never gonna happen to me

I haven’t animated in so long??

anonymous asked:

I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~

Guys, what if at Wrestlemania...
  • Seth: *limping backstage after his match*
  • Dean: *comes to help him*
  • Seth: *confused* Wait, after all what I've done with you, you're... helping me? Why?
  • Dean: Because we're brothers. We argue, we fight, we screw each other. But at the end of the day, everything is forgiving. I had my revenge at MITB, it's all done with me...
  • Dean: ... but if you don't want my help, I'm not forcing you...
  • Seth: *interrupting Dean* NO, NO... I want. Thank you.
  • Dean: You're welcome.
  • Dean and Seth: *walk together in the backstage*

its too late at night for me to commit to finishing a full picture, so i just doodled danny and sam for shits and giggles instead

tucker got erased cuz i felt bad condemning him to life as a 3rd wheel, oops

(but yeah, me too, sam… me too


palmetto state foxes →  the upperclassmen


they think you’re just a…drunken idiot?
                            for what it’s worth i think you’re more than that

speaking of genji i felt so bad yesterday bc we were on defense on kings row and i was perched on a building at the last checkpoint as hanzo and the enemy genji chased me off my perch so i jumped down and when he jumped down to chase me he fell into the fucking pit, ulted to save himself, i shot him at the top of his double jump, and he fell back into the fucking pit again and died


@ask-kimdaily I cannot express how thankful I am for the fact that this one got here in one piece and not lost in the got dang mail like the zine (I’m still hella bitter at usps fite me) Also I’m v thankful that your lovely art has blessed the bts side of my shelf I’m love you <3
I put the sticker on joonie’s frame cause that’s exactly how I feel: how dare this ball of sunshine and life look this cute in my house- what a pleasant outrage!

Thank you for all your hard work Kaye, keep up the good work buddy!