never feel like i belong

although if finnrose is canon.. I get it’s disappointing not to finally see gay rep or to get a payoff on finnrey but it would be good if people didn’t sling hate at it or write it off as “yet another het ship” bc there’s not a lot of representation for interracial relationships in big-budget films and especially not between two poc so Yea


Note: You are the kindest First Order General that Kylo has ever known. But when he tells you this, he doesn’t quite expect for you to react so negatively. In an effort to earn your forgiveness and demonstrate his love for you, you soon learn that Kylo will go to great lengths.

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“It’s amazing how much you endure for me,” Kylo whispered as he ran his fingers gently down your cheek.

You were both lying on the bed in your shared quarters. After having had a particularly trying day, you were ready to go to sleep the moment you laid on the bed. Though Kylo was a light sleeper, he was always willing to lie with you until you fell asleep.

So in that moment, with your eyes half closed as sleep was beginning to wash over you, Kylo’s comment quickly sent your head snapping up into his direction.

“What do you mean?”

With his helmet resting on the nightstand, you could see him furrow his eyebrows, “You put up with so much on a daily basis. And we both know that you do it for me.”

You raised an eyebrow, “I’m a high ranking First Order general, Kylo,” you said pointedly, “I think my job requires me to put up with a lot regardless.”

“No, no,” Kylo said quickly, “I mean this entire thing. You even being a General. Let’s be honest, you’re hardly First Order material.”

You shot up immediately, clutching to the blanket as you looked down at him, “Why would you say something like that?”

Kylo looked taken aback by your reaction, “I-I didn’t meant to offend you, love, I meant it as a compliment. You don’t belong here!” He said in a flurry of words, suddenly realising what he had just said didn’t sound any better.

You scoffed and Kylo reached out to you, “That came out wrong, Y/N. I mean you don’t belong here because you deserve so much more.”

You rolled your eyes, “Thanks.”

“You’re unlike anyone else on this entire base, Y/N. You’re kind-hearted, you’re caring… and you’re not afraid of me,” he added, trying to lighten your expression. But you remained scowling, “Sometimes it seems as though the only reason you put up with working here is me. Like you’re wasting your potential here just for me.”

“So you think I’m a waste of potential? Lovely,” you said, getting out of the bed. You didn’t know why this bothered you so much, but it just did.

Kylo had found you on your home planet, tattered and lost. Like you didn’t know where in the Galaxy you belonged. Though it was true your personality might not have been the very best for First Order, Kylo had given you a home and work that had stability, and that was important to you. He knew that too, and after all you had been through, you couldn’t believe he would actually think of taking that away.

“Where are you going?” Kylo frowned.

“Well clearly I don’t belong here,” you muttered.

“Y/N,” Kylo sighed, “You’re taking this the wrong way, just wait–”

But you didn’t want to hear it. You opened the blast doors hastily before storming out.

“These came for you, General L/N… Uh, again,” the Storm Trooper awkwardly set a bouquet of roses down on your desk.

You thanked and dismissed him before placing the flowers onto the shelf, joining the three other bouquets that had now found a home there.

You caught a brief glance of the note before you shelved it. My darling Y/N, I am so sorry.“

It had been four days since your argument, and Kylo had sent you flowers on every one of them. The morning after the argument, he had to leave for a diplomatic mission. But he didn’t want to leave his presence unforgotten.

You didn’t even know where Kylo could’ve gotten these roses from. They certainly didn’t grow on Starkiller Base. You laughed slightly at the thought of him ordering someone to fetch him flowers from a distant planet. Just the thought of him showing such outward affection was so odd.

In truth, you had forgiven him a few moments after you had stormed out of your bedroom. You realised that you might have overacted, especially when Kylo had meant no harm by his words.

But since he was away on a mission, you were using this time apart to your advantage. You hadn’t spoken to him since he left. No twice daily check-ins as was the usual when either of you were away. When the first bouquet of roses had arrived, you became curious to know how far he would go to show he was sorry.

You know it sounded terrible, but it had become so much fun. Besides, Kylo would back in a few days and you would talk it over with him then. This was harmless.

"General?” A knock at the door suddenly caught your attention.

“Come in,” you said as you watched the same Storm Trooper enter.

“General L/N, Captain Phasma ordered me to inform you that a Shuttle will be leaving in half an hour.”


“And she has requested you join her in the Hangar before then to give you enough time to board,” he finished.

You frowned, “To board? I have no trips scheduled in my itinerary.”

The room fell quiet as the Storm Trooper was at a loss for what to say to you. You smiled briefly, “That’ll be all thank you.”

Half an hour passed quickly and you soon found yourself sitting beside Phasma on board a First Order starship heading to only Maker knew where.

“Any idea what this is all about?” You asked, curious but also trying to start a conversation with the otherwise quiet Captain.

“All I know is that Commander Ren wanted me to escort you to this planet.”

“What planet?”

“I don’t know that it’s even been named,” she huffed, “From what I’ve heard it’s beautiful, but it’s entirely uninhabited.”

“Sounds like the perfect place to kill us both without anyone seeing,” you remarked, letting out a laugh.

“Perhaps not me, but we both know the Commander wouldn’t even think about harming you.”

You smiled, humming in agreement. So what was this all about?

When you landed and descended down the ramp, you couldn’t help but gasp at the sheer beauty of the planet.

It was sunset, and the green field that you had landed in was adorned with what looked like a million different flowers. Your eyes lit up at the sight of roses growing in front of you.

In the distance stood Kylo, two Storm Troopers standing on either side of him.

You went towards him, and soon as you were close enough, he dismissed his men and removed his helmet.

“Y/N?” He wasn’t surprised, rather he sounded cautious about how best to approach you.

“Hello, Kylo.”

“Did you… get the– the roses that I sent?”

“All four bouquets,” you responded nonchalantly. You almost felt bad for toying with him now.

He nodded, “I had them sent from this planet.”

“Where are we anyway?”

“This planet belongs to a region the First Order has just acquired. I was sent to confirm that the planet is uninhabited.”

“It’s too pretty for no one to live on it,” you observed.

Kylo’s expression lit up at that, “Do you like the planet?”

You nodded in response.

“Then it’s yours.”

You scoffed, “What do you mean it’s mine?”

“I’m giving it to you. As a reminder of how much I love you,” Kylo started, being particularly careful with how he spoke, “Not that I’m saying your love can be bought…” The last thing he needed was for you to get angry again.

You could tell he wasn’t finished, so you waited expectantly for him to continue.

“Look, I was wrong, Y/N. You do belong in the First Order, and I should never have told you otherwise. I’m so sorry, love.” The desperation in his voice told you that he needed you to forgive him.

Little did he know, you already had. “It’s fine– I think I agree with you anyway.”

Kylo frowned, “You don’t feel like you belong?” He hated the thought of you believing you had no place in the First Order, especially if it was him who had placed such ideas in your mind.

You shook your head, “Maybe I don’t belong in the First Order. Maybe, I am too… kind-hearted, as you put it. But it’s that part of me that couldn’t stay angry at you for longer than ten minutes,” you admitted.

“You know I didn’t mean for you to take offence to what I said, Y/N, I–”

“Let me finish,” you stopped him, taking your hand in his to let you know everything was alright, “Maybe being a First Order General isn’t for me. But then again, I’m not sure of anywhere I would rather be. Because living and working on Starkiller Base has taught me something important.”

“And what’s that?”

“It doesn’t matter where I am in the entire Galaxy, Kylo. If you are by my side, I’ll know that it’s where I belong.”

His eyes lit up at your words, instant relief washing over him as he embraced you.

“Then I promise to never stop making you feel like you belong, my darling.”

“And I promise not to storm off on you like that again,” you laughed, “Although… having you think I’m mad at you does seem to have it’s benefits. After all, I could get used to four bouquets and an entire planet to tell me your sorry,” you teased him.

“Well clearly my words aren’t the best way to tell you how I feel about you,” Kylo chuckled, “Maybe I’m just better at showing it. I never want you to feel out of place, not even for a minute. I would do anything to prove to you how much I love and care about you, Y/N. You know that, don’t you?”

“Hmm, well I do now,” you smiled, reaching up to press your lips to his.

Never Again - Alec

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Request: heyyy i love ur writing and its ok if you’re having trouble with the spacing XD we all understand plus i love you so. yeah. And, i was wondering if you could write an angsty one with smut (if u write smut. its ok if u dont. and if u dont feel like it, its not necessary.) 

 Authors Note: I’m sorrrrrryyyyyy I know I take forever to write requests now, I’m just never super motivated to write anymore honestly. But, I was really feeling an angsty Alec imagine and this happened to be my first request 😏 as for the requester, yesss thank you for being understanding of my spacing and italics issue, I’ve got it figured out for the most part but it’s soooo frustrating, I usually have to post it completely smashed together then go back and add my spacing and italics, bolding, whatever, ah I’m rambling. Onto the imagine!

Warnings: crying, arguing/yelling whatever you want to name it, super angsty, happy ending though 

“I can’t believe you” you hissed as you stormed towards your room shaking your head, trying to hold yourself together. 

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I've been questioning if I'm asexual but I'm so worried about it because there's so much negativity about it even in the lgbt community. I feel like I'll never belong anywhere because of this

There are TONS of people that love and accept the asexual community. I’m one of them!!!💛

Here’s a hint. It stinks that many of us have to deal with hate. What stinks more is having to hide and lie and never feel comfortable in your own life because you aren’t living your full truth. 💛

INFJs: Do you guys feel like you don’t belong in this life? And I really want you to give this some thought… I’m on the fence on this. I have a few people in my life who understand me better than most..but i still feel an emptiness than nobody seems to understand me as much as most people would hope. Although I’m convinced I will always somewhat feel like an outsider, my sense of belonging tends to change in waves; I’ll go a good 2-3 months feeling great. Socializing, working, staying busy in school, and being somewhat optimistic about the future.

 But no matter how much things seem to be going well, I end up hitting a wall.  I draw back into this INFJ mindset where I look at the world and realize that I am really freaking different.  Different in personality, my automatic appearance of being aloof, my extreme empathy, always being misunderstood, social discomfort, and overall sense of mind is just completely different than most I’ve ever met in my life. Envisioning my future self living in a somewhat isolated area immersed in nature and generally away from people (loved ones around of course), makes me giddy with happiness. But who else thinks this way? I’d like to know… I mean I’ve felt extremely different my entire life. Part of this I realize is social anxiety (any of you suffer from this?), and the other is growing up as an old soul… Top that off by being INFJ and you’ve got yourself the perfect formula for feeling like you will never belong. I recall my 5 year-old self questioning if there was anyone else who thought like me and those thoughts are really coming full-circle like I’ve always imagined. I am, by no means, stating this for attention…I am definitely not one to intentionally draw any more attention to myself than necessary.  I’m just wondering if anyone else out there feels this way? I’m hoping I’m not the only one. 

So I’m bisexual and from experience, asexuals are pretty great

So waaay back I thought I was gray ace, just apathetic to the concept of sex because like, pretty much everyone wouldn’t shut up about it for like, 2 seconds

Straight people, gay people, etc

So when I’m trying to figure out what I was, asexuals and that community really helped. Nothing was uncomfortable and people weren’t disgustingly open about things, and I had a way to feel ok with not knowing exactly what felt right

But as I grew up I started working out who I was and who I was interested in and sorting out my own personal issues and started figuring out I was bisexual

And just….. ace people and that community never gave me that trouble. Like even still to this day I think sexual conversations and what not are more for private conversations and guess what, I’ve still never felt uncomfortable around ace people

Like never once did I feel like I didn’t belong and now that I firmly know I’m not ace, I’ve still never been part of an uncomfortable conversation about sex and even THEN when a conversation might come up (chances are slim to none) it isn’t uncomfortable and is spoken with a very neutral tone

Plus, by my count, 4 of my homies are some sort of ace and honestly, they’re just rad as hell

Just saying, ace people and the ace community have been pretty rad to me

one peaceful word- writing
—  I never felt like I belonged somewhere even when I was in my house surrounded by family.
I never thought I had anything special in me that everyone else didn’t have.
I never thought I would ever amount to anything.
I never thought. I just never thought.
But some of it has changed now.
I feel like I somehow belong in this community of fitting misfits.
I feel like I have one thing that people don’t usually expect me to have and it’s my writing.
Writing has given me peace, it always does.
No matter how sucky my day is, I write about it and for the moments my pen is scribbling just words on the paper, I am at peace and that’s the most peaceful I ever feel.

Sometimes I hate being a Slytherin because it feels like everyone is a Slytherin and it just spoils it for me (that sounds so hipster but I just mean it made it less special if you know what I mean?) I’ve tried to move into other houses - even Gryffindor when I know I don’t/would never belong there - but I just don’t feel like I fit in. I feel like people are only choosing Slytherin to seem “cool”. All I can say is I wish I was kind enough to be a Hufflepuff, or smart enough to be a Ravenclaw

kiyoko11: Recently I went home and saw this piece of art hung in my bathroom growing up. Everytime I’d sit there, staring at this photo…I wondered who I was in this photo. Which bear I was. The only bear I wanted to be was the one with the black coat cus he was dancing with the one I thought was the prettiest girl. The one with the silver tu tu. I wanted her. But it didn’t make sense. For years. I never could figure it out. Why didn’t I fit in the picture? I’d go through all of them.

I never realized how much this piece of art impacted me. It tormented me. It made me feel like I didn’t belong in society. It reminded me every day after school that I didn’t fit in. That I was an outcast. It deeply saddens me to think how much this image hurt me growing up. It unintentionally made me feel like I was never going to belong.

Art is so important. More than ever. It breaks boundaries. It allows hope. Never stop creating. Exposing. We need to be exposed to it all. That’s the only way we can grow. In the end we are all one. We need love. We want to belong. We need that.

More videos to come Xx

“Do I want kids?”

For @carryon-countdown: Moms. 


I’d like to just have one, I think.

One child will be enough, because it will be

my child.

They’ll have a silly middle name, like Scrum

or Snow.

You should always have a funny middle name,

it makes life more funny.

I’ll take them to the gardens, and they will

love the rosebuds as much as I do.

I will raise them to make the world a better place,

to fight for what is right.

I will teach them to dance, laugh,

and not take life too seriously.

They will have my hair and Davy’s nose and

they will never feel like they don’t belong.


Not as long as I am alive.


I never do things by halves.

I want at least five, and I want them now.

Martin doesn’t know it yet, but we will be

the best parents.

I will teach them to stand up for themselves,

they will be the most powerful thinkers.

They’ll chase after knowledge, and 

look out for their own.

Lucy’s child will be silly, I’m sure, so

my children will need to look after him.

I’ll have a theme, as far as names go.

It’s orderly that way.

I’ll name them all after cities, or perhaps 

they’ll have names that all start with P.


That sounds just perfect.


I will not have children as soon as I graduate.

I have things to do,

I have a school to run.

I have all the time in the world.


when I do,

I will do anything to keep them safe.

They will have Malcolm’s composure and my strength.

I will feel fire in my child’s magic.

Our heritage will be in the brown of their skin,

the line of their nose.

They will be a Pitch, through and through.

And, if I am not there to see them grow,

I hope they will find someone

to hang the moon for them.

I hope they will

carry on

carry on

carry on.

You know what upsets me? The complete lack of Asian AUs in the HP fandom.

I’ve heard loads of black Hermione, Latino or Indian Harry, and I think they’re all great and lovely ideas, but I have not once heard of an Asian AU (Yes I do realize Indians are Asians but pls chill for a sec), and it makes me so sad because I feel like I’ll never have a place to belong. So bring in the Chinese Hermione or Korean Harry AUs. Please include us.


[Because my dog is a self-proclaimed Sith Lord and her photo must be included everywhere.]

I’m a Latina shipper from the Washington, DC area. I’m also currently in college hoping to get my degree in biology to pursue a career in wildlife conservation - I REALLY LIKE fish. My close friends are also huge Star Wars junkies and I’ve slowly brain washed them into becoming fellow Reylo shippers.

If we’re being honest, Reylo was the ship that turned me from a passive consumer of Star Wars into a full-fledged fandom nerd. I had never made any leaps in fully discovering the Fandom until TFA, and only because after seeing the movie and getting some heavy Rey/Kylo (as well as Poe/Finn) undertones, that I needed to know I wasn’t insane. But most importantly - a need I haven’t felt in ages since joining a fandom like Percy Jackson - I also felt the desire to contribute. I had promised myself that after finishing a rather extensive multi-chap PJO fic that I would never write Fanfiction again, as no other Fandom would ever elicit that kind of inspiration (and borderline obsession) for the rest of my days. But with Reylo, it’s revived the spark and I’m excited to get back into doing what I love, which i think would have been impossible had I never fallen in love with this ship.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to introduce my love-child story to the world but it’s currently taking its first creative steps. I have no fear though because Reylos are just so welcoming of new ideas and having as much creative work as possible. With this, I can say that I never have any trouble feeling like I belong.


i have father, he’s not you | a sanji fanmix; pretty self-explanatory about his feeling for VInsmoke Judge and Zeff. (LiSTEN: youtube / 8tracks / spotify)

Side A (intro-track 09): VINSMOKE JUDGE.
Most tracks are rock songs containing anger and hatred mood about shitty father who left his helpless child and keep seeing him as a failed son.  

Side B (track 10-outro): ZEFF.
Most tracks are slow rock and pop hitting right in the feels about a son holding on dreams and leaving home to make his father proud.

note: for 32 Days of Sanji prompt: family. Bon Jovi’s track isn’t available on spotify. Annotation is under read more.

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Honestly Andy... You are look reckless and yet you act so careful when you speak, always looking not to offend/trigger anyone and that's just so great? Not many people like you out there. Thank you.

Andy: I never want to make anyone feel like they don’t belong. It’s a … respect thing, ya know? I have the utmost respect for people and their safety and security.

Sure, I can be super reckless with myself…but that’s with me. I know what my limits are. I know what I can do to myself and how far I can push myself…but people are so fragile, man. So fragile.

You know how you have those memories where someone has made you feel like you are absolutely worthless? How someone has disrespected you just because they were careless… and you know it might not be their fault, because they didn’t know, but that one memory…. it stuck with you. You will forever hear that little voice in the back of your head, reminding you of how, in someone’s eyes, you’re not good enough…

I never want to be that. I never want to be that person that people remember as ‘the person who triggered me, or the person who could hurt so effortlessly.’
Because we’re all fragile… and we should treat others like glass because they’re just as breakable.

artistic-writer  asked:

Hey guys! I have had hearing loss in both ears from unexplained circumstances from a young age and i had the worst parents, so i was never taught BSL and learnt how to lip read from TV subtitles. I got hearing aids at 28. I spent most of my life trying to fit into the hearing world but never really feeling like a belonged and i felt like i didn't belong in the Deaf world either. I really think that more people should be taught ASL/BSL/SL so we can all be as one! also, my husband is Hearing too

Jeremy: We both feel like sign language should be taught at schools no matter what. It’s good to learn it so you can help people who have certain challenges.

Retrouvailles - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Reader and Bruce have had an on and off relationship for years whist they see other people. Reader is in a relationship with Harvey Dent, when he proposes she says yes despite the fact she’s still sleeping with Bruce and is in love with him.

Bruce and I’s relationship was formed on a never ending cycle. We were friends, one of us would go through a break up, we’d fall into bed together regardless of if one of us was seeing someone else, we’d be together until we found someone new. It happened like clockwork and it was maddening. To begin with it was just sex but of course sex is never just sex and I fell for him. Hard. It was painful and caused endless problems. I could never say no to him which meant every other relationship I had was ruined by my lingering feelings for Bruce. We’d gone through periods of not seeing one another but underneath all of the physical comfort we gave each other, we were friends, the best of friends. We always went back to each other.
But not this time, I was determined not to destroy my current relationship. I was seeing Harvey Dent and he was amazing, he loved me and, although I still had feelings for Bruce, I loved him back. Our relationship got to see the light of day, we could walk down a street with our hands intertwined without the fear of someone noticing. We went on countless dates and I met his parents. I never got to do any of that with Bruce, he said we had to keep things quiet so our significant others wouldn’t find out, which I knew was logical and reasonable but my self esteem took a plummet every time he said it out of fear that he was ashamed of me.

I knew that things had to end for good this time as a gazed down at the ring on my hand. I didn’t expected Harvey to propose but when he did I said yes…I’d tried to say no, part of me desperately hoping that Bruce and I’s relationship would develop into something more. But I knew that wouldn’t happen and now I was engaged to Gotham’s white knight. I also knew that I couldn’t continue seeing Bruce, not when I was going to marry Harvey. It was going to be agony but I had to break things off. The taxi pulled up outside Bruce’s apartment building, pulling in a deep breath, I stepped out of the car and paid the driver. As I rode the lift up to the penthouse my stomach became a chaotic mess of nerves. I was about to say goodbye to the man I’d been in love with for years.

I knocked lightly on the door, it opened to reveal Bruce, looking handsome as ever with his tie pulled loose from his neck and his shirt sleeves rolled neatly at his elbows. When he smiled at me, my heart fluttered in my chest and a blush crept up my cheeks. Even after all this time he still had that affect in me, the mischievous twinkle in his eye proof of how entertaining he found it. As I entered the penthouse he greeted me with a kiss, it was tender and gentle. I wanted to savour every moment I had with him, so I didn’t pull away. Instead I threaded my fingers in his hair and deepened the kiss. I knew I didn’t deserve to be selfish but I was unable to part myself from him. When we finally pulled away, breathless, he guided me to sit down on the sofa, giving us a perfect view of the city as the afternoon faded into the evening. We talked about our days as he held me in his arms, soft caressing my hair. Moments like this were rare, usually we were both so consumed by want and need that we barely made it through the door before we began undressing one another. But not today, he was tired and in need of a different form of comfort that I was more than willing to give him. I kept my left hand as hidden as possible once I realised I’d been foolish enough to leave my ring on, he was so exhausted he didn’t notice my odd behaviour to begin with. That was until he began to play with my fingers, it was an affectionate gesture, one I would have cherished on any other night. I felt his body stiffen beneath mine when he finally felt the engagement ring adorning my ring finger. I pulled in a shaky breath as he slowly lifted my hand up so he could see it properly.
“What’s this?” His tone was controlled and void of emotion. He knew that I was with Harvey, but he was clueless to how serious our relationship had become.
“Harvey proposed and I - I” I turned away from him, unable to bear the betrayed look in his eyes as mine filled with tears.
“I said yes” It was barely more than a whisper, my constricted throat not allowing anything louder. I felt the sofa shift as Bruce stood up and moved away from me.
“I guess I should be congratulating you”
“Bruce, I -”
“No really, congratulations (y/n), I’m really happy for you” His words were laced with anger and sarcasm. He released a bitter laugh before continuing. “So, when were you going to tell me?” He glared at me, his eyes full of unsaid fury and pain. I finally understood why Gotham’s criminals were so afraid of him.
“Or were you not going to tell me? Huh? Keep sleeping with me while you run off and marry Harvey?” I’d never seen Bruce like this before, his jaw was pulled tight as his clenched fists shook with rage. I tried desperately to explain but the words stuck in my throat as the tears began to cascade down my face. The room went deadly quiet before Bruce continued, this time in a softer, more pained tone.
“How long?” I knew what he was asking and that he deserved the truth.
“A week, I wanted to tell you Bruce but-”
“But what?! This is why you’ve been avoiding me all week, so you can screw your fiancé?!” His anger had returned as quickly as it had left, his whole being trembling. My guilt was turning into annoyance, even though I knew I was in the wrong and had no right to feel self righteous.
“So what if I was! You don’t have any right to be this angry Bruce, you knew what we were and you knew about Harvey and I” My enraged shouts echo through the empty apartment.
“Were?” His voice shook, but not from anger, this time it was from pain. “You’re ending this?” He looked me in the eyes, the agony and betrayal clouding his eyes breaking my heart.
“I have to Bruce” My voice was strained from all of the emotions I was retaining, but I had to keep going and end this.
“What about us?”
“What about us Bruce? There never was an us! I was just sex to you, you’ll find a replacement by the end of the week!” The truth behind the words tortured my already exhausted heart. Bruce just starred at me, his face pale, making his red brimmed eyes even more prominent.
His voice was scarcely more than a whisper
“Is that really what you think?” The unshed tears in his eyes surprised me, I never expected Bruce to care. “(Y/n)…you must know you mean more to me than that” I continued to stare at him, my eyes wide from shock as the tears continued to fall.
“I-I love you” He chocked out, the words causing him agony, knowing that this was probably the only time he would be able to say them. My heart was pounding wildly in my chest, I’d never thought I would hear those words from Bruce. I was unable to say anything, my voice lost to the pain and confusion that was flooding through my body. Bruce approached me cautiously, as if approaching a wounded animal. His trembling hands found my face, thumb attempting to wipe away the tears that continued to fall.
“Please (y/n) - don’t go back to him, stay - stay with me” He begged. A sob erupted from my chest as he pulled me into his arms. “Don’t leave me” His voice was fractured as his heart struggled to maintain a regular rhythm from the torture it was being put through. I couldn’t pull away, being in his arms felt safe, the warmth radiating from his chest soothing my aching body. I knew I would never feel like this with Harvey, my heart had belonged to Bruce for too long to give it to someone else. The room was silent, my ragged breaths the only interruption.
“I love you too” For the second time today I felt Bruce’s body stiffen against mine. However this time when he pulled away there was a shy smile on his face and hope shining in his eyes. He needed to hear me say the words before he could relax.
“I’ll stay - I’ll end things with Harvey” My voice had grown hoarse from our argument, my exhaustion but growing happiness evident in my tone. Instead of replying, Bruce pulled my face to his, our lips meeting in a desperate kiss. Silently promising each other that we were staying, for good this time.

The morning sun flittered through the thin curtains, casting golden light into my eyes. I rolled over and was met by a muscular chest. Bruce’s arms were protectively circled round my waist, his strong hold keeping me in his embrace.
“G'morning” His voice was deep and thick from sleep, he pressed a kiss on my hairline before pulling me impossibly closer to him.
“Hi” My voice was shy, despite the countless times we’d slept with each other it was rare for us to wake up together. I buried my head in his chest as he laughed at my bashfulness. It vibrated through his body, causing a smile to grow across my face. Gently, he hooked his fingers under my chin, pulling my lips up to his. The kiss was slow and full of love. He grinned as we pulled back.
“So..I was thinking we could go out tonight, have dinner maybe” This time it was Bruce that was nervous, his eyes shyly met mine. I smiled again.
“I’d love to”

A/N: the title is the French word for the joy you feel when you’re reunited with a loved one. I thought it was really cute and it kinda works with the story 😂
All you need is someone to guide you; Legolas x teen reader

Here is yet another Legolas request I got from wattpad, this one was actually my first Legolas Greenleaf request that I got to do. Now be WARNED there are hints of suicide through starvation as well as extreme self-hate so if you are uncomfortable reading about this then just skip over it or don’t read it at all. Other than that I hope u all enjoy this ;)


I’m led through the halls of Rivendell by two guards towards the council room of Lord Elrond. The Guards and I stop and sitting on his high chair was the Lord of Imladris himself.

“What is this about this time?”

“My Lord Elrond, we caught (y/n) causing a havoc among the other soldiers which in turned up injuring Lady Arwen”.  

“Is she alright?”

“She’s fine my Lord, minor scrapes because her horse was startled in the chaos but Lady Arwen is fine”. Another guard stated.

“Leave us now”. The guards released me leaving me and Lord Elrond alone. “Care to explain what the ruckus was about this time?”  

“What do you usually think? The new soldiers getting on my back of me being half human. You know if I may say Lord Elrond you should really—" 

"SILENCE!” I stopped talking and lowered my head down hoping that I would get another warning for this by showing my submissive behavior.  

He took a deep heavy sigh before stating.  

“(Y/n), you know I took you in for your mother was a dear old friend of mine, but I will not tolerate anymore behavior like this, especially when it comes to the safety of my own children. Therefore you are hereby banished from the Valley of Imladris, you are to never set foot within it’s borders, or ever try to contact any Elves here”.  

I stared at him in shock.  

Banishment? No It—it can’t be.  

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