whispering in the background.

“You stood me up on the date that you planned,” you replied assertively. The boy burst out in a chorus of scolding your clueless boyfriend who shushed them so that he could come up with an answer to resolve the problem that was laid out before him.

After multiple “um’s” and “I uh” he started to apologize in a nervous fit. “I swear to god I just fo-”

“Forgot, I know. Youngjae, you always forget everything.” When you said that, all you could hear was his breathing across the line. He inhaled deeply to began his sorry’s but you cut him off again. “Did you give up on me already?”

“No!” Youngkae exclaimed frantically. “I’ll give you a ride home, I’ll make it up to you. I swear.”

You took a deep breath and exhaled slowly to calm your nerves. “Have fun with the boys, Youngjae.” You removed your phone from your ear and looked at it for a second before pressing the “end call” button.

While you were waiting for your bus home, you felt a little bit guilty for the way you handled the situation. Sure Youngjae had that bad trait about him, but he was constantly training and practicing so you couldn’t really blame him if it had slipped out of his mind. But you still weren’t sure if you were ready to get used to being in such a relationship.

As you were in deep thought, your phone buzzed in your hand. You looked down to see that you’ve received a new text from none other than your boyfriend. “Which movie theatre are you at?”

It wasn’t necessary to tell him your location as a bus rolled up and opened it’s door in front of you. You got on and put a ticket into the slot and got a seat in the back where the air conditioning was to cool off.

“I’m sorry,” another text read, minutes after receiving the previous one. You opened it, but found no use to reply. “I love you,” the last one read after he saw that you’ve read the texts.

You were shocked to see that he dropped that on you when you’ve only been dating for a few months. To clear your mind, you put on some earphones and drowned out your own thoughts.

You flopped onto your bed after taking a shower, still leaving your hair slightly damp to let the cool air that was entering your room to dry it off. Rolling over the bed, you grabbed your phone and returned back to your original position to check all of your social media accounts before going to bed.

While you were scrolling through your feeds, you started to hear grunts and little swears outside. Probably some drunk, you thought, taking a glance at your balcony before returning your attention to your phone.

But then you started to hear static. Not the kind that your TV makes when its lost connection, because that was bearable - this wasn’t.

Annoyed, you turned off your phone, throwing it on your bed before slipping on your flip flops and heading onto the balcony. You looked down at your backyard, only to see Youngjae kicking a 90’s boom box and trying to make it play something. Your eyebrows knitted in amusement and confusion. He had managed to jump over your wooden fence that were covered in splinters, but he couldn’t get a simple machine going.

“Youngjae!” You said in a speaking voice, not wanting to wake up or get complaints from the neighbours. Youngjae didn’t hear you as he bent down and started to press multiple buttons vigorously out of frustration. “Choi Youngjae, what the hell are you doing?” You shouted loud enough for him to hear.

The boombox stopped releasing static and started to make the sound of a cassette being rolled. Youngjae looked up and held up a finger, “I’m making it up to you. Just wait!” He picked up the large and what looked like, heavy box and held it over his head after clicking play.

A familiar tune started to play out of the speakers softly but you tilted your head to the side, it couldn’t be that song right? You placed your elbows on the ledge of your balcony and anticipated for what Youngjae was going to do next. You knew that he wasn’t finished yet because he didn’t have that big, stupid, satisfied smile that you always fell for.

And before you knew it he extended his arm and turned the volume switch to the maximum, letting that cheesy song blast out into the night. “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.”

There it was. His bright smile that made his eyes form into half moons. Youngjae waved the boombox dangerously around as he sang the lyrics with all of his heart. “Never gonna run around and desert you.”

You were already laughing until there were tears in your eyes but you basically doubled over when he set the heavy piece of metal down and started to do the sprinkler. Youngjae continued to showcase his skill of bringing back old dance moves throughout the song and by the end, you were crying hysterically.

He pouted after stopping the cassette. “I was never gonna make you cry!”

You shook your head and chuckled at his lame pun but decided to reciprocate. “But you said you’d never say goodbye!”

Youngjae beamed at your response, “I won’t!”

You held up your index finger to him before grabbing your keys from your night stand and throwing it over the balcony for Youngjae to come up with. It bounced out of his hands and into the grass, making you cringe at how you’d have to clean it. “Klutz!”

“Meanie!” He chuckled, picking up the keys and wiping the dirt off using his pant leg and then swinging it across his pointer finger. You went back into your room, closing off the glass balcony door and laying down in bed, anticipating Youngjae’s arrival.

In a matter of seconds, you heard his heavy steps up the stairs and to your bedroom. There Youngjae was, hands on his knees, winded from running a short distance. He threw your keys onto your night stand and sat down on the side of your bed.

His hand moved its way over to yours, overlapping it. Youngjae caught his breath, looking into your eyes seriously. “Do you forgive me?”

You shrugged, avoiding his sincere stare which made you feed guilty in a way. “I don’t know. Are you going to forget everything again?”

Youngjae shook his head slowly. “I won’t.” He placed his two fingers on your chin, turning your head slowly.“I admit I treated you lightly. I got it, I’ll go to you right now, don’t go anywhere.“ He said with a low and husky voice before lowering his lips onto yours.

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ayatos and tsukiyamas reaction to their s/o singing never gonna give you up

(( idk why i take this srsly ))

Ayato tries hard to block out his partner’s purposefully bad singing. They’re dancing to a beat of their own, singing loudly into his ears as Ayato attempts to comb through his jungle of hair, gazing placidly into the mirror. “Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down! Never gonna turn around and—” His partner twirls dramatically, pointing and winking at him. “Desert you!” He really wanted to yell at them. He really did—but after countless hours of dealing with their shenanigans, he’s opted to remaining as calm as it could. In the end though, he breaks his comb in hair and chucks it angrily at his partner as he storms out of the room.

Tsukiyama doesn’t understand the reference, nor the whole culture behind it until his partner explained it to him and showed him the video—and ever since that day, they were unable to stop singing the song, constantly whispering it into his ear when he’s sleeping to running through his mansion, screaming the song at the top of their lungs. He does admit it’s quite catchy though, so he does find himself occasionally joining in—until he openly joins in all the time and even initiates the beginnings of the song, the two of them participating in their ridiculous duet. 

Let me sing you the song of my people

Context: So we just started a new game consisting of a warrior named Merlin (Me), Rogue named Samson, Dragonborne named Dio, and a Sorcerer named Rasputin. We were introducing.

Rogue: My name is Samson. I hail from a far country with a rich family, my mother loved me a lot but my father hated me. While i was young he would send me away on “missions” to try and kill me with out my mother knowing, and because of them I was able to learn how to defend myself at a very young age. When I was finally old enough to live on my own I quickly left home so I wouldn’t have to worry about him killing me since I was a man. I have spent the last 5 years training to one day kill him for all the suffering he put me through.

DM: Ok interesting back story, now all that’s left is you Merlin.

Me: Alright. I am Merlin, when I was young i was left at an orphanage because my parents were killed one night while I was very young. One day a dwarven women adopted me and carried me to her village where they took care of me like I was their own. Because of how they lived my body has developed unnatural strength which allows me to carry this dwarven axe with ease.

Rogue: Cool, so does that mean you know some ancient dwarf language?

Me: Yes I do but not fluently. I do know however our ancient song of joy that was said to be made when the village was first founded. Would you like to hear it?

*everyone agrees to hear my song while leaning closer to me*

Me: Ahem. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down never gonna turn around and desert you-

This causes the entire table to lose it for 10 minutes, and brought about a break until everyone calmed down

what it means to survive || closed


[ ♥ ] - - - - - The Eiko III was a fast ship. It turned a flight that normally took the better part of twelve hours and made it in four. It was the only airship in the sky at the moment (until the release of the Eiko IV) that could drive headlong into a full-blown squall and come out the other end unperturbed. It was a work of modern science, a perfect mesh of Linblum’s visionary engineer Cid and the resurrection of Terran technology. And it was absolutely a point of pride for Kuja; he had not directly created her, of course, but that reactor was his doing. She flew because of him.

     It was still such a strange thing, to see his influence in the way these Gaians lived. He didn’t think he would ever really get used to it. 

     Besides the surge of pride at seeing her was the inevitable question:

     Zidane did not use Cid’s airships for no reason. Something had happened, or was happening. This was an emergency.

     Kuja stood out on the docks below the Desert Palace and watched the ship come around with narrowed eyes. He wore his aptly named work clothes; a loose tunic-robe and loose slacks tied around his narrow hips with twine. The silvery white fabric was stained with old chemical blotches, machine oil and inkwell mishaps. This was not an outfit he enjoyed being seen in by eyes other than his own brother’s. This was not Kuja, man that sold Gaia. This was Kuja, hermit of the northern deserts.

     This had better be good.

     Ten minutes later the ship had docked and the drawbridge lowered. Zidane was the first down the steps. He already had his hands up, placating; his mouth was already running. After seven years of dealing with his younger brother directly, he had become very convinced Zidane’s mouth never stopped running.

     “–Now I know what you’re gonna say, Kuj, but hear me out–” Zidane began.

     “If this isn’t an emergency, you best turn around and get back in that ship, I am not entertaining guests,” he hissed in a low voice. 

     He could see the rest of the crew milling around just inside the hatch, not really sure if they were welcome to stretch their legs, or if the menace that lived inside the Palace would kill them for the insult.

     Zidane’s mouth snapped shut. He glanced over his shoulder, saw that he wasn’t being followed, then came in close to Kuja’s side. “I found someone,” he said in a low, serious voice.

     “Someone?” Kuja asked incredulously.

     The gestures that followed were absolutely incoherent. Kuja watched Zidane gesture back at the ship, estimate someone’s height, touch his face, then sigh, exasperated. “He’s this guy, I dunno. I found him outside Lindblum, just sorta wandering. He isn’t doing too good, and I almost took him to Dagger, but–um.” He scratched his head.

     Kuja set his hands on his hips. “Out with it.”

     “I think he was speaking Terran.” Zidane’s voice was very, very small.

     If a Genome’s body were capable of heightened emotional response, his heart would’ve skipped a beat. He hit his closest equivalent: a vague, gauzy sub-awareness was torn away from his perception. He felt his objective systems whirring into high gear; he could see better, hear better. The cave was a little brighter, the ocean a little louder. Zidane’s blue eyes seemed just a little more worried.

     Beneath the layers of silken fabric, his tail twitched.

     “Let me see him,” Kuja stated. His voice defaulted to his poised bedroom purr. He knew Zidane recognized it, didn’t like it. He didn’t care.

     No one alive knew Terran but the Genomes. And he knew all of the Genomes. Everyone was accounted for.

     So who was on that ship?

     Zidane turned and gestured to the men standing safely inside the hatch. “Bring ‘im out, guys!” he shouted.

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Plz have Jack Rick Roll Hiccup into dating him omg

I love this song. Not even lying. I would never give it up.

Warning: this is bad

Monday meant it was pizza day in the cafeteria. Probably just a ploy from the school to make sure kids actually showed up that day. Hiccup had sat himself down at his usual table, glad he managed to snag a slice before the rest of the student body devoured the rest. Snotlout looked like he was thinking of something hilarious, face contorted into a grin. Tuffnut wasn’t any better. “What’s up with you two?” He bite into the pizza, grateful for the cheesy goodness.

“Nothing,” they both said between giggles.

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It is episode 12 of Mekakucity Actors. All the fans wait for the appearance of a certain villain, Kuroha. In a dark world, a pair of eyes open. The eyes of Len Kagamine. He starts to sing. Never gonna give you up…never gonna let you down….never gonna turn around and desert you. He throws a chicken nugger at Shintaro. Konoha cries, he is starving for the chicken nugger. Momo shrieks loudly, her head becomes a Happy Meal box, her arms are swinging french fried. Shrek appears, “WHAT ARE YOU DOIN IN MAH SWAMP?!” he yells. Seto reassures Mary, she is sobbing. “Yeah here with my ninja clan. Ninja clan here we stand.” he tells her. The screen fades to black…

Rolling with Rick

Request- Omg but imagine this. Cas is drunk at a bar and just starts singing karaoke but gets kicked out for taking it a bit too far

A/N- Okay. Okay. Okay. First off let me just say sorry for this. Also I’m not really sorry. But I really am. Kinda. It came out shorter than I wanted it to be because I just couldn’t stop laughing and it’s about to be 1 am and I was told to shut up so I had to end it early haha. Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

Cas x Reader -ish

Word Count- 614

Cas had an unbreakable smile on his face as he noticed that the world before him was spinning. Everything he managed to see was funny to him. Of course, there were several bottles of liquor in front of him. Cas was in a bar, having the time of his life. He turned around from his seat and noticed people going up to a small stage and singing.

“I want to… do that.” he slurred. He stood up, as best he could, and walked up to the small stage. There was a small machine in which he could choose the song he wanted to play. He looked through the list of available songs. He of course, didn’t recognize any of them despite his endeavor to understand pop culture. He gave up trying to identify any of the songs and picked a random one. Then he began to sing:

We’re no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

You, who were in the bar as well, turned around, and whispered, “Oh no, not that song.” You stared at the man who sang. “Please, no.” you said but there was a smile on your face.

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

“Oh god no.” you said, shaking your head and stifling your laughter. Just when you thought you’d succeeded you look up and he was doing an outrageously funny dance that in no way went with the song. You had to laugh. Everyone was too shocked that the man was singing that song that to laugh. “Man that guy is drunk,” you mumble through your laughter.

It wasn’t that he was kicked until he started taking his clothes, which you found hilarious. He didn’t even fight it. In fact he kept singing as he was being escorted out. You paid your bill and headed out to meet the man that made you laugh.

Cas was sitting on the curb, still singing. You laughed, “Hey… You’re a pretty good singer.” you tell him, sitting next to him.

He stopped singing and looked over at you, “Really? IS that- Is that why they banished me from the drinking place?” he chuckled.

You chuckled, “Yep- You were too good. Don’t think anyone can follow up on a Rick Roll.”

“What is a Rick Roll?” he questioned, though it sounded more slurred, you managed to understand.

“What you just did- um- Well what you sang. That’s a Rick Roll. It’s funny when you get people with it.” you inform him. “Anyways, I wanted to thank you. I haven’t laughed that hard in so long.” you add with a cheerful smile.

“Thank you…” he responded.

“Thank you?” you questioned.

He shook his head as if asking himself why he said ‘thank you’. “You’re… Welcome…” he laughed.

Next thing you know, a really nice black car rolls up and two men come out. “Cas you got drunk?” the shorter green eyed one said.

“Soo Cas…” you say while grabbing his hand and writing on it. “Here’s my number. I’d love to hang out when you’re” you paused, “sobered up.”

You stood up as the two men helped Cas up and started to walk away.

“Who was that?” Dean questioned.

Cas just laughed in response.

“Cas you alright?” Sam asked.

“I am Rick Roll,” Cas answered as he laughed.

Sam and Dean looked at each other and chuckled while shaking their heads, “Whatever you say-” Dean said.

Hop you liked it! x)

For thewriterinthebatcave

About halfway through she raises her eyebrow.

Castle leans forward, because, okay, this is it now, the juicy part - but that’s it. That’s all she does. 

She doesn’t even look at him as she continues reading and yeah, okay, he’s a little crestfallen. 

He’d spent hours working on that, chopping and changing and twisting the words until it read like poetry. Steamy, sexy poetry.

It was maybe more fantasy than fiction, true, and too explicit to send to his publisher, but it was pretty damn close to his best work.

Of course, he had to write a less R-rated version for his book and if his plan wasn’t going to work on Beckett then he’d spent the better part of his afternoon re-working the scene for nothing. 

He’d been hoping for - he doesn’t know what. Something. A heavy make out session, perhaps? But not this. Not just the raise of an eyebrow and a quick, “You spelt ‘succubus’ wrong in the third paragraph." 

(Because, oh, he so did not.) 

Beckett closes the laptop lid, standing from behind his desk to stretch before she steps around and drops a kiss on his cheek. 

"I have to go meet Lanie,” she tells him, snagging her jacket and heading out of the loft.

“Have fun!” he calls, and he manages to wait until he hears the door snick closed before he drops his head onto the desk.



“Never gonna let you down,” Castle sings, wielding the bar of soap like a microphone. “Never gonna run around and desert you!" 

Stupid internet meme. 

He doesn’t hear the bathroom door slide open as he hums loudly through the parts he doesn’t know, preoccupied as he is with lathering shampoo through his hair. 

He doesn’t even hear his girlfriend clear her throat. 


Castle snaps his eyes open and winces when the soap starts to sting.

"Beckett?” He sticks his head back under the spray, washing away the soap before he turns back around. “What are you-?”

His words die on his lips, the sight of her standing there in stupidly sexy red lingerie, a hand cocked on her hip suddenly too much for him to process. 

He’d thought - 

And - 

That was days ago! 

Beckett plants a hand flat on his chest, palm over his wildly beating heart, and pushes him until his back hits the cold tiled wall.

She follows him in, stepping under the spray, sexy red lace and all. 

He grins. “So you did like it.”

Her eyebrow quirks and, okay, maybe it’s weird but that’s starting to become a turn on.



“Shut up and kiss me." 

He does. 

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