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15 Kdrama watching habits
  1. Watching a drama only because your Kpop bias is in it
  2. “Just one more episode and then I’ll go to sleep.”
  3. Saying “Aigoo”, “Aish”, “YAH” or other Korean words and phrases
  4. Craving Korean food
  5. Bowing when greeting people, apologizing or thanking someone, even though it’s not your custom
  6. Downloading the OST
  7. Reading/writing fanfiction
  8. Shipping the bromance over the romance
  9. Singing (”insert song”) at norebang because (”insert character”) in (”insert drama”) did
  10. Attempting to watching your favorite actor’s entire filmography
  11. Pausing an episode in order to process all the feels (this might just be me)
  12. Giving up half-way through a series, reading recaps of the next several episodes and then watching the finale (may also just be me)
  13. PFWS (Post Finale Withdrawal Syndrome)
  14. Being behind in your never ending list of dramas-to-watch
  15. [ENG SUB] and chill 

writingfromdaughterofathena  asked:

OC ask meme: 1, 7, 8, 11, 15

I’ll answer for Maxwell if you don’t mind! :D

1. What’s something other characters will notice first about your character?

Besides the mage staff? They’ll probably notice either his pretty blue-silver eyes or his friendly demeanor.

7. What would be an average shopping list for your character?

Maxwell doesn’t do the shopping, but the list would probably be composed of art supplies, gardening supplies, dessert foods, and staff parts.

8. If your character attended school, did they have a favourite or best subject?

His favorite subjects in the Circle were the Elemental and Primal schools of magic. His worst subject was glyph spells. He never seemed to get those right, they always ended up unstable.

11. Does your character have any tattoos, piercings, mechanical parts, or other body modifications? What’s the story behind them?

Maxwell’s only body modification is the rune enchanted mechanical arm made for him by Dagna after Trespasser. He’s thought about getting some piercings from time to time but so far hasn’t.

15. What’s one thought, idea, goal, dream, or desire that your character is most ashamed of having?

Maxwell’s pretty shameless, so I can’t really think of anything! :D

Top 10 Speeches in Buffy, Part 1

I’ve been persuaded by the amazing @hezzer19​ to do a few more lists for Buffy, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite speeches. These monologues, however long or short, are ones that have stuck with me, that were game-changers for the characters in the show. I’ve listed them in the order in which they appeared in the show, because I’m indecisive and could never actually pick my favorite. They range from painful to heartwarming and inspiring. (And I was cut off at the end of the third season, which is a good place to stop…for now. Part 2 will be up tomorrow.)

1. Buffy in Prophecy Girl

2. Giles in Lie to Me

3. Angel in Passion

4. Spike in Lovers Walk

5. Jonathan in The Prom

None of the videos are mine – all are from their respective YouTube stations.

So what do you think? Any others in Buffy seasons 1-3 that give you feels?