never fade

“I know your demons the way I know your eyes
You know my devils the way you know my voice

I know how to comfort the ghosts that still linger
You know how to silence the screaming that never fades

We don’t save each other
It’s not that kind of love story

But what we do is heal each other
we mend our broken edges with the other’s missing pieces

Today thoughts: Chrysanthemums withering in an expensive vase, the crack in somebody’s voice just before they start crying, finding a dead bird in your yard, smell after you blow out a candle, watching never fading lights of big city, cats with one eyes, imagining a boy’s cold fingers up your skirt, that song playing in a cafe you wish you knew its name, old habits that you always go back to

skylordxena  asked:

Indus (Chara)

All they could hear was Asriel’s soft breathing as they stared up at the darkness that engulfed their ceiling. They couldn’t sleep.

Their friend had agreed to this plan easier than they expected… Always so willing to make them happy. Their happiness, though, was not what was important.

All they had to do was die, then all the monsters could be free again. They could be free, and Chara… Chara could get their revenge on those who hurt them. If… it went according to what they had heard about the absorption process, that is. They had read so many books, spoken to all of the survivors of the war… it all pointed to the soul’s personality never quite fading.

But… what if they were wrong? What if they weren’t aware once the deed was done? Could they trust Asriel to do it on his own? … They had to. There was no other way. They just had to trust him.

They were going to have to die eventually. After everything they’ve been through, they’d rather do it on their own terms. The hope of the underground… what garbage. They were more useful dead.

Chara was certain Asgore and Toriel knew that.

The young human sighed, rolling onto their side. They could just make out the lump that was Asriel across the room. The two of them will fix everything. On their own.


“… Hey… Chara?”

They blinked as the dark lump before them shifted and sat up.

“Are… you awake?”

“Yeah…” They answered.

“… I can’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”

“… Can… Can I sleep with you tonight?”

Chara was silent for a moment, staring at Asriel’s dark form across the room. “… Heh. Sure.” They could almost see him grin back at them as he got up. “You’re such a baby~” And the grin was gone.

“H-hey! I’m not a-” Asriel huffed as he came over, shoving the human’s side. “Oh just move over!”

Chara couldn’t help but cackle as they made room for their fuzzy friend. It was a bit snug, but it was comfortable enough. With a sigh, they settled down to sleep once more.

“Good night.” The goat prince whispered.

“Night.” They responded, closing their eyes.

Their smile slowly drooped as the silence once again grew heavy. This was the last time they would ever share a bed… Or play in the echo flowers… or build snowmonsters… Or sneak in and watch the scientists while they were working…

They’d miss that… But this was for the best.

They never deserved such a nice place anyway.


{❧} —- “B-But… What…”

Wedge was stuck in a corner now, and there would be no way he could just run around her. He was trapped and would be easy to feed on there and then.

{❧} —- “W-What do you mean?”

He was scared of vampires, but he knew he couldn’t run now. Not while he was trapped like this.

“Your blood…”

Kheda moved to kneel in front of him, moving closer and eventually reaching out to gently pat his head. Never once did she take her gaze off him, and her smile never faded, either.

“Don’t be afraid… That only makes it worse, you know…”

She then placed her hand on his chin, trying to get him to look at her. He needed to relax, if he wanted to avoid any more pain than absolutely needed.


Me and My Favorite Characters:
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  • favorite male characters: omg precious baby let me hold you and protect you and love you