never going to drink again


If you could see me now would you recognize me?
Would you pat me on the back or would you criticize me?
Would you follow every line on my tear-stained face
Put your hand on a heart that was cold
As the day you were taken away?

the script - if you could see me now


Purple Jewels (M) | 04

Word Count: 6242
Member: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Smut, Supernatural, Fluff & Angst

Genie!Jimin ⇢ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Ongoing

When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help.


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Go outside, take a breath
Spin around, and let out a laugh
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Hum on the subway, text them first
Smile at strangers, it could be worse
And it’s never going to feel this way again

Drink it in and hold me tighter
Because this world keeps getting wider
And it’s never going to feel this way again

I don’t want to sit back and let life fly away
I want to touch it, breathe it, carve it in my bones
I want to fall hard, crash and burn
Under city skylines and stars and birds
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Buy that new book you’ve been adoring
Take that dare you’ve been ignoring
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Take a train, call a cab
Lean out the window and grab his hand
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

I don’t want to be restrained to a vanilla life
I want to taste it, hold it, savor every drop
I want to jump off cliffs and freeze and fly
Fill up every second until I die
Because it’s never going to feel this way again

Let your heart be young
Let moments sing, and always be listening
Because they’re never going to sound like that again

Lean in, kiss quick, then slip away
Sleep in, ride your bike far away
Go on adventures, leap and run
Don’t be afraid to love someone

Because it’ll never feel this way again

—  It’s Never Going to Feel This Way Again

Emma: Are you sure about this Regina? 

Regina: Yes! I want a record of this Emma! 

Emma: You are never going drinking with Maleficent again. 

Regina: Why not? 

Emma: Because tequila shots drive you hyper. 

Regina: No! They just give me the bravery to do this! Send a townwide message Emma! Share it with everyone on your Book of Faces. 

Emma: Facebook. 

Regina: That’s what I said. Tell them all that I LOVE YOU EMMA SWAN! 

Emma: I know Regina. I love you too. 

Regina: I love you Emma. Love you. Love you, love you…

Emma: Why did I have to record this? 

Regina: Because I want you to know that I love you…whenever you need it you can look at this video and hear it. 

Emma: Aw…

musicluver415  asked:

Hi, your stuff is great!! Can you do a shinee at the club? Thank you!!!

hullos bebs! let’s see shinee get down ….. down, down, down, view (tbh i know that’s not the lyrics but i can’t stop myself) 


  • his motions are pretty limited to shuffling around with a drink in his hand
  • but after a few (many, like so many) drinks………………………….did you know onew can twerk 
  • you can’t look away, take it in. take in onew in all his glory 
  • key has it all on video too and posts it in the group chat very often (onew: I AM NEVER DRINKING. AGAIN.)
  • absolutely knows that his body is going to be destroyed tomorrow but yolo
  • sweating a lot bc it’s hot af in the club and he is wearing a sweater 
  • can’t find his drink or man


  • sitting at a booth with nursing a whiskey and bobbing his head to the music
  • *thinking to himself* i probably look so aesthetic rn 
  • when the members pull him out of his corner to dance, becomes kim wiggly, inventor of the wiggle
  • the lights are blinding him tbh 
  • weaving through the crowd: “yes hello drunk people, just trying to find the bathroom” 
  • does exaggerated versions of taemin’s bom bom boms 


  • his body rolls could kill a man 
  • went up to the dj booth to request a song, becomes the dj (”hello my lil freaks HOW YOU DOING TONIGHT!!?!”) 
  • smokey eye on point and holy shit he looks fkin unreal under flashing lights
  • he knows it too and smirks at people gaping at him 
  • and then on the dance floor he does shit like that super ultra power shuffling from 321, limbs flailing, kim kibum doesn’t give a flying fuck he’s gonna have a GOOD TIME


  • whispers SHINEE’S BACK when they enter (onew: we’ve never been to this club before / minho: can you just? / onew: you can’t lie to the fans minho can’t do that)
  • yells v loudly when they put on juju on that beat
  • moves his arms a lot even when not dabbing 
  • apologizing all night bc he keeps bumping into people 
  • orders several bottles of champagne with sparklers!!!!!! bc going out and having fun with friends is a celebration and they’re going to celebrate dammit


  • drifts away from the group a lot bc lee taemin is meant to be solo 
  • befriends all the bouncers and bathroom attendant (his name was steve and they took a picture together he’ll upload it if he ever gets an insta) 
  • TEARING UP the dance floor 
  • he’s all sweaty limbs and he’s smiling so brightly!!! bc wow he’s just cutting loose and just moving completely to the rhythm 
  • people made a circle so he could have more space and are just standing around him watching bc he’s just so fluid 
  • is his pelvis in anyway connected to his body???? how does it move like that 
  • needs to drink water asap
“Excuse Me”

Summary: Soulmate!AU where first words are tattooed on wrist- Y/N hates the words on her wrist knowing that she may never meet her true soulmate. If fate didn’t want to give her a perfect, neat, assured happy ending, then she would be sure to raise a little hell on her way there.

Pairing: Preserum!Steve x Reader 

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1895

Originally posted by yikesevans

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so, i found this at the back of my cupboard this morning, my flat tummy tea, that i had shipped to me all the way from america, yes, it cost me a fortune, but i thought it’d be worth it to have a flat stomach. that was all i ever wanted. let me tell you i HATE herbal teas, i don’t know why, i just always have, so having this first thing in the morning was rancid, but i put myself through it anyway. i even remember posting it on instagram with the caption “please give me the body i want” and i got LIKES??? and, now i realise, how silly i was to buy into the diet culture, for one, because i doubt these things even work, and for two, because… MY TUMMY IS DAMN FINE, and it doesn’t need to be flat, MOST TUMMIES AREN’T FLAT… and i should have just let my tummy be, and my body be free! the best part is, i don’t look at it and think “maybe i should try it again” or “i do need a flat tummy” i look at it and think “I AM NEVER GOING TO DRINK YOU AGAIN, AND I DONT CARE ABOUT THE BIT OF EXTRA CHUB ON MY TUMMY, I’M ROCKING IT, AND I VOW TO NEVER BUY INTO THE DIET CULTURE EVER AGAIN” and it feels amazing to be in that mindset! i thought about chucking it away, but honestly, i’m going to keep it at the back of my cupboard, as a reminder that i love my body enough now to not drink some herbal tea, that i hate, in hopes that i get a “flat tummy”, it’s a reminder that i’m now free!

ps, not happy with my make up in this pictures but posting them anyway because the smile 😄😄😄

Happiness Can’t Be Arranged, Chapter 6

For @glindalovesshoes who prompted:

  • Robin and Regina waking up together a the Blanchard’s
  • Robin referring to Henry as his son
  • Roland does something that Robin’s father blames Henry for
  • Robin giving Henry a hand-carved little dragon, and Henry and Roland playing with it

Thanks to @umbrellagates for looking this over.

Previous chapters can be found HERE.

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anonymous asked:

can you plzzzzzz do jikook for “stop talking. now.” "please, stop it." thank you!

a/n: hmu w some short prompts and i’ll write you smt

stubbornness is the only thing that has jimin’s hands on the steering wheel, the job of driving originally having been pre-assigned to jungkook, but seeing that at a point in the night jungkook came to be on the verge of drunkenness to the extent of possibly mounting a roof while wearing a tin foil hat, the responsibility passed on to jimin.

of course, while the two were discussing the decision, jungkook had put up quite the fight, vigorously crying out that he was perfectly fine and in no way tipsy (“IN NO WAY, I SAY!”), but jimin refused to let up. after further arguing (which, on jungkook’s part, became more meaningless words than actual reasons), jimin, undoubtedly, won and proceeded to promptly drag jungkook away from the bourbon and tequila and to the car.

if jimin may say so himself, this was his brightest moment of the night, because jungkook has been acting so positively tipsy that jimin is thankful that he’s the one manning the the steering wheel.

his dimmest moment of the night was agreeing to leave in a car with jungkook in the first place.

as they cruise down one of the many boulevards of town, now miles away from the party, jungkook’s head dramatically whips to jimin. he seems to be trying to sport a devilish, suave look, but it turns out 35% confused, 65% constipated, and 100% ridiculous.

jungkook clears his throat and grins wolfishly, albeit crookedly. “so, did it hurt?”

jimin raises an eyebrow at him, to which jungkook wiggles his. jimin scoffs and rolls his eyes, making a right turn into highway 101. here, the roads are empty, like a secret town of pavement, the city lights peaking up in towers on the both sides of the car and the chill of the night blocked out by their rolled-up windows.

“let me guess. when i fell from heaven?” jimin rolls his eyes.

jungkook giggles, looking satisfied with the reply he received. “nope!” he cries, eyes crinkling as he smiles.

a look on perplexation crosses jimin’s face. “what?”

a smirk blooms on jungkook’s features as he leans forward, and jimin feels his skin heat up. he’s awfully glad that the highway is empty, because they would’ve crashed seven times by now if it were crowded.

“did it hurt,” murmurs jungkook, eyes shifting to meet jimin’s coyly, “when you fell for me?”

jimin practically veers off his lane. “w-what?“ 

god, he’s glad the highway is empty: at some point he slammed down on the break and switched the gear shift to park, too busy gaping at jungkook, who seems very tipsily pleased with himself.

“cat got your tongue?” jungkook says, the expression on his face smug, as if he has to right and audacity to feel so, as if-

“god, oh my god. please, stop it. stop talking, like, now.” jimin buries his face in his hands, noticing the way jungkook’s expression slightly warms, before jimin gets himself back together. he shakily adjusts the gear shift to drive and his eyes back to the road, taking a deep breath and press-ganging his heart into reeling back to its normal pace.

“i am never going to let you drink again,” he mutters as the car starts rolling again.

a laugh bubbles from jungkook’s lips. the corner of jimin’s vision can make out that jungkook has leaned back in the passenger’s seat again, but the way that his eyes fixate on jimin makes it feel as if he’s still only inches away, tempting and tangible. jimin’s muscles are tense as he continues down the highway, body locked up and defensive because of how raw and exposed he feels under jungkook’s scrutiny, with his presence so prominent, and jimin has to roll down the windows to breathe through it.

after minutes of flicking through silence stretches and radio bursts, jimin spares a full glance at jungkook. the night wind is blowing his hair without care, sweeping across his grin, and if it doesn’t make him breathtaking, then jimin doesn’t know what does (the answer: everything). jimin blushes.

“not another drink for the rest of the year,” he thinks, and then too late realizes that he said it aloud.

jungkook catches his words too, unforunately, chuckling and sitting up. “imma tell you a secret, jimin. come here, come here.” he beckons him with a hand, and jimin, if hesitantly, does as told, still keeping his eyes on the road. jungkook closes the distance between them until his breath is cresting over jimin’s ear, his grin hot on his lips.

jungkook whispers: “i’m sober.”

Do I? - Jamie Benn (Part 2)

A/N: I was super nervous, but I really wanted to write a second part of this and I just kind of left it open for a third if you guys like it. I hope you enjoy it.

Word count: 1840

Warnings: mentions of fighting and alcohol. Mild swearing.

Part 1

Originally posted by tsegs91

I open my eyes and immediately shut them. The room is spinning around me and my head is pounding. Okay body, I get it, I didn’t need the last appletini… or the last three.

I sit down, my eyes still shut and I rub my temples, trying to get my headache to go away. I open my eyes and I’m blind for a second until they adjust to the light that comes in through the window. I’m sitting on the couch at Alyssa’s place; Emily and Brit are peacefully asleep next to me. I groan, my head is killing me, and I walk to the bathroom looking for some advil.

“Give me some of that, (y/n)” someone whispers behind me when I finally find the container in the bathroom cabinet.

“Here” I say, giving Al a couple pills “Cheers” and we both swallow the medicine.

“I’m never drinking again” Marta says from the bed and I smirk. It is always the same old tale: we go out, drink too much, extreme hangover, I’m never doing this again and repeat.

“Whatever you say, Mar” I answer and I give her a pill.

“Thanks, (y/n)”

I walk back to the living room, putting the medicine container on the coffee table and grabbing my phone from my bag on the floor. I have a text message.

Hey beautiful. I got you five tickets for tonight’s game. Good seats.


I smile, remembering what happened last night. Did I really meet Jamie fucking Benn? Ugh, someone pinch me.

Hey. Thanks, that’s so incredibly nice of you.


I don’t have to wait long before he texts back.

It is my pleasure. Good night?


I smile and type back an answer.

I’m never drinking again.


Immediate answer.

Like I have never heard that before. That bad, huh?


By this time I’m smiling like an idiot.

Going to a hockey game is probably the worst idea ever.

I tease him. A couple minutes go by and I’m worried I’ve screwed up. I was just joking. I rub my eyes when I hear the sound of a text message.

Don’t stand me up. Gotta go, but I’ll see you tonight. Your tickets will be at the box office, just tell them your name.


I send him back a goodbye and lock up my phone, my mind racing. I can’t believe that this is happening to me. I’ve had a crush on Jamie Benn since he started playing for the Dallas Stars, but I’m not the kind of girl that goes to the bars players go to and throw themselves at them like they are Gods. I am the kind of girl who thinks she is not pretty enough for them and it is happy with seeing them at hockey games. Wasn’t I wrong?

“Earth to (y/n)” Emily says and I snap back to reality “who were you texting with?”

I shrug and they know it isn’t my mom.

“Oh no…” they say and start chuckling “you are blushing”

“No, I’m not”

“Oh yes, you are” Brit says and I try hide my face with a cushion “You were texting a guy”

“And not just any guy… you were texting Jamie Benn” and all of them laugh while my face turns red.

“What are you two talking about?” Alyssa tries to grab my phone from my hand and I give her a dirty look.

“He was telling me about the five tickets for tonight’s game that he has left for me at the box office” I tell them and I can see their jaws drop “so I guess I have to find another four people to come with me…”

“We are going to the game tonight?” Marta asks, getting on her feet.

“Who says I am taking you?” I ask, raising my eyebrow.

“You are kidding… right?” Emily looks at me and I can’t keep a straight face.

“Yes, I am kidding. Who else would I want to take with me?”

“Bye girls, I need to go get ready” Marta walks out the door before we can even say goodbye.

“I thiiiiink I’m gonna go too” Brit follows her.

“Did I say Fashion Week instead of hockey game?” and Em, Al and I laugh.

When I get to the main entrance of the American Airlines Center everyone is already here. Everyone is looking good in victory green and I smile. I’m wearing my Jamie Benn jersey; it is the reason of why I am slightly late. I was debating on whether wear or not, I don’t want to look too desperate.

“Hi, I’m (y/n). Jamie Benn has left tick…”

“Yeah, here they are” the woman says, handing them to me. “Best seats in the arena. Enjoy!”

Best seats on the arena? Her words keep going around in my mind while we walk to the door and hand the man our tickets.

“First door in and all the way down. Enjoy” he indicates us and I smile politely.

We make our way to the seats and realize that the lady wasn’t kidding, first row seats right by the penalty box. A girl around our age is waiting for us there.

“Hi, you must be (y/n)” she says to me and I nod “Food and drinks are included with your tickets and Mr. Benn has asked me to tell you that you are expected in the locker room after the game”

“Uhh, thank you” I stumble with my words and she just gives me a nod and a smile and leaves.

“This is amazing” I hear one of my friends say, but I don’t really follow the conversation as the Stars make their way to the ice.

Jamie comes out last, but his eyes are quick to scan the area until they land on me. He smirks and I give him a shy smile. The Stars warm up and my friends are about to go crazy and jump the glass to get to ice.

“Girls, play it cool!” I whisper to them and they look at me for a second before sitting up straight and pretend they are not interested at all.

I shake my head, my eyes back to the ice when I see Jordie, Tyler and Jamie looking straight at us and my cheeks heat up like crazy.

“They are looking at us” Emily says.

“Play it cool, girls, play it cool” Brit mocks at me and I give them a dirty look.

The game starts and we are definitely not playing it cool, we are screaming and cheering and booing and chirping. We are on full hockey mode. The game is rough, lots of hits and checks that are uncalled until I hear a whistle and look back, a fight breaking on the ice. Of course, Antoine Roussel is involved in it, fighting a guy who has nothing to do against the player with more penalty minutes in the NHL. The refs are taking both of them to the sin bin when two pairs of gloves fly out and two players are going at it when the puck isn’t on play. Punches are flying and the fight is rough when I see the 14 on the green jersey. I’m pretty sure I go white, because my friends shake me a little to get my attention.

“Hey, (y/n). He is a big boy, he is gonna be fine” I can just nod.

They both fall down the ice and I can see the blood on the ice, I can’t even react as everyone gets on their feet and give Jamie an ovation while he skates right to the locker room after being punished with a 12 minutes for fighting and other penalties.

“Your boyfriend is a feisty little thing” Emily says and I roll my eyes.

The game is scoreless at the end of the first period and we sigh. Deciding to get some food and try to calm down. When the players come back to the ice I see Jamie skating right to the penalty box. He looks at me and I do the same for what it seems like forever until I shake my head, letting him know that I’m not ok with him fighting like that and he winks at me. After three minutes Jamie is allowed to go back to the ice and he skates out of the penalty box as fast as he can, stealing the puck from a defenseman and skating by himself to the net, where he shoots and scores. We don’t even have enough time to celebrate, because thirty seconds later he scores a second one.

“We want a hat trick, Jamie” my friends are screaming beside me and I can’t help it but to laugh.

Second period ends with a two scores lead and everyone cheers. Marta and Brit go get supplies for the last period and I try to relax on my seat when I get a text.

I hope you are enjoying the game


I smile, typing a quick answer since I know he won’t have much time to see it.

Idk, this crazy dude beat the shit outta someone


I can almost see him smiling typing down

I bet you liked it


Not really, I’m worried. He might be hurt.


I get no answer, but I hear the people cheering and I know the team is back on the ice. The third period starts and there isn’t much action until the very last minute when the Bennguin connection starts working and Tyler and Jamie pass the puck between them and going all the way to the net. Jamie has a clear chance to score, but he passes the puck to Tyler and he scores.

“He could’ve had a hat trick” the man behind me says in disbelief and I can’t stop but to be mad at him for giving that goal to Tyler.

The Stars win and we make our way to the locker rooms. We have no idea of where we are going and by the time we get there many players are outside talking with their families and friends on the hall. We stand there awkwardly, making small talk until I see Jamie walking off the locker room and walking towards me. I decide to meet him half way.

“I am fine” he tells me before I can say anything “bruised knuckles, you should’ve seen the other guy”

“You are an idiot” I say, looking at his knuckles and then at him.

“For fighting?”

“And for not getting that hat trick” I remind him and he smirks.

“Maybe next game” He says and I roll my eyes, “but I didn’t want to spend all my luck on the ice”

I look at him like he is crazy and gives me a little hit on my chin.

“I need the rest of my luck to ask you out” he whispers and I blush furiously. “Say yes?”

“You are definitely an idiot”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes Jamie, it is a yes”

✖ —— the outsiders sentence starters.

’ we gotta win that fight tonight. ’
’ where the hell have you been? do you know what time it is? ’
’ it’s two in the morning, kiddo! ’
’ where have you been? ’
’ i fell asleep in the lot. didn’t mean to. ’
‘ i can’t even call the cops because you two would be put in a home so fast. ’
’ look, i said i didn’t mean to. ’
’  "i didn’t mean to", “i forgot”. that’s all i ever hear from you! ’
’ don’t you yell at him/her! ’
’ you can’t win. you know that, don’t you? ’
’ you’ll still be where you were before, at the bottom. ’
’ shoot, this house ain’t dirty. you ought to see my house. ’
’ if you had the sense of a billy goat, you’d clean your house up. ’
’ shoot, kid, if i did that, my mom would die of shock. ’
’ where did you learn that? that’s what i meant. ’
’ stay gold, _______, stay gold. ’
’ robert frost wrote it. ’
’ i always remembered it because i never quite knew what it meant. ’
’ look at the blonde headed monkey! ’
’ why? too scared? ’
’ hate to tell you this, buddy, but you have to wear clothes to work. ’
’ you’re not going anywhere. ’
’ no way! they ain’t putting me in no home. ’
’ let’s take it outside! ’
’ you should have gone out for football instead of track. ’
’ where the hell do you think you’re going? ’
’ i don’t know, i can’t take sides. ’
’ i don’t know, man. it’s just like sometimes i have to get out. ’
’ it’s like i’m the middle man in a tug-of-war or something between you guys. ’
’ i’m happy working at a gas station. ’
’ i’m dumb. it’s alright, i don’t mind. ’
’ you’d never be happy doing something like that. ’
’ you gotta stop yelling at him/her for every little thing he/she does, man. ’
’ we’re all we got left now. ’
’ if we don’t have each other, then we ain’t got nothing. ’
’ sure… sure little buddy, we ain’t goin’ to fight anymore. ’
’ one bawl-baby in this family’s enough. ’
’ let’s go home, i’m cold. ’
’ what’d you say? ’
’ what’d you say, you little shit? what’d you say to me? ’
’ come on, you heard me. leave her/him alone. ’
’ here, i thought this might cool you off. ’
’ when you learn to talk and act decent, then maybe i’ll cool off too. ’
’ firey, huh? just the way i like them! ’
’ i gotta cut smoking or i’ll never make track next year. ’
’ where you gonna get the dough, li'l man? ’
’ yeah, somebody’s sick… ’
’ what are you doin’ walkin’ by your lonesome on the street? ’
’ it’s none of your business, smarty. ’
’ what do you mean, none of my business? ’
’ smartass. he/she is a smartass kid. ’
’ i didn’t know you had this problem with, with yelling in my face. ’
’ what? look, now don’t get wise. ’
’ i don’t like little kids, just don’t like ‘em. ’
’ go a head, i’ll keep an eye on him/her. ’
’ why didn’t you bring a coat, stupid? ’
’ i thought new york was the only place to end up in a murder rap. ’
’ hey baby, you wanna see what’s hangin’? ’
’ you don’t know what a few months in jail can do to you, man. ’
’ you get mean in jail, i just don’t wanna see that happen to you. ’
’ it’s like the mist is what’s pretty, ya know? all gold and silver. ’
’ too bad it can’t stay like that all the time. ’
’ you’re never gonna get me alive! ’
’ don’t you know a rumble ain’t a rumble without me? ’
’ you ever pull a stunt like that again, i’ll kill you. ’
’ if the fuzz show, you beat it out of there. ’
’ ain’t nobody gonna call the fuzz in this neighborhood! they know better! ’
’ you two beat it out of there, ya hear me? ’
’ go ahead, man. i won’t look at you. ’
’ i don’t have any money. ’
’ go away! get out of here! ’
’ that was a close call. ’
’ with your brains and grades, you could get a scholarship. ’
’ we could put you through college, ain’t that right? ’
’ you just don’t stop living because you lose somebody. ’
’ anytime you don’t like the way i’m running things around here, you can just get out. ’
’ i used to talk about killing myself all the time, man. ’
’ hell, i wouldn’t care so much if there hadn’t been so many things i haven’t done yet. ’
’ so many damn things i ain’t seen or done. ’
’ i don’t know, he/she just died. ’
’ guess we’re different, huh? ’
’ beer for breakfast there, ______? ’
’ you smoke more than a pack today and i’ll skin you. ’
’ you carry more than one bundle of roofing at a time. ’
’ you’re young. you shouldn’t be smoking. it’s a hard habit to break. ’
’ i thought we lost you like we did mom and dad. ’
’ what do you think, man? you think it makes me look tough? ’
’ i think it makes you look different. ’
’ well, you got a hole in your mouth. ’
’ i can’t wait till you’re outta here. ’
’ get out, just get out! you’re making me sick in my stomach. ’
’ it was your bright idea, smarty. ’
’ you get tough like me and you don’t get hurt. ’
’ you look out for yourself and nothing can touch you, man. ’
’ by the looks of it i thought you were both four… ’
’ they pushed me in the fountain and they tried to drown me. ’
’ why don’t you just focus on girls and cars? works of me. ’
’ nothin’ legal, man. let’s get outta here. ’
’ you go to hell. go straight to hell. ’
’ did they pull a blade on you? ’
’ hey, they ain’t gonna hurt you no more. ’
’ they used to buddy around together, play football. ’
’ what, are you thinking about me becoming your personal bodyguard? ’
’ i don’t think it’s too hot of an idea. ’
’ great! my first trip to the zoo! ’
’ i swear, we used to get along just fine until mom and dad died. ’
’ i think i like it better when the old man’s hittin’ me. at least he knows I’m there. ’
’ i’m sorry i got you away from this party and all but i just don’t know what to do, man. ’
’ nah. i was just uh… i was just trying to get some sleep. ’
’ wait a minute. let me think about this mess. get in. ’
’ you guys are three of the bravest kids i’ve seen in a long time. ’
’ what are you guys? professional heroes or somethin’? ’
’ a little? you call reeling and passing out in the streets a little? ’
’ i told you, i’m never going out with you when you’re drinking again. ’
’ look, that doesn’t mean you can go walkin’ the streets with these bums. ’
’ we got four more of us in the backseat. ’
’ if…  if you’re lookin’ for a fight… ’
’ c'mon, put the knife down! c'mon! ’
’ stop! stop it! i hate fights, alright? i hate them! ’
’ we’ll go home with you, just give me a minute. ’
’ are you a real redhead? are you real?  ’
’ how can i find out if this is your real red hair? ’
’ if this is the same red hair you have on your, uh, your, your, these eyebrows. ’
’ hey! check out their pants! ’
’ so, you guys waitin’ for a floodin’? ’
’ man that was one tough car. mustangs, they’re tough. ’
’ i asked the nurse to give you this book so you could finish it. ’
’ listen, i don’t mind dying now. ’
’ it was worth it. it was worth saving those kids. ’
’ keep it that way, it’s a good way to be. ’
’ you still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want. ’
’ hey, look, i got me a new hat! ’
’ some cute redhead, huh? ’
’ get your feet off my chair and shut your trap. ’
’ you’d better leave us alone, or i’ll call the cops. ’
’ oh, my, my! you’ve got me scared to death. ’
’ can you just leave us alone? be nice and leave us alone? ’
’ can i interest you in a coca-cola, or a… ’
’ alright, i’ll go. i know when i’m not wanted. ’
’ no jazz before the rumble; you know the rules. ’

I don’t drink alcohol.

It’s not a ban I set up for myself, and no, it’s not because I’m not allowed to. It’s not that I’ve never drank a drop (I had a shot at a friend’s party once.) And it’s not that I’m never going to drink again in my life. I’m just. Not. Interested.

I don’t like the taste, and I don’t like the fiery feeling in my throat. Just the thought of being in bar or club settings makes me uncomfortable. And the idea of getting drunk and losing my inhibitions doesn’t sound fun at all to me. It sounds horrifying.

Now, I know alcohol actually has health benefits when taken in moderation, that it’s a way to socialize, and that it’s how some people have fun and let loose and celebrate their youth or whatever, but it’s not my thing.

I just want to get it out there that if people don’t want to drink, please respect that. Don’t pressure them. Everyone has their own thing, and just because they don’t happen to enjoy the same things you do doesn’t make them killjoys.

Bar Night (Eisuke/MC)

In celebration of me just seeing the trailer for the new one night stand app that will hopefully be released soon, here’s a little treat from me with a sort of similar theme. Sort of since I don’t know anything about the stories. Actually now that I think of it, it seems more like a friends with benefits thing. Oh well, this is written, ENJOY IT!

When her coworkers had invited her out for a night of bar hopping she never expected to be kissing a tall stranger in a darkened hallway. Her dress had slipped further up her thighs as he pulled one of her legs around his waist, pressing himself closer to her rapidly heating up body.

His other hand was in her hair, gently pulling her head back as he ravaged her lips. Her own hands were clutching at the lapels of his jacket. She was slowly forgetting that they were in a public hallway, but someone clearing their throat helped her push through the haze of lust and pleasure.

He didn’t let go of her, but he did shift his body to hide her form from whoever had interrupted them. “What?” He snapped.

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Sneaking In

A Wattpad request. I do not own any SPN characters. They belong to the creators of the show. 

Warnings: Mentions of drinking, being drunk, teenage rebellion

Pairings: Crowley x teen!daughter reader, Fem!teen reader x Robert Winchester(OC), Sam Winchester x Eileen Leahy, Dean Winchester

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Being a half-demon had its perks. Being the half-demon daughter of the King of Hell had even more. You could, quite literally, get away with murder. Not that you ever tried. Well…okay there was that one time but, to be fair, the jerk deserved it. Unfortunately, it didn’t get you out of attending school. Your father insisted that you have a good education since he wanted you to help him rule Hell one day.

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 954

A/N: This one was a request from an anon but I won’t say what it said because it would be a spoiler!! But to the anon who sent it, tell me if you liked it xx and thank you everyone for sending requests, keep ‘em coming!

PS refer to the gif after reading the last line bc this is the face shawn makes eee


I knew I shouldn’t have gone out with my friends last night. Thinking that the nauseous feeling in my stomach was going to pass was too naive of me. The memories of lasts nights events flash in my head, making me dizzy. Buzz. I pick up my phone to see a text from Shawn.

Shawn: Hey babe, are you home? I have cookies!

Even the thought of food made me want to lean over the toilet bowl again. He most definitely could not see me in this pathetic state, he’d never be able to look at me the same way.

Me: Please don’t come over… I’ve been reliving last night’s drinks all morning.

Shawn: I’m coming. I’ll help make you feel better.

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Hurt [M]

Sorry this is so long I got a little carried away lol. Hope you like it!! 

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  It was two in the morning and you had woken up from your peaceful state of sleep to an annoying, blaring ring. It was a call from your boyfriend, you worriedly picked up and before you could ask what was wrong you heard him speak.
 "Hiiiiiiiii babeeee. I miss youuu.“ he said in a sing song voice, you could tell he was drunk as fuck.
 "What the hell Jiyong? It’s the middle of the night where are you?”
  He giggled, “I’m at a club that Seunghyun dragged me to and I’m soooo bored. Can you please pick me up baby? I can’t drive obviously” he continued to giggle.
  With a deep sigh, you asked him to text you the address, pulled the warm covers off of you, and started to get dressed to pick up your child like boyfriend. Thankfully, he was capable of texting you where he was regardless of the fact that he was a few drinks away from being totally shit faced.
  You knew you had arrived at the correct location when you heard music blaring all the way from the parking lot. Walking up to the entrance, the bouncer looked you up and down with a confused look. Wearing jeans, a hoodie, and a pair of sneakers, you definitely looked out of place compared to the other girls inside who were wearing short, tight dresses and 6 inch heels.
  “Can I help you?” the tall, buff man asked in an uninterested tone.
  “Yeah, I’m just here to pick up my boyfriend so if you would let me in that would be great,” you replied nicely, “I swear I’ll just find him and leave, as you can see from what I’m wearing I’m not here to party.”
  He hesitated at first, but eventually let you in. You let out a sigh of relief and walked in, searching for Jiyong. 
  You swore you had circled the club at least 3 times and still couldn’t find him. After 15 minutes, you finally gave up and decided to step outside to try and call him.
  You hadn’t taken even 2 steps out when you heard a voice call out, “Y/N! Is that you?”
  You spun around to be greeted by a tall, handsome figure. It was Seunghyun and you had never been happier to see him.
  “Seunghyun, hi! I was just looking for Jiyong, do you know where he is?”
  He chucked, “That idiot went out to the parking lot not too long ago because he thought you were waiting for him there.
   Quickly, you thanked him and rushed to the parking lot. You hoped your boyfriend hadn’t gotten himself into any kind of trouble or passed out from all the liquor.
  Finally, spotting the back of his head, you ran over to him, about to smack him for being so stupid. That’s when you realized he wasn’t alone.
  Across from Jiyong was a tall brunette with a model like figure, she had her lips pressed against his.
  "WHAT THE FUCK?” you shrieked.
  The two immediately pulled away from each other and Jiyong stared at you with wide eyes.
  “Y/N? Y/N, wait I… I can explain baby.” he grabbed a hold of your arm.
  You pushed away easily. He was so drunk he couldn’t find the strength to grab you again. “Don’t fucking touch me.”
  You stomped off to your car, but unfortunately for you, he followed you and wouldn’t give up.
 "Baby! Wait! Please!“ he pleaded.
  That only made you walk faster, so he started to run as best as he could in his drunken state. He made his way past you and planted his feet right in front so you couldn’t move.
  "I’m not letting you leave,” he grabbed your arm again, but was swaying back and forth slightly because of how much he had been drinking. He was a mess and although you were pissed as hell at him, you didn’t want him getting hurt in the state he was in, so you grabbed him and led him to the passenger seat of your car.
  After you got him buckled in, you hopped into the driver’s seat, strapped your seatbelt on and started the engine.
  “Y/N-” he started.
  “Save it, I don’t want to speak to you right now.” you planned to just drop him off at his apartment, not knowing if you would even talk to him the day after.
  The drive to his place was quiet and tense, your hands were shaking from how angry you were and Jiyong noticed. He attempted to put his hand on yours, but you shooed him away; getting the message, he didn’t try anything else for the rest of the drive.
  After you made sure he was in bed with a glass of water by his nightstand, you started to march out of his bedroom.
  “Y/N,” he whispered, barely loud enough for you to hear, then continued to ramble “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kiss her, I love you I-”
  “Just shut up!” you screamed.
   Hurt flashed in his eyes and you felt a little bad, but remembering the sight of his lips on another woman made your blood boil.
  “Do you even know how fucking much you hurt me tonight? I trusted you Jiyong, I-”
  “I know baby I’m so sorry.”
  “No! You don’t fucking know! If you did you wouldn’t have fucking kissed her in the first place!” you screamed, this time walking out fast enough for him to not say anything back.

  You woke up the next day with dried tears streamed down your face. As a result from crying yourself to sleep, your face was puffy and you basically straight up looked horrible. Sighing, you contemplated calling in sick to work but thought against it. Work could get your mind off of the shitty night you had before. You were less angry, but still enough to make you not want to call Jiyong.
  Eight hours later, you dragged your feet up the stairs to your apartment and was on the last step when you noticed the familiar body sitting in front of your door with his head in his hands.
 At the sound of your footsteps coming closer, his head popped up and he quickly got up off the doormat, grabbing the bouquet of flowers next to him that you didn’t realize were there.
  You scoffed, “A few flowers isn’t gonna make things better,” and walked past him to unlock the door.
  He said in a tired voice behind you, “I know that. Fuck, I know that Y/N, but please I’m begging you to hear me out. Please.”
  Swinging the door open, you turned around to face him. He looked like hell. Judging by the dark circles under his eyes, you could tell he didn’t get much sleep last night and his eyes were red and puffy as if he had been recently crying. You loved him, of course you would feel guilty and give in.
 The both of you walked in to your cozy apartment and you took your shoes and coat off, him doing the same. You sat on the couch and he was questioning with his eyes if he could sit in the space next to you. You nodded your head and he slowly walked over to the other end of the sofa, placing the flowers on the coffee table.
   “Okay, I know I messed up Y/N. I fucked up, I fucking hate myself for it. I don’t want to use the excuse that I was drunk to defend my actions, but I really was super drunk. God, I’m an idiot.” he pushed his hair out of his face and sighed, “I don’t deserve you but please please please forgive me baby. I’m so sorry,” a tear ran down his cheek, “I’m so so so sorry.” he stared you deep in the eyes.
 You were quiet and he continued “I swear if you want me to I’ll never go to clubs again. shit, I’ll never drink again. Just please, forgive me. I would do anything for you to not leave me. Please, don’t leave me. I need you. I love you.”
    Your heart sank at his words. He thought you were going to break up with him when in reality you were just angry as hell.
  “Jiyong, I wasn’t planning on breaking up with you. I was just, no, I still am, really hurt. The image of you kissing someone else won’t leave my head and I just..” you couldn’t finish your sentence and felt the hot tears rolling down your cheeks. You hated being so weak.
 Jiyong took your face in his hands and kissed the tears away. “Don’t cry,” he cooed, “I love you so much, I’m so sorry.”
 You looked up at him and a silence fell between you two for a few seconds. He then inched his face towards yours and gave you the softest, most gentle kiss. You kissed him back, his lips melting away any anger you had left in you.
 The kiss soon became much rougher and needy. You felt how much he wanted you by the way he was pulling your body as close as he could towards him. Your fingers ran through his hair and he was now undressing you. In between kisses, he threw your shirt and bra somewhere on the floor and softly pushed you back onto the couch. He slowly kissed your forehead,  your cheeks, lips, neck, collarbones, then went back up to your face and looked you in the eyes. “I love you so much.” He kissed your lips again and you ran your hands down the front of his torso.
  He lifted himself off of you to unbutton your pants, and pulled them down, revealing your underwear. He rubbed your clit through your panties while you moaned out in pleasure.
 He moved his head down to right in front of your opening and pulled off your panties with his teeth. You felt him play with your folds before he began sucking on your clit, lapping up all your juices. He stuck in two fingers while eating you out and began scissoring you. The overwhelming sensation of his tongue and fingers was getting you close to your peak.
  You moaned, “I’m so close.”
  That motivated him to pump his fingers in you at a faster pace and before you knew it you were experiencing your first orgasm of the night.
 After giving you some time to catch your breath, Jiyong pecked your lips and hovered over your entrance. He teased you by rubbing his shaft in between your lips and it had you begging him, “Please make love to me already.”
 He slowly entered you and kissed your lips again. After a moment, he started pumping in you with slow, deep, hard strokes. You both moaned and were a hot sweaty mess. You stared at him behind hooded lids and he pressed his forehead to yours.
 “Faster.” you moaned.
 He quickened his pace and started rubbing your clit which brought you over the edge for the second time that evening. A few more strokes and Jiyong was finished too. He laid on top of you, the both of you panting and covered in sweat.
 “I won’t ever hurt you again,” he kissed the tip of your nose. “I love you.” 
  You smiled, “I love you too Jiyong.”
And in that moment, you decided you had forgiven him.

i know june is gonna be my fave month because it starts on a monday like tbh all of june is just really aesthetically pleasing to look at

“I wouldn’t try the coffee here. It tastes like boiled dirt.” 

New headcanon. Jesse McCree orders a coffee at every place he goes to and judges the place based on their coffee. If it sucks, he’s never going there to eat or have a drink ever again. He keeps a fucking book of reviews and ratings for coffee places and places that serve coffee. When he goes to a new area, he literally checks out every coffee joint. Unbelievable.