never feel as bad as me

“I’m gay, and every time I have hook-ups, they mean nothing. I’ve never been in love, and I’ve never received love from anyone. And yet, I’ve participated in these intimate acts—with people who I don’t even see ever again. It makes me feel a little bit lost, and at the same time leaves me with a deep longing. I don’t feel quite as lonely as I think I would if I were heterosexual because I usually don’t see a lot of gay couples around, and so I don’t have to feel so bad about being alone. But now I go to a school that’s a lot more LGBT friendly compared to my high school. And in a strange way, sometimes I almost wish it was more suppressed, so that I wouldn’t have to think about the fact that I’m lonely.”   


lit meme: [2/7] otps

aristotle mendoza and dante quintana, aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

“Remember that time you kissed me?”
“Remember I said it didn’t work for me?”
“Why are you bringing this up? I remember. I remember. Dammit to hell, Ari, did you think I’d forgotten?”
“I’ve never seen you this mad.”
“I don’t want to talk about that, Ari. It just makes me feel bad.”
“What did I say when you kissed me?”
“You said it didn’t work for you.”
“I lied.”

  • diiviided
  • when you’re in the bathroom and unexpectedly meet 1 of the 2 women that inspire you daily and helped you feel comfortable to come out and be proud of who you are. #happiestmomentofmylifenever in a million years did I think I’d ever meet Sara, thank you for being so kind and humble and making me feel less anxious lol 💗💗💗 shout-out to @revelandriot (Emy) for taking the picture
    I look so bad but you know what idc

Kara and Lena Eating Lunch In James’ Office

Kara: Your meal is like half kale, Lena.

Lena: No, it’s about 70% kale.

Kara smiles at her nerd bestfriend

Lena: I feel bad for not being able to finish it.

Kara: You can save it.

Lena smirks: I have a better idea.

Kara: No, no way. I am never eating kale.

Lena pouts: As your boss, I am ordering you to finish this plate for me, I don’t want it to go to waste. Pleeeeeeaaaaase.

Kara blushes and fixes her perfectly fine glasses

Lena Slides the plate to Kara: You can’t say no, I’m your bezzie mate.

Kara: Lee, you said we were BFF Forever

Lena: Yeah, but you like being my bezzie mate.

Kara: Fine, but tomorrow you will eat a slice of pizza.

Lena: Can’t. We are going to the gala remember.

Kara puts a small peice of Kale on her fork: The day after at BMMN

Lena: BMMN?

Kara almost spitting out the kale: Bezzie Mate Movie Night. Did you forget?

Lena: Maybe.

Alex walks in with Maggie: No Fucken Way! Kara Danvers is eating Kale. Actual Kale! You have something healthy in your mouth.

Kara bolts up, throwing the plate of kale to the floor

Maggie: Little Danvers! The Plate!

Kara stares at the plate, then Lena and Alex

Lena: Yeah, she ate it for her bezzie mate.

Maggie staring at the plate: I can’t even get Alex to eat vegan ice cream, and we’re the ones fucking.

Alex and Kara blush

Lena: Weeeell…

Kara flies out of CatCo

Alex’s jaw drops

Alex: KARA!!!!

Maggie: Lil D and Lil L are fucking?!

Alex faints

Ruth-Anne Cunningham, aka Rooty, co-wrote Seeing Blind, Slow Hands, Since We’re Alone, Fire Away, and You and Me.

I think that subset of songs is really interesting since they all have aspects of wonder, compassion, comfort, and respect woven in depending on the topic. 

“Now you’re talking to me first
I never thought you would“

“We should take this back to my place
That’s what she said right to my face
‘Cause I want you bad
Yeah, I want you, baby
I’ve been thinking 'bout it all day
And I hope you feel the same way, yeah
'Cause I want you bad
Yeah, I want you, baby )“

“All your thoughts running through your head
The things you think better left unsaid
Just wanna know where you came from
Why would you wanna play someone else
I love you best when you’re just yourself”

“Darling, you don’t have to hold it
You don’t have to be afraid
You can go ahead and unload it
'Cause you know it’ll be okay
Fire away”

“Time has never been on our side
So would you wait for me?
I lead a selfish life
'Cause that’s what I need
What do I have to do
To make you believe?
It’s all for you and me”

The other songs don’t lack respect, by any means, but I think these songs stand out for how they’re executed. 

Big props to Rooty for writing on these amazing songs, and for bringing out these sides of Niall. It’s fascinating to see the impact of having a woman in the writing room in these subtle ways.


Rainy: Thank you so much for coming. I needed someone to lay out my feelings on…

Elder: Anytime. It’s been awhile Rai…

Rainy: *bursts into tears* I just feel like such a bad person, like anyone that I touch, I immediately ruin. I feel like I’ll never find someone and I feel terrible that my girls have no father… I just… I need you Elder.

Elder: M-me?

The verdict

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Part 1

Son of Ragnar x Reader


A/N: This is my new story. I don’t really know where it’s going at the moment, but I’ll figure it out.

I wanted to ask you guys to tell me with whom should Reader build a relationship. With which son of Ragnar? I can’t decide.

After this I will post an epilogue for my story More than friends which I still have to write. (I’ve been a little lazy not writing anything 😞)

And please feel free to send me some requests!!! 😊

Summary: AU
Reader is a Goddess and one of Odins best warriors, but when something bad happens, she is forced to run away.

Warning: blood

You couldn’t believe what was happening to you. Being one of the fiercest warriors, always loyal, you would never think that you will ever have to do what you were doing. You were running as fast as you could. You were running for your life.
Everything happened so fast at one moment you were celebrating with your friends, all well dressed for the presence of your King. Before you even realized everyone turned against you, just because of the false accusations. People with whom you lived your whole life, even your uncle the man who trained you, the king’s son.

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The lovely thing about you following me is it's in direct opposition to the 'never let your employer friend you online' idea and it's just great. I have no idea why you follow me but I'm glad you do! (Which is, again, the dead opposite of how a great deal of future fiddly bits must feel, so even better!)

It’s different because I’m not human.

I like you all for who you are, not in spite of it. I don’t employ people of questionable quality, and so therefore cannot possibly find fault with anything I’d see online from you. I’m also not so young and stupid as to base a person’s entire future with me on one incident, one bad day, or one opinion.

Opinions aren’t life or death. If they become life or death, then those were never opinions, those were threats or defense.

Think about that carefully.

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I just realized, how unfair it is that Reed gets shit for being husband and father, and Bruce Wayne doesn't

Well, I don’t think complaints about Reed are necessarily centered around him being a husband and father, but more that people mistakenly believe that he is bad at both, when such is very much not the case. His children all love, adore, and admire him, and Sue, Ben, and Johnny all feel the same way. They love him so much because they know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he loves them more than anything, even his own life. Which he’s proven repeatedly.

Having extensively read Fantastic Four comics, I cannot for the life of me understand how someone could think Reed doesn’t love his family with all his heart. Unless they’ve never read a Fantastic Four comic in their life, anyways. There have literally been entire plot points and story arcs that revolve around Reed’s love for his family, and don’t work if his love for them is not boundless. VILLAINS in-universe know Reed loves his family. Why is it that fans can’t see what even people who loathe Reed, in universe, can? (I’ve already talked about how I think it’s due to the fact that he’s been coded as autistic.)

Reed is such a GREAT dad and a WONDERFUL husband. He loves them all so much!

Reed as dad:

More picspam below the cut

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My highs with him are so high and the lows are terribly low. I wonder how he floats in the middle and how he never seems to be affected.

And when it gets bad, I check when he was last on Facebook because I don’t understand why he doesn’t respond to my last text, especially when it says “I think I’m upset”.

He was on early this morning, what does that mean? Where were you? And why am I not there?

Sometimes I feel so sick.

I want to shake him and say, look if you don’t want to put effort into this then let me go; there are many men who would love to have me (and would treat me the way I deserve).

I want to shake him and say, I don’t have to be here, but I choose to be here everyday. It’s not easy, but here I am, for you. Appreciate it, appreciate me.

What goes on in your head?

Why don’t you let me in?

Why do I feel like I mean nothing to you?

It’s been a year and a half and I don’t feel any closer.

to make up for the dead air a little bit, here’s an idea i had and couldn’t stop thinking about!!

the aspects as imagine dragons songs

space- Polaroid

I am a head case

I am the color of boom

That’s never arriving

time- summer

Only in summertime

Only in summertime

Things will change with time

Only in summertime

light- Amsterdam(?)

But the rain won’t fall for the both of us

The sun won’t shine on the both of us

Believe me when I say

That I wouldn’t have it any other way

void- Hopeless Opus

I’ve got this place

That I’ve filled with empty space

Oh, I’m trying not to face what I’ve done

breath- Thunder

Just a young gun with a quick fuse

I was uptight, wanna let loose

I was dreaming of bigger things

And wanna leave my own life behind

blood- Who We Are

It’s who we are.

Doesn’t matter if we’ve gone too far.

Doesn’t matter if it’s all okay.

Doesn’t matter if it’s not our day.

heart- Hear Me

Leave your shoes at the door, baby

I am all you adore lately

Come with me, and we will run away!

mind- Smoke and Mirrors

Open up my mind!

hope- The Fall

Maybe I’m thinking I should just keep

To the things that I’ve been told

Wait for the colors to turn to gold

rage- Friction

You’re stuck in the middle

Of all irrelevance

And your heart is beating

‘Cause you know that you gotta

Get out of the middle

And rise to the top now

life- I Bet My Life

Oh, I, I bet my life

I bet my life

I bet my life on you

doom- It Comes Back to You

All the things that I could be

I think I learned in therapy.

Am I just a shadow you drew?

everything was good, today was great, I was so happy today. but now things are miserable and I am so over living in a house where I feel so out of place, get yelled at constantly because I can “never do anything right” and live with someone who makes me so disgusted, frustrated and uncomfortable it’s insane. I hate this so much.

I feel bad if I’m ever mean to followers or anons that are figuring out themselves/their identity/whatever and word their question wrong maybe. I never am intentionally mean unless i get some hate which is fine. Basically if I come off as cold or rude it’s probably due to people attacking me a lot in the past, or possibly from my own personal baggage. I would never want to hurt some rando that is younger or aware of things in a different way that I am. We’re all living different struggles you know? 99.9 percent of the time someone insulting you is doing so because of their own insecurities, and I’m definitely guilty of that. So yea don’t let me intimidate you I’m nice

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Why are the majority of armys ive come across such assholes? Like I'm an army too but this fandom makes super depressed. Like I'm thinking about self-harming again and I haven't thought of that in awhile. I don't think we're toxic like others have said but I have honestly never ran into so many cold, fake tsundere people my entire life. I love and vote for bts but maybe I should just leave? I can't find anyone that returns my love. Everyone is super self interested and it makes me suicidal. Frl

i’m sorry to hear that you had to come across people like that ^^ you should try to stay away from those kind of toxic people who make you feel this bad :( self harming is serious thing, fandoms are just fandoms and being part of it is supposed to be enjoyable but if it affects you so much that it’s making you suicidal you should get away from it or if you really want to be part of it maybe try to find nicer people? there are a lot of them in this fandom i know that for sure ^^ 

I haven’t animated in so long??

  • me: *casually mentions trauma with no emotion at all because i've distanced myself somehow*
  • neurotypical friend/family: *big wide eyes full of concern*
  • me: ANYWAYS you hungry?
  • me on the inside: ShUT UP STOP oversharing
Why Tony Stark deserves better
  • When he realised his equipment was causing so much damage, he chose to change direction, even when everyone was telling him he was “crazy” from the kidnapping, but apparently he’s “selfish”
  • He said that he “shouldn’t be alive” and that’s why he wanted to change and do something different with his life
  • He had nightmares after NY (where Steve told him it was a one-way trip and he nearly died), suffered from PTSD, but of course no one cares about these minor details, and JARVIS died as well, but again, who cares?? It’s not like they knew how important Jarvis was
  • Steve actually stood there, saying “you’re keeping secrets from me, I can’t believe this”, and then he goes onto NOT tell Tony that Bucky killed his parents, which, because he’s not thick, he knows is something Tony is extremely sensitive about, but apparently this is all in the past and we shouldn’t focus on that
  • Tony says he’ll help Steve, and then finds out about his parents, and tries to kill Bucky, but apparently he should’ve ‘controlled himself’ and ‘over-reacted’, because you know, it’s just a video showing his parents getting murdered by the person he’s standing right next to, no biggie
  • Let’s talk about shithead Clint saying you should “watch your back” with Tony because “there’s a chance he’ll break it”, where he’s referring to Rhodey. Really? And Natasha’s whole double-agent thing. So Tony was the one being being too violent? Tell me more.
  • And it’s sad that Peter was sent home, because when Tony recruited him, he was probably like “oh we’ll just try and stop them with a friendly fight” but nah, because TeamCap doesn’t care and Steve wants to crush Peter with a truck, and paralyse Rhodey in the process
  • Because Steve, who awoke after 70 years, thinks he knows everything and knows that those 117 countries are the ones that are wrong, and this gives him the right to do whatever he wants, with no regards to any consequences, because apparently he can never be wrong
  • Because Steve, the righteous person he is, had the decency to send Tony a letter saying “I’m sorry, but not really because everyone likes ME now, so call us if you need us, I guess I’ll drop by, because see? I’m a giving person.”
  • Even that line - “I don’t want you roaming around by yourself” like Steve, kindly gtfo, you missed the “because I decided to breakup the Avengers because I’m better than everyone else and I know what’s best for everyone even though 117 countries may disagree”.
  • Steve didn’t deserve the shield. The “Howard made it for Steve, not Tony” excuse is bs, because YES, I’m sure if Howard was there and knew Steve’s friend was gonna murder him and nearly kill his son he’d say “well, I guess I made it for you, so sure, take it.” Uh huh. UH HUHHH
  • Tony was dropping Peter off, joking around with him, making video vlogs, because he didn’t want to tell him that his best friend nearly killed him - and he tried his best to keep him out of trouble, prepare him for anything (+ the training wheels protocol thing), even if it meant taking the suit, because he said that “if you die, it’s on me” but nah, he’s a bad role model and only cares about himself.
  • Aaand lastly, did Tony not try, and try, and try, to find a middle ground? He was there telling Steve to sign or do something, but nah, that thickhead was like “soz can’t do it, don’t even wanna consider it”, but sure, it was Tony who betrayed everyone, because he didn’t warn them about what would happen if they…you know…broke the damn law

I could go on, but you get the point.