never feel as bad as me


So….with chichi this is interesting because during buu saga you see that she is fine with goten training but now she like “nope. Studying is more important”…For me, maybe what happened with the whole majin buu fiasco left her with ok never mind I don’t want my goten to fight bad guys and be a training junkie like his father. Her changing her mind probably revolves her feeling scared if her son ever got hurt/killed in battle. And then probably when goku told her that goten died by Zemasu in an AU. Chichi is like “nope nope I take everything back I rather him study then having the chances of him dying in battle”

My momma is still an overprotective mother …. ;;__;; 💖 ((personally if I had all this crap happen in buu saga and with zemasu/DBS I will change my mind too if I were her))

Also, from what Bulma says, it seems like chichi let’s goku do what ever he wants (after all he is in an adult). And all chichi ask for is that goku provides for them. He already worked in the morning (his schedule now) so she is fine with him leaving to train.

My OTP is funny I swear….


I was tagged by @crossedbeams to share, during the countdown to the release of “WE,” what female friendship means to me.  (And I’m tagging @chileananderson as well because she asked to be tagged in these posts!)  I have what I always think of as “bubbles” of friends, groups of people I know in different contexts, and there’s not much overlap between them.  So I break it down thus:

My church friends.  (That’s me in the front, grey sweater.  You’ll spot a theme in these photos: I am always the smallest.)  They’re an amazing and supportive group of women, who are all well aware of my propensity for inappropriate humor and bad language, and love (and even encourage) it.  For the most part we met through our children, and because I started having kids young (I was 22 when my oldest was born), I’m younger than all of them by nearly ten years, but they’ve never made me feel that age difference.  Immediately to my right is my friend Paula, my running buddy, with whom I’ve run three half-marathons and other miscellaneous races involving ice cream at the finish.

That’s us after we finished our first half together.  The whole thing was her idea, and it was a life-changing experience for both of us.

I used to work for Barnes and Noble Booksellers, which is where I met Andrea and Paulette.

When I left and found a new job at the library down the road, I missed them, so I did the only obvious thing: I convinced them to come and work at the library with me.  We initially bonded over our love of Harry Potter, but before long, that spilled over into other fandoms, some of which we introduced each other to.  Paulette had never seen a single Star Wars movie until we got our hands on her, and now she knows more about them than I do.  I convinced them all to start watching Game of Thrones, and since the second season, we’ve met to watch at my house every Sunday.  Andrea makes me tell her what’s going to happen in each episode (since I’ve read the books); Paulette wants to be like Jon Snow and know nothing.  They make me feel like I never have to be embarrassed about the depth of my fandom obsessions, because they’re right there with me, even if it’s not the same fandom.  (I’ve tried to get them into TXF, Andrea’s watched the show, but it just didn’t grab her the way it did me.  But I did try.)

My sophomore year of high school, twenty years ago, was my first at boarding school.  During health class, our rather eccentric teacher was talking about the proper method for testicular self-examination, and decided to demonstrate by using her breast.  At the words, “Pretend my breast is a testicle,” I caught the eye of a girl sitting across the room from me, and we both dissolved into silent laughter.  Over the next year, Andie and I got to know each other more and more, and discovered that we had a ridiculous number of things in common.  We decided to be roommates during our junior year, and we were together so much that people confused out names- in spite of the fact that I was five feet tall and she was six-foot-two.

We roomed together our junior and senior years, and our classes were pretty much the only times we were apart (she was on the IB track and I was taking AP classes).  We took figure skating lessons, were on the ski team together, went on numerous hikes and got ourselves lost all over the mountain, and were inseparable.  We almost went to the same college, but as it stood, we spoke on the phone every week, and visited each other whenever we could.  We helped each other during our struggles with depression- and thankfully the low points for each of us never overlapped, so each of us could be there for the other when we most needed it.  Sometimes during a particularly bad night, my phone would ring, and it would be Andie, because from three states away she’d just “had a feeling” that something was wrong.

She moved to the same city as me after she finished college, because she was dating a guy that she’d met through me (he was my roommate when she came for a visit).  She was there with me in the hospital room when my oldest was born, and because she was between jobs when I went back to work, she was his nanny for the first year of his life.

We moved to Texas in 2008, and now I only get to see her when I go back north, which isn’t often.  But we still talk every day, we have movie nights on FaceTime, and when I got my first tattoo, she was the one who designed it for me (she’s an amazing artist), so now I have a little something of her with me everywhere I go, forever.

All these different women support me in different ways- professionally and personally- and I’d be lost without them.

how can you love

when you don’t even love yourself?

lets talk bout #hurtbae 

me personally i don’t understand how she dealt with a guy like that who clearly had no kind of respect for her. I honestly didn’t feel bad after she said she walked in on this nigga and he told her get out.. like what i would’ve fuck him uppppp. And sometimes some girls would fuck a dude up and still stay with them because they like “i checked him”. A man is never gonna change on your terms he’s gonna change whenever he wants to. When can you say enough is enough. Put your foot down, its too many dudes out here that would do right by you. 

SB: i hate when people say someone is “too pretty” to get hurt or disrespected. like please pack it up looks have nothing to do with it.

catswipe  asked:

I've been really sad about my body lately..I'm very skinny and small. Is it bad I like big (heavy) tall guys??

That’s not bad at all!!! Large guys are great because when they hug you you’re totally surrounded by warmth and love (i never want hugs to end they make me feel so safe and comfortable) Also they’re really nice to hold hands with.

As for your own body, what you look like personally doesn’t have any bearing on who you’re “allowed” to see as attractive. You look gr8 no matter what, your height/weight are perfect and i promise you that many other people think the same 💙

I never wanna see an asshole boy protagonist ever again, keep that arrogance and misogyny and disregard for others’ feelings away from me I don’t care how bad you had it when u were a kid. Give me soft hearted boys

So someone asked why Neutral Evil fit me

So I feel like talking about this now

This quote resonates with me

“Pirates are evil? The Marines are righteous? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values! Those who stand at the top determine what’s wrong and what’s right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!”

I don’t really have a strong moral code. It’s just a lot of gray. Good and bad don’t really mean that much. Everybody thinks they are doing the right thing, so all you can really do is play it your way. Sure I value “good” over “evil” and hate the bad guys, but in the end I’m just too greedy, spiteful, selfish, and vengeful to actively pursue good and and way too lax with and geared towards evil to be considered neutral

All I know is I think I’m right and my ethics in terms of those who are wrong are typically very close to no mercy

“A neutral evil villain does whatever she can get away with. She is out for herself, pure and simple. She sheds no tears for those she kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. She has no love of order and holds no illusions that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. On the other hand, she doesn’t have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has.”

Good and bad mean nothing until I’m involved.
It just so happens that I give a fuck about a lot of things. Not in a “this is the right thing to do” way, but more of a “don’t fuck with my shit” kind of way

And when it comes to fantasy and power trips I don’t see myself being one of the good guys, I just don’t. 

Like if you tell me I can be a Sith lord and chop up some Jedi I would be totally down for that

Burn sacred temples? Sounds fun

Bomb a city? Sure thing

Deep down I know I am wrathful and have very weak morals and ethical codes and that I could justify pretty much anything…

It’s just a basic dnd alignment, but if I had to be boiled down to one Neutral Evil would fit best

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I understand that the 'fuck off' attitude is very tempting sometimes, the only problem I see is that it works both ways - Gillian will of course do whatever she wants, but so will everyone else.

And that’s exactly why this was a minefield that needed someone else navigating through it, not her.

Because at the end of the day, while she’s determined to maintain control (and I can understand that, because it’s obviously how she feels most comfortable when the situation is stressful), pushing back in such a forceful way can have repercussions.

It seems to me that she’s willing to accept that.  Sometimes, surprisingly enough, some people are. That’s a risk you take.

But it’s three times more difficult to rebuild what you once lost than to keep it in the first place by giving up a tiny bit of control.  And dousing some embers before they become a blaze is never a bad thing to do.

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Can you make a parody of the Tv show Zoo called Circus that would be cool imagine the animatronics running around and the Technicians have to catch them before they hurt anyone

I never heard of that, I just google it up to see what it is, hope is animated—

oh.. ok

ok… i don’t like those really…


I would have to.. see it and see if it caught my attention… specially because I have the feeling that is bloody…

I don’t know if there is a way to see it here but… If i found something I will… try to? but don’t spect much from me… 

Specially because in this AU the animatronics aren’t bad? They don’t have a reason to kill or stuff yet

a love letter

i feel so bad about replying to messages 43898 days late bc tumblr won’t let me see them :( just know i appreciate all the supportive feedback i’ve been getting on my “change of path” with this blog! it makes me so happy seeing people who enjoy my new direction ^^ don’t doubt on messaging me if u do too!

and to the ones who were here for olicity/arrow exclusively, i’m sorry :( i’ve felt very disappointed with arrow since the end of season 4 and i am not keeping up with it anymore. i wish someday i can go back to liking it, but the show hasn’t been the same for me and i just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it anymore. but i totally get and respect people who still do ;) 

so, from now on, i have no idea what this blog is going to become. as you may have noticed i am really into kpop and kdramas now, and i also reblog about shows and movies and things i like in general!

i thought a lot about deleting cause i didn’t want to disappoint anyone, but i still have good friends from this fandom that i talk about mostly privately and on twitter, and i didn’t want to lose 2 years of great memories

SO if you don’t like what i blog about and you wish to unfollow but you still want to keep contact with me, i am on twitter as @ nuggetae ! if u tell me i will be sure to follow you back :)

and just know that you should never feel forced to watch show or be in a fandom u don’t enjoy anymore :) there are many out there for you! don’t be afraid to change paths!

love, nora :) xx

i miss everything and everyone i have ever met, i miss all they have given me, i miss all they have taken away from me, i miss all things that happened and made me feel like i want to wake up and wash my face i miss everything that is going to happen to me i miss everything that wouldn’t ever happen, i miss smells of people i was in love with or i wasn’t but still i could hide my face in their neckes and breathe the narcotic scents, i miss walking around naked and then having sex i miss telling you awful things and then feeling bad about this, i miss crossing the zebra without holding hands but you know i never look right or left 

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Why do you think he chose not to be affectionate with Bella in public

I don’t know. He claims to be so private with his personal life and then did a total 180, even his fanblogs (including ones who don’t/never liked Bella) don’t think it’s real. So, it’s not just me being a bitter Bella fan, he’s acting different. I don’t think his relationship with S is even real, I think he’s stunting to promote his “bad boy” image and new tour, and I think it’s awfully convenient that every time new candids of them come out, the next day or two, one of them (mostly him) releases a new music video or song (about some barely existing drama between him and Justin, btw). I have a whole long post about all my feelings involving this in my FAQs. 

Even with or without all that, it really shows he doesn’t care about Bella if 2-3 months after breaking up with her he’ll be way more affectionate and public with a girl we’ve never really seen him with than he did after two years with Bella, it’s disrespectful as all hell. The fact that almost all her friends and family cut him out after his stuff with S and he cut all of them out as well shows there’s something majorly wrong in the situation because they were all supportive post-breakup. 

Clearly he didn’t really care about her- doesn’t really care about her. I don’t think he cares about anything but himself, money, and fame; even then I think he puts the money and fame first and he doesn’t care who he hurts or how terrible he looks in the process.

i once had a teacher explain to me that we go to high school and learn shit we are never gonna use so that thr world knows we “have the capacity to learn” which is such bullshit like u could find that out in 1 year of school wtf like middle school thru highshool is 90% bullshit we will forget when the year is over like u only go there so theres something for u to do until u become an adult bc ur parents dont have the time to look after u so pls dont feel bad about dropping out of high school ik our society makes it up to be important but thats just a thing we made up youre not stupid for not finishing high school no one who graduated high school retained any of that fuckin info it doesnt matter if u know the damn pathagorean theorm or read a cask of amontillado none of that matters if youre not gonna be a damn mathmetician or edgar allen poe expert

knowing enough math to keep track of ur finances and knowing how to read is like all u need this factory system of school for I would say you need it to know history but even then just the fuckin basics bc we all know how whitewashed and awful the history they teach u in school is

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.