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Title: Devil in the Details (ch.5)
Pairing: Cassian Andor x Fem!Reader
Genre: Angst
Warnings: None
A/N: I’m not gonna lie, I hated the last chapter lol. I rushed myself too much and it could have been better. You never get better if you give up, though! So I put a lot of effort into this chapter. Hope it’s okay<3
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Chapters 1-4: (tumblr) (AO3)

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V: Between A Rock and A Hard Place

True to his word, K-2SO was making an effort to “like” you, hard as it was. He was constantly apologizing whenever he made a snide remark, which would be nice if he would stop making them all together. Silver linings, you figured.

You found it pretty strange, though. It was like you were seeing more of the droid than you were of Cassian, but you passed it off as work getting in the way. He’d been especially busy lately so it was impossible to see each other for more than a few minutes at a time. Strangely, K wasn’t nearly as busy, so he kept you company whenever he felt the need. More often than not, he had messages from Cassian to deliver to you, which he hated reciting back. You, on the other hand, thought it was adorable.

“There’s something different about you, Y/N,” K2 said as he walked beside you.

“Different how?” you asked, power walking to keep up, like always.

“You’re glowing,” he replied simply, “Are you pregnant?”

You stopped dead in your tracks.

“I assumed that’s something you and Cassian have been up to. If I’m wrong, please correct me,” he went on.

You held up your hand to stop him. “No, you’re not wrong. I just… I don’t feel pregnant,” you said, looking down at your stomach.

“That may be something to consider,” he said.

“I’m not pregnant, K.”

“I still look forward to being an uncle someday.”

You rolled your eyes and opened the door to the infirmary. “I’ll see you later today. Give Cass my best, okay?”

“Before you go,” he said, making you halt your movements. “There’s something very important I need to tell you.”

You looked between him and the medical bay, trying to gauge how much time you could get away with. It was relatively empty that morning so you decided to humor him.

“Okay,” you said, letting the door shut. “Tell me.”

“When you first met Cassian,” he began, “He tried to kill you, didn’t he?”

You shrugged. “Kind of. He basically shoved a blaster in my face, so…”

“He was going to kill you when you returned him to me,” K said abruptly, “He changed his mind when he realized he’d forgotten the Intel we were there to gather.”

“Wait, what?” you asked, half chuckling at the statement. He had to be joking.

“He planned to gain the Empire’s secrets through you, because we were empty handed.”

Your eyebrows drew together as you tried to make sense of his words. Your Cassian, the man you’d fallen so deeply in love with, had lied to you from the start? If that really were the case, who was to say it wasn’t all a lie?

“However, he changed his mind again, that indecisive idiot. Cassian loves you, he never lets me forget. It’s quite disgusting at times,” he continued, “But he hid the truth from you to spare your feelings. I thought you should know if you’re really serious about him.”

“Thanks for telling me, K,” you said, lost in your thoughts. You turned to walk away when he stopped you again.

“Please, don’t hurt him,” he said, “He may be an idiot, but he is still my friend.”

You nodded and entered the infirmary, your mind racing. Needless to say, the whole conversation left you uneasy and made it hard to focus on your work. Doing the best you could didn’t seem to be cutting it, but it was all you could do not to dash out of the room to ask Cassian for the truth.

The way you saw it, when you did confront him, there would be hell to pay.

By the end of the day, you were itching the leave work to find out what was really going on. You believed K2, he wouldn’t lie to you like that. He was physically incapable of it, actually. Because of this, you began to question your judgement of Cassian and if you’d rushed into things too quickly with someone you barely knew.

He greeted you with his classic smile and embrace, both of which you returned half-heartedly. Sensing your discomfort, he grabbed you by the shoulders and caught your gaze.

“Are you alright?” he asked, searching your face for answers.

“I need to talk to you about something,” you said, swallowing the rock in your throat. “It’s important.”

Cassian nodded and led you back to the living quarters, his own anxiousness growing as well. The silence that accompanied the walk made him uncomfortable and suspicious. K-2SO wouldn’t have told you, he thought to himself. There was no way he would actually do that, not to him.


The door to your bedroom shut behind you and you took a deep breath, running both hands through your hair and letting them stop at the base of your neck. Your eyes were dropped to the floor and Cassian watched you pace, so he leaned his back against the wall and waited for you to begin.

“K told me something this morning,” you said, sitting on the edge of your bed.

Cassian felt his heart drop from his chest to his foot and onto the floor.

“He said that you really were going to kill me when we first met,” you continued, “Then that you changed your mind and wanted to get information out of me, since…”

“Since your mother is an Imperial General,” he ended your sentence for you.

You nodded and stared down at your hands. “Was he lying?”

He sighed and looked around the room, at anything and everything that wasn’t you. “No.”

“How long were you pretending?” you asked, your voice and hands shaking.

“One day.”

“Don’t lie to me, Cassian, please.”

“I’m not,” he said, moving to stand in front of you. “I fell in love with you in one day, barely even that.”

You sighed and dropped your head into your hands, your fingers massaging your forehead to keep the oncoming headache at bay. “I can’t believe this.”

“I should have told you,” Cassian sighed shakily, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I knew this would happen.”

A tense and deafening silence fell over the room as the two of you organized your thoughts. You thought for sure he could hear your heart racing in your chest through the silence, considering how loud it was in your ears. He couldn’t, because his was just as loud. The world could have been ending and neither of you would have heard it.

“How can I make this right?” he asked softly.

“I don’t think you can,” you replied, “Why couldn’t you have just said something? I would have understood, Cassian. Why did you have to lie to me?”

“I didn’t lie,” he stuttered, kneeling down in front of you. “I just… didn’t tell you the whole truth. I couldn’t, it would have crushed you.”

“I have been used my entire life,” you began, emphasizing your words. “I have been lied to, taken advantage of, made to feel small and insignificant and like I didn’t matter. You made me feel like I was more than what the galaxy thought I was. For the first time since my dad disappeared, I didn’t feel hopeless. Now I’m losing everything all over again because you don’t know how to communicate.”

Cassian sighed and ran a trembling hand through his hair. “You’re not the only one who’s losing something here.”

“That’s your own fault,” you hissed, narrowing your eyes at him. “I didn’t ask for this.”

He dropped his gaze to the floor and stood. “I know you didn’t.”

“Then why keep it from me?” you asked, “Look at me, Cass. Look me in the eye and tell me I deserved this.”

When his eyes locked with yours you felt your insides collapse in on themselves. It was a look you’d seen only once before that shook you to the core. It was the same look he had on his face when he stumbled into the infirmary and pointed a gun in your face. That same pained, angered, and afraid expression.

“You didn’t deserve any of this.”

“Then tell me why.”

He stepped closer, so you stood to match his height. His face was mere inches from yours as he spoke. “I never told you because I loved you enough to spare you the pain. You’d lost enough, and I was going to take even more from you. Be glad I changed my mind.”

“Now you want me to thank you?” you scoffed, pushing him back gently. “All you did was delay the pain, Cassian. It would have hurt less if you’d told me before any of this started.”

“So help me make it right,” he said, his tone softening. “Let me fix this, Y/N. I can’t lose you.”

“You want to fix it? Fine,” you said, pushing past him toward the door. “You can fix it by leaving me the hell alone.”

Cassian stared at you in shock, his heart hammering in his chest and his lungs malfunctioning. His worst nightmares were coming to life right in front of his eyes and he couldn’t stop them, try as he did.

There was no question about it. You wouldn’t forgive him, just as he’d predicted.

You opened the door and looked at him expectantly. Hesitantly, he began to leave, but not before leaning in and whispering a final, “I love you,” followed by an, “I’m sorry.”

Once he was gone, you laid in your bed, face down in your pillow and trying to piece your sanity back together. It was hard to tell where the pain began and the anger ended, so all of it melded together into one big haze of tears and tremors. You began to question whether or not you’d made the right choice as you slipped under your covers, the tears on your cheeks growing cold.

Was it really worth it? Was it really worth losing the man whom you loved and who was your only friend over? The line between right and wrong became blurry as you laid there in silence. Taking in shallow breaths and placing your hand on your abdomen, memories of your conversation with K-2SO that morning flooding your already troubled mind

If there was the chance that you were pregnant- which was very likely- it would need to be verified and addressed. You’d have to tell Cassian you were carrying his child, and you just weren’t prepare for that. A sick feeling settled in your gut as you imagined the outcome. You shook the thought from your head and turned onto your side, pulling your sheets up past your mouth and taking a deep breath through your nose. Things would only get worse, there was no denying that. At very least, you could get even a sliver of sleep while you still could, so you did.

When the door slammed shut behind him, Cassian truly felt the gravity of the situation weigh down on his shoulders. He’d finally found someone he could trust and open up to, and he ruined it, as always. There had to be something he could do to win back your trust, and he was determined to figure out what that something was.

An idea flashed into his mind as he wandered the halls. It was a glimmer of an idea that relied on odds that were against him, but it was the best he had. If he could pull it off, there would be no doubt in your mind that he could be trusted. As quickly as he could, he made his way up the stairs and into the meeting room where he found several of the rebel leaders, all of which gave him a disapproving look as he burst into the room.

“Captain Andor, this is a private meeting, what are you-”

“I need everything we have on Y/N’s father.”

Post Reveal

Chat Noir: Father?
Hawkmoth: Adrien?
Ladybug: Adrien?
Chat Noir: Father?
Hawkmoth: How are YOU Chat Noir? I would’ve noticed-
Chat Noir: Not really, considering you never give me attention-
Hawkmoth: Well, I had a good reason for-
Chat Noir: Akumatizing people isn’t a good reason!
Chat and Hawkmoth: *arguing*
Ladybug: So… I’m just gonna…
Ladybug: *walks up to Hawkmoth and takes his Miraculous casually*
Hawkmoth: *turns back into Gabriel*
Gabriel: Wait- you can’t just-
Ladybug: Oh, I did. Now, you two have stuff to sort out, so I’m just gonna… *heads towards door* Oh, and I’m a big fan of your work. I mean, th-the fashion, not the, you know, akumatizing thing.
Ladybug: *awkwardly walks out*

“When a gift sack full of kittens gives Santa a bad allergic reaction, the kittens have to take over and deliver the presents on time.” Would you have me believe, sirs, that Santa, a magical man with centuries of experience, has never planned for this contingency? I find your premise questionable!

We begin with two cats watching Santa deliver presents to the beautiful suburban home of someone who works for the production company. The older cat explains Santa to the kitten. This would be cute if their CGI jaws didn’t unhinge like they were about to swallow entire bags of kibble.

The 3 Xmas Movies That Most Completely Misunderstand Xmas

gif by @gosselaars

I know we’ve moved on some and we now have the glory that is 109 but… you guys look at his fucking face here! Look at the way he looks at her when she glances in his direction. 

Fucking kills me every time I looks at this. I know they were not in a good place here but he still looks at her with the same hungry expression. Only here there’s this tinge of desperation to it. He knows Ginny is not happy with him and he don’t like it!

Just I’m never gonna be over this moment. I pray we get another red carpet moment with these two next season. A lot of people were talking and saying for the ESPYs and that would be amazing! Could you imagine these two walking a carpet together, happy and just soaking up all the attention. Pictures separate and together, Mike’s hand on Ginny’s lower back as he guides her down the carpet. 

Like I don’t even care if they only go as friends… just give me this!

Give me happy Mike and Ginny working a red carpet together! ❤❤❤

  • Hanji: what was your personal reason? i need to know it Levi! i have to know it!
  • Levi: my personal reason was, not to be selfish little bastard. i wanted to bring Erwin back only because of me, because of humanity, because we always were scared, that we will have to do Erwin's job. we were hiding in his shadow, while he was burning in the sunlight. this is us being coward Hanji, not friends. he deserved to rest. he did enough. enough for us to continue where he stopped and be successful. believe in yourself Hanji, you're strong and smart. Erwin's path was long and hard. i had two choices, me being a selfish coward always hiding behind his orders, or a selfless, strong soldier who's gonna prove people that Erwin taught me how to be a good human and never give up.
To his new girlfriend, 
                One day, his mom is gonna walk up to you. She will say “Are you her?”. You look her straight in the eyes and say “Yes ma'am”. She loves confidence. When she reaches to shake your hand don’t be nervous like I was. Give her a firm hand-shake(she likes those). One day, he will FaceTime you at two a.m. Answer. He will probably be with his friends from lacrosse or hockey. And trust me, they are a rowdy bunch. They will question you like you’ve never been questioned before. Answer truthfully. He has already told them everything about you. When he makes a joke, laugh. When he compliments you, accept it. When he gets jealous, let him know you are only his. The most important thing I can tell you is, when he tells you just how much he loves, give him the most honest answer you have. The only reason you are even in this position is because I told him I didn’t love him. I did. And I still do. But he is happy with you, and please, I beg of you. Do everything you possibly can to make him forget I broke him.
—  c.c.
Re: Overwatch Fandom

Listen here. I’m only gonna say this once.

Never. In my 22 years have i ever seen a fandom so damn ready to kill each other over ships.


Must i say it slowly for the people in the back? Must i define it?

These are fake characters, made up by some dorks sitting around.

I honestly can’t wrap my mind around why people feel like they need to call people disgusting, stupid, “retarded”, or any other kind of slur or jab just because they like?? Two (or more)???? FICTIONAL??? characters??? together???

Please someone give me a real answer as to why you are so bitter about this?

I dont like certain ships either but ya know what i do? I black list it, i dont look at it, i scroll away. I let people LIKE THINGS.

I just..

*whispers* who hurt you?

“Intimidating teenager” Oh my god Ronaldo do you have a crush on Jenny? That’s just cute.

Also I love these two.

If anything this episode is at least good enough to give us some more appearances from cool characters around town.

“Cover up? What cover up!? There was absolutely no fraud in my election term I assure you…”

“I never said there was.”


Oh boy this is not gonna go well.

Also sorry if I’m going through this episode fast and I’m not making many jokes, they’re not really giving me much to work with here.

Though that’s probably my fault.

Imagine this…Dean turning on “Here I go again” by White snake and heading out of the bunker..And getting in the Impala..And Cas Jumping onto the back and yelling “ NO BECAUSE I”M NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP” And Sam running out to see this and Turns on “I wanna know what love is” And The two look over and are like “HOW DOES THAT SONG FIT WITH THIS?”

Okay, I’ve been thinking about the fact that if McGonagall had to teach the Gryffindor’s how to dance, the other heads of house had to as well.

  • Like can you imagine Professor Sprout saying “Come on now loves, you’ll enjoy yourselves, now any volunteers?” and being the gentlemen that they are almost all of the older Hufflepuff boys ask her to dance.
  • Imagine Sprout being swept off her feet by Cedric Diggory and calling for everyone to join in. They would begin a conga line and someone would charm the record player to play Rick Astley while all of the muggleborns would groan hearing the words “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…” 
  • Imagine the chaos as they all go to grab someone and flood onto the dancefloor, having no real guidance as Sprout doesn’t care because she is so busy being charmed by the Hufflepuff champion.
  • Imagine Flitwick asking for two volunteers because his height means he won’t be able to properly teach the Ravenclaws. Turning to the Ravenclaw boys, he sees they are reluctant but regardless picks two to dance together, much to their surprise and disappointment. 
  • There are wolf whistles from the crowd as the two boys scowl at Flitwick, and then the music starts and everyone just sits back and acknowledges that hey, they’re pretty good dancers
  • And then a girl runs to Flitwick and asks, “Professor, could I have this dance?” Then just as suddenly she picks him up around the waist with one arm and takes the other in her hand and begins to waltz as his small legs dangle and he laughs and smiles as all of the Ravenclaw’s sing along to the melody. 
  • The Ravenclaw girls get into couples and spin and twirl each other and both girls in each pair compete to lead the other leading to some rather unsuccessful waltzing. 
  • Soon all of the boys have paired up and are rowdily singing “DA DA DA DA DUM DA DUM DA DUM” as they swing each other round the dance floor.
  • And finally, can you imagine Snape having to teach ballroom dance? Can you? 
  • “I expect that you uphold the traditions… of Slytherin House. Such frivolities…require that you be able to ballroom dance. Thus……. I shall be teaching you.” The Slytherins attempt to suppress their sniggers but let’s be honest the thought of Snape dancing is just too much. 
  • They don’t pay much attention as a majority of them being aristocratic purebloods, they have already been given lessons on dancing, etiquette etc. Spotting Malfoy distracted by a quiet conversation with Blaise, Snape calls him up and as the record begins to play he looks Malfoy dead in the eye and says, “Draco….. place your hand on my waist." 
  • Draco begrudgingly does as he is told while growling, “My father will hear about this” 
  • and the whole of Slytherin is just like rolling their eyes and being like shut up and dance Malfoy, we all know you want to show us that you are an elegant gazelle of a dancer
Chaos pt. 4

Bucky x avenger x reader 

Notes: violence, (rough) SMUT, swearing

Been on the couch so long writing this, my ass actually hurts. And it’s a pretty damn comfortable couch, lemme tell ya. 

Honorary tag: lilacs-lavender 

‘Are you gonna kill us too?’ one of them asks blankly.

I turn to him and smile sympathetically, ‘Of course not, sweetheart’ I cooed at him. ‘I never kill my bed partners, that’s just bad karma’

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Let’s try to make everyone friends, Zelda. 

It’ll be easier, Zelda.

 It’s not like you’re dealing with two children, Zelda.

Why do you do this to yourself, Zelda;

Let’s Be friends Au.

why the signs are in detention
  • aries: repeatedly saying that they're all going to die eventually so there's really no reason to have a test
  • taurus: standing up to their bullies
  • gemini: hacking into the school website so the home page is just Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" on repeat
  • cancer: swearing at the teacher
  • leo: trying to get the teacher to move two students next to each other because 'they'd be so cute together'
  • virgo: telling students that what they're wearing is hideous and they shouldn't be seen in public
  • libra: trying to put other students on trial for bullying
  • scorpio: setting spiders loose on the school
  • sagittarius: challenging another student to an arm wrestling competition and accidentally breaking their arm
  • capricorn: selling drugs
  • aquarius: attempting genocide
  • pisces: trying to free the class pets

Don’t leave me alone again


So apparently Keith’s reckless behaviour came from daddy dearest. So he has ruined his cover as double agent and he tried being a self-sacrificing idiot to save the paladins and give them time to escape…..

He came out of it just fine [only cause Keith wasn’t happy with his old man’s plans]  if only a bit ruffened up; of course this brought on a tense time between the two - a situation Shiro forced Thace to try and fix [you may be his dad, but you don’t know Keith like Shiro does] 

Momma galra ain’t gonna be happy to find out Earth has left her cub a basket case of abandonement issues……..

P.S. You can tell that I suck at drawing clothes T.T

In 2015, I will tell you that it is a huge chance, that that person is going to come back to you and say “I miss you. I’m sorry. I want you back,” in like a week or two, right?

And I’m not gonna boss you around, but I will tell you that, it seems like these days, goodbye never really means goodbye. People think that they can just walk in and out of your life whenever they want. Or they can use up all your time and energy at your expense without giving you commitment in return. Or you can be there for them all the time, but they’re not gonna promise you anything concrete. And all I’m gonna say, is I think that all 50,000 of you here in this room deserve better than that. That’s all I’m gonna say.

And these complicated relationships, situationships, whatever you’re in, I wish they weren’t complicated. I wish you never ever had to feel conflicted about whether you should be with someone or whether you are getting what you deserve out of a relationship.

And I kinda wish, that you had two options in a relationship. Would you like to hear them, Santa Clara? The two options would be - it’s easy - you either leave, or.. you stay.

—  Taylor Swift (All You Had To Do Was Stay Speech, Santa Clara, CA 8/15/15)
The Beginning of the End

Heyo, the prequel no one asked for.

But remember that “Louise is a concept” fanfic I wrote not even that long ago?

I got inspired to write more.

I guess this can be a stand alone though?

From now on, though, this AU is called “The Beginning of the End” because the title is melodramatic and fitting. This part is dialogue heavy, but please enjoy.

@squidynk and @catsafarithewriter- wrote this for you two~

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request for: @elememories

sorry it’s a little short!!!!

Word Count: 245

Pairing: ReaderxSam


“Bring it on, Sammy.” You grinned and stepped onto the mat.

“Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ll go easy on you.” Sam smirked, rolling up his sleeves.

The two of you circled around each other, anticipating each other’ every move. You stepped forward, faking out Sam before rushing in for an attack. He dodged your punches just as you had dodged his.

“Not bad, Y/L/N, not bad.” Sam grinned.

“Oh, I’m just getting started.” You smirked mischievously.

“How about this,” Sam proposed. “Whoever loses buys the other person lunch.”

“You’re on, Winchester.” You raised your hands up in a defensive position as Sam inched closer and closer.

“Just give it up now, Y/N. You’re never gonna win.” Sam shrugged his shoulders and gave you an innocent stare.

“You’re delusional.” I shook my head. “You poor, delusional man.”

Sam lunged, pulling you onto the floor with him and smirked as he straddled your waist. “Looks like you’ll be buying me lunch.”

You grabbed his forearms and used your body to flip him over. Now it was your turn to smirk as you straddled his waist.

“Looks like you’ll be buying me lunch,” You mimicked his voice. “I hope you’re in the mood for some Chinese.”

Sam stared at you in disbelief. “How-How did you do that?”

You shrugged and gave him an innocent look. “I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

He nodded as his mouth hung wide open. “Chinese it is.”

Immortally Yours

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Genre: Angst bc I’m good at this and fluff. 

Member: Min Yoongi

Words: 10k rip


You lived in a world where there were two kind of human beings, mortals and immortals. The two groups tended to avoid eachother, thus you, as a mortal, never befriended an immortal before. As you could not see the bright side of life anymore, and decided to give up on living, you met Min Yoongi, an immortal who prevented you from ending your life, and instead learned you to find your dreams. What happens when you find out that your lifesafer was, in fact, actually an immortal?

AU prompt:  “i’m immortal you’re mortal and we kind of fell for each other but this is gonna get real complicated when you’re 80 and i’m still a teenager because well i’m not sure how to say this but you do realize you’ll age and die and i’ll be left alone again right” au

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