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they say there’s a mad woman in the ruins. she shows kindness in this world openly…. she must be insane! 

I hate all the ppl that act so high & mighty for putting themselves above a mentally ill man. we all need to take a good, long look at how our society treats mental illness & “bad” people. if you’re acting like his death is a wonderful, grand event, then you’re part of the problem. we need to be offering help to those like Manson, not locking them away and celebrating when they die. all of these hypocritical ppl that claim they want to change how toxic our society is are full of it and they make me sick. no one ever wants to look at the bigger and darker picture bc they aren’t comfortable w anything other than their watered down tumblr posts about depression or their white feminism or whatever. our society is constantly wronging ppl w mental illness. it’s easier for the courts to just hand out death sentences or life in prison instead of investing the time + money into helping those ppl.


If it’s about fish and daemons, I actually know another expert besides you.

a lil preview of my piece for “Outcast, But Never Alone" - a The Adventure Zone zine ! 

you can follow the blog @neveralonezine for updates and pre-order info soon !! 


snatch was a masterpiece 

I am suddenly not feeling good

linabigface  asked:

Don't damage his hair too much, please XD

Wh-Whaaat ?? Me Ruining Taiyou’s hair ? Hehe no waaay i am just making a little changes … see 

here is the normal Taiyou we all know 

I think he would look better with a ponytail !! Maaan who isn’t looking good with a ponytail? -except for Kyousuke idk what is that ? lmao

maybe with messy hair ??? 

OH OH OHHH what about a headband?? 

and and and more addition ??  

see? nothing got damaged here :D

man i’d kill to see some butch lesbian on some light hearted show as a main or very recurring character

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Do you have an instagram acc?

iIII DO… BUT I HAVE NOTHING ON IT COS I JUST MADE IT TO FOLLOW ARTISTS (and watch their stories cos I love seeing WIPs like Ziksua puts up) … it’s hamildoodlesx (coS HAMILDOODLES WAS TAKEN??? why)

i may or may not in the future post stuff there idk