never going to be able to draw like this again

So a few weeks ago I decided to practice trying to draw a person using a technique I had heard helps and found a pic of Dodie because why not draw Dodie. Then I couldn’t draw the face to save my life without it looking really weird, so I gave up. Then tonight I decided to try out the watercolor pencils I’ve had for ages but never really used and when I couldn’t think of anything to draw I remembered this and decided to make a stylizedish thing because who needs to draw faces? 

It’s been a rough few weeks with my brain going to mush and me feeling so out of it for no reason more and more the past few months. It was nice to create a physical piece of art again. I haven’t been able to in a while

But yeah. Watercolor-pencil Dodie (I guess it looks enough like Dodie to be called so?)

It’s like 2:30am. I should be asleep. Oops


Found some really old unfinished things that I never posted but still kind of like while going through my folders. 

  1. New Amy outfit idea from 2012.
  2. Super Metal Sonic concept from 2012.
  3. Uncle Chuck at many different ages, from 2014 (when I was RPing Chuck)
  4. A Shard as Metal Overlord vs. NICOLE picture that I’ve picked at on and off since 2013.

Wanna draw more but don’t like how it comes out? It’s okay just take it slow and draw something you like. Your favorite character, oc maybe, your hand, doesn’t matter. Don’t like how it’s coming out? Don’t quit just keep going, fight the urge to throw it away. Finish it that way you can say you did something. You may not like it but you should feel good knowing I did it. That should be your goal, to at least sketch something. Keep at it, finish another, again and again.

A lot of it is not not being able to draw, but fighting yourself in not giving up. Percervire in your struggle and NEVER GIVE UP

Its not that easy I know but that’s as easy as it gets, eventually you have to put your foot down. It’s the only way.

The only thing stopping you is you


Sup nerds! Update #2 and so what have I done today. I have a raging fire inside of me and I wanna keep going and going but I still want to have fun with this and not get stuck in doing the same thing over and over. I updated my Demon hunter OC and took on a different approach to drawing a body. A boy specifically. Again. Never done this sort of thing so I’m testing out the waters to see where I am so hopefully I’ll be able to draw more complex things in the future. Like a Jedi. I want to be one NOW. But first I gotta train in the swamps until I’m ready

I know it never happend in the books, but I just can’t stop myself from imagining furious Sybil holding a sword. 

Like.. imagine someone would be after Vimes (again) and would go to his house (again) and tried to kill everybody in (again) but this time Vimes wouldn’t be able to save the day, and Sybil would just be like THE FUCK OFF MY SAMS

Also I liked to draw what I’m imagining her being “big girl”. Like most of the fandom draws or writes her like older Agnes (I mean physical side of course) I always imagined her as over 6 foot tall and muscled as fuck, so she could lift Vimes on one arm (and fat on all those muscles of course, because it’s sexy)

I trieeeed to draw soot and burn scars on her but the scars looks rather like fresh burns so I kinda failed.

Tfw when you expect to be able to work on stuff or be otherwise productive, and then for whatever reason things keep happening to prevent you from doing that

FT Thank you collection! - Part 4 (last)

Again, thank you all for the support so far!

For sharing, reblogging, liking, buying, commenting (on) my art 

With Gajevy I hope you’ll be able to spend a lot of time with your loved ones ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪