never fall in love with a gangster

“The Get Down has no plotline”

I haven’t even watched part 2 yet but we’re talking about a show with :

- a smart and sensitive afro latinx boy trying to navigate between his feelings and the tough act he has to put on, and having to choose between doing what he loves most (making music with his friends) and what would allow him to leave the Bronx for a better life (internships in big societies and college). He is also torn between his best friend who pushes him toward the first option, and his girlfriend who pushes him toward the latter.

- an afro latina on a journey to become a famous singer despite her abusive father and crumbling family, she learns that the business is not as it seems but she is determined to achieve her dreams.

- a black boy who’s being abused by his boss and who built this amazing, almost mythical alter ego to navigate through life. Music is what makes him want to live and he’s trying to become an incredible DJ. He’s trying to navigate between making music with his friends and becoming famous for it, and doing his boss’ dangerous and illegal work because he has no choice.

- a black boy discovering he’s bisexual and falling in love with another boy.

- the Bronx as a character in itself, with white politicians trying to “win” it to further their career while never giving a shit about the population, the only influential person trying to better the lives of the neighbourhood is a latino businessman/gangster.

- a former secret love affair between adults with a love triangle involving a woman and two brothers.

- explosive gang wars.

- and all of this happening while the main characters discover and revolutionize music and even create a whole freaking new genre.

BUT TELL ME AGAIN HOW THE GET DOWN HAS NO PLOTLINE ??? Just say you’re racist and go smh

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and talk to my past self who’s watching the One Shot MV for the very first time and be like

“They don’t all look the same, you idiot!”

“See the gangster boss with the weird hair? Yeah, you'll fall madly in love with him exactly three days from now.”

"No, this is NOT a typical example of kpop. This is BETTER.”

“You think it’s special that one of them dyed their hair blue? Oh boy.”

“The two members you keep mixing up are literally nothing alike and you will feel so stupid in a couple weeks, omg.”

“You will basically ship everyone with everyone. Yes, I’m serious.”

“Your life will never be the same, buddy.”

Aurora's Route Prediction
  • MC: I just...I think im falling in love with you.
  • Aurora: I don't really do relationships sweetheart. It's probably for the best we don't-
  • MC: *shows the tiniest tiniest sign of a frown*
Best of Brittana (in no particular order)

·        Clockwork by Gorshenin

Genre: Drama/Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 38. Status: Complete.

Description: AU. They said she was just a pretty face, a model fed lines to sell a product. But if you squinted, there was more to Santana Lopez than they gave her credit for, and reporter Brittany Pierce was going to get to the bottom of it. Brittana/Faberry 

·        White Shadows by Good Afternoon

Genre: Romance/Drama. Rating: M. Chapters: 26. Status: Complete.

Description: AU. 1862, the North has started the draft. Santana follows her father to war, intent on proving her worth as a doctor. Brittany enlists in place of her father, intent on keeping her family safe. In this broken land, they find a home in each other.

·        Influence by Sappho’s Ghost

Genre: Drama/Angst. Rating: M. Chapters: 26. Status: Complete.

Description: Brittany is perpetually cast as the dumb blonde, but the reasons behind her demeanor are more complex than that. She looks back on her childhood, her relationship with Santana, and the life-altering effects the decisions of her youth had on her future.

·        Music Box by EverShadow

Genre: Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 30. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU: Set in a fictional 18th century Europe. At age 10, Santana Lopez, born into the wealthy and influential Lopez family, comes to acquire a peasant girl by the name of Brittany. And despite class differences, Santana falls in love with her. 

·        Paperweight by heyho

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 18. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU. The problem isn’t that Santana wants to hire new employees. She’s overwhelmed at work, you can’t fault her for that. The problem is she wants a certain blonde employee in more ways than just professionally. Side Faberry and Kurtbastian.

·        You Gave Me the Word, I Finally Heard by LeighKelly

Genre: Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 34. Status: Complete.

Description: When Brittany Pierce was seven, a near drowning experience left her profoundly deaf. For twenty-two years, she’s lived in a quiet solitude, her mother’s response to her accident leaving her wary of building relationships. She’s content with her life, her career, her home with her service dog Otis, until she quite literally runs into Santana Lopez…and then everything changes.

·        If Only You Could See What I See by FrogsRcool

Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rating: M. Chapters: 27. Status: Complete.

Description: I wanted to follow her. So bad. She was the most interesting person I’d ever seen in my entire life and I didn’t even know why. Brittana 

·        A View From The Fire by FrogsRcool

Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rating: M. Chapters: 13. Status: Complete.

Description: (sequal to If Only You Could See What I See) I didn’t even remember exactly what she had said, but I knew it had been something about Santana. I just nodded. Nodding was okay, right? But now it was too quiet and I felt like she was reading me like an open book that had no pages. 

·        The Knife Thrower’s Daughter by themostrandomfandom

Genre: Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 18. Status: Complete.

Description: In the summer of 1898, Santana Lopez joined the J.P. Adams & Son Traveling Circus & Menagerie as it toured the states of the Upper American Midwest. She also fell in love with the knife thrower’s daughter.

·        Room 47 by Little-Normandy

Genre: Romance/Angst/Hurt/Comfort. Rating: M/NC-17. Chapters: 18. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU. Santana Lopez is engaged to her high school sweetheart Sam Evans. With her wedding 3 months away, Santana begins to get stressed, pressuring her relationship and is also stuck in a dead end job. Her friend Quinn advises her to seek counsel from sex therapist and relationship counselor Brittany Pierce.

·        I’ll Teach You To Dance by monochromeheartbeat

Genre: Romance/Drama. Rating: M. Chapters: 43. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: Three years after graduation, Santana Lopez and her roommates, Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, attend a dance class in NYC. Follows most of the events in Glee if Brittany had never gone to WMHS.

·        2859 by Halfrobotchicken

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 21. Status: Complete.

Description: Santana Lopez is a publicist in New York trying to rein in the biggest ego the city’s ever seen. Brittany Pierce is attempting to create the next big thing in Seattle. They’re 2859 miles apart, but one wrong number just might change everything.

·        Agendas Unspoken by K311yS

Genre: Drama/Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 22. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: She hasn’t let go of your hand yet and you don’t pull away. You do smile though, widely, because there’s just something about her that’s so pleasing to you. You don’t want to let go of her hand, you want to hold on and see where it leads you. “Nice to meet you, Santana Lopez,” you finally reply, and you honestly mean it.

·        I Need A Medic by Gorshenin

Genre: Drama/Friendship. Rating: T. Chapters: 21. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: AU. Army!Brittana. It’s wrong on so many levels. It’s fraternization, it’s unprofessional, it could cost you your rank, your career, and worse-hers; but you can’t stay away. You need her and it has nothing to do with the palpitations in your chest.

·        Falling In Luck by where’smynaya

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 21. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: Santana is a well known cake decorator that specializes in weddings. Brittany owns the flower shop across the street from her. Though the two have never met, you can blame that on Brittany’s tendency to overlook fleeting glances and Santana’s rising popularity, things change when a mutual friend of theirs gets engaged and requests their talents for her big day. BRITTANA

·        Love, and Other Drugs by sailormoon19

Genre: Romance/Drama. Rating: M. Chapters: 29. Status: Complete.

Description: Brittany moves into a new apartment in New York after highschool, no family, nowhere else to go, and no idea how much trouble her new housemate is about to cause. Badass!Santana. 

·        Procedure of the Heart by BrittanaWatson

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 47. Status: Complete.

Description: Given the opportunity to work alongside one of the greatest diagnostic teams in America, Brittany Pierce is immediately drawn towards a fellow associate . Doctor!Brittana. Complete.

·        Set the World on Fire by Cora709

Genre: Romance/Friendship. Rating: M. Chapters: 14. Status: Complete.

Description: For six months Santana has been living in New York City with Kurt and Rachel, but now Brittany has received her diploma and is finally coming to join them. Can new relationships accommodate old ones? And can the past ever really be recaptured?

·        Don’t Lie by adolt-affair

Genre: Romance/Angst. Rating: T. Chapters: 62. Status: Complete.

Description: As a child, Santana makes a promise never to lie to Brittany. Growing up, they two of them realize just how hard of a promise it is to keep. Heavy side of Faberry. History of Brittana and more evolved canon storylines.

·        Strange Fruit by Perfectly Censored

Genre: Drama/Romance. Rating: M. Chapters: 15. Status: Incomplete/In progress.

Description: 1941: She never wanted to be a gangster. Never wanted to live the life of broken fingers and frozen lockers. How many skulls has she smashed? How many eyes laid raptured has she seen? She never wanted to be a gangster. Then again, she never wanted to fall in love with Brittany either.

·        DJ Snowflake and Scrooge by Cactusgirl329

Genre: Romance/Humor. Rating: M. Chapters: 25. Status: Complete.

Description: A struggling radio station gets a chance to boost ratings and sponsors when one Bed and Breakfast located in the middle of nowhere asks them to run a special Christmas show in the dead of night. The countdown to Christmas commences. Brittana. AU. M.

·        Let’s Blame The Heat by 6Dylan9

Genre: Romance. Rating: M/NC-17. Chapters: 11. Status: Complete.

Description: Santana would like to blame the heat, but it’s much more than that; it’s all Brittany. Brittany/Santana.


Outfit #171 “Inglorious Bastards”

Breaking Bad S05x07 “Say My Name”

Our dove carried forward this outfit from the last episode. He was wearing it when Mike tried to off Walt, and babe begged for him to hear Walt out. Oh, the humanity.

J is in all black, which is a beautiful rarity for him. Also a rarity: a button-front top hiding under that leather jacket. The noir look must be to highlight how J is backing the wrong horse here. He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, so clearly Walt falls under that category, but dude should have let nature take it’s course a bit there. Anyway, his support of Walt leads us to this eye-roll moment wherein Walt makes a point to tell the gangsters he’s trying to woo that Jesse is one of the best meth cooks EVER, just like him. And, I just love Walt dialling up the sycophancy in this episode toward J. His manipulations have never been more overt, nor have Jesse’s reactions to them. Ever since the whole whistle-through-the-grief moment, he’s like, is this guy for real? 

And so, Jesse tries to follow in Mike’s footsteps with the “I’m out” business, and Walt steamrolls him like a Dad making you sit through family dinner before you can talk about that ski trip / prom date / whatever the fuck y’all had to talk through with your ‘rents. I was 100% spared this kind of parental fuck-shittery so it makes me cringe all the more. What, is he going to make J write out a little pro and con list so they can really talk that shit through? Ugh. I just want to shake Jesse and be like, DUDE, you are free. It’s just a mental prison. Fly away, little bird. 

For anon

Sweaty Lover

It wasn’t exactly all unicorns and rainbows when it came to dating your boyfriend. While most people had normal jobs like a cop or a doctor or a banker your boyfriend had to be a gangster. A cop prevents crime but Yongguk causes it, a doctor saves lives but Yongguk takes them, a banker makes sure there’s money in the bank but Yongguk makes sure there isn’t.

Yongguk wasn’t just any gangster though he was the leader of the notorious gang B.A.P.

Now people thought you were crazy for being in a relationship with a gangster. You couldn’t help it, you love what you love and in this case you loved Yongguk. Were you happy with his job? No! Did you tell him that? Yes! Countless times and every time he would say the same thing “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine”

You believed him till he came home with a gunshot one day. You almost had a heart attack seeing the man you love in so much pain. You cried the Niagara Falls but once he was a little better you yelled at him and have him a piece of your mind. You were so keen on not talking to him but sadly that plan never works.

You were currently on your way to what they call their HQ but to you it was just a big garage with a bunch of hot headed idiots. Besides being gangsters they also worked as mechanics, that was probably the only normal thing about them.

Upon your arrival you were greeted by the youngest of them all, Zelo. He considered you to be his older sister and well adored you. There was a time when he would follow you and Yongguk around on your dates because he thought Yongguk hogged you too much.

“Noona!!” Zelo yelled as he ran over to you and pulled you into a tight hug “it’s been so long!! I’ve missed you noona!!” You simply laughed as you hugged him back.

“I know I’ve missed you too” you said before Zelo pulled away and linked his arm with yours dragging you off inside “hyung look who’s here!” He yelled as the other four members looked up to see.

“Woah~ if it isn’t our beautiful sister-in-law!” Daehyun said.

“Long time no see” Himchan said.

There was a reason why they were all acting like this. They hadn’t seen you in almost a month and that includes Yongguk. He had told you to stay away from the gang for a while because of some new guys on the block that were causing a ruckus and he didn’t want to get you involved.

“Where’s Yonnguk?” You asked.

“Hmm it’s been almost a month since you two last saw each other so the only he can be is in the frustration room” Himchan said as you smiled and understood his reference.

The frustration room was this room that was at the back of the garage. It was a place Yongguk would go to kinda let out all his frustrations about all sorts of thing. There was a bed and a punching bag and a couple of other things. Besides you no one really got to enter this room, maybe Himchan on the occasion but otherwise no one.

You nodded and told the guys that you’d see them later before you walked off to find your crazy boyfriend.

You took a deep breath as you stood outside his door. You quietly opened it and the sight before you made your panties drop. He was wearing a pair of black jeans that rested on his hips, his briefs teasingly sticking out just above the hem of his jeans. His upper body was bare as sweat poured down his torso and well toned abs. His hair was wet with sweat, there were bandage wrapped around his hands to protect his knuckles from the impact of hitting the punching bag.

He continued to punch the bag while you slowly snuck into the room and shut the door. Locking it you stood there and watched him in all his perfection. He had yet to notice you which was weird because you were usually never able to sneak up on him. It had hardly even been five minutes since you saw him and you were already soaking wet. His bare skin that was drenched in sweat, his heavy panting and just him, he was driving you crazy.

“I heard you spend most of your time in here nowadays. What has you so frustrated?” You said as a smirk appeared on his face before he turned around to look at you.

“You” he said as he started to remove the bandages from his hands while he slowly approached you with a devious smile and lustful look.

“Should I feel honored?” You asked as you crossed your hands over your chest.

“You should because you’re the only person that can make me feel this way” Yongguk said, his arm wrapped itself around your waist as he pulled you flush against his body.

“Yongguk you’re all sweaty!” You said with a giggle as you tried to push him off you. He wrapped both his arms around your waist as he only pulled you closer.

“Then how about I make you sweaty too” Yongguk whispered in your ear before he bit down on your ear lobe.

A soft breathless moan left your lips as you felt Yongguk smirk against your skin. Your hands rested on his chest as he trailed wet kisses down your neck. He found your sweet spot easily as sucked and bit on it causing another moan, only this time louder, to escape from your lips.

His hands were now on your hips as he pushed you up against the door.

“You locked the door, oh~ baby girl you were planning on this weren’t you?!” Yongguk said but he gave you no time to answer as his lips silenced you.

He bit down on your lower lip as his tongue penetrated your mouth easily dominating you. His hands gave your ass a tight squeeze as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. Your hands automatically went around his neck before you tangled your fingers into his sweaty hair.

He continued to kiss you as he picked you up while you wrapped your legs around his waist. You were still against the door as his hands left your ass to knead your clothed breasts. You both moaned into the kiss as you felt his already rock hard member through his jeans.

He continued to kiss you till you literally couldn’t breath anymore. You tried to get him to detach his lips from yours but it was no use. Only when he thought that you’d pass out from the lack of oxygen did he pull away from the kiss. You took a deep breath as his lips were once again attacking your neck. He pulled his hands away from your breasts as he held you up and pulled you away from the door only to throw you onto the bed.

Your shirt was off within a matter of seconds, his lips trailed down from your neck to your bra covered chest. He took your hands and laced his fingers with yours as he kissed your covered breasts causing a strange sensation. His lips were then leaving kisses all over your stomach, he kissed your belly button before he licked the skin just below it and sucked on it creating a purplish red mark.

You felt restless under him as he continued to leave marks all over your stomach, waist and hips. When he finally felt satisfied with his work he pulled his hands away from yours to unclasp your bra, discarding it on the floor as he did with your shirt.

He unzipped your shorts and slid his hand inside your underwear to tease your throbbing and wet entrance. The smirk on his face said it all, he was pleased with how soaked you were.

“Baby girl you’re already soaked and I haven’t even started yet” Yongguk’s deep voice whispered in your ear as you cupped his face and brought his lips to yours. The kiss was hot and sloppy and his fingers teased you but he didn’t slip them inside of you.

He pulled away from the kiss and engulfed your left nipple and sucked it till it was hard and bruised. You knotted your hands into his hair as he continued to bit and suck on your nipple, his fingers continued to tease you without entering you, he was driving you crazy. Your other nipple relieved the same treatment and your body, from your neck to your chest to your waist, hips and stomach, were all covered in hickeys.

“You look so sexy right now baby” Yongguk said as he peppered your neck in kisses.

“Y-Y-Yongguk s-s-stop t-teasing” you managed to say as you heard him chuckle a little. He brought his face close to yours till it was literally less than an inch away. You could feel his hot breath on your lips and it making you so insane.

“Teasing? Am I teasing you baby girl?” Yongguk said as his hand as still down your pants refusing to pleasure you “do you know how many times I’ve had to retrain myself from just barging into your apartment and fucking you senseless?!” You felt him push one finger into you as you arched your back “the way you smell” he nuzzled his face into your neck and took in your scent “the way you taste” he licked your collar bones before biting you “the way you feel” another finger was pushed into your core “oh baby you’re finally here for me to taste and touch as I feel and you’re telling me that I’m teasing you?!” You bit down on your lower lip as a third finger entered you “I’m gonna drive you to the brink of insanity, I’ll make you feel how I felt this past month without you” he started to thrust his fingers in and out of you.

Your whole body was trembling as you felt a familiar knot in your stomach. However Yongguk pulled his fingers out from you just before your orgasm. You were about to yell at him but the sight of him licking your juices off is fingers made your mind go blank.

In one swift go he pulled down your shorts along with your underwear leaving a long trail of wetness down your thighs. He spread your legs and gave you a smirk before he licked the wet trail that was on your thighs. He sucked on your inner thigh creating another hickey.

His mouth was dangerously close to your heated entrance but he payed no attention to it. You could tell that he was just harassing you right now and that made you go berserk.

Goosebumps erupted all over your body as he blew on your entrance making you let out an airy whimper like moan.

“I’ve been craving you for so long” Yongguk said said his hot breath hit your womanhood sending shivers down your spine. He kissed your wet entrance before his tongue plunged into you.

You fists the sheets as he vigorously sucked on your clit. He held your hips down with his hands as you were sure that they were gonna leave bruises. A thousand profanities spilled from your pretty lips as his tongue continued to fuck you.

Your stomach knotted up once again as you were so close to your orgasm but just like before he pulled away from you just before your orgasm could hit.

“Fuck you Bang Yongguk” you said breathlessly as he just chuckled.

“Isn’t that the plan?” He said with that shitty smirk of his.

You almost yelled in frustration if it wasn’t for Yongguk lips that sealed yours. You could still taste yourself on his tongue as you moaned into the kiss. He pulled away from the kiss as he stood up and quickly undid his belt.

He pushed his pants down as his erection was evident through the thin material of his briefs. His briefs soon joined his jeans on the floor as his erect member stood proud and tall. He looked as hard as rock, it must have been painfully uncomfortable in those jeans of his.

You saw him rip open a packet with his teeth as he slid the condom onto his painfully hard erection. He climbed back on top of you and rubbed his member against your entrance.

He was still fucking teasing you!

“I swear Yongguk if you don’t fuck me now I’ll get someone else to do it!!” And that’s all it took for him to slam himself into you. Your dug your nails into his shoulders as you screamed at the sudden pain.

“You belong to me baby girl, no other man can see you, touch you or feel you like I do. Every inch of you, from the strands of hair on your head to the nails on your toes is all mine!” Yongguk said, his deep voice sending chills down your spine.

“Y-Y-Yongguk~ p-p-please m-move” you said in a soft breathless voice.

“Who do you belong to baby girl?” Yongguk asked as his hands ran down your sides.

“Y-y-you” you said.

“I can’t hear you baby girl” Yongguk said and you swear you could kill him right now.

“YOU!! I BELONG TO YOU!! BANG YONGGUK!!” You yelled “now just fuck me already!!” You heard him snicker as you just closed your eyes and took a deep breath.

“Anything for you baby” Yongguk said against your ear before he pulled himself out only to thrust back in.

You felt like the bed was gonna just break at the speed at which he was going but honestly you couldn’t care less. You clawed his back as his every thrust drove you insane. You were moaning, whimpering, mewling, screaming and a thousand things more as it felt so good to finally have him inside of you.

You pulled his face to yours as you lazily kissed him. His lips lingered against yours as he found your sweet spot and kept hitting it. The sweat was pouring down both your bodies but you loved every minute of it. His thrusts grew faster as profanity upon profanity was all you seemed to manage to say.

For the third time now you felt your stomach knot up and you swore that if he pulled himself out of you just before you could climax you were gonna kill him. He continued to thrust into you though until you finally orgasmed, your whole body felt like putty, it felt limp.

Yongguk continued his movements before he finally climaxed and released into the condom. He rode out your orgasms before he finally collapsed on top of you. His body was slightly heavy but you loved feeling him so close to you.

After a couple of minutes Yongguk sat up and gave you a kiss on the cheeks before pulling himself out of you and getting up to discard the used condom. He climbed back into bed and pulled the blanket over both your naked bodies.

Yongguk must have really missed you because whenever he did he would lay your arms and nuzzle his face into your neck and he’d make you play with his hair. No one would ever think that this man was the leader of a notorious gang.

“I missed you so much!” Yongguk said as he wrapped his arms and legs around you pulling as close as possible towards him.

“I missed you too” you said as you ran your fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead.

There was a comfortable silence between the two of you as Yongguk continued to just lay in your arms. He would occasionally kiss your neck making you smile. You moved down a little so that you were facing him face to face. He gave you that gummy smile of his before he kissed you. It was a slow, lazy and sweet kiss that sent butterflies to your stomach.

Your quiet moment as interrupted when you heard someone banging on the door.

“Hyung! Stop hogging noona!! We wanna spend time with her too!!” Zelo yelled outside the room as you just laughed and buried your face into Yongguk’s tattooed chest.

“She’s my girlfriend I can hog her as much as I want!!” Yongguk yelled back as he pulled you into his arms.

“Yah!! I didn’t send you here for that!” You could hear Himchan yell at Zelo making you giggle at their crazy antics “yah Guk-ah those guys from EXO are here to see you” EXO, another dangerous gang that was thankfully on good terms with B.A.P.

“Ugh!” Yongguk said as he threw his head back in frustration “tell them I’ll be there in a minute” he looked at you as you gave him a confused look. His lips crashed into yours, his left hand was tangled up in your hair and right hand was on your lower back. His tongue found it’s way into your wet carvers as he pulled you against him to feel how hard he already was again. He pulled away and looked at you, your cheeks were flushed, your lips were swollen, your hair was messy and you still managed to look so good “damn you’re so sexy!! I don’t want leave you!!” Yongguk whined as you just smiled and pecked his lips.

“The faster you go the faster you’ll be able to come back” you said as you drew circles on his shoulder.

“As much as I would love to leave you naked here for me to come back and have my way with you, I feel that that damn maknae will barge in and see something that’s meant for my eyes only” Yongguk said as you laughed “so get dressed, go home, relax a little because baby girl we’re gonna go all night all” he gave you one more kiss before he stood up and started getting dressed.

You stood up and did the same, you were about to put on your shirt when an idea popped into your head. You grabbed one of Yongguk’s oversized shirts that he usually kept in the room and slipped it on. He turned to look at you as he bit his lower lip and let out a moan. The shirt was so big on you that it covered your shorts and looked like you weren’t wearing anything underneath.

He walked, more like charged, towards you and pulled you into another breathtaking kiss.

“Why are you so damn sexy?!” Yongguk said as you just smiled.

“Go before Himchan comes back and breaks the door down” you said as you pecked his lips once more “here hold onto this for me” you shoved your bra into his jacket pocket and winked at him “it’s a reminder to let you know what’s waiting for you at home” he almost pushed you back onto the bed if it wasn’t for Zelo’s constant banging on the door.

“Damn why didn’t I just get a normal job like a cop or a doctor or a banker” Yongguk groaned in frustration as you laughed.

“Because you’re Bang Yongguk” you said as he just nodded and took your hand, he laced his fingers with yours and guided you out.

He let Zelo pull you away but not before smacking your ass. He checked his pocket to see what you had shoved in and a smirk grew on his face as he realized that it was your bra. You turned around to look at him as he smirked and bit his lip. He gave you that “can’t wait to get home look” and honestly neither could you.

Your boyfriend may be a gangster, but you know what? You loved every bit of it.

Once again >> Jungkook, You

She was different from most of the people.

Y/N didn’t see the world with her own eyes, but with her own heart and viewed it through her photos.

Everything around her was like an artful photo, with color and motion in them, too important not to capture with her Nikon camera.

She once regretted not capturing something that made her heart flutter, her stomach knock. She wished she would see that…

Pushing the thought aside, Y/N smiled to herself, reaching for her cup of coffee that was beside her laptop that she was working on.

It’s not like I will meet him again. She thought letting the coffee bean aroma awake her nervous system and her mind.

Two strangers who met up in unusual occasions, in a foreign country and then going their way quietly again. That’s how life is

The cafe, Y/N was having her coffee in, was quiet with some relaxing music that let her work on her editing peacefully. Her favorite spot was always next to the window, where she could view the world through.

She looked at her laptop and smiled. Another couple of photos and she would be done.

Some more sips from her coffee and she would have to go back to her office to continue her work there. Y/N liked to work in the cafe more.

As she sipped her last amount of coffee, Y/N collected her stuff in her bag, getting ready to go.

Her heart skipped a beat and she thought that she stopped breathing for a second, when she felt someone looking at her outside the cafe.

In the crowd, between hundreds of people, thousands of people, those doe eyes, this nose, that jaw line, those lips, that face she could recognize him out of billion of people.

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Jacob Kowalski

A No-Maj (Muggle) that came back from war. Wanted to have his own bakery. Kept his Grandma’s recipes to share the love and warmth he received from his grandma. Surprised Newt by being interested in his creatures. Surprised Newt by being his friend. Helped Newt find his creatures. Accidentally made an Erumpent fall in love with him (but survived through that) Through his own no-maj charm, somehow made Queenie fall in love with him. Didn’t wanna betray Tina and Queenie when Newt and he were about to leave and find his creatures (”They made us coco!”). Punched a goblin gangster in the face after he called the Aurors on Newt and his friends. Did his no-maj thing and kicked a door down when Queenie couldn’t unlock it. Never called the cops on Newt ONCE. Open minded about the Wizarding world, even asking about their culture (”Is there a wizarding school?”). Despite not wanting to forget everything magical and Queenie, understood the rules and was willing to forget his memories so he could keep his friends safe. HAS A SLIGHT CHANCE HE REMEMBERS QUEENIE IN THE LAST SCENE. IS SWEET AND KIND AND TRIES HIS BEST FOR PEOPLE HE MET FOR ONLY A DAY.


Gangster! Seokjin

• used thick silver chains to fights

• wears a lot ripped black jeans

• has a small tattoo on this hip that says preposterous man

•never cracks a smiles around his gang members

• loves getting things done in one night

•is a huger planner

• like if you fuck up his plans he will fuck you yo

•would swing the chain around his enemies neck, forcing the air out of there throat until it cuts into they’re skin and the tugs it back with their skin tangled in them, watching them fall to their knees before kicking his foot into their face while saying “ you won’t ever see the light of day again my dear friend”

• he loves watching his gang members grow

• like he got the gang matching shirts

• the gangs thinks as you as a mother and Jin is the father

• he loves when you bring him and the gang members lunch

• like he would actually start laughing and smiling when you’re around and scares the gang so much

• I feel like Seokjin would be a pretty showy off type of guy towards your ex jeongguk

• like he would grab your face and just kiss the fuck out of you while sticking the middle finger at jeongguk

•loves taking might night scroll with you around the park

• You staring at him while he smiles full heartedly

• you poking his lower lip a lot because of the plumpness

•him annoying you at the club with his horrible dance moves

• you saying that you don’t know him and running out of club

•him finding you hunched over, breathless while a toothy smile crawl to his lips as he runs bewhile you and wraps his arms around you, picking you up before spinging you two around making you squeal and giggle loudly

•you two going on out when it rains

•especially when it’s night

• you two would would stop in the middle of the walk and he would play your guy’s favourite song and just slow dance to it in the middle empty street and just look deeply into each eyes before locking lips ( I wanna cry)

• he hates when you clean his chains because he doesn’t want you touching such filthy blood and skin

• cooks for you even tho you ate already

• you still eat even tho you’re not hungry because he’s food is fucking good

•you needing him to sing you to sleep

• reading old poems to him because he loves hearing you say big words

• laughs at when you cook because you burn the food half the time

• still eats because he’s so in love with you like ew

• when he told he realized her loved you it was something ???

• he couldn’t sleep that night because of the heavy rain so he sat by the window were you were fast a sleep, letting the rain beats against the window as it bounces around his head like a song. He he cupped your right cheek as brush he brushed his thumb against your lower lip slowly making you twitch your nose which caused his lips to break out into a little smile making me without realizing whispering I love you

• always tripping you so he could catch you in his arms

• goes grocery shopping with you

•puts back the things that you don’t need

• buys a lot of snacks

• carries all the bag

• is always holding your hand

• like if he isn’t holding your hand then he’s mostly likely to be cooking

• loves getting you shoulder riding ( shoulders wow I’m crying)

•he loves watching mess up your Korean when he’s done kissing you

• know those kinda kisses

•where he presses his lips onto yours, smacking your back against the wall while his hands rest on your hips keeping you secure in between his well built arms, getting so lost in the kiss that it drains out your thoughts and makes your lungs scream for air causing you to feel dizzy before pulling away and having your lips automatically twitch into a smile

• he would ask what 2+2

• and you would say His name without thought

• he would smile so hard

•He would give you back massages when you seem tense

•sex with him

• he would be dominant af

• a lot fingering, orgasms, shoulder biting, marks, soft but fast thrusts, panting, grunts, name calling

• would call you baby tree because you’re like his fresh air and he wouldn’t be able to breath without

• frosting to his cake with you his life would be tasteless so put don’t go running off to a cup cake

Nette~ I thought I wasn’t gonna post today, it took so long and I feel my life being drain away every second

percyyoulittleshit  asked:

Percy + Annabeth + a fair

Annabeth likes holding hands best in the fall, mostly because their palms don’t sweat as their feet crunch through the orange and yellow leaves that litter the dewy grass. When their hands are clasped together like this, fingers effortlessly entwined, they protect each other against the cool air that is nipping playfully at them. It’s not cool enough to be considered freezing, but it’s certainly cold, and Annabeth adjust her scarf with her right hand as she keeps Percy’s clasped in her left.

The fair is busy, but it is every year that they go. As they walk through the area packed with picnic tables, approaching the food section, Annabeth’s eyes begin to skitter around the area, noticing the many families that are seated at picnic tables. God, there are people their age with kids that are walking and talking. It’s insane. Annabeth shivers as she considers what it would be like to have a kid at this point in her life.

It feels like things are just getting good now. It feels like there’s so much good ahead.

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anonymous asked:

I LOVE CHRISTMAS FIC! For the meme: person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????”) and pairing: ziall? Or narry. I don't mind, either way. Thank you!

2k, canon ziall (angst warning)

Niall knows he’s there the moment he walks in the door. Selena pulls him aside to let him know, her slick lip gloss coming off on his ear a bit when she pulls his head down and whispers that Zayn’s here.

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