never getting over this dance scene

Emma and Regina standing side by side, loving smiles on their faces, watching their son dance with his girlfriend; Regina realizing that she doesn’t need to worry about raising Henry alone because Emma is there with her; the lighting is soft, they both look happy and beautiful while “In My Dreams” plays in the background.

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What is your favourite scene in Tangled?

I don’t have a single favorite scene, but here are some of my tops:

  • The Campfire
  • Kingdom Dance
  • Realization and Escape
  • I See the Light
  • When Maximus is tracking Eugene at the Snuggly Duckling (I will never get over him pushing people aside without changing the elevation of his torso. XD That horse literally defies physics.)
  • I’ve Got a Dream
  • The Cave
  • The Tear Heals

I think I have more favorite moments then just favorite scenes in general, but yeah.

There’s a scene between Regina and Mary Margaret and Mary Margaret says, ‘What about all the parties that we used to have?’ And [Regina says], ‘Yeah, your father danced with you all the time. He chose to dance with you over me,’ and Regina pretty much sat in a corner watching everyone else have a grand old time and Regina’s never danced at a ball. So, we’re going to see her first experience in this and who actually teaches her the moves,” Lana continued. “It’s really light-hearted. She doesn’t know how to dance, and David – Prince Charming – is going to show her how to dance, and so there’s a really sweet scene between David, Regina and Mary Margaret.

Lana Parrilla on a scene from 5x02.

This is going to get me all teary eyed no doubt - I love that there is going to be a touching moment between these three.

The signs as Fall Out Boy singles and albums (based on release dates)
  • Aries: Dead On Arrival, Sugar We're Goin Down, Thnks Fr Th Mmmrs, Save Rock And Roll (Album)
  • Taurus: The Take Over, The Break's Over, Take This to Your Grave, From Under the Cork Tree
  • Gemini: A Little less 16 candles, a Little More "Touch Me", Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet
  • Cancer: The Phoenix
  • Leo: Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy, Alone Together
  • Virgo: Centuries, I'm Like a Lawyer with the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You), I Don't Care
  • Libra: Dance Dance, What a Catch Donnie, Immortals
  • Scorpio: Young Volcanoes, Believers Never Die - Greatest Hits
  • Sagittarius: Saturday, American Beauty/American Psycho (song), Carpal Tunnel of Love, Folie à Deux
  • Capricorn: This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race, America's Suitehearts, Uma Thurman, Irresistible,
  • Aquarius: My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up), Infinity On High, American Beauty/American Psycho (album)
  • Pisces: Fall out boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend. that's it. we're always at the end of posts, we have the fish thing, and now this. what did we do to deserve this.

Jaspenor scenes [1/?]

I will never get over this scene. Slow dancing is such an intimate thing to do, and they way they’re staring at each other kills me each time. But, my favourite part of this scene is when Jasper looks away, because it’s too much, he’s feeling too much, and it’s a very un-Jasper thing to do, showing a vulnerable side of him in front of Len. It’s like in this moment he realizes that this is not about the con, it’s not about anything other than this girl. On the other side, Eleanor is the female version of Jasper in many ways, she always puts a mask on and shows no signs of weakness when she’s with him, she acts like she is always in control of the situation. But, right there, when she’s just looking into his eyes, you can see the real her, small, broken and insecure, she’s just a girl dancing with a boy and memorizing every part of his face. I think this is one of the most important moments of their relationship, for me this is when they both went: I might be a little bit in love with this person.

jammin’ my heart out to ‘naagin dance’... 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

#yo man i can’t stop watching this scene #i love it so much #the dancing  #how much fun anika is having  #svetlana’s boss attitude #tia surreptitiously clapping along #RUDRA’S FACE DURING THE WHOLE THING #shivaay’s reactions #“DIMAAG KHARAAB HO GAYA HAI ISKA” #pfffffffft #enjoy the show bitch #your wife looks hot af #ok time for me to rewatch  #and gif the best parts

Olicity Fanfic Recommendations

Hi, guys!
As usually you get my fanfiction highlights of the last week.

Can I have this danceby @alanna-the-lionheart - Oliver shows Felicity that even though she may never walk again, they can still have their first dance. Takes place two weeks after 4x10.
Really great!

Perfect mix of both of us by @foreverfelicityqueen​ - Oliver realizes once more that Mona is the perfect mix of Felicity and him.
So cute!

Unnamed dialogue-only fic by @yespleasehawkeye​ - Felicity and Oliver talk about the consequences of their daughter’s broken arm.

The one who watches over meby @queensoverwatch - Felicity gets Oliver to tell her how he came up with her codename.
This scene should have been there!

You’re mine by @smoaksgreenarrow - When Oliver sees Felicity wearing one of John’s shirts, he doesn’t like it.
I love fics like this!

Unnamed fic by @dust2dust34 - When Oliver climbs into the shower with his ex-girlfriend, old feelings wake.
I loved it! Surprising ending!

Unnamed fic by @arrowheadproductions - Although Felicity had started to accept that she is paralyzed, sleep reminds her of what it could be like and what has been taken from her.
Really great!

Thanks to all the great writers for their work!

If you want to be included, just tag me or send me links to your fics, and I’ll check them out (even if it might take some time).

You can find all my recs here. If you ever need them, the link is in the sidebar of my blog.

Day 8 – High School

Pairings: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Rating: K

Words: 8769

Inspired By: Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy (Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker), Be My Baby (The Ronnettes), Save the Last Dance (as covered by Michael Buble)

Notes: I’ve wanted to do this one for ages so I’m so thankful I finally have an excuse to write this super cliché performing arts school au. I’ve wanted to do them as dance partners since someone posted on the tag about them as partners on So You Think You Can Dance. I really, really wanted to do that but describing full dance scenes is too difficult for someone who hasn’t danced in years and years and nowhere near the level of that show. So I compromised and came up with this one instead. I had to pick ballet of course one of the types of dance I never did take (but I can see Mikasa performing ballet so beautifully) so forgive me for my glossing over of certain details to get around the fact I have a very basic level of the details of that dance. I did take swing but it was years ago so again forgive anything I may misremember. The title is from “Save the Last Dance” as covered by Michael Buble.


Can’t You Feel It When We Touch

Mikasa practically ran up to the announcement board in the dance department, the place that announced parts, shows, awards, and in this case the pairing list for her ballet class. The one that would determine who her partner was for the spring showcase auditions. She could barely eat this morning she was too excited to see who Miss Ral paired her with.

The white paper labeled “Ballet II: Pairing Assignment” was hanging there on the board with no one even around for Mikasa to fight her way through. She held her bag tight on her shoulder as she looked right at the top for Ackerman, Mikasa. She held her breathe as she followed the dotted lines over to the next column. She expected it to Jean; he was the best male in class, and she figured naturally Miss Ral would put them together for something that was so important.

Mikasa’s heart sank when she saw the name that was there. It wasn’t Jean, it wasn’t anyone she would’ve dreamed Miss Ral would pair Mikasa with. No, it had to be a mistake that was the only way. It had to be.

She held her bag on her shoulder, as close to her as she could as she weaved through the hall as it filled with other dance students just getting out of their own classes. Thankfully the school kept all the departments together so she didn’t have to go too far to find the dance department’s offices. Miss Ral had to still be there, she only just put the assignment list up on the board ten minutes ago probably. She had to be there. Mikasa couldn’t go to class without getting this resolved. It already had her stomach in angry, anxious knots. There just had to be some kinda mistake.

She turned into the area where the instructor offices were and even though the girl in the front office waved to Mikasa, she only kept walking. She couldn’t think of anything but resolving this situation. She had to or she’d be completely ruined in her school career. Mikasa breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Miss Ral’s door open, the petite auburn haired woman sitting behind her desk already dressed for their class in a few minutes.

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Wow I can’t believe today’s the last day… =( So saddening…

Day seven: Romance headcanon?
A: Hmm… Magnus and Alec will occasionally dance in the same manor that Magnus and Etta did in the fifties, but will dance together even when Alec is old and gray. (Even if Magnus has to hold him bridal style.)

Not really a romance headcanon, but I wanna share it anyway. Max followed Alec to Magnus’s one night. Magnus and Max bonded over comic books and manga and swore to never tell anyone about Alec and Magnus’s relationship. He took that secret to the grave, which is why Alec gets a little emotional when he sees Magnus messing with his comics and manga. (I’ve been seriously wanting something like this to be canon damnit!)

Scene in the TV show that wasn’t in the books
A: Either Malec’s first kiss (and date possibly?)or my headcanon with Max. It’s just… FEELS!!!!!!!!!!