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Playing Games

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Playing Games by evansrogerskitten

Sam x Reader 

Warnings: Smut, Explicit, Oral Sex, Fingering, Using a xbox controller as a vibrator, Fluff! 

WC: 2104  Also on AO3

Request from @dadd11e for a kink “ya know how an xbox or playstation controller vibrates?  Well, yeah that. Like Sam playing video games and next leads to next?” This is the first time I’ve written Sam x Reader, so it was great to start with this fun request! Hope you like it! 

It’d been storming in Lebanon for four days straight. The entrance to the bunker was flooded by a large puddle and a giant branch had fallen across the garage exit. Thankfully the power never went out, so while we were trapped inside for the time being, we had light, heat, and food in the fridge.

After 36 hours Dean was going stir crazy, wandering around the garage and library. He was impatient and whiny, frustrated that we had no case and the weather was keeping us inside. Finally he gave up. He made Sam bundle up and go out to the garage, and the two of them lifted the branch out of the driveway.

I held my fleece blanket tight around my body as they came back in, their clothes dripping wet. Dean was scowling but Sam laughed and shook droplets all over me like a giant puppy. We said goodbye to Dean, acknowledging he probably wouldn’t be back until the next day, probably going off to shack up with a girl in town.

Sam and I worked in the library for a few hours, staying busy as we catalogued books we’d recently found in a witch’s den. It was comfortable silence and in the foyer we could hear the rain pounding on  the concrete shell of the bunker. Sam made a dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese- a perfect meal for a cozy day- and we settled in our bedroom after.

I curled up in one of Sam’s plaids and rested against the pillow lined headboard. I was deep in my novel, following the sagas in the first Game of Thrones book. Sounds from the Xbox echoed in the background as Sam fought vampires on screen, his lip tucked under his teeth as he concentrated. Every so often I’d look up with a smirk as he groaned after losing a level, his beautiful hazel eyes focused on the game.

Sam wasn’t a “gamer” per say. In fact I teased that he was too old to be that cool. But it was somewhere he could escape to, even if he was still killing vampires. The fun was that these vamps couldn’t kill him.

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BIG BANG, BTS and iKON REACT: To you having a nightmare (trigger warning)

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
hello can I get a Hanbin (ikon), jinhwan (ikon), seungri (bigbang), gdragon & jimin (bts) reaction when their gf wakes up in the middle of the night because she had a nightmare? It just happened to me right now and I was so scared ):

Awww, I’m so sorry nightmares give an awful after-feeling. I hope this comforts you if even a little bit :)

G-Dragon: You lay still, face turned towards the ceiling. Everything was fine. Your expression calm. Your right hand was enclosed in Jiyong’s left, his right hand holding his cellphone, the light illuminating his face in the dim room. The room was calm, the only movement was the rise and fall of your chest and the soft waves of the curtains as the moonlight filtered through the sheer material. Your eyes were shut, still with occasional shifting. Just as everything outside your mind was calm, everything inside was calm. Calm.

You were strolling down a grassy path, sunlight filtering through the rows of trees surrounding you, a gentle breeze blowing past. As you walked along further, the light began to fade. Your warm surroundings began to darken and the cold crept quickly up as the wind grew stronger. The ground began to spin as you raced through the forest. You couldn’t understand what was going on but you knew something was coming for you. You screamed out as cold, bony hands grabbed your shoulders and you awoke with a jolt.

Your shaky breaths and the dark room made the uneasy feeling grow and you sat up quickly.

“Y/N?” Jiyong’s voice broke the trance and you realised you had been squeezing his hand so tightly that his hand began to redden. “A bad dream?” his soft tone made you relax and you nodded. Jiyong closed his phone and placed it on the nightstand before pulling you in a tight embrace. Although your heartbeat was still racing you felt safe in his arms. A few moments later you could hear a soft hum, and you smiled as his gentle notes lulled you back into slumber. The uneasiness ebbing away.

Seungri: The home was quiet. The room was quiet. The only noise was coming from the office in which Seungri sat, typing away on the computer. Spread on the desk were files filled with business paperwork. The office was adjacent to the room you two shared, and the warm light slipped past the doors and bathed your open door. Seungri stood up and walked into the door frame, blocking the light from the hallway. Just a slither escaped from behind his form and lit your face.

You were sound asleep, resting your head on you arm, face tucked into the little nook your elbow made. The duvet rose and fell with each breath. Smiling, Seungri stepped out of the doorway and returned to his work. Just a few more signatures before he could join you. It was past eleven and he had to wake up early to join the other members in the studio to record. You had made him some tea to help him relax before going to bed. He took a sip and scanned over the document in his hand.

You were in a deep slumber. Both in reality and in your dreams. Almost at once a suffocating sensation overcame you. Something was holding you firmly in its grasp and you struggled. You flailed. The duvet flew off of you and you screamed out.

Your scream made Seungri jump, the tea spilling on his hand and onto the ground and a few papers. He ran out of the office and into the bedroom, finding you sitting, shaking, gasping for air. “Y/N! What’s wrong, what happened?” Seungri rushed to your side, kneeling by the bedside, panicked.

“I don’t know…I couldn’t breathe, and it wouldn’t let me go…I thought I was going to die.” you felt his warm hands hold onto your shaking ones. You tried to breathe evenly. One of his hands felt far warmer than the other and you looked down to see his reddened skin. “Why is your hand red?”

“What?” he looked down at the hand that the tea had spilled on. He had been so worried the pain of the hot beverage hadn’t really registered. “The tea must have spilled on my hand.” he sighed, wincing slightly as you brushed the tender skin.

“Did you not notice?” you found your smile, and he returned it. “You better put that under some luke-warm water.” You placed your hands on his shoulder as he stood up, and pushed him towards the bathroom. Now that he had finally realised the injury he was not going to let it go so easily. His childish squirming and whining at the pain made you laugh, and the uneasy feeling the nightmare had enveloped you in had faded away.

Jimin: You felt soft lips pressing against your cheek and a face nuzzling the crook of your neck. The skin to skin contact made your chest feel fuzzy and your stomach full of that warm, tingling sensation. Jimin was home. You weren’t in a deep slumber. You could never fully fall asleep before Jimin was beside you. His presence allowed you to let your mind escape into the dream world.

However, lately you had been having strange dreams. Not entirely frightening, but they always left you with a bad feeling when you awoke. You were nervous to find out what it would be this time, as you slipped into your subconscious.

You were in your home. Jimin was saying something. But you couldn’t hear him. You couldn’t speak when you tried. Panicking you tried reaching out for his hand, only to find the closer you tried to get the further he moved away. He looked angry. He looked sad. You couldn’t tell what was happening. He was just moving further and further away. The shadows in the corners of your eyes began to grow, enveloping you.

You gasped awake. Jimin sitting upright, looking over you with an anxious expression. His eyes scanned your face, “What’s been going on? You haven’t been sleeping like you used to.” His hands brushed away the strands of hair sticking to your face, his voice was soft and soothing.

“I don’t know…I’ve just been having these weird dreams. This one was the worst.” you took the glass of water he passed towards you, sipping at the cool liquid, calming your nerves. “I couldn’t hear you, or speak, or touch you. You looked upset with me, it made me so distraught…” You explained the details of your dream, and the ones before. Jimin listened silently, holding your hands in his and keeping them close to his face, lips gently grazing your fingertips.

“There’s nothing to worry about Y/N, just forget everything.” he pulled you into a soft embrace, rubbing your back.

Hanbin: Your subconscious was in control as your dreamed. You were in a field; open, with tall grasses, sparse trees, and a dark, clouded sky above. You didn’t know why you were running, but you just knew that if you stopped something terrible would happen.

“Y/N?” Who was that? That voice!

“Hanbin! Hanbin!” you called out, arms blindly tearing through the tall grass, trying to find him. “Hanbin-ah!” you were panicked, lost and afraid. Why couldn’t you find him? Where was he? You turned around as a hand grabbed hold of your arm and Hanbin stood behind you. “Where were you?” you clung to him, shaking. But he didn’t respond. When you looked up you found that it wasn’t Hanbin that you were holding onto anymore. It was a masked figure, with cold eyes that glinted in the dim light and a sinister grin slashed across his mouth. You screamed.

“Y/N-ah!” your eyes flew open and you found yourself trying to pull away from Hanbin’s embrace. You were trembling with fear, and you tried not to look at his face. “What’s wrong? Look at me.” you felt his firm hands cup your face and pull your gaze to meet his. It was Hanbin. It was really him. It was just a nightmare. You let out a long sigh as relief flooded you.

“I thought you were someone from my nightmare. He had your voice and your face, but then suddenly he changed. He was so scary, I thought I was going to die.” you explained, wiping the sweat that had formed at your temples.

“You grabbed onto my shirt so tightly I thought I was going to suffocate.” he sighed, pinching your nose before plopping his head back down on the pillow.

“Yah! I was really scared!” you smacked his arm, he extended it and pulled you down beside him, burying your head into his chest.

“Shhh, you’re too noisy.” he murmured sleepily.

Jinhwan: Your eyes flew open and beads of sweat poured down your forehead. It was that same dream again. You were trapped in maze-like building. Running to find the exit out but never coming across it. It harvested such anxiety from you that it was hard to fall asleep and for the past few days you could barely manage more than a few hours of rest. Your eyes traveled to the clock on the wall, it was twenty past eleven. Jinhwan lay facing the ceiling, his head turned towards you, still sound asleep. You slipped out of the blanket from your side and wobbled over to his side of the bed and slowly raised the cover before sliding in. You wrapped your arms around his arm, burying your face into his shoulder. A few moments later you felt him move, turning on his side and taking your arms away from his waist and up onto his shoulders.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he murmured sleepily into your hair. You pressed your cheek against his now exposed chest, his arms wrapped around you tightly. “You’ve been waking up like this a lot lately. Do you get any sleep?” albeit sleepy, his tone was worried, he rested his chin atop your head.

“I’ve been having the same dream over and over again,” you admitted after a silent pause, “I can’t ever seem to escape.” The truth was, you knew what was bothering you. It was your hectic schedule, the lack of food and rest, and the stress and anxiety that came with your work. You felt trapped in your life, and your nightmare reflected that. But you didn’t want to worry and stress Jinhwan anymore than he already was. It wasn’t fair. But you also wanted to talk to him. You wanted to tell him everything that was bothering you, and you wanted him to kiss you and tell you it would all be okay and that he was here for you.

And bless the angel you were so incredibly lucky to have because that is exactly what he did, minus you having to burden him. “Y/N, I’m here for you. It’ll all be okay.” he kissed the top of your head, melting away the tenseness.

Reaction | BAEKHYUN

Pairing: Baekhyun (EXO) x Reader

Word Count: 600

Summary: Letting something go when you truly love it isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

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The Contest

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, misha Collins, other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Gen are divorced.  NO HATE please !

Nikki and I have been best friends since the second grade. She has seen me through breakups, crappy jobs, losing my Dad, and 4 grueling years of nursing school. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her.  I had just finished 3 twelve hour shifts in a row and I had four days off. I couldn’t wait to put on my comfy PJ’s and watch Netflix until my brain exploded.

My cell rang and I smiled when I saw who it was.  “Hey Nik! Perfect timing as always! What’s new?” I asked.

“Hey Y/N, remember when you took your nursing boards and I had to drive you because you were convinced you were gonna puke from nerves?” Nikki said in one long breath.

I was immediately suspicious.  She wanted something.  “Yeah.” I said slowly.

“Well I need you to do the same for me on Saturday.” She blurted out.

“Your taking nursing boards on Saturday?” I was really confused.

“No silly.  Supernatural is having a contest to celebrate its 15th season on the air.  They are having open casting calls in cities around the country for a new character.  They want to cast an unknown.  And the rumor is its Jared’s love interest!!” She was practically screeching with excitement.

I sighed.  This again.  Nikki had tried everything to get me to watch this show. I had watched maybe 10 minutes of the pilot before I completely lost interest.  She was obsessed.  She talked about these guys non stop.

“Is that the pretty boy or the freakishly tall one?” I asked, completely not listening or caring either way.

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Monsta X part 10 (epilogue)

       characters: you x minhyuk with mentions of other members.

       authors note: this was a dream i had and it was originally going to be a one shot but i got carried away. i kinda based the aesthetic on their music video All In. that’s the look i’m picturing in my brain anyways.

      summary: you and Minhyuk were all each other had when your family had been killed in a war. you and him had to survive, while trying to keep your old family home from literally falling apart. not to mention, how much longer could you suppress your feeling for him?

      word count: 1800-ish

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7  part 8  part 9

Arriving at the gate of a new town, you were surprised to see no guards standing out front. People came and went as they pleased, and everyone seemed much more relaxed than the town you had just left. 

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TalesFromRetail: I forgot why I came into the store

This was roughly during my 4th month working for a big department store. So there I was, filling stock in the sporting department when I hear a racket close by. I look around and see my manager behind me staring blank faced at something in the aisle next to me. He makes eye contact with me and slightly nods in the direction he is facing, beckoning me. Curious, I stroll over and see a man in his early twenties in a ragged tracksuit, bare feet and matted dredlocks frolicking about in one of the plastic toddler pools on display. My manager and I both just stare at this ‘customer’ enjoying himself in the empty paddle pool when he seems to register our presence and looks up. My manager is still watching the spectacle in bemusement and after a few seconds all I can think to ask is “Do you need help with anything, sir?” The man gazes at both of us blankly before his face goes pale white and he proclaims “I forgot why I came into the store!”, lifting himself from the toddler pool and scurrying off. I just look at my manager and shrug it off, returning to my stock as he pursues the man. Two minutes later the fire alarms blare and I can barely hold my laughter as the managers rush to turn them off. Apparently the fruithead had forgotten how he entered the store and in a panic had bolted out of the closest fire exit. I never saw him again.

By: sistergranny

i act like a pirhana plant in the sense that if you get within a 32-or-so pixel radius of me i sink in the ground and never come out but as soon as you exit that area i come out of the ground so everyone i talk to is about a meter away from me.

Patricia Nielson, 35 in 1999.
Patti was on hall monitor duty when she saw a male student at the west end of the hallway with a gun. She asked another student, Brian Anderson who was passing by what was going on and he told her that the student was probably shooting a movie, and that the gun was probably a prop cap gun since he knew the student, and knew he was in video productions class.
Patti didn’t think it was right to bring that to school, and went to confront the student. She had just passed through the first set of double doors where Eric Harris was at. He smiled and shot at them, hitting the class doors behind them. Patti was hit with broken glass and shrapnel. Screaming “Dear God! Dear God! Dear God!” in terror, she turned to run in the opposite direction from the shooter, toward the library.
Once in the library Patti ran to the phone at the circulation desk and dialed 911. She told the students to get down under the tables. She remained on the phone with the 911 dispatcher as long as she could but when it became clear that both shooters were going to enter the library, she left the phone receiver on the floor and crawled as far under the librarian’s desk as she could.

She saw the shooters walk past the desk and could see they were both wearing black military style pants. At one point she heard what she thought was a student trying to stand up to the shooters. She heard him say “That’s enough!” in a confrontational tone, to which one of the gunmen replied “What do we have here?” She heard them use the racial slur “nigger” and then heard them shoot someone. During the ordeal in the library she heard them call someone “fat boy”, and at a later point heard one of the girls cry out “Oh God!” and then heard one of the gunmen ask her if she believed in God. She then heard him call her awful and hateful names. More gunfire followed. Eventually they went to leave but Dylan paused near the circulation desk, saying “Wait a minute! There’s one more thing!” then he smashed a chair on top of the desk. After that she heard one of them say “Let’s go down to the commons.”

About 10 minutes after they had entered the library, the shots stopped and Klebold and Harris left the room.
Patti Nielson didn’t dare move.
But most of the students who were unharmed or injured ran out of the room and downstairs to an exit.
She was in shock. She never knew the kids got out. After several minutes of calm in the library, she crawled out. Everyone seemed dead. The young people were lifeless, and blood was splattered everywhere.
She believed she was the only person alive in the library, though she later found out two students had not died. Everyone else was gone.
 Patti crawled to the librarian’s workroom and saw two other women, Lois and Carol, hiding in a small room off the main workroom. Patti crawled inside a cupboard and shut the doors, where she remained for around three hours. While she was in the cupboard, she heard more gunfire coming from the library. She heard the gunmen say they were going to blow up the library but she couldn’t bring herself to leave the cupboard for fear of getting shot. Eventually Lois opened the cupboard and told Patti they needed to leave. They were able to escape the school at that point, escorted by police. She ran south to Pierce St. where she was treated for her injuries, including a grazing wound to the shoulder from a bullet. She was then taken to the hospital where she was treated and released April 20, 1999.

Imagine #2

[ Anonymous ] Request : Can you do a Robbie imagine where you have a little boy from a previous relationship and how he reacts to him?

Featuring : Angry Robbie, Loving Robbie, and Scared Y/N


Robbie and I had been dating for a few months and he knew mostly everything about me; key emphasis on mostly.

I had never let him in my apartment unless it was night or my secret someone was at day care. Robbie, to my knowledge, was getting suspiscious as to what I was hiding from him and I knew I had to tell him about my little boy sometime but the idea of him knowing and leaving was too much to bear.


It was seven in the morning and I was dressing my three year old boy to take him to day care when there was a knock on my door. The knocks grew louder and more persistent until Roland was hugging my legs and hiding behind them.

“Sweetheart, go into Mommy’s room and stay on the bed, okay?” I nervously tell him, thinking its his no-good father coming back for one last sock to my face.

I grab a baseball bat from the foyer, opening the door with it behind my back to see Robbie standing there with a glare on his face. “Robb-”

“Where is he?” The brunette spat in anger but fear bubbled inside of me at the thought of my son in my room.

“Who, Robbie?” I question in confusion, hoping he wasn’t talking about the small child in my room.

“Roland.” He growls, eyes dark with anger as my heart drops and fear pools in my stomach.

“W-what?” I stutter, face pale.

Robbie glares at me, backing me up against the wall. “You know, the guy you’ve been hiding from me? The one you’re cheating on me with? Where is he?!” His fist slams against the wall, causing me to jump as fear fills me.

“R-roland, honey, come out here please.” I speak nervously as my boyfriend backs away from me and stares at my closed bedroom door, awaiting the man never to exit.

Instead, my small brown haired boy walks out and, seeing the fuming man towering over me, he runs to my side. “Mommy!”

I pick up Roland and place him on my hip as I stare at my boyfriend who has disbelief and confusion all over his face. “H-he’s yours?” Robbie stutters and I nod. “B-but, you’re twenty.”

“I had Roland at seventeen.” I mumble.

“Is he my daddy?” Roland speaks up in my arms, staring at Robbie in confusion.

He had no idea how warm that made Robbie feel and I look at my boyfriend, awaiting an answer to Roland’s question. “Well?”

Robbie’s mouth shuts and he smiles softly, nodding. “Yeah. I am.” I smile widely, letting my calming boyfriend hold my son in his arms. “Hey kid, I’m sorry if I scared you earlier, I was just a bit mad at your mommy but I’m fine now.” He grins and Roland nods, smiling.

“Was Mommy bad?” The three year old giggles and I laugh as Robbie nods.

“She ate alll of my sweets,” My love fibs and I groan as Roland turns to me.

“Mommy! Now you have to buy both of us candy!” My son states with a stern face and I laugh again.

I raise an eyebrow at him, “is that so?”

“Yes. It is.” He bluntly says, making Robbie smile widely.

“Maybe when we get home, right now I have to take you to day care, hun.” I mumble, taking my child into my arms as he pouts.

“Can Daddy come?” Roland asks and Robbie looks at me hopefully as I nod.


“Goodbye, love, I’ll see you in a few hours, okay?” The small boy nods, hugging me quickly before jumping into my kneeling boyfriend’s arms.

“Goodbye, Mommy, goodbye, Daddy!” Roland waves as he rushes into the play center of the day care.


“I’m a daddy now.” Robbie mumbles in awe once we arrive back at my house.

“Are you okay with that?” I ask nervously, sitting in the parked car as I turn to look at him.

He takes a moment to think before nodding and leaning over the gear console to place a kiss on my lips. “Absolutely.”




i hope you guys liked this tho :))

  • Me: *continuously saving Seven fanarts*
  • Friend: What are you doing?
  • Me: *without looking up from my phone* Fucking myself up even more.
CS ff: “Why Can’t Love Just Be Enough” (au) (Epilogue to “I Will Learn to Let You Go”)

Summary: Some stories don’t get a Happily Ever After, but that doesn’t mean the story ends.

As the title implies, this is the Epilogue to “I Will Learn to Let You Go”

Rating: T for language


A/N: This was written as soon as the fic was finished, but I had troubles with the ending and then the editing, and then school to finish. If you prefer to leave things miserable and sad, you’re welcome to skip this. Special thanks to @sambethe for the beta and proofreading, and for encouraging me to do better. And to @i-know-how-you-kiss for the title/song that will punch you in the feels if you listen to it while any part of this fic is in your head. Give it a listen if you get a chance: “Roses & Violets” by Alexander Jean)

If Killian expected his life to go back to normal once he left Storybrooke behind, he was completely mistaken. The world he goes back to in Boston feels hollow and lonely – now more than it ever was before. Maybe it’s because he was somehow lucky to find love once with his soulmate, and then again with someone who wasn’t his. And now he has neither. Maybe it’s because he also truly felt a bond with Henry, or because Storybrooke felt like home.

His business, small but with the most impressive track record ever seen in his line of work, expands after his time in Storybrooke. Apparently, with an even higher success rate, he’s a sought-out name in the soulmate searching ring.

Now he has more detectives working for him, and it means he can step back a little. The less personal involvement, the better. Sure, he still works. He has the keenest sense of direction out of all of his employees, except for a man named Smee, who is exceptionally talented at finding people in places he would’ve never considered. Most days, he stays in his (new and bigger) office and spends some time working on the cases he has been personally requested for. The rest of his day is spent looking at the evidence of his success.

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Dancing On My Own

Request: Oneshot based on “Dancing On My Own” by Calum Scott. Bucky x Reader; slight!Nat x Reader.

Word Count: 1,060

Warnings: This is angsty af. Hope you like it, @spn-turtle-67 

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

The light hits her just right and Bucky watches with a sharp pain in his chest. He wants to look away, he needs to look away, if only to preserve the little shred of control he has on his sanity. But then she pulls her head back and laughs and it sucks the breath right out of him. His heartbeat is that of a hummingbird’s, flapping, flapping, flapping, beating relentlessly and there’s no stop in sight. Each breath is a shudder and Bucky can’t believe he let her hold control over him in such a deep, bone-crushing way.

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Stupid Haunted Mazes

A/N: This is cliché AF. I feel like I suck at fluff now since I’m always writing smut these days.

You absolutely dread all things scary, so how you ended up in a haunted maze was quite the mystery. Luckily, you meet a sweet brunette along the way, who makes it almost bareable. Almost.

Originally posted by mjbm

Who’s idea was it to create such a place anyway? Surely, this could be considered a health hazard. It’s practically a heart attack waiting to happen. Your thoughts run rapidly as a way to try to comfort yourself. You’re not quite sure how you let your friends convince you to walk through this haunted maze, but now you’re paying the price for being so weak to the peer pressure.

You swear you’ll kill them the minute you get your hands on them. That is if you ever make it out of this damned place. After being scared half to death, you turned your head to discover you lost your group of friends during the frenzy of the scattering crowd. Now, you’re left to find your way out of the haunted maze alone.

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shakethatsassyass  asked:

Hello~~ I would like to request a story (can turn NSFW) with Akashi and his fem!best friend from Teiko/Rakuzan when she goes jogging with him and she slips and he catches her and they both confirm the feelings they've been trying to hide all these years LOL I love love LOVE your blog btw!! THANK YOU ❤️

sorry this took a while, I have like 100+ Akashi asks OTL

The distinct aroma of sweat disgusted you. Sticky skin accompanied the smell, along with the moist environment. However, now was not the case.

The smell of his sweat was intoxicating. Akashi’s skin felt like a cool blanket to your warm skin. You invited his hands under your athletic wear and attacked his lips. Nothing felt better than the stuffiness of lust at this moment.

“Seijuurou…take it off” you sighed tugging at his shirt. Akashi broke the kiss and flashed you a quick smile. He pulled his shirt over his head, missing the way your tongue licked your bottom lip in anticipation. Akashi’s built chest looked absolutely delicious. His skin was flawless and fair like the smooth surface of a cake. The way his chest heaved only made you imagine him heaving against you while his cock was buried inside of you.

“You too, remove your clothing” Akashi murmured before planting another deep kiss onto your lips. You made a hasty effort to remove your clothing, which reminded you how this began.

You both had gone on a jog together and shared a tender moment. In that moment, you realized your feelings for one another and acted upon them. However, your feelings were stronger than you thought. Akashi had thought a kiss would satiate him, but you tasted too sweet to stop. As if indulging in ambrosia, Akashi found it hard to pull away from you.

Your kisses left him hungry, your scent intoxicating, the gasps you made were alluring as a siren’s call. Every little thing sent him aflame with the desire to have his way with you. “I want to have all you badly” he groaned dropping a hand to your entrance. Normally, Akashi would be more of a gentleman about it.

“Then take me already” you replied in a breathless voice. The air seemed to escape you more than enter you. Each touch he made had you writhing for more. “No more teasing” you begged as you ground into his touch. You were on the brink of madness at this point. Your mind straddled the idea of slamming him down and riding him at your own pace.

“It’d be my pleasure” Akashi’s sly grin made you relax and submit against him. He made no effort to hide his enthusiasm when he lined his tip to you. He ran his head over your opening for good measure. The strained growl you produced had him shivering in delight. “Let me hear your voice love” he ordered pressing the tip against you.

He only entered at a shallow depth. “Sei! please!” you begged, this time calling him more intimately. “I’m moving deeper” he hummed sliding into the hilt. His intrusion had you clawing at his back and arching into him. You could feel your body stretch to accommodate him and soothe your nerves.

“You’re holding me so tightly, I don’t think I can move” Akashi’s voice came out strained as if he was in pain. You relaxed your body and began to slowly grind against him. “It’s fine…move…” you sighed, the dull warmth was becoming insufferable.

You wanted to feel his dick thrust inside you. Creating that wonderful burning sensation that made your mouth water. You wanted to feel Akashi’s hands clutch at your skin to the point of bruising as he had his way with you. In the end to fill you with his warmth.

With a small nod, Akashi began a slow pace of entering you and exiting about halfway. He never pulled out and made sharp thrusts back into you. You threw your head back in pleasure as he ravished your body. His teeth grazed your neck in search of the right spot. Finding it, he nibbled lightly before setting his teeth into your skin. He sucked hard with the intention of leaving a mark. Proof of your intimate actions.

“Sei, faster please” you begged helplessly. Your orgasm was getting close and you knew it. But you wanted him to be rough towards the end. “Anything for you love,” Akashi said sweetly before grunting. His hands gripped your waist as he angled you so he could reach deeper. His hips shot into your, creating the erotic sound of skin slapping onto skin.

The sheen of sweat on your bodies only made the sound louder. Although, this sound didn’t hold a candle to your moans and pleas. Akashi’s name fell from your lips in the form of a mantra for release. Akashi only replied with gasps and grunt with his eyes screwed shut.

“Sei,I-I love! you!” your release came like a strong gust of wind. Your mind swam with the lustrous release. Akashi continued to thrust into you, opting to slow down as he came as well. You marveled at feeling him shoot his warmth inside you. There was so much, more than you had expected.

Once you both had relaxed, you ran your hand along your joined bodies. Your hand became glazed over with your combined juices, making you flush with embarrassment. “You came so much, perhaps I should have held back” Akashi teased bringing your hand to his mouth. He liked you digits seductively, hinting at his eagerness for another round.

“If anything, I’d like you to be rougher Sei” you admitted bracing yourself for another go. “Let’s practice some more then, shall we?” Akashi’s smile made you shiver with anticipation.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand-LeafyIsHere Imagine

Anon: ‘can you please write something where Calvin tries to hold your hand for the first time and it’s super awk and fluffy?’

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A/N: My first request :D This turned out to be a little shorter than what I had imagined it to be, but I hope this is somewhat what you asked for anon! 

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