never fly solo

Nostalgia strikes suddenly, that deep sense of longing and forlorn regret tearing your chest apart. It happens anywhere, everywhere. The remembrance of bright days and brighter smiles and laughter brighter still. It is then that your feet grow heavy and your heart longs for home, and you turn yourself around and head for clear waters and clearer skies, and the comfort of an old friend.
—  i fly solo sometimes
a crow’s murder, a jay’s party, and a magpie’s parliament.

@guide-to-the-galaxy presenting my late birthday present to you: a harrowing adventure with our three favorite kids set in the amazing AU you gifted to me on my birthday.

please enjoy some ghostly misadventures and somewhat mushy romance, the most important factors to a story. <3

((for those not in the know: this is a Mystery Gang AU featuring capritello and paranormal shenanigans. human AU obviously, minor gore and spooky moments, and the races for each of the kids are as follows: April is black, Donnie is blasian, and Casey is native.))

April doesn’t wear makeup often. It’s expensive and tricky to use. Usually she has no patience for it and all the fuss it takes to wear it; particularly that when she chooses to show her boys some affection, it leaves evidence and people always Talk when two teenage boys have the same color left on their cheeks and there’s only one girl to be seen. 

April is sensible and to the point and doesn’t enjoy nosy, judging assholes making assumptions of her and her two companions. It makes her reach for her bat, and there are unfortunately few situations where that’s the correct response.

But, on the rare occasion, makeup is acceptable. She’s found, as she, Donnie, and Casey have faced stranger and more dangerous creatures on their journey crosscountry- having some battle paint on her face makes the experience less terrifying, more thrilling.

Bloody red on her lips is the go to, and April always applies it with care. It stands pleasantly stark against her dark skin and yellow sweaters, and she enjoys the tacky feeling it leaves on her skin as they go to face whatever monster or ghoul they’ve stumbled across tonight. It feels like a challenge, and April does indeed mean it that way to whoever and whatever they encounter.

Of course. This means she tends to get in over her head, more often than not.

Thank god she’s never flying solo.


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I danced and drifted through the air easier than everyone (why is it so hard for people to keep up) and I jumped so high I caught a star (see I still have some stardust on my fingers) and I spun so fast that my edges blurred and I was just a fuzzy stripe of color and then I glided smooth and sure through the air and I kept going until the music ended and everyone left (they always leave me alone) and I kept going and I kept going and I cried as the sun rose and I danced alone.
—  i fly solo sometimes