never fly solo

Nostalgia strikes suddenly, that deep sense of longing and forlorn regret tearing your chest apart. It happens anywhere, everywhere. The remembrance of bright days and brighter smiles and laughter brighter still. It is then that your feet grow heavy and your heart longs for home, and you turn yourself around and head for clear waters and clearer skies, and the comfort of an old friend.
—  i fly solo sometimes
NaPoWriMo Day 14

Clerihews for the Unlucky Few

Lin-Manuel Miranda
got dark circles like a panda
only owns a single sweater
best achievement was rhyming Burr, sir

Tara Madrone
Got a new case for her phone
Purple is the color she likes
Spends all day working with tykes

James Teebes Kelso
Likes to fly solo
Never will he pass up a pun
Does that really make him fun?

Larry Dennison
Well, he’s pretty fun
Very good at cooking
But rather less good-looking

Rick Dennison
Taught me how to make a pun
His record collection is off the hook
But has he ever read a book?

Robert Downey Jr
You’ll find that he’s no amateur
If asked a question at Sundance or Cannes
He just says “I am Iron Man”

Chris Evans
Is a gift from the heavens
If you’re funny he’ll grab a left boob
In some ways, he’s just a loveable noob

Notes: So I learned a new type of poem called a clerihew and I’m addicted. The first line is a name, the second line rhymes with that name, and then the last two lines are a couplet. They’re usually about famous people and should make fun of the person a bit. Try it! It’s very fun.

Also if you like or interact with this post I WILL write you one based on your username.

I danced and drifted through the air easier than everyone (why is it so hard for people to keep up) and I jumped so high I caught a star (see I still have some stardust on my fingers) and I spun so fast that my edges blurred and I was just a fuzzy stripe of color and then I glided smooth and sure through the air and I kept going until the music ended and everyone left (they always leave me alone) and I kept going and I kept going and I cried as the sun rose and I danced alone.
—  i fly solo sometimes