never doing this again

Can’t believe I’m actually doing one of these for once…
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BIRTHDAY: 2nd of July. GENDER/PRONOUNS: male, he/him. RELATIONSHIP STATUS: in a relaship. ZODIAC: cancer bitch. SIBLINGS: 2 younger but taller brothers. PETS: 2 dogs, Tara and Molly, and 2 cats, Mr Nunny and Bandit. WAKE UP TIMES: (??) LOVE OR LUST: either or really I don’t think theres much of a difference tbh. LEMONADE OR ICED TEA: duh lemonade. CATS OR DOGS: both ye. COKE OR PEPSI: normally coke but pepsi ain’t bad. DAY OR NIGHT: ehh night. TEXT OR CALL: texttexttext. MET A CELEBRITY: hell ye matthew perry <3 he held me and i cried (i was 2). SMILE OR EYES: eyes. SHORTER OR TALLER: i like being taller but that never fuckin happens fuckin genetics. CHAPSTICK OR LIPSTICK: lipstick. CITY OR COUNTRY: country??? for now… LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Worship, Years & Years.

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ok but can we talk about this

The most recent episode addressed something rly important. Abusive Relationships

But lemme explain, Jasper opens with insulting Lapis, making her feel bad, and at that point of her weakness Jasper struck

 She said she wanted to get back together, but not only that she said she’d changed. and i personally can not speak for everyone that has ever been in an abusive relationship but i believe this is an extremely common line. something like, ill never do that again and of course, they will.

but regardless of missing Jasper Lapis said no. This was rly important. She knew this relationship was unhealthy and she said no. Which is something you have to say. And it might be easier said than done but if u r being abused please please tell someone. 

Cause i promise, things get better.

I just hit a 1,000 followers and I just wanna say thank you to all of you who follow me bc I know I’ve been pretty inactive lately but I’m tryin to get back on here more and make gifs again! I miss it a lot I just never have time but I’ll make it my goal! Thank you all again! I love you all :)

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34, 55, and 69 please? And why do you need a distraction?

Already answered 34 and 55!

  • 69. If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing?

I guess I’d make all the art of stuff I wanted, just without worry of having to feed myself. I could do requests for people all the time. Also I would probably end up with a whole lot of pets. 

And just needed a distraction since I’ve been a bit anxious lately! 

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My friend's talking to this guy and he thinks he's hot shit bc he fucked 3 girls, messed with 7 (and doesn't know where the clit is/thinks female masturbation is vaginal) and called my friend loose for masturbating with a recorder in 4th grade (lmao) because he's an idiot and thought she put it inside. We want to set him straight. He said I look like I didn't even look there the wrong way and I've been masturbating since 7th grade. He said I didn't seem like the "type" what does that even mean?

Crying fat tears for the three girls who slept with a guy who can’t find the clitoris…

Give him one of those awkward sex ed books that overly involved parents get to give their kids “the talk” and never speak to him again. Y'all got shit to do and things to focus on, don’t let him waste your time.


Had the most amazing weekend with my twin sister and 3 close friends. My talented sister took these while we were camping
IG @ashleytempestt I can’t get over how much I love these candid photos. Words can not describe how much I love these girls. I’ve never laughed this before. I can’t wait to do it again. ❤️😘

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so would jamie kind of panic a bit every time he hears police sirens/cars/etc? even if he shouldnt have anything to worry about in the situation, he'd just... im just making more needless sad thoughts i cant actually finish typing this out tbh. you finish it if you so desire

I mean Jamie still like….commits crimes

he makes sure to never do anything on the felony level ever again but he loves to steal and shoplift it makes him feel like he’s doing something, at least in a small way, to fuck over The Man (and he gets cool shit out of it! Win-win!). plus it’s just… he’s still pretty unapologetic even in overbrewed lmao

but he’s way more careful and steals way more petty shit, and yeah probably feels WAY more nervous around cops

also since people have asked what I have against Sami Callihan: he’s not a good wrestler, he’s not a good promo, he looks like shit, and somehow he keeps getting wedged into the same conversation as best-in-the-world type wrestlers regardless of style.

Like, his career was defined by being a random ugly-ass Hot Topic-looking turkey in post-Zandig CZW before getting scooped up by WWE to try and salvage a completely unworkable gimmick*, but after he got his walking papers he just became a handy “go-to” option for “big name indie guy”, and he’s in Lucha Underground for some reason??? Despite never saying or doing anything worth remembering??????

Plus, again - and I can’t stress this enough - he looks like he smells like Raven’s illegitimate son’s gym clothes.

* = they shoulda brought in Mecha Mummy so’s he could have at least one feud before they bounced him out the door

i lov making aus to do like 2 things with and never touch again

(in which jack is reaper i know thats been done but im doing it in my way)

My 24th birthday is coming to a close
Finished it off with a wonderful birthday dinner with my best friend ❤️
I also got my eyebrows done for the first time ever and swore to never do it again ever……..until they handed me a mirror
They look so good, I can’t say no!
Also bought the comfiest bra in the world today. This was the best birthday ever ☺️

Welcome to the Family || Mob

Everyone knew who ran the town, no guess work needed.
The family was feared, no one dared to step in their way or speak up. They caught you doing something wrong- you were taught a lesson you’d never soon forget. Caught doing it again? You got whacked. You get caught messing with the family? You got whacked. Got caught whacking the wrong guy? You got whacked.
The family was respected, no one got out of line. Every where you went, people would hold the door open, give you their spot in line, give you the VIP pass, let you park where you wanted, did crowd control, gave you the best table in the joint, and the chef would always hand deliver your meals- no matter how busy it was.
But all in all, the family was loved. Those they protected would greet them with open arms, kisses to the cheeks. Mothers and grand mothers would cook meals and give knits. Children would run up and hug ya, babbling about their day.

The family was it all.

Abigail Popoki knew it very well, she grew up in he lifestyle, both parents thick blooded Italians, running all the way back to the old country. She was she first woman to hate sitting still and looking pretty; she was made: meaning she was an official part of the family. No one could fuck with her, and she had the license to fuck with anyone or anything she wanted.
Fear, love, family, money. Who wouldn’t want that?

After a long day, she went to the bar to unwind, her drink already made by the time she arrived.

“You’re a good man, Martin.” She chuckled, slipping him a $20 before sipping her drink, sighing as she rested in her bar stool.

The usuals were there..
Martin- who ran the bar.
Jimmy and his wife- a Mafia man and his wife, who were a few pegs above Abbie.
Jonny- Abbie’s Father’s left hand man.
Donnie- Jonny’s helper.
Paulie- The watch dog.
And.. Oh?
Her eyes landed on a new comer in the bar, and a small smile stretched across her lips. He was a very fine looking man, and when he sat at the bar..
“On me.”

Abbie said with a smile, sliding a bill to Martin to pay for the newbie’s drink.



Reality hits you hard. When you realize something is over, it smacks you. Hard. Even if it’s something that you don’t really like, but if it itself is involved with something you do really like, it makes you think. It’s over and you’ll never ever do it again. One of my Seniors today ran her last lap for two a days and made that remark. And I don’t know if I heard right, but I detected sadness in her voice. Seventeen years old and she’s doing something for her last time. Think about how many things you’ve done for the last time. You may not have even known it, took it for granted it would happen again, and then….it didn’t. Ever again. So today we celebrated the end of a tiring two a days workout, but we also celebrated our Seniors last two a days. Someday, they’ll realize that these were the good old days.

Title: Don’t Look Down
DJ AU Chapter 3 (Read from beginning Here or Here)
: M
Word Count:
Summary: When Fushimi Saruhiko is dragged to a club by some of his co-workers, he refuses to dance, earning him the attention of the lively, up-and-coming DJ, Yata Misaki. After a heated argument, the boys go their separate ways, never expecting to meet again. Little do they know their first meeting is only the beginning of their now intertwined lives.

Full Fic Under Cut    

Tapping his fingers on the desk in rhythm, Yata waited in the main lobby for Fushimi to return with his laptop. Shockingly, it had only taken him two days to fix it. There was a small part of Yata that had expected Fushimi to come back and make up some sort of excuse to either get him to pay more money, or make him wait longer. But it seemed, in the end, Fushimi wasn’t that much of an asshole. He probably wanted to brag about being good at his job, getting it done a day early and whatnot.

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ravenclawnerd said: *draws giant stars and hearts and maybe another arrow for good measure next to that arrow* (Says the person who’s only been playing SWTOR for months.)

cherieofthedragons said: Cullen romance <3 

@aphreal42 See what I mean? It’s nought to fangirl in sixty seconds. One is never quite the same again.

No. I am not doing a third Yvaine playthrough. This is ridiculous.