never forget those whom you love


Regardless of whatever happens, whatever anyone says, even if they churn out volumes of novels and countless movies, I will never forget the bond that Ichigo and Rukia had…have. 

I fell in love with that bond, that special bond, and nothing can erase a smidgen of my admiration and respect for their characters and how they mean to each other.

Lovers? Friends? Soulmates? Compatriots? All these are true and yet not true. You can’t exactly define their relationship using a single word. A single word lacks the depth to express the deep connection that they have. 

Corny right? But you know what, if I could find someone with whom I can have the same relationship as those two have with each other, well, count me the happiest person on earth. 

That’s why it hurt me so much, so agonizingly painful, the way it ended for them. Apart? God, no, never that. It never occurred to my mind that it will ever happen. Aren’t they like the two sides of the same coin? 

Not even the crumbs tossed my way after that disaster, token nods to these two’s relevance to the story, will take away that misery. 

But I am happy, because they showed me so much, set the bar for relationships (real or otherwise) so high, I’m afraid the chances of finding something similar is infinitesimal. 

Yes, I’m a shipper. I am an Ichiruki shipper. And I will go down with this ship.

And if there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that nothing on this planet could ever make me stop loving. So to those that love me, and to those whom I will always love, if I can ask one favor from you, it’s that you never forget. Never forget all that we had, all that we once built, and all that we have lost. Please, never forget me.
—  ouchquotes 

It’s generally mentioned about Laurens and Hamilton’s relationship. Lafayette’s massive huge and adorable crush on Hamilton barely gets a look in. Here are a few of the things he wrote to Alexander:

  • C’est avec un plaisir toujours Nouveau que je vous assure de celle que je veux a vous pour toujours.
  • What is the matter with my dear Hamilton and by what chance do I live in fruitless expectation of some lines from him? Does it begin to be the play in your, or rather in our Country, to take European airs, and forget friends as soon as they have turned their heels—Indeed my good friend I cannot help being somewhat angry against you, which makes into my heart a ridiculous fighting between love and anger, and as the first will never go off, you must behave better with me that anger might be more decently dismissed - is it not too Much, my dear Sir, for a friendly heart who would give any thing to join soon those whom he so much beloved in America and whose affection he had the happiness to obtain.
  • I am Sure you would be Glad to see me Again at head quarters, and it would make me the happiest of men.
  • If however you was to cast your-eye on a Man who I think would suit better than any other in the World Hamilton is, I confess the officer whom I would like best to see in my _________
  • Before this campaign I was your friend and very intimate friend, agreable to the ideas of the World. Since my second voyage, my sentiment has increased to such a point, the world knows nothing about. To shew both from want and from scorn of expressions I shall only tell you.
  • But I will now Become the Bolder in interrupting your Amorous Occupations as exclusive of other Motives the importance of the Matters I have to Mention may Countenance your indulging your dear self with some Minutes Respite. You may therefore, my good friend, Catch this opportunity of taking Breath with decency, which will Be attributed to the strength of your friendship for me.
  • But if you do leave it, and if I go to Exile, Come and partake it with me.
  • I feel within myself a Want to tell you I love you tenderly.

Hetero Bros again. Obviously ;)

To thee who we have forgotten

An ode, a shout-out, a message to thee

Who have wronged us.

They always ask why.

A familiar nod to the those who introduced me to this amazing album, or this song, or this time of my life that I shall never forget. And I shall never forget it, you are always there.

A smile and a wistful sigh to the people I have spent time with, whom I loved and felt will always be there.

Until later when I realized I’m not always right, and when I had to flush you from my life. But the music and the memories stayed.

May you live on in my memory, perfect and wonderful, and may you live on outside them, and without me, and on your own fucking time because I’ve nothing left for you.

My memories were the best part of you, and I’ve kept them. I love who you were, always.

Don’t steal this nostalgia from me.