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Tell Me You Love Me|T.Holland Imagine

Series:Tell Me You Love Me
Song(s): Tell Me You Love by Demi Lovato
Summary: Where Y/N finally realizes just how much Tom means to her and how she doesn’t now how she’ll deal if he ever were to leave her.

Last Part:Sorry Not Sorry

‘Oh no, here we go again, fighting over what I said.’

His jaw was locked as he looked back at her not believing the words that had escaped her lips. He was growing tired of the consent back and forth between them, he often wondered if this was the end of them. It was a never ending cycle it always happened when things were smooth and steady, when he was getting ready to just confess his feelings about how much she meant to him and asking her to officially be his. Instead of having her wrapped in his arms like he wanted he found her standing about ten feet away and yelling about things he couldn’t understand.

“I can’t keep doing this!” He finally shouted as she turned to look at his with wide and glassy eyes breaking him inside. His heart was beating at an unhealthy rate, as his breathing was heavy. The line of sweat that was forming on his forehead told her, she needed to hear him out if she wanted him to stay in her life.

“I’m sorry..” She breathed as he shook his hands and head.

“No No No.” He stated as he walked closer to her. “You have to hear me out here darlin’. This isn’t fair, why is it every time things are going in the right direction you pull yourself away. It’s almost like you don’t want a proper relationship with me..” He spoke as she heard the sadness drip from each word he spoke breaking her heart even more if possible.

“That’s not it Tommy..” She breathed as she fell into his arms. He held her tight as her tears fell freely from her face knowing she’d have to finally voice the thoughts that had been eaten her alive. The very same thoughts that kept her awake every night as she weighed the pros and cons of this relationship. She was hurting inside, something that she knew she had to tell him. She was hopelessly in love with him and it scared her to know that at any moment he can decided he doesn’t want her anymore.

“Then what is it?” He asked as he pulled away from her slightly to see her tear stained face. Her eyes were red as the stream of tears flowed down her cheeks faster then his heartbeat. At that moment he realized all the unspoken words she had been wanting to say. All the feelings that she had ben struggling with came to surface as he took one like in her eyes he knew what she felt, and he knew what she needed.  

I don’t know who I am without you Tom..” She breathed as his heart swelled at the words flowing out of her pink lips. She was overwhelmed by all the emotions running through her as he rubbed smooth circles onto her back watching her come undone before him. “It scares me how emotionally invested in this I am..” She confessed as he frowned.

“What?” He breathed out as she looked at him with a soft smile as she placed on of her hands on the palm of his cheek.

“It scares me at how fast I’ve fallen for you Thomas, its scary that in a matter of months you’ve managed to storm into my life tilting my world on its axis. It kills me to know that at many moment you can just decide I’m no what you want anymore..”

“Do you know how hard it is for me though?” He asked as she looked up at him shaking her head. “It aches to know that at any day you can come to the conclusion that you don’t want me, and if you ever where to come to that I don’t know what I’ll be living for if I’m living without you..

He watched as her eyes widened at his words, she nibbled on the inside of her cheek as he smiled softly at her pulling her flesh into his body as she looked up at him. Her eyes were tear free, and her face was a little bit red but she looked breathtaking. She was everything to him, and knowing that she had just as bad for him as he did for her was enough to ease her mind.

Everything I need is standing right in front of me.” He breathed as she smiled and pulled his face closer to her knowing in that moment that she had someone who cared about her just enough that maybe in time it’ll turn into love. She knew everything was going to be alright and that this kiss was a promise, that through the ups and downs he would stick around, that Tom would be there for her and that was more than she could every asked for.

“Tell me you love me…”

“I love you more then you can imagine darlin and I don’t ever plan on letting you go.”


could you do a “dating vamp!junmyeon” plssss ? thank you v,keep up the good work

★so soft 

★so caring 

★so in love 

★likes taking care of you


★running you a bath

★giving you a massage

★holding you while you’re upset

★singing you to sleep

★anything you’ll need him to do he will

★always call you ‘darling’

★likes holding your hand

★you moved in with him after 8 months

★you slept over once

★and never left

★his dark


★unwelcoming mansion

★has slowly been morphed into bright



★and pleasant 

★he actually really loves fairy lights???

★every room now has them

★has hoards of jokes he’s saved up over the years

★only the finest will do for you

★shops for the finest ingredients for your cooking

★buys pyjamas that are overpriced

★’you paid three thousand for these?’



★’you said you wanted some silk pyjamas’

★’you can get them cheaper’

★’absolutely not. now go put them on’

★he’s from royalty 

★so you get invited to big dinners alot

★which consist of you eating

★while a bunch of vampires watch you 

★and try talking him into changing you

★he’ll hold your hand the entire time to calm you

★’aren’t you thinking about changing them?’

★’why would I do that?’

★’we can’t have a mixed breed in the family’

★’if that’s your mindset, i’ll withdraw from the line’

★when your eyes widen he’ll offer you a warm smile

★’you shouldn’t give up your family for me’

★’they’re willing to give me up for being with you’

★he’ll take you home

★wrap you up

★and cuddle you all night

★always takes a sip of your wine if you have some

★’tastes horrible’

★’you say that every time’

★gets pictures painted of the two of you 

★bc he can’t show up in pictures

★changes them every few months

★talks about your wedding all the time

★’what colour would you wear?’


★’our wedding’


★’we both know you’re not a pure virgin’ 

★he’ll laugh when your cheeks get hot with embarrassment

★he has a habit of telling people you’re married

★or putting his surname as yours 

★if he’s away from you 

★he’ll text you and call you 

★every hour

★’i miss you’

★’it sounds so empty without your heartbeat’

★’can’t you come here? i need to kiss you’     

★won’t leave your side when he finally gets back to you



★’kiss me’


★’kisssss meee’

nsfw from here 

★l o v e s s e e i n g y o u i n l a c e 

★he’ll collect delicate pieces from all over the place  

★he’ll dress you up   

★and stare at you   

★taking in how it looks on you  

★’you look so delicious, kitten’  

★runs his hands all over you  

★uses his fingers alot

★he won’t fuck you until he’s pleased with the amount of times you’ve cum on his fingers

★your moans are his favourite thing to hear

★’louder, kitten’

★’there’s nobody around. scream for me’

★’let me hear how good i’m making you feel’

★holds your hips while he thrusts into you

★’cum with me, kitten’

★he presses his head to your when he cums

★after he’s cleaned you up

★he’ll cuddle up behind you

★and slide back into you 

★bc he loves cock warming 

★and being close to you

I’m reading Interview With the Vampire: Claudia’s Story on the bus to school and I will never be over the fact that once he realized that his relationship with Louis is in trouble, he does the only thing he can think of: gets a child with/for Louis.

I mean, Lestat literally assumes that having a child vampire to raise with Louis will save their relationship.

Obviously, it doesn’t work out well for any of them, but I guess it’s the thought that counts…

So, let’s try an AU where the bats are complete isolationists.

I mean, they’ve had contact with the world outside Gotham and villains outside Gotham, but they’ve completely and totally avoided other heroes.

So, There’s a Justice League, but no Watchtower.

There’s a Teen Titans, but without the Robins.

There’s a Red Hood, but no Outlaws.

Tim’s Young Justice never existed because they just joined the Titans.

No one is allowed in Gotham - meta or not. Gotham is theirs.

So, you have all the other heroes and then you have the Bats.

And, frankly, the other heroes are a little wary of the bats. They have no idea who they are or what they’re capable of?

They’re from Gotham - they live in Gotham and take care of Gotham and Gotham is one of the most dangerous cities in America, if not the world. Gotham’s villains are crazy. 

And if the bats are taking care of that, then they have to be… well, pretty dangerous. No one wants to cross them. And even though they want to find out what their powers are, no one wants to risk going into Gotham after that time Superman tried it and came out 5 minute later with a sliver of kryptonite embedded in his arm (just because no one knows about the bats, doesn’t mean the bats don’t now about everybody.)

And then comes the moment when the bats have to break their isolation.

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hannibal + @screenshotsofdespair (1/?)

little tattoos part iii


this is part three of my reddie soulmate fic

read part one here and two here

thank you guys so much for all the love on this fic. Please read my notes on the bottom as they are important! ty!

summary: a soulmate au where everyone has a tattoo exactly like their soulmate

pairing: eddie and richie

words:  2233

Eddie woke up even more exhausted than he was when he fell asleep. He let a breath out of his mouth and took in a long one through his nose. He kept his eyes shut. He wasn’t ready to face the world yet.

Everything he loved was gone, he suddenly realized. This thought jolted him awake, causing him to sit straight up in a panic. It hadn’t occurred to him that he lost everything yesterday. All of his friends were bound to know. They all hung out together. They were the Loser’s Club and Eddie had ruined that. They could never all hang out anymore as Eddie couldn’t bear to be in the same room as Richie, let alone even think about him. He started to really panic, then.

His breathing was rapid and shallow and his hands were shaking violently. Eddie got up, stumbling, trying to find his damned inhaler. It wasn’t in his pocket, nor his backpack, or on his desk. He couldn’t breathe. At this point, he didn’t know if it was even an asthma attack anymore, or if it was one in the first place. It was so much worse. His head was spinning and he couldn’t see anymore. It was in his jacket, he remembered suddenly.

Eddie collapsed on the ground, catching himself with his hands as he tried to steady his breathing, but nothing was working. His heart was racing and he couldn’t stop shaking. Eddie was sobbing uncontrollably, his vision blurred from the tears. He didn’t know what was happening. His lungs felt constricted and he couldn’t get any air in. He was hyperventilating, trying to breathe but couldn’t. He tried to move towards his jacket that was hanging on the back of his chair. He was shaking so badly that he could barely move. His hand grasped the chair, pulling it and knocking it over. The light blue inhaler fell out of the pocket of his coat, landing a couple inches away from him. He grabbed it, instantly feeling as if he could breathe again when he took his first two puffs of medicine.

An hour passed before Eddie could stand again. HIs legs were shaky but he managed to get to his bathroom. He found it odd that his mother hadn’t come to get him yet until he realized that it was four in the morning. Eddie knew he couldn’t go to school, but he couldn’t stay home ‘sick’ as his mother would take him to the hospital. He washed his face with some water and laid back down and attempted to fall asleep.

His mother woke him up at 7 am and tried to get him to take his pills as she did every morning. He walked out of the house and rode his bike to park. Eddie read there all day. He needed to take a breather and reading was his escape. The cool breeze against his skin calmed him even more as he closed his eyes and rested his head against the tree he was sitting up against. It was odd to feel so peaceful. At three o'clock, he headed home as if he had gone to school.

“Eddie bear, how was school?” She asked from her chair in the living room.

“Fine.” He responded quietly, heading upstairs and into his room.

Eddie felt bad about lying, not going to school, but he knew he couldn’t face Richie, Bill, or anyone for that matter. He checked his cut from the previous day, and it was still healing properly. That was one less thing for him to worry about. Eddie laid back on his bed, sighing. Could his life get any worse?

“W-W-What did you d-do?” Bill demanded, slamming his Chemistry book down on the loser’s lunch table. He was beyond pissed.

   Richie looked up at Bill through his coke bottle lenses. Stan was pissed too, standing behind him with crossed arms and narrowed eyes. “I didn’t do anything!” He defended, pushing his glasses further up on his nose. “I-”

   “Where is Eddie?” Stan interjected, sliding into the seat across from Richie. “He isn’t here today and he was supposed to tell you how he felt yesterday. What the hell did you do to him, Richie?”

   Richie scoffed. “So that’s why he was avoiding me.”

   Bill looked at him confused. “W-What do you mean av-av-avoiding you?”

   Richie rolled his eyes. “You know when someone doesn’t talk to you and walks different routes in the hallways so they don’t see you. Gee, Bill, I thought you were smart.” He replied sarcastically, sticking his plastic fork into eerily yellow mashed potatoes.

   Stan leaned forward on his elbows. “So, if he avoided you, why isn’t he here?”

   Richie let out an exasperated sigh, leaning backward in his chair. “He told me in the gym locker room, alright?”

   Bill sat down next to Stan, looking at Richie to egg him on.

   Richie sighed again. “And I was too shocked to do anything and he ran out crying.”


   “Hey! I tried to go to his house and apologize and he slammed the window shut. He wouldn’t listen to me.” Richie grumbled. “I really tried! But I have a plan.”

   Stan and Bill exchanged glances. Bill nodded a little and Stan sighed. “What’s your plan?”

   Richie sat up straight. “You two need to convince him to come over. Say it’s everyone but me.”

   Bill frowned. “H-He’s not gonna b-b-believe us, Rich.”

   “Make him believe you! I need to talk to him. I need to explain.” Richie protested, running a hand through his hair.

   Bill nodded. “I’ll t-try.”

   Richie looked at Stan, who was staring down at the table. “Stan?”

   “I’m not gonna help you if all you’re gonna do is break his heart. He doesn’t deserve that, Richie.” He deadpanned.

   Richie was offended and a look of hurt flashed across his face before he composed himself. “I am not going to hurt Eddie!”

   “Sure, telling him you only wanna be his friend isn’t gonna hurt him.”

   “This is the one time I’m not being a sarcastic dipshit, Stanley! Are you listening? I said I’m not going to hurt him. I would never hurt him. I love him!” Richie slammed his fist on the table, causing a few kids to look over at them. “Did you hear that?”

   Stan nodded.

   “At least they didn’t cut off your ears like they cut off your dick.” Richie spat, getting up and walking away. The bell rang moments later. Bill grabbed his bookbag and stood up, gently nudging Stan to do the same. Richie was standing near his locker, attempting to open it but getting the combination wrong.


   “What, Stanley? What the hell do you want?” Richie practically growled, turning and glaring at Stan. If looks could kill, he would be dead ten times over.

   “I’ll help.”

   Richie’s hard stare softened a little. “Thanks. I’m sorry I got mad but you gotta admit that line was good.” A small smile crept onto his face, and even Stan chuckled a bit.

   Bill was assigned the job to get Eddie over, and Stan was to get everyone else in on the plan. He walked up to Eddie’s door and knocked. There was shuffling and a shout of “I got it” from Eddie. He opened the door and saw Bill, his face paled a little.

   “H-Hi,” Bill said quietly. “C-Could we talk?”

   Eddie glanced behind him for a moment to see if his mom had fallen back asleep or not before nodding and stepping outside, shutting the door behind him. “What do you wanna talk about because I’m not gonna talk about him.” He put emphasis on the word him. He sounded angry, disgusted, even. He laced his fingers together, still a bit shaky from his panic attack this morning.

   “N-No. The group w-wants you to come over. Minus R-R-Richie.”

   “Oh, no. I am not falling for that. He’s gonna be there when I get there and I don’t want to talk to him.”

   Bill shook his head. “Please? I-I-It’s movie night. You can p-pick.”

   Eddie glared at the ground, trying to work the request over in his head. He finally let out a long sigh and nodded. “Fine.”

   They rode their bikes to Bill’s house in silence, neither of them knowing what to say, so they said nothing. Eddie set his bike up against the house as he always did, following Bill inside. Georgie greeted the both of them with a hello and a smile.

   “H-Head to the living room, I-I-I’ll get the snacks,” Bill said, heading to the kitchen. Eddie nodded, walking towards the living room. He walked in, glancing around the room at the various decorations on the wall. Paintings and pictures of their family were scattered around the room. It felt homey.

   Eddie was jolted out of his thoughts when he heard the door shut. He turned his head to look, only to find Richie standing there. His breath hitched in his throat and he knew he had paled. It wasn’t even five seconds before he started to get angry. He knew this was a set-up.

   “I fucking knew it,” Eddie grumbled.

   “Eddie-” Richie started, but Eddie had had enough.

   “No, Richie. I don’t want to hear it. I’m really not in the mood to listen to you tell me you don’t feel the same way and that you hope we can be friends. Because we can’t be friends, Richie! I don’t want to be your friend. I can’t be your damn friend.

   Richie Tozier was silenced by Eddie for the second time that week. It was a new record. He composed himself before stepping forward. “If you let me show you something, I promise I will leave you alone.”

   Eddie was shocked that Richie was being serious. He was never serious in all the time he’s known the guy. He was always cracking inappropriate jokes at the wrong time. Despite all of his instinct to say no, Eddie nodded.

   Richie let out a sigh of relief before spitting onto his hand.

   “That is disgusting! What the hell are you-” Eddie cut himself off as he watched Richie take his spit and use it to smudge his soulmate tattoo off his skin. It wasn’t real. This whole time, Eddie thought that Richie had a soulmate. It was fake.

   Richie watched Eddie for a moment before deciding to explain himself. “My mom used to tell me I would be made fun of for not having a soulmate. That I wouldn’t fit in. So, one night I decided to draw one on every morning so I would fit in. It sounds shitty and kind of is but- Eds are you listening?”

   Eddie walked forward and grabbed Richie’s hand. He was holding back the urge to cringe, as Richie’s saliva was now on his hand. Richie didn’t understand what Eddie was doing. He let him move his finger until it was placed right next to the corresponding one on Eddie’s hand. Under Richie’s tattoo that he drew on, was a small, circular and blotchy birthmark. It was identical to Eddie’s.

   “What the fuck,” Eddie announced. A smile spread across Richie’s face while Eddie started to ramble. “What does this mean? Are these soulmate tattoos? They look like birthmarks! Why the hell would this be a soul-”

   Richie grabbed his face in his hands, leaning in and pressing his chapped lips onto Eddie’s soft ones. Eddie was stiff for a moment before he melted into the kiss and started to do the same that Richie was. Eddie was unsure where to put his hands or what to even do. Before he could react, Richie pulled away, slowly opening his eyes to find Eddie completely red.

   “I love you too, Eds.”

   Eddie had a content smile on his face. “Don’t call me that, Trashmouth.”

   “Ah, Trashmouth, what a nickname. You really know how to charm the boys.” Richie sassed, throwing his arm over Eddie’s shoulder. “Shall we tell the rest of the losers that Bill and Stan have competition?”

   Eddie and Richie showed the rest of the group their tattoos. Stan had this smug look of “I told you so” written across his face and so did Bill. They ended up watching a rom-com, much to Eddie’s dismay. Richie kept his arm around the smaller boy the whole night, pressing chaste kisses to his forehead every once and awhile.

   Richie and Eddie rode back to their houses together that night. They arrived at Eddie’s house first, both of them silent.

   “Gee, you could cut this sexual tension with a knife.” Richie joked, leaning forward on the handlebars of his bike.

   Eddie rolled his eyes, using his kickstand to stand his bike up next to his porch as he always did. Richie hopped off his bike, letting it lay on the ground. He walked up to Eddie, pinching his cheek. “So, Eddie Spaghetti, where do you wanna go on our first date of being fuckbuddies?”

   “You ruined it.” Eddie sighed, slapping his hand away.

   “I didn’t ruin anything!” Richie retorted, smiling. “I made it better.”

   “Okay, Tozier,” Eddie said, leaning forward and kissing Richie briefly.

   Richie had a smile plastered on his face. “Goodnight, Eds.”

   “Goodnight, Trashmouth,” Eddie said before he shut the door. He quietly snuck up the stairs. His mom was still asleep in her chair. He fell back on his bed, a content smile on his face.

   Eddie Kaspbrak was happy.


this ending is ending a. i wrote two endings because i couldnt decide which i liked better

so ending b will be posted after part four as a bonus lil chapter thingy

you can decide whichever you prefer to be canon as i love them both

also im really self concious about this part so please give me your honest feedback ilysm

let me know if you want an epilouge! i would be down to write it


talk to me/request to be on tag list

tysm for reading

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I love the theories, but can we take a step back and appreciate for a moment?

Who Killed Markiplier? is absolutely amazing. There was clearly so much work and passion poured into it.

Mark’s acting abilities are really impressing me though. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t doubt he could do it, I’m still amazed though. We all knew he could do the Colonel, and Jim… Damien’s character is so intense sometimes though. He conveys a lot of these really deep emotions and Mark pulls it off so well! You know it got to you when he left you at the top of the stairs with that, “you too.”

Everyone’s acting in this is phenomenal though. I love all of the characters for what they are, and how they interact with each other. I love the story, the crazy hints, all of the possible misdirects and all of the crazy jokes.

When he dropped that Jumanji reference in the third chapter, I had to pause the video because I was laughing too hard to see or hear it anymore. I laughed for way longer than I’m willing to admit before I could even finish the video.

We’re not even to the end yet and I’m already hoping so hard that there’s going to be Behind the Scenes, and maybe even Bloopers. We could all use some Jim Bloopers in our lives, couldn’t we? Also is it just me or is Jim a little inspired by West of Loathing’s stupid walking? XD

At the end of all this… whether that’s tomorrow, or who knows when…no matter what theory is right, or if they’re all wrong and he has some big trick up his sleeve, it’s all been amazing. Thank you to all of the theorists and crazy fans for pouring over those videos and giving me all the hints I couldn’t get on my own. He was right… it’s never been about the poker, or about him or his death, it was always about us. ;) I already know I’m going to love however this ends.

I doubt they’ll see it… but if someone from Teamiplier or anyone who worked on the videos does see this, thank you. Thank you for the amazing videos, the great set up, and this chance to just be a crazy theorist with this awesome community.

 I hope they’re proud, because I for one am proud of them.

Why does everyone forget that Steve Rogers can draw?


Why is this fact so neglected like think about the possibilities??

  • Natasha peeking over his shoulder and then begging for days on end to see his sketchbook after he gets embarrassed and slams it shut
  • Nostalgic drawings of that carnival booth that Bucky spent a bunch of money on to attempt impressing a girl
  • Also drawings of the first time he saw Bucky in uniform, all happy and proud
  • He has definitely gotten angry/annoyed with people and drawn out his frustrations via making them silly animals or giving them caricature-like features
  • Typically he throws them out after he cools down
  • Doodles of places he finds peaceful, like Clint’s farm or the woods surrounding the compound
  • This is the same little book that holds lists and lists of things people tell him to try, so he carries it with him everywhere
  • He goes through a phase where he can’t stop drawing the infinity stones he has seen thus far, and the objects that held them, in hopes that it’d give him some sort of epiphany
  • Tony mentioning being stumped on designs for his new suit, and by the time he’s done talking, Steve is already handing him a rough sketch with some ideas
  • He has definitely drawn each Avenger at least once
  • And Coulson 
  • He has also drawn some of his favorite memories of everyone together. The shawarma restaurant. The time they sat around, laughing as everyone tried to lift Thor’s hammer. Tony proudly handing each of them their new uniforms
  • Sometimes he likes to go to restaurants or parks on his own and just doodle his surroundings
  • Eventually everyone manages to get a peek at his book, but Wanda is the only one to ask why he never includes himself in his drawings of the group
  • Everyone gets emotional af over the way he draws them, because he either perfectly captures the way they feel on the inside (and think they do a good job of hiding) or he interprets them in a positive light, which is oftentimes the exact opposite of how they see themselves
  • Except Thor because one of Thor’s god-powers is self confidence, but even so, he still gets super lit at his drawing
  • Vision is especially shook since he’s still trying to figure out what he is, and this gives him a bit more clarity
  • Naturally they all ask to keep their respective sketches and Steve has a small guilt crisis because he always uses both sides of the page and doesn’t want to lose any notes he’s taken/not everyone could get the their original drawing
  • Tony comes to the rescue and makes high quality copies which all end up being hung in their rooms or being carried with them wherever they go
everybody wants to love you!

anonymous requested: for the soulmate prompt thing at first i was like aww for number 18 but then i just imagined modern reddie and eddie has fucking all star by smashmouth stuck in his head who the fuck is singing all start oh it’s richie (also on ao3)

Everyone knew that if a song was stuck in your head, it was because your soulmate was singing it. Eddie had always thought it was cute until it began happening to him. Now the main reason he wanted to meet his soulmate was to strangle them for singing such annoying songs.

Eddie struggled to concentrate on the textbook in front of him. He groaned and closed the book, resting his face in his hands. Bill gave him a concerned look over his laptop.

“Something wrong, Eddie?” he asked.

The brunet looked at him in exasperation. “They’re singing again. Why do they always have to start singing whenever I’m doing something important!?”

Bill smiled sympathetically. “What is it this time?”

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me / I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed / She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb / In the shape of an “L” on her forehead

“Fucking ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth. I hate my life, Bill.”

His friend laughed. “You say that now but you’ll change your mind when you meet your soulmate.”

The hypochondriac rolled his eyes. “Whatever, Bill. You’re not the one with a soulmate that sings meme songs and weird indie shit. I wish my soulmate sang pretty songs like yours,” he grumbled.

Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play / Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on, get paid / And all that glitters is gold / Only shooting stars break the mold

Eddie whined again and buried his face in his arms.

“I want to die.”

He shot Bill a glare when he laughed.


“Are we rehearsing tonight?” Bill asked the lead singer and founder of their band.

Richie groaned. “I don’t want to but we have to keep practicing that song we’re gonna cover for the show on Friday, which is two days from now. So yeah, we’re rehearsing.”

Bill snorted. “Alright, I’ll let Bev know then.”

He left to call their bassist and Richie leaned back in the lounge chair in the Student Union. He began to hum the tune of their new song. The trashmouth pulled out his notebook and scribbled down some notes and lyric ideas.

I come home in the morning light / My mother says when you gonna live your life right / Oh mother dear we’re not the fortunate ones / And girls they wanna have fun / Oh girls just want to have fun

Richie smiled wide as he stilled his hand. He really wanted to meet his soulmate. From what he could gather by their taste in music, they’d be fun to be around.

“What are you smiling about?”

He looked up. Bill sat down across from him, eyebrow raised knowingly. Richie’s cheeks reddened as he looked back to his notebook.

When the working / When the working day is done / Oh when the working day is done oh girl / Girls, they wanna have fun

“My soulmate’s singing.”

Bill nodded, a smirk forming. “Beverly’s on her way,” he told him. “She’s bringing dinner, also.”

“God bless her fucking soul.”


Eddie watched as Stan threw himself dramatically on the couch in his apartment. He groaned loudly before regaining his composure and sitting up.

“Everything okay, Stan?” Eddie asked, genuinely concerned for his friend.

The curly haired teen looked up at him. “Yes and no.”

The brunet raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Yes, I’m fine as in there isn’t anything actually wrong with me. No, I’m not fine because my soulmate won’t stop singing love songs.”

Eddie gave him a jealous look. “I’d take that over getting ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ stuck in my head every hour.”

Stan snorted. “I really want to meet them but it’s unlikely. I just hope the chances are good enough that we go to the same university.”

“I get what you mean. I want to meet my soulmate and beat the crap out of them for getting all those shitty songs stuck in my head, but yeah, I also want to meet them for the obvious reasons.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, Eddie, but your soulmate sounds like a fucking nightmare,” his friend said. “Anyway, ready to start this dumbass history project?”

Eddie groaned and went over to the TV and turned it on.

“By the way, my roommate might be back, like, halfway through this documentary,” he explained as he inserted the DVD.

“I’m warning you now but history is honestly the most boring subject so don’t get mad at me if I fall asleep, which is very likely. Just pay extra attention,” Stan told him, pulling his feet up on the couch.

Eddie rolled his eyes and sat with him on the couch, pressing the play button. He tried to focus but the dull voice of the narrator explaining the French Revolution was making it hard. That and the new song stuck in his head.

Your sister thinks that I’m a freak / She’s been ignoring my calls, we haven’t spoken in a week / I get so drunk that I can’t speak / Yeah, nothing’s working and the future’s looking bleak and I say

“Really? Now of all times?”

“Song stuck in your head?” Stan asked as he repositioned himself to lie down.

Eddie nodded miserably. “Yeah, and it sounds loud. You know what I mean.”

“No, not really.”

Three beers and I’m so messed up, get drunk and I can’t shut up / She says that I drink too much / I fucked up and she hates my guts / She says that I need to grow up

“It always happens when I really need to focus. I feel like they know,” Eddie explained.

“Well, block it out and pay attention. I can feel my soul dying as this documentary progresses.”

The hypochondriac laughed at his friend and drew his legs up on the couch so he was sitting crisscross.

I’ll drink ‘til I’m staring at the ceiling / I’ll be just fine I’m numb and losing feeling / I can’t tell lies anymore

“What are we even supposed to do for this assignment?” Stan asked, looking over at Eddie.

He shrugged. “I think we’re supposed to watch the documentary and then write some questions? Our professor said he’d pick the best ones and use them as essay questions for the next test.”


I just don’t know what to do, I’m still fucked up over you / She says that I drink too much / Hawaiian red fruit punch / She says I need to grow up

“It shouldn’t be too bad considering the French Revolution is pretty straightforward,” said Eddie.

His friend groaned again, leaning his head back against the couch. “Kill me.”

True to his word, Stan fell asleep about ten minutes in. Eddie tried his best to pay attention, scribbling down possible ideas for questions, but four more songs came and went. The documentary had just ended when he heard the apartment door open. He looked up from the TV where he was removing the disc.

“Hey,” Eddie waved. “How was practice?”

Bill dropped his bookbag on the ground and headed into the kitchen.

“It was good,” he told Eddie as he poured himself a bowl of cereal before draping himself over the armchair. “We got a lot of stuff done and perfected the two covers we’re doing for Fridays show. Which you better still be going to.”

Eddie rolled his eyes when Bill gave him a pointed look. “I’m going.”

He grinned. “Good. Anyway, what the hell were you watching?”

“It was for a stupid assignment for my history class. Speaking of, Stanley, wake up! It’s over.”

He shoved Stan with his foot, jerking him awake.

“Okay, first off? Rude. Secondly, your couch is very uncomfortable, please tell me you don’t make guest sleep here.”

Eddie shrugged at him. “Do you wanna, like, stay and get take out or something?”

Stan stood up, stretching his arms over his head, causing his shirt to ride up a bit. “No, I should probably get back to my apartment and hope my roommate hasn’t burned it down,” he replied.

He seemed to just now notice Bill. “Oh, you must be Eddie’s roommate. I’m Stanley.”

Bill smiled at him and Eddie noticed Stan’s cheeks flush. “Bill.”

“Nice to meet you. Anyway, I should head out. I’ll see you tomorrow, Eddie.”

Eddie said his goodbyes as he walked out of the apartment. He noticed how his roommate’s eyes lingered on the doorway.

“Hey, just out of curiosity, is he single?” Bill asked, looking back at Eddie.

“Unbelievable,” he shook his head as he walked back to his room.

“What, Eddie? Are you going to answer my question or not?” his roommate shouted after him.

He ignored him in favor of his phone vibrating. He checked to see that it was a text from Stan.

[ from: bird boy ] Okay so uhh

[ from: bird boy ] Your roommate is hot as fuck

[ from: bird boy ] Like,, raw me please

[ to: bird boy ] never ever ever make me read those words ever again in my life

[ from: bird boy ] Pass the word on to him I’m begging you

[ to: bird boy ] im blocking you


“Is it okay if my roommate joins us for lunch? I promised I’d go with him last week but obviously forgot and then made plans with you. He just texted me asking where we’re meeting.”

Richie looked up and Bill and laughed. “Fine with me, Big Bill. You talk a lot about your roommate. I’m excited to meet him.”

Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you / Slow down, they don’t love you like I love you / Back up, they don’t love you like I love you / Step down, they don’t love you like I love you / Can’t you see there’s no other man above you? / What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you / Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you / Oh, down, they don’t love you like I love you

He cracked a smile. “I really want to meet my soulmate.”

Bill raised an eyebrow.


His friend snorted and rolled his eyes before returning to texting his roommate about his whereabouts.

How did it come down to this? / Scrolling through your call list / I don’t wanna lose my pride, but I’m a fuck me up a bitch / Know that I kept it sexy, and know I kept it fun / There’s something that I’m missing, maybe my head for one

“Okay, he’s on his way. I told him I’d order for him so let’s get going.”

Richie nodded and followed Bill into the restaurant. They ordered their food, with Bill ordering also for his roommate, before diving deep into conversation.

“Bill, I swear to god, if you ask about him again I’m going to kill you.”

A short brunet stopped abruptly behind Bill, unaware of Richie’s presence. He took this time to admire him. He was cute. Really cute. Richie grinned.

“Hiya,” he said with a grin, taking the newcomer’s eyes off his friend.

“This is my friend Richie. Richie, this is my roommate Eddie,” Bill explained. “He’ll be having lunch with us if that’s okay with you.”

Eddie gave Richie a quick once over and a small smile before sitting down next to Bill. Their food arrived shortly after and they began to eat.

“So, Eddie,” the trashmouth began. “Are you coming to our show on Friday?”

Eddie looked up, his look a bit skeptical. “Our show?” he repeated.

“I’m sure you’ve heard all about the band from Bill.”

“You’re in that band?”

Richie laughed. “Eds, I formed that band!”

He grimaced. “Don’t call me Eds.”

The dark-haired teen reached over and pinched his new friend’s cheek. “But its cute, like you!”

Eddie slapped his hand away, only looking mildly embarrassed. He glanced at Bill.

“Is he always like this?” he asked.

Bill looked at his friend and sighed. “Sadly.”

Richie placed his hand on his chest in mock offense. “You hurt me, Bill. This isn’t how you were treating me last night. Why do you always have to act so different when we’re in public?” he whined as he began to pretend to cry dramatically.

“Beep beep, Richie.”

Richie grinned wide and pushed his chair back. “I have to go. You’d better be at that show tomorrow, Eddie, or I will be very sad!”

He slung his bag over his shoulder and headed toward the exit.

“He didn’t pay,” he heard Eddie say to Bill.

“This isn’t the first time.”

Richie waved over his shoulder and blew Bill a kiss. He winked at Eddie, his grin widening when he saw him blush.


Friday finally rolled around and Eddie decided to invite Stan to Bill’s band’s show. He made sure to specifically mention that his roommate was in this said band because he knew Stanley would never go otherwise.

“Can you please stop talking about you and my roommate fucking,” Eddie pleaded, pressing his fingers to his temples. “And are you sure you still want to go? You weren’t looking too good earlier.”

“It’s the depression,” Stan replied, giving him a look. “But I’m okay now.”

Eddie nodded. “Okay. Let me know if you want to leave at any time and we will.”

Can I get your number? / Can I get you into bed? / When we wake up in the morning / Will you give me lots of head?

“Oh, that’s nice,” Eddie sighed as they got closer to their destination.

“Another song?”

Eddie nodded.

“Me too. Or at least parts of a song.”

Everybody wants to love you / Everybody wants to love you! / Everybody wants to love you

They approached the venue, easily identifiable by music and cheering. They paid the entry fee and walked inside. Eddie was immediately greeted by sweaty, dancing bodies and loud music. He saw Richie up on stage, strumming a guitar. He spotted Bill in the back on the drums, and two other individuals: a girl on bass and a dark-skinned guy on another guitar. He couldn’t help but stare at Richie, who caught his gaze. The dark-haired boy grinned and winked at him before continuing with the song.

Will you lend me your toothbrush? Will you make me breakfast in bed? Ask me to get married And then make me breakfast again!

Eddie watched as the rest of the band joined in for the chorus.

Everybody wants to love you.”

He froze. The Richie sang the next part alone.

Everybody wants to love you!

Eddie felt as if his skin was on fire. His hands started shaking and checked his pockets, cursing internally because of course he didn’t bring his inhaler.

“Eddie!” Stan snapped him out of his daze. Distantly he heard the band sing another line. “Are you okay? You look like you’re about to throw up. Do you need me to take you to the bathroom?”

He could only nod. He didn’t think that he would react this way to meeting his soulmate. Stan grabbed his hand and led him through the crowd. He was dimly aware of the song ending and people cheering. He didn’t notice the look on Richie’s face when Stan pulled him into the bathroom. He turned the sink on and wet a paper towel, dabbing it on his face to cool himself down.

“Want to tell me what’s going on?”

“The lead singer of that band? The one on the guitar?”

“Richie? Yeah, he’s my roommate and best friend. He’s also terrible. What about him?” Stan asked, genuinely concerned for his wellbeing.

Eddie stared at him. “He’s your roommate? You live with him?”

“Unfortunate, I know. Wait, how do you know him?”

“Bill introduced me.”

Stan rolled his eyes. “Oh, god. You’re the guy he’s been gushing on about for the past twenty-four hours. It’s disgusting.”

“Says the guy who won’t shut up about my roommate,” Eddie accused.

“Yeah, whatever. Anyway, what does you almost having an asthma attack have to do with Richie?” Stanley questioned, crossing his arms.

“Well he’s, uh, he’s my soulmate,” Eddie confessed.

The curly haired boy’s eyes went wide. “Holy shit. How do you know? God, he’s going to be ecstatic when he finds out.”

Eddie reddened. “That song. It was stuck in my head on the walk over here. It sounded like it got so much louder when we came inside.”

Stan nodded. “Well, you have to tell him because he looked hurt when I had to drag you in here.”

“I literally only met him yesterday,” Eddie whined.

Stanley rolled his eyes. “Yet you like him! Man up and tell him that he’s your soulmate.” He gave Eddie a quick hug before exiting the bathroom.

Eddie took a deep breath. He moved to open the bathroom door but it was pushed open. Richie grabbed his hand.

“Are you okay?” he asked worriedly.

He short-circuited for a second. “I have to tell you something.”

Richie rubbed his thumb over the palm, making Eddie shiver. “Okay.”

Eddie looked away, cheeks red. “You’re my soulmate.”


“On the walk here, I had that song you just played stuck in my head and I’d never heard it before,” Eddie admitted.

“What did you listen to before meeting Bill for lunch yesterday?” Richie asked him.

“Um, I listened to Beyoncé. Lemonade specifically, but I don’t know what this has to do with anything.”

Richie pushed him back against the bathroom wall and grabbed the sides of his face. He kissed him hard, hands moving from his cheeks to his waist. Eddie was thrown off guard but immediately regained his composure, kissing him back earnestly, his fingers curling in his shirt. Richie coaxed his mouth open, the wet sounds of mouths and tongues pressing together filled the small room.

“I can’t believe you just made out with me in a fucking bathroom. Do you know how germy and disgusting these places are?” Eddie panted as they broke apart.

“Relax, babe. It’s not like I’m fucking you in a stall,” he grinned and pressed his forehead to Eddie’s. “Unless you want me to.”

Eddie pushed him away. “Beep beep, Richie,” he used the phrase he heard Bill say yesterday to get him to shut up. “Absolutely disgusting.”

Richie laughed and kissed him again, this time gentler. He pulled back and placed a kiss on his temple, intertwining their fingers together.

“I gotta get back out there,” he said, pulling him toward the exit. “I’ll dedicate the next song to you, darlin’.”

Eddie smiled wide as his soulmate led him back out into the crowd. He’d strangle him for singing all those annoying songs another night. Tonight was all about them.

My brother and i were playing Arkham Horror .

Me:I want to go here. Nothing bad usually happens here. *draw my encounter and fail the roll*

Me: …i got eaten by a tapestry.

Brother: *Busts out laughing*

We make a new character and take a bit to get it together since we were both laughing.

First turn for the new player, i go to a specific location beneficial for them .

Me: *Draw encounter* Woah, dude I have a 25% chance to summon the elder god right now.

Brother: *looks at the low health the Elder God would have * DO IT!

ME: Crap. Ok. *roll* ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Brother:What?! *he is excited, the sadist*

Me: Summoned it! God damn it (new character), this never would have happened wik (dead character)!

After we finish, his girlfriend is over.

Girlfriend: How did it go?

Brother: One of his characters got eaten by a curtain, the new one summoned the Elder God on their own, and we shotgunned the crap out of it.

Me: You know, the usual.

friends & feelings — tom h.

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

author’s note: first head cannon bc i couldn’t stop thinking about this. also if you read this thank you so much !! i love you wowow

  • okay but you and tom would definitely start out as best friends
  • like you two would probably meet through harrison and the second you do there’s just this instant connection
    • “i’ve never met one of harrison’s friends before”
    • “maybe because you think you’re his only friend”
  • and he’d just stand there and be like did she just diss me??? i think she just dissed me??? already??
  • but he’d laugh anyway bc that’s not how girls usually talk to him and that’d make you laugh and wow what a beautiful start
  • and as the days went on you two would get closer and closer
  • you guys for sure got closer more emotionally than physically at first 
  • for instance tom would have a bad day and he’d just come to you
  • literally lay in your bed and just talk to you about anything and everything
    • “sometimes this lifestyle just gets too much and i don’t think i’m made for it”
    • “if anyone is made for it, it’s you tom”
    • “and besides if you every turn into an insensitive cocky fuck, harrison and i will hand you your ass”
  • THIS was one of the things he’d love most about you
  • like you’d be there for him and give him great advice when he needs it but at the same time you were you and you just had to make him laugh and diss him in some way to get that pretty smile on his face again
  • he adored it
    • “did you see all those girls out there Y/N- wow they really love me”
    • “lol who are you”
  • in his head he’s always be like “why is she like this” 
  • BUT when you two started getting physically closer wow just wow he adored it just as much if not more than the emotional connection you two had together
  • always hugging you
  • sometimes for no reason at all
    • “tom i’m trying to get a glass of water”
    • “shh shh i’m trying to hug you”
  • that’s when you started to think “why is he like this”
  • so TOUCHY
  • he’d always find excuses to hold your hand
    • “and then she told me- tom what-why are you holding my hand”
    • “there’s a bug on it”
    • “i think i would’ve felt-”

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Jealous Pennywise (Headcanon)

Requested by Anon: H/C or imagine on jealous Penny

  • His jealousy is something fierce
  • He wants to be the only one around you
  • After all, you are his human
  • If you’re out in town by yourself, you always feel like your being watched and you know that you’re being watched
  • God forbid if another human develops a crush on you
  • Growling
  • His jealousy can be frightening at times
  • Penny gets pissed when he finds out someone fancies you
  • Those people usually don’t last long
  • He’s often waiting in your house when you get home
  • When he gets really jealous, you can see glimpses of his deadlights
  • Often times he willl hold you up from leaving, telling you to stay with him
  • “Did anyone bother you?”
  • If someone starts flirting with you, you’ll hear a disembodied growl as a warning
  • Tall, jealous boi
  • I will kill them, if they touch you.”
  • He’s been known to stalk the people whom he gets jealous over
  • He will make their life hell
  • His fangs and claws come out when he’s jealous
  • You know he’s not human, but he never ceases to go absolutely primal with his rage
  • You like his jealousy
  • Seeing him get angry, jealous and protective over you is a major turn on
  • The jealous outbursts always lead to rough/angry sex
  • He needs to keep you reminded of who you belong to
some notes i’ve been taking on DMing, culled from various sources

Plot & Campaign:

  • Don’t think of yourself as being “against” the players. They aren’t playing “against” you. They are playing against the world and situations you pose to them, but you should be on their side.
  • Similarly, don’t think of the campaign as “your” story that you are telling to the players. It is a story that you are telling together. They affect the outcome of it as much (or more) than you do. If the players find a way to ruin your carefully crafted plot, let it go. You have to accept not getting your own way all the time the same way that the players do.
  • That said, have contingency plans in case the PCs kill or ignore your plot hook, find a way to bypass your carefully created puzzle, or successfully charm your final boss into not attacking them.
  • Use up your most fantastic ideas - don’t hoard them for later. You never know how long a campaign will last, and you might never get to those cool scenes and setpieces you were saving.
  • Utilize recurring NPCs. It’s less work for you and gives the players someone familiar to look forward to seeing (or resent intensely.)
  • Give the players a nemesis - someone or something working against their efforts, even if that is not a “villain” per se.
  • Have descriptions ready for locations and NPCs, but don’t over-describe. Give them enough details to build a sense of atmosphere without requiring them to draw the scene.
  • Have a set of possible random events ready to go, and periodically roll to see if any of them happen, to keep your players (and you!) on your toes.

Rules & Rolls:

  • Like in improv theatre, go for the “yes and” (or “yes but”) response to a player’s idea rather than a “no.” If the rules don’t specifically ban a player from doing something, let them do it. If it’s especially game-breaking and stupid, this is a great time to say “yes, but” and come up with a fun consequence.
  • Don’t stop everything to look up a rule. If you can’t find or figure out the answer within a minute, tell the players how you’ll do it this time based on your best guess and look it up for the future. Alternatively, if you aren’t sure what the rule would be for what a player proposes, just let them roll a d20 and add a relevant modifier to it versus your best estimate of difficulty level.
  • Don’t assume that a failed check means “nothing happens.” Failures can be as eventful, interesting, and story-driving as successes.
  • Calculating small currency amounts, weight encumbrances, and rations is incredibly boring for everyone. Decide ahead of time whether you want to just ditch those elements (within reason - if you are being kind to the players by not making them weigh out every item in their inventory, they should be kind to you by not claiming they are carrying a whole refrigerator.)


  • Pay attention to what motivates your players most (treasure, money, challenging fights, puzzles, stories) and use that to guide your campaign ideas. Let them tell you what carrot will lead them through the plot.
  • Make a note of what your players mention wanting out of the game experience (a certain kind of adventure or scene, an item) and find an opportunity to reward them with it.
  • Come up with a set of treasure/advanced weapons/other loot-ish rewards specific to each player. Whenever they are dungeoncrawling or getting rewards, roll to see which items they receive at that time.


  • Provide opportunities every session, if possible, for each character to use their skillset and playstyle, so that they don’t feel like the sidekick in someone else’s adventure.
  • Encourage the players to make themselves a “battle sheet” in addition to their standard character sheet that lists all their skills and spells (in their own words) and how it works, so that they understand their own potential and remember to use them! You are there to help them out if they aren’t sure of a mechanic, but encourage them to take ownership of their own character’s abilities.
  • Cliffhangers aren’t actually great ways to end a session (in case the campaign stalls out there, or a player drops out), but you can end with a new situation arising or a hard question to ponder, giving the players something to think about and look forward to returning to for the next session. 
  • Pay attention to the players’ welfare and condition as much (or more) than to their characters. If they are stressed, unhappy, or angry about something in the adventure (or something another player is doing), you should be ready to moderate that as much as you would moderate an in-game rule.

Shance HC’s, featuring Lance the Right Hand Man

  • Shiro now starts to turn to Lance for tactical advice, since Keith is busy with the Blade and Allura is caught up in trying to create order in the coalition
  • Lance is VERY happy to oblige; he generally revels in Shiro asking him for help, and with tactics even more so, since it helps with giving him a purpose on the team
  • They end up having a LOT of late night planning sessions, which tend to over run past Shiro’s lights-out rule
  • They divide responsibilities between them; Shiro agrees he’ll hand over team based matters for Lance to sort out since he can see that Lance is better with the team than he is, but Lance promises he’ll try not to get in the way in battles
  • You’re never in the way, Shiro urges. It takes a while for Lance to learn this.
  • It’s a bit awkward at first. Lance doesn’t know whether to treat his as a friend or a superior (Shiro demands as a friend), and Shiro sometimes treats him like he would Keith on instinct.
  • Lance starts going to Shiro with any concerns about the team, like Pidge and Matt not sleeping or Hunk’s anxiety. Shiro loves having the responsibility again, it gives him purpose and a sense of belonging that he’d missed whilst off the team
  • Shiro has a nightmare. He goes to Lance on muscle memory, not really thinking but knowing in his subconscious that Lance deals with the team’s problems, so stumbles into his room late at night
  • Lance isn’t really aware of what happened, but he wakes up next to Shiro, who’s face is smeared with his face mask but seems to be peacefully asleep. It’s the first time Lance has ever seen Shiro sleep, so he’s a bit loath to wake him up.
  • They miss training that morning.
  • Things are easier after that. They bounce off each other more, Shiro starts going to Lance for advice in battles or training, which he didn’t do before.
  • Forming Voltron is a whole lot easier

  • Their first kiss is natural. Well, Shiro thinks it’s their first kiss, Lance disagrees
  • It’s a well done kiss once they reclaim another planet, just Shiro giving him a friendly hip bump like usual, except this time he plants a small kiss on Lance’s head
  • Lance is g o n e for the rest of the day
  • However, it does make them bond more, so Shiro starts doing it more, and Lance starts reciprocating
  • Matt Never lets Shiro live it down
  • They also start sharing a bed more often. Planning sessions keep running over, and Lance just decides ‘fuck it’
  • Their first proper kiss was after a very close shave with a huge Galra fleet. Red took a direct hit for Black, and communications were down for a while.
  • Shiro practically pulled him out of the lion when they touched down, and promptly kissed him there and then.
  • “I almost lost you.” “I’m sorry, I had to do that. I’m your right hand man, remember?”

…But imagine what Zoro would’ve said if he saw Pudding going crazy over Sanji. He’d be like: “so there IS a woman who actually fell for that idiot?!?” His reaction would’ve been priceless XD

Zoro my poor son, I don’t know what you’re up to in Wano but you have no idea about all the fun you’re missing.

My sophomore English teacher was the worst! We’ll call her Ms. V.
I was literally always failing Ms. V’s class because I “didn’t turn in my papers”. I would have to go through all the other classes papers to find them like weekly. Very illegal. Then stand there watch her grade and put it on the online grade book and have my mom screen shot it at home and save it on her computer so she couldn’t remove it later. She hated me and I have no reason why. Apparently she always chose a kid every year to do that to according to upperclassmen. Her biggest mistake was telling me no one ever made an A in her class. Left that class with a 98.

Most memorable after that with Ms. V was her vs my Doe-Eyed friend. So Doe-Eyes had a bladder infection the second half of the school year, poor girl, and was allowed to go to the bathroom whenever. Ms. V never checked her email so she had no clue. When Doe-Eye asked to go to the bathroom Ms
V was like “You know you’re not allowed to go to the bathroom in my class”. Doe-Eye embarrassingly explained why she couldn’t hold it but Ms. V told her no did Doe-Eye was like well I’m going anyways. Everything was frozen for like 3 seconds after Doe-Eye left, suddenly it came alive and Ms. V threw her pencil across the room, it hit like three people, before chasing Doe-Eye down the hall. After that it was anarchy in the classroom. Ms. V was never able to gain ball control of us entirely. We were so terrible to her after that she cried like 4 times over the course of the rest of the year. I don’t know how she didn’t get fired because she always had complaints from parents about what their children where telling them happened in that class.

  • Me: Microtransactions are bad and set a really bad precedent, especially for fully priced games where the costs don't go back into improving the game. Some day, a really shitty publisher is going to make the game impossible to beat without the proper microtransactions.
  • Idiots: Oh stop complaining about them, they're just pointless cosmetics and fun! It'll never get as bad as you say.
  • Idiots: *pay over 100 dollars to try to get the holiday themed skin for their favorite Overwatch hero*
  • Activision: holy shit we're making SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY FROM THIS
  • WB Games: hmmmmmmmmm
  • Shadow Of War: *apparently can't complete the game without extreme amounts of grind or purchasing lootboxes of good enough uruks you gotta get in a lottery*
  • Me: golly I have no idea

Do you ever think about how nervous Dan probably gets when the Lester’s come to visit? Not like a bad nervous, just a “I want to please them and let them know we take good care of each other” nervous. I still think about him writing that he made sure to be on his best behavior. I can imagine him giving himself a pep talk. Telling himself not to curse, going over their favorite drinks in his head, coming up with topics for both Mr. and Mrs. Lester. Calling them Mr. and Mrs. Lester even though they’ve told him, hundreds of times, to call them by their first names or even “mum and dad.” He goes over everything so much that he’s overly polite and it annoys Phil because ‘he’d never get me a refill if they weren’t here’ and that somehow relaxes Dan and makes him enjoy doing it even more, so he just smirks at Phil when no one is looking and Phil glares and they’re in love and I need sleep.

bellonnabelle  asked:

Okay, but Percy acknowledging that Annabeth is the most powerful demigod because she has no powers and only uses her mind and wits is so satisfying and made my heart gush!!!

It was obviously the most biased thing ever, coming from Percy, because the boy idolises Annabeth, but gosh it was so sweet to see him talk so openly about how much he admires her and her skill set!!

I think that more than ~proving~ that Annabeth is the most ‘powerful’ demigod, it shows how Percy believes (rightfully) that he and Annabeth compliment each other. Personality wise and in combat/quest scenarios, their individual strengths and weaknesses balance each other out and they each make the other better.

Percy has always been self deprecating and has never realised how powerful or skilled he really is, so it makes sense that he’s going to over-emphasise Annabeth’s abilities and place more value on them at the expense of his own. The ironic thing is, though, throughout all of PJO we saw Percy improvise and make up plans on the fly more than we saw Annabeth do so; He was always outwitting his opponents by using what limited supplies he had on hand, which is exactly what he tells Magnus Annabeth’s strength is.

Annabeth is obviously an extremely skilled strategist, and knows how to make do with limited supplies and dwindling chances, getting out of extremely tough situations using nothing but her intellect. And Percy is obviously head over heels in love with her (and she with him). I think he’s right to say that she’s a force to be reckoned with, but I enjoy that line not for what it says on the surface about Annabeth and her ‘power’ but for what it says about how Percy sees her.