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Part 2/3 of Magical Boy!Todoroki !

This time we get to see Pretty Sailor Todoroki’s pretty transformation sequence and pretty Special Attacks such as:

And lastly…..

This could be something real special and we should just trust in each other. So we went into this match with just complete, 100% trust, which, you know, is why I did a couple of the things that I did. Without even worrying about injury. It’s hard for me to ever suggest moonsaulting over a guardrail or doing the backdrop over the top ropes through a table, but I trusted Okada. I trusted that if I just give him a good jump then he’s going to place me where I need to go, because he’s The Man. If I do a moonsault, even if I’m undershooting or overshooting, I trust that he’s going to be there. You know? Sometimes it’s not just trusting in your own ability, but if you trust the people around you- and again, the Young Bucks were there too, and…I trust my life in these people’s hands.
—  Kenny Omega, on trusting Okada (and the bucks) at WK11 (x)

“Sandy made long whips of Dreamsand and began to snap them at every coiling tendril, shattering the dark attackers.  Nightlight was equally effective with his staff.  He stabbed and slashed at the black sand, hacking deep rips and troughs into any shape that threatened.” – The Sandman and the War of Dreams

I’m finally done! (I think so? I’ll just fix up any mistakes later; my hands are dead tired, and I still need to eat dinner, damn)

This was one hell of a learning experience for me! There’s prolly a lot of jaggies and failed dithering here and there, but hey, this is the first time I’ve finished one of these! Also, one can never have enough of sparkles

Rosaliya’s next!

How can someone still impress you after years of knowing every single detail of their life. You never get bored of hearing how their day went. You never wanna stop listening to their complaints. You feel proud watching them grow right before your eyes. The inside jokes you created two years ago still make you laugh your heart out. The arguments you always have never get old, you wanna keep arguing with them just to get them on their nerves, because you love the way they speak out their beliefs. You can never get enough of the sparkle in their eyes whenever they talk about their favorite artist. You never stop teasing them, you like the way they try and hide the smirk that comes along with the angry eyebrows.
How can someone be so full of flaws but yet so perfect? It’s like you’re blind folded but you don’t really care. Cause in this person, you trust. If that’s not true love, then what is?
—  Datragicc

Taylor! This is my finished outfit for the 1989 tour! I see you September 21st in Kansas City. I’ll be in BSTAGE pit. I sewed all of my outfit and added more bling because you can never have enough sparkle. I’m so excited to see you again considering the last time I saw you was when we met!

It would mean a lot to me if you played Sweeter Than Fiction that night. I know this song might not be that popular but I know a lot of people who love it. This song means a lot to me. It helped me through some rough times of my life, knowing that things will get better. I would love to be able to sing “this life is sweeter than fiction!” with you.