never ending vacation

i’m forcing myself to rewatch volume four either tonight or tomorrow to analyse, collect, and reaffirm some headcanons that have just been sitting in my drafts for months and it kind of worries me? that the more i enjoy content, the less i can replay or rewatch it? idk it just, causes me so much pain, what the fuck.

  • me: Oh! Look! This musical is in Vienna this fall!
  • reason: Yes, that is neat.
  • me: How much are tickets??
  • reason: You have never so much as been on a plane, let alone left the country.
  • me: *looking up plane tickets* Ooh! That's not too bad for round trip!
  • reason: Stop that. This is not reasonable.
  • me: Hey this hotel has good reviews and a decent price!
Gravity Falls and the Endless Summer

Gravity Falls just ended. Dipper and Mabel got on the bus and headed home, after arriving on the exact same bus only four years ago. It was a wonderful ending to a series that had, over the course of only two seasons, become a sort of high-water mark for quality in kid’s cartoons in terms of both production and storytelling.

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[Event] Info ALL 

“Well taking care of my siblings is one thing but I do have a part-time job as a waiter. Bonjour mademoiselle, que désirez-vous?… I wonder if I said it correctly… The waiters on TV keep speaking french….

AU where Karamatsu is working in a coffee shop as a waiter….

START!・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

(You have until next Tuesday (August 30th) to send asks for this event! I won’t answer any asks for this event after so be careful.)

When life feels less like living and more like a job that makes you hate Mondays, let me be your vacation home.
As long as you’re willing to love me back, this is one break that never has to end.
—  Vacation. //  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (345/366)
Shade of it All - Nyx

Hey loves. Sorry i have been so mia lately. I wanted to say thank you to whoever submited this promt it was so much fun. Also to the lovely and talented Dane and Heatherybooger  for their comments and support. Let me know what you all think and if you want me to continue! -xoxo Nyx

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