never getting over these two tbh

As someone who’s been in a long, LONG term relationship and whose family has made a decently big deal out of waiting to get married, the concept that two people can meet and within two years say “Yes. This is the person I want to marry.” with enough certainty to go out and make a multi-thousand dollar purchase and then sink even more money into a ceremony… That is legitimately terrifying to me.

My mom waited over ten years before saying she’d be comfortable with my step-dad proposing. My dad was best friends with my stepmom for years before they got married. My parents were never married to each other.

I’ve been with my bf for almost nine years, and I’m still terrified of the thought of marrying him.

I legitimately can’t wrap my head around people who can do it in two.

Sometimes it truly baffles me and I sit here in awe that a character like Sameen Shaw really exists in the TV landscape. She’s literally like walking representation. I mean a woman of color with a canon personality disorder and canonly likes both genders. She’s all of this wrapped in one smol 5'3 woman like it’s so wild. Plus she’s not some side character either, she was a main and we got to see her grow and see how she views the world and others.

It’s rare to find characters that are that heavily complex. And not only was she all of that but she was never villianized for anything. She was the biggest hero out there tbh. Not to mention mentally strong as hell. That still gets me. Yes she was physically strong too but her mental capacity was just out of this world. I’m still not over her having to endure 7k simulations when the average person wouldn’t be able to even get through one or two. Let alone 7k. Idk I have doubts that she’s human sometimes. But she would’ve done whatever to protect her team and that’s just so admirable.

Plus other little things like the way she eats. It’s amazing; she’ll eat steak off a knife or tear a sandwich completely apart and not give a fuck what anyone thinks. Proper etiquette be damned (actual Shaw dialogue probably).

And also her love of dogs is precious. She’d probably buy ten dogs and would prefer to live like that forever honestly.

What I’m saying is, Sameen Shaw is a fuckin amazing character and catch me still screaming about her 10 years from now. It’s more likely than you think.

Knowing that rooster teeth always planned to kill off Pyrrha like this just makes all the time they wasted focusing on Jaune all the more irritating tbh.

Like, who is Pyrrha to Nora and Ren? What kind of relationship did she have with them? What did they talk about when they hung out, what did they have in common, or disagree on? Did she get along better with Nora then Ren, or vice versa? We don’t know. We don’t know because Pyrrha never has a single scene of just interacting with her teammates who aren’t named Jaune Arc. 

Instead of wasting screentime on Jaune being bullied or Jaune ignoring Weiss’ consent, they should have fleshed out Pyrrha over the last two volumes. Shown us how she got along with everyone, not just her other two teammates, but also Ruby! Ruby is the one who is there to witness her death, whose emotional reaction to it triggers her hidden power. Pyrrha’s relationship with Ruby should have been very fleshed out to give that moment maximum impact. 

What kind of relationship did Pyrrha and Ruby have? What did Ruby think of her? They were friends, i guess? They seemed to get along ok when their teams hung out? We don’t have a single scene of the two of them interacting one on one, just talking, something that really would have helped us feel for Ruby when she watched Pyrrha die.

Make Pyrrha a really developed character, Instead of basically a prop for Jaune. Even in her death, of her team, only Jaune’s sadness is shown. We don’t see Nora or Ren grieve. We don’t see how they feel about this besides being willing to journey with Ruby and Jaune to get some answers. 

In the end, when Jaune is Pyrrha’s only fleshed out relationship, it feels like she was just a prop for Jaune’s hero journey. Even if they always planned to kill her they could have set it up and done it in a way that doesn’t feel like the writers are just setting up for yet another Jaune story arc (this time with manpain!) in volume 4.

Topp Dogg: dating B-Joo would include

▪ let’s just get right into this tbh you’d have to deal with his nonstop screaming 

▪ WOW 

▪ “Byungjoo oppa, please make us some popcorn? The movie’s about to start” “wow so I’m gonna have to be the one to get up, WOW, y/n”

 ▪ but it’s all good bc you can never stay mad at him 

▪ you’ve completely accepted Hansol as your third wheel in the relationship

 ▪ much to Joo’s complaining 

 ▪ Hansol would come and sit between you two sometimes and you’d just scoot over and let him cuddle the heck outta Byungjoo tbh 

▪ and he’d just be looking at you like “help me wtf is wrong with you" 

▪ you being their biggest shipper and him always rolling his eyes at you whenever you "awww” at them 

 ▪ him also rolling his eyes and blushing whenever you call him cute 

 ▪ “I’m not cute, y/n, I’m a man…” “Ok cutie" 

▪ sitting you down between his legs as he tells you about his day 

 ▪ going to the most random, crazy dates

 ▪ and you’d still have the best time 

▪ this boy would know he would marry you from the first time he laid eyes on you tbh 

▪ and he makes this be known as he always makes jokes about you two living together in the future

 ▪ and how your children are gonna take after him and be hella good looking 

 ▪ but he stops talking mid-scetence sometimes bc he doesn’t wanna freak you out or scare you away to be talking about the future like that 

▪ him being completely fascinated with your hair 

 ▪ loves how soft and nice it feels when he runs his fingers through it as you lay your head on his chest 

 ▪ v v protective of you, esp in public and always needs to keep a hand on you somewhere

 ▪ not a big fan of PDA just because he’ll be a blushing mess if you even brush aside his hair

 ▪ but he’s always content holding your hand and kissing your knuckles 

 ▪ loves it when you get along with other members and always plans crazy adventures with them 

▪ sometimes asking him to sing you to sleep bc his voice is so soft and soothing 

 ▪ loves to hold your face with both hands when he’s kissing you, also loves it when you tug on his hair (he’ll always moan but deny it)

 ▪ teaching you some words or phrases in Korean if you’re not fluent

 ▪ cherish this boy until the day you die or else Hansol will make sure that day will come faster than you think 💖

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Dating Taekwoon would Include
  • N to the O when it come to PDA 
  •  if it gets too crowded ; he’ll pull you as close as he can & make sure you don’t get bumped into or lost
  • A wild blushing Leo appears
  • ‘Shut up’
  • I didn’t say a word !
  • Will give you a death glare if you tease him 
  • Probably make the members sit 2215452 cm away from you
  • ‘Germs’
  • Would genuinely be happy if you get along well with them though
  • Possessive small actions
  • When you are around the members or ANY human tbh he is likely not to initiate any skin-ship unless he feel protective & jealous then he’ll be all over you 
  • Being a bit too friendly for Leo’s taste with N
  • Sending lasers from miles away toward you two If stares could kill , N would be done for
  • Would never admits that he’s jealous 
  • Leo said he gives his all once in a relationship so be ready to be spoiled to the core
  • but still  would Ignore you 100% of the time for a kid or a cat tbh
  • Have to save Ken & Hyuk from getting murdered after they teased him
  • Ravi to the rescue because there is no way you can stop him alone
  • Pokerface
  • Trying to make him laugh, but failing most of the time
  • Acting cute
  • “Don’t”
  • “No”
  • Ok fine
  • Playing a game with the members 
  • Let’s say you’re betting on who can do a handstand better
  • Oops your shirt falls down & too much of skin is showing for leo’s liking
  • Leo would LITERALLY tackle you 
  • and when you look at him , he’ll be like ‘What”
  • Sassy Taekwoon
  • Will tease the hell out of you , just to see your reaction
  • Will NEVER let you live something down 
  • -I thought you were the cool one
  • Unless it clearly makes you uncomfortable bc he’s a sweetheart
  • Shy ‘ I love you’
  • Secret giggles
  • His shy smile with half moon eyes
  • Or When his cheekbones goes up and he gets few wrinkled , he just turn into a ray of sunshine and omg
  • ‘ I just saw an angel’
  • Turn into a burrito
  • In private
  • Back hugs and a lot of them
  • snuggling , snuggling
  • Long peaceful cuddling sessions 
  • Make you sit btw his legs or on his lap
  • Putting his head in the crook of your neck
  • Little pecks 
  • or
  • Passionate making out
  • Leo got no chill
  • Staring across the room 
  • Temple kisses
  • Bites Hamster Leo
  • Dates
  • Before a date if it’s it cold , he’ll make sure you’re wearing 10121456 layers of clothes & you’ll be like ARE YOU SERIOUS
  • Coffee dates
  • Where you enjoy a little chitchat or just the comfortable silence
  • Arcade dates
  • Ok fine he MAY let you win once in awhile but you’ll for sure have a blast
  • Sport dates
  • Taekwoon is a competitive kitten so be prepared to play that game like your life depends on it , specially if the members play with you
  • He’d go from 0 to 100
  • Loud Leo
  • Babysit his nephew date 
  • & yeah will forget about you 
  • Send you LOTS of pictures of his cute nephew
  • Karaoke 
  • Blasting  to Trey Songz
  • You complimenting him on his singing
  • Him turning into a mess
  • High note battle
  • Homes dates
  • Netflix & Ramyeon
  • Cooking for you or together
  • Or jut sitting there each one doing their own things , just enjoying each other company
  • Pet store date , just so he’ll look at the them bc why not
  • -Can we get a pet ?
  • -Taekwoon we already have 2 dogs
  • Buys one anyways
  • Lots of naps
  • Hair flips 
  • Hiding under the table  and apologies 50% of the time whenever you  shower him with compliments 
  • ‘I’m sorry ‘
  • Him purposely putting your stuff on the top shelf to make you feel short and so that you’ll beg him to help you get it down
  • Fanboying over
  • Trey Songz
  • Park Hyosin
  • Random backhugs
  • Cute sneezes
  • Studio worm
  • Make you listen to what he composed & nervously watch each of your reaction
  • Sighs, lots of sighs
  • Unspoken communication
  • Acting all silly and he’ll just like stare at you
  • Always being about trusting each other
  • Contact you whenever he can while on Tour
  • Mostly listen to you talking 
  • Respond softly
  • Getting you souvenirs from each place he has been to
  • Couple stuff
  • Not too extravagant , probably couple rings & mugs
  • Taekasso
  • A cold-cool-chic guy , Leo cry the most badly out all the members so be GENTLE with /to him 
  • He’ll also take care of you like you were the most precious person on earth 
  • FoOd
  • Poking his cheeks when he’s glaring at someone 
  • Lullabies 
  • Pillow talk
  • having a very deep and meaningful conversations
  •  Bold Taekwoon when he wants to
  • Smirks & inappropriate lip bites ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • This kitten is quite the perfectionist so you’ll need to remind him to tone it down a little & it’s ok to mess up
  • Cute pouts
  • Hamster Leo
  • Taekwoon with beanies
  • Finds it abso-freaking-lutely cute if you wear his shirt
  • Catching him staring at you & he’ll just blush and smile
  • At times he looks like he’s planning to run the world
  • Taekwoon’s laugh
  • FoOd

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That post reminded me of all of the times people have been shocked when I say I've never seen White Christmas or It's A Wonderful Life and when I tell them I'm Jewish they always go "Ok but you don't have to be CHRISTIAN to enjoy WHITE CHRISTMAS" and might be right about that??? But also why do I need to feel guilty about not seeing a movie about a holiday that already gets shoved in my face every year??? So I've decided I'm never going to watch those two movies ever.

Hell yeah, I love old Christmas movies! And 50s Christmas music (mostly written by Jews tbh)! Like I have no gripe over Christmas, so long as you acknowledge it’s not everybody’s holiday. It’s pretty! 

The time I almost died because of a white girl

I’ve spent most of my life living in a neighborhood where my family was the only black family, all my friends were white and I was just living in a winter wonderland with all the white I was surrounded by. So I was always doing crazy shit but I will never forget the day I almost lost my life fucking with these one of these bitches yo. I was in 6th grade. I go over one of my white friend’s Cassidy’s house. Tbh I only went over to her house because her parents let us eat all the snacks we wanted and you know in a black home snacks are proportioned like shit. You get one or two snacks a day and that’s it so going to her house was lit. Any ways, around 8 o'clock pm Cassidy is like, “omg I’ve always wanted to check out that abandoned house that’s down the street.” Now I’m thinking, “this girl thinking we in a Disney Halloween marathon” but i just said, “nah Cass I’m straight, you know black peoples die first in horror movies” Cass apparently thought I was joking and was like, “haha you’re so superstitious. It’s right down the street if anything happens we just run home.” Idk how Cass did it but somehow she persuaded my dumb ass to follow her. We go to this big abandoned house which no one has clearly stepped on in years. Immediately I knew I fucked up but it was too late Cass had already entered the house. I couldn’t leave her behind because I knew if she died I was a prime suspect. Anyways, so I follow Cass in the house and I see that this bitch in the kitchen and had already set up lit candles on the ground calling dead spirits n shit. So I walk to the kitchen like “ummm cass……wyd?” Cass replies with her eyes closed, “shh I’m trying to communicate with my dog and uncle Kevin.” I’m thinking, “with all due respect lil white hoe I’m not trying to end up like your dog and uncle Kevin.” As soon as I get ready to blow out the candles and bring Cass dumb ass home the floor creaks and the doors from upstairs suddenly shut loudly. You ain’t even have to tell me twice I was out of that bitch. I was running fast as shit. But while I was running I tripped and fucked up my legs really bad but I didn’t even notice at the time because my life was the line. Cass was taking her happy ass time packing her shit back in her bag but no not me. I was gone. Fuck it, I’ll just go to jail if something happened to her because this bitch obviously don’t value her life like I did with mine. When my dad comes picks me up he sees my leg and goes crazy. He asks me what happened and I couldn’t even think of a lie so I tell him the truth. My dad says, “see I told your mom to stop letting you go over these lil white girls house now they got you communicating with Casper and shit. I’m gon’ take you to the emergency room to get your leg looked at but just know that when we get home Ima beat your ass.” And indeed when we got home that night that nigga wasn’t kidding, he really beat my ass. I never went back to Cassidy’s house again. All because I wanted some snacks smh.

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So I know you have a betta and I was wondering if you knew what a Bumble Bee betta was? I saw two of them at petco and fell in love but I don't really wanna get one from petco

A bumble bee? Never heard of one and google has nothing, so if I had to guess, its just a name the gave to a yellow and black marble. Which sounds adorable tbh, but a warning right up front. Marble bettas change colors over time. Like alot in some cases. Which I personally think is cool, but if its say one of their expensive bettas cause of its colors, it would suck if two months later its completely different from what you wanted.

Now petco…depending on your petco, honestly I say go for it. The petco near me has gorgeous healthy bettas and theyve been improving their care for them alot in the past few years and I want to encourage that. Especially since their bettas are in WAY better shape then any of the other small LFS around me.

If your petco is neglecting their bettas, get a pic and see if you can find a place you can complain to corporate. Because I do think they are trying to get better. Ive notice a jump in quality of their fish products lately too, so heres hoping this trend continues.

Just really look over the health of the fish before getting it. Are they underweight? Bloated? Not swimming right? Dont get any of those unless you are prepared to treat them and know that they might not make it. Personally ive never had any serious issues with petco bettas, but like I said, the one near me is really good.

But if you want to get from a breeder and have the money (like…100 dollars for the fish and shipping) then check aquabid or ive heard good things about

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The Vampire Diaries

send me a tv series and I’ll tell you:

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: Stefan Salvatore
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: Bonnie Bennett
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: Elena Gilbert
  • a character I’m indifferent about: Jeremy
  • a character who deserved better: STEFAN
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: Dullena
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: Stelena (2nd place: Forwood)
  • a cute, low-key ship: Steroline. Bonnie x Jeremy, sometimes Bonnie x Damon
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: Matt x Caroline
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: DULLENA
  • my favourite storyline/moment: Stelena love story, Caroline turning, Bonnie learning to own her powers, Elena’s survivors guilt, Stefan’s blood lust. Everything from the first two (maybe three) seasons tbh. Anything after 4x01 is garbage. 
  • a storyline that never should have been written: SIREBOND, (+ the millions of turning off the humanity switch storylines & Dullena relationship.)
  • my first thoughts on the show: Cheesy but good
  • my thoughts now: A steaming pile of garbage that treats its best characters like shit.

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BROOOO!!! KFNFJFNFMFJF OMFG. I honestly don't even know what to say, but I need to say something. A lot of confusion has been cleared up, and a lot of my questions have been answered.. But now I have even more new ones?? >.< I'm seriously hooked and in love with SRF, and I'm beyond excited to see what's going to happen, oh man fjfnfhjfbfn. Your writing just makes me so happy and I love reading it so much. Please don't ever stop writing, I won't be able to survive without it, okay? 💖💖💖

See, this is why i split the ‘explanation of the princes’ into two parts xD As much as i tried to clear up as much confusion as i felt you guys might have through Chapter 10, it started bordering on 10 pages as i was writing it, so i figured i should probably just split it all into two- then that way you guys (and myself tbh) wouldn’t get confused over all the details that i wanted to include! ;) But bro, I love you so much for loving SRF so much! (And just cause you’re the queen of the world in my eyes!) But Lets be honest, unless i become brain dead, i will never stop creating stories and sharing them with people! ;) I love you so much, boo!! ^3^ <3<3

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P.S I also just have to say that i am literally bouncing on my bed at this point, because i want to tell everyone literally every single detail of the plot, but i cant cause i dont want to give it away, but everyone’s started asking such good questions, and i keep forgetting you guys dont know the full plot yet so i cant let slip whats REALLY happening xD But OMG! I cant wait for you guys to find out!! :D :D :D (Anyway, im rambling, but remember i love you!) ;) <3

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Hey, sorry to be a bother, but can I request some headcanons about being in a fight with soda and/or how soda would be with a crush? Thanks...

YES!! YOU WOULD NEVER BOTHER ME. Im doing both for you. To make you happy. I hope you like it. ILY -E

🤜Being in a fight with soda🤛

🤜 You two never fight

🤜when you do it is full force screaming

🤜it is probably over something so little

🤜like not doing laundry or something

🤜You two will not talk for at least a few hours

🤜The gang try’s to fix it but it just gets worse

🤜Unless its Pony or Darry tbh

🤜When you two make up it’s all good

🤜You both agree it was stupid

🤜You and the gang are so happy you both made up

❤️How soda would be with a crush ❤️

❤️ He would act nervous

❤️He would be so nice

❤️Would most definitely say her name in his sleep

❤️The gang would make fun of him

❤️He would get all red

❤️He would always invite her to the house or the DX

❤️He would ask her to go to the dingo or movies

❤️They would have a great time

❤️The gang would come to watch

❤️He would give them death glares all night

❤️As they walked home he would ask her to be his girl

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the 100

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: bellamy blake
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: lincoln
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: oct*via (she used to be my fave)
  • a character I’m indifferent about: roan
  • a character who deserved better: bellamy, jasper, monty, lincoln, raven, wells and luna
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: lin*tavia, cl*a, ice*mech*nic
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: au!murphamy, braven, memori, anya/clarke
  • a cute, low-key ship: sea mechanic, bartender mechanic, kabby, niylah/clarke
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: briller, marper and rasper
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: jont*ri, doct*r mechanic, anything to do with oc*avia and murphy/raven
  • my favourite storyline/moment: uhhh….i dont know tbh i dont really have one, though i did really like season two the most even though it was confusing at times.
  • a storyline that never should have been written: murphy being raped, lincolns death scene being racist af and lexas death scene being fucking stupid. basically @season 3, wyd?
  • my first thoughts on the show: it took a little while to get into it but i get invested in characters very easily so…
  • my thoughts now: it has its issues but im a sucker for pain and torture so unpopular opinion im fine with it  though i understand why a lot of people arent and thats okay too.

I was obviously dreading my dentist appointment…bc I mean who likes the dentist and the last time I went was to get my wisdom teeth out so I was a couple months over due bc I was still traumatized from that event (my numbing meds didn’t work, but that’s a whole other story.)
Anyway, I have an infection under my gums, which I noticed that my guns were swollen but tbh I really just thought it was a pregnancy thing and nothing serious…boy was I wrong…and I couldn’t do anything about it today bc they say it takes insurance TWO WEEKS to get back to them about what they’ll cover…which I think is crazy bc I’ve never been to the doc where it took that long but they say said instead of electronic approval they have to wait for a letter in the mail…I’m like…that seems like ancient technology to me but okay.
Anyway now I’m having major anxiety bc they were saying the infection could cause preterm labor, great, just what I needed to be worried about.

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hi if ur doing drunk advice I could rlly use some advice on how to deal w heartbreak. My gf of two years broke up w me right before valentines and I'm a mess tbh Thank you💜💜

if ur still friends with them then u gotta cut off all ties. like sry I’ll never get over them!!
if not then just…block them on social media or delete them! don’t let urself see them. every time u think of them stop urself!! don’t let urself think of them!! all 5 of us agree!!

Like honestly I don’t think I’ll ever get over just how dang happy Ford is to have Fiddleford forgive him and call him his friend again.

I mean look at him.

He had resigned himself to Fidds hating him and he thought he’d never be worthy of his forgiveness and you can just see the sense of joy and relief he has over being proven wrong.

I think it can be said without a doubt that Fiddleford was one of the most important people in his life and they cared about each other deeply. So to have his friend back, to earn his forgiveness, and to have it all confirmed in an act that’s as simple and yet powerful as a hug…

It was a short scene and yet I still think it carried so much weight and meaning behind it.

#kconparis2016 - let me tell about the perfection that is leeteuk

okay so i never really made a post about it on here but two weeks ago i dragged my ass to paris and attended kcon!!! i’m still not over it tbh because let me tell you LEETEUK WAS AMAZING!!!

he was just absolutely perfect ;______; honestly he never stopped bowing, not that it would matter if he didn’t bow but i could feel how humble and grateful he was. what really impressed me too was how much french he spoke and i didn’t understand much but the crowd got so excited each time he said “merci!”, or “c’est cool!” or the other phrases he kept shouting. he just kept everyone excited and his energy was on fireeee

during the ending when all groups were on stage, he just went to every single section and bowed and waved and said “merci!” HE’S SO WONDERFUL I’M SO HAPPY I GOT THE CHANCE TO SEE THIS MAN

he was the last one to leave the stage and i gotta say i didn’t know about his throat problems until some days later when he mentioned it on sukira but during kcon he just shouted a lot and kept the energy and flow going fghjasmh gosh what a great mc ;___;

so i didn’t manage to get many good pictures because i was too busy screaming and internally crying but here are some fancams in case you want to see his amazingness ;___________; <33

park jungsoo aka leeteuk aka angel walking on earth is just so amazing and fun and kind and professional! please love him he deserves everything good in this world OK THAT’S IT THANKS FOR READING now look at this beauty right here

The Actual Signs as I've Encountered

Aries: happy, outgoing, loves to party. Likes drugs sometimes, not too much. Makes a really fun friend, not sure if very loyal tbh.

Taurus: stubborn, likes to put blankets over the Windows for utter darkness. Watches Netflix for two days straight and over eating. Lazy as fuck, but the house has to be clean first.

Gemini: manipulative to get what they want. Some are really anal about being clean, and some are so filthy they grow flowers. They make great conversation, they probably might cut you off sometimes, talk loud, talk over you, but they’re generally pretty nice, and always agreeable.

Cancer: I haven’t met a single crybaby cancer yet. The cancers I’ve met never shed a single tear. Some may have interest in cooking, some not. But usually they tend to stay at home, or would rather invite guests instead of leaving their home.

Leo: 0% self-absorbed. The Leo in my life is insecure however still proud. Leo will probably check 5 times every night to make sure dinner was good. Terrible at lying, and super cute little furry beasts. Also, don’t piss them off, they’re irrational and tend to rant.. and beat a dead horse

Virgo: Continuously throws witty comments and jokes at you. Does homework last minute, room disorganized, a giant pool of emotions. However, they’re helpful to their friends and never expect anything in return. Very reliable, and possess and strong, positive, work ethic.

Libra: Not always as outgoing as one would think. They might appear charming, but it’s really just nervousness on the inside. Libra is sincere, and tries not to gossip. Gossip may come to Libra, but your secret is always safe with them no matter how confused they get. Body soaps, shampoo, and lotion scents are very important to them.

Scorpio: sassy asshole that you can’t help but love. Their sarcasm is a God given gift. Scorpio is probably climbing over your shoulder laughing at the posts on your dashboard at this very moment. They do have a dark side. When angered, it’s best to stay away for a little bit until they cool off. They’re also loyal as fuck, your secret is safe with them. They also don’t wear pants around

Sagittarius: Sassy person, who likes Reddit, memes, and the internet way too much. They also probably have relationship issues, depending on each kind of Sagittarius, it kind of varies. Might end up traveling to every fucking country.

Capricorn: The biggest fucking tease in the world. But you know they only tease you because they love you. They are very responsible, however, and these people are fucking great, generous people. May be a bit of a cocky douche sometimes, but you still love them

Aquarius: fast temper, demands respect, and may stomp around the house when pissed off. Like, you think aries or Scorpio scary, you’ve got a big storm when you see an angry Aquarius. Besides their temper, they’re actually very loving and family oriented, and loves animals to death.

Pisces: awesome little scenie-weenie that develops a crush on the same boy every 4th of July. Probably has like one friend that REALLY knows them. Pisces is a fiesty little churro that probably is colorful like her collection of Crayons.

I hate working the Sunday morning shift bc we get these giant groups of church people for brunch and they fucking… pray loudly over their food and then barely tip… like, didn’t Jesus want you to be charitable… if you can afford a $60 brunch, can you afford to tip your server, me, who is only 19 and working two jobs and still barely getting by? can you maybe not go out to eat if you can’t afford to tip well? if there is a god, he’s NEVER gonna let poor tippers into heaven tbh I wonder if all the church people know that