never givin up


It was hard to pick a date to post this, because it came out in other countries before November 7th(USA Release date), as well as later than that date.

So, November 4th it is. 

I wanted to say so much on the card, but I have big handwriting and very limited space.

It’s been an amazing year. It really has. The movie itself has helped a lot of us with personal issues, with the loss of someone important, that friends are as close as family, friends can come from the most unexpected places, revenge is never the answer, and neither is anger, and so many more, it would take so long to type it all out. These lessons brought a fandom together. This movie has built up such an amazing fan-base of people of all sorts. Artists, writers, gif makers, video editors, cosplayers, role players, supporters, etc. I’m honestly not ashamed to be an 18 year girl, in absolute love with this movie. I’m proud to say I’m Big Hero 6 trash. I’ve made so many friends because of this movie, and I’m so honored to be a part of such a kind fandom that’s taught us so many wonderful things. 

It’s quite clear now, a year later, that a lot of us are never givin’ up on you.

A mix about and for reiconcorps’s Kagehina Olympics AU about the Olympics and more importantly winning and celebrating their victory.

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1. We are the Champions. Queen / 2. We will rock you. Queen / 3. Tongue Tied. Grouplove / 4. Eye of the Tiger. Survivor / 5. Harder,Better,faster,Stronger. Daft Punk / 6. We’re not Gonna fall. Daughtry / 7. Celebration. Kool and the Gang / 8. ready to go. Panic!At The disco / 9. Fly. Nicki Minaj / 10. Gonna Fly Now. Bill Conti / 11. The Final Countdown. Europe. / 12. Imagination. SPYair

Even if they come for us,
Everything it turns to dust,
You and I are never going down,

Bullets and the bombs of love,
Go ahead and fire at us,
We are never givin’ up,

The Script Sentence Starters (Part Two)
  • “We don’t even know where we’re going”
  • “Have you ever met a man who never loved at all?”
  • “I could burn your ear off all about space”
  • “Together we make the perfect storm”
  • “Be a champion”
  • “She’s been dreaming about it since she was a girl”
  • “What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?”
  • “You’re the only angel in my life”
  • “Only they can see where this is gonna end”
  • “I’m sitting here trying to persuade you”
  • “I still don’t know where to start”
  • “This is why we fall down and get back up again”
  • “She’s showing me mercy as much as she can”
  • “I’ve been broken hearted”
  • “There’s no starting over”
  • “I’m sitting with you and I’m glowing”
  • “The higher they are the bigger they fall”
  • “All I’ve seen, all I’ve heard, when it comes to you there are no words”
  • “You’re like the wind, I’m like the rain, together we both make hurricanes”
  • “At some point every rose has to die”
  • “I’m falling to pieces”
  • “I know I don’t fit in that much”
  • “They all think I’m crazy but to me it’s perfect sense”
  • “I wish you could give me the cold shoulder”
  • “Still talk about you like it was yesterday”
  • “You give until there’s nothing to give”
  • “I’ll take whatever’s left of your heart”
  • “The band was playing our song”
  • “We’re doing our best”
  • “It’s the way we feel”
  • “Already know you’re moving on”
  • “If she changes her mind, this is the first place she will go”
  • “You won’t tell me”
  • “Listen close for I’m not smart”
  • “You just can’t hide the pain”
  • “We ain’t got two words to say”
  • “I’m a man on a mission”
  • “I’m never givin’ up ‘til my heart stops beatin’”
  • “Make any old excuses not to go”
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Spag Heddy Never Givin Up