never forget the streets

Dates To Remember

January 12th, 2010 - Earthquake in Haiti

May 16, 2010 - Aiyana Stanley-Jones

September 17, 2011 - Occupy Wall Street

February 26, 2012 - Trayvon Martin

April 14, 2014 - Nigerian school girls go missing

July 17, 2014 - Eric Garner

August 5th, 2014 - John Crawford III

August 9, 2014 - Mike Brown

August 9, 2014 (Still happening) - Ferguson Protests

January 3, 2015 - Nigeria Massacre

If I’ve forgotten anything, and I’m sure I have, please add on.

SUPER TEXT LIST! (Texts From Last Night Inspired)

originally from frommemetoyou

  • [text] Are you lost?
  • [text] NO! That was a typo
  • [text] Did you buy it?
  • [text] I think I’m a mermaid
  • [text] I know it’s 3am, but come over and cook for me. 
  • [text] Too lazy to booty call, so have this text instead
  • [text] Need to bury a body, it’s urgent.
  • [text] Are you sure there’s no monsters?
  • [text] It was an accident.
  • [text] lol fuk da police
  • [text] send me a picture and i’ll be home quicker ;)
  • [text] Well maybe I broke my tongue!
  • [text] Please tell me you’re free today! I’ve got some big news today.
  • [text] Got a spare ticket, do you want to come?
  • [text] Do you have a spare mankini I can borrow?
  • [text] Is fancy dress allowed at the wedding?
  • [text] I was using my old baby blanket as a makeshift skirt because no pants
  • [text] We were banging then all I remember is coming down hard and smashing my top teeth off his forehead… I just rolled off and tapped out. 
  • [text] Like alphabetically, I’d say a t?
  • [text] I’m sorry if throwing up in the back of your dad’s car ruined our friendship :(
  • [text] there is absolutely nothing wrong with two grown men staying up all night singing karaoke and drink out of juice cartons. don’t judge me.
  • [text] I found a door knob in my purse this morning, I hope whoever it belonged to doesn’t need it today.
  • [text] Do you know where I am?
  • [text] My wedding is in 5 hours and I have no idea where I am. Help!
  • [text] We played Rock Paper Scissors to see who would get a piggy back ride home. I’ve never been so broken.
  • [text] Is “head down ass up” an appropriate way to say good morning?
  • [text] That is definitely not healthy, in fact I’m not sure it’s legal to send that sort of picture?
  • [text] There isn’t enough cookie dough ice cream at home, so I’ll be heartbroken tomorrow instead.
  • [text] Not sure if I took a nap or went to another dimension
  • [text] No no don’t leave me, who’s going to walk me home
  • [text] She wheeled me home in a trolley and sad she loved me, I think I win.
  • [text] My dick just got serenaded.
  • [text] I ate the whole wheel of cheese. Help.
  • [text] I’ve been hiding under the bed for the past 20 minutes, and now they’re getting into it and it’s a little too late for me to jump out and surprise them. So expect a live sex updates
  • [text] The fridge is fully stocked. I’m either hallucinating or this is a miracle
  • [text] I need you to help me clean the house because I have visitors in less than an hour???
  • [text] Your brother is at the front door- WHAT DO I SAY?!
  • [text] It’s all fun and games till someone says you’re so pretty they could punch you and they, you know, punch you
  • [text] I’m in A&E but I don’t really know why
  • [text] Went to bed with a 10, just about woke up with a 2 and a half
  • [text] I think I’m officially a homewrecker because his wife just walked in screaming and he said it’s not what it looks like. I mean what else could it look like? I wasn’t trimming his hairs with my mouth?!
  • [text] My night ended with me crying in a gutter, I hate you.
  • [text] He’s decorated the toilet with his urine. I never want to see him ever again, tell him he has 2 minutes to get out of our house.
  • [text] Don’t talk to me! You tried to trade me for a glass of wine and a cigarette!
  • [text] I promise I’ll get everyone to jelly wrestle with us xox
  • [text] I am armed with a crown, a sash and a bouquet of flowers. Don’t test me.
  • [text] I think I got married last night?
  • [text] I think I got married on impulse last night… and after looking a second time, I don’t think i’ve made any mistakes.
  • [text] My mouth tastes like poor choices
  • [text] I didn’t let go of the mechanical bull, but they had to pull me off because… it was rough just the way I like it and I think that showed?
  • [text] If I say it was accidental you’ll just say I’m lying
  • [text] There is an alarming amount of glitter in my… everywhere
  • [text] You’re my hero
  • [text] You’re the worst thing to ever happen to me, thank you
  • [text] Have you ever had a good idea in your life?
  • [text] Are we going to end up in the hospital again?
  • [text] It’s not a good night if I don’t end up crying into your mother’s lap.
  • [text] Mark my words, your dad will be my sugar daddy, he’ll marry me and you’ll have to call me momma bear and I will interrupt your sex life with condoms and condiments.
  • [text] I’m may be allergic to nuts, but not his.
  • [text] She high fived me out of pity
  • [text] You walked in wearing nothing but a beekeeper mask
  • [text] You just walked in, rated their performance, dragged in three other people to clap for them, then walked back out.
  • [text] You kept calling me baby Jesus and trying to see what wise men had to say about my hair…
  • [text] I am a responsible adult. I tied up my hair before I puked
  • [text] I am a responsible adult, I brought home a lost kitten and let it shit in your room
  • [text] I accidentally talked myself into a threesome, when did I become so smooth?
  • [text] It may or may not have been your sister…
  • [text] It may or may not have been your brother…
  • [text] If you’re not coming over with food, don’t come over at all
  • [text] Call me and get me out of this conversation NOW. My co-worker is talking to me about her birds having sex again…
  • [text] Buy me a helicopter, I will give you the last slice of pizza. pls. this is important. okay maybe the crust?
  • [text] Let’s never forget the time I met you while you were running down the street naked and in handcuffs.
  • [text] I tried to put lipstick on my eyeballs, help.
  • [text] I told her my cum counts as protein shake and she sent a text to my gran saying I ate her cat.
  • [text] If you don’t fuck me hard, rough, and senseless the minute we’re alone in your room, I’m returning you to the boyfriend store
  • [text] I accidentally sexted your mum, I’m sorry xox
  • [text] There can only be one screw up per family and I was here first. Get your shit together bro
  • [text] I feel like you’re pretending I didn’t bail you out of jail last night for trying to staple a cushion to the top of their car so you had a “comfy place to sit”
  • [text] You climbed the fence and then started crying because you were scared of hamsters, I really don’t know what you took, but you need a babysitter.
  • [text]  I wish we could all take a bath together. Not in a “let’s fuck” way. But in a relaxing drunk in the tub sort of “let me wash your hair” way.
tangled ribbons, ch14: encore

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(Why We’re Here explanation on ao3) this chapter adds nothing new to the plot. it makes a few clarifications to ch13 but the plot of this story is finished. if you don’t want to read it, nothing will change (takes place a few months after ch13 btw)

also? it’s tangled ribbons’ one year anniversary. thank you to everyone who stuck with it and was so incredibly supportive

so here we are. back again for one finally hurrah, one final encore, and one final bow

i hope you enjoy

encore (n.) - french, a repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience

Adrien squeezes his way through all the parents and loved ones and dancers covered in makeup and sweat. He hadn’t actually expected Nathalie to stay longer than expected so this is—

He doesn’t want to keep Nathalie waiting.

Plagg gives him a small salute as he finally gets through the crowd and backstage. Adrien would ask how Nathalie was even allowed backstage, but restrictions like those don’t seem to exist for her. She’s always able to get backstage if she needs to.

“She’s in your dressing room,” Tikki says without being prompted. “She hasn’t been there long, don’t worry.” She ruffles Adrien’s hair as he passes.

Adrien bats her hand away and smooths his hair back down, knowing that whatever gel is left in it has probably left it looking like a particularly inventive hairstyle. He shoots Tikki a grateful smile. “Thanks.”

“Break a leg,” Plagg teases as Adrien turns down the hall.

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Caffeine #12

This is not the greatest of my caffeine challenges, but when I saw the roots prompt, I remembered that Yggdrasil exists and I wanted to do something based around that. Hence a ton of mostly unknown Norse mythology thrown into a story.

They say you never forget your roots, but you did.


You take three steps down the street, and then you hear it.

Hello, sister, whispers the oak tree on the corner.

You don’t answer.

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I love this, it’s so beautiful

What they don’t tell you is that loving people will change you, that it will become a part of you, the one you could never lose, or outgrow, or hide away.
I could never be who I am if it weren’t for loving him and then, leaving him.
Sometimes I see his favorite color in windows of that crowded mall thirty minutes from my house.
I never forget his birthday and somewhere in my closet, I still have that shirt- the one he kissed me for the first time in.
Ten years from now I’ll probably wonder what he did with his life, if he ever saw his father again, if he decided to move across the country like he said he would.

I could never be who I am if it hadn’t been for loving him that way and for being loved in return. In love we give our best qualities and even our worst ones, we share them- the bad moments, the good ones. I’ll never forget the time we were arguing in the middle of the street when a man asked if he believed in God. I could never forget how aggravated he was and the expression on his face. I remember laughing for five whole minutes. I still think it was a sign because once the sermon was over, so was our fight. I can’t even remember what it was about, it must have not mattered. That’s what loving someone is like. It matters and because it matters, you could never forget it. Maybe it would be easier to forget. Unfortunately the city I live in is too small for the both of us. Sometimes I’ll bump into him accidentally and it’s hard to look the other way. Sometimes it even feels like a competition between us. If it’s a completion to see who is quicker to forget there was a time in which we loved each other, then I don’t want to win. Denying that we loved each other once would be denying my whole existence because I owe some part of myself to loving him, to being loved. At first it felt like a burden to be the one who remembered. It felt sad but as time goes by, I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Yes, I loved him and yes it changed me and that’s not an awful thing anymore. I’m not ashamed to say I loved him so deeply I would have set the whole world on fire for him. What they never told me about loving him was that I could never forget it- and now I understand why- no one understands it, until they live through it.
SALVATION | save me

Pairing: Jin/Reader
Genre: Angst/fluff, Angel au, Angel Jin 
Length: 4306

He was the epitome of an angel. Innocence, purity, sincerity, he had it all. He was perfectly spotless. That is, until he met you… You were his very first sin.


Originally posted by seokline

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touch me, in the most intimate of ways. and i don’t even mean physically i mean; alter my mind, make me think differently because I’ve met you, change my point of views, challenge me, touch my life in a way that ill never be able to forget you, that ill never be able to walk down the street without something reminding me of you. that when i lie awake at 2 in the morning it’ll be because of something you said, touch my life, touch my soul, and my mind. don’t just exist in my life, make sure that I’m changed because i met you.
—  touch me.
When we walked the streets, bodies close together, arm in arm, hands locked, I was in such ecstasy I could not talk. The city disappeared, and so did the people. The acute joy of our walking together through the grey streets of Paris I shall never forget, and I shall never be able to describe it. We were walking above the world, above reality, into pure, pure ecstasy.
—  Anaïs Nin, from The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 1: 1931-1934 (Mariner Books, 1969)

What I will never forget about the march in DC. 

Walking to the march, the streets were packed. Every once in a while you’d hear loud, distant-sounding cheering. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from until we walked over a subway grate. 

It was coming from underground. There were so many women coming in on the trains that you could hear us through the street


Brian exercise #2
Try and think of the silliest image in your mind instead of repeating the usual fun, horrifying, and extremely fictitious worse case scenarios you usually ponder about. Like if you recognize this character! Like if you remember the year 2015! Like if you like rainbows 

“Be silly with me. Kiss me in the middle of the street. Meet my family, let me steal your clothes, have water balloon fights with me. Let’s go to museums, aquariums, forests, lakes, and mountains. Explore with me. Go on adventures with me. Let me make you feel wanted. Let me write you letters, songs, and poems when I can’t figure out what I’m trying to say to you face to face. Let me in. Tell me your secrets, your goals, your conspiracies, and your fears. Tell me about your dreams. Let me take you to all of my favorite places and let’s make memories there that we will never forget. Walk down Main Street at Disneyland with me. Watch me get way too excited when we go on the Toy Story rides. Let me be grumpy because you beat me in the game and let me be happy even though you probably let me win. Dance with me in the middle of a crowd. Let me kiss you in the middle of your sentences because I can’t stand another second without tasting you on my lips. Always kiss me goodnight. Steal my hat, push me in the water, take my phone and leave me notes or take hundreds of selfies. Draw me pictures when you’re bored in class. Let me wake you up with 150 kisses. Let me tickle you because I love the sound of your laughter. Don’t be afraid to jump. I will be right there next to you. Don’t be afraid to give me all of you. I will give you every part of me. Take a chance with me.”

It’s that time of year to say no to the Salvation Army.

Never forget they let a Trans woman die instead of helping her.

Never forget they have tossed entire families on the street for having an LGBT child.

Never forget they tell non Christian families that unless they convert they will not help them.

Never forget that the Salvation Army is bigoted and hateful, many of the bell ringers routinely heckle and harass LGBT couples.