never give me a caffeine

Coffee Shop AU

Courfeyrac, borderline addicted to coffee, getting stress headaches from withdrawal. Only Combeferre, favourite customer, can relieve it.

Montparnasse, marked so low on customer interaction, but his coffee art is amazing. His hands work miracles.
He also totally nearly threw a skinny-wet-decaf- extra hot- latte at someone before AngelCosette™ calmed him down.

Grantaire, the hungover student that crouches down by the heater with an espresso hiding from the early morning customers.
(apart from the tall blonde one)

Bousset, the one that ALWAYS finds questionable fluids in the bathroom, and always draws the short straw to clean it up.

TerminallyDone™ Manager Valjean, looking at his staff and sighing.

“How does Ambient look, Grantaire?”

Cosette who spends so long doing the dishes she starts to talk to them.

Give me the side-eyed aggrieved glances when the words ‘decaf flat white’ are spoken aloud

I see so many fluffy Coffee Shop AU’s, and as a Barista I just have to shake my head.
It is nowhere near that romantic, and the queue disappearing is never that convenient.
Give me cynical, caffeine addicted Amis. Give me death-glare-for-awkward-customer Minette.
Give me real life Coffee Shop happenings!!!!!

Energy Drink

Title: Energy Drink

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Part 2

Request: alexstarnes1701 asked: Can you do a story where Dean gives the reader an energy drink for the first time and she does not normally drink caffeine so she gets super hyper and he kisses her to calm her down?

Words: 1,979

Warnings: none that I can think of.

Side Note: I wasn’t sure if you wanted the reader and Dean to be together so I made them both single. Also, sorry it’s kind of crap :/

Don’t forget to leave your own idea! :)

“Hey, I’m going for a food run, what do you guys want?” Dean asked as he walked into the library where you and Sam were currently trying to figure out a case that wasn’t far from the bunker.

“Um, just a coffee.” Sam spoke, rubbing his eyes. You two had been up all night trying to figure out what it was that was killing locals and so far you hadn’t come up with squat.

“Alright, (Y/N)?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh, uhm, I’m good I guess.” You let out a yawn. “Thanks though.”

“You sure?” He asked, noting the fact you yawned.

“Yep.” You nodded as you turned back to the book you were looking at. You had a problem with caffeine. You didn’t normally drink it, but when you did, you got really hyper and could never shut up. It usually pissed the people around you off.

“Alright.” He said as he walked up the stairs and left.

Sam gave you a look and you just shrugged. “You sure you don’t want some coffee or something? You’ve been up longer than me.”

“I said I was good, Sam.” You gave him a tight smile and turned back to your book.

You guys sat in silence as you continued your research. You knew you’d pass out soon if you didn’t get some kind of caffeine in your system, but you didn’t want to annoy Sam or Dean either. You decided that you’d stay up for a bit longer, finish looking through this book, then go to bed.

“I’m back.” You heard Dean call after about half an hour later.

“Finally.” Sam commented as he walked over to Dean and took the coffee from his hand.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Dean called. You looked up at him with tired eyes. “I gotcha something.” He said as he pulled what looked like an energy drink out of the bag.

“Dean-“ You started.

“Oh come on. You look like your about to pass out.” He said as he opened it up and handed it to you. “Atleast try it.”

You hesitantly took the can out of his hand and brought it up to your lips. You took a sip. It left a slight burning and tingling feeling as it went down your throat. It didn’t taste half bad either. “Thanks.” You said as you took another sip.

In less than ten minutes, you had finished the last drop of your beloved energy drink and you were flipping through the pages in the book faster than you could normally read. You were tired of sitting around. You wanted to do something, go somewhere, anything but sit in this boring old bunker.

You were shaking your leg as you glanced around the room. Sam was calmly reading his book and Dean was looking at what you assumed was a porn magazine in the corner. You let out a sigh as you looked back down at your book and tried to focus on the print. It was something about a demon, but you couldn’t fully focus on it.

You let out another sigh and this caused Sam to look up at you. He glanced over at Dean whom had also noticed your sudden change in mood. They shared an unspoken word and Dean nodded. “Hey, (Y/N).” He said as he put his magazine down.

“What’s up?” You replied all too quickly.

There was a look of surprise on Dean’s face. “Uh, how about we go for a ride?” He offered.

The idea excited you. You wanted desperately to get out of this bunker. “Sounds great.” You said not missing a beat. You jumped up and grabbed your jacket and darted up the stairs faster than Dean could stand up.

You jumped into the Impala and sighed deeply as you watched Dean walk as slow as possible to get into the car. “Took you long enough, grandma.” You said as he hopped in.

He gave you a look and turned back to starting the car. As you left, you wanted to turn on the music, but at the same time, you didn’t. You just wanted to tell Dean everything that was on your mind. “Why do demons exist?” You suddenly asked.

The question seemed to surprise Dean as he swerved a bit as he drove. “I’m not sure.” He replied.

“I mean, why does anything exist?” You blabbed on, not even noticing his response. “How were humans created? I mean, I know that whole thing with God and the angels, but is it really true? And if so, why would God send Lucifer to the pit when he could’ve just locked him up in angel heaven? I mean, wouldn’t that have stopped demons from existing? Or would they exist regardless?” You continued to talk to Dean about why you didn’t understand why demons existed. He didn’t say anything. He just listened. Not like you gave him a chance to speak until you pulled up to a bar.

“Well, (Y/N), I’m not really sure about any of it. All I know is we hunt them for a living. You want a drink? I sure as hell could use one.” He said as he got out of the car.

You quickly followed. You walked inside of the place that looked old and broke up on the outside, but not half bad on the inside. Dean lead you to the bar and you sat next to him as you continued to talk. “What about other monsters? I mean, did God create them? Or did they just magically appear?”

You weren’t really keeping your voice down and Dean noted that you were receiving odd looks from people around the bar. “(Y/N), maybe this isn’t the place to talk about it.” He mumbled.

You looked over at him. “Why?”

“Because you never know who’s listening.” He replied as he motioned for the bar tender to come over.

He ordered himself and you a drink while you looked around the place. It wasn’t that bad looking, compared to some of the places you guys had been to. You saw a guy eyeing you with lustful eyes and it made you a bit uncomfortable. You turned back to Dean to distract yourself.

“So,” You began, your voice a bit lower this time. “Sam and I think we could be looking at a vengeful spirit. We took a look at some of the vics and saw that they all shared one person in common. A girl named Jennifer Waters. She was murdered and her case was never solved.”

“Alright. Makes sense, but what would the vics have done to get her killed?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, but we have one more person to figure out what happened. A woman named-“ You were cut off by someone placing their hand on your shoulder. You jumped and looked over your shoulder to see the same guy who had been eyeing you.

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing here all alone?” He smirked.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but we walked in together.” You said as you pointed towards Dean who was sitting up a bit straighter now.

“Come on, baby.” The guy winked at you. “I can show you a good time.” He grabbed your hand and tried to pull you away.

Dean stood up and placed his hand on the guys arm. “It’d be a good idea if you let go.” He said, glaring at the guy.

They shared a glaring stand off as you stood up and in-between them. “Come on, Dean. Let’s just go.” You said as you pulled on his arm.

You laid a twenty down on the bar as you and Dean left. You were walking back to the car when you started talking again. “God, why do guys have to be like that? I clearly wasn’t interested and besides, he looked like a sack of raptor twats. Not to mention the fact that he used one of the oldest pick up lines in all of history. I just don’t get it. Are some people just that desperate that they have to resort to using pick up lines from the 50s? You use old pick up lines some times but at least you have the decency to walk away when a girls not interested. It pisses me off how some guys think that if a girl says no, it means yes. Like seriously-“ You were cut off by a pair of lips being pressed against yours.

At first you didn’t respond. You were too busy wandering what the hell was going on. Last you noticed, you were ranting about the guy, now Dean was kissing you. You soon realized what was happening and butterflies went off in your stomach. You had waited for this moment since you met the Winchesters.

You had always had a thing for Dean. At first, it was nothing but a mere crush. You two constantly flirted, but it didn’t really mean anything. Then you guys got closer and he started to let you see the other side of him. The caring, scared side that he didn’t let anyone see. Then it got to the point were you two would stay up all night talking about anything but nothing. You had realized just how hard you had fallen for him when he went to hell. It was terrible. You felt as if a piece of you were missing that you couldn’t replace. When he came back, you were so happy to have him back, that you refused to tell him your feelings for him out of fear of loosing him again.

He pulled away just as quickly as he had pulled in. You both just stood there, speechless. You had no idea what that kiss meant to him, but you prayed to whatever god there was, that he felt something for you. Even if it wasn’t the love you felt for him, you would take a one night fling if that was all he was willing to give. “What was that for?” The words left your mouth before you could stop them.

“Remind me to never give you caffeine again.” He smirked.

That hurt a little. You thought the kiss meant nothing more to him than getting you to shut up. You knew you shouldn’t of drank that stupid energy drink. You had annoyed Dean so much that he had to get you to shut up somehow that he kissed you and gave you false hopes. You nodded slightly and tried to ignore the pain you felt in your heart.

You quickly walked away from him and got into the Impala. You couldn’t stand there with him looking at you, it hurt too much. All he wanted was for you to stop talking. He didn’t want you like you wanted him. You felt your eyes water up at the thought. You looked up at the roof of the car and blinked away the tears. There was no way you were going to cry in front of him.

He got in the car and glanced at you, but you refused to meet his eyes. Instead, you turned your head to look out the window, not knowing what Dean was truly thinking. How he was now afraid that he had pushed you away. That he had gone too far. He had hoped you felt the same as him when he felt you kiss him back, but he assumed he was mistaken. That he was just too happy to actually feel you kissing him back, to not consider what that actually meant to you. He knew you had been around the block, but he assumed you would’ve only kissed him if you meant it. He just concluded that he needed to get his head out of the clouds and realize that you probably only thought of him as a friend.