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Bts walking in on you crying because nothing is fitting right.

You’re perfect and you shouldn’t be insecure because I’m sure you’re biases would love your body type, I sure do! ❤️


Maknae line 

hyung line

Jungkook: He would worry because you’re taking a long time in the dressing room than you usually do. So he would go into you’reroom without knocking because of course he has seen your body before and the sight he saw broke his heart, seeing you cry always broke his heart. He would walk up to you asking what’s wrong holding your hands but you want to cover up because you’re insecure. He would know what’s wrong right way after you tried to cover up because you told him your insecure so he would just hug you and whisper things in your ear to make you feel better, “Y/N, you’re beautiful. I love you no matter what your body type is. You shouldn’t be insecure because the only one that’s going to see your body is me and I love your body type. I love you.”

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Is there a song you’ve sung on stage that feels like it was written for your life?
Why, from Tick, Tick… Boom, pretty much defines a moment that I experienced.
Standing there and going I’m gonna do this. It doesn’t matter what else I think I should do, and it doesn’t matter if I fail.

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Idk I realized Syaolan wasn't good at this deduction thing since Outo when he heard a cat and thought it was Fai


I mean, in all fairness, Syaoran was horrifically and monumentally hungover. Perhaps for the first time in his life. 

And I don’t doubt for a second that anyone who knows Fai wouldn’t even look twice if he hid in alleys and made cat noises at people as they passed by. 

But still. 



Sorry for the inactivity here, but I pinkey promise I will return. I don’t know why I’m not here anymore, but I guess I just lost my character for a bit. Though I am coming back! On another note, a special day is coming up tomorrow and many of you may not know it, but that’s okay too. When I was in the BL community we had an apperication day for @reynavaleria so I would like to convert that day to also be in the Battleborn comm. also! So tomorrow, be sure to apperication her for all her hard work and the things she does to keep things running.

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the noorhelm storyline WAS done. or at least, it could've been. there's no need to bring it back and yet

It just sucks because this was the opposite of closure. It was saying they’ve never talked. It was saying Noora was still at the point where she hadn’t moved on and didn’t want him to move on. I’d hoped maybe we could build on what we saw during S3 of Noora and show Noora starting to climb out of a bad break-up… but there’s been no climbing. If anything, it feels like we’ve slid backwards by muddying the waters of how they broke up. 

They’ll probably wind up tying this closer into Sana later but right now it feels like asking the audience to take a big emotional detour back into S2 without really a way it connects to her.