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Zervis edition for my FT Christmas Sweater Couples Mashima Art Style Whatever The Hell. I’m so glad to be free from drawing zervis in some sort of meme because I swear to god the only time I draw them memes are always involved.

As always, anyone is free to colour but make sure to tag me so i can scream about it! 

Here’s the nalu edition lineart!

I guess I can stick around with this style for a few more draws, what ft couple should I draw next whilst I’m still at it? 

les amis staging a sit-in to which grantaire brings his guitar. everyone is kind of like “oh fucking excellent, this is just great” because no one really expects him to do anything but drunkenly stumble over wonderwall or some shit and they’re all stressed out and tired and that’s really not what anyone wants right now R please. so he just kind of plonks himself down in a corner and quietly picks out tunes until he gets going into an actual song & everyone kind of shuts up one by one and just stares until R looks up and grins, kind of bashful kind of pleased with himself, just in time to catch enjolras looking at him in a way he’s never seen enjolras look at anyone, ever, before he turns away.

I used to get so tired of people quoting Audre Lorde, ‘the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house’, but that was exactly what she meant–that you are not going to destroy this imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy by creating your own version of it.
—  Bell Hooks

did eyewitness really do me like that tho

gave me kami finally getting through to sita, finally finding a way to protect her and save jake, finally had these sisters coming back together

sita realizing angel, the viscovis, ain’t shit, kami would never do that - never abandon her. this is /family/. these sisters who’ve strayed so far from each other but who love each other so fucking much. kamilah, looking so heartbreakingly relieved and happy, like she can finally rest, her sister is safe, telling sita she’s always going to take care of her

their hands clasped together this fucking one pure frozen moment ——–

well guys it’s been cool but i am finally tired of this blog and the harassment i’ve received for the past two years. i should probably elaborate. this blog has never really been my space. it’s what other people wanted, and i can’t do that anymore. it’s tiring reblogging personal posts, getting hate telling me that they came for astrology, not personal shit. and then when i ask for post requests or ideas i get like five messages on my current opinion on donald trump or capitalism or nuclear proliferation. yeah i can block rude people but the entire theme of this blog has generally been about satisfying other people and im so tired. y’all are probably going to think i’m overly sensitive but i’ve put up with this shit way longer than i should have, and i don’t want to use this blog anymore. i’ll probably archive some shit. mutuals message me for snapchat/kik whatever if you wanna stay in contact. i’ll come back to this blog every once in awhile and i don’t really know what else to say, except bye for now :-) 

This is to people comparing No.6 to YOI

I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying things like “why are so many people going crazy over YOI and Victuuri when No.6 basically was the same thing” and it’s honestly starting to peeve me off a bit.
Yes, No.6 is a great anime/manga/novel and Shion’s and Nezumi’s relationship is similar to Victuuri in how they developed so naturally and weren’t treated as fan service. But the main reason (I think at least) people are losing their shit over YOI and Victuuri right now is because YOI is a sports anime.
Anybody who has watched a sports anime knows that they are always queer baiting us. They would present relationships to us and give us characters who honestly have a deep connection with one another but then have the relationship never go farther than “best/close friends”. The show would then just continue to tease us by showing scenes that are a bit suggestive and questionable.
And honestly, it gets tiring to constantly watch sports anime and just have queer bait shoved at our faces and to be constantly teased upon.
So now for Yuri!!! on Ice (a show quite a few people thought was just gonna be a queer bait sports anime) to have a CANON queer relationship has all of us losing our shit.
So yes No.6 was great and all but to people who are being annoyed that so many people are going crazy over YOI right now, please just chill for a bit. We’ve been wanting something like this to happen in a sports anime for forever and it’s finally happened ok? Please just let us have our moment.

goodbye mianite.

man, mianite was such a great series, I love watching it over and over and it never gets tiring.
sucks that Tom cancelled the series, but I understand why, especially what’s been going on with the group.
but who knows, maybe tom would change his mind and bring back mianite…
I just made this small little fanart for the end.
maybe for one final thing for mianite is that we can trend #ripmianite everywhere?
if you have any fanart or anything for the finale of mianite, tag it with #ripmianite.
thanks bro

Wildcat - Go home go bed
  • Wildcat: Absolutely sick of playing this stupid fucking game. Ain't gonna put up with it no more, gonna go home, go to bed. Check this.
  • Vanoss: laughs
  • Wildcat: Look at that cloud, that's a nice looking cloud. I'm done with this game. Go home… go to bed. Sick and tired of it. Alllright, hold on, one second, forgot my fucking keys. Gotta go back, get my keys, so I can go home go to bed… wait. I don't even have fucking keys. Immatunraround, go back…
  • Vanoss: laughs
  • Wildcat: Gonna get a big ol' glass of milk and go bed.
  • Wildcat: Fucking leaving. I'm out this bitch.
  • Wildcat: Ain't having none of this bullshit no more, go home go bed.
  • Wildcat: Ain't never come back neither.
  • Wildcat: Ain't never doing this again.
  • Wildcat: This shit is buuuullshit.
  • Wildcat: Out of this game, going to bed… fucking long ass walk. I'm walking for like, an hour now, it's fucking annoying. I don't even know where I'm at, 'cause I haven't looked at the ground in thirty minutes.
  • Wildcat (on top of a building): Going to home, going to bed, I really should probably start looking, paying attention where I'm going, I have no clue where I'm at.
  • Wildcat: I hope my mom made some chicken or something, I'm fucking starving.
  • Wildcat: Pretty sure this is not my house at this point, that does not look like our ceiling. No, nope, definetly not the house, my mom is not that fat or naked man on the couch, and we don't even own a parakeet.
  • Wildcat: No, nope, still not my house. Definetly not my house.
  • Wildcat: I'm pretty sure this is a prison, I saw two fat guys peeing in a bucket.
  • Wildcat: This fucking room is humongous, this is ridiculous.
  • Wildcat (at McDonald's): Take a ten piece chicken nugget, ahhh… medium fry… and a coke, please.
  • Wildcat: Almost home. Got to sleep, go to bed. Go home.
  • Wildcat (passing Goomba): Imma pass down, take a big ol' shit, go to bed. Goomba, fuck you.
  • Wildcat: Seriously, fuck you. *shoots Goomba out of the screen*
  • Wildcat: I'm not even sure I'm in the same country anymore, that last house I checked was a pyramid.
  • Wildcat: Where the fuck am I at?! The fuck is that?!
  • Wildcat: The fuck is this?!
  • Wildcat: Am I in the sewer? I'm in the sewer, that's a turd… that's disgusting.
  • Wildcat: Okay, so how in the fuck did I cross the Pacific Ocean?
  • Wildcat: Oh, wow, didn't think on this walk I'd see an elephant chasing a reindeer.
  • Wildcat: Okay, I'm pretty sure I've been here before. Seen that same dog three times now.
  • Wildcat: Okay, I think I'm in a movie theater now.
  • Vanoss: Shhhhh!
  • Wildcat (whispering): Sorry!
  • Wildcat (still whispering): Oh, yeah, this is definetly a movie theater, popcorn is really buttery.
  • Wildcat: Pretty sure I've made it to the moon somehow… there's a German flag over there. (It's a Belgian flag)
  • Wildcat: Now I'm in Hogwarts… I think I'm in Hogwarts.
  • Hagrid: You're a faggot, Harry. *shoots Harry with an AK*
  • Wildcat: 'Kay, now I'm in Bikini Bottom… There's Squidward, HEEEY, SQUIDWARD!
  • Wildcat: Okay, why the fuck is the sun shaped like a square?
  • Wildcat: Okay, now I'm in the Matrix…
  • Wildcat: Okay, now I'm in a Michael Bay movie.
  • Wildcat: Heeeey, Batman!
  • Batman: WHERE ARE THEY?!
  • Wildcat: Bye, Batman.
  • Wildcat: I am pretty sure I'm at a Chuck E Cheese now.
  • Wildcat: Fucking over this game, all done. Gonna go home, fucking go to bed.
  • Wildcat: Get on the bed, lay on the bed, go to sleep, I'm done with this fucking game. What the fuck you looking at? I'm done with this game, I'm going to bed. Oh, shit that's my bed… oh, hey, I'm home! Oh, hey, Vanoss!
  • Vanoss: Heeeeeey!
  • Wildcat: Fuck you doing here?
  • Vanoss: I… I've been here the whole time, man.
  • Wildcat: Oh, well, good for you. I… I'm tired, I'm gonna go to bed. I had a busy day, sooo ahh, yeah… I'm gonna hit the hag. Goodnight! *goes to bed*
  • Vanoss: laughs
  • Wildcat: Turn the lights off, please.
  • *suddenly it's night*

I’m really fucking sick of the whole idea that all mentally ill people have to recover like

Some of us literally cannot get better. We will not. 

And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Just because we’re going to be medicated/in therapy/dealing with this shit our whole lives doesn’t mean our lives are worth any less?

The whole idea that all mentally ill people Must Recover really just devalues the state that our lives are in right now, telling me that I have to be more neurotypical is telling me that the way I am right now is not good and not worth existing as. Well this is how I’m existing and it’s worth just as much as if I were recovered. 

And honestly, if you’re a neurotypical telling someone who’s neurodivergent that they have to get better, you are passing a judgement on that person’s quality of life without knowing jack shit about it. There are good things that come with my mental illnesses (hyper empathy, creativity) just like there are bad things, and you cannot simply by knowing the name of my diagnosis say whether or not my life is worth living as is.

So more love to people who might not or cannot recover from our mental illnesses. Y’all are wicked, I hope the good things come in big waves and the bad things give you a break. You’re strong and lovely and I won’t let anyone tell you your life is worth less because of how your brain works

I rarely block anons because…well idk. but congrats to that anon for trying to pull women into circular arguments we have had OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

I’m tired of it. I am almost 33 years old and I have been having the same goddamn arguments with men for over a decade. It’s exhausting because they never fucking listen. They never fucking listen because it’s not an honest exchange for them - it’s a game. They want to see if they can “win” and they don’t fucking care that it’s not a game for you. They don’t fucking care that every time they do this they just prove to you that they really don’t care about the shit women have to go through. 

They get so mad when women say “I hate men” without the qualifier of “some” but turn around and call women “bitches”, “crazy”, “oversensitive”. 

No, we’re just fucking tired of you trying to play “gotcha” games when we’re talking about our real lives. And when we don’t engage in your bullshit and tell you to go away, you continue. Like, that’s exactly what we’re fucking tired of. You just insert yourself into shit, demand we give you our attention, emotional labor, time, mental well-being, etc.

I’m TIRED. I’m so tired I gave up on dating men. Yes, all men. You all exhaust me.

About the fans outside her hotel [Allure, February 2016] :

« I heard them start to talk, and one girl goes, ‘Oh, really? Are you shitting me, you’re just going to walk inside? You’re tired?’. So I walked inside and called my security guard. I was like, ‘Go get that girl. Bring her in here.’ He brought the girls in. I said, ‘Listen, I’m so grateful that you guys come to the hotel and support me, and I never want you to feel like I take you for granted. But I cannot stop every single time, and that gives you no excuse to disrespect me…because I have too much respect for myself.’ I ended up taking a picture with her. I didn’t want to be mean, just, like, 'Hey, I’m a human, too. »

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i really need your advice:( how do i stop letting everyone walk all over me? i'm sick of being the generous and nice friend who does things for everyone else but gets treated like absolute shit.. i'm just not the type of person who like can confront people because i'm weak in the emotional sense but i'm just so tired :( i want to give up

Okay, you are not weak, at all and you are not going to give up my friend. I used to let people walk all over me all the time and I would never confront people about it. I think people often relate confronting someone with a huge blow out fight and a major argument, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. In the end, despite everything, you are who you surround yourself with. You owe it to yourself to be around people who make you feel good about yourself and treat you with the same respect that you give them. Once you realize that, there is no need to go into a huge argument with these people. Simply tell them how you feel, if they react in a rude way and don’t realize that they are hurting you, it’s time to cut them out. Do not give up!! Realize the respect that you want and let them know that you’re done with it, be honest with them and yourself. I’m always here x

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I’m feeling again like there’s really no point to living anymore. I don’t fit in anywhere because I’m just not meant to be here. It’s not anyone’s fault either–I can try and adapt to this world all I want but I’m malfunctioned and it’s just never going to work. I can’t function. I can’t do anything. My family is getting poorer and poorer and I’m starting to burn out. I’m in pain all the time and tired and I’ll and fucked up and annoying and a huge sensitive fucking piece of shit. And the thing is this doesn’t even begin to describe what I’ve actually been going through, this all sounds like general shit but it’s more complicated than I could have ever imagined and I want to leave but besides my sister who else would want to live with me. That isnt an attack on other people i mean that im broken and i dont trust myself to br a good roommate anymore. Im always fucking skmething up. And I have to wait another fucking shit year in this place. It’s so tempting to hurt myself. It’s so tempting to do literally anything to get out of here

Write Where It Hurts ~ rp thread with thexstrays


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Lucy had no idea why the magazine she was workign for had sent her to this writers to watch conference she was tired of hearing people drone on and on abotu their opinions she was about to get up and go otuside for fresh air when she saw the next speaker go up to the stage “I an;t believe it.” she  blushed. lucy had just finished reading Chai’s new book 

she had talked herself out of writing fan letter to him because she didnlt want to sound like stalkery weirdo  She looked at her  schedule “Shit.  I am supposed to interview him in the morning. i never thought…” she still needed fresh air and to use hte rest room she had been takign photos for hte magazine for three hours. 

in a few minutes her clumsiness would….cause embarassment as she tried to find a clear path to the hallway to find a rest room she tripped and falling o nthe steps  leading up to the stage in front of him. “I am sorry.”

Other People - 5SOS Imagine

For the past eight months, you and Calum had been going out on dates, having fun, enjoying each other’s company, it was great. There were a few minuscule problems though - well, maybe they weren’t so minuscule. You weren’t officially dating, you hadn’t kissed, you never held hands, and you were starting to get tired of Calum’s shit. Honestly, none of this wouldn’t have been a problem if it weren’t for the fact that Calum posted that he was out on a date with another girl one night. He had a problem when you said you were going out with guy friends, but he was allowed to go on dates now? Hell no, you were ready to confront him about this relationship, or friendship, or whatever the heck it was.

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i’m so tired of this shit going on around markiplier/pewdiepie/whoever. It’s making my chest tighten and i hate it. Remember! Mark never said he supported what Felix did. He just said he wanted people to treat him like a PERSON. You don’t have to like what he said or did. But you also don’t have to spread so much hate and dehumanize him. Felix paid for his actions and apologized. And Mark was just trying to get people to calm down. I may not agree with everything he said in his video, but that doesn’t mean i’m gonna fucking call him a nazi sympathizer or supporter! He’s just trying to defend his FRIEND. Again, he never said he supported what he did. And yes, i agree, mark should’ve said something about everyone who got offended by the joke and made sure they felt okay too, but still. Also, Felix made a mistake. He thought it was funny, because he has a dark sense of humour like that (so do i) but now he realizes that it hurt people. And now the hate is getting thrown at Mark. Mark is so kind. And creative. And i hate how much hate he’s getting. So do note. I will not tolerate any hate against them on my blog. None at all. If you need someone to talk to, KINDLY, feel free to talk to me. Sorry if this post is a mess. I’m tired and sad. Goodbye

(ps: someone quoted him saying ‘i don’t care about the colour of your skin..’ and said 'All lives matter. Got it.’ and just?? what the fuck?? that’s not how that worlds idiot)

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For the magical asks - griffon, pixie and angel? Also hope you're having a lovely day

griffon:what’s your favorite animal?

pixie:what is your favorite joke/pun?
I never get tired of using ‘shoot’ to describe photography as in “I’m going to go shoot my children.”  Sad, I know.

angel:what are three things you love about one of your close friends? (you can name them or not)

  • takes no shit
  • is the most amazing mother I know, to the point that she pumped breastmilk, let the cream rise to the top, and fed it via spoon to get the densest, safest calories possible into her medically fragile baby
  • lives and loves on her own terms

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wats this confetti thing going around i dont get it i never saw one on my dash

Tumblr turned 10 and is acting like an actual 10 year old so if you are on ur desktop and you refresh on ur dash a shit ton of confetti falls down every. single. time. and i s2g tumblr makes me so #tired

I’m so tired of always having the worse luck, I’m tired of always getting kicked down by life…. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this


Why do I even exist?, To be the butt of your jokes??? I can’t take it anymore

I haven’t done anything wrong, I haven’t done nothing bad and yet I’m the one that is to blame.

And it hurts OK, it hurts to know that no matter what I’m never going to be good enough at anything, because I’m Worth shit
I just… I’m tired