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Why I hate Destiel
  • Destihellers. Destihellers are the biggest reason. 90% of this post is gonna be Destihellers tbh. Before I just didn’t ship it and didn’t care. Now thanks to Destihellers I can’t fucking stand it.
  • It’s fucking everywhere. It won’t leave me alone. I just want to look at pics of Sam or whatever and I see Destiel shit. Just stop.
  • The Destihellers are the most fucking entitled assholes I’ve ever seen. I’ve been involved in a lot of fandoms, and even shipped really popular ships. But I’ve never seen fans who are so desperate to get their ship validated. Stop harassing the cast&crew. Stop trying to make you ship canon. It’s not gonna happen and it shouldn’t. Why can’t you just write fanfics or whatever like most shippers of non-canon ships do?
  • People trying to push Sam out of the way. Not gonna happen. Sam is Dean’s #1 priority and he has been Dean carried Sam away from the fire. Sam is Dean’s fucking soul mate (tangent time: stop pretending Sam & Dean aren’t soul mates. it’s literally canon. you don’t have to like it but it’s true. fyi Cas doesn’t have a soul, he can’t be Dean’s soul mate anyway). There is NOTHING Dean would put in front of Sam, including Cas.
  •  I literally don’t see it. Like, at all. Half the time I think Dean doesn’t even give a shit about Cas (ex. kicking him out of the bunker). I don’t think looking at each other is enough to say they’re gay or whatever. Seriously, I don’t see it at all. At best, Dean loves Cas like a brother (but obviously not like he loves Sam. lol maybe like Adam). 
  • People act like it’s canon. It’s not. It’s literally not. You can ship it as much as you like, but don’t tell me it’s canon in any way shape or form. 
  • I still don’t understand how Dean could forgive Cas for breaking Sam’s wall. He literally almost got Sam killed. Or any other shitty things he did like leaving Sam’s soul behind and encouraging Dean not to get it back. (Because yeah, having a soulless killing machine is so much better than ending Sam’s centuries-long torture, even if it kills him. Good plan, Cas!)
  • Jensen obviously doesn’t like it or want it to happen. Jensen’s been playing Dean for over a decade. If anybody knows Dean, it’s him. I’ll listen to him over crazy fans on the internet who think Dean is bi because of his shirt color. 
  • Any interactions between Dean and Cas lead to a bunch of shitty posts and, again, the Destihellers won’t shut the fuck up about it for two seconds. Hell, this even happens when the two aren’t in the same episode. (The worst is when they act like scenes that are obviously meant to be about the brothers are Destiel moments. ex. in Red Meat. yeaaaah it was obviously supposed to be a parallel to Cas. because, y’know, it’s not like Dean saw Sam dead (at least as far as he knew). nope, totally about Cas, who hasn’t died in quite a while (sadly)
  • People acting like everybody ships it. No, not everybody. 
  • People get themselves excited about it becoming canon, and when it doesn’t they cry queerbaiting. Doesn’t work that way, assholes. You’re queerbaiting yourselves. 

I’m gonna put this out the nicest way as possible, but PLEASE STOP HATING IDOLS FOR POSTING PICS ON THEIR INSTAGRAM. *cough* TOP & Sulli *cough*. It’s their Instagram they can post whatever they want. To you maybe those pictures are annoying as hell, but to them it’s might be something more special. I would love to see your reaction if someone told you to stop posting “weird” pictures and after that getting called an attention whore. Stop, just stop. TOP and Sulli never asked you to follow them did they? YOU followed, so if you’re hating on them for posting pictures on THEIR Instagram, then honey, it’s as simple to press the unfollow button than it was to press the follow button

An Ordinary Day in Scoobyland

Ah, look, it’s Velma and Sha- WHOA, wait, what? Since when are Velma’s glasses white? They’ve never been white! Is this gonna be a new thing?

Ah, well, I guess not, because they’re back to black, like norma-…

…Robin, please put some pants on. And stop wearing ballerina flats. 


I feel very uncomfortable right now.

Failed her, failed her, failed her.

Daryl’s feet beat out the rhythm of those accusatory words as they pounded over the pavement for mile after mile. The sun had risen again and begun to set since he’d failed her, and he was still running, running, never stopping, chasing after her, because there was no way in hell he was gonna stop.

He’d already failed her once. He’d already let her get taken, let her get dragged into that fucking car somehow, watched it drive off with her inside. There had been no way he was gonna let them take her even further from him. So he’d done the only thing he could do: he’d run.

Daryl had been running for so long now that he didn’t even feel the pain in his feet anymore. He didn’t feel winded, didn’t feel exhausted, didn’t feel hungry. He felt like all the times he’d been building up his endurance, all the times he’d gotten used to going without food, without sleep, had all led to this. He knew technically it had been to help him survive, but what was the point of surviving without her? There wasn’t one.

There was no point in living without the one bright, shining being that he’d only just begun to realize made it all worth it. Because that was what Beth Greene was. The flicker of a match in the endless darkness, sparking, blooming to push away the night that seemed to close in tighter with each day. He refused to let that flame get blown out, get taken from him, not when he’d just begun to not only accept but enjoy the way it shown so warm on his skin and his shriveled, disused heart.

So he ran, and even when he came to a crossing in the road he didn’t stop. He spun, gasping for breath and barely noticing, refusing to give in to the urge to fall to his ground and give up ‘cause he couldn’t give up, not on her, not ever.

CHASING CARS by burningupasun (WIP)