never found out what the hell he was doing

So I made a tinder a while back and I wasn’t taking it seriously at all. It was more of a see what the hype is about.
Many guys matched with me and asked for dates and all that good stuff but I said no because I even said in my bio I just wanted friends.
Well, flash forward a few weeks and another guy asked me on a date. I figured what the hell okay let’s do this.
I go on a date with him. He is super nice doesn’t try to make a move or anything. Cool, first date was good. We have a few more dates and nothing weird is going down or anything.
We start to go steady.
Dude is fucking bat shit crazy. Found out he pulled off the condom during sex and kept fucking me. What a douche. I may have a tinder baby now. Deleting Tinder and never looking back. 

The signs as more things said during Nostalgia critic reviews:

Aries: Next, I’ll explain how Care Bears is related to our current economic downward spiral

Taurus:  Kevin James is President of the United States

Gemini: Hello, I’m the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it MONKEYS AREN’T FUNNY

Cancer: Chuck Norris wants to put himself in every man.

Leo: What the hell?! Did he just pull that spyglass out of his gonads?!


Libra: AIDS stinks. And here’s another thing I just found out: Hitler was a dork.

Scorpio: Hello, I’m Batman. I remember it because I’m Batman.

Sagittarius: “Hey, I got an idea! Let’s all go to ‘Pot Land’. And after that, maybe we can spend time in 'Table Tennis Land’. Or how about we drop by 'That British Guy Who Always Seems To Be In Everything But You Never Really Take The Time To Figure Out What His Name Is Land’

Capricorn: Well, it’s official. The House has turned into a cartoon.

Aquarius: You’re making the Garbage pail kids look adorable!


Bellarke AU: Climbing Mount Everest

Bellamy and Clarke fall through a sheet of ice into a cave, where they have to find a way out since where they were drowned out their distress signals for help. Without the right equipment,  little food, and temperatures below freezing it was inevitable they would die fairly quick. They need to work together to survive before the mountain takes them like it has the others before them.


The reason Hiro started bot fighting was because the family was going through difficult times (not paying the bills on time, getting notices from the bank, barely making ends meet in general, etc). 

And neither Aunt Cass nor Tadashi realize this. 

They never thought to question the extra money in their wallets or the spare change they found lying around the house (They thought that maybe they left it out or something. What else could it have been?).

Or even what the hell was the kid doing with the money. 

And Hiro just took the scolding, responding with the usual snark, but he never told. 

He just let them assume that he was some rebellious brat. 

Last Chance

Prompt can be found here


“You can’t just push me away like that Brett.” You and Brett had been going out for almost a year and he would never do anything to hurt you, but now he had, he didn’t want to be with you anymore.

“Yes I can, and I am. I have to (Y/N).”

“WHAT THE HELL BRETT, THIS ISN’T FAIR. I…I love you.” The last sentence was barely above a whisper, and as the first few drops formed in the corner of your eyes you couldn’t help but let them fall.

“I’m sorry baby, I just can’t see you get hurt.”

“Save it for someone else Brett,” you sniffled “oh and I’m not your ‘baby’…not anymore.”

You walked out of his room without looking behind you. Brett had done the worst thing he could’ve which was give up on you, it wasn’t fair for you. You were there for him when he first became a werewolf and you had been there for him through every full moon, you were the one who forgave him when he snapped at you, you forgave him when he almost wolfed out on you and you always forgave him when he came home late and wasted with no explanation. The least he could do was stay, stay with you and protect you through the rest, but all Brett had done was leave you, and now you didn’t think you could forgive him again, not this time.

Brett’s POV

As I saw the only girl I loved walk out that door I was heartbroken, the only good thing was that she didn’t look back, because she would’ve seen me crying, and I shouldn’t be because I was the one who let her go.

Although it made me upset I hate to say it, it was the right thing to do. She might think that I’m pushing her away and she might hate me for it, but at least now she will be safe, from all the supernatural creatures out there, including me. I never liked when she helped me through the full moon, it was because I was afraid. I was scared that I would break free and hurt her, and maybe even kill her, I would never want to live in a world without her…never.

As I sat on my bed I stared out the window I watched how the clouds rolled over the moon with speed.

“Shit.” I said to myself out loud, the full moon was tomorrow night and I don’t have (Y/N) anymore. As I began to think about the full moon it made me angrier and angrier. I smashed my bedside lamp with my fist and held it as I watched it quickly heal. But I wasn’t just angry, I was scared, I don’t know how I’d get through the full moon without her there next to me.


This is it, tonight is the night, I have no idea how it’s going to go but I assume badly. As I sat handcuffed to the heater I watched as the clouds once again rolled over the moon as they did the night before, the night when I lost the one I love.

As the last of the clouds moved from the moon I began to feel pain rush through my bloodstream filling my room with the sound of screams. My jaw dislocated, developing a sharp fanged mouth, hair spurted on the side of my cheeks and my ears stretched with a point. My nails grew forming razor sharp claws which made me scream louder than ever as my eyes glowed a vibrant yellow. So much pain was building up in my body but it made me stronger. As I broke the handcuffs all I could think of was to run, run to her, but not to say sorry or make it up to her, I had an urge to kill…and I wanted to kill her.

As I ran on the cold gravel road on all fours I looked up at the moon, I wasn’t myself anymore, I was a monstrous beast who was on the prowl. I arrived at (Y/N)’s house and climbed onto the roof and neared towards her bedroom window, I slowly opened it and slid inside, hiding from her view.


As you woke up to the feel of freezing cold air on your face you sat up to see your bedroom window open. Confused and slightly alarmed you got out of bed and shut the window, just as you were turning around you heard an angry growl from behind you. You spun around and saw Brett in full wolf form, fists clenched and eyes glowing an angry yellow. You looked outside and saw the full moon, you had completely forgotten.

“Crap,” you mumbled to yourself “Brett? Can you hear me? I need you to stay calm okay, just stay calm.” You were so angry at him right now but you didn’t want to die either, so you had to be nice. You slowly took a step back holding your arms out in front of you.

Brett’s POV

As my chest rose and fell from my heavy breathing I could see her standing there, she looked calm but the sound of her heartbeat said differently. Seeing her made me remember all the times I was with her and made her happy, I realised I didn’t want to kill her anymore but I couldn’t stop myself, I was a beast.

“(Y/N)…RUN NOW.” I lunged towards her but she was quick, it was probably because I had taught her how to fight so she could protect herself, but I never thought she would have to protect herself from me. She ran out the door and down the stairs, I followed close behind but on the last few steps she misplaced her foot and fell screaming as she tumbled down.

I jumped on top of her pinning her arms above her head, I could see she had hit her head hard and was bleeding. Her cheeks were wet from crying and I could see her eyes were filled with fear.

“Brett,” her voice was shaky “I…I’m right here, it’s me (Y/N).” She tried to break free from my grip but I was too strong for her.

“Brett listen to me,” she had a stronger tone this time and her heart was no longer racing “this isn’t you, it’s the full moon. You can do it Brett, learn to control the shift, you need to learn how to control it.”

As I stared into her eyes and listened to her voice my ears began to return back to their normal size and the hair on my cheeks disappeared. My claws returned to their usual nails, my teeth went blunt and my eyes went back to the green colour they always are.


As Brett turned back to his usual handsome self you were relieved that you didn’t get hurt, besides from your head which was slightly throbbing. Brett stood up giving you a hand to get up as well.

“I…I’m so sorry (Y/N) I didn’t meant to hurt you I j…just couldn’t control it.” He was so mad at himself for what he had done.

“Brett I’m fine seriously, don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry about it? (Y/N) are you serious, I climbed through your window, chased you down the stairs making you trip and hit your head and then pinned you down and almost killed you, how can I not worry about?” He furrowed his eyebrows and gave you a shocked look.

“If you hadn’t pushed me away it never would’ve happened Brett.” You spoke to him sincerely.

“I’m sorry, I never should’ve pushed you away (Y/N). I loved you too much I didn’t want you to get hurt so I thought it was the best option.” He grabbed your hands and rubbed the back of them with his thumbs. You pulled them away and crossed your arms over your chest and rolled your eyes.

“Clearly not.” You muttered.

“Please (Y/N) just give me one more chance, I can’t get through this without you, you’re my anchor. I love you.” As Brett pleaded for you back your mind ticked with all kinds of thoughts. But what if he hurts me again? Or worse, kills me.  I’m still mad at him though. But I still love him. You looked into his beautiful green eyes which started right back at you.

“Brett, this is your last chance okay?” You asked him.

“I’ll do anything and everything I can to keep you safe, okay (Y/N)? I promise you I won’t fail this time.” You couldn’t help but smile at him, the boy you loved, the boy you had always loved.

He pulled you into a tight hug and kissed the top of your head before resting his chin on it, his arms wrapped around your neck and yours around his torso.

“I love you (Y/N).”

“I love you too Brett.”

i have a question

what if James never died, what if it was some other agent. what if the movie plays out up until Eggsy made that phone call, but James found out about it and asks Harry if he could do this one thing for Lee? after all, those two were the last of the candidates for Lancelot and they ended up being alright mates. James thought that Lee was fun and Lee thought James was crazy as hell and alright, he can get down with that. and harry thought “well why not” so he passes the call to James.

James of course, ends up proposing Eggsy for the candidacy and those two -as predicted- gets along like a house on fire. meanwhile, harry proposes someone else, but run into eggsy one day at the mansion during down time. who knows, maybe one or the other made some clever quip, or that harry accidentally pissed off eggys and eggsy ended up giving him the silver spoon speech (which later when james heard about it, he just laughs his ass off and texts eggsy a ‘well done!’) and harry gives him that pleased smile again. 

its not all very terribly well thought out, but i just want james and eggsy to be the terrible-two of kingsman, kicks ass, lures roxy to join them in wrecking havoc, but on the side, harry trying to woo eggsy without getting his balls shot to hell by James. 


#10 I’m keeping it

“I’m keeping it!” You shouted one more time.
You didn’t like to fight. Especially with your own man Happy, but this time you would win.
Last night after work you stop and the club to see him. As you where walking in you heard the smallest meow. Walking over to the noise. You wished you hadn’t worn a skirt to work this morning. Looking around and making sure no one was looking you kneeled down and saw the littlest orange kitten.

“What the hell you looking at?” Happy said coming out and hitting a prospect across the back of the head.
“What the…” He never finished when he saw it was Happy
“My old lady is here for your enjoyment, but what the hell is she doing?” He said
“She found a kitten.” He said as he walked off.
Walking over to you. Happy heard you baby talking to the kitten and all he could think was hell no.
“We aren’t keeping it.” He said helping you up.
“Yes I am.” You said leaning up to kiss him.
“Y/N we don’t need a kitten.”
“Well, Happy we don’t need to have sex every day, but yet you think we do and I think we need this kitten.” You said walking toward the car.
“We aren’t keeping it.” It didn’t matter how sexy you looked with you held your ground.
“I’m keeping it!” You yelled getting into the car.
Happy watched you pulling out and going to his bike. He followed you home.

Happy made it home before you. A hour later you walked in with the kitten and bags of kittens stuff. Happy never left the chair. He was as hard headed as you could be. While you were sitting up the litter box and food. You seem to lose the kitten. Walking thru the house. You came to a stop when you found the kitten sleeping on Happy’s chest.
“I guess we are keeping it.” You said climbing in his lap.
“Guess we can keep having sex every night.” He said winking at you.
You just laughed at him as you felt his arm around your waist and the newest member of the family next to you both.

Black Sheep Part 6

Rolling my eyes at the sight of my father’s name on my phone screen, I actually thought about ignoring him. After what Jacob had done to me, I wondered if my father had approved it. Knowing Jacob Sr., he’d keep calling until I answered. “Hello, this is Dr. Hale.”

“Jacob really needs your help to win the election, having you associate with those scummy bikers won’t help him.”

Shutting the bathroom door, so no one can hear me, I let my father have it. “Did Jr, tell you he beat the hell out of me last night?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, your brother would never do such a thing?”

“Of course not! He would never get his hands dirty, he’d hire someone to do it for him. SAMCRO keeps this town safe father, they do things that law enforcement can’t. It would be ashame if they found out Jr, had some one beat the hell out of me. And what would Davey think?” I ended the call, walking out into the bedroom, I threw my phone on the bed.

Sinking down to the floor, I let out a frustrated scream. Forgetting I wasn’t alone, my bedroom door swung open, Happy was standing in the door with his gun drawn. “What the hell?

“Sorry, I just talked to  my dad…” I couldn’t begin to tell him my history with my family. The years of hurt, and disappointment that I’ve endured, maybe I should have stayed in Chicago.

He sat down with me on the floor. “What did he say to you?”

“Just typical Jacob Sr. shit. I’m an embarrassment to the family name, that I should help Jr, when the election….”

“How are you an embarrassment? You’re a doctor, they should be proud of you!”

I smile sadly at him. “I’ve been the black sheep of the family for as long as I can remember. My parents sent me to an all girls boarding school in Chicago during my freshmen year in high school, after I and a few others got busted for a stupid school prank. I wasn’t allowed to come home for holidays or breaks.”

“What the hell? What about your ma?”

“She did whatever Sr., told her to do. One of my teacher’s at the boarding school took me in as her own. I paid for my own way through medical school.”

I felt his hands touch my body, looking at me, he leaned in kissing me. “What about your brothers?”

“Jr., has always hated me, taken on our parent’s opinion of me, but Davey and I were close. Even when I left for school, we manged to stay in touch.”

“Why did you come back?” 

“I has hoping that being a doctor, would make them proud, but some how I’m still a disappointment.”  Hearing my phone ringing again, I decided to ignore it, I leaned in, my lips covering Happy’s. I felt him pull me on top of him, if I was going to be considered the black sheep of the family, I might as well as go big.


The peal of the doorbell, interrupted my plans, pulling away, Happy stood up, with me still wrapped around his body. Sitting my feet down on the floor, his hands cupped my face.

“Stay here!” I watched as he left the room. My phone started ringing again, picking it up, I frowned at Jacob’s name.

“What the hell?”

“Didn’t you lean your lesson?” I heard Happy yell from the other room, hanging up on my brother. I called Gemma, telling her I didn’t know what was happening, but Happy needed help.

The house started to fill with smoke, leaving my room, I found Happy laying in the floor unconscious. Going to the front door, I tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge.

Going to the garage, I could see the smoke was coming from there, the back door wouldn’t budge either. Picking up a kitchen chair, I threw it through the picture window in the living room.

My body screamed in pain, grabbing the blanket off the back of the couch, I padded the window sill. Going to Happy, I started to drag his body towards the window.

I could see the flames hitting the kitchen, the fire alarms were going off, I saw a bike pulling up at the curb. I pull Happy up to the window, seeing Jax and Opie running towards the house, the reached in, grabbing him. Running towards the street, that’s the last thing I remember seeing.

He said: Let’s disappear from here
Drive out of this city til the lights go out
It’s okay if we never get found
Live in here forever
Better keep it to yourself

 And you’re so tall
And handsome as hell
I don’t know what you do
but you’re doing it well
And when we’ve had our very last kiss
My last request is…

Say you’ll remember me standing in a nice dress
Staring at the sunset, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say that this won’t be the last time baby
You’ll see me again

—  Possibly Original Lyrics to Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift (x)

I had a dream last night i chased my jackass half brother out of my house with the stick of a broken cat toy yelling about how it was Hanukkah and he was getting the fuck out of spaces that were mine and my little brothers if I had to fight him.
I ran him out on sheer force of he didn’t know what to do with me yelling “I am not afraid of you, I will never be afraid of you again, and I will never see you on my doorstep again!” while hitting him with a plastic cat toy.

Dad was kinda dazed and asked what the hell Hanukkah had to do with it and I said I had finally found my strength in the people that were like me. and that meant Judaism. He said I wasn’t “a Jew” not in his house. I said I was, even though I hadn’t fully done the conversion because the convert was Jewish always in spirit, just not there yet. [or something like that]. I expected a big argument but he was too stunned to comment.
I spent the rest of the dream shaking in my room going “oh my G-d please let me still be in this house tomorrow.” and reading my two whole books about it.

I woke up and idk how to feel about it. 
I felt so good being able to have that feeling of “Someone does not belong here, doing things that violate the beliefs I hold sacred, i can get them out and its something my people have done. I can have that strength.” 
I know it’s not that scale, it’s not the same thing as the temple being desecrated, its nothing like that– but I felt home. I finally felt a story that I could feel inside that meant something. 
I feel more confident about wanting to ask for a ride to the temple i was looking into, and i’m hoping it goes well. 

I just have a lot of emotions about Judaism ok