never going to recover from this game

I’m still pissed at The Odd Gentleman

Not for taking Hussie’s money, but for WASTING HIS TIME. If they had told him immediately that they were going to run off with it, Hussie could have bounced back. But instead he had to pull away from his LIVE PERFORMANCE ACT for a solid YEAR to try to whip them into shape because they just threw him in a loop.

Hussie will never recover from that. The Gigapause asked more patience from his fans than could ever be expected for the type of story it was, and most of them left. He knows this game has a market a FRACTION of the size it was when he set out to make it, and it will never grow beyond that. So why is he still determined to finish it, without cutting corners? The same reason he asked us to send him our selfies: because the handful of us that are still here mean that much to him.

Imagine if the worst that ever happened to Hussie was that he lost $600k of game funding in the blink of an eye. Homestuck would have finished almost a year earlier. The fandom would still be almost as large as in its heyday, and would still remember the comic with fondness. Hiveswap’s production would be shortened by almost two years. We could be playing Act 2 by now. The game’s sales might even match what he had lost. What Pumpkin never would have been absorbed into We Love Fine. Book 2 of Paradox Space could have been completely posted online for free already, and a third issue might even be in the works. There would still be enough demand for the print volumes that they could feasibly see their completion. Hussie would have a thriving enterprise after a decade of work instead of something he has to keep sinking more into from his pocket just to hold together.

So fuck The Odd Gentleman, because they didn’t just cost Hussie $600k. They cost him EVERYTHING.

Arrow!” said the bowman. “Black arrow! I have saved you to the last. You have never failed me and always I have recovered you. I had you from my father and he from of old. If ever you came from the forges of the true king under the Mountain, go now and speed well!

-J.R.R. Tolkien

#1 Dylan Strome

 dylan strome? he was so cute in that video about the stick thing

please do some dylan strome writings!! :)

YOU ARE AMAZING! can you do one where you’ve been together with Dylan Strome for a while and someone from an other team flirts/hits on you and dylan gets jealous?

Dyl needs more love ok, I love stromer. I hope he’s having a great day (also bby pls shave u look gross atm i dont like it)

Warnings: language

Song suggestion of the day: Tell me the same by MICHL

did some of this remind me of the world junior loss against finland? Did i cry a lot when I thought of that? The answer to both of these is yes because I have nothing better to do than cry over team canada.

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“Dylan,” you called, wandering out of the bedroom and smothering a yawn. “Dylan!”

“Oui Madame?”

You giggled as your boyfriend popped his head out of the kitchen wearing the only apron he owned which had the words ‘world’s okayest cook’ printed in large bold lettering. 

“What’s cookin’, good lookin’” you questioned, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Since when have you made breakfast, huh?”

Dylan rolled his eyes. “Oh so now I can’t just do something nice for my girlfriend, huh?” he joked, turning around to face you.

“Trust me, I’m not complaining.” you assured him with a grin. 

“Good for you, otherwise I would have eaten it all myself.” he smirked, leaning down to kiss you gently.

“Sorry for your loss.” you laughed. “How long do I have to wait, huh?”

Truth be told, Dylan was not the greatest chef but at least the food he made was edible so you couldn’t really complain. You knew part of his reasoning for doing all of this was to take his mind off tonights game, which you both knew was going to be a tough one and you weren’t really going to complain if this was how he chose to deal with it.

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The Effect of Emotional Abuse on Each Type: ESFP

SUBMITTED by hannah-elizabeth-j

I’ve seen a few posts/requests on here about the effects of emotional abuse and the affect that it has on each Myers Briggs type so, as someone who works with a lot of domestic abuse victims I thought that I’d give my two cents worth. I wanted them to be quite detailed to give people a fair amount of information so this will be the general format; a general description of what it will look like, how this differs from similar types (ie. the ENFJ compared to the INFJ and ESFJ) and a character in fiction who acts similar to this (may not be for the same reason and I might not get one for each type but I’ll try).


There will be some variation depending on when the abuse took place in their life but there are somethings that will remain the same.

Now I know that on tumblr this type seems to be hard to come by but….

From my observations, an ESFP while in an abusive situation can essentially be broken down into three stages and fortunately, there is a fiction example that I know for each stage.

First let’s start off with stage one or what I call the ‘Early on Daenerys days’ (as I said in the ISFJ post never read the books so this is from the TV show). Think back to the first episodes of Game of Thrones what Daenerys was in the control of her brother. She was extremely timid, rarely speaking up for herself and when she did, there wasn’t much behind it. Well, that is essentially what an ESFP will look like when either they have only been in an abusive relationship for a few months (long enough for the person to be screwing with their heads but not long enough for marriage, kids, life, etc) or for the first chunk of their lives as a child if they are being abused by a parent.

The length of this stage will be totally dependent on the situation they are in but for those who haven’t watched Game of Thrones this is what it will look like; not an ESFP. Or at least not any ESFP image that is online descriptions. Since ESFP’s are naturally so engaged with the world and at that time the world is the very nightmare that they want to escape from, they will tend to go against their own nature and focus greatly on their Ni. Unlike most other types, the grip comes into play when they are in an abusive situation instead of after they have left it. For a while, while their Fi is screaming in their head, “no this is wrong I don’t want this!” the abuser is saying that those thought are crazy and they should feel guilty for having them. So, they go along with it.

Like everyone, they spend a time appeasing their abuser because that is what they are being made to think is the right thing to do. They get their moral system screwed with, hard. Even if you have Fi, trust me these people can still twist your entire worldview, it’s just what happens.

Now at some point, something will trigger a change in the ESFP. It could be anything really, but the point is they will end up seeing that what is happening is wrong. This is when we really start to see the ESFP come into themselves in the next ‘stage.’

This is what I have dubbed the ‘Sirius Black era.’ Sirius actually grew up in an incredibly abusive household so if you really want to examine an abused ESFP, he’s a good choice. In his later teenage years Sirius rebelled, hard. The bold nature of Se mixed with the outrage of Fi is really seen here. Picture a lot of sneaking out, partying, some are brave enough to cheat on their partner if they are the abusive ones.They will do anything just to show the abuser they don’t own them, they speak up, call them out on it, do anything to annoy them and sometimes leave. Now, if they can leave at this stage, that is great but the sad truth is that not everyone can and since the ESFP has just done everything they can to push the abuser, things will often get a lot worse for them.

Here comes the last ‘stage,’ have you watched The Tudors? Those last few episodes with Anne Boleyn when she really started to lose it that Natalie Dormer played to perfection? Because that is what you can expect. If they were unable to leave after the rebelling stage then expect to see something truly tragic, the loss of hope inwardly while outwardly they are a mix of Se recklessness and unhealthy Ni detachment from everything. Eating disorders are often common. I honestly find this really hard to explain so if you haven’t watched the show I’ll just link some scenes that best demonstrate what I mean.

( )

After they have left the abusive situation, it tends to go one of two ways, it depends on when they left. If they left during the rebellious stage, then even though they are no longer in the abusive situation, they often go into the third stage anyway. But if they went through the third stage while still in the abusive situation, what you tend to see is some intense disperse. Screaming, crying, throwing things, through to work through their emotions while at the same time not being able to express them effetely, not just because of the nature of Fi but also the havoc imposed on them and their emotional development at the hands of their abuser. They seem to completely fall apart in a very dramatic way while being unable to speak about it.

Until one day, quite suddenly to the people around them, they stop. They pick themselves up and, although often quite numb for a few months after, they piece themselves back together. They built themselves up into the person that they both want to be and are.

Now down the road of course there will be some things that are harder or flare up issues for them. They tend to identify very strongly with the people who went through what they have and often go into a full time job or volunteer position in something that will help victims of abuse like them. 


  • Look carefully at them while in the recovery stage, an ESTP will reach out to try and talk to people more, an ESFP won’t
  • Look at how they were in the abusive situation in the early stages, an ESTP will be more detached and ESFP will appear to be feeling it all and killing themselves to try and detach/not feel it
  • An ESTP is more likely to avoid forming their life to help people from this issue. Now this  is not to say that the ESTP firstly wouldn’t help anyone they happened to meet who was going through it, they 100% would, and they would care about the issue of domestic abuse, they just tend to be less focused on forming major parts of their life from that experience


  • ISFP’s rebel far less, if at all when in abusive situations. Compare Sirius to Harry in Harry Potter. Both spoke up for themselves at a point but while Sirius ran off to James and frequently and in any way possible annoyed his parents (like shoving it down their throats that he was Gryffindor, putting posters up of muggle things in his room, ect.), Harry just didn’t take their shit, but rarely went out of his way to annoy them and never went off to go and live with Ron (we know Dumbledore would not have let him but Harry didn’t always know this and he still didn’t)
  • Oddly enough since its higher for them, ISFP’s don’t get as lost in Ni as do ESFP’s (this is due to the grip)
  • Te grip all over the place for ISFP’s

As for fictional examples as I said; Sirius Black (Harry Potter), Daenerys Targaryen (Game  of Thrones) and late on Anne Boleyn (The Tudors), also if you want to see one that never recovered from the anger, rebelling but actually took it one step further and now must control everything so he is not controlled again character, Klaus Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries/The Originals) .

I’ll bring you back- Mike imagine

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Request: Anonymous said:

Could you do an imagine where Mike comes to see you for the first time since the doll house? Thanks. Love your imagines!!

Words: 891

A/N: it’s been a while, but it’s the holidays so I’m making the most out of my free time!

The clean, white colours that coated the hospital walls were a nice change from the pretend bedroom walls inside the dollhouse, mimicking the place you called home. The heating was much better than the cold bunker, meaning you didn’t spend every minute of the day shivering to gain more warmth. You had been in hospital for a few days, your body recovering from the malnourishment you had suffered. You made it out to the doctors that you felt worse than you actually did, in reality, you were physically recovered. Mentally was a different story. Your mind was still trapped in the dollhouse, still replaying every hellish day you spent down there. Replaying all the horrible things that monster made you do to your friends. And going home was the last thing you wanted to do, seeing the same bedroom again was too much to handle.

Half of it was a blur. Part of you was relieved the other part was terrified. Terrified of what your mind had suppressed. Terrified of what you might have done to someone else, and terrified of what someone else might have done to you. You longed for normality.

The liars had come to visit, and your parents were with you constantly, but it wasn’t quite enough to feel like you had actually made it out of the dollhouse. It was as if the game was never going to end, the pain just prolonged throughout your life.

“Are you ok there y/n?” aria asked from the doorway, dressed in her normal clothes again.

“I’m just thinking” you replied, your voice distant, having to slowly bring yourself back into the room. “I see you aren’t wearing the hospital gown anymore, I have to say, your own clothes suit you better.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I plz have some (long?) angst with RFA + V & Saeran that doesnt end well (Im not meaning like MC dying but some bad angst that makes her leave them or something)

Thank you for your request , i tried to make it long and good (i think i failed)


Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • He’s playing all day, he didn’t even eat.
  • You already went there several times, always saying that he needs to take care of himself.
  • He doesn’t seem to worry about it, he’s ignoring you.
  • Sometimes you swear that it seems that he’s angry about you going there.
  • But you love him, you care about him.
  • Then you cook some food to him, he can play all night if he wants to, but he needs to eat properly.
  • You went there smiling “Hey Yoosung…I made food for you!” He looks at you, and then he stood up “YOU’RE MAKING ME LOSE MC!STOP BEING ANNOYING!”.
  • He just sighs, angry, “You were right, you’re not like Rika,” He says looking down, but after some, while he looks at your eyes when he says: “Rika was better.”
  • He sits down, putting his headset again, while tears were falling from your face, you just can’t believe it.
  • You ran from that room with that plate on your hand, you put the plate on the table, you came back to the bedroom picking your things and putting it in a suitcase.
  • He didn’t even notice it, he was too busy playing “Sorry guys, my annoying girlfriend keeps complaining”.
  • When you heard that, you were sure, you need to go away.
  • When Yoosung stopped playing, you were already gone. He was preparing himself to say sorry, to hug you and say how much he loved you.
  • But now you’re gone, he thought you need some time, but after some days you were not back, he asked Seven to find you and nothing.
  • He was alone.
  • Again.
  • Yoosung never recovered from that.
  • He doesn’t eat anymore, not because of the games, this time he simply doesn’t want to.
  • He needs you.
  • But you never came back.


  • He’s stressed again because of the rehearsals.
  • He kept doing this, training and training, and now he’s like that, you warned him multiple times about that, he simply doesn’t seem to care.
  • When he’s like that, he smokes and drinks a lot, and because of that sometimes he says some rude things if you try to help him.
  • But after that, he always apologizes and sleeps hugging you promising that he would never do this again.
  • But he did.
  • You saw him smoking and you know is because he was working so much, the not even attention he was given to you.
  • But you’re not mad at that, you’re mad that he lied to you, you just want him to be better and doing this is not going to help him, or his career.
  • “Zen!” You run to him while he was smoking, not even care about you see it “You’re training so much!I know you recover fast, but this is too much!Please dear, stop! Think about you first!”
  • He laughs “I think you should put one cigarette in your mouth MC” He blows the smoke in your face, laughing at you “So you can shut up”. 
  • You open your mouth and you run to the bedroom, you can’t take this anymore.
  • You prepare your suitcase and you will go away, as you go he saw you and laugh “You can go anywhere you want!I find one just like you in a minute!”
  • You hold back your tears as you go away, and then, you’re gone.
  • On the next day, Zen was with a headache, he drank too much yesterday, he was so stressed from work, you were right, he must stop with this.
  • But when he remembers your words he remembers that you were gone.
  • What did you do Zen? He kept thinking that.
  • He asked everyone to help.
  • Nobody could find you.
  • Zen went downhill, now he’s smoking, but he’s smoking because he’s sad.
  • Even being so disgraceful, he keeps taking care of his appearance, if you come back he must be pretty for you!
  • He knows it’s been so many years ago since you were gone…
  • But…You will come back…
  • Right?


  • You made his life so perfect, so happy, you made him do something that he doesn’t even know he was capable of doing…
  • Loving someone so much.
  • But sometimes he’s so demanding, he wants that dress, he wants that haircut, he wants this and that.
  • He said to you that Driver Kim would take you to a party that he was, and it’s for you to wear the dress that he left on the bed.
  • You’re sick of that, you’ll use what you want.
  • So you choose one dress, your makeup, you’re the way you want. When you go there Jumin looks at you, he looks angry.
  • He walks to you “What are you wearing? This is a fancy party, not that commoner’s thing you use to go!”
  • “You’re treating me like a pet Jumin!” He just sighs, looking at you “I wish you were obedient as one.”
  • You froze “Then…I’ll leave…” You walk away, he thought you were going home to change, so he waited for you.
  • He was so angry when he got home, you didn’t even show up in the party, he was alone the entire thing!
  • “MC!MC!!” He was searching for you until the security guard told him…You were gone, and you had a suitcase with you.
  • He almost hit those guys for letting you go, but he knows he cannot hold you here, you’re not a pet.
  • Oh right, about that, he knows he was an asshole in the party, he cannot control himself sometimes, you were stunning, so beautiful, he doesn’t know why he acted in that way.
  • He waited a little, but you weren’t back, so he made Seven searches for you, he spends so much money trying to find you.
  • And no clue.
  • Tears were one thing that Jumin didn’t quite know that well.
  • But after you left, tears are his best friend.
  • He’s a disgrace, he cannot forget about your last smile, a smile he wants to see again.
  • He’s even colder right now, the one thing that would warm his heart was you.
  • Growing colder and older, the successful man, it’s dead inside.
  • All this money can’t but a time machine.
  • He just wanted one opportunity to say how sorry he was.
  • But that opportunity never came.


  • You two are managing the cafe, you two.
  • But she always gets all the work and is overworking again.
  • You want her best, but she doesn’t want to listen to you.
  • She looks so bad right now, like really, she’ll get sick if she continues like this.
  • You can’t let her destroy herself like this “Jaehee!Go to sleep!” It was 3:00 AM, you woke up and she’s looking at things to improve the cafe.
  • “MC leave me alone ok?Gosh, stop.” She says annoyed, typing something, you put a hand on her shoulder “Please Jaehee…Go to bed love…” She slaps your hand.
  • “MC are you listening to me? I’m worried about the cafe, so let me be.“ 
  • You start to put your clothes in a suitcase “Ok,  if you’re not feeling well by my presence i’ll go for a few days” When you were about to kiss her cheek, she says “Good, don’t need to come back, was better when we were just friends”
  • She just said that? If it’s this what she wants, then ok.
  • You’ll not come back.
  • After the day you left, Jaehee’s a mess.
  • She doesn’t even care to look decent, she’s looking for you, she asked for help, nobody could find you.
  • She cries every day, she needs you.
  • She regrets every single word she said to you.
  • She cannot lose another person in her life, please.
  • Come back.
  • She prayed and prayed.
  • But god was cruel to her.
  • She’ll pray for the rest of her life to see your face again.
  • Please,MC, come back.


  • He’s pushing you away again, he’s trying really hard right now.
  • Why? He thinks he’s too dangerous for you again. He doesn’t want you to get hurt.
  • So he made a plan, he came back home,“drunk”, when you asked what he was doing, he just said “Fucking some girls, what do you think?” He was good at acting, so you believe it.
  • The next day you were going away, he accomplished, what he wanted has there, you’re going away.
  • But he’s not happy about it.
  • When Saeran knew what he has done, Seven’s said that he lied to you go away, because he was dangerous.
  • Saeran punched him, saying how much he loves you and how much you loved him.
  • Seven realized he made a serious mistake in his life.
  • So he uses everything that he can to find you, but nothing, he’s paying the price.
  • He wished you stayed, every day he’s sitting on the couch looking at the door just to hear someone knock and then he opens it and it was you.
  • He would make you stay.
  • But this was only a wish, a wish that never came true.
  • You are gone, he’s writing so many jokes on a paper just to tell you when you get back…Which you never did.
  • He just prayed that in another life, he can repair all those mistakes, he can be with you stay by his side, so he can stop crying.
  • He never stopped crying


  • V is just so stubborn sometimes, you want him to do the surgery, he doesn’t want to.
  • Ok, it’s his life, he can do whatever he wants to, but you are worried, he’s getting even worse.
  • Every time you try to help him, he says he doesn’t need it, why is he doing this?
  • In a morning V was pretty bad, he cries about it, but you didn’t know.
  • He wanted to be alone, but never said to you that on that day.
  • When you come to help him, he doesn’t know what came up in this head, but he wanted to make you sad like him “I hope Rika comes back, i would be with her again.”
  • You froze, you didn’t know why he said that, but this was enough too, so you pick up your things ready to leave.
  • V just listen to your footsteps, he froze, but he doesn’t call you back.
  • And he regrets about that until this day.
  • He wanted to apologize for that, his throat wants him to yell your name.
  • But he didn’t.
  • And this was the worst decision of his life.
  • After that day nobody found you.
  • And can sound a little weird, but he did the surgery on his eyes because he kept remembering how much you wanted it.
  • And he really wants to see some photos of you…
  • It’s too late to apologize, but he wishes he yelled your name in that moment.
  • You were his miracle…And he threw you away
  • You were his angel.
  • And now he really wants to go to heaven.
  • He’s not really sure how to feel about it, but he can’t live with it.
  • He’s already dead inside.


  • He was having a breakdown again, and in one breakdown; he threw his cell phone that hits you, but he didn’t aim at you, it was an accident.
  • You knew it, but now he thinks he has a problem and this could make you get hurt again.
  • He rather pushes you back instead of solving his problems.
  • And he did that, he was selfish, he kept saying so many things to you, he made a mess, and this haunted him.
  • When he sees you going away, he wanted to run to you and hug you.
  • But you’ll be better and happier with another man, this hurts him, but it’s the best for you.
  • But this hurts so much.
  • It was late, but he always waited for you, he’s a better man now, he finally understands his problems.
  • So please come back, he is waiting for you with open arms.
  • You didn’t come back, and he’s crying to sleep every night.
  • He should have been a better man for you, and he’s hoping you’re happy now.
  • All this haunted him, he’s not stable without you.
  • Nobody can find you either, he had the chance to make things right, he messed up.
  • This was a happy home, he was a happy man.
  • But now he wanted you so much...
  • But all he has is memories.
Kiss the Puppy

This is my @wolfstarexchange​ gift for @huffledoge​. Happy holidays CC! I hope you like it!

“Oh, come on, we’ve played Truth or Dare a million times already!” complained Dorcas.

Remus privately agreed. He was bored of the game, and of course truth telling games were never his favorites. He could sit it out, of course, but then he’d have to leave the common room or he’d get teased mercilessly, and the fire really was quite cozy. Although really, he just enjoyed spending time with his friends and housemates once in a while. A surprising amount of upper year Gryffindors had stayed for the holidays, nearly everyone was there, and naturally, they were bored.

“Let’s play Never Have I Ever,” suggested James.

“Oh no Potter,” said Lily, “we’re not playing that again. I did not enjoy dragging you and Black to the infirmary for alcohol poisoning last month.”

“Oh, lighten up Evans,” said Sirius. “That only happened because this arse here was using his best friend privileges to target me specifically. Of course I had to give as good as I got. He’s learned his lesson now.” He smirked. James hit him upside the head, starting a tussle.

“I have a game,” said Peter. “Hey!” he yelled at James and Sirius’s red faces. “I have a new game we can play! I learned it from my cousins over the summer.”

Sirius perked up. James pushed at him and got up. “Hey, Peter has a game for us,” he announced to the room at large. “Go on Pete, how does it go?”

“I-I have to get something first, then I’ll explain,” said Peter, darting up the stairs to the dorm.

A minute later, he was back with a familiar looking toy. It was the stuffed dog James had gotten Sirius for his birthday. Remus stared at it suspiciously. If he was not mistaken, he knew that game, and that game was a kissing game. He wanted to be a good sport and play, but he hoped he wouldn’t have to something that would count as cheating. He had a boyfriend, after all.

“Hey, that’s mine!” yelled Sirius indignantly. Then he realized he’d just admitted to owning a stuffed toy for no discernible reason. “Right, gather round,” he said, changing the subject. Several people moved to sit closer.

“Actually, um, I need everyone to sit in a circle on the rug,” said Peter.

Yep, thought Remus, it’s that game. He sat down between Dorcas and a seventh year girl he thought was named Susan. Girls, girls were safe. He didn’t even like girls.

Once the circle was formed, Peter explained the stuffed dog would be passed around the circle, and everyone would have to kiss it on a different body part, no repeats.

“Of course no repeats,” huffed Lily. “Wouldn’t want to catch your germs.”

“Aren’t you a bit old for the cootie phase, Evans?” Sirius teased.

“Children!” said James. “Let’s play.” He motioned to Peter, who remained standing, and Peter threw the toy towards him. James caught it and kissed it loudly on its pink nose. He passed the toy to Sirius, who was sitting on his right.

Sirius followed James’s example of making a loud ‘mwah’ sound with his kiss, but he kissed to toy on its mouth. Remus rolled his eyes. Trust Sirius to always go big. To Sirius’s right, strangely enough, sat Lily. Oops. Remus foresaw a fist fight in his friends’ futures.

Lily kissed the toy delicately on the forehead, and passed it on.

By the time it reached Remus, there weren’t that many innocent places to choose from. He picked a front paw, already envisioning the mocking he would get about his supposed gentlemanly ways. Dorcas, who was sitting to his left, had kissed the toy on its left ear, which was not the best but not terrible. Ear kisses could be quite sexy, but you’d have to really try to make them so, so he was probably safe.

Just as he was thinking that, Sirius plopped down next to him, Dorcas moving a little to accommodate him. “Hey Moons,” he said, raising his bottle of butterbeer at Remus  before looking, as everyone was, at Kingsley, who was the last person left.

Remus panicked. Did Sirius move on purpose? Did he know the game? Or did he really just get up to get a butterbeer and then sat down in a spot closer to the coffee table?

Once Kingsley had kissed the toy on its tail, Peter explained the second round. This time, each player in their turn would kiss the person to their right at the same location they had kissed the toy. Kingsley immediately protested that James did not have a tail. Snickering but not wanting to disclose that was not exactly correct, Peter said he would just have to kiss him on the arse.

“Tailbone,” said Remus out of his stupor. “Humans have a tailbone.”

“Same difference,” said Sirius airily.

Lily snickered. “Do you hear that, Shacklebolt? You only have to kiss the very top of his arse,” she said, dissolving into hysterics.

“As much as I’m flattered you’re so keen to kiss my arse,” said James, grinning at Kingsley, “it’s not your turn yet. It’s mine.”

That made Lily stop laughing. “No way,” she said. “I’m not letting Potter kiss me.”

“It’s just on your nose,” said Peter.

“I know him, he’ll say he slipped and kiss me on the mouth!”

“Marauder’s honor,” said James, lifting his right hand.

“What does that even mean? Anyway, you can’t make me!”

“Those are the rules, Evans!” crowed Sirius.

But James turned serious. “No, I can’t make you. If it’s that repulsive to you, I won’t. But it’s just a game, I promise I won’t read anything into it.”

Lily blushed, but then raised her head to look at him. “Okay,” she said.

James rose to his knees in front of her, cupping her face with both hands, and gently kissed her lightly freckled nose.

He sat back on his heels to look at her for a moment, and then moved back to his seat. Lily was red as a tomato. She rose onto her knees like James had done, and kissed her friend Mary affectionately on the forehead.

Remus’s mind was reeling. What was he going to do? He couldn’t cheat on Mark, but he was afraid his friends would think him a wet blanket. They might think it doesn’t count if it’s a game, and they didn’t seem to take his relationship with Mark very seriously. It was true they didn’t spend as much time together as other couples, but as a pair of introverts, that suited them. He also didn’t want to give Sirius the wizard flu he was still recovering from after all the trouble he went to to never share bottles and wash his hands often.

Everyone else was being a good sport, though. Soon Marlene was kissing a giggling Dorcas on the eyelid, and then Sirius was moving his hair aside to allow Dorcas to kiss his ear, and it was Sirius’ turn and what should he do?

Sirius was looking at him with an intense expression, not moving. It occurred to Remus he must be waiting for permission, game be damned. The thought warmed him. “I can’t!” he blurted out. “I have a boyfriend and the flu!” Both reasons together would surely have enough weight.

“Sod the flu!” Sirius called out, and tackled Remus. His face was very close to Remus’s for a moment, but then he winked and sat back up.

Remus also sat up, shaken, and hastened to deliver Susan’s kiss.


After the game, Remus suddenly felt very tired and decided to go to sleep, even though everyone else was still up and up to no good. That removed him from Sirius’s presence for a while, but the relief only lasted till morning. When Remus opened his bed curtains, he could see Sirius bouncing on James’s bed. He felt a rush of excitement, which he tried to suppress unsuccessfully.

“Morning Moons!” said Sirius, grinning at him.

Remus flushed and fled to the bathroom. Fuck, fuck, fuck! He could absolutely not have a crush on Sirius. He had a boyfriend, for Merlin’s sake! He wasn’t supposed to get crushes on other people!

Unfortunately, his body hadn’t gotten the memo, and every time he saw Sirius in the next few days, his ribcage felt three sizes too small. He had never had a crush that intense. He knew, logically, that it had to be the forbidden nature of his crush that made it so strong, but he couldn’t bring himself to let go of the guilt. He had a boyfriend and it was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Remus wished Mark hadn’t gone home for the holidays. Surely if he was around, that would be enough excitement to distract Remus from inappropriate crushes.


When term started, Remus was relieved to see Mark again. They took a walk on the grounds, talking about their holidays. Remus didn’t mention the game or his crush. He didn’t want to hurt Mark. They snogged, and Remus relaxed a little because Mark was tall and handsome and so very pleasantly masculine. His inconvenient crush would go away soon and he would once again be a good boyfriend and no one would have to know about his slip up.

Unfortunately, before that happened, somebody noticed. Peter found him in the dorm one afternoon, while James and Sirius were at Quidditch. “Hey, Moony?”


“Do you fancy Sirius?”

Remus sputtered. “I have a boyfriend, Pete!”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Yes it does, because I can’t fancy him, because I have a boyfriend!”

“That’s not how it works, Rem. The heart wants what the heart wants,” said Peter sagely.

“It’s just an infatuation,” protested Remus. “It’ll go away. It already is, a little bit.” Which was true, Remus’s heart didn’t beat nearly as loudly as before when Sirius threw a friendly arm over his shoulder.

“Is what you have with Mark more than an infatuation, then?”

“Obviously,” said Remus. “It’s a relationship.”

“True,” Peter conceded. “I mean, mostly. You don’t spend much time together, do you?”

“We’re introverts! That’s how introvert relationships work!”

“Is it?” said Peter. “Shacklebolt and that Ravenclaw spend an awful lot of time just studying next to each other, not talking.”

“Well,” said Remus, “you have to be really comfortable with the person to do that.”

“Like you’re comfortable with Sirius?”

“I’m comfortable with you and James too, you’re my friends.”

“But you don’t have a crush on either of us. If I almost kissed you in a game, you wouldn’t develop a massive crush on me, don’t deny it.”

“Yes, because you’re not ridiculously gorgeous!” exclaimed Remus. “Er, sorry Pete, not that you’re unattractive, but Siri-”

“I know,” said Peter, “I may be straight, but I do have eyes.”

“So it’s just a ridiculous crush on a pretty boy,” concluded Remus.

“I don’t think it’s just any pretty boy, Moony,” said Peter. “You and Sirius are such a great pair. You work really well together, that’s why you always end up teamed up for pranks.”

“We do,” Remus admitted. He loved working with Sirius, on pranks and in class. He really felt like they were on equal footing, bouncing ideas off each other and refining them. “I’ll think about it,” he told Peter.


As it happens, Remus didn’t think about it. His crush had successfully subsided, along with his relationship with Mark. He focused on schoolwork, and his feelings towards Sirius returned to the previous warm affection of before, albeit more than for his other friends. He’s my best friend, he told himself. People play favorites with their friends all the time. The desire to partner up with Sirius for every project and activity didn’t disappear, though. Now that Remus had noticed it, he realized it was always there.

It was all very confusing, really. He was happy with what he had with Sirius, he didn’t need to add snogging or romance to it, but the thought of snogging him still sent a little jolt through him. Was it even right to be in an exclusive relationship when you have a friend that close?

The question seemed immaterial when Remus realized his relationship with Mark didn’t really exist anymore. They had grown apart without even noticing. Officially, however, they were still a couple. Remus needed to know where he stood. He caught Mark on his way out of the Great Hall after dinner, telling his friends he’d catch up with them later.

Once he and Mark reached a quiet enough corridor, Remus took a deep breath and said his practiced line. “Are going to put more effort into this relationship or are we going to break up?”

Mark didn’t hesitate. “Break up,” he said.

Remus was a little offended that Mark was giving up so easily, almost like Remus was a nuisance to get rid of, but then reminded himself he was the one who had had a crush on someone else.

“Okay,” he said and turned towards Gryffindor tower, marveling at how little he felt about his first break up.


“What was that about?” James asked when Remus entered the common room.

Peter grinned smugly.

Remus rolled his eyes. “Mark and I broke up,” he said.

“Really?” James asked. “I didn’t realize you were still dating.

Remus huffed. Introvert problems, your friends underestimate your relationships. Or maybe they hadn’t, really.

Sirius, however, was silent, expression unreadable. Remus smiled at him. "Help me with that Charms essay, will you Pads?”


It was late and only Remus and Sirius remained in the common room. Remus was putting the finishing touches on his essay, and Sirius was sleeping with his head in Remus’s lap. Only he wasn’t sleeping, Remus realized when he glanced at him. His eyes were open and he was looking at Remus.

“Time for bed,” Remus told him, blowing on his parchment to dry the ink.

Sirius rose and brandished his wand, drying the ink with a spell.

“Show off,” Remus muttered.

But Sirius was already rolling his parchment for him.

“What are you doing?” asked Remus. “I can get my own stuff.”

Sirius straightened up and looked at him. “You don’t have the flu, do you?”

“No,” said Remus, confused.

“And as of this evening, you don’t have a boyfriend,” said Sirius slyly.

Remus felt all the overwhelming excitement come back, as if no time had passed. Sirius wanted to kiss him! “N-no,” said Remus, a little wobbly.

“Good,” said Sirius, who was now very close. “Because if you’re willing, I believe I still owe you a kiss.”

Remus giggled a little at the silliness of it all, but Merlin help him, he was willing. “Yes please,” he said, not quite succeeding in containing his grin.

Peaky Blinders

So, Grace isn’t dead. That girl has nine lives, and thematically none of this makes any sense if Grace is dead. This is mirroring the pilot where the Italians wanted Tommy’s war friend dead so Tommy faked his death. Suddenly, the Italians are back, the friend is mentioned, and Grace is shot leading into a cliffhanger ending. TV knowledge tells me she’s ALIVE!

1. If Grace was killed, and thus being the impetus for Tommy’s revenge rage and the entire rest of the season we would have gotten the epic Tommy/Grace dying moment goodbye. No writer, especially SK, would miss the chance of giving Cillian that kind of material.

2. All the Italian foreshadowing…pilot, fake death plot, etc.

3. John and Tommy’s relationship, and therefore the Shelby family would never recover from John being responsible for the events that led to Grace’s death. Tommy can get over a wound, but not a dead wife.

4. The cursed sapphire? Classic red herring.

5. Grace is being set up to be jealous/suspicious of Tatiana, and there would be zero need for that if she were dead. It’s going to come back around, because I suspect Tommy’s going to get himself into a pickle playing the grieving widower, and Tatiana will think she can seduce him while he’s in a vulnerable place (spy games and some lust I would guess). There’s going to be a final Grace/Tatiana show down, and I would not be surprised if Grace ends up being the one to kill the dear princess as an avenue to take Grace deeper into the business like Polly.

6. Which brings me to the fact that Grace’s arc from season 1 was set up as her being the calm to Tommy’s storm as well as his ultimate partner. Unless this is the last series they can’t have Tommy’s character be completely unhinged because his anchor isn’t just gone, but is dead. Which brings me to the second pat, which is Grace realizing she married a criminal, and finally accepting he will never be able to get out. Once she does that, and goes about her own revenge (which we know she is fully capable of as do the IRA) she will take a turn from wife and mother to actual full partner with Tommy.

7. There is far too much left to explore with Grace and Polly to waste that potential. They’re eventually going to be in a huge tug of war, and I cannot wait. Polly can live with Grace at home with Charlie, playing lady of the manner, but the second Grace dips into the business it’ll be war.

8. It’s just too cliche, too early, too late - too everything basically. Grace’s death might be a fake out for the audience for a bit of the next episode, maybe even two episodes, but I even doubt that. I think Tommy will say she’s dead, hide her out while she’s recuperating, and focus himself on truly making it safe like he promised her. Of course best laid plans and all.

ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT… I just realized Tommy and Grace named their child Charles after Charlie Chaplin since he was conceived the night they met CC, and reunited. Cuuuute!


Imagine #34 || Request #31

Hope this goes well :D Happy reading you guys! btw, I really wish wattpad can separate the votes and the comments notification so I can respond to all the people who comment on the imagines book :(


“Why’s he here?” Liam almost growled when he walked over to where you and Mason were standing by your locker, his eyebrows meeting in the middle.

“Who?” You asked, Mason looking just as confused as you were.

“Brett-that’s who.” Liam answered through gritted teeth.

“Okay…” You looked from Mason to Liam “Who’s this Brett?”

“That’s-” Mason pointed behind you. “Brett.”

Looking to the direction he was pointing at, you saw a tall student walking down the hall.

“Who’s is he and why are you so mad about him being here?” You asked Liam with one brow quirked up.

“Some lacrosse rivalry going on,” Mason was the one who answered you instead of Liam, seeing that the werewolf was still busy sulking beside you. Mason sounded like he was hiding something else other than this Brett guy being Liam’s rival as well as the reason for Liam to move from that Prep school to Beacon Hills High.

“Oh look,” You heard a voice behind you and you were sure that it was Brett seeing that you felt tension in the air the way Liam suddenly inhaled deeply-you were sure he was trying to control himself-while Mason gave a quick smile. You turned around only to come face to face with a chest, not missing how sculpted it was the way his shirt hugged his torso perfectly. Looking up, your eyes were met with beautiful pale green orbs than seemed to glisten when Prep boy gave a smile.

“Morning, beautiful.” His greeting made your cheeks blush, Liam on the other hand, gave a low growl of annoyance while Mason could only roll his eyes at his best friend’s reaction.

“I’m Brett Talbot by the way,” He said. “But I guess you already knew that.” He gestured to Liam and Mason

“Y/N Y/L/N,” You introduced yourself.

“Good morning, beautiful?” Mason said once Brett was out of hearing radar, looking at you while you packed your bag with the books you needed from the locker. “Since when was that your thing?”

“Thing?” you looked to Mason, bothered at his observation.

“And I don’t know,” you answered, zipping your bag closed. “Ever since the first day, I guess?”


“And it’s not really everyday he greets me a good morning.”

“And it’s not our thing.”

There was a few seconds of silence before Mason spoke again. “Since when was there an ‘our’?”

“Oh my god, Mason shut up.” You groaned inwardly before backhanding his bicep, cutting his laughter with an ‘ouch.’

“I’m kidding.” He rubbed the spot where you hit him.

“So where exactly are we going?” You asked him once he has recovered from the hit you gave him.

“Outside, Liam wanted some support. They’re doing a warm-up game for tomorrow’s 1st official lacrosse game of the school year” He informed. You were never really a fan of lacrosse. But since most of the pack were players, you decided to be there to support them.

Once you and Mason entered the field area, you watched as the players were divided into teams to play against each other before getting dismissed to warm-up before the warm-up game itself. Going to the bleachers near where the rest of the non-lacrosse players of the pack, you saw Lydia and Malia already seated and waving at you.

But before you can even follow Mason’s steps up the bleachers, you stopped when you heard Brett calling you.

“Hey, Prep boy.” You teased, knowing that he hated being called that name for some reason.

“Ha ha,” he jogged towards you before stopping in front of you and removing his helmet, some of his hair were already sticking to his sweaty forehead. “Why are you here? I thought you hated lacrosse.”

“I never said I hated lacrosse,” You crossed your arms for your chest. “And I came here to cheer on the guys.”

“By ‘the guys’ you mean Liam and the others?” He asked, his tone sounded slightly sad at the mention of the pack you belonged to.

Before you can answer, you heard the whistle that signalled the game to start in 5 minutes caught your attention.

“Well, I better go,” Brett muttered.

“Alright, good lu-” your sentence was cut off shortly when you saw Brett leaned down and felt his lips press to your cheek for a quick kiss. He didn’t pull away immediately, instead, you felt his breath on the shell of your ear, “Cheer for me?”

You could only chuckle at this boy’s ‘moves’ to get his way with you before you pulled away from the close proximity.

“Will you?” He asked, his eyes looking hopeful as he put his helmet back on.

“Sure, why not.” You shrugged your shoulders with a smile, in which Brett smiled back happily.

“So is this going to be our thing?” He asked, which you guessed that he wasn’t still out of hearing when he heard you and Mason talking.

You heard the whistle again, this time it was directed at Brett.

“I mean I’m not complaining or anything.” He added, still standing in front of you.

Another whistle sounded, the coach now looking angrier.

“And it could be like a good luck charm every lacrosse game.” Oh dear, god. This boy just won’t give up.

“TALBOT!” The coach shouted before blowing on his whistle again.

You could only smile before pushing him to go back to the practice game and so that coach won’t get his blood pressure any higher. You then started walking up the steps of the bleachers with a smile you tried to stop growing any wider from the giddiness you just felt.

Otoya Ittoki Headcannons!!

Happy Birthday, Otoyan~!


Otoya works up a lot of courage to ask his crush out on a date. 

The moment he decides he wants to go out on a date with them, awkwardness ensues.

He will put a lot of thought into the first date because he believes that first impressions mean a lot.

He plans his date based off of things he and his crush has talked about doing before. He doesn’t go all out or anything but he does want to make sure the date is special.

If he’s on a date with someone for the first time, it may not look like it but he is observing them. 

A turn off of his would be someone who seems to have a negative outlook on things no matter what angle they look at.


When he decides he wants to make things official, he takes initiative. But not before practicing his lines in the mirror day after day. Even then, he’s a blushing mess.

He isn’t exactly the type to get jealous and take his frustration out on his lover. But when he does get jealous he can get a little pouty and well, childish. He doesn’t really realize when he’s jealous and he doesn’t understand why he’s irritated. So, if his s/o let’s him know he’ll try to correct his behavior.

When it comes to PDA, Otoya isn’t exactly sure how to go about it. He doesn’t mind it but it always starts off pretty awkwardly.

Otoya is a loyal person. If he’s ever cheated on, it may take him a while to recover from the heartbreak considering he’d never do that to someone else.

He’s all for spending quality time with his lover on off days. He likes to switch it up though. Some days he wants to get out and have fun and other days he’d rather just stay in and watch a soccer game while cuddling on the couch.


His first times cuddling with his lover consist of nervous chuckles and burning cheeks. Later, he’s less tense and a lot more inclined to holding a good conversation.

There are times where he just really craves his lover’s warmth. He’s satisfied with just cuddling and nothing more!

He likes cuddling positions where his lover can easily bury their face in his chest.

He doesn’t really mind where he’s cuddling with his s/o. But he’s a lot more hesitant to put his arm around them when there are others around. UNLESS, they’re at a movie. Then, he doesn’t care. SCORE, AWKWARD MOVIE ARM!


His first kiss is just destined be awkward as awkward can get. Does he tilt his head left or right? Where does his teeth go?! IS HE ALLOWED TO KEEP HIS EYES OPEN OR NOT?!?!?! All of that will go through his mind and it’ll be obvious to tell.

He doesn’t count the amount of dates before he first kisses his s/o. He just thinks he probably shouldn’t do it on the first date. If he’s tempted, he’ll do his best to hold back.

When he wants to kiss his s/o, they’ll know because he glances at their lips a lot. A LOT.

He loves to kiss his s/o on the cheek and he DIES on the inside anytime his lover kisses his ear. 


At bed time, he strips himself of everything except his t-shirt and undies. He can not sleep in socks and doesn’t understand how people do it!

So, he talks in his sleep. He snores a bit as well. Good thing about this is that neither of those things are loud. And quite funny to witness.

When he shares a bed with his s/o for the first time, he might smother them when he rolls over in the middle of the night but hey, at least he doesn’t hog the sheets right? He gives you more warmth!

Wild Card

Otoya can talk for hours about what he wants his life to be like in the future! He likes to joke around and plan out a family with his partner (if the relationship is serious enough of course). 


arkham origins has some of the best batman writing where it counts: at the core of the relationship dynamics between the principal characters. not only does the writing tend to crystallize and illuminate what makes each relationship work, but it also gives each character an arc of self-discovery that feels powerful and earned. so alfred pennyworth is extraordinarily reticent to endorse bruce’s obsessions, but by the end of the game, he understands why “batman” must exist, and that change occurs in a way that challenges both alfred and bruce and forces them to take a long hard look at themselves. 

the joker’s introduction is also extraordinarily complicated, and it’s not a story we’ve seen all that often. we know his general origin from the killing joke and the man who laughs, but arkham origins takes those basic plot points and digs deeper into what draws the joker to batman. beyond that, though, it’s doing necessary work in setting up the longer arc of the arkham universe, creating retroactive parallels that are going to pop up in the rocksteady games, especially arkham city. we all know that batman doesn’t kill, and we all know a little part of him will never recover from the joker’s death, but origins twists the irony even more–batman never killing anyone is the thing that intrigues the joker, and once his obsession starts, he doesn’t want to stop until he’s forced batman to kill. that’s the climax of origins, but it’s also dimly echoed in arkham city’s finale. the joker thinks batman is willing to let him die, so he’s shocked and thrilled all over again when batman says he would have saved him. all these years, and that hasn’t changed.

this whole arc is best illustrated by the differences between the end credit songs. this is one of the more direct parallels between the two games, but the choice of song makes a huge difference. “cold, cold heart” in origins is angry, bitter: you won’t admit that we’re the same, and it’s tearing me apart. this song, in this context, is all about the joker wanting to change batman, break him down, make him more like the joker. why can’t i free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart? this will be his MISSION, and as an audience, we know he’s going to come dangerously close to succeeding by pushing batman to the brink.

but the lyrics to “only you” are completely different. the joker is pensive, sentimental, and possibly about to die. where “cold, cold heart” presented a clear challenge, “only you” is an offering with no strings attached. the joker in origins wanted nothing more than to bring batman down to his level, to fundamentally alter who he was, or to get him to admit that they’re similar. but now he’s just gushing about batman as he is. in fact, the joker admits he was the first one to give: only you can make this change in me. the joker changed, batman didn’t. and the joker loves him for it. 

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 40: Stance

I really, really like the cover and the title and the caption. Basically everything.

It is very rare for us to see so many pitchers (and their catchers) in same place at the same time. It also shows the types of aces there are. They are all exceptional in their own way, but Terajima-sensei takes it further by emphasizing that not only their pitches, but also their ideals. My guess for each pitcher the ideals are:

  • Furuya - keep the team winning with his pitches (he wants to be the number 1 pitcher, but it is secondary to the team)
  • Mukai - trick batters (he really likes to play with the batters with the excellent control he has on his pitches)
  • Narumiya - conquer all batters/opponent (he declares himself king, he trounces everyone that gets his way to the throne)
  • Amahisa - take out the batters and let the others get runs (that’s the impression I get, he seems the most laid back of all aces)

Naturally, all of them aim for the top, but they find different things/ideals that they take most pleasure in when they are pitching. And interestingly… my take of their ideals leaves Furuya as the least selfish of the aces, or maybe because we have more insight of Furuya than the others, or… because I cannot recall instances when Furuya takes pleasure solely in his pitching. CMIIW. 

Which… might be the problem.  For him, pitching is means to the end, which is mainly to gain acknowledgment from his teammates, and now as an ace, to lead his team to victory. With his desire to be better, he puts more pressure on himself, making him forget the small pleasures of being able to pitch, of having a catcher that can catch his pitches and teammates that have his back. The small pleasures that the other aces have and keep during their pitching.

Miyuki unintentionally nailed the problem in the head in the previous chapter when commented about Furuya’s pitching. Catching for Furuya isn’t fun, because he doesn’t (really) find it fun. For so long it is what separates him with others, what makes him being called monster in the worst way, his pitches are more a curse than a gift for him, regardless how lauded he is for his fast and heavy pitches. He doesn’t care about that. He cares about how his pitches help the team. In a way, it is unhealthy because Furuya is likely to define his sense of self-worth by his pitches/his ability as a pitcher… and that is something difficult to overcome. However, I do like how supportive the others everyone of Furuya, even Kuramochi goes as far as giving pointers to the mound, following Miyuki’s example. I truly hope he realizes it, because this string of failures, especially in comparison to Amahisa who regains his pitches will definitely affect Furuya. His expression in the end shows that.

This is different than Teikou’s game when Furuya was really out of it and Ugumori’s game when he was injured. This time he is fully aware of his actions and he is giving his best. This is going to hit him hard. However, I still have faith in Furuya that he will recover from him slump. Simply by the fact that Eijun will make sure he does.

Look at Eijun’s expression. He doesn’t take any pleasure in Furuya’s bad performance. He might keep appealing for his turn, but he never ever put Furuya down. He keeps supporting and cheering on Furuya. I am not surprised if he pulls off another encouraging speech like in Ugumori’s match about having faith in the ace. That’s what I like from their rivalry, they pull each other up. They step up their game when the other is in a slump, in consideration of the team, and the other, as to remind them that they are not finished and still waiting on each other. They also share the burden of ace, whether they realize it or not. So yeah, for Furuya fans, please don’t worry too much (and ignore the haters). He’ll be back before we know it. (I might be too optimistic, but hey, why shouldn’t we?)

Regardless, chances are pitcher substitution will be called, either sooner or later, either not giving a chance for Furuya to get worse (and make him suffer worse aftermath) or giving a chance for Furuya to recover (and show him that they still have faith in their ace, hopefully enough of a boost), depending on Coach Kataoka’s (and probably Miyuki’s) judgment on Furuya’s current state. Regardless, Furuya will be subbed, because his pitch count is rather high, and they still have the finals to consider.

Now the question is, will it be Sawamura or Kawakami? Sawamura looks more rearing to go, but… well, as much as I like Eijun more, I kinda want to see more Kawakami. His performance is still the most stable and reliable of all pitchers. It will be much a relief for Miyuki after Furuya to have a pitcher with perfect control. I want to see him more in the spotlight, especially with him in his last year. He is still up in the running for ace number. I think it’ll be unwise only to consider Eijun and Furuya for the position. Kawakami is in the same place with Tanba last year, but with more reliable performance. He only needs to be more outspoken really. I figure the realization that he is in his last summer will overcome any hesitation on his part. Other reason why I prefer Kawakami to Eijun is well, to keep Eijun for the finals. Eijun has always been unpredictable, and he has become more so with his expanding repertoire of his pitches. He has the best chance to take any opponent by surprise, especially when he still has room to grow. I’d like to think that the coach will not reveal all Seidou’s cards before the Summer qualifiers.

Damn, no Daiya for two weeks!!! Right when I am having long holidays too! Happy Ied for those celebrating. We’re counting down the days now.

Thanksgiving With The Lawsons

Just a thanksgiving oneshot with Baker backstory and plenty of Bawson family fluff.

Ginny Baker was made for Thanksgiving. At least she was when she was younger. From the moment her eyes opened, everything about the day just seemed a million degrees warmer. Her mother hummed as she cooked, an apron tied around her waist and flour smudged on her cheek. And for once, her father wasn’t camped out in the living room, going over old plays. Instead, he was right there in the kitchen with her, sneaking bites of sides and making her laugh.

It was the one day during the year when her parents laughed together, and Ginny couldn’t help but live for the sound.

Once she was washed and dressed, she bound down the stars, just beating Will by a few steps and launching into her father’s awaiting arms.

“Hey Kid,” he greeted her, his voice as gruff as normal, but there was something different about it. He was happy, despite the lack of baseballs and dust in the air. “How about you get to mashing?”

“Sure, Pop,” she lifted her chin, grinning as her mother pressed a quick kiss to her cheek. “What are we listening to?”

“I think it’s Will’s turn to choose.”

Ginny chomped down on her bottom lip before the moan resting on her tongue had a chance to escape. “All Will ever wants to listen to is emo garbage.”

“Not true,” Will growled, bumping his shoulder into hers. She reached forward and grabbed at one of the pieces of bread he would be using for the stuffing, considering it for a quick moment before lobbing it at him. “Evanescence is not emo.”

“Sure it is,” she replied, clutching a dish rag to her chest, “for all those tortured, pathetic lost souls.”


“Ginny,” her mother scolded, pursing her lips as she held back a smile.


Ginny’s father set his stirring spoon down, rolling his eyes as Ginny dodged a sprinkle of flour. “Enough, unless you want to be eating Thanksgiving dinner off the floor.”

“No sir,” Ginny and Will chorused, waiting for their father to turn before Ginny poked her tongue out at her brother and squealed as he jabbed his finger into her side.

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One year ago, I was in a very dark place. Actually, it was the darkest and lowest point of my life. I was extremely mentally unstable and could not go one minute without wanting to die. I saw no point in life or the future. I was recovering from a very hectic break-up and lots of lost relationships that I believed were friendships. Every single thing that occurred through my day seemed dark, negative, and horrible. I would never get out of bed. I would never shower. I wouldn’t brush my teeth. I wouldn’t eat. I neglected my grades. I made risky decisions and put my health at risk, and I also hurt many people who cared about me in the process. I saw life as a game that I was losing at. I thought my existence had no meaning. I judged everyone. I hated everyone and everything, and mostly myself. Words could never begin to express how filthy I felt about life… And I saw a post on tumblr about someone who made a note in their wallet that they would live and how it helped them to carry on. Some small ounce of hope in me at the awful time decided to do the same thing. So on August 5th, 2014 I used a purple piece of paper with flowers on it to promise myself that I would live and make it through what I was going through. I forgot about the note. A few minutes ago, I decided to switch wallets and found the note I had made for myself. One year later, 365 days later, 8760 hours later…. I am still alive. The thing is that I’m not just alive. I am living. I wake up every day at 5:30 to go for a jog and eat a healthy breakfast. I start my junior year in a few days, I have begun my female-to-male physical transition, I have a steady workout plan, I have a loving family, I have happiness. Every one of my days is full of ambition, light, guidance, help, sunshine, and fulfillment. I go to bed every night eager for the next day. I live every moment excited for the future and excited for all the world is going to bring me. I look in the mirror and see a beautiful person who I am proud of. I look in the mirror and see the person who I dreamed of being my entire life. I am confident that nothing and nobody could ever get in the way of the amazing life I’m destined to live. If someone had told me one year ago that the happy life I live now was possible, I would have told them to go away. If there is someone you dream of being, open your eyes and be that person. Every single time I believed “I can’t do this”… I did it. I made it every single time. I now know that I am capable of anything. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you, full of great cities and art and music… and genuine beauty. And you can have all of it. Everything you are going through right now is preparing you for everything you have ever wanted. Life does get better, so make sure you stick around to see it. I’m glad I did.