never forget those whom you love

I am scared of “oblivion’.

But what scares me most is ’‘forgetting’.

To me Forgetting is the equivalent of death. A death of a memory, the sound of a person’s voice, their walk, how they made you feel, the way they smiled. Their peculiar gestures, or their prologed vowels… even the idea of them starts fading, like a castle on a sandy shore. Everything becomes nothingness, memories become future wishes, love starts questioning itself. We fall in to a cycle of oblivion, unaware, detached from those things most dear to us, as if they never even happened.

Then one day nostalgia pays our broken souls a visit as it uncloaks long lost love letters whom we thought existed only in our hazy heads. But not even she lasts. Nothing ever does, not even nothingness.

And it terrifies me, for how can we continue loving someone, if they’re continiously fading away?
—  MD

Things that I learned from GotG:

You can act like a jackass and still have a heart of pure gold

Even if you’re a scaredy-cat or an a-hole, all that matters is that you do the right thing when it’s important

A family can be found in the most unlikely places

And no matter how different they seem, it’s about caring and loving and going through thick and thin with you when it comes down to it

You decide who your friends and family are

Even if you mess up once, twice or a thousand times, you can still do good and right now

Sometimes you say or do things that you didn’t not want and that have consequences. Stop beating yourself up over it – try to do better from now on.

You never forget those who loved you and whom you loved back

Someone who was never there for you has no right to say that they are your family

You owe them nothing

Dropping spaceships on people who threaten those you love is absolutely legitimate and a good way to let off steam


(Additions are welcome, that’s just my list.)

anonymous asked:

hi, I'm a lesbian Christian. I have a very strong faith but the one thing I can't get over is how in the Bible marriage is only described as between a man and a woman. I'm very much looking forward to marrying my future wife, but what does God/the Bible think about it ? how does God still support me if I'm "not allowed" to marry a woman? thank you in advance♥️

Hey sapphic sis! Do I have news for you! There are gays in our very own Bible! Just mistranslated!

So lemme tell you bout my boys David and Jonathan. (I'mma be getting most of my stuff from this site which does an awesome job at explaining it but tbh you can find this stuff everywhere)

(here’s another one that’s a bit of an easier read ) 

So 1 Samuel 18 gives us a pretty good idea of how in love these two idiots were. It says their souls were intertwined in the first verse. In 1 Samuel 20:41, when they reunited after they’d been separated, they literally cried and made out until David got a boner. (Most modern translations leave out the erection bit, but this is what the original text says). Then after Jonathan dies, David goes on about how broken up he is about it and says he preferred the love of Jonathan to that of any woman (since it was improper for men and women, especially of that standing, to be friends or speak to each other outside of a romantic/sexual context, we can assume this wasn’t just his way of saying “Bros before hoes”)

“But Sarah!” You say, “I know my Bible! David didn’t marry Jonathan! He married his sister Michal!” Look at you, knowing your Bible. I’m proud of you. But you fail to know context, my youngling. In that time period, the government wasn’t involved in marriage- it consisted of about two things: a promise and a u-haul. Even if a couple was only betrothed, unfaithfulness is a serious thing and the word for the splitting after that is the same as “divorce” in the original text (we can see an example of this in the story of Mary and Joseph). 

1 Samuel 18:3-4 shows David and Jonathan making a covenant and then getting naked so there’s that. Then David moves in with Jonathan and his fam. Still not convinced they were married? We actually have clarification in the original text, but modern translations mix up the words! Geez I wonder why! 1 Samuel 18:21 cites Saul telling David that once he marries Michal, he will be his “son in law through one of the two”. It’s assumed by the reader that this is referencing the almost-betrothal of David to yet another royal sibling, Mehab, who refused the marriage. Maybe she had a good gaydar or wasn’t gonna steal her brother’s man, idk. Except here’s the thing. The translation of the King James version completely makes up the words “one of”. It should read that David will be Saul’s “son in saw through two”. 👀👀👀☕☕☕ 

Yes, David had other wives, and children. Polygamy was very common back then, especially for a king such as he. But he never expressed the same love he did for Jonathan for any woman in scripture. 

This is just one of the several examples of same sex couples, one of the most notorious being the roman centurion and his bf, whom Jesus blessed. You can find more examples in those two links up top. It’s unfortunate that I don’t know of any cool biblical examples for us wlw, it’s one of the side effects of history forgetting genders besides male exist. Honestly though, are there really any good examples of couples in the Bible? Adam and Eve literally brought sin into the world, God told Sarah and Abraham were told they were gonna have kids and they basically went “lol u wild” and didn’t believe him so. It’s not like the God gave us great straight examples of what a biblical marriage is supposed to look like practically (song of solomon is just a bunch of gushing over each other). 

So what I mean to say is this: you are allowed to marry woman. God loves you whoever you marry, if you decide to marry at all. If you have more doubts, scroll through my apologetics tag or message me with your questions. I love you and so does God and I hope this helped and I hope you have a great day!! 

tl;dr David and Jonathan were super gay for each other and God put it in the Bible but homophobes messed it up but it doesn’t matter bc God Loves The Gays

Anonymous said: Can you do a being Jane Volturi’s girlfriend would include, please!

A/N: Of course! Jane is interesting, so I enjoyed writing this very much! I haven’t done one of these in awhile so please enjoy what i have come up with! Thanks so much for your request! - Admit Kat 💟

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Being Jane Volturi’s Mate Would Include:

- It would be mandatory that you are apart of the Volturi! The Volturi DON’T value human life! But if you had been a human coming in, she wouldn’t let a single vampire touch you and fend them off with her gift notoriously.

- Being Jane’s mate means; NO ONE WILL HARM YOU!

- Jane is more of the sadistic type, she’d be even more cynical if other’s took up your time, but if you confronted her, she’d be so pouty and stubborn.

- Having all of Jane’s attention and vice versa.

- Being fiercely important and protected by Jane.

- Having an amazing gift that even Jane is perplexed and astonished by.

- Constantly being together.

- Putting up with Alec’s, Demetri’s and Felix’s comments.

- Teasing Jane.

- Jane would give you her all, her every attention, love, you name it; in everyday life and in the bedroom.

- Her always tracing patterns along your skin, murmuring how beautiful you are and how much she loves you. She doesn’t know that she does it, but she does.

- Always being her anchor, the one to ease her worries.

- The leaders of the Volturi noticing how much of a change you’ve brought to their Jane, and making you apart of the Volturi guard to help keep her more settled.

- Jane doing anything you wanted to do, and her teasing you or making sarcastic remarks if she wasn’t into it.

- Asking Jane for make up tips, to which she eventually obliges to.

- Jane making you forget your own name, the culprit is her actions and words in many ways and fashions.

- It’d be a “You’re mine and no one can have you” sort of relationship: She won’t allow anyone to have your attention for too long, - not even her twin brother Alec-.

- Jane loving you, but showing it in her own fashion.

- If you’re upset, Jane will use sadistic methods on those whom have harmed you. You’d have to beg her to stop because she won’t tolerate or listen to anyone else telling her so.

- She would hold your hand all the time. She’d never let you break away for more than a few seconds.

- “I’ll be back.” you’d smile.

- “When? I want to know where you’re going.” she’d state.

- “In a few moments. I have to discuss matters with Demetri.

- You and Alec both teasing her.

- Actually making her feel happy inside.

- If anyone flirts with you… attempted vampire murder will occur!!!!

- Giggle fits with her.

- Being a power couple in the Volturi.

- Loving each other wholeheartedly.

- Nothing ever getting in between the pair of you.

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UM WHAT??!!! i was just getting ready to celebrate my second milestone and THIS snuck up on me! i honestly cannot believe this is real, but thank you ever so much!! let me quickly apologize for the mediocrity of the graphic ( i lost access to photoshop, really do love you all tho ). ok moving on… just a few days passed the mark of my four month anniversary & with well over three hundred followers, bill has become my most popular muse and is on his way to becoming my longest running one. all i can say is i am blessed to make that statement. of the muses i’ve had these past years i am so thrilled that it’s bill, who has gone the distance. i love this blog and my boy more then i can possibly put into words, but that is not why we’re here. as much i can gush about bill i think it’s time i give you all your due credit. before i do so though there is a few people i need to specially thank. 

first off, all the thanks to s, the longest friend i have had on this site. love you & so glad we’re still friends!! you make my blog look amazing with all your beautiful graphics. i literally would be hopeless without you! another equally large thank you to andy, isa, & lux who without doubt & have can be to the emotional backbone of this blog. also to becca, ink, leah, lexi, jay, & mal; thank you for all your support & for putting up with me. without any of the above names i i do not know if this blog would still be here today for this celebration. 

with all that said onto to the list! this list is comprised of those that have been here since the beginning & some whom i just recently met, those who i talk ooc & those who i don’t, those i write with often or not yet, & all those whom i love seeing on my dash period!!! i know i must be forgetting some people but on this list or not just be sure to know i appreciate all of you for making this blog what it is. it has been & remains a pleasure writing bill for all of you. i can never thank you enough!!- from micah.

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a loss of eloquence

a loss

a loss of?


well… there it is


your loss

my loss?

the loss you’ve been looking for

I’ve not been looking for a loss

you’ve been looking for something to be found

well—they’ve found it

were “they” impressed


impressed. with your “loss.”

their “finding” wasn’t mine

but that was the “finding?”
it’s very—you
not cancer
or schizophrenia
or lupus
or churg-strauss syndrome
just: “loss of eloquence”
how very, very you

what do you mean?

you clearly made an “impression”

it’s their “impression”
that i’m inflamed
that i’ve vessels
bursting up

was that in their “findings”

no, just their “impressions”—but everyone’s come to this “impression,” not just them

but where are the “findings”

they found my “loss”

so they won’t have to look anymore?



that can’t be all—

but it’s more than you could’ve wanted


wanted wanted
they’ve confirmed your wanting
you wanted clarity
they’ve given it to you
albeit in-absentia
all the clarity of fog
a sunrise swim on the sound in New London
this new
it’s writ in cursive
so elegantly
if you’ve “lost your eloquence”
you’ve found it in their “finding;”
you can’t go looking for your loss anymore

but I can’t lose my “eloquence”
I’d rather lose my hair

but you have


lost it

not necessarily

that’s what they “found”

what good is a “finding” without a “diagnosis?”

what good is an “impression” without a “finding?”

what’s good is that it’s now the prevailing “impression”

what’s good in a “finding” of: “loss of eloquence?”
do you compensate by toting around the thesaurus?
does it mean you’re just dumb?
or does it mean you’re nothing but normal?
which is why you want to use it to make more with,
to find faults further—
frailties and fractures and forme fruste—
because your “diagnosis” names “normalcy” itself.
so you wish for it—
your current state versus the grace from which you believe you’ve fallen—
to be a sign of the “abnormal”

better it the signifier than I

“loss of eloquence” is subjective


it’s a reflexive symptom, as well
it is you
it becomes you,
though it is a “symptom”
“It” “is” what you’ve become




but that’s what they’ve found

I’ve crackles and my voice gets high-pitched and my neck pops and my lips mottle and my nose bleeds and my wrists swell and my tonsils pinch

you don’t have tonsils

my adenoidal tissue

but you don’t



yes, I

not as much anymore

it’s been coming back

but ineloquent


I’d noticed

had you?

yes. it’s not untrue


what’s to become of you?

they’ll make me better

they will?

they will





so it’s not an impairment secondary to (and co-morbid) with your disordered moods

the magnitude of my loss is apparently
“beyond the scope” of those “symptoms”
(subtle though it may be.)
even though it may be similar, all of it
it’s all “dysfunction”
not clinically
to me

so you’ve forgotten, what—
words, have you?

yes i have

which ones?

all the ones i’d use to get myself out of this mess
all the ones i’d use to talk myself up
all the ones i’d use to talk with you
i can’t talk to such people anymore
i lack a noble tongue
damn i’m ineloquent

how did they “know” you’d “lost” “it?”

i don’t know
i’ve lost blood; they checked my hematocrit
i’ve lost consciousness; they’ve transfused me with blood
i’ve lost my—i don’t know
he asked me questions
he asked me for words
and i didn’t have the answers to give him
or i had them
but not then
not for him

do you have them now?

do i come off as “eloquent” to you?

so, you wish to be—what?

want to be wordy


to talk

with whom?

potential lovers


psychoanalysts. i don’t want to have to gesticulate to tell the stories of my dreams.

have you had any dreams?

not that i remember. and you?

not that i can forget. so. it’s been found. the loss.

my loss

so. what to do?

revisit in six months
re-challenge medications (that were never really a challenge)
purchase thesaurus
keep lists of words for potential use
mark those that i love with a star on the webster’s app
and writing-words with which to write
words to describe the isolation i feel:
the synonyms for a growing impasse
this constant lapse

but it’s so synonymous with “melancholy,” no? and “mourning”

no that’s not their “impression.” they’ve teased it out. it’s “global.”

what’s “global?”

my “loss.”

your “loss” is “global?”

i’m not being grandiose. i’m being clinical. that’s their jargon i’m employing. i’m not waxing grandiloquent.

you can’t



why not?

you’re ineloquent

“global” being “me”
“multiple domains”
mapped to be terrain
they’re mapping me
“left hemisphere currently more affected than right”
that’s me
and it’s my thinking
and my thoughts,
and my thinking is:
what does this mean?
what are your thoughts?

what use is “eloquence?”

as a “finding,” it can be of “use”

as a “loss”

as my “loss”
if i’m going to lose,
then it better mean something
to someone objectively
it better mean:
it better be a “yield”

a “yield” of “loss”

an impressive “yield”

a “yield” of “impressions”
impressions are illogical
they are unreal
face-casts of the just-dead
are you dead?


do you want to be?

i want to make an impression

so you aren’t dead

not yet

is your “eloquence?”

i’m sick

with what?

a “loss of eloquence”
i don’t know
now you’re sending me into a “hysteria”

well, how do you expect to work, if you’re “ineloquent?”

i don’t.

but you must; even the ineloquent labor.


but you’ve no choice

i can’t be seen like this

better something than gone

better “gone” than a “loss”

can they give it back




to return “eloquence?” you would suffer so for that.

the “eloquence” isn’t all gone already; —is a “symptom”

a “symptom” of what

i don’t know ask them

it’s a “symptom” of you

my wheals are “symptoms”

of what?

i have “apthous ulcerations” of my “oral mucosa”
“angiodysplastic lesions” in my “small intestine”
“telangiectasia” in my “mid pons”
“nodules” and “polyps”
“loss of hearing”
“idiopathic” catastrophes
pain with no meaning
loss with no recovery
i have no plan for recovery
i cannot put a plan together properly
let alone respond to this “finding” effectively
let alone communicate with these “eloquent” people, these doctors—them

but if you were “eloquent”

i’d be: functional
i’d be: found
instead of: what i lost, manifesting
i’d know how to talk myself out of this state of inertia
i cannot submit to a quietus
i will not be inured to this, this, this—

“this” what?

this loss of eloquence.

Bless The Broken Road -Elijah Mikaelson One Shot

Word Count: 676
Requested By: @harmonyjasper                                                                     Based on the song ‘Bless The Broken Road, Rascal Flatts.

P.S I am so sorry this took so long to write, I'be been working on my personal statement to apply to university all week so i’ve not had much time to write. Also I’m not too happy with this one shot so I nearly didn’t upload it.

You had been with Elijah 1000 years ago, you loved him and he loved you in return. From the day you met him you knew he was the one. The whole mikaelson family adored you, including their mother, Esther. So much so that she made the decision to turn you into a vampire along with her children all those years ago. For some time you lived happily with the Mikaelson’s, with Elijah, who vowed he would never leave you and would love you. Always and forever.

However all things eventually come to an end, and the promises made by Elijah was no exception. You regretfully parted ways with Elijah in the 11th century as a result of the five. Alexander had seduced Rebekah and despite your warnings she gave him her trust, which you would all realise would be a fatal mistake. A mistake which ruined your life.

You had blamed Rebekah for a long time, if she hadn’t been so trusting of Alexander then you would never have been daggered by the five, you were undaggered of course but you had lost 50 years of your life to the dagger and try as you might, you never found yourself able to find Elijah, or indeed any of the Mikaelson’s again. Their names became myths, the horror stories told to vampires just as tales of vampires are told to humans.

Eventually you moved on from searching for Elijah, despite never forgetting the time you shared together, you were not prepared to waste your immortality searching for a man no one had seen, or even heard of for centuries. For all you knew he was no longer alive.

Over the years you had a series of lovers, all of whom you cared for, however non of which could live up to your memories of Elijah so eventually, you gave up on love. You gave up on everything and with time you began to forget about the sensation of love you shared with Elijah all those years ago.

That was until a few months ago, you had begun dreaming of the time you had spent with Elijah.

To begin with the dreams were distant and unclear, seemingly unconnected. However with time your dreams became decipherable,  your dreams reflected the life Elijah had lead since you parted ways. He was alive and you had to find him.

After months of following endless leads which were inevitably dead ends and countless dreams taunting you for what was just out of reach you found a lead by the name of Marcel Gerrard who lead you to New Orleans. The city was strange and you were unconvinced that you were going to find your lost love in this city. That was, until you were rushing through the streets of New Orleans to make your way to another lead when you ran headlong into another passerby, you hardly looked above this mans chest as you apologised and went on, however the stranger grabbed your arm and uttered your name.

At this moment you realised that this man was no stranger at all; but the man you had been searching for all this time. Before you even had time to process what was happening you flung yourself into `Elijah and threw your arms around him lie your life defended on it, after a few moments entangled in Elijah’s embrace you parted and you gazed up the the man you had been longing for for so long.

Finally you spoke “I can’t believe it’s you! I’ve been searching for you for so long, I thought you may have been dead.” You exclaimed .

“Oh Y/N I have been searching you too, ever since the moment I lost you, believe me, you were not forgotten, by any of us. I love you so much Y/N” With this Elijah wrapped his arms round you once more and kissed your forehead before taking your hand.

“Come, I’ll show you around the city my brother and I have created, we have a lot of catching up to do darling”

As those of you know who have been following my posts about the Gaulois publication of Phantom, Leroux cut a large section out of Chapter 12 (“You Must Forget the Name of ‘the Man’s Voice’”) when he published his 1st Edition. For those of you who would like to see that omitted text in one place, here it is in its entirety:


Raoul spoke this “perhaps” with such love and despair that Christine was unable to hold back a sob; but the strength of her will quickly subdued her emotion, and she had the courage to question the young man without dwelling on her sorrow.

“Why have you asked me his name, since you know it?”

"To know that I was not dreaming! To know that I had really heard it!… … And now, Christine, you have nothing more to tell me!… Goodbye!…”

The young man bid farewell to Mama Valérius, who did not speak a word to detain him, since he had ceased to indulge her ward; then, more coldly still, he bowed before Christine, who did not return his farewell gesture, and “straight as an arrow,” but feebly, to the point where he thought he would faint as he took the third step that led him from Christine, he pushed open the chamber door and entered the sitting room.

The young woman’s hand, gentle upon his shoulder, stopped him there. They were alone, standing between the portraits of Professor Valérius and Daddy Daaé. Christine gestured toward them and said:

"If I swear to you, before them, that I love you, Raoul, will you believe me?”

“I will believe you, Christine,” assured the young man, who only asked to be consoled.

“Well, understand then, standing before them, Raoul, understand that if I have pitied Erik, it is because I love you!”

“Good Heavens!” breathed the Vicomte … and he sat down.

Needless to say, he wished to hear more, and the conversation was beginning to please him.

“Speak, Christine,” he begged… “Speak!… You have brought me back to life, for as I said farewell, I thought that I was going to die…”

She sat beside him, so close that he felt the movement of her gentle breath. He looked at her, unable to sate his gaze with this angel who loved him; but she did not look at him. And she spoke without seeing Raoul, or rather without looking in his direction. She saw him at first as a child, when he had collected her scarf from the sea, and she told him that from that day forward she had loved him, because he was courageous like a man; and then she reminded him of when he would sit by her side and listen to Daddy Daaé’s tales, and she loved him even more then because he was gentle like a girl; and then later, when he had returned, she had hated him, because he hadn’t dared to speak the words that her heart, unknowingly, was waiting to hear, and this was even further proof that she loved him. She had never stopped loving him with the most pure love, for as far back as she could remember.

Raoul, who was crying softly, took Christine’s hand and could not refrain from asking her why she had behaved in such an icy fashion with him when he had thrown himself at her feet in her dressing room, and why she had always attempted to rebuff him when he tried to meet with her.

She replied in a calm and serious voice:

“Because, rightly, I did not want to be compelled to tell you, my dear, what I am telling you today. It was my intention that you would always be unaware of the love that I have confessed to you.”

“And the reason for this?” implored Raoul anxiously.

“The reason was that I did not want to distract you from your duties, Raoul, and because I loved you enough to not want you to feel remorse. I live between these two images,” she added, gesturing to the portraits of her dear departed; “the day that I am no longer worthy of looking upon them, my dear, I shall die.”

“Christine, you shall be my wife!”

Raoul uttered these words while looking at the two witnesses who regarded him from their frames with exaggerated and stylized smiles. The young woman said to him calmly:

“I knew that you would be ready to commit such folly. And this is again why I have hidden from you the tenderness of my feelings, Raoul!”

"Where do you see folly in this?” protested the Vicomte naively. “Where is the folly in marrying you if I love you? And would you think me wise to marry someone that I didn’t love?”

“It is folly, my dear,” Christine persisted harshly, “it is folly for us to ‘get married at your age,’ you, the heir to the de Chagnys, and me, an actress and the daughter of a village fiddler, and this in spite of your family. I will never allow it! People would say that you had lost your mind, or that I had caused you to lose it, which would be worse!”

As harsh as the singer’s response had been, it had at least been tempered by the words, “at your age.” Raoul saw in this certain hope.

“I shall wait!” he cried, “I shall wait for as long as you wish, so that everyone shall know that my resolve is unshakable and that my heart is in agreement with my head.”

“Your brother will never consent to such a union!”

“I shall bring him round, Christine. When he sees me ready to die of despair, he will have to give in.”

“Your family will cast you out!”

“No, for you shall be with me, and when they see you, they will be unable to do without you. Oh, Christine, listen to me … if you wish it to be, nothing in the world can stop us from being happy!”

Christine had risen. She shook her head and a bitter smile passed across her pale lips.

“You must abandon this hope, my dear…”

“I swear to you that you shall be my wife!”

“And I,” cried Christine in an exclamation of peculiar sorrow… “and I, I have sworn that I shall never be!”

Raoul hesitated… He had no doubt misheard… He wanted to hear it again.

“You have sworn… You have sworn that you will never be my wife? Christine? And to whom, then, mademoiselle, have you made this fine oath, if not to the one whose gold ring you have accepted?”

Christine did not reply. Raoul pressed her to explain herself. The young man’s agitation was acute. The fire of jealousy was overcoming him anew. It frightened him.

“Take comfort!” she cried in a delirium where love and modesty engaged in the most seductive struggle… “I have sworn to myself that I would have no other husband but you.”

“Yes, but you will not marry me!” groaned Raoul. “This is a sorrowful remedy for my pain. What strange oaths, Christine! And how convoluted all of this is, even though I have esteemed you to be candor itself… What! You swear to yourself to have no other husband but me, and yet you make an oath to another that you will never marry me! To whom, then, Christine? I want to know… Wretch that I am, I already know! And you say that you love me and that you want me to believe you! You forget that I know the name of the man’s Voice!

She took his hands then and looked at him with all of the pure affection of which she was capable, and the young man, beneath the gaze of those eyes, felt his pain already subsiding.

“Raoul,” she said, “I have given you the confession of my love to have the right to tell you: You must forget the man’s voice and never again even recall his name … and never again attempt to fathom the mystery of theman’s voice.”

“This mystery is so very terrible?”

She raised her lovely arms toward the two silent figures, witnesses half smiling, half saddened by these strange words; her eyes became gloomy, and her throat choked back a sob. She said:

“There is none more terrible on this earth!”

A silence separated the two youths. Raoul was overwhelmed. She continued to win him over…

1. Try every food you’re offered, at least once. It won’t kill you.
2. Never pass up the chance to spend time with people. You’ll be around as long as you live; your friends and family will not.
3. Be okay with yourself. If you don’t think that’s possible, find a way.
4. Find your passion, however long it takes. Don’t stop chasing it.
5. Learn how to work with all types of people – those you cannot stand, those you’ve never met, those to whom you are closest. All of these take patience, and all of these are necessary.
6. Suck it up and do what needs to be done.
7. If you’re in a rut, get out. Never forget that you have a choice.
8. Try to love everyone. You will not succeed. Try anyway.
9. Allow yourself to complain, but do not make a habit of it. It’s crucial to release your pent-up frustration, but if you never stop talking about your problems you will never be able to get past them.
10. There’s no such thing as awkwardness.
11. Look at the stars as often as possible, and bask in the beauty of the multitudes above you. Don’t let the world tell you there is not enough time.
12. There’s a difference between love and loneliness. It will take ages of mistaking loneliness for love for you to learn that they are not the same, but do not let yourself believe that love does not exist. Be patient.
13. If you’re in a crowded room and you feel the walls close in on you, look around you. Watch someone for a moment and you will see that they are just humans, they are just you.
14. Listen to people.
15. Listen harder. Understand.
16. Don’t be afraid of the strength of your emotions. Feeling deeply hurts, but feeling nothing is infinitely worse.
17. You will spend your whole life redefining your beliefs. Stay flexible.
18. Allow the world to be what you need it to be. It only exists the way you see it – make it as big or as small as you want. Travel everywhere you can, talk to people outside of your comfort zone, open your eyes and never, ever shut them. The universe in infinite, baby, and you are a part of it for only so long. Absorb every moment.
—  Eighteen lessons to learn by eighteen
And if there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that nothing on this planet could ever make me stop loving. So to those that love me, and to those whom I will always love, if I can ask one favor from you, it’s that you never forget. Never forget all that we had, all that we once built, and all that we have lost. Please, never forget me.
—  ouchquotes 
FIC REC: Swallows Still Sing

I want to recommend one of the best fics I’ve read in a long time.

It’s a Stucky fic and a Holocaust AU; Swallows Still Sing by @icoulddthisallday

It’s beautifully written, with incredible art by @stuckypocketguide

In 1945, Captain America helps liberate the Nazi concentration camp in Dachau. His mission is to rescue those prisoners who were experimented on by Arnim Zola, among them, Bucky Barnes, a German Jew.

As a Jew, as someone who saw that hated Nazi flag being waved in Charlottesville in August and recoiled while my insides shriveled up in horror, as someone who was raised to “never forget,” as someone for whom Holocaust films were required viewing in high school, the subject matter reaches into my soul. As a Stucky fan, I get to see my two favorite Marvel characters, Steve and Bucky, embody themes of healing, religious faith and love.

You don’t need to be Jewish to appreciate this fic. You just need to have a heart. Also have tissues handy.

When we begin to understand that relationships are not always meant to last, we can also have a deeper appreciation for the experiences we share with people while they are in our lives. Though it may sadden you to consider the end of a relationship, you can begin to appreciate the people in your life for the sheer reason that they exist in your present. People come and go, but memories last forever.

The lessons people teach us and the hardships they help us navigate are never forgotten. These memories become permanent parts of us and continue to shape who we become. Just because a relationship does not last does not mean that it is insignificant in any way. It is not the amount of time these relationships last that is important, but instead, it is the ability to remember them.

Once we can accept the realization that relationships are fleeting, our lives will be filled with vast moments of appreciation. Appreciation for each relationship in its entirety and the uniqueness of the moments that you share together — appreciation for the present.

Leaving people behind is never easy — it never feels right to move on to the next chapter. But, as life continues onward, so do we, and just because we leave people, it does not mean we must forget the times we shared. It does not mean that all those things must be lost in some unknown abyss. All we can ask is to remember and that those whom we once loved remember us, too.

It’s generally mentioned about Laurens and Hamilton’s relationship. Lafayette’s massive huge and adorable crush on Hamilton barely gets a look in. Here are a few of the things he wrote to Alexander:

  • C’est avec un plaisir toujours Nouveau que je vous assure de celle que je veux a vous pour toujours.
  • What is the matter with my dear Hamilton and by what chance do I live in fruitless expectation of some lines from him? Does it begin to be the play in your, or rather in our Country, to take European airs, and forget friends as soon as they have turned their heels—Indeed my good friend I cannot help being somewhat angry against you, which makes into my heart a ridiculous fighting between love and anger, and as the first will never go off, you must behave better with me that anger might be more decently dismissed - is it not too Much, my dear Sir, for a friendly heart who would give any thing to join soon those whom he so much beloved in America and whose affection he had the happiness to obtain.
  • I am Sure you would be Glad to see me Again at head quarters, and it would make me the happiest of men.
  • If however you was to cast your-eye on a Man who I think would suit better than any other in the World Hamilton is, I confess the officer whom I would like best to see in my _________
  • Before this campaign I was your friend and very intimate friend, agreable to the ideas of the World. Since my second voyage, my sentiment has increased to such a point, the world knows nothing about. To shew both from want and from scorn of expressions I shall only tell you.
  • But I will now Become the Bolder in interrupting your Amorous Occupations as exclusive of other Motives the importance of the Matters I have to Mention may Countenance your indulging your dear self with some Minutes Respite. You may therefore, my good friend, Catch this opportunity of taking Breath with decency, which will Be attributed to the strength of your friendship for me.
  • But if you do leave it, and if I go to Exile, Come and partake it with me.
  • I feel within myself a Want to tell you I love you tenderly.

Hetero Bros again. Obviously ;)


Regardless of whatever happens, whatever anyone says, even if they churn out volumes of novels and countless movies, I will never forget the bond that Ichigo and Rukia had…have. 

I fell in love with that bond, that special bond, and nothing can erase a smidgen of my admiration and respect for their characters and how they mean to each other.

Lovers? Friends? Soulmates? Compatriots? All these are true and yet not true. You can’t exactly define their relationship using a single word. A single word lacks the depth to express the deep connection that they have. 

Corny right? But you know what, if I could find someone with whom I can have the same relationship as those two have with each other, well, count me the happiest person on earth. 

That’s why it hurt me so much, so agonizingly painful, the way it ended for them. Apart? God, no, never that. It never occurred to my mind that it will ever happen. Aren’t they like the two sides of the same coin? 

Not even the crumbs tossed my way after that disaster, token nods to these two’s relevance to the story, will take away that misery. 

But I am happy, because they showed me so much, set the bar for relationships (real or otherwise) so high, I’m afraid the chances of finding something similar is infinitesimal. 

Yes, I’m a shipper. I am an Ichiruki shipper. And I will go down with this ship.

A Paroxysm of Jealousy

Decided to make this the final part of my canon-era fluff verse [Previous parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI]. Title is from the Brick.

E/R, established relationship, canon era.

“Grantaire,” Enjolras said in a loud voice, talking over the low murmur of voices in the backroom of the Musain. “Grantaire, I was hoping you might…”

He trailed off, for Grantaire was not paying attention to a word that he was saying. Ordinarily, such behavior would have been the norm for Grantaire, who often spent more time in his cups than joining in their revolutionary fervor. But of recent, as Enjolras had asked Grantaire to cohabitate his suite of rooms, and as their relationship had progressed past friends and to lovers, Grantaire’s attention had been much more focused, just as Enjolras’s attention outside of Les Amis had too become more focused, singular even.

But tonight, it seemed, Grantaire’s attention had strayed as it once did, and Enjolras found himself far more frustrated than normal at that fact. Earlier in the evening he had seemed preoccupied during the meeting, barely seeming to pay attention to a word Enjolras said, and at the moment, when Enjolras wished for his attention, Grantaire was instead laughing loudly at some tale Joly was telling, with Bossuet occasionally adding a detail, and for one brief moment, Enjolras could not tell if he wanted to join in their laughter or drag Grantaire away, to selfishly hoard his laughter for himself.

In the end, he did neither, merely scowling down at the map still spread on the table before him from the meeting and hoping – however foolishly – that Grantaire might notice.

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His precious kisses to us.

I really do love this photo set. It will always be one of my favourite one. These pictures have been my phone lock screen, background, my laptop background. I don't really know why but I really do treasure these pictures so much.

This will forever be one of my favourite moments. A moment which was filled with so much memories. One of his precious memories. His happiness, which I love to see. At times like this. When you're going through rough times, I really want to fill your mind with happy thoughts to replace all those negativity the world is throwing at you.

All good moments have to come to an end right? This is one of them. Kris, our precious leader. The man who created the bridge between us international fans. He whom will never forget to mention the international fans. I'm so thankful for his efforts to always acknowledge us international fans.

It's hard to say goodbye. It's hard to leave something so precious to you behind. It must of been hard for Kris to leave. But he chose. He chose that decision for a reason. A reason which we may never know but we choose to support it. At least some do.

That's why I think it's time. It's time to move on from this. It's hard I know. But we can't hold him back forever. He made his decision. It's a decision which we all should support him on. At least I know i will always support his decision. I will always support him & his decisions.

It's our good bye to Kris. But we are able to greet Wu Yifan. We are finally able to see what Wu Yifan has to offer the world. What his dreams are. What type of talents will we be shown now? I guess we have to sit back and wait.

If being in the entertainment industry aren't his future thoughts & plans. Then Yifan I wish you good luck. Good luck on your journey in life, may your life be filled with joy and happiness. Whatever you choose Yifan. We are here to support you. I'm one step behind you. I'm one of those fans who will not leave you so easily. I will never leave your side. That's a promise from my heart to yours. 

“Never be jealous of wealth. Always live modestly and humbly, without egotism. Egotism is a terrible sin. When you hear someone being accused, even though it may be true, never add more accusations, but always say something positive and be sorry for the person. Take care to always love the poor, the elderly, the orphans, the sick. Spend time with poor people and with those whom others humble. Earn your living with the honest sweat of your brow. Don’t forget to give alms. This is the path you must tread. Always think of what good thing you will do. These are the things that make up the life of a Christian.”

~Elder George of Drama (1901-1959)

(Taken from DeathToTheWorld)

A reaction post for 6.08

Overall I was flattened and happy because they were all solovely, so so lovely.

As much as I would like it to be just Kurt and Blaine for the whole show forever. Also Mercedes and Unique and Kitty and Mason and Madison and Lauren Zizes. But mostly Kurt and Blaine and all I want for them is happiness.

Brittany and Santana

a.      Gorgeous, my favourite time with them. Santana calm and generous in all her joy, though still ferocious. Britt flustered and panicking in that same joy, though still ephemeral and sweet. I cried a little about Abuela. The idea of being loved and so strongly disagreed with, your whole life and your choices disagreed with, is hard.


b.      Mercedes and Artie mmmmm. Sue and Sheldon were sweet dancing together. I like Hey Ya.


c.        The episode was kind to her and her loss and Sam. I’m glad he was there to wrap her up a little. Carole was a little cheesy but Carole *is* cheesy.


d.      Well that was fine, kind and I guess just saying you don’t need to be married at 21, but you definitely want to by 30… Tina’s great and Artie should marry Kitty and Tina can marry someone she meets at Brown. Cheers.

Kurt and Blaine

e.      Oh. They were so sweet. And are so happy and sincere and in love.

f.        Kurt running back to Blaine was a little marred by the lack of clear sense in it, by the fact that Kurt seemed certain he was going to the wedding with Blaine, then seemed (reasonably) less certain as he walked into the rainbow apartment, then asked about whether there was someone else … but it was all setting Blaine up for the affecting “There’s no one else” and kiss.

g.       And still, however brief it seemed, Kurt ran. He turned up. He moved Blaine bodily into his apartment and told him he loved him and asked for something simple, for a date really. He was desperate and agitated because it mattered. And Blaine knows him, too. So then as Blaine kissed him all that agitation left him and his arms wrapped around Blaine and he looked like he’s always said he felt with Blaine. Safe.

h.      Maybe after Blaine says, “It’s crazy but-“ and Kurt says, “But what?” Blaine looks at Kurt and the moment stretches out as Kurt looks back and Kurt says, “But yes.”

i.         I don’t look for sweeping large scale joys and weddings in love or fiction. So I was happy with the unpremeditated and accidental and tiny detail in here.

j.        The best of the vow was Kurt’s “even if it was all going to end in heartache” and Blaine’s “I would still say yes”. Also the fact that somehow in the vows Kurt did propose. “Is that something you want?”

I’m glad they are married. Taking away the option to leave or the threat of being left will give them a greater capacity for working with one another. Because Blaine fears Kurt not loving him and Kurt leaving him and now Kurt has promised not to. And that has the benefit of allowing Blaine the freedom to let Kurt have physical and emotional space. And that makes Kurt easier and more relaxed. But so does the fact that Blaine has promised forever. It gives Kurt less to fear and more safety in Blaine. So all the “if we’re together” and “I shouldn’t have said yes” and “if I stay” and “if he goes” is tempered by promises and by societal expectations and by memory of this day.

k.       If they’d talked more… I don’t know. They could have looked back and apologised or forward and promised to try to be better. For me the things they said were enough for the episode, given the time they had, and enough for me to trust that they know the hard things and know that there’s a way through. I don’t doubt they know. They also know that the joys are greater and worth it and *joys*. Not saying all those things means they are not expecting the other to be other than the person they are, whom they already love with their whole tired joyous heart.

l.         Kurt and Blaine have never, as a couple, seemed like they couldn’t resist touching one another in public. This rings so true to their experience. Even Blaine who is more physically and openly affectionate, has been bashed for who he loves. Even beyond just good sense and care, that influences you. It’s never just a forgetful thing, in public, never “oops I am accidentally touching you again.” It’s always a choice, with value and consequence.

m.    So every time they held hands my heart expanded for them, in pride and happiness.

n.      And then at the end, when Kurt reached back knowing Blaine’s hand was there. And Blaine held on and looked down at their joined hands and back at his love and his husband with such joy. Fuuuuck.

To thee who we have forgotten

An ode, a shout-out, a message to thee

Who have wronged us.

They always ask why.

A familiar nod to the those who introduced me to this amazing album, or this song, or this time of my life that I shall never forget. And I shall never forget it, you are always there.

A smile and a wistful sigh to the people I have spent time with, whom I loved and felt will always be there.

Until later when I realized I’m not always right, and when I had to flush you from my life. But the music and the memories stayed.

May you live on in my memory, perfect and wonderful, and may you live on outside them, and without me, and on your own fucking time because I’ve nothing left for you.

My memories were the best part of you, and I’ve kept them. I love who you were, always.

Don’t steal this nostalgia from me.