never get enough of those two tbh


more rp drawings

also apologies for shitty iphone pics that don’t do the art justice, but i’m sharing them anyway because i continue to be trash for these two and the ship will probably never have enough content, so

Okay now that I’ve freaked out enough about Teen Wolf.... GAME OF THRONES THO!!!

Jon and Dany!!!! what!!!! That scene where they are both like biiiitch I aint changing my views, BUT lets work together had SUCH couply vibes!! I have never really felt the need for those two to get together romantically tbh. But now? I am game! 

 Another stark reunion!!!!! why are we so blessed!! Although Bran is being just a lil weird?!!! you looked beautiful on the night you got raped?!!! Hun you’ve been away from society too long and lost your social skills clearly christ!

OLENNA IS A KWEEN! That is all. Most epic death ever. She evens wins in death. On her own terms and with a savage line. Legend.

Jamie is pissing me off. 

Cersei as per is terrifying.

Tyrion is a sneaky horny little bitch and I love him for it. 


Euron can suck my non existant dick I actually despise him.

All in all I am extremely entertained. That episode was bomb af and I can’t wait until next week! 

anonymous asked:

ranpo, dazai, and kunikida as dads headcanons? feel free to do more characters if you'd like aaaa

Edogawa Ranpo

  • Aka the sort of dad who whines just as much as his children. 
  • There’s always candy somewhere in the house and his kids learn to sniff for it like hounds. Ranpo’s candy is never safe after his first child turns about 5
  • Even when the kids are younger, he’d try to tell them about all his more gory or interesting cases if he couldn’t bring them to the crime scenes himself.  He still tries to bring them, causing his partner to call Fukuzawa if he doesn’t listen.
  • When Ranpo’s feeling lazy, his kid would probably try to take care of him how is s/o does and it’s really cute when the s/o comes home and sees their small child covering up a sleeping Ranpo

Dazai Osamu

  • He tries to make sure his kids are smiling at all times.  If they’re crying, he automatically picks them up and runs them to his s/o without even knowing whats wrong, but usually the bumpy ride in their dad’s arms is enough to get them giggling again.
  • I feel like he’d be a two kids kinda guy tbh. One hand for each smaller one when they’re walking somewhere.
  • He’d make sure his kids grew up in a really loving environment.  He’d never hold back in his affection for his s/o and it’d end up like those movie moments where he goes in for a kiss and both the kids yell “ewww” and the dad runs to give them smooches on the cheek too (shits cute and i eat it up)

Kunikida Doppo

  • I’ve said this before, but the man has no idea what a baby even is. He reads up on everything he gets his hands on, but its not enough.  He loves his kids, he really does, but at first he doesn’t realize how much it messes with his schedule and it takes him a while to get the hang of it.
  • He’d come off as strict at first but once his kids start to pout, the walls are down and those little monsters have won.
  • His kids like to hang on him when he’s doing work and he masters the art of being able to keep them busy with small tickles to their sides and writing reports at the same time.
  • Regardless of his inexperience, he’s almost always the one to get to the baby in the middle of the night.  The moment his ears register that quiet disgruntled noise he goes full squidward 0 to 1000 in 2.5 seconds