never feel as bad as me

feeling blue so I drew something opposite of that feeling 

Mae & Celica “””S”””

I was having a not so great day so for fun I whipped up a “”””S Support”””” for two cuties who should have smooched and been girlfriends, Mae and Celica. It was relaxing and this turned out tooth-rottingly fluffy lol, thought some of my followers might enjoy it so here you go. Also I wrote this in like 2 hours and haven’t tried to write either of these characters before so be gentle ;p 

Mae: Hey… Celica.

Celica: Oh no, you seem so somber again…

Mae: W-what? Wait, no way! N-no somber sourpusses over here!

Mae: …Well. Kind of.

Mae: Look, you’ve given me the confidence to say this, but I still need to psych myself up first.

Celica: I don’t understand. What’s this all about, Mae?

Mae: …

Mae: …I love you.

Celica: …Hm? That’s all?

Mae: Y-yeah. I… I love you, Celica.

Celica: But I know that already, Mae. I love you as well. You’re my dear friend.

Mae: No, I mean—I mean LOVE love! Y’know, the romantic kind?

Mae: The “I-want-to-hold-you-and-protect-you-and-wow-you’re-gorgeous-I-want-to-kiss-you-so-bad-and-oh-my-gods-did-I-really-just-say-all-that” kind…

Celica: I…

Celica: G-goodness. So when you confided in me before… I wasn’t expecting… I’m not quite sure what to say.

Mae: You can say you don’t feel the same! Heck, I expect you to!

Mae: I know you’ve never seen me…y’know, as a woman. And my personality is way below your station.

Mae: Besides, there’s that– That boy, Alm, from the castle…

Mae: But you gave me a real confidence boost the other day, dammit! Mila can’t blame a gal for trying!

Celica: …Mila… I wonder.

Mae: Huh?

Celica: I…always assumed Alm was my destiny. That’s been deeply ingrained in me, and supported by others.

Celica: But… Not only are you, one of the people I most trust, challenging that…

Celica: You’re proposing an alternative.

Celica: I wonder… Heehee… Oh, Mae, always creating trouble…

Mae: C-Celica, listen! If you really like that guy, I’m not getting your way! Really!

Celica: Don’t, worry, Mae. I… Heeheehee… Your words have really stirred my heart.

Celica: You’ve so long been a powerful presence in my life… And I know you’d protect that life with yours.

Celica: I stand by my words that you’re an absolute catch.

Mae: Aw jeez, you’re making me blush again! Celica, are you seriously…?

Celica: I want to…to try this, Mae. Try being with you.

Celica: Destiny or no, it… I think it would make me very happy.

Mae: Oh. My. Gosh. I…you feel the same? I didn’t have a plan for you feeling the same!


Mae: Pfffftha! Duma Priests? Pirate Kings? Boey? Look out, Mae’s unstoppable!

Mae: Any of you lay a finger on my girl, I’ll have your hide!

Mae: …U-um, unless it’s too early to be calling you “my girl”… Haha…

Celica: Oh, never change, Mae. I… I love you… The way you are.  

Always- An Ivar Imagine

So @whenimaunicorn sent me the prompt: “Truth or Dare? I dare you to spend the rest of the night tied to Prince Ivar at the wrists.” Thanks for the prompt!

Here is the result. More angst than originally planned. Oops?

TW: mild sexual content, infidelity

You had never known Hvitserk to be cruel.

Okay, that was a lie. You had never known him to be cruel to you. Other people were another story. But tonight, tonight you fell into that category of “other people”. For what he had done, you would consider the cruelest thing of all.

It had started innocent, a game of truth or dare among brothers and friends. It was a game played often, as you had known the Ragnarssons since you were all grubby children, playing in the mud. The ale and laughter had flowed, to the point where you could almost forget the aching hole that was etched permanently upon your heart. But then, it had been your turn. You had chosen dare. And Hvitserk, drunk and careless, had dared you to spend the rest of the night, tethered by the wrists, to none other than Ivar.

Ivar, the man you were hopelessly in love with. Ivar, the man you could not stay away from. Ivar, the man who would never be wholly yours.

You agreed to the dare, not only to be spared the severe penalty but to savour any sort of closeness you could get with the Prince.

You moved to sit beside Ivar. Someone came and bound your wrists together, you didn’t know who. All you could focus on were her eyes, staring at you from across the table, hating you. Wishing you would one day take to your father’s fishing boat and not return. Drowned, dragged to the bottom of the sea, a sea that she could somehow bend to her will. She knew, she knew that his heart lay with you and not with her. She was a pawn, a token used for land and power and offspring with a strong bloodline. You, you were the fire in his blood, the beating of his heart, the name on his lips when he took her to bed.

But you were a nobody, and princes did not end up with nobodies. They had mothers and fathers and brothers who pushed for alliances, for duty, for the good of the people. They ended up with someone who could give them those things.

You were not that someone.

You could feel Ivar’s skin next to yours, where your wrists touched, warm and familiar. It made you ache for an easier time, when there was nothing but bare skin and love and the hopes of the young and foolish. Hopes you could one day be together, love freely and without restraint. You hardly got any time with each other now. Every moment you could spend by his side was a precious one.

As if he could sense your distress, your lover placed your linked hands under the table, onto your thigh. He had not said anything when Hvitserk had issued the dare. He had not protested, had not insisted it be an insult to his wife to be tied to another woman. He had simply let it happen. A choice. A declaration. You over her, every time. And she knew it.

The weight of your joined hands on your thigh was comforting, a balm amidst the tension that was threatening to suffocate you. She flicked her eyes down to the table, disgust marring her pretty face. To her, you were worthless. She could not see what kept drawing him to you. You both knew she didn’t love him, only married him for the name and the power and the role of duty. But it irked her to no end that he did not fall at her feet like all the others, did not desire her body. She wanted to catch her prey, but he kept slipping through her net.

The game continued on. You could not focus. Ivar’s hand had inched higher up your thigh, fingers stroking over the soft material of your dress. Her eyes were now on her husband, cold and stony. He growled, baring sharp white teeth as his fingers sunk deep into your thigh. Baiting her, showing her what she was to him. The title of wife meant nothing.

It should have comforted you, to know he only wanted you. That she was nothing to him. But it still hurt. It hurt to know she carried the title of wife, and not you. It hurt to know she was by his side, would one day grow round with his child in her belly. She would have his future, and you would be naught but a secret in the dark. You did not want to share, you wanted all of him. Every moment, every look, every touch. It was not enough to know he loved you. Your heart was greedy. It wanted everything, for it and it alone.

Ivar pushed your joined hands further into your lap, fingers teasing your flesh. You could feel the desire flowing through them, his simmering need for you. With her, it was all about business, securing a child. With you, it was love and passion and burning, all consuming need. You did not get many chances to be together, and every encounter was a like a wild summer storm, fierce and raging.

He stopped his movements on your thigh, instead leaning over to ghost his lips over the shell of your ear. No one was watching but her, no one cared but her. You should have felt bad for her, how must it feel knowing your husband cares not for you? But you did not. You would never see her as anything more than a thief. A thief who stole your happy future.

“Truth or dare?” Ivar whispered softly in your ear, voice laced with a dark lust. You shivered as his words slid over your skin like a silken scarf.

“Dare,” you whispered back, not daring to look at his face.

He leaned closer, his heady scent enveloping you like a tender embrace.

“I dare you to take me to bed. My bed.”

He meant the bed he shared with her, in the back of the Great Hall. You sucked in a breath. You had always met somewhere, never had he taken you in that bed, since he had gotten married. It was probably a bad idea.

But you did not care.

You stood up, grabbing Ivar’s crutches for him from where they leaned upon his chair. He allowed himself to give you a heated smirk, before the two of you awkwardly made your way towards the back of the Hall.

Her eyes followed you the whole way there.

But once you were enclosed in his private quarters, all thoughts but Ivar left your mind. He somehow managed to get his knife out of his belt, cut your bonds and throw you onto the bed with a few smooth motions. You eagerly reached for him as he lowered himself out of his crutches, desperate to feel all of him against you.

You needed him like air, you craved him like a drug. He fell upon you with a fervour only he could have, all groping hands and hungry kisses and loud, needy moans. He did not try to quiet himself, he did not care if she heard. If anyone heard. You found you did not care either. You arched into him and let him sweep you away in a tidal wave of pleasure.

He took you fast, and he took you hard. No loving caresses, no soft teasing, no slow and sweet build up. Pure carnal desire, the kind that leaves delicious aches and bruises to savour. Ivar in his truest form, making you cry out, making you beg for more, more, more. You knew nothing but the slide of hot, slippery skin, the taste of salt and sweat, the stars exploding behind your eyelids.

After, you curled yourself around him, pressing your shaking body as close as you could get. He enclosed you in his arms, letting you rest against him as you both caught your breath. As you laid there, your euphoria faded, and the ache in your heart returned.

“It should be enough,” you said softly, tracing a pattern over his chest with your fingers. “It should be enough to share you, and know that it is me who holds your heart. People do it all the time. Look at your brothers, sharing Margrethe between them. But I am selfish. I want you all to myself. I want to be your only wife, and the only woman you take to bed. I want to give you all your children. Is that wrong?”

He began to stroke his fingers through your long hair, blunt nails scratching gently over your scalp.

“It is not wrong,” he said, voice rumbling in his chest. “It is not wrong, for I feel the same way. I do not want to be tied to her. I do not want her to bear my children. I chose you, and only you, a long time ago. When I think of how I would feel if our situations were reversed, I want to kill something. The thought of another man touching your makes me sick.”

It made you sick, too. You twisted so you could press a soft kiss to the underside of his jaw.

“If only I was not who I am. If only I was like her, from a family worthy-”

He cut you off with a firm hand to your throat, pulling you on top of him so he could look at you with angry eyes.

“Do not ever say that again,” he growls, fingers squeezing, squeezing. “Do not wish you were anything but what you are. You are perfect. You are not less than her. Do you hear me?”

You nod, and his fingers relax. His eyes, however, stayed hard and blazing.

“I will find a way,” he vowed. “I will find a way to weaken her father, to make it so he is not more powerful than us. I married his daughter so he would not overpower us; I will make it so he has no power, and so I will no longer be in need of my marriage. Then,” his face softens ever so slightly, “then I will be free to marry whom I wish.”

It was a lot to promise, and probably very much unlikely to come true. But you clung to his words like a child clings to its mother’s skirts. A distant hope. You leaned forward to press a kiss to his lips.

“I should go,” you whispered, thinking of her sitting in the Great Hall. “I should go before she comes to you.”

His grip on you tightened, possessive. “No. You will stay. She will not come to me tonight. You will stay, and let me hold you. I will wake at least once with you in my arms.”

You knew you should leave, before leaving got any harder, but a night in his arms was more than you ever got. So you agreed, nestling down against him, letting him wrap himself around you. The darkness pressed around you like a comforting blanket, wrapping you up in a world where you could pretend only the two of you existed.

“Truth or dare,” you whispered, finding his hand in the dark.

“Truth,” his hand was warm, calloused, perfect.

“Will you always love me? No matter what our lives become?” You knew the answer. But to hear it was a bandage across your broken heart

A sigh. A kiss on your head. Broad fingers squeezed yours.


I known with Vikings sharing is caring, but I imagine some of them are not into it. Happy Sunday! ❤️

confession: i’ve never gone on a killing spree in a Bethesda game. people always talk about how sometimes in Skyrim they’ll save and then kill everyone in whiterun and then reload but i’ve never done that… it makes me feel too bad? i’m sure it’s a good time ™ and therapeutic for people but it makes me have a morality crisis to hurt good video game characters

seekanewerworld  asked:

(I hope this hasn't already been asked - I'm having trouble keeping track!) All You Have Is Your Fire with Finn/Poe(/Rey if you like!)

(It has not! And obviously I am going to add Rey in here.)

In this city, corporations like to use people with powers as their own private security forces, and the people with powers don’t always get a say in it, because they’re taken out of foster care or bad situations and made to feel indebted. Finn has spent most of his young adult life in one of those corporations, training to use his empath abilities to tell whether someone is lying to his bosses in meetings.

He has two soulmarks, which is unusual–they try to recruit people with negative marks, or none at all. It makes it easier to keep them loyal. One of them says Let me go and the other one says Why are you helping me?

Finn half-expects never to meet them until a man comes in for a meeting at First Order Inc. and Finn can tell that he’s planning some kind of corporate espionage, and Ren, who has some mental powers along with his terrifying array of them, can sense that Finn is sensing something and that means Something Bad is going to happen to Poe. Poe’s put in a waiting room while they “discuss his proposal” and Finn is sent to keep an eye on him but instead he says “Follow me if you want to live” and Poe’s eyes widen before he follows him.

“Why are you helping me?” he asks, one floor down, and it’s like the world falls out from underneath Finn.

They escape, but they lose each other and Finn is sure that Poe got taken, so he’s stumbling around the city, no idea how to live on his own, when he finds a girl with the strongest superpowers anyone in the city has seen since the last Jedi Knight left the city behind. She’s got a drone with some AI equipped with her, and it accuses him of being a thief, since he has Poe’s coat, but she doesn’t actually speak to him till he grabs her hand, hearing the sound of people out searching for him, and she says “Let me go!”

It’s only later that she realizes the first thing he said to her was “Please, I don’t want any trouble.”

She wonders if he has another mark too.

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oh gosh so im so sorry im going to miss you so much my mom lets me follow tumblrs that are clean and it was okay but she saw you swear and so now i have to go im sry ily ill miss u



Wow I hate myself rn


I kinda want to cry

I feel so bad

Tell your mom I am really sorry

I am never swearing again

I’ve been swearing lately and idk why… bad jen

Ughhh I literally feel so bad…

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I found out I was trans when I was 13, I didn't feel that much dysphoria during puberty but something felt off? It was little so I wasn't too worried, earlier this year stuff was weird, I wasn't comfortable in feminine clothing, it didn't feel right, I would always want to wear a sweatshirt and jeans, I never liked my breast and I thought my voice was annoying and high, it wasn't too bad but then I would always think "am I trans?" It scared me, but its what I really want


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Aw, im sorry that everything is kinda going shitty for you rn. I hope you get better soon! Is there anything i could do to make you feel the slightest bit better? Like a drawing or a fic? - jelixpo

okay how the fuck are you so kind and caring, jelixpo, you are a freaking angel and i will never be tired of stating this fact
it’s not like everything is reaaally bad, i feel a lil bit better today and my mood has kinda improved since yesterday’s “ohhh nooo im dyinggg help” just a flu or smth, no need to worry, i get sick a lot and got used to it now
you can do whatever you want honey, no matter what you draw it always makes me feel better just because of how adorable your art style looks like
hope you’ll have a great day/night~

i never thought i’d get this many. it’s,, wild !! 2k is a huge number ! and all of you are really really kind to me–i can’t thank all of you enough.

for the past few months, i’ve been doing a lot better than i ever thought i could be–every time i feel myself feeling bad, it seems there’s always a magical kind anon or friend who appears and says something kind to me and i never could even fathom that i’d come to this point !! that’s super cool !

thank you for following me <3


….I could never make you stay
                                       too bad, too bad,
                            I could never walk away….


music cas tag by @light–peach

Rules: Create a sim(s) based on a song or album you like. For variety and a more unique sim, try shuffling your music. 

Your sim can be inspired by song lyrics, album art, a music video, a singer, the sky’s the limit!

nobody tagged me lol I just did it but anyways whoever wants to do it, you can say I tagged you;

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So apparently, Colin hinted in Xivents that Killian's cursed self will be using 2 hands. So I guess he's a totally different person, not Emma's Killian. I wouldn't put it past A&E to give cursed!Killian another love interest, just like David with Kathryn in season 1. Ugh, I'm really just bracing myself for the worst so that when the worst happens, I won't feel as bad. :(

Well of course he’s a totally different person; that’s what the Dark Curse DOES.

And talk about TONE DEAF. Remember the kerfluffle when Killian got his hand back in S4? How they made their disabled leading man abled for one episode? And how it was never discussed again? How gross is that?

Seriously, the fuck?

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they gave him a fake love interest either. They are OBSESSED with their parallels. And that’s the one Snowing parallel they haven’t done. It doesn’t matter that the fans will hate it because they DON’T care. 

It’s just one more reason for me not to watch. Thank god for the block feature and fan fic!

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afdgs that was not what i asked but!... this was a terribly cute answer!! im sure it made your anons very happy!! ok third time's the charm, i tried to ask: of all the asks for headcanons and other prompts can you name five you liked the most! that were exceptionally fun to write idk. sorry i was not clear with this afdshdsf

NO its okay, I can’t read akxbhdkc
Hmm, I’m on mobile so I can’t link them, theyre all on my Masterlist though! Here are a few top favorites:
1. Mc helping the Rfa+v+Saeran recover from a previous heartbreak! That one was such a sweet prompt, especially because I got to write about hurt/comfort!

2. It sounds bad, but another favorite are the cheating ones. I think they’re extremely OOC, and the characters would never, ever, cheat, but I feel like a did a good job! Especially since some of the comments told me I broke their heart, haha!

3. Rfa+V+Saeran Cumming too early! I really enjoyed this prompt! Actually, this person always sends in Top Notch stuff! Every time they send in a request I’m reeling because it’s usually 100000% up my alley! I feel like I didn’t do it justice, but? I loved the prompt!

4. RFA+V+Saeran helping Mc with a panic attack. I got some comments about how it felt very real, and I’m proud of that! Plus I thought Jumin’s was cute…

5. Afterend!Saeran owning a Ice Cream shop! It was a prompt for Saeran day, and I really loved that one. I thought I made it really cute, and afterwards I had to bury my face in my plush because I couldn’t stop imagining how cute it was! It was so cute orz

I actually have a few other prompts I really liked, but it’d slowly turn into most of the list. I did like discussion with the characters, too. That was fun!

Still kinda feeling the same as like previous post… I don’t have bad friends, I just have a lot of mind-ghosts I guess and it’s never someone being rude, it’s always me shooting myself down.

I just feel bad. I’ve been in a slump and unable to talk to a lot of people… I wanna hang with friends, man. I love my friends. But I worry I just burst through doors and throw myself at people who would rather not hang atm.

I feel like I can be a bit of a heavier package to have around sometimes, I guess. I wish I was better at reading people and like taking hints. ;;

To any of my high school followers; once you graduate, you will never be the same person you were those past four years. If you have a group of ten friends, there’s a huge chance you’ll only talk to one after you leave, or none at all, and that’s okay :) after being out of highschool for three years, and experiencing so much more than those 4 years allowed me to experience, I’m a much better person now than I was when I was senior in high school. Don’t feel bad when you don’t get invited to high school grad parties, don’t get sad if you leave some people behind. You are strong, and you need to keep doing what your heart wants:) Don’t become the person other people expect you to be, meet new people, go to new places, and I promise you’ll be so happy. I wish you the best of luck❤️

Basically I’m happy where I’m at with my boyfriend and I’m finally at the point in my life with more happiness than I’ve had in years, but that trauma is all still there. That anxiety, that paranoia, the memories, the ptsd in general, it doesn’t go away. It never will. But i want it to because it kinda affects our sex life and I feel bad about that. But I mean, he loves me and tried to understand, and I think he mostly, partly does. I love him.

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You are so nice. I wish I could be like you. I'm not a good person. My mind and emotions are too broken. And I'm weak. Physically, I mean. And I'm always scared. I wish I could be more like you and @baintastic and @jillidraws and just so many more people on here. But I'm not like you guys and I probably never will be. I wish I could be a better person. Like you guys. Making people happy is my only use anymore. And it makes me happy but I can't always do that. Especially when I keep falling.

Hey, anon? I don’t know you, so I can’t make this as heartfelt as it should be. But I can tell you this: When you can talk to someone and tell them how you’re feeling, when making people happy gives you joy, I don’t see how you can be a “bad” person. I understand that it’s scary - hell, it’s the worst feeling in the world - to be falling, but there are people who are waiting here to catch you. There are people who will lift you back up and help.

Remember. And it’s okay, we all lose control sometimes. You don’t have to be scared. (Also unless I say that you’re the worst person ever - you’re not - then there are no consequences to this. It’s alright.)

I’m a really picky eater and whenever my family goes to Florida they wanna go to these really extravagant and fancy places but I can never find anything to eat there and they always complain about me to each other and I can hear them and I really just wanna cry I’m sorry I’m such an inconvenience to you all I’d rather just stay home and get my own dinner if everyone is gonna make me feel bad about myself every single night

i def respect when celebrities say that they don’t wanna be used as fcs, like i’ll never use them after that but.. i’ll never understand why lmfao?? if i were in any form famous my narcissistic ass would be so glad someone wanted to use me ajdafdjf i’m like that michael clifford tweet where he’s like ‘i’ve always wanted to be an fc’ that’s ME