never getting over tbh



,,,,,,,do you guys,,,,,,,,,remember,,,,,,,,,,when thor gripped tony by the neck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and LIFTED HIM OFF THE GROUND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and all tony says is “use your words, big guy”??? honestly,,,,,,,,,one of thor’s worse moments,,,,,,and i remember this guy sitting next to me in the theater laughing over this,,,,,,



honestly I really wonder how often it was that Lafayette and Laurens got into Oblivious Super Rich Guy Mode and started talking bullshit like ‘yeah I got to listen to Mozart while I was in Vienna, really incredible, I think every man needs to do that before he dies’ or ‘but for real though - what’s the point of living if you have to drink cheap wine’ while Hamilton is just standing there on the sidelines like *forced smile*

sometimes i think about how if the writers had given delphine an ounce of backstory they could’ve made the conflict so much more interesting.  if they had shown, not told or implied, that there was a figurative or literal gun to her head to become a monitor, to be cosima’s boss, to be the interim director, to do things for dyad that she didn’t want to do.  actually shown it.  the conflict would have been two women fighting for their own autonomy, the right to decide what they do with their bodies, who they do things for.  the conflict would have been two women finding someone who understood, who could help, who needed help, who was willing to help.  they would have found love and safety instead of more pain and fear.  who when they made one stride forward for one it was two backwards for the other.  the story would have been of two women fighting for each other instead of against.  it wouldn’t just be ‘what’s that crazy bitch delphine gonna do next’ because we would actually know her motivations.  we would know who she was outside of cosima and her own sexuality.  not only would she no longer be the untrustworthy or depraved bisexual but the conflict would have been deeper.  it would have brought up questions of who is right when neither party has a choice?  is there another choice?  whose priorities take precedence?  

it just would have been… more.


more rp drawings

also apologies for shitty iphone pics that don’t do the art justice, but i’m sharing them anyway because i continue to be trash for these two and the ship will probably never have enough content, so


AhRo is everything to me. Not because I want or need her. She is the reason I’m still alive and breathing.

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