never getting over that lucy is a human being that exists

Fairy Tail Chapter 529 Review

Let’s just get into: Teacher

COver page of Galuna, I like it.

So Acnologia (not shooting them down for some reason) follows after Blue Pegasus.

yes because to follow up the tension of being chased by the all powerful dragon, with ship pandering. It’s just like with Lucy being forced to strip and warm natsu while trying to make me affraid that he might die.

Also Erza’s Tits are the size of Wendy’s head… Great to know.

then she must’ve suffered from the lack of oxygen.

So Blue Pegasus tries to fight back. On the one hand I’m glad minor characters are doing something, but again this was never built up. BP hasn’t been a presence in this arc aside ichiya. This feels hollow.

Wow memory loss sure is selective. Okay Here’s my problem, I hate this twist, i despise it. 2 weeks ago, I stood up for the twist that August being Zeref’s son was good, and I stand by it. Because Hiro had, built up August, created clues that would questions Larcade’s claims of being the child, and genuinely got me off guard with all the clues in front of me. But this twist, I didn’t see it coming because it came from nowhere. None of this was ever alluded to being possible, we get Anna’s explanation of how she’s here but again, never were we given any clue this could happen. And the reason she is here is to be a deus ex machina. I want people to imagine this objectively, just the bare bones description, a monster seems unbeatable but a person we’ve never foreshadowed comes in with the answer to defeat them. Objectively that is not good writing. And It gets worse.

Really Anna? You did because…

looks like Igneel was the one who did that. This is one of my biggest problems with this retcon, by making Anna their caretaker that they don’t remember, you have weakened the ideas and sympathy of the bonds between the kids and their dragons. Now in the memories of Natsu’s heart it’s said Anna was close to them but it seemed to imply she was a friend while the dragons did the parenting, but now your telling me that one of only parenting aspects we knew about the dragons was wrong and that really they just seemed to exist to teach them Dragon Slaying Magic, wow thanks a lot for pissing on that.

We cut away to Gray and Lucy…

“Hurry to the guild, Natsu needs you” was more a suggestion apparently

You know Lucy, you’ve done nothing this arc. You’ve sat on your butt and did nothing. And now when you are need, you are crying over your man instead of actually finding an answer. God Damnit Lucy.

We cut to Natsu and Zeref Fighting

Zeref is becoming more and more transparently evil and Natsu stays as the only good thing this chapter

Back to Anna

No, that was what the dragons existed for, to be their parents, not you. You existed existed to open the gate. 

convenient wasn’t it. 

NO it was because you were a retcon that didn’t need to exist. If you were a real care taker maybe you should’ve, I don’t know, actually taken care of them, get them ready to fight acnologia, the whole reason their here in the first place. No, I’ll just leave them in the care of who ever they end up with.

Let’s just keep ripping off Rave Master at this point. If Natsu and Zeref fight in Star Memory, I swear to god…

Okay Why I’m so mad with Anna in this chapter, because I know where this is going, she exists to deliver us to a solution that was never built possible till now. But since she’s a side character related to a main character, she’s going to have a big emotional moment where she sacrifices her self or powers up or does something big and emotional and it will fall flat because it was to a character we just met and so it will feel hollow. OR she doesn’t die and gets happy ending with everyone else, which wow that suck on a side character we just introduced this arc gets a happy ending while doing nothing of value before.

Both these options are terrible, and lean toward the first is going to happen because it’s happen 3 times this arc and I’m sure it’ll be done again.

Also this key to beating Acnologia comes off as Hiro didn’t have faith himself to write a satisfying fight between the DS and Acnologia so he had to create an insta-kill. But hey understandable, but Hiro maybe you could’ve introduced this with another character. Say Zeref the one who’s been obsessed with time apparently, or DImaria the woman with the god of time in her, or maybe August the guy who knows about everything Zeref has in plan, but no, we had to bring in Anna. Why can’t you work with the characters you’ve made Hiro?

Post Chapter follow up: I think people have noticed my distaste for Anna, and it isn’t just because she’s a deus ex machina, but rather she just ruined the concept of the DS and their dragon parents, by saying she was their real caretaker. Fuck you Anna for ruining one of the best examples of FT’s theme of Family with those who aren’t related to you, because a dragon raising you even though it’s a completly different species, is dashed as they now seem like they existed to teach humans DS magic because they wanted to beat Acnologia.

She has no reason to be here and robs other characters of potential, but I can’t change what’s now been written so I will come in open to Anna next time because I was ready to do the same with Wendy Belserion, I didn’t like the twist but damn it, you introduced it, make it interesting.

Gray and Lucy’s interlude is just pointless and fills out the chapter. The time thing bothers me as outside of the eclipse arc, FT has no reason to involve time rifts or time travel. It worked in Rave Master because the underlining theme was Fate vs Free will. But FT would make more sense with its theme is the DS beat Acnologia because they worked together, their bonds and teamwork proved greater than blind destruction.

Pros this chapter, It is fun seeing Blue Pegasus fight back. Even though they weren’t foreshadowed, it is nice to have them do something.

Natsu vs Zeref looks like it’s coming to a close. I like how the more emotions Zeref is getting he’s becoming more psychotic as the contridiction curse is basically causes his thoughts to be in flux.

Final Verdict: 2/10

  • There is some good action
  • There is use of previous material, making feel like it’s important
  • The retcon does more harm than good
  • A very predictable finale is on the horizon
Dragon Tail

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K

Summary: Because a  random stranger dropping inside the room you haven’t left for years does have the tendency to change life as you know it. 

A Nalu!Tangled AU.

Notes: For @ff-darkshininglight : Surprise, Tsuyu! It’s been an honour to be your (very fickle and hardly regular) Secret Santa! You are a wonderfully talented person and one of my favourite people to take out all my pent up shipper and frustrated-fan rants with. I feel so blessed to be able to call you a friend! Happy holidays, and I hope you enjoy this! <3<br>

This had never happened before.

In his entire 22 years of existence, the only significant movement that ever came from the one window in the tall tower that was his home, was when his brother came over.

And that was usually with a loud call of his name.

But now…now he could hear the steady sounds of someone scaling it - softly grunting the whole while.

He was very unsure of how to react. Sure, he could breathe and conjure fire, but the last thing he ever wanted to do was to hurt anybody.

He was pretty certain his appearance alone would do significant harm to the poor soul about to reach his quarters. He knew, since his brother had constantly, constantly warned him of the fear that he would bring.

But when one dainty human hand was visible on the ledge of his one window, he found himself ducking into the shadows, hoping against hope that that wouldn’t be the case.

He so desperately wanted to make a frien -

His thoughts were brought to a halt as the mystery person hauled themselves into the room, panting as they did.

As she did.

A girl?

No, a woman!

He had only vaguely read about those, back when he had a small interest in books.

But no book could do any justice to the form in front of him.

Her long golden hair was pulled back and tied, allowing them to flow but not get into her eyes. She was wearing what looked like men’s clothes - trousers, a shirt, and a belt with rope, keys and a sword - but the way she wore them made him question what kind of clothing suited whom. They fit her frame well, complimenting it but also loose enough for comfortable movement.

She was a vision.

He instinctively took a few more steps back, avoiding the large patch of light coming from the window - which happened to be lending the stranger an almost ethereal glow.

And though it was instinctive, he found himself feeling safe hidden there. Well, relatively speaking, since his heart was still pounding a mile a minute.

He watched with a weird mix of anxiety and wonder as the person dropped from the ledge onto the floor, sitting down and catching her breath, before turning around to peek over the ledge.

Was she looking for something?

Suddenly she froze, and he did too in response, ready to attack if the unfortunate need arose.

He watched as one hand quickly darted to the sword on her hip. “I know you’re there,” she said, low but steady. “Are you one of my father’s men?”

But he was too busy being fascinated with what her voice was doing to him - unsure if he had ever heard anything as lovely before.

“Okay, that was stupid,” she seemed to correct herself under her breath. “Way to barge into someone’s place and then make seem yourself sooo unsuspicious, Lucy.”

He could hear all of it of course, and snorted at the sarcasm, making her jump. The action, in turn, scared him as well, but for totally different reasons.

“Please don’t leave!” he said in reflex.

The plea - for it was a plea - had her brows furrow and a frown form on her pretty face. Squinting into the shadows, she was obviously trying to make him out in the shadows.

“Are you…”

‘A demon? A monster?’ his brain supplied on her behalf.

“Are you okay?”

He found himself mutely blinking back at her and the very simple question. A simple question that nearly plunged him into an existential crisis, with him questioning everything that was currently his life. No, his existence.

He was a monster, sealed away from the world for nearly all his life with only one person - his brother - who wasn’t scared of him.

So, was he okay?

“You..don’t have to be afraid of me,” her lovely voice came, snapping his thoughts back to her. “I don’t mean any harm,” she said, raising her hands so he could see she was being sincere.

He felt the need to respond bubble up in him, and for once, he did as he wanted. “Why are you breathing so hard?”

The woman’s face still seemed worried, though funnily enough, it didn’t look like it was herself she was concerned for when she distractedly replied, “Was running.”

He found himself stepping further into the shadows when she didn’t relent in trying to catch a glimpse of him. “Why?”

“I can’t tell you more until I know who you are,” she said gently, but with firm authority.

“I don’t want to scare you,“ he admitted.He didn’t want her leaving just yet. She didn’t seem like a threat - according to his instincts anyway - and he was far too fascinated to let her go. He barely recognised the other, more dominant emotion she drew from him, something he hadn’t truly felt in years.


“Why would you scare me?” she asked, genuinely puzzled.

He couldn’t respond to that, fearing that she would run if she knew. So he decided to do the easier thing - take a shot in the dark and step out of it.

He saw, his heart clutching in fear and dread as her eyes widened as he slowly slid into the patch of sunlight coming from the window.

“You…” she whispered, one palm reaching to cover her gaping mouth, the other pointing a finger at him.

He stood still, his heart frantic and his thoughts a mess. Everything he had ever been told was coming true. She was scared and she would run away, because he was the monster he was. The demon he was.

“You’re.. you’re a - ”

- he braced himself -

“A dragon, oh my gosh.”

“Wait, what?”

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fo4 companions react gothic

cait: she punches you right in the boob and you don’t know why. something in your heart calls for the quiet childhood you always wanted, the stirring of the wind through leafless trees. another boob punch. you ponder the migration of accents from the uk over to america in the middle of the apocalypse, and voice your thoughts. she punches you in the boob again for good measure.
codsworth: “of course, sir/mum!” he says brightly. your mind takes you back to fallout: new vegas, and also fallout 3, and every mister gutsy you’ve ever met. are they all the same? what makes this one special? are we any unique, or just an endless row of mister gutsys?
curie: she’s in a maid outfit. you don’t remember a maid outfit in your travels, or how she could have possibly gotten her hands on one. a crepe lays in your hands, and you know she proclaimed seconds earlier that it was scientific, for a variety of reasons that you did not comprehend. she smiles, sweetly, and you feel like something is misaligned in your core.
danse: his cheekbones gleam in the sunshine, and so does gun and so does his power armor. his hair also gleams in the sunshine. hair gel doesn’t exist anymore, you’re pretty sure. his smile gleams in the sunshine. you’ve never been in love, but you’re sure it feels exactly like the fleeting gleam of danse’s smile. were there ever any other companions? you squint and come to your senses, realizing it’s just grease and sweat.
deacon: sure thing, he says to you in his wastelander incognito. you don’t remember what you had asked him, and you’re not sure if you’re unnerved that he responded so enthusiastically. you blink. he is naked, except for his shades. he is smiling. sure thing.
dogmeat: woof
hancock: “you’re the most special thing in my life,” says a rough voice somewhere from behind a door. you’re searching the goodneighbor statehouse endlessly, but door upon opened door just empties thousands of mentats onto you. “let’s get this freakshow on the road,” you hear as another avalanche cascades down. deacon’s outfit coordinates, and you marvel at his being able to make a mentat disguise.
maccready: he cannot react. he has been stifling tears, because all he has been able to recall for years is the cave echo of little lamplight. two lucys swim in his tear-stained vision. you don’t think you’re getting maccready back.
nick: he lights a cigarette, calling you “doll” fondly. you can distantly hear something about a place called the riverwood trader, and as you are about to ask, he lights another cigarette, something new in his bright yellow eyes. he is so, so fond of you, and you smash your ps4 in frustration that todd took away mods.
piper: blue her house, and a blue little window, and a blue printing press, and everything is blue for her. blue is the only world she has ever known, and yet she communicates approval, disgust, joy, and apathy in one monosyllable. blue.
preston: you must be thinking of someone else. there has never been anyone here named preston. you hear the distant cry of distressed settlers. “starlight drive-in is under attack”, your pip-boy says, but you don’t remember a starlight drive-in, let alone why you would be there. distant laughter reminds you of memories that are not there of strong arms and overlooked kindness. who is preston?
strong: he lifts you up in his arms to heights previously unknown by man. you see the world anew. he keeps lifting you, somehow. he is crying, but strong doesn’t cry, but you begin to see why as the commonwealth becomes clearer in view from a bird’s eye view. the cost of strength. the cost of human kindness.
x6: "yes, sir/ma’am,” he says. his face betrays no emotion. his shoulders and arms also betray no emotion, just like the rest of his body. everyone is pretty sure this is okay and normal, because coursers have no emotions, especially not x6, and has never been cause for alarm. his sunglasses glint, in an emotionless way. you feel joy being drained from your heart.
maxson: he has always been here. you’re not sure why. you don’t remember joining the brotherhood of steel, but he is with you, and his pockets are stuffed with condoms. deacon changes his outfit knowingly.

Siren Song (Part 1)

Fandom: Lucifer(Fox)

Character Ship: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1262

Request: “ HEY! I saw your post and wanna request smthn. Could you do a Lucifer Morningstar x reader where she’s bisexual and when Luci first meets her he gets a weird sense that something isnt particularly human about her and after being drawn in by her charm and personality (not even noticing that they never have sex and he doesnt even miss it bc hes with her), he finds out that his initial suspicion is right and she’s a mythical creature-siren, werewolf, etc, your choice. Thanks lovely! (And plz tag me)” from @the-fastest-mutant-sith

Originally posted by knightlley

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A/N: I’m so sorry this is very late for the mythical creature’s event. Anyway @nalu-nerd13 Surprise! I’m your partner. I hope you find this worth the wait. I don’t know what this turned out being but here it is anyway haha 

Let me know if you guys like this world and I’ll actually try my luck at a multi-chapter (plus, I love to talk you all 😉). Also if anyone knows Arabic or a lot about Arabian mythology please get in touch with as I’d love to talk to you :D 

I made a little mood board for this one which you can see here —> Link

Please check out my writing master post if you want to read my other stories and the links to my & AO3 are there as well —> Link

The quote in the summary is Oscar Wilde ;) 


You’re… Immortal? - Marcin Przybyłowicz

Mystery Man - Marcin Przybyłowicz



“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden itself.” Lucy was about to find out this rang true when her true identity started to reveal itself. NaLu.  


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Lucy and Natsu, or, Orpheus and Eurydice

Still crying over Natsu and Lucy almost happened romantic reunion? Still heartbroken over the fact that the two didn’t manage to say what they wanted to? Let me make it worse.

Orpheus and Eurydice is a myth in Greek-Roman literature. Virgil and Ovid wrote short poems about it. Variations aside, both narrate the story of Orpheus, a singer and lyre player, whose instruments was given to him by none other than Apollo, the god of music and arts. He was a cantor, a player who used his instruments to sing stories. Orpheus played divinely and he was also very beutiful. Many, men and women, humans and gods, fell in love with his heart rending voice.

But Orpheus refused them all. Honours, beautiful women - and men, these were anciet greeks -, riches … the one he loved dearly was his beautiful Eurydice, a nymph. Nymphs were minor deities, depicted as beautiful, young, who singed and danced in the Nature, sort of ethereal creatures, a form of life between men and gods - the most famous nymph would be Teti, a naiad, Achilles’ mother.

But Eurydice prematurely died - bitten by a viper or as she run from a suitor, versions differ. Orpheus was beyond distraught. He sang in mournful voice a song - and remember, song narrated stories  - so beautiful that it is said even inanimated objects such as trees and rocks started to weep. So did the gods, who, heartbroken, granted him a passage to the Underworld, the Hades. Here he passed many trials, including facing the three-headed monstrous dog Cerberus, and was finally granted an audience with Pluton, the god of the dead, and his wife Proserpine. As he sang another beautiful song to them, the two were moved, and granted him to lead his wife back with him to earth, on the condition though that he never turned back to her as they walked.

So they they started walking. Orpheus walked in the front and Eurydice was behind him. I imagine now he must’ve been, for a while, overjoyed: he had been robbed of happiness, but managed to overcome so many obstacles, and now was about the enjoy a life with his beloved again. 

But he was worried; he couldn’t hear her. She was a spirit, an ethereal being even more now than when she was alive,  so she made no sound as she walked. He as anxious, tried to shake the feeling off, but couldn’t. So he did the one thing he was told not to: He turned to her.

And just like that, he broke his promise. He had managed to overwrite the rule according to which the dead cannot be brought back to life.

… and broke it. The love of his life had now vanished into thin air.

The myth goes on as Orpheus, turned to madness by the now unsolvable grief, started wandering​ through woods and forests, and eventually met the Maenads, women followers of the wine god Dyonisus, who tried to have him join their maniacal dances and rituals; he refused and thet dismembered him, then threw the pieces of his body in a river. 

Now of course I don’t think this will be the case. As I was confident from day one that Makarov wouldn’t stay dead, I’d be as crazy as Maenad to think that Natsu won’t come back. Not to mention Mashima, SPOILERS, did the exact same thing in his previous manga, Rave Master. I just wanted to draw some little lovely parallels as Orpheus and Lucy are both narrators who go through an inhuman feat to save whom they love. 

How he will come back remains a mistery though. Lucy managed to rewrite him back to life, but Natsu’s exsistence was tied to Zeref’s, who stated it multiple times. However, Natsu is also partially a dragon and a human, and though the book of END and informations about him disappeared -, parts of him may have remained “somewhere”. And as long as that somewhere exists, there must a way to get there, and if that way happens to be a door, remember we have a girl who happens to have a bunch of keys.

So This Is Love

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,347
Warnings: Light smut. Fluff. Unprotected sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) If you still take requests can you please do a fic with an OC that is in love with Lucifer, but due to her being human he has so far ignored her, but when seeing how close she is being with Crowley (just friendship) makes him all jealous and possessive, making him admits he is falling for her too. Smut please, if that’s ok :D 

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Let's Talk About The Runaways

Our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. drought will soon come to an end…but not this week.

Last week, I talked a bit about what the upcoming The Inhumans show might look like. There is another show, however, that I am looking forward to much more.

The Runaways (no, not the band) was a comic created by comic legend Brian K. Vaughan and even had an arc written by Joss Whedon himself. It is beloved by many, and I am not the exception to this rule - these characters are more near and dear to my heart than any other Marvel characters.

The series has been a favorite at Marvel Studios and has been strongly considered for a TV series or movie pretty much as long as it has existed, even going as far as opening casting on a 2012 movie before dropping it in favor of The Avengers. Recently, it has been picked up by Hulu for a pilot episode and a first season of written scripts, and has started hiring writers. Fingers crossed!

The Runaways is about a group of teenagers who find out that their parents are secretly a cabal of supervillains running Los Angeles called The Pride, who are working in servitude of giant god-like creatures called the Gibborim bent on destroying the world. The kids inherit their super-abilities and make a run for it, determined to take their parents down - except one, who is secretly working with The Pride.

Let’s take a look at the heroes themselves so we can have an idea of who might appear.

Alex Wilder

Sixteen year old Alex is the first Runaway we meet, and is the voice of reason - he refuses to take a “codename” and has no superpower, aside from using his superior logic and intellect and a decoder ring to translate the Pride’s manifesto, The Abstract. Alex leads the Runaways, much like his parents and crime bosses Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder lead The Pride.

Nico Minoru

Nico is a sixteen year old geek-girl-turned-goth, and the object of Alex’s affection. After finding out her parents Tina and Robert are dark sorcerers, Nico steals her mother’s soul-bound weapon The Staff of One, a magical artifact capable of casting any spell - but can never cast the same spell twice. She takes on the codename “Sister Grimm”, from her old online screen name. For a little crossover action, look out for her mom Tina Minoru and her Staff of One guarding the sanctums in Doctor Strange!

Karolina Dean

Karolina makes being the seventeen year old vegan sweetheart daughter of Hollywood superstars Frank and Leslie Dean look easy, and for her it was; at least, until she had to come to terms with her feelings for other girls, and the fact that she is the daughter of evil aliens trying to destroy the world. Taking off her MedAlert bracelet, Karolina assumes her colorful true Majesdane form, a bright being of rainbow light flying through the air. It’s no wonder she calls herself “Lucy in the Sky”.

Gertrude Yorkes

Rebellious and cynical fifteen year old Gert always suspected her parents Dale and Stacey were evil, she just didn’t think they were time-travelling cat burglars from the future. Breaking into her own house for clues against the Pride, she discovers her birthright - a genetically engineered deinonychus that is psychically linked to her, commissioned by her parents in the future. Gert decides on the codename “Arsenic” to match her pet dinosaur’s name, “Old Lace”.

Chase Stein

The oldest of the group, eighteen year old Chase is seen as a disappointment by his parents Janet and Victor for choosing athletics over grades. This is understandable, as he discovers his parents are actually mad scientists, and he steals a pair of X-Ray goggles designed to see through clothes and flame-controlling gauntlets called “Fistigons”. Dubbed “Talkback” for his big mouth, Chase is also the primary pilot of the kids’ robotic frog-like vehicle they stole from their parents, The Leapfrog.

Molly Hayes

The youngest of the original group, energetic eleven year old Molly has an affinity for goofy animal hats and cutesy-talk - though she is actually much smarter than she lets on. She doesn’t fully believe her parents Gene and Alice are evil telepathic mutants like the other Runaways claim. A mutant herself, Molly has super-strength, calling herself “Princess Powerful” (though the rest of the team insists on “Bruiser”). Molly gets mad when superheroes try to separate her from her friends, beating up the likes of Wolverine, Darkhawk, Punisher and Cloak. After exerting her abilities, Molly immediately falls asleep.

Victor Mancha

A later addition to the team after one of the Runaways dies, Victor thinks he is a regular geeky sixteen year old - until he discovers that those were false memories implanted in his two year old android brain by his creator, Ultron. Victor is originally taken hostage by the Runaways after discovering from a time-travelling Gertrude from the future named “Heroine” that he will become a supervillain named “Victorious”, and soon after learns that he is an android capable of manipulating anything with a electromagnetic field.


Seventeen year old Prince/Princess Xavin is an alien Super-Skrull in training.  Having no fixed gender, Xavin freely shapeshifts between human, skrull, male and female forms at will. First introduced as Karolina’s betrothed in an intergalactic arranged marriage, the stuck-up and militaristic Xavin becomes an indispensable member of the team, possessing all the abilities of the Fantastic Four and more: shape-shifting, pyrokinesis, invisibility, rock-like skin, psionic force fields, super-strength and elasticity.

Klara Prast

Being a fellow mutant and close to Molly’s age, twelve year old Klara immediately bonds with “Princess Powerful”. Born on a farm in Switzerland, Klara emigrated to America after her mother discovered her ability to control and communicate with plants and deemed her a witch, marrying her off to a abusive middle-aged man - hey, it was the 1900’s, after all. Klara was rescued from the past and brought to present day by Karolina Dean. Still very conservative in her thinking, the shy and quiet Klara struggles to adapt to modern life, escaping in a new-found love for video games and her friends. Molly calls her “Tower of Flower”, but she much prefers “Rose Red”.


okay, so, this started as an idea about my yet unposted noctis ulric!au in which nyx’s father aka papa ulric aka néit saves noctis from the marilith and raises him alongside nyx and serena. then, years later, nyx and noctis join the kingsglaive, and noctis slowly starts to reconnect with regis. really, that’s all is needed to understand this au. are we good? okay let’s go! 

  • this came from a thought i had that was inspired by versus xiii
  • what if noctis was possessed?
  • what if an aspect of etro, goddess of death, survived her demise and used noctis as a vessel? 
    • she chose the body that would have housed the crystal’s power, deeming it a fitting container for her magic and soul
    • she, the destruction aspect of death, stayed dormant until years later, after both nyx and noct became glaives and noct reunited with regis.
  • using his proximity to the crystal as a catalyst, she takes over his body and intends to force him to destroy eos, so the world etro loved so much could join her in death
    • the crystal was nearly completely drained in the process, leaving insomnia defenceless and forcing regis to evacuate the city
    • the crown city falls and becomes her stronghold. 
    • she cannot yet lay waste to eos as she wishes, because noctis is still fighting her and most of her powers cannot yet be funneled through him. she has to slowly break the world’s resistance while overwhelming her vessel, so she will gain back the full use of her powers
  • his body starts failing not long after, because he was never meant to hold that much power, nor so much death. in the beginning, he fought desperately to take back his body, until his soul exhausted itself and fell asleep to maintain its existence
    • the only times he wakes is when she threatens people he loves, but she puts him back to sleep so his body will last longer. 
  • mainly, she uses magic and her own servants, reanimated monsters and human beings. being an aspect of death, she subjugated the lucian souls dwelling in the tempering grounds and banished gilgamesh, making them into her personal army. 
    • it was made that much easier by the fact that noctis was supposed to be their future liege, and obey his blood, if not his will
  • carbuncle shelters noctis as much as possible in his sleep and works tirelessly to find a solution.
    • it’s while combing through the dreams of his realm that he finds a long-forgotten one from the goddess herself, having left it there in preparation of her other self’s awakening. 
    • in his dreams, noctis meets her, and she gives him the last part of her powers over time, to counteract his decay and slowly accustom him to the change she is starting 
  • he doesn’t know it, but more and more of the lucian souls are rejecting the goddess’ orders in small ways, stopping themselves from attacking or destroying reanimated monsters.
  • this is because noctis is slowly becoming another aspect of death, inevitability, the knowledge that death will come for everything. 
    • as their liege and now on the same level as the one possessing him, his claim is stronger than hers and the balance of power is shifting back to him
  • the lucians can feel this, even if their “mistress” cannot, so lost is she in trying to subjugate both eos and her vessel
  • in the meantime, regis, the kingsglaive and the crownsguard organized the evacuation to tenebrae and the various towns around lucis. 
  • néit and some of his warriors joined nyx and regis when he learned of insomnia’s fate, and the rumor that it was the fault of the king’s own son’s
  • the three of them separated not too long after, with regis going to tenebrae with clarus and the rest of his people to find out more about what is possessing noctis and to be healed from the blow the crystal’s loss dealt him 
  • he fought to stay and help noctis. 
  • néit and nyx organized the resistance to keep the goddess’ army contained around insomnia, using the remnants of the crystal’s power and galahd’s old magicks
  • they are witnesses to noct’s slow transformation over time, from his black eyes to the deathly white of his skin or the ceremonial clothes that he wears while directing the goddess’ army. 
    • they try to reason with him, to find out what is going on but she tortures them every time by allowing a glimpse of noctis to show through before smothering him once more.
    • “the father of his heart and his lover. the triangle would be complete if not for the father of his flesh. how interesting. he is begging me to spare you, do you know that? but if he continues, his body may just fail. how cruel of you to subject him to this.”
    • they get to see black bleeding back into pained blue for a second before a cruel laugh so unlike the ones they were used to escapes noctis’ lips, and the goddess reappears once more
  • she never actually moves under her own strength, either using monsters as mounts or levitating
  • except, a few weeks after noctis’ possession, she joins the battlefield, and how she moves
    • her style is nothing like the one noctis refined over the years, preferring brute strength and devastating spells over weapons and speed
    • she cuts a swath of destruction through the resistance, leaving nothing but ashes in her wake
  • she can feel noctis getting weaker, and intends to end him once and for all by forcing him to kill two of the most important persons in his life with his own hands
    • but noctis is not getting weaker, he is actually getting stronger and finishing his ascencion to a different plane of existence, which is why he feels fainter to her senses
  • so blinded by her goals, she does not realize this until it’s too late
  • just as she is about to strike nyx down, néit too far to intervene, glowing blades stabs out of noctis’ chest
    • nyx’s heart leaps when he recognizes noctis’ daggers, the ones they had hunted the materials for together
    • with a scream of pain and rage from the goddess, noctis, the actual noctis, rips his way out from his possessed body’s chest
    • “hey hero, you missed me?”
    • “you fucking asshole, we thought you were gone.”
  • noctis looks completely different however; his black hair turned white, the blue of his eyes sharpened to an unnatural shade, the sheer amount of strength that emanates from him
    • he recreated a new body of his own, and left the broken one to the goddess who wrecked it with her own hands
    • both of them are now of the lucis line, but the souls know who their liege is
    • and noctis takes back the lucian warriors from her
  • “it shouldn’t be possible! how did you- she is dead!”
  • “not as much as you think.”
    • she can recognize etro’s power in him, and she does not understand
  • this is how the second astral war begins
  • a war to decide the successor to the unseen goddess, ruler of the underworld just as bahamut is the ruler of the waking world
  • destruction or inevitability? only time shall tell

imakemixes  asked:

Supercorp #58

58) things you were afraid to say

Kara is accustomed to swallowing down the things she’d really like to say. Her life is built on protecting a secret that sits like rocks in her chest. There are days those rocks feel like the final remnants of an obliterated planet and there’s an entire galaxy stirring in her lungs, swirling to break free. She holds the final memories of her home, her planet, and sometimes she aches to sit and spill them all out at someone so it’s not just her.

When she first arrived and English was heavy on her tongue, her syllables and vowels so accented it was impossible to make it seem she was native, she’d crawl up to the roof at night and stare at the sky, the stars stretching out and the bursts of their constellations almost dizzying.

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5.13: Angels are watching over you…

Anna gatecrashes Dean’s dream. Awkward. Tries to plant suspicion of Cas, but Dean… trusts Cas and tells him everything.

Anna wants to stop the apocalypse by killing him in such a way that he could never be resurrected, but Cas insists they “Find another way.” And then reports back to Sam and Dean (who ask if Anna has a point here), but Cas is clearly already 100% on Team Winchester. He can see that yes, Anna does have a point, but he’s more ready to sacrifice Anna– an angel he’s known and been close with for MILLIONS OF YEARS– than Sam.

If Anna can’t get to Sam in the present because Cas is protecting him, she decides to try going to the past, to kill Mary before Sam can even be born.

(Sam experiences his first Angel Booping)

(Dean puts Cas up in the Honeymoon Suite for five nights with a Do Not Disturb Under Any Circumstances order… like did the desk clerk dude think Dean was gonna be up there with him?)

MARY: I don’t do that anymore. I have a normal life now. You have to go.
MARY moves to close the door. DEAN holds an arm out to stop her.
DEAN: I’m sorry, but this is important, okay?

(surrrrre Mary. You don’t do that anymore)

Mary has let John believe that Samuel died of a “heart attack.” I wonder how she explained how her mother died the same night? Either way, it’s interesting that it’s JOHN who really wants Sam and Dean to stay for dinner, because he hasn’t met much of Mary’s side of the family. Which further proves that it was John with the notions of family that have formed the basis for Dean’s definition of what family is.

Mary picks up an angel blade for the first time, and John has his first encounter with the Supernatural, prefacing the Most Awkward Family Road Trip ever.

Poor John trying to pretend that all of this is just fiiiiine, that learning that angels and demons are real and your wife and her entire family have been monster hunters going back generations and this is the first you’re hearing about it is just another Tuesday… And just defiantly accepting all of this and making himself useful. Maybe next time don’t just angrily draw the knife across your own palm like that. There’s a reason Sam and Dean usually cut their forearm instead of their hand… best not to have injured hands if you’re gonna be in a fight situation, you know?

(as a Marine he really should’ve know that already…)

(still, for grumpy defiance while still cooperating with this huge pile of insanity that was just dumped on him like this, I’d say he was doing pretty well for himself okay)

(enough for Dean to comment that this version of John really reminds him of his dad… >.>)

SAM: Uh…I wanted to say I—I’m sorry about all this. I—I know it’s a lot.
JOHN: Look, how long have you known about this…hunting stuff?
SAM: Pretty much forever. My dad raised me in it.
JOHN: You’re serious? Who the hell does that to a kid?
SAM: Well, I mean, for the record, Mary’s parents did.
JOHN: I don’t care. You know, what kind of irresponsible bastard lets a child anywhere near—Y-you know, you could’ve been killed!

(without knowing it, John judges his future self really harshly…)

SAM: I used to be mad at him. I—I mean, I used to… I used to hate the guy. But now I—I… I get it. He was…just doing the best he could. And he was trying to keep it together in—in—in this impossible situation. See… My mom, um… She was amazing, beautiful, and she was the love of his life. And she got killed. And…I think he would have gone crazy if he didn’t do something. Truth is, um, my dad died before I got to tell him that I understand why he did what he did. And I forgive him for what it did to us. I do. And I just—I love him.

Meanwhile, Anna calls down Uriel and LIES TO HIS FACE:

ANNA: In the future, these people are going to kill you, Uriel. I’m giving you the chance to kill them first.

(heeey who killed Uriel, Anna? Oh, right. YOU DID.)

Dean has his first “convince Mary he’s who he says he is” moment, just like the one in 12.01… 

MARY: I raised my kids to be hunters?
DEAN: No. No, you didn’t.
MARY: How could I do that to you?
DEAN: You didn’t do it. Because you’re dead.

And it seems that’s the WORST thing she can imagine. Not that she dies, not that John becomes a hunter too, but that her kids grow up to hunt themselves.

SAM: Listen, you think you can have that normal life that you want so bad, but you can’t. I’m sorry. It’s all gonna go rotten. You are gonna die, and your children will be cursed.
MARY: There—there has to be a way.

And Dean only gets one second to realize that there’s two of him in that room, because Mary’s already pregnant with him… before Uriel shows up to kill them. But then Michael shows up to save them. Because apparently despite Anna’s orders from Heaven, Michael still wants this Apocalypse to happen. Not just to kill Sam so Lucifer can’t have his vessel, but he really WANTS the whole thing to go down as planned.

DEAN: Oh, I get it. You got beef with your brother. Well, get some therapy, pal. Don’t take it out on my planet!
MICHAEL: You’re wrong. Lucifer defied our father, and he betrayed me. But still…I don’t want this any more than you would want to kill Sam.
MICHAEL turns away.
MICHAEL: You know, my brother, I practically raised him. I took care of him in a way most people could never understand, and I still love him.
MICHAEL turns back.
MICHAEL: But I am going to kill him because it is right and I have to.
DEAN: Oh, because God says so?
MICHAEL: Yes. From the beginning, he knew this was how it was going to end.
DEAN: And you’re just gonna do whatever God says.
MICHAEL: Yes, because I am a good son.

And this conversation right here is EXACTLY why I give zero fucks about Lucifer suddenly being labeled as “the older brother.” Well, this in combination with everything else we’ve ever learned about archangels going all the way back to 4.18 and Cas’s warning to Dean, that “archangels are fierce. They’re absolute. They’re heaven’s most terrifying weapon.” They’re also sort of the antithesis of Free Will.

Michael’s loyalty, Lucifer’s rebellion. Raphael’s s6 insistence of restarting the apocalypse… (sure Gabriel broke the mold a bit, mainly because he’d always been stuck in the middle between Michael’s loyalty and Lucifer’s rebellion, but he was the biggest proponent of “Play Your Roles” in the history of the show. Gabriel was always the one trying to just get the whole apocalypse over with. Because he always knew how it was intended to end– one of his brothers would have to kill the other.

Exactly the way Lucifer convinced Cain that he must kill his brother.

Exactly the way Cain tried to convince Dean that he would have to kill his brother.


From the moment Chuck entrusted Lucifer with the Mark of Cain and locked away the Darkness, THIS BECAME THE SCRIPT. This literally became the story God was writing, and to the archangels that meant that this became their reality. This became their roles, and Michael and Lucifer both played their roles.

But EVERYTHING about them playing their roles came down to Dean Winchester saying NO to this, to denying God’s plan for him. Just as much as Castiel has always been a spanner in the works for Heaven, Dean has been the same for Humanity. And they’ve both been there for each other to help defy God’s Plan, to unravel the script and rewrite it over and over again.

In doing so, Dean broke free from his destiny, from the script to be nothing more than another iteration of the old script. Taking on the Mark of Cain and overturning THAT part of his “destiny” and his family’s legacy was just the next step (and he couldn’t have done that part on his own… he still needed Sam to step up and say NO, along with Cas).

After the Darkness was free, Sam almost gave in to take on that destiny for himself (taking on the Mark himself, thereby starting the whole cycle over again but with Lucifer in the role of the “first son,” since Lucifer was on the scene and NOT being offered the responsibility of taking on the Mark again… 

But Lucifer is still an archangel, he’s still “absolute,” and he still has no idea what to do with Free Will. He has no script, he has no role to play. So for the first time in his entire existence, he IS the “big brother.” With Michael in the cage, his link to his “true vessel” severed by Dean’s rejection of it, he’s become “lesser than.”

We’ve gone off script here, and Lucifer’s learning that in this post-destiny world with Chuck having relinquished the earth to Humanity, he can write his own script just like everyone else. And this is Lucifer’s story now.

(I mean, from Lucifer’s pov here, not that SPN is now the Luci Show, because no it’s obviously not…)

Because to an archangel, there is no such thing as free will:

MICHAEL: Think of a million random acts of chance that let John and Mary be born, to meet, to fall in love, to have the two of you. Think of the million random choices that you make, and yet how each and every one of them brings you closer to your destiny. Do you know why that is? Because it’s not random. It’s not chance. It’s a plan that is playing itself out perfectly. Free will’s an illusion, Dean. That’s why you’re going to say yes. Oh, buck up. It could be worse. You know, unlike my brothers, I won’t leave you a drooling mess when I’m done wearing you.

(Yeah, sure, Michael. I mean, how long did y’all plan all this BS out? How hard did y’all have to work to make sure Sam and Dean were born? And that they would be raised to be hunters, to be born, bred, raised, and trained to be the Ultimate Vessels? 

just see Cas in 4.16:  Strange. Strange how a leaky pipe can undo the work of angels when we ourselves are supposed to be the agents of fate.

yeah, angels are the “agents of fate,” moving the playing pieces into position and setting up the apocalypse…)

DEAN: Team Free Will. One ex-blood junkie, one dropout with six bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there. It’s awesome.
SAM: It’s not funny.
DEAN: I’m not laughing.

anonymous asked:

I loved your post about female combatants. I was just wondering if you could think of examples of great representations of female combatants in popular culture? Either in terms of realism or in terms of representation?

Before I dive into media, I’m going to list some real women with the reminder that they do exist and are worth looking at.

You don’t get any more real than reality.

Here’s some references to women in history, from a post made by Indiana Jen to Wikipedia, and we have the article, “Women Have Always Fought” by Kameron Hurley. Also this article talking about women in combat.

There are women combatants throughout history, and currently today, you can find them everywhere fairly easily. You just have to dig and not that hard. There are women who have been great at fighting, terrible at fight, middling, and just on the rolling spectrum. Every variety you want. You can find them.

Ronda Rousey is currently very popular in sports circles right now for good reason, however checking out the entirety of the women’s division of the UFC is a good idea because it’s fast access to looking at women who choose to participate in blood sport professionally. Gina Carano, Holly Holm, and others.

You can actually often find old videos of martial arts and other competitions from the Olympics, which have female divisions for most sports. These include fencing, archery, judo, taekwondo, etc. There’s information out there about them than you’ll get straight out of entertainment media, but it’s always worth looking to reality for comparisons with fiction.


Alien: specifically the first one for a look at characters who were written from the perspective of being entirely gender neutral in that they were all originally intended to be male. If you’ve never looked at it purely to watch how Ellen Ripley is very different from many of the female characters in the general media, it’s always good to start there.

Aliens: Ellen Ripley returns and this time she’s written from a more traditional perspective as a mother bear. However, holding her in contrast to the hyper-masculine Vasquez is very interesting. Both are fascinating characters in their own right and the movie is a fun time if you can handle a little horror.

Terminator 2 (and Terminator): In Terminator, Sarah Connor is the quintessential horror movie heroine in need of rescue and the transition from that to her Terminator 2 persona happens in the last five minutes of the movie. However, it’s worth watching and looking at. Sarah Connor is an excellent example of a female combatant in 2 and fully ripped.

Farscape: All female characters on Farscape, not just as combatants but  in general. Aeryn Sun is the standout for female combatants and the Peacekeepers are interesting in that they are entirely gender neutral. She’s a good character to look at if you want one that’s been raised for war since birth and still trying to figure out the other particulars. Aeryn establishing her own identity outside her role as a Peacekeeper is a huge part of her arc.

Battlestar Galactica (The Remake): There are a bunch of really, really, really fantastic female characters to dig through on this show and the creators went specifically out of their way to play with concepts of gender with Starbuck. You want to see a very masculine, aggressive female character utilizing a lot of flaws that are traditionally masculine then watch Starbuck and compare her to the above. It has it’s flaws, but it’s on point most of the time.

Stargate SG-1: Samantha Carter, full stop.

24: Nina. Nina. Nina, Nina, Nina, and more Nina. Chloe. Also, Nina. Why Nina? Because Nina is awesome, because Nina is driven, because the answer to that question is spoileriffic. Because Nina is good at her job. Nina is a professional. Chloe is good too, for different and more conventional reasons.

Burn Notice: Fiona with the caveat that she’s not a professional and it’s important to remember that in context with the rest of the team. She’s IRA, a guerrilla fighter and she thinks predominately from that perspective. Still, the sequence where she tasers herself to get the guy is fun. She’s in the range of the very aggressive to the point of overly aggressive or hyper aggressive. She also gets off on violence, a lot.

X-Files: Scully. This may not be what everyone thinks of, but Scully is a federal agent and so she is a combatant. Unlike some other shows, X-Files did attempt to portray the federal agent part accurately. There are a few hiccups here and there, but overall it’s a good showing. Also, one of the earlier examples on television in the 90s of a woman getting to be the Spock and got her own trope out of it.

Elementary: Lucy Liu as Joan Watson. It takes her a while to get there, but it’s Lucy Liu. I mean, c’mon. Also, the Watson and Holmes friendship in that is great. You don’t get many platonic male and female friendships on television. Ever.

Babylon 5: Susan Ivanova for the military perspective, so willing to use violent solutions and is fatalistic. Delenn who walks the continuum from peaceful solutions but is willing to escalate into killing you and everyone who has ever met you, so the rare female character who prefers diplomacy but for whom violence is never off the table. Lyta Alexander and Talia Winters, the walking weapons like all telepaths and one of which is later commodified into a super weapon. The treatment of an incredibly powerful female character as an object by the other characters is intentional in the writing and it’s an interesting discussion on how people can be transformed into objects then discarded.

Salt: I can’t say this is a great movie, but Angelina Jolie plays a Russian undercover agent who is outed to the Federal government and must run for her life. The stunts are over the top, like in any action movie a real human being can’t do most of them. And her motive is very cliche for female characters. However, for attitude? Yeah. Jolie nails the ‘tude.

The Long Kiss Goodnight: These two are the Black Widow movies that you’ll never see, but Gina Davis plays a suburban housewife that discovers she’s a spy with memory loss.

Kill Bill: There are a lot of fantastic performances in this this and Volume 2, the fights aren’t realistic but they’re not supposed to be. Kill Bill is a great one when you’re looking for attitude.

R.E.D.: For Helen Mirren, she’s amazing. This is a much more classic example of the super spy in the genre.

Mad Max: Fury Road: Charlize Theron is great in this movie, but the other female characters are also excellent.

The Shield: All the actresses in the Shield deliver phenomenal performances, but all my love goes to CCH Pounder for being incredible. On the one hand, Detective Claudette Wyms is the stereotypical female Black cop on television. On the other, she’s incredibly well rounded, well acted, and very human.

Justice League: Unlimited: This one may seem weird compared to the others on the list, but it’s an excellent example of the more you have then the more diverse it becomes. Because it has so many superheroes, Justice League offers a wide variety of surprisingly well-written female characters complete with strengths and weaknesses. You want a low-key kick ass and take names approach that manages to transcend the silly/sexualized costumes by making its diverse cast of characters well rounded and human? Then watch Justice League. (It’s not just because CCH Pounder’s Amanda Waller is amazing.)

Queen and Country by Greg Rucka. Comics. Spies. Female spies that aren’t femme fatales, at all.

Live. Die. Repeat. (Otherwise known as Edge of Tomorrow): Mostly for Emily Blunt.

The Lord of the Rings: Eowyn. Because you can basically describe the Rohirrim as Fratboys and she’s one of them.

Strange Days: Angela Basset will take your teeth out through your nose. Like with Terminator 2, her character is one of the few examples you’ll see of women allowed to be buff. (TW: rape plot, though not her.)

Wing Chun starring Michelle Yeoh. You’re mostly watching this for the action, but there’s a lot of awesome martial arts to go around.

Get Smart (Original): This may seem a little out of left field, but Agent 99 from the 60s was actually a groundbreaking character on American television. This was long before the stereotype where women were automatically more skilled than men in spy fiction but not allowed to be the focus and she’s one of the first single, working women we have, and who is substantially more competent than her colleague, and who makes a great deal more sense given the gender roles of her timeframe. Anyway, if you’re looking for something a little lighter then give Barbara Feldon a shot.

Xena: Warrior Princess - Xena is one of the weird ones, because on the one hand she’s hypersexualized. On the other hand, Lucy Lawless fucking owns it. Honestly, I wouldn’t watch Xena if you’re looking for a female character that’s trying to be serious. I would watch Xena for reference if you’re looking to write a female character that’s just out to have a good time. Plus, when it came to LGBT representation, the showrunners were actively messing with Standards and Practices on what they could get away with. Remember, all that Xena/Gabrielle fanservice is trolling the network bigots.

Claymore - I don’t generally recommend a lot of anime or manga when specifically looking at female characters, mostly because like with any other piece of foreign media you’re taking a lot of the gender norms that come from that culture with it. If you aren’t familiar enough with the culture to really parse that out, then while it may be fun to watch it becomes more difficult to incorporate or you incorporate stuff you didn’t mean to. This is just as true if you’re not American and consuming American media, or not British and consuming British media, or any other kind of media.

That said, I’d read this manga. This is basically an almost entirely female cast of characters that are taking on roles traditionally masculine in the Shounen genre. It’s a whole bunch of complicated female characters killing monsters without the hypersexualization or the jokes that usually come with it. Basically, its kind  of like Berserk with women. If you’re going to do anything with the “I was experimented on and turned into a killing machine” then this is a must read.

Legend of the Seeker, Season 2 - Keeping in mind that the novels are fetishistic and the show isn’t that great, the Mord Sith Cara specifically in personality is one of the better examples I’ve seen on television of a female character who has been abused and then transformed into an abuser. Tabrett Bethell nails the mentality, the personality, and the expressions of a warrior with that specific outlook. Especially someone who was raised to combat in an unforgiving environment as a child. You’ll see a lot of characters out there like Kahlan, you won’t see as many that manage to nail the mentality behind a Cara. Also, Cara refuses to bend knee to Richard’s moral authority. She develops as a character, but she is always the one who decides the direction that development takes. She owns who she is and is proud of it, even when that makes other people uncomfortable.

Protector of the Small by Tamora Pierce - If you’re not already reading Tamora Pierce, you probably should be. She writes some of the best female characters, especially for teens. So, just read the catalog. However, if you want to write a character who is a leader of men? Then, Kel is still the best and worth looking at. Pierce also does an excellent job digging into the sexual politics in a medieval setting, the lack of easy answers or solutions, and a lot of all around humanizing over finger pointing. Which is about 100,000x better than the vast majority of “teach them to fight” narratives.

Dark Disciple series by Margaret Weis - This is a sequel series to the War of Souls, but the evolution of Mina as a character is worth paying attention to. On top of that Weis’ books tend to have pretty good fight scenes.

At the end of the day, the real trick to writing female characters though is to create well-rounded individuals who are a reflection or informed by the world they live in. One of the biggest problems with female characters in fiction is often that they’re written to represent the way an author thinks women should be, rather than who they are. And no, sadly being a woman doesn’t automatically make you immune. Good female characters are characters, they’re well-rounded individuals who belong in the world they live in and whose lives are a reflection of their setting.

We are all the sum total of our experiences. If your characters experiences are not informing who they are, then you might have a problem.


A Final Goodbye

Title: A Final Goodbye

Prompt from @agthoven and @akanue: You should do one where Lucifer stumbles across that Casa Erotica video where Gabriel says his goodbye, but his grace makes it respond to each viewer differently.

Summary: Lucifer finds a DVD infused with angelic grace.  They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, forgiveness can heal the heart.  

Lucifer wandered around the bunker aimlessly.  He would give anything to be able to go out and stir up some mischief, but he had to stay low on the radar.  If the Winchesters found out he was in Castiel’s meat suit, they would do everything in their power to put him back in the cage.  So, until he was ready, he had to play his part.  Which meant spending time at the bunker.  All in all, it wasn’t too horrible…when he was alone.  There was some neat stuff to mess with in here!

 He turned the corner and found himself in the ‘entertainment’ room, as the boys called it.  It was really nothing more than an old bedroom with shelves filled with movies and games.  Lucifer was going to just move on, but that was when he felt the pull.

 It was as if something reached out and placed a hand on his arm, gently pulling him in. It wasn’t a pull on his physical being, but on his grace.  Curiosity came over him as he followed the pull.  It brought him to an unmarked DVD case.  It amazed him as he held it up.  It was infused with just a bit of angel grace.

 He walked over to the television and inserted the disc.  There was a feeling inching its way into his heart, almost an anxiety of what he would find.  Why would some human object hold the grace of one of his brothers or sisters?

 His shock overtook him, his breath caught in his throat as he saw Gabriel come on the screen with an incredibly fake mustache

 “I have the kielbasa you ordered.”  

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monster-jensen  asked:

First off I wanna give thanks that this blog exists, you rule!! And how about the companions sleeping habits?

You are all the best, all these compliments destroy me, I literally silent squeal whenever I see them (essentially I stare at the roof with my mouth open grinning and generally looking stupid.) Here you go, hope you like it!

Preston (normal): Preston rarely has dreams, and even less often nightmares. However, he wakes up at intervals during the night, every two hours or so, and does a circuit of the camp, checking on everyone. There have been too many ambushes to let it happen again.

Preston (romanced): He still wakes up, but Sole has been in the same bed long enough to grow in tune to his patterns, and he sleeps better knowing they both share the responsibility. When they are sleeping, they’re intertwined, legs tangled together, soft breath fanning over his face.

Piper (normal): Piper doesn’t sleep well. No particular reason, but she tends to sweat a bit in her sleep and moves around constantly. She’ll wake up with headaches because she forgets to drink, and has a layer of exhaustion on her most of the time.

Piper (romanced): They’ll start of the night nicely, cuddled together (Piper likes being the big spoon). That is until she falls asleep and starts moving. Unless she’s tired enough to sleep soundly, the Sole is often kicked around and nudged so much they sleep on the floor. They never tell her, though.

Cait (normal): Cait is the best of the companions at sleep. She can take 2 hour naps in the day and still sleep a full 8 hours (or more) at night. It’s ridiculous. She’s like a really, really lazy cat that occasionally goes on adventures and killing sprees.

Cait (romanced): Cait has naughty dreams. Constantly. And she isn’t afraid of waking Sole up to get them to fulfill them, because why do it herself when they can do it for her? Not like they complain.

Curie (normal): Curie has cuddly toys in her bed. And not like ‘a couple cuddly toys’, it’s an army of rescued, lovingly sowed together plushies that she loves with her whole heart. Nightmares are a lot easier to get through when you have something soft with you. Her favorite is an atomically correct heart with a smiley face on it.

Curie (romanced): The Sole puts up with her toys or they goddamn sleep in another bed. They are her favorite one now, though, and she’ll drape herself over them. She only allows them to be removed when they’re about to do the do, and even then it takes a little bit of work.

X8-66 (normal): Sleeps 4 hours each night, and somehow manages to be functional. He’s pretty still when he sleeps, but that might be because he has like a ton worth of blankets on him. He refuses to sleep with any less than 3.

X8-66 (romanced): He doesn’t need those extra blankets now, because Sole ends up draped across across him. He roles his eyes when he wakes up and realizes, ignoring that it was totally at his encouragement because he stole all the blankets to force them to cuddle him.

Danse (normal): Danse actually sleeps like a rock. Curled up into the fetal position, not really moving too much. When he’s taking a nap, though, he snores like hell. But in heavy sleep he’s a silent, sleepin’ lil Brotherhood angel.

Danse (romanced): He, somehow, no matter what, ends up being the big spoon. His breath tickles their neck, and it takes a while to get used to it, but soon it feels like coming home. It’s not unusual to wake up to him sleepily kissing them there. Sleeping alone, without Sole, feels wrong now.

MacCready (normal): Somehow, even now, he’s awkward without someone sleeping beside him. He wakes up, startled and panicked when he reaches across for Lucy, only to find empty cold bed-sheets and mattress. Nightmares riddle his sleep.

MacCready (romance): Everything feels right when the Sole is there, someone to pull close and cuddle. They comfort him when he wakes up from his nightmares, but they aren’t happening so often anymore. Their warm eyes soften the dread instantly.

Deacon (normal): He sleeps diagonally, no matter how big or the shape of the bed. Unless his feet hang off the edge, then they’re safely tucked up, because he ain’t risking being dragged into some nightmare hell-demon world or getting eaten or something, no thank you. His feet will be within the safe confines of his bed.

Deacon (romanced): He isn’t used to sharing his bed, so it’s odd at first. He’s like a little kid at a sleepover. He’ll lay there in silence for a while, and then he’ll dart out and tickle them, or kiss their neck right where it makes them cringe, or whisper something dirty in their ear to break the awkwardness. When they do (finally) sleep, it’s curled into a human ball of warmth.

Nick Valentine (normal): He doesn’t sleep. Instead he works, catching up on things he was too busy for earlier, or tidying, or organizing. Everything moves in a seamless, unstopping wave of night and day, and he vaguely misses what he remembers of sleep and dreams.

Nick Valentine (romanced): He’s worried he’ll be too cold for the Sole to want to sleep in the same bed, but they disregard that, their heat soon absorbed into him. He learns how to enter a ‘meditation’ of sorts; not really sleep, but it’s quiet and goes quickly. There’s something amazing about waking up to see this, his, amazing partner wrapped up sleepily in his arms. He always gets up to make breakfast first, though.

John Hancock (normal): He sleeps with no blankets on, whether from being too warm or kicking them off in restless sleep. His dreams are blurry, rocking from nightmare to normal in a moment. He usually takes some chems to send him to somewhere completely dreamless.

John Hancock (romance): No blankets, no clothes, because Hancock is an actual human furnace. Ghoul, technically. There’s no real pattern to how him and Sole sleep, just a tangle of limbs, wrapped up in each other until the sun and responsibilities force them from it.

Strong: Strong sleeps for a good 10 hours, heavily, snoring so loud it could attract a deathclaw if they weren’t afraid of what they’d find.

Dogmeat: His back legs kick, chasing animals in his dreams, once in a while a huffing bark cracking the silence. It’s adorable.

Codsworth: Too much to do to be sleeping, although occasionally he will power down if he’s feeling particularly run down.


::I wasn’t quite sure of what you wanted in this imagine, but I hope you like it requester!:: 


Warning: The descriptive wording of some scenes may make ya gag, just so you know.

              You were a lone wolf, not because of the way you acted, nor was it that you’d done something wrong. Although you always felt like it was your own fault. One day you had the idea to run out into the city from your forest, you were the pack’s best, a climber that could scale the buildings that humans had made. You’d never kill one, as afraid of you as they’d be It was without reason, as they would associate you with the Blood Pack. They would only do so with you as your wolf form was nearly as big as a horse, but never made a sound accept for small scratches of nails on wall sides. You were the only Dire Wolf of the pack, you weren’t the leader, but you liked it that way. With your freedom you could always run through the town without needing a battle plan to get out. To other packs you were known as The Blur. A mass of (H/C) that would whiz by like a gust of wind.

             Always having your morning run, you enjoyed it until there were too many humans moving around. You’d risked it in jumping around even longer, hours later you finally decided to head back to the lodge hidden in the Angeles National Forest. It was near the most breath taking waterfall, but even that couldn’t hide the overwhelming smell of rotting flesh from you. It wasn’t another kill no, the leader always kept his promises to give the pack their times off. It was easier that way as you were one of the more peaceful groups. You weren’t a tribe no, none of that cliche, rip off your shirt, kinda of people. You were a mix of races and personalities, and you were family all the same. 

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When The Devil’s At Play// Mark Tuan (Part 11)

Originally posted by jordragon

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre:  Supernatural

Summary: You weren’t supposed to be here anymore, you were supposed to be long gone, but for some reason you had gained an extra ten days on this earth and you weren’t going to waste them.

Author’s Note: This series is based of the Voltage game Ten Days With My Devil.  The prologue will follow almost the same patterns as the prologue in the game did, but with a few major changes, and after the prologue the story line will go off on its own. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

Prologue||Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||Part 4||Part 5||Part 6||Part 7||Part 8||

Part 9||Part 10||Part 11||Part 12||Part 13||Part 14||Finale

“Aish, can someone wake them up? We gotta go.”

You woke slowly, but didn’t dare to open your eyes. You could feel the sun rays shining in through the slightly opened curtains in the room you shared with Mark last night. You heard the others mumbling to themselves as they circled through the halls, Jaebum scurrying around to see if everyone was up.

“I’m not waking them up,” you heard Jinyoung say, “They look comfortable.”

“It’s the first good-night-sleep hyung has gotten in a while,” Youngjae commented, “He looks peaceful. Should we wake them?”

“I think both of them will wake up soon,” You heard Jaebum say.

Five more minutes, you heard inside of your head as the door to your room slowly closed. But that’s it.  

You went over the events of last night in your head. Around the others, Mark seemed so quiet, so emotionless. But around you, when you two are alone, he seemed giggly and excited, more kiddish than you would have expected him to ever act like. 

You turned around in the bed slightly, to feel something tighten around you. Was Mark still holding you?

Your eyes shot open, adjusting to the light in the room as you rubbed them slightly. Once adjusted, your eyes set on Mark, who’s face was a mere inches from yours. Youngjae was right, he looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. His lips were pouted and his eyelashes fluttered against his blush-stained cheeks, his chest rising softly with each breath. You crawled in closer to him, shivering as the cold air of the room hit your shoulders. The blanket had come off of you slightly during the night, but your arms were pressed hard against Marks chest, so you had little options but to try and move as close to him as possible for warmth.

“Are you up?” You heard from above you. Looking up, you were greeted with Marks sleepy face, a soft smile playing on his lips as he moved slightly, allowing you a little more arm room.

“Barely,” you mumbled, letting out a soft yawn as you rubbed your eyes again. You wanted to get up and stretch out your body, but at the same time, you didn’t want to leave the comfort of the bed, or the warmth of Marks embrace.

“You’re cold,” he mumbled, his hand running up and down your back, sending shivers down your spine, “Do you not feel well?”

“I’m fine,” you murmured, “Just a bit chilly.”

“I’m sure Jinyoung brought you one of my sweaters to wear,” Mark hummed, his grip on you loosening, “Go look in your bag.”

You sighed softly, the warmth of Marks arms slowly slipping away as you lifted yourself off of the bed. You roamed over to the bag Jinyoung had brought you and grabbed the sweater that laid in it. You slipped it on, the sleeves going passed your hands and the bottom of it sitting right above your knees.

“It’s huge on you,” Mark smiled, sitting up slowly as you stretched out your arms.

“Yep,” you hummed, roaming back over to the bed and sitting on it. You sat in silence for a moment, you mind racing as you felt your heart speed. “I don’t want to leave the Demon Realm.”

“Why not?” Mark asked softly, raising an eyebrow as he scooted closer to you.

“I feel safer here than I do in the Human Realm,” you murmured, rubbing your arms softly as you gazed out the window, “But then again, I don’t feel too safe anywhere anymore.”

“Don’t worry,” Mark hummed, rubbing your back softly. “I’ll protect you. And so will the boys. You have nothing to worry about. Just live your last few days well, okay?”

“I’ll try,” you chuckled softly, standing up yet again, “Come on, I bet they’ve already eaten breakfast.”

Once you and Mark finished breakfast, you all gathered your things and thanked Jaebum’s mom for letting you stay the night.

“Please, come again any time,” She giggled, roaming over to you all as you stood by the gate. Taking your hand, she pat it softly. “I hope to see you again.”

Smiling at her again, you thanked her as Jaebum pressed a kiss to her forehead.

As you all left, you felt a slight pain in your chest. Though you only met her, Jaebum’s mom treated you with such hospitality, and she wished to see you again, but you knew that couldn’t happen. You knew you only had seven more days.

“Alright,” Jaebum sighed as you all left the Demon Realm, entering the underground tunnel, “Jackson and I found a hotel on the outskirts of our town. And yes, they take dogs,” He hummed, a smile rising on Youngjae’s face, “We check in in a couple of hours. So until then, feel free to roam on the outskirts of town. To get the permit to go into the Demon Realm, the Angels have to stay in some sort of hearing to see if they’re all fit enough to go, and that alone lasts for a few hours. We have a good four hours to just roam around until we have to be back in the Hotel.”

Once you got into the Human Realm, the boys all split and went their separate ways. Jaebum made you bring a guardian with you, Mark being the volunteer after everyone nominated him to be.

You decided to go the park in the city you were in. The park was small and secluded, which was a perfect place for you two to spend your afternoon in hiding. You both took a seat on A bench, overlooking a small playground where children were running around and playing with each other.

“Hey, Mark?” you hummed, watching as a small girl went down a slide, a young boy waiting at the end of it for her. “I have some questions.”

“Yeah?” he looked at you, “What’s up?”

“So, Youngjae told me about Guardian Angels,” you said, Marks eyes widening as you talked, “And he told me that you get one from a young age and that they can play with you and stuff. Can you explain to me how that works?”

“Youngjae told you, huh?” Mark murmured, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked at the playground. “Well… When you’re young, as an Angel or Devil, you’re unaware of how strong your powers really are. As a child, you have a power that you lose as you get older. You’re able to turn invisible, I guess, but invisible to everyone else besides who you’re protecting. It’s weird, I know, but that’s how it has been for centuries. A lot of the Guardian Angels, if they’re around the same age as the person they’re protecting, will act as sort of an ‘imaginary friend’ type. They’re able to play with the person they’re protecting, making sure that they aren’t lonely or sad or doing bad things. You lose that power when you become around seventeen, and around that same time, if you’re good enough, is when your Guardian Angel has to leave you.”

“Really?” You gasped, “So, I had an imaginary friend when I was little. He was real this whole time, and he’s my Guardian Angel?”

“He was,” Mark nodded, “But he left a couple of years ago.”

Silence came over you both as you tried to remember your old imaginary friend. He was your best friend for a long time, but for some reason, you weren’t able to remember his face.

“You know what’s strange?” You murmured, pulling your knees to your chest as you sat on the bench, “I could tell you so much about my imaginary friend. We painted together, we played tag together, we played on the swings together… He was such an amazing friend. He was the best friend I had during my childhood. I could name off everything we did together..But I can’t remember his name.”

“That’s because when you’re old enough to lose your Guardian Angel, you’re meant to forget all about them,” Mark sighed, looking up at the sky, “Once my mom sees if you’re fit enough to live on your own or not, your Guardian Angel erases almost all memory of themselves and then leaves. You’re only meant to remember them as an imaginary friend, but you forget almost all important details of their face. Anything that you would be able to distinguish them from any other person, you forget about.”

“Why is that?” You asked softly.

“As I said, when an Angel gets old enough, he loses his power to turn invisible. Once he loses that power, he’s put to work in the Realm. Some jobs in the Realm require you to get information on people before they’re supposed to… You know.”

“Youngjae told me that,” you hummed in agreement, “That’s where you worked with him.”

“Yep. But before us two, there was a girl. Her name was Lucy, and she forgot to erase the memory of the boy she was protecting. And when she went down to the Human Realm to gather information, she ran into the boy that she protected.”

“That’s good, isn’t it?” You asked, “Kind of like, a tearful reunion?”

“Not particularly. The boy remembered Lucy, but Lucy, as a person, couldn’t keep her mouth shut about being an Angel to him. She almost revealed the existence of the whole Realm to a human that was not stable, and that they couldn’t trust, and that’s not good. If that were to happen, and he were to have told more people about Angels and the Angel Realm, all three realms would be thrown into chaos. I couldn’t even imagine what would have happened if we didn’t erase his memory of Lucy afterwards.”

“Oh, wow.” You felt speechless. There were so many things you learned about the Angel and the Demon Realms, that you never would have even thought about. It isn’t all peachy in the Angel Realm, nor is it all scary in the Demon Realm. “But, do you still remember who you protected?”

“I do,” Mark smiled softly, “We used to play on the playground together, all the time. I made sure she never got hurt with my power. She used to love to play this one game, I wish I could think of the name. But it made her so, so happy. She’s around my age, and I really protected her as best as I could. I didn’t want to leaver her. I hope she’s doing okay.”

“Does Youngjae know about her?” You asked.

“He does, I told him about her everyday. He got so jealous that I was a Guardian Angel before him, he didn’t become one until he was eleven.” Mark chuckled softly, “Youngjae would want to come and play with us too, but I was always over-protective of her. I didn’t want anyone else to touch her. If I was with her, I bet I’d still be like that, but it would probably annoy her because she probably would want a boyfriend.”

“That’s cute~” you giggled, poking Marks arm, “Getting all protective over her. That’s cute.”

“Well, she needed it,” Mark murmured, shoving you off playfully, “She had no other friends, really. Only a girl in school who used to tease her a lot. They weren’t real friends, but she was the only one that she had. I always hated that girl. I would hold the girl I protected, she’d cry into me and I’d have to pat her back and rock her until she calmed down. I always made sure she felt safe with me.”

“Do you remember her name?” You asked softly, “Youngjae remembered the girl he protected, and her name.”

“Unfortunately, no,” Mark sighed, “Because I was so protective and I didn’t want to leave her, my mom erased some of my memories of her. She erased her name from my memory. But if you were to show me a bunch of girls and she was in the bunch, I would be able to pick her out. No doubt.”

Yet again, the air grew silent.

“I’m sorry,” you pouted, bumping him with your shoulder as you stood, “I didn’t mean to make you sad if I did. I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions, you know?”

“You didn’t make me sad,” Mark chuckled as he followed your actions, standing up next to you, “I’m actually really happy now. So thank you,” He smiled as he patted your head slightly. Looking over to the now vacant swingset and back at you, Mark smirked. “I’ll race you to the swings.”

“You’re on!” You giggled, pushing passed him as you ran to the swings, leaving Mark behind in your dust.

“No fair,” Mark whined, walking over to you as you sat yourself on a swing and began to swing, “You pushed me! That’s cheating!”

“Whoops~” You giggled, sticking your tongue out at him as you swung yourself higher and higher.

After a while of swinging on the swing sets, you and Mark decided to get ice cream. You both went to the ice cream vendor, ordering and taking your ice cream as you began to walk to where Jaebum said the hotel was.

“Mark?” you hummed, licking your ice cream as your eyes searched the people on the streets, “Will you go with me to see my family tomorrow?”

“What?” Mark asked, licking ice cream from off of his top lip, “Why?”

“My sister is having her son soon,” you said softly, “And I want to see them before it happens. I want to be able to talk to my mom for a little while, play with my baby cousins, do family things before everything happens.” You felt yourself pout slightly, your heart tightening at the thought of never being able to see your family again, “I just want to have one last, full family day with all of them. It would make this all a whole lot easier if I were able to just… I don’t know.”

You felt yourself starting to cry, tears stinging the back of your eyes as you threw out the rest of your cone in a trash can on the corner of the street. You sighed and wiped your tears as you stared at the ground, hearing Marks cone being flung into the trash can as well.

You felt yourself being pulled into Marks warm embrace, a place you had felt the most comfortable in the past few days. He combed his fingers through your hair as he pushed you further and further into his chest. “Don’t cry, please don’t cry…”

“Saying ‘Don’t cry’ is going to make me cry harder,” you murmured, tears slipping from your eyes as you felt yourself tremble a bit, your arms settling against Marks chest.

“You shouldn’t cry,” Mark sighed, leaning his cheek on top of your head as he watched the people pass you two, not really caring about what they thought of you two, “You’re too pretty to cry, so stop crying.”

You covered your eyes, crying into the sleeves of Marks sweater that you were wearing. “Don’t say stuff like that, you idiot,” you murmured, hitting his chest softly, “People are going to think we’re dating.”

The air grew silent as Mark stilled his movements, but still kept a tight hold on your waist. You felt yourself calming down slightly letting out a soft sniffle as you continued to lean into Marks chest.

“If I went with you to see your family, would that make you happy?”

“Yes,” You murmured, looking up at him softly. He smiled down at you, patting your head as he wiped one last tear from your cheek.

“Then, I’ll come with you.”

You smiled up at him, hugging him tightly as you sighed, “Thank you.”

After a while, you both arrived at the hotel Jaebum had told you, being directed to the rooms with a key and the help of a manager.

“We’re home!” Mark called out as he opened the door to the room. There was a large livingroom, and what seemed like a small hallway where one or two bedrooms must lay.

“The lovebirds are home,” Jackson called as he sat on the couch, “Welcome back, you two.”

“Shut up,” Mark murmured, smacking the back of Jackson’s head as he walked over to the couch, making Jackson groan.

“I was just greeting you two!” Jackson pouted, making you smile as you also walked over to the couch, plopping next to him, “That’s all.”

“Thank you,” you giggled, patting his head where Mark hit.

“Why is he so bitter?” Jackson murmured, looking at Mark, “Did you two break up or something?”

“We aren’t dating,” You chuckled, pushing Jacksons shoulder as Coco ran from down the hallway, her small bark filling the air as she hopped up onto the couch and into your lap.

“That’s not what M-“

“YAH!” Mark shouted, tossing a pillow at Jackson, “Keep your mouth shut!”

“Enough yelling,” Jaebum groaned rubbing his temples, “Enough arguing. I was just informed by Marks dad, that he knows we are hiding a fugitive.”

“Shit,” Mark murmured, “And what did he say?”

“He said,” Jaebum sighed, sitting down next to Mark, “Something along the lines of ‘My son is one hell of a trouble maker. He should rule over the Demon Realm with the way he’s acting.’”

“So he’s not mad?”Jackson questioned, “Is that good?”

“No, he’s mad,” Jaebum stated, “He’s mad that Mark’s making his mother angry. But he’s proud that he’s finally showing some bad in him. He doesn’t know what to feel. The only reason he knows is because he was at the hearing. He told me that the Angels are in the Demon Realm at this moment, searching mine, yours, and Bambam’s homes,” He sighed, looking at Jackson, “But he said that as soon as they leave, he’ll notify me. He kind of doesn’t mind that we kept (Y/N), and he might let us hide her around for the last few days of her stay.”

“Well, that’s great!” Jackson chuckled, “So we aren’t in any trouble!”

“No, we are.” Jaebum leaned back against the couch, “There are going to be serious repercussions. He said after a stunt like this, our team may have to disband. But he may consider something less hectic if the Realms aren’t thrown into chaos. He just enjoys that his son is being bad, and if his son stays in the Demon Realm with him, he may just hand over the kingdom to Mark.”

“Are you serious?” Jackson sighed, looking at you, completely ignoring the last of Jaebum’s statement, “If you’re the reason we disband, I swe-“

“Don’t get angry at her,” Mark growled, “Hasn’t she been through enough with us the last few days? Besides, we all agreed to keep her here. Not just Jaebum, not just Youngjae. We are all held responsible. So we deserve the repercussions.”

“Marks right,” Jaebum sighed. “This is on all of our shoulders, not just one person. All we know now, is that the Demon King is on our side. Or, more on our side than the Angels. “

You held your head down. You didn’t mean to be this much of a problem, and you didn’t think that you wanting to stay would cause this much disaster. You rubbed Coco’s ear softly, petting her fur back as you felt your heart sink.

Don’t worry, you heard in Jaebum’s voice, Jackson’s just upset right now. I have a plan to get us all out of this. We’ll all be okay.

Looking up at Jaebum, he smiled slightly at you before going back to talking to Jackson.

“I don’t even care anymore,” Jackson threw up his hands in defeat, “I don’t care. I’m hungry. Can we order room service here?”

FT Angst Week, Day 7: E.N.D.

Rated: T for violence, possibly graphic imagery, human immolation, and harsh language.

Character(s): Gray, Natsu/E.N.D., Lucy

Pairing(s): NaLu, Gratsu (brotp), GrayLu (brotp)

A/N: Final entry for Angst Week! *cheers* Hope this is okay! Pretend this is a follow-up of my Day 3 entry for extra angsty goodness. :3

Gray slammed against the opposite rock wall so hard that it disintegrated into a pile of pebbles and boulders. It was enough to nearly knock the breath out of him completely, and he hardly had to chance to catch it again before his aggressor spoke.

“Stand, Devil Slayer.” He stepped forward and beckoned to Gray’s crumpled form next to what used to be the wall as a challenge. “Prove to me that the gift bestowed upon you by your traitorous corpse of a father actually has bearings against my power.”

The ice wizard could only grit his teeth and curl his fingers into fists in response, still too rattled to try and pick himself off the ground again. He still had a difficult time believing that this was actually happening, no matter how many times he got knocked down.

Natsu had been E.N.D.? This whole time?

The demon I’ve been looking for in order to destroy to avenge my father…was him all along?!

The whole concept confused him. What was going on here, exactly? How exactly had this happened? All that had happened once Gray had finally found the book was that it had inadvertently fallen open, and then…something had happened to Natsu. Something had happened to him—the book was gone now—and he wasn’t Natsu anymore.

A whole flurry of emotions just about tore him apart from the inside. Overwhelming guilt wracked his battered body and weary soul, because while he couldn’t understand what had happened, he only knew too well why it had occurred.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you ship Lunyx? Well , i watched Kingsglaive like 2 days ago , and i just shipped them the moment they met in the movie . ahahaha

Originally posted by strifescloud

Haha, awesome another LuNyx shipper on deck! I’ve shipped them looong before the movie came out. I was resistant at first because I ship Luna and Gentiana with each other and knew nothing about Nyx. The ones to blame are @stephanythedramaqueen and the screenshots of the two standing next to each other. That’s all. Just standing next to each other. And the fireworks. The team behind KG totally wanted us to ship it with the atmosphere they built. Even with the screenshots alone it was enough for me to write fics for them and I found myself more and more invested in them. Also, they’re just really easy for me to write about, canon and AU settings than say that pairing. Then the movie cemented it for me. LuNyx is one of my OTPs. I go down with this ship and I don’t have any regrets. I’ve made my bed. Oh, and I found really awesome people who produce amazing content so I blame them for dragging me down further. Made awesome friends in the ship, too. Gonna delve into spoilers if you don’t mind. I’ll still tag this as Kingsglaive spoilers and FFXV spoilers.

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You Were Looking At Me

Characters: Lucifer x Reader
Words: 1026
Requested by Anonymous: Could you do a Lucifer x reader based off of the song Out of the woods by Taylor Swift? 

Originally posted by castiel-for-king

          You opened the box like you did probably too often. Inside were the few things that reminded you of the one man, well, one being who could bring you to do almost anything in the world.

           A single Polaroid. You were sitting on his lap; he had just discovered your Polaroid camera and insisted on taking a picture of the two of you. You were both smiling bigger than ever as he aimed fairly accurately to get both of your faces in the picture. It was something you would always cherish.          

           Nothing ever seemed to go right with Lucifer. He was always getting angry about something and disappearing and not telling you what was going on. You knew he was the devil and you knew you should have stayed away from him, but you just couldn’t.

           “I remember that day,” Lucifer’s voice always made you feel warm all over. You could never get tired of having him around.

           You turned to face him, “Hi, Luci.”

           “What are you thinking?” he asked.

           You sighed, “I don’t even know. I think about all these good times we’ve had. But then there are so many times that I don’t know if I can do it anymore. And I wonder if you still want to be in this relationship.”

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