never dumb it down

come to think of it, why wouldn’t someone with superman’s powers use them for physical comedy? like. buster keaton style. or dick van dyke. he is invulnerable and can fly, those are the perfect circumstances for a pratfall. half the time only he is aware that he is joking and he just looks like a clumsy asshole but he knows in his heart that the timing on that gag was perf. add this to my list of stupid fucking headcanons.

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endless list of favorite characters + Haley James Scott

“ I’m usually one of those people who likes the first day of school. You know, new pens, new books, new backpack. A nerd. Exactly! “

I’ve always been quite articulate. … There’s this whole thing of people not wanting to sound posh by speaking correctly and that’s, you know, it’s not a good thing. … And some people think ‘oh no, it’s rich people that speak English well and I don’t want to sound like a twat, so I’m not going to speak English well’ and that’s not good, you know what I mean? It should be cool to speak your language well but I often find myself deliberately not saying things like that to, you know, sound less posh, as the Brits would say.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 24th of January 2017

Quotes from Dan (27/?)

I’m always here for Dan talking about how you should never “dumb yourself down” to seem cool because it’s really not cool.

If there is anything that I have learned this year it’s that you are allowed to outgrow people. Some people are going to be stuck where they are & go nowhere- don’t hold yourself back & never dumb yourself down.

Anyways but can you imagine Alec’s first real Christmas/New Years? His parents probably never gave them time to celebrate it and as a kid he’d always look out of his window and look at all the decorations on people’s houses and mundanes being so excited and so happy about some dumb little holiday, and he’d never understand that, but deep down he knew he’d do anything to be able to have so much life inside of him and be excited about such pointless things.

And then, Magnus came along. Magnus who celebrated every single holiday ever, including holidays such as fucking Columbus Day (“why did you throw a random party again Magnus?” “*GASP* it is not random at all Alexander, it is for Columbus Day! The most important day of the year!!”)

And Magnus’s biggest goal was to get Alec as excited for Christmas as he was. So he dragged him into every single store in the city, made him look at every single tree, every single ornament, every single god damn Santa hat (on November 2nd, i might add).

So Alec was so done with shopping, he was sure that when Christmas came along, he’d just hate it. Except when he went to Magnus’s place on a windy day at the end of November, exhausted after an unfortunate demon hunt, just wanting to take a hot bath and cuddle with his boyfriend, and he opened the door to an actual wonderland.

There was a big silver tree in the middle of the living room with all the ornaments on it that Alec remembered Magnus forcing him to pick, the entire place was a big splash of gold and green and red, it smelled like gingerbread and like Magnus and like home and Alec felt like he was in a fairy tail. There was some dumb old Christmas song playing in the background and big “ALEC” and “MAGNUS” lights under the tree, and then there was Magnus cursing in the kitchen with a Santa hat on because the cookie tray burned his fingers.

Alec came up to Magnus and hugged him from behind, inhaling the even stronger smell of gingerbread that was coming from him. And maybe, just maybe, Magnus could make him feel just as excited as those mundanes are every year because Magnus had so much life inside of him, that he was oh so willing to share with Alec.

you’re beautiful.
because of the sparkle in your eyes, the magic seeping out of your fingertips and the tones in your hair.

because of the joy in your smile, the stretch marks on your hips and the light in your heart
never deny your beauty, never dumb yourself down, never pretend to be someone else to impress someone.

you’re at your most beautiful when you’re raw & wild & reckless.

— (leave her wild)

This post is about this post.

If you don’t want to portray your characters as dumb, don’t have them number things with “1″ and “A”. The correct way for Dean to number his points would have been to either say “1″ and “2″ or “A” and “B”. 

The reason I’m bringing this up again is because someone reblogged my post and added that they felt the writers weren’t portraying Dean as dumb, it was just a comedic moment. Um…that explanation actually makes that moment worse. Never dumb down your characters for a comedic moment. This has been happening to Dean too much recently, but it’s something that’s been happening throughout the series. Please, stop it.

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Were you for real when in a post you said taureans are for you the queens and kings of the Zodiac? Why do you think so? -♉

For me, absolutely! I can’t stop admiring their manners & intelligence combined with an incredibly warm heart! They always know how to act the right way, they reply with neglect to ignorance and with dignity to insults. Their grace is royal! They never dumb themselves down for anyone no matter how hurt & desperate they are. 


i’ve been doing speech and debate and general public speaking for 7 years now

you do not have to pull out your superstar vocabulary to get a message across. you are not required to use all kinds of intellectual lingo to make it look like you know what you’re talking about. the most effective kind of communication is the kind that a general audience can understand.

never be afraid to speak and write comfortably

it’s not “dumbing it down”… it’s effective communication

if you want something important to be widely understood, then speak in casual terms

in other words… chill the fuck out you giant nerd

I honestly don’t understand why people think Superman is an ‘idiot?’ Like what part of ‘genius-level intellect’ do you not get? 

It’s literally canon that he knows almost every language on the planet and has incredible scientific knowledge. He wins most of his fights with strategy, not with brute force. 

just because he’s an idealist doesn’t mean that he’s stupid

1. If someone is on top of you, and won’t let you go, you are allowed to kick them in the crotch. Yes, it hurts girls as well to be kicked down there. Just never let them have their way with you.
2. Never use the stairs to enter a pool. And swim in the ocean instead, if you have the option.
3. Never, ever dumb yourself down for a boy/girl. Always stay true to yourself.
4. If you’re up at 3am crying on a school night, take the next day off, no matter what.
5. If your partner ever hits you, talks shit to you or cheats on you, leave them without second thought. They are no good to be with.
7. Buy old books and don’t be afraid to highlight your favorite parts.
8. If someone looks good, compliment them. Even if you just love their hair or their skirt, say it.
9. Always like other people’s selfies.
10. It’s always okay to cry over books. And laugh out loud. It makes the experience of reading even better.
11. Boys sneaking in through your window will only lead to heartbreak.
12. If you see cuts or bruises on someone, don’t comment. Send them a big smile instead.
13. If you point out someone’s flaws, they will remember it for the rest of their lives.
14. When traveling, pack lightly, and stay out of tourist zones.
15. Your grandparents will be the wisest people in your life. Ask them for advice and spend as much time with them as possible.
16. Make goals for yourself, but remember that it’s okay if you don’t reach them on time.
17. Watch the sunrise alone as often as possible.
18. If you see a cat, kneel down, call it, and put out your hand. Let it smell you, and if it doesn’t run away, you can talk to it.
19. It’s perfectly okay to have no plans on a Friday night. And Saturday night.
20. Remember that you can’t help someone else before you help yourself.
—  Life advice from my personal experiences

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I snap back to full attention, concealing a wide smile when I see who’s leaning against the doorframe, waiting for me to hurry along so we can escape this hell hole. My boyfriend Phil smirks at me, jerking his head to the side in order to move me faster. Oh, somebodies horny. 

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