never easy

if you stand very still 
in the middle of the forest 
you will hear her call for you- 
do not answer. never answer. 
it is easy to get lost when you think
you are being found, easier still
when it seems everyone else knows 
which paths to take while you must stop, 
listen, feel, to avoid the paths 
with dead ends, with things not named 
laying in wait for you to misstep.
the forest is always growing,
always always knowing,
and she sees into who and what you are;
so as you wander be wary
your secrets may be told on the wind
to all others who stop and listen. 

- black woods || O.L.

tried to draw some of my favourite bnha babies (and ships ahah) for the first time! somebody teach me how to draw kiri’s hair pls

Namjoon has decided to change his stage name from “Rap Monster” to “RM”. He went through long and careful consideration before making this decision as he wish to make music for a long time in the future with an open mind and perspective without being bound by anything. “RM” fits the kind of music he personally pursues more and offers a wider spectrum. Namjoon said it might be awkward and unfamiliar changing from a name he has used since debut, but he hopes we could welcome him with this new name.

Y’ALLLLLLL guess what i finally finished!!! it took an embarrassing amount of time to clean up & color these sketches, but now they’re done and ready for use! look under the break to find the full-size renders :D

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Having seen some of the fallout from the latest Steven Universe episode(s) I’ve realized something:

Before “Wanted”

Normal person: “Don’t you think you’re reading into a kids show a little too much? I mean, it’s not that deep.”

Me: “I mean, it’s got a little depth to it, but yeah, you’re right. Maybe I am looking a little too into it by attempting to analyze every line spoken and every little detail in the background.”

After “Wanted”