never gonna be okay again

so this got me the idea that nicky would steal neil’s phone and do this, but neil wouldn’t even notice, so one time when he sends this to andrew he’s like…

“okay… good for you?

..and good for me i guess”

Hey! I don’t know if you’re still taking art submissions, but I just recently discovered you and I absolutely love love love your work!!! And I was wondering if you would be up to doing Louis in a crop top and flower crown? I would be so blessed.   And again, I just love your art. You’re so amazing and you’re so sweet!! 💖💖   

How could I ever say no to crop tops and flower crowns tbh?? And thank you so much, you’re a sweetling yourself 💕🌸

I have so much feelings over Kaz and Inej he literally lost his mind when she was stabbed and then took two days to work up the courage to talk to her what a dork??? He wants to bottle her laugh and get drunk on it every night like what sappy shit Kaz I can’t deal he just wants Inej hE WANTS HER TO STAY AND HE CALLED HER HIS GIRL AND I’M STILL NOT FINE HE’S GONNA CAUSE SO MUCH SHIT TO GET HER BACK JUST FUCK ME

I think it’s funny when shippers make fun of antis for censoring urls/ships… like it’s honestly them being nice and keeping stuff out of your tags but if you wanna be a dick about it, okay, im never putting slashes in anything again, you can just have all your business out there !

DAY6 Reacts To You Accidentally Kicking Them Off Of The Bed While They’re Asleep

Anon requested: Will you please write a day6 reaction to you kicking them off the bed when you’re asleep?

A/N: Here’s your reaction anon! Enjoy!

Jae: It’s the middle of the night and the two of you are rolling around in the bed, struggling to keep yourselves in a comfortable position. Once you are on your side and sleeping well, you accidentally kick him so hard that he falls out of the bed. A little scream comes out of him as he hits the ground. As he gets himself up, he looks at you and give you a confused look. But then he hugs you to let you know that he forgives you.

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“Okay, promise me that you’re never gonna do that again, alright?”

Brian: For what seems like the thousandth time in a row, the both of you are in the bed trying to situate yourselves. Once you’re settled, Brian’s legs casually move over into your area. To try to get them out of your space by kicking them over. Not knowing how much strength you’re using, with that one extra kick, you kick him out of the bed, knocking him to the floor once again. He moves his hair back out of his face, crawls back into the bed, and wraps his arms around you.

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“Y/N, we’re gonna have to do something better about this sleeping situation. Getting kicked out of the bed over and over is getting kind of annoying.”

Sungjin: You and Sungjin are cuddled up in the bed in the spooning position, thinking that you’re going to be comfortable and well-rested for the rest of the night. But boy were you wrong. Both pairs of legs start moving, his arms go to stretch out somewhere, and then before you know it, your legs take control and kick him so hard that he falls out of the bed. Still hanging on to the edge of the sheets, he pushes himself back up onto the bed and kisses you on the forehead with a smile.

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“You know that hurt right? Well, not so much but please don’t ever do that again. Now let’s get back to sleep.”

Wonpil: You’re laying side to side to each other. You two are in a very deep state of sleep. His arm flops over to you and he accidentally hits you in the face. You move his arm out of the way and continue sleeping. You turn over and you leg keeps kicking him for no reason. He tries to get you to stop but it didn’t work. Before he knew it, he rolled over and was out of the bed. Getting back into the bed with you, you wake up and apologize over and over even though it was an accident. He looks at you in the eyes and nuzzles your face because he’s very understanding.

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“I know it was an accident but let’s hope it never happens again, okay?”

Dowoon: All unorganized in the bed, you have all of the sheets on your side leaving him with nothing to keep him warm during the night. He tries to grab them from you but you keep holding on to them. He tries one more time and your leg just goes nuts and kicks him out of the bed. A scream comes from him because it was so unexpected. He gets back up and stands over you before hugging you and smiling.

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“Okay Y/N. That was really unexpected but I hope it never happens again.”

rick and morty:   a rickle in time   &   mortynight run
                                     sentence starters

**this meme contains very strong language that is definitely not safe for work! be warned!!

‘  you have dropped so many balls, man.  ’
‘  what kind of monster of you?  ’
‘  the whole point of freezing time was to stop giving a fuck.  ’
‘  who cares about the thing you guys are talking about.  ’
‘  it means relax and stop being a pussy.  ’
‘  and away we go!  ’
‘  i missed you so much. too much to hug you, though.  ’
‘  why don’t you go get a free sundae ice cream.  ’
‘  here’s $500 cash in unmarked monies. i’m just gonna put it on the floor and kick it on over to ya. go nuts.  ’
‘  sweetie, is your shirt on backwards?  ’
‘  think for yourselves. don’t be sheep.  ’
‘  yeah, it really makes you appreciate how fickle the universe can be.  ’
‘  you really dropped the ball, man.  ’
‘  shut up, you vindictive little turd.  ’
‘  you shut up, you big female asshole.  ’
‘  hey, don’t shove me!  ’
‘  oh man, i don’t feel good. am i me? i think so.  ’
‘  wait, who said that?  ’
‘  don’t move. don’t speak. don’t think.  ’
‘  we’re exactly like a man capable of sustaining a platonic friendship with an attractive female co-worker… we’re entirely hypothetical.  ’
‘  cold stone creamery is the best.  ’
‘  what should we do with our remaining $20?  ’
‘  there’s no time to hold me accountable! there’s no time. like, literally no time.  ’
‘  eventually, everything either is or isn’t and we’ve got about 4 hours to be ‘is’.  ’
‘  whatever the question is, the answer is: i’m amazing.  ’
‘  that hurt! that was painful!  ’
‘  good, i’m glad it was painful. you deserve it!  ’
‘  what the hell do you have to be so uncertain about? your brand of zit cream? which chair to sit in while i do everything? come on, spit it out!  ’
‘  as i’m concerned, you’re a piece of shit. i can prove it mathematically.  ’
‘  actually, let me grab my white board. this has been a long time coming anyway.  ’
‘  so let’s save the measuring for when our dicks are out!  ’
‘  so in conclusion: you’re a mercurial, overly sensitive, clingy, hysterical, bird-brained homunculi.  ’
‘  and i honestly can’t tell you apart half of the time because i don’t go by height or age, i go by amount of pain in my ass which makes you both identical.  ’
‘  all right, everything resolved? everyone nice and certain about their position in my world?  ’
‘  the son of a bitch is gonna kill me!  ’
‘  diabolical, unfeeling sociopath.  ’
‘  we’re outnumbered! get in the cupboards! wait– don’t do that, they’ll know. think about getting in the cupboards, but don’t really.  ’
‘  is this what you want, you sick fuck?  ’
‘  you son of a bitch. you don’t stop living until i say so!  ’
‘  i think it’s certain we’re f’ed in the a.  ’
‘  we put you in a dog crate because you were acting crazy!  ’
‘  can somebody let me out of here? if i die in a cage, i lose a bet.  ’
‘  you’re a walking burlap sack filled with turds.  ’
‘  you know, words hurt.  ’
‘  i would’ve been happy to pay for it, but they don’t exactly sell them at costco.  ’
‘  you’re never gonna see anything again, you little dummy. you killed us!   ’
‘  i’m okay with this… be good. be better than me.  ’
‘  i’m not okay with this! i am not okay with this!  ’
‘  oh, sweet jesus, please let me live!  ’
‘  shut up. the last time you felt something, we all almost died, you little… piece of shit.  ’
‘  are those chokers from the 90′s? what is this, a 90′s nostalgia thing?  ’
‘  whoa, jesus! what the hell are you doing here?  ’
‘  –i guess i remember that. wow. and you’ve just been here the whole time? amazing.  ’
‘  well, look at this fella. aren’t you handsome!  ’
‘  you know, this seems a little shady.  ’
‘  i go around and i do my business in public because i’m not shady.  ’
‘  listen, if you ever need anybody murdered, please give me a call. i have no code of ethics. i will kill anyone, anywhere.  ’
‘  you sold a gun to a murderer so you can play video games?  ’
‘  if you spend all days shuffling words around, you can make anything seem bad.  ’
‘  you kind of wasted your thirties with that whole bird-watching phase.  ’
‘  hi, i’m sorry, but i think there was a misunderstanding. i’m an adult and would like to go home, please.  ’
‘  you’re enjoying this? don’t you feel a little patronized?  ’
‘  wait, did you fuck with my seat settings?  ’
‘  yeah, i said it. some stereotypes are based on fact.  ’
‘  whatever you wanna do, you little punkass, little bitch.  ’
‘  you are not like other carbon-based lifeforms, you put the value of all life above your own.  ’
‘  shut the fuck up about that! this isn’t a musical number. this is a fucking operation. we gotta be cool and fucking lay low.  ’
‘  number one is me, asshole! you’re supposed to be my friend!  ’
‘  two things i want to make clear to everybody in this room: never betray me, and it’s time to go.  ’
‘  how do you feel about all of these people who are being killed today because of your choices?  ’
‘  if you want to leave just walk out the front door. you think you’re being kept here against your will? that would be illegal.  ’
‘  can’t blame that on the dog… talk about silent but deadly.  ’
‘  alright, i’m done.  ’
‘  take your fart to its hole and say your goodbyes.  ’
‘  i’m gonna find some fuel and take a big, fat (INSERT NAME HERE). that’s my new word for shit because of todays events.   ’
‘  so, did you guys make out a little bit? is he gonna send you a postcard?  ’
‘  at least all the death and destruction wasn’t for nothing, you know?  ’

That fic i wrote reminds me of when I fed the feral kitties and I got some of them to trust me to the point of letting me pet them or at the very least take food from my hand.

key: lots of food and lots of patience.


okay but shout out to everyone who is not feeling good today. i see negative around & listen to me, you are precious, you are worth every single things in this world, you are amazing & appreciated & most of all you are loved by your beloved people. you are not alone & it’s normal feeling sad or crying about it, it’s normal feeling depressed about something, it’s normal feeling like giving up, after all we all are humans & we have emotions to deal with & a stressful life. but know that you are strong, that no matter you will stand back again, becase you are not alone in this, i promise you better days will come & that you are gonna be happy again. this is nothing but just a hard day / period but you are gonna pass it & you are gonna survive it. i promise you this, you are gonna smile really soon & you are gonna forget about all the pain & negativity. better days will come, don’t give up, don’t do this to yourself. you got it my pal, you got it all & i’m proud of you. i love you.

xxluluelix replied to your post: I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!!! WEREWOLF AU HOWARD MADE…

Hahahaha no oh dears run Bucky run and fast. He better hope Tony can turn on those tears quick and hard

Quite honestly it’s possible that Tony is so scared that Howard will actually kill Bucky that he’s already crying by the time he reaches Howard. “Daddy you can’t! He’s never gonna talk to me again!” he sobs, and Howard is actually a-okay with that, but then Tony covers his face and looks so small and heartbroken that he begrudgingly unloads the gun and takes his son back into the mansion. (Bucky still doesn’t come back for a week.)

I really need some type of evidence of some of the things y'all are accusing the balloon squad actors of because as a brown person I’m sorry but it’s my first instinct to jump to their defense when they’re being smeared on here. I don’t want to defend them if they’re actually being problematic, but I’ve also seen this fandom villainize those boys from the moment we knew they were gonna be on the show and so I really struggle with believing any of the shit y'all claim they do in videos when y'all can find private ass photos of tarjei at school but you can’t come up with any receipts for simo and adam’s alleged racism and homophobia.